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Default Office Hours

It wasn't easy being the CEO. Especially not when you were the 3rd generation in a family line who inherited the position from her mother. Kandy Williams could feel the tall German's stare pierce into her soul. For the last 30 minutes, she had been stuck in a meeting with the head of her legal team. The man refused to budge.

"Nee, you seem to miss the obvious, Miss Williams," He told her dismissively. The way his eyes rolled made Kandy want to sock him in the jaw.

"You are proposing we build an app that sets up a fight between two strangers, yes?"

When he put it that way, it sounded preposterous.

"I am proposing that we build an app that let's able-bodied men and women express themselves differently," Kandy corrected him.

"Sugarcoat it all you want! Doesn't change the fact that it encourages violence, and you know the legal hassles that come with that territory!"

"It's not violence!" yelled Kandy. "It's a consensual agreement between adults. Adults who want a platform to express their creativity differently. What's wrong with that?"

Gunther Max laughed.

"Good smooth talk Kandy but it won't work on me. You know better than that!"

"Even if it is Gunther, you know that this app will serve a tight-knit user base. The kind that will gladly pay any price we put on it."

"And is it really worth it? Really worth crawling through the legal hassles for what isn't a huge community in the first place?"

Kandy wanted to bang her head against the wall. If he wanted to, she knew Gunther could find a way through all the legal hassle but was being unbelievably lazy.

"All right! That's it! I am bringing the hammer out. As CEO of this company, I get the final say on what products we choose to manufacture, and I am exercising it right now!"

"Bah!" scoffed Gunther. "Exercise it all you want! Still won't move an inch without my approval."
"Oh, come on! You know I can veto that, and you couldn't do shit about it!"
"And risk losing the most valuable employee in the company? You know better than that!"

That smug grin on Gunther's face really pissed Kandy off. Then a light bulb went off over her head.

"Fine! You know what, you don't believe in it, we won't do it, but how about this?" Kandy leaned forward on the table.

"Why don't I give you a chance to experience it?"
"What are you suggesting, Kandy?" Gunther's face grew tense.
"I am telling you I can beat that shit-eating grin off your face and make you sign the approval!"

Gunther was shocked. Amazed even. What the hell was this woman talking about?

"This is outrageous! Hast du sie nicht mehr alle? You are suggesting we engage in violence on the office premises. I will talk to your mother about this!"

"You aren't my dad, and NO, you will not talk to my mother about THIS..."

Kandy got up and took off her jacket. Then ripped open her white shirt.

"I can handle my fights just fine!"

Gunther's jaw dropped open.

"K-Kandy, this is madness! Bist du irre?"

"It's the only way to show you what I am talking about, so get the fuck up and fight me!"

Gunther couldn't believe his ears. There was no way he was going partake in this madness. He got up and patted his suit down. Then began walking towards the door.

"Oh no, you don't!"


The big German let out a high-pitched wail that rattled the glass. Kandy twisted his arm behind his back and pinned his face to the sterile white wall.

She flipped him around and wrapped an arm around his throat. Gunther realized this was the first time he had noticed the 22-year-old's body.

She stood in front of him in a bra and black skirt. Gunther watched the biceps build up in her flexed arm, and the muscles on her toned abdomen were taut in attention. Her tear-drop breasts swayed proud in her blue lace bra, and her short blonde hair reached the length of her shapely traps. Her legs had hourglass thighs, and Kandy's blue eyes peered into his soul.

"Kandy, let's calm down and talk about this or..."
"or WHAT?"

That's when Gunther realized he didn't have an answer to that question. Kandy grabbed him by the hair and flung him over the table. Gunther's large body slid over the wood and crashed into the cheap carpet on the floor. He got up and fluttered his limbs around, accidentally knocking away a chair.

"Fight me, Gunther," smiled Kandy. "Or is the big German man just a wimp who can't defend himself against a woman?"

Even in his current predicament, Gunther was surprised at how offended he felt by that statement. His ego took over, and the big German stood to his full height, puffing his chest out and tossing his jacket away.

