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Default My Debut at The Colosseum

The will be a prequel to this story (at some undisclosed time ). This is the beginning of part two - precisely where the prequel will leave off. Background on the prequel to come:

My wife, Grace and I like to wrestle. More often than not I come out on top, but that doesn't mean the underdog doesn't have it's day once in a while. We have a good idea for each others strengths and weaknesses... One day, I decided to make things a little more interesting. I made a bet with Grace that if I won our next match, we would enter into a tag-team tournament at private arena called "The Coloseum." I won the fight, but Grace wimps out and I end up entering a mixed singles tournament on my own.

---------- Story ---------

"The Colosseum" has a rough rite of passage process. The way the tournament brackets work, seeded fighters (fighters who performed better in the last tournament) are paired against weaker fighters, those who did not perform as well. The reigning champion will usually get a cakewalk matchup in the first round. In the case that there is a novice fighter entering the tournament, they are paired with the reigning champion. In my case, I was the newcomer.

My wife Grace and I arrived early to the venue to get signed in and take care of all the waivers. While I took care of signing myself in and signing away my wellbeing, Grace took to doing some detective work on my opponent. After all, we knew nothing about this woman - strengths, weaknesses, strategies... Nothing.

When I finished signing in I went to look for Grace. I found her in standing in a crowd of pushy people looking timid.
"Did you learn anything?" I asked Grace in earnest.
"Not a whole lot," she said apologetically. "Nobody seemed to be able to tell me the best way to beat her. Then again, I wouldn't expect fans to divulge their favorite champion's secrets to a newcomer."
"I guess that makes sense" I said. "I might just have to go in blind."

If I wanted the help of the people I would need to earn their respect first, something my opponent Maggie had clearly already done.

"There is one thing," Grace continued.
She handed me a promotional poster. "I found it on the bulletin in the back."

It was a promotion for the kick off-of the new mixed wrestling singles tournament. The image took me a little time to discern - it was too dark, clearly having been Xeroxed a few too many times. It depicted a lean muscled woman I and an equally fit but defeated looking man. He had his back to the turnbuckle and her hand reaching down between his thighs.

"That's her in the picture," Grace stated nervously. "Looks like she fights dirty."

Grace's eyes drifted down to my pants. When they returned to meet my gaze she looked worried.
"Please be careful," she pleaded.

Grace and I made our way into the arena. At this point, I was starting to get into my own head a little bit, thanks to Grace's own nervousness. She took a seat in the front row (reserved for +1s of the fighters). Before I knew it, I was being called into the ring.
"Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome your challenger! I don't know his name, but lets make some noise for our sacrificial lamb of the evening."

I was met with a friendly applause, much to my surprise. I'm not sure why, but I found this reassuring. The applause, however, was shortlived.

Then suddenly, it went quiet. There she was, walking down the aisle toward the other side of the ring amid her posse of at least five, wearing a shiny black boxer's robe, hood up.
"And now, your reigning champion, back to take another season of Colosseum Mixed Wrestling by storm… You know her, you love her, but you don't want to meet her… Let's hear if for MAGGIE!"

The crowd went ballistic. The Colosseum shook with the thunderous applause and the stamping of feet. It was a madhouse. I looked to Grace for reassurance, but she was looking up toward the stands in bewilderment. What had I gotten myself into?

Maggie reached the side of the ring and removed her robe to reveal her firm slender body. Here she was in the flesh. The reigning mixed singles champion was a dangerously fit 30-something. She stood at 5'8" 120, with no fat and slender, lean muscle. She obviously worked hard to stay in shape. She had shorter blonde hair that barely reached shoulder length, and cold blue eyes that were staggering but intimidating. She wore an olive green bikini top that comfortably held her b-cup-sized breasts, and matching spandex shorts that accentuated her perfectly rounded and full lower half. She handed her robe to a brooding young brunette girl (who I would later learn is her 18-year-old sister, but that's a story for another time…) and slipped under the ropes. She drew herself up to full height and met my gaze. A wicked smile crept across her face, her blue eyes were hateful and cruel. I could feel my heartrate start to rise as I stared back. No words were exchanged, but Maggie had successfully gotten into my head as I began running through all the possible ways I could lose this match. My self-defeat was only broken up by a new female voice on the loud speaker.

"There is no ref in the ring because this is a no holds barred fight. Anything goes. First to three falls wins the match. A fall is won by submission or forced orgasm. You may begin... Now."

