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Default AuthorBot's Assorted Stories Thread

As a result of my posts almost always going under review, I have decided to start a new thread, a one-stop shop here where I will post all my stories so I, hopefully, won't have to wait days/months for them to be approved. I'll try to organize this thread as best I can so it will be easier for everyone to find the particular story they want to read. However, if this doesn't work out logistically (meaning, if every story posted to this thread isn't getting views or likes when it should) I will go back to posting my stories on individual threads. Sorry for the inconvenience! Also, my first post here is going to be the story of my first experience with facesitting, but i'm going to heavily dramatize it so it's more exciting to read. Stay tuned!
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Default Re: AuthorBot's Assorted Stories Thread

My First Facesitting Experience

(BOOK 1)

"I noticed you staring at some of the other women today."

I shakily slipped my sneakers off of my sore feet and tossed them beside the door as we entered my apartment.

"Yeah, so what?"

I was a little grumpy because she had me work on my lower body and legs a little harder than I wanted to today.

"SO, your attention should have been focused on ME."

I shrugged my shoulders as I slowly walked over to the fridge to grab a cold water, my legs shaking the entire way. She, on the other hand, had energy to spare, bouncily dropping her rear down on the furthest end of my oversized couch. I faintly heard a slight giggle or two escape from her mouth across the room as the couch cushions flexed and contracted to support her joyful jumping.

"You know, when I signed up to have my long-time best friend as a personal trainer, I thought the experience was going to be fun, not torture."

She warmly smiled at me as I limped over to the couch, the ice cold water bottle dripping all across the floor along the way.

We had been best friends all throughout high school, but we never dated because each of us were either busy or tied up in separate relationships. Besides, I always liked our relationship the way it was. No point in ruining something that was already perfect, right? I can't say she shared that same sentiment though... I think she always had (and possibly still has) a crush on me. But, she was the cheapest option for personal trainers nearby... mostly because I convinced her to give me a "best friends" discount.

"It is fun! You see... I get to tell YOU exactly what to do, and you do it. You're like my cute little puppy."

She playfully fist bumped me on the shoulder as I pitifully plopped my sore behind down next to her on the couch. I let out a slight grunt under my breath while rubbing my shoulder.


Even though we were college-aged, she wasn't going to school. She thought it better to work as a personal trainer and hold two other part-time jobs to help keep herself afloat, instead of accruing unreasonably massive amounts of student loan debt like I was at the time.

"Oh, come on, that didn't hurt. We did hardly any upper body today."

I threw a sarcastic smile toward her as I tilted my head to the side. She placed her hands down into the couch and raised her rear off the cushion, turning herself to the left so she was facing more toward my direction.

"So, tell me again, what exactly were you doing, staring at all the other women today?"

I shyly turned my head away from her and mumbled under my breath.


She leaned over and placed one hand on my shoulder.

"Say again?"

I impatiently whipped my head in her direction and shouted.

"Oh my god, would you just get over it?!"

She hasilty leaned away, shocked by my emotional outburst. However, after a short pause, she questioned me once more, this time speaking even more emphatically.

"I bet you were looking at their asses, weren't you!?"

I blushed and shook my side-to-side, trying to hide away my guilt but failing miserably.

"N.. No..."

She scooted closer over to me, our bodies now mere inches away from each other. I couldn't bring myself to look her in the eyes because I already felt incredibly embarassed, talking about this with her, one of my best friends. It also didn't help that she was a woman. I would have felt much more comfortable talking about this with one of my "bros."

"It's nothing to be ashamed of, i'm just confused..."

I glanced in her general direction, my peripherals catching a glimpse of her bright, gleaming eyes staring right through my ashamed soul.

"Confused... about... what..?"

I leaned away from her as she scooched her body even closer to mine, the fabric of her smooth black workout pants now brushing directly up against my right hip.

"If anything, you should have been staring at mine."

Seeing as I still saw her as a friend and not a potential partner, I couldn't hold it in. I burst out in hearty laughter, my eyes almost in tears while she stewed and grew ever pissed at my reaction.