Kandy took a good long look at her opponent when he ripped his shirt away. The short crew-cut blonde hair on his squarish face popped out like little needles, and his jaw was in the shape of a perfect V. Gunther was in his 50s, but Kandy couldn't deny that he still looked handsome.

His body was nothing to scoff at. He was tall and burly with a dominant large chest and chiseled torso that ballooned out into well-toned legs and beefy arms. He stood wearing a white vest that hugged his body tight and black, formal trousers.

"Fine! You want a piece of me? Abdrehen! Bring it on!"

Kandy had a big smile on her face.

"Now we're talking. Quick send me a fight request on the app!"
"Huh?" Gunther gawked in surprise.
"Ugh! Just hand me your phone..."

Kandy grabbed his phone and took out hers. She quickly set up his profile and sent herself a fight request.

"And now I tap to accept, and there you go! All we need to do now is to specify the type of fight we want to have"

"Gimme that!" Gunther snatched his phone away and began typing in.
Kandy smiled when she got the notification.

"Best of three bare-knuckle brawl, eh? I'm game!"
"That was surprisingly easy, but now what?"

Gunther regretted asking that question. Kandy's fist sailed through the air and shook his jaw, sending a shockwave through his skull. He collapsed over the table, shaking his head in shock at the power of the blow.

Gunther swayed his head out of the way of an oncoming punch but ate a follow-up to his stomach. He sat up from the impact with a big grimace on his face. It gave Kandy enough time to use the table as a springboard and ram a knee into the side of his head.

Gunther crashed to the floor, dazed from the blow, shaking his head to desperately shake the cobwebs off, but a stomp to his stomach had him sit up again. Without wasting any time, Kandy sent another knee to his face, but this time he was ready.

He bought up his arm to protect his head, taking the blow on his large shoulder. Before Kandy could pull her feet away, Gunther grabbed it and punched her hard in the thigh. She shrieked as he landed another blow and then tumbled to the ground when Gunther swept her feet off the floor.

Gunther jumped on Kandy's torso, pinning her arms down under his knee. He scored with a hard fist to her jaw, making her emit a sharp grunt of pain. Kandy's response was to buckle her hips and fling Gunther off her torso. He flipped in the air and landed hard on his back.

Outside the conference room, a small crowd had begun to gather, confused at the sounds coming from the room. One of the employees stepped cautiously towards the door and then ran for his life when Gunther's large frame came crashing through it.

A loud gasp of shock echoed through the room as Kandy walked out and cracked her knuckles. Grabbing his ankles, Kandy flipped Gunther to his face. Plonked herself down on his glutes and bent his legs in a Boston crab.

"You turned out to be a big wimp after all."

Kandy poured more pressure on his back, and Gunther could hear his spine crackle. The people around them stared in awe at the half-dressed CEO and head of the legal team fighting on the floor. Some even began to take bets on who would win, and the odds were overwhelmingly in Kandy's favor.

"Ready to give?"
"Nein! You Schweinehund! I'm going to bash your skull in..."

Gunther grabbed Kandy's hair and pulled. The audience gasped at his furious yank that nearly ripped Kandy's hair from her scalp. She screamed in pain as the big man forcibly removed her from the hold and tossed her to the ground.

Gunther got to his feet slowly, rubbing his back and grimacing in pain. He looked down at the woman who writhed on the floor, and his eyes lit up with fury.


With a handful of her hair, Gunther made Kandy stand, pinning her to a nearby wall. Her eyes went wide when Gunther pinned her arms overhead, and Kandy began to shake her head.


The audience winced for Kandy watching Gunther's fists bruise her abs with hard strikes. The men seemed rooted for Gunther, while the women looked worried for Kandy.

"UNGH! We are..oof...drawing quite an audience!"

Gunther stopped and looked around to see the employees standing around him. He only noticed them now, so caught up in the fight that he had ignored everything else. He suddenly got cold feet, wondering what the men and women he had worked with for so many years thought about him now.

Taking advantage of the distraction, Kandy buried a knee into his groin. Gunther nearly teared up from the pain, and loud "ooohs" from the men echoed while the women cheered Kandy on.

She rammed her forehead into his nose, freeing herself from the wall. Quick jabs to his ribs made short work of Gunther's posture. Then Kandy landed a haymaker from hell.