I was still looking up towards the announcer's disembodied voice when Maggie's shoulder rammed into my midsection catching me totally off guard. I landed square on my back, but had the wherewithal to kick out my legs to keep Maggie at bay. I was able to scramble to my feet and square off with her. We circled each other. Based on my wife's recon work, I was expecting Maggie to make a grab for my shorts. Maggie must have noticed this. Her eyes lowered to my crotch as we continued to circle one another. She darted inward feigning a blow to by balls with her right. As my hands shot down to deflect, her left hand rocketed into my face, knocking me further backwards into my own corner. Turns out she's left-handed... noted.

I was learning about my opponent, but the mistake had been made. Maggie was on me in no time firing jabs into my face and midsection. Already dazed from her big left, I was having trouble guarding against her shots. I needed to change my strategy. I'm not a huge guy, but I did have a size advantage on skinny Maggie. Grabbing her around the waist, I picked her up and fell forward, taking her to the ground. Landing on her back, Maggie quickly hooked her right arm around the back of my neck in a reverse headlock, pressing the side of my face against her breast, and wrapped her legs around my midsection for added stability. I tried desperately to break out, getting on my hands and knees, and trying to slide my head through her arm.

As we both strained against each other for a few minutes, I felt sweat begin to form on my face. Maggie's arm and chest were indeed getting slicker as well. She wouldn't win a fall by holding me in place, and the longer we fought and sweat, the better my chances of slipping out of the headlock would become. My optimism was quickly ruined.

"Such a shame," Maggie said, her cold voice cutting through the crowd noise like a scalpel effectively breaking our long silence in our struggle. "I had hoped I would get a bit of a challenge tonight."
I responded with a grunt as I renewed my efforts to try to escape her headlock.
I became aware of Grace's voice yelling at me from the front row. Guard your shorts! I could only hear her faintly as I continued to strain against Maggie.

I hadn't noticed Maggie had released her leg scissors around my midsection and bent her knees towards her chest. She expertly hooked her toes under the elastic of my shorts and slid them down to my knees. My junk dangled awkwardly in front of the crowd as I continued to struggle to break free. Without releasing her hold, Maggie brought a foot up between my legs, gently batting my cock and balls around playfully

"You should really listen to your little girlfriend," she said as her feet toyed with my genitals.

With my face pressed against Maggie's sweaty tit and her foot playing with my manhood, my dick soon began to stand at attention. I tried to balance on one hand, while defending my lower half with the other, but it was exhausting, and hard to balance as she jerked my head around. Once she had me fully erect, Maggie put her foot at the base of my cock and started to push, slowly bending my erect cock backwards.

"Fuck," I whispered under my breath. I winced as I started to feel the pain.
"You want to give honey?" Maggie asked in a pouty, condescending voice.

I looked to the side to see Grace standing out of her seat yelling at me. "Fight back dirty!" she yelled. "Return the favor!"

Wishing I hadn't missed her advice the first time, I wasn't going to ignore her. With my cock bent all the way backwards I didn't have a lot of time. Balancing once again on one hand, I reached up to find Maggie's spandex covered pussy. With a thumb and the side of my pointer finger, I buried by hand in Maggie's crotch, grabbing the lips of her pussy and squeezing them together through her skin-tight shorts.

Maggie gasped at the sudden attack, and groaned in pain, but was able to maintain her headlock and kept her foot on my cock. My tactics didn't illicit the response I had hoped for. It seemed I wasn't the first to try to give Maggie a taste of her own sadistic medicine. I continued to squeeze her pussy with little success. So I upped the anti, moving my hand up to her clit, grabbing it between my two fingers.

"Ah!" Maggie audibly yelped. Her eyed widened with surprise and her jaw tightened with pain.
I shook my hand in every which way, causing her to arch her back and gasp audibly. She moved her foot, allowing my dick to snap back forward, slapping against my belly. She released her hold on my head, and her hands shot down to rescue her poor clit. After a few seconds I let go. Maggie scooted away from me on the floor and stood up. She pulled the spandex away from her waist, looking down the front of her shorts to check herself .

"You fucking prick!" she yelled, letting her waistband snap back against her body. "I'm going to pick you apart in front of your screaming bitch wife."

With that, she charged me. We locked up in the middle of the ring in a test of strength. Maggie might be strong, but I do have a bit of an advantage in this department. I begin pushing her back towards the ropes. Reaching the edge of the ring, I forced Maggie's arms over, then under the top rope, pulling her arms to keep her trapped in place. Then standing on one foot, I planted my other foot between her tits and pushed against her chest.

"How about you Maggles, do YOU give"? I taunted.