"Me?! Haha! Look at... your ass? Girl please, i've known you since forever, your ass isn't much to look at."

Normally, this is how I poked fun, played around, and teased my other friends (the "bros"). But, I poorly misjudged the situation and would soon come to find out I had just awoken a mighty beast inside of my friend by applying that type of humor in this situation.

"OH IS THAT SO?! My ass ALONE could beat the ever-living shit out of you... ANY time, ANY day!"

Still blind to the humor I found in this situation, I continued wholeheartedly laughing at her taunts, which I found completely ridiculous at the time.

"Please, your ass couldn't harm a tiny little house fly even if you tried."

She quickly jumped up off the couch and angrily stomped over until she was standing tall directly in front of me, leaning over until her face was looming completely above mine. The sheer, menacing power in her stance shook me out of my egotistical mood and shifted me into survival overdrive. I couldn't tell if my legs were shaking from the stress of the moment or the intense workout we did earlier.

"Bet, bet on it right now."

She continued to lean forward, forcing me to shift back until my upper body was fully up against the backbone of the couch. Her eyes were locked onto mine, dead serious. I could feel her ferocious resolve just by analyzing the dominant body language she was using to strike pure fear into my heart and mind.

"Uh... what?"

I didn't know how to properly react in a situation like this. She grew even more pissed at my sheepish reply, mocking my trembling voice.

"'Ehh, Whuu,' Oh my GOD just bet on it bitch."

I was starting to get pissed as well.


She finally stepped back and gave me some room to think. My shoulders untensed and my jaw unclenched.

"Bet that you can handle MY ass, alone, for the next... let's say.. thirty minutes, and i'll go easy on all of your workouts next week."

I considered her proposal. On the one hand, I did genuinely think I could handle her ass. However, seeing as I saw her as my best friend, I was also blinded to how much strength and power she actually might have over me. Plus, I never really looked at her and wondered, "Gee, could I actually handle her ass if she sat on top of my face?" like I thought about with some of the other women I have had crushes on in the past. On the other hand, winning this bet could help boost my ego and give me a little break from her (whether intently or unintentionally) overly hard workouts.

But, in accepting this bet, am I just giving her a chance to sit on my face? Would letting her have this opportunity make her think she could do this to me more... even if I won or lost this bet? Could I afford to chicken out and look like a pussy in front of her if I declined? Would me declining give her ill feelings toward me, causing her to make our weekly workout routines even more intense as a way to let out her anger and frustrations? Would our relationship be different... changed... ruined... either way? Should I be worried that I have had no experience with facesitting yet? My mind raced as endless thoughts flooded my brain.


Author Notes ~ I have read other "true story" excerpts on this forum and while some of them do vary in believability, I chose to go a unique route with mine because, I have to be honest... some of the hate comments I read on the less believable 'true' stories actually scared me, haha.

So, I want to make it known to you all that I made my 'true' story heavily dramatized because, after all, we are here on this forum to read something exciting, fierce, and attention grabbing, no? I knew that if I tried to portray it as how it went down exactly... it would either be too boring, not believable, or a mix of both. Plus, I don't want people passionately disputing my claims in the comments. When it comes to stories that I read, I could care less about believeability and more about the action, intensity, and passion the author poured into their work. Therefore, I will not solely claim that this story is 100% true. Instead, I will leave you with this parting thought:

Some of the things I mentioned here did happen. Other things did not happen. I will not specify which things did or did not happen. I will leave that part up to you, the reader. But, I have a proposition for you. Try to read this with the goal of enjoying a good story, and leave aside all other inquiries about whether this is entirely true or false. I make these stories for your enjoyment, not mine, although I do enjoy it.

Additionally, I just want to thank all those who carve time out of their day to read my stories. It warms my heart and fills me with joy. Let me know what you thought below! Also, BOOK 2 is coming soon (because my posting schedule has been SOOO consistent lately).
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