"HOLY SHIT!" screamed the audience.

Gunther soon found himself on the floor, staring at the people around him as he slowly began to lose consciousness.

When he regained it, he wasn't sure if he was dreaming. The entire office floor had been cleared to create a makeshift pit in the center, walled off by desks and chairs. People huddled around and screamed for their fighters. How long was he out for?

"1 - 0"

Kandy stood with hands on her hips, and Gunther noticed her skirt was gone. She now stood in sheer blue lace lingerie. Gunther salivated at her sight.

"Exciting...isn't it?" Kandy pointed to his bulge. The women in the audience giggled.

His cheeks flushed red with embarrassment, but the stronger emotion he felt was anger. This woman humiliated him in front of the office for a silly phone app with no future. Gunther was determined to make Kandy pay.

"Laugh it up, Hündin. I am going to mop the floor with you soon!"
"Bring it on, you big oaf. Let's see what ya got!"

They rushed in swinging, and the whole pit cheered. Kandy landed a fist on his jaw with a loud thud, and Gunther gave it back with a sharp strike to her rib. It made her jump in pain. He followed up with a hard uppercut to her chin, which left Kandy staring at the ceiling, and then a fist bruised her cheek, causing the people nearby to cower as her spit flew through the air.

Recovering quickly, Kandy ducked under a wild high punch and gave Gunther a taste of his medicine with an uppercut to his jaw.


Gunther bent over as Kandy buried a fist deep into his stomach. Then she gave him a stiff elbow to the back. He stood up and clutched his back, wincing in pain. Enraged, he grabbed Kandy's fist out of the air and gave her a headbutt.

Kandy staggered back, holding on to her forehead, leaving herself open and eating a nasty fist to her stomach that bent her over. Gunther kicked the side of her face with his large shoe, throwing her head to one side. Kandy quickly rolled away from another strike, landing on her knees and trying desperately to shake the cobwebs off.


Gunther smashed his shin into her back. It hit like a hard cane, making the women in the audience yelp in shock. Not giving her a chance to recover, he placed one palm on her chin and another on the top of her head, then began bending her neck at an awkward angle while twisting to one side.

"Ready to give?" He asked while twisting her neck. Her scream made the women in the audience squirm.

"I have to admit, this is kind of fun!" Gunther made her scream again with another twist.

Kandy controlled her breathing and calmed herself down. She bore the pain of another twist and sunk an elbow into his thigh. Quick elbow strikes began to weigh on the big man, and he backed away, clutching his leg. Kandy rolled to her feet and then lashed out with her foot catching Gunther in the jaw with a sinister kick that had the men in the audience squirming.

She withdrew and hopped to balance on her other leg, shooting out another violent kick to Gunther's face that had him seeing stars. Blood flew out of his mouth as another kick connected with his jaw, leaving him staring at the ceiling.

Tired of her offense, he grabbed Kandy's kick mid-strike and held her leg in the air. Kandy hobbled on one leg, lashing out with weak punches to try and break free. Gunther shot her offense down with an uppercut to her crotch.

The women in the audience squirmed and looked away as Kandy went cross-eyed from the blow, and tears rolled down her cheeks. Gunther flung her to the floor and mounted her back. Kandy covered up to protect her head as Gunther began raining down hard fists.

Kandy grunted and clenched her teeth as the blows hit. Her wrists and shoulders took the brunt of the attack, bruising from the strikes but protecting her head. She knew she wouldn't last long under this assault. She had to risk letting her guard down and catch one of his arms.

A hard left connected with the side of her head, dazing Kandy, and then a stiff right left a nasty bruise under her eye. The third time was the charm. She grabbed one of his attacks mid-stride and shoved Gunther off her back.

Keeping a grip on his arm while he went down, Kandy wrapped her ankles around his shoulder socket and pulled his limb into an arm bar. The men in the audience now looked worried while the women screamed their support for Kandy.

"Got ya now...big boy!"

Gunther howled in pain as Kandy bent his arm. He looked around at his co-workers and saw the men looking dejected. The women all screamed for his blood.

"You better tap!" yelled Kandy. "I can feel your arm coming loose!"

Kandy bent his arm further, eliciting a loud scream from Gunther's mouth. He knew he had to act fast, and he slowly rolled his body over and got to his knees.

"The fuck?"

Kandy stared in horror as Gunther began picking her up off the floor. He took his time, slowly getting to his feet and leaving her dangling by his arm in the air.

The expressions on their faces had changed. It was Gunther who had an evil grin on his face now. He looked toward the men in the crowd and then back at Kandy.


It was too late. Kandy's "NO" hung in the air when Gunther tossed her towards the men. Kandy knocked a few down when she crashed sideways into them and then found herself dragged to her feet by her hair. A man behind her grabbed her in a full nelson while the rest held her limbs, leaving her helpless.

"Oh my...looks like you are done for Heisseluftgeblse!"

The women in the audience cried foul and shouted obscenities when Gunther went to work on Kandy's abs. His large hands dug for oil, and he buried his punches deep. All Kandy could do was scream in pain.

"Time to finish this!"

Gunther shot out his arm for the decisive blow. Mid-strike, his expression changed from confidence to horror as Kandy broke free. She rammed the back of her head into the nose of the man behind her and shrugged the rest off just in time to avoid Gunther's blow and crouch low.

She came up for air with a staggering uppercut that left Gunther staring at the ceiling. Spit and blood flew out his mouth, erupting like a small fountain.

"Why don't I give you a taste of your medicine?"

Kandy grabbed his hair and flung him into the group of women. Now it was Gunther's turn to be immobilized, his limbs locked by several women. One of them jumped on his back and applied a rear choke.


Kandy opened a can of whoop ass on Gunther, striking with precision on his chest and abs. Her limbs moved swiftly, punches chaining into kicks that chained into more. It was like he was her striking dummy.

Gunther grabbed the hair of the woman behind him and flung her to the ground. He delivered a headbutt to Kandy's nose to stagger her back, buying some time to shake the rest of the women off him. When he was free, they stared at each other with vile intent.

Kandy wiped the blood from her nostrils and ground her teeth with fury. Gunther took up his fighting stance. The crowd went quiet.

It felt like hours had passed before they moved again, rushing toward each other with the crowd screaming for blood. They let out a war cry and threw a punch. Unfortunately, both of them had the same idea. They hit each other in the face, spitting blood and standing there dazed.

Kandy and Gunther's arms went limp by their sides, and their breaths were heavy. They could feel their vision fading.

Kandy cracked a small smile and nodded at Gunther. He did the same. She threw out a limp punch that sailed harmlessly through the air and fell well short of its intended target.

Gunther attempted a punch, but all he could manage was to meekly stagger forward and bump into Kandy, taking them both to the floor. Kandy's head hit the floor, and at the same time, Gunther's face slammed into her chest. They were both knocked out. It was a draw.

Stunned by the result, the employees talked among themselves. Eventually, they decided to leave them there and get back to work.

When Kandy woke up, she was stunned to see Gunther drooling between her breasts. Around them, it seemed like a regular office day, with people rushing across the floor and busy phone calls echoing in the distance. Their "Pit" had been left untouched in the center. Then one of them noticed Kandy.

"YO! SHE IS BACK UP!" He screamed, drawing everyone's attention to the pit.

The noise woke Gunther, who went red in the cheeks when he realized where he was. He looked up to see Kandy's face perfectly framed between her cleavage.

"Enjoying yourself?" She said with a smile.

Gunther immediately withdrew from his position and got to his feet, much to the delight of the men. The women cheered Kandy's name as she got up. They both stood in the center and took in the atmosphere.

"You were right! People really do like violence!"
"Told you," said Kandy.
"Oh, and I won. You were knocked out first."
"Quatsch! You were in la la land before me!"
"Why don't we use the app to find out?"
"But we don't have our phones?"
"Don't need them!"

"Hey, you!" Kandy looked towards a man in the audience and screamed.
"Throw me your phone real quick!"

Gunther stared as Kandy opened up the browser.

"We have a fully functioning web app. Just log into your account and...huh!"
"What?" asked Gunther.
"Looks like it was a draw!"
"How did it know that?"
"Oh yeah, you have to talk to the tech guys about that something about collecting data,"

"Uh...how much data?" Gunther asked with a worried expression on his face.
"Oh...you know, the usual...location, contacts, photos, sensors and um...I think storage too!"
"RIIIIGHT! So not only are we encouraging violence, but we are also stealing personal data?"
"Yeah, sounds about right! Look at it this way, we can sell it for some advertising bucks!"

"YOU TWO GONNA FIGHT OR WHAT!?" Someone screamed from the crowd. They were getting restless.

"I guess we owe them a show. What do you think?"

Gunther said nothing. He ripped open his vest and flung it away, taking his fight stance. Kandy nodded and ripped off her bra. The men whistled their admiration.

The exchange began with a wild swing by Gunther that floated inches above Kandy's head as she ducked to avoid it. On the way up, Kandy caught him with a fist to his chin, knocking the big man back. With some space to work with now, Kandy swayed and punched him hard on his side, then quickly took one step back to avoid an incoming strike.

Gunther winced as he felt up his sides and rubbed his chin. He played smart and waited for an opening, patiently wearing out her weak jabs. Gunther knew she was trying to thread his defense. When he saw her twitch to the left, he opened fire with a hard strike to her ribs from the side.

Kandy let out a cry of pain and backed away, but Gunther followed her. Without enough time to put up her guard, Gunther threaded through her defense and caught her flush on the chin with a huge uppercut.

He followed up with a blow in her belly, bending the tough girl over. She winced as Gunther made her cheek thud into the side of his waist and locked her in a front headlock.

Stiff knees collided with Kandy's toned abdomen, each strike making her jump from the impact. Gunther released the hold and pulled her straight up by the hair.

Kandy's short hair twirled with her head, and a wad of spit flew out of her mouth. She could feel her cheek compress from Gunther's punch, her teeth rattling from the impact. She ignored the pain and blocked the next strike, pushing the large brute away and creating some space between them.

They squared up again, and this time Kandy took the initiative. She found a gap in his stance and moved to his side. Kandy leaned back to avoid a punch, watching it brush her nipples on the way through. She came up with a revved-up straight that smacked Gunther in the nose, making the big man wince and back away.

There was just enough space for Kandy to throw out a wild hook that luckily connected right on his jaw. The big man staggered and nearly lost his balance, recovering just in time to block another blow to his head. He grabbed her arm and flipped her around, twisting it behind her back. Kandy tried elbowing him, but he quietened her down with a few hard kidney shots.

As she grunted in pain, Gunther put one foot on her back and pulled her arms behind her. Kandy screamed in agony as Gunther's foot ground on her tailbone. She tried a wild mule kick, but the odd angle didn't allow her to put much power into it, and it bounced harmlessly off his thighs.

"AHHHHH!" she screamed as Gunther let go of her arms and shoved his fingers into her mouth, trying to open her jaw as wide as possible. Kandy screamed in terror, feeling her jaw rattle, and threw out a mule kick again. This time it connected with the large man's appendage. He released her and backed away with a loud scream of pain.

They took their time, taking a few deep breaths before they squared up again.

They tested each other with weak jabs, neither wanting to commit to a full strike till they were sure. Kandy realized her mistake when she rushed in for a wild punch, then saw Gunther's approaching fast from below. Guessing the uppercut was aimed at her chin, Kandy guarded her face, but the real target was somewhere else.


Drool hung from her lips, and Kandy looked down to see his big fist buried in her breast. Indisposed, Kandy could do nothing about the follow-up strike.

A stream of blood and spit exploded from her mouth, and Gunther's strike connected with a loud thud to the side of her face.


She bent over as another deep punch in her belly made her feet leave the ground. Then, another strike to her chest had her backing away, weakly trying to guard against more punishment. Yet another fist broke her defense, giving her a black eye and depositing her cheek on the floor.

Without giving her any time to recover, Gunther went on the offensive. He picked up the struggling Kandy from the floor and lifted her up overhead in a Gorilla Press.


Kandy screamed as Gunther flung her over the barricade. She landed with a loud thud down the hallway and quickly got to her feet as she saw the big man approaching. They fought furiously, exchanging brutal strikes, and battled down the hallway with the audience following them.

Kandy hung back and bided her time, protecting herself against his stinging jabs and the occasional wild punch. She wanted to be sure of her spots this time. She found some space and made the big man wince with a harsh jab at his genitals.

As he cradled his jewels, Kandy struck with a hard kidney shot that made him jump around and followed up with a huge uppercut.


The strike had Gunther dazed, and Kandy closed in with a deep blow to his gut. It took the wind out of his sails, but he ignored his pain, snapping his torso back up and meeting her fist with his.

Their knuckles collided, and Kandy withdrew, wincing and giving her fingers a quick shake. The big German puffed his chest out and tried to look big but eventually gave in and limbered up his fingers with a squint. It made Kandy smile.

With fists up, they came together again. Gunther managed to surprise Kandy with a stiff shoulder tackle. He picked her up and ran towards the elevator down the hall. The doors opened, and people hurried out of the way as Gunther ran in and slammed Kandy's back into the steel wall panel. The people stood and stared as the doors closed, and the two fought.

"Good afternoon Mrs. Williams."
"Thank you, Jeeves, and how are you today?"
"I am fine, ma'am. Thank you for asking!"

The attendant opened the door, and Stacy Williams walked in with a spring to her step. She hummed a little tune to herself and wished everyone a good day.

Stacy walked up to the elevator and pressed the button. When the doors opened, her jaw dropped to the floor. Inside was the head of her legal team and the newly appointed CEO pulling on each other's hair bare-chested. They froze when they saw the 50-year-old Group President.

Stacy had a million questions she wanted to ask, but in shock, all she could manage was a meek "Kandy?"

"Uh...Hi mom!" Kandy pulled away and covered her breasts, looking away from her mother and nervously whistling.

"M-Mrs. Williams...I can e-explain, it was-" Before he could finish his confession, the lift doors closed, and it moved up again.

"Scheisse!" muttered Gunther. Kandy took advantage of the situation and jumped on his back, locking in a chokehold.

The employees on the second floor waited excitedly for the elevator to return. They looked intently at the digits light up. When the doors opened, they made a way when Gunther flung Kandy out. Her fit body sailed through the air. She soon rolled on the floor, wincing in pain.

Gunther pulled Kandy to her feet and flipped her around, mockingly asking her to square up again. The men shouted their affirmation.

"Let's finish this, hündin!"

Kandy could feel her body getting heavy. She felt drained and exhausted. She attempted to meekly cover herself from the oncoming assault, but it was no use. Her defense might as well have been paper. He tore right through her guard, and a ferocious fist knocked her head to the side. Soon, it moved in all directions of the clock, filling the air with blood and spit.


Kandy nearly retched from a punch that landed deep in her belly, and the follow-up to her chin had Kandy swaying in place. She watched her breasts float to either side from brutal fists and bent over from another hard strike to her stomach. Then Gunther buried a brutal fist between her legs, reducing Kandy to her knees, cradling her aching pussy.

She watched Gunther tower over her, defeat now prominent in her eyes. Time seemed to slow down as Kandy watched his fist float through the air, tracing a path for its eventual destination. A soft moan escaped her lips a second before it struck her jaw.

Kandy's cheek collided with the floor, creating a puff of dirt. She was out cold.

The final score was "1 - 1".

Sometime later

Kandy and Gunther sat on the couch in the President's room. They sat with their heads bowed in shame as Stacy Williams spit vitriol.


They gulped as she gave them a hellish dressing down. Then a short notification beep from Gunther's phone caught his attention.

He opened it up to see a new fight request from Kandy. He gave her a side eye, looked at her smile, then accepted her invitation. The two sat giggling softly as the group President tore them apart with her words.

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Default Re: Office Hours

Their app sounds better than Tinder, for sure.

Thanks for sharing this story with us, mate.
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Default Re: Office Hours

Originally Posted by mixfightor [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
Their app sounds better than Tinder, for sure.
Lol yup. I would gladly trade away personal data for a chance to be on this app �� Thank you for checking out the story.
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Default Re: Office Hours

I will sell my soul for this app XD
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