I crossed her arms, pushing her tits together on either side of my foot. They looked sexy. Just for fun I shook my foot to make them jiggle. While I was distracted by my handiwork, Maggie swiftly kicked a foot up into my completely unprotected balls. I released my hold and fell to my knees. Holding my manhood.
Maggie knelt down in front of me, grabbing my forearms and forced my hands to aside. Reaching down between my legs, she grabbed the tip of what was now my limp dick (having gotten kicked in the balls) between her thumb and the side of her pointer finger.
"NEVER… fuck with my pussy again," she said angrily

With that, she began to crush the tip of my dick between her fingers. If I couldn't get her to let go soon, I was done. Thinking quick, I grabbed Maggie's bikini top, pulling it up enough to free her tits. I then grabbed onto her light pink nipples, hoping it would be enough. She didn't flinch. I pulled her nipples toward me, stretching her tits out as far as they would go, twisting, shaking jerking her tits in every direction. Keeping my hold on her nipples, I pancaked her tits against her ribcage. Maggie gritted her teeth undoubtedly in pain from the punishment her tits were taking, but she redoubled her efforts to crush the tip of my cock, eliciting quick panicked breaths from me. My eyes were wide, and my mouth hung open as I stared into the face of my tormenter. Her tits grew red as I continued to maul them, but with seemingly no effect.

"Oh fuck! I submit!" I said, releasing her nipples. Maggie let out a groan of relief, but was not so fast to release her hold on my battered dick. Though she did after a few seconds, leaving me free to fall backwards into a heap, holding myself.

I had done my best, but Maggie took round 1.

As round two began, it was clear I was at a disadvantage. For starters, I was completely nude. Despite returning the favor of fighting dirty, I hadn't managed to remove any of Maggie's clothing completely, so she was still fully clothed. Secondly, I was still recovering from the torturous end of round one, not to mention the whole round was rather long and exhausting on its own. Needless to say, I was not in a good place.

The bell rang signaling the start of the second round, and Maggie and I closed in on the center of the ring. I kept knees bent and stance low to decrease the distance between my face and dick, hopefully allowing me to guard both. Maggie was quick on her feet, and I definitely fared better after having taken her to the ground, where my size was more of an advantage. I was also not going to let Maggie get the first move in again.

I darted for her legs, going for a take down, wrapping my arms around them and driving forward. Maggie fell on her muscular ass, letting out an "oomph" and immediately started pounding on the back of my head. In an effort to escape, I released her legs and launched myself forward, driving my shoulder into her midsection (with an audible "ooo" from the crowd), knocking the wind out of her and laying her out flat on her back. With Maggie trying to catch her breath, I grabbed the waistband of her spandex shorts, and quickly yanked them off, exposing her clean-shaven mound to the arena.

Maggie's anger was apparent in her cold blue eyes, but she made no effort to cover up, clearly no stranger to exposure. She stared at me with a tightened jaw as she pushed herself up onto her hands. Wanting to keep her off her feet, I lunged at her again before she could get back up, sending us both rolling across the ring. Maggie ended up face down on the ring floor, and I was quickly on top of her. I straddled her body and sat down on her back facing her feet, effectively pinning her down. Pleased with myself I smacked her shapely ass, setting it jiggling. I reached behind me and pulled the sting on Maggie's bikini top. This elicited a frustrated growl from Maggie, who was desperately reaching backward trying to pull me off of her with little success.

"I think I can make you smile yet" I said, reaching down between her legs, gently brushing her pussy with my index finger.

"Don't you fucking -" her rebuttal was cut short by a gasp as I slammed two fingers into her unsuspecting cunt. Not wanting to give her any time to recover or escape my pin, I began to finger Maggie from behind as fast as I could. Her ass jiggled violently as my hand worked overtime to bring her to orgasm. To Maggie's credit, this was not easy to do. She continued reaching back toward me amid sobs of frustration as I worked over her pussy. Maggie began moaning, but by then it had been a couple of minutes, and my forearm was burning. I noticed my pace was slowing. I began leaning forward to try to get a better angle and continue my efforts. Though as I leaned forward, my lower body slid up Maggie's back. I didn't realize my mistake until it was too late.

Maggie's searching hands found my balls, quickly closed around them, and squeezed. I held on for as long as I could, continuing to finger her pussy with everything I had. Her moaning grew louder and higher pitched, as her grip on my balls tightened. But Maggie wasn't going to let me make her cum in from of all these people. Before I could finish her off, she yanked my balls forward. I automatically brought my hands between my own legs to try to defend myself, freeing Maggie's pussy from by fingers. I gripped her wrist, but all I could do was try to prevent her from yanking my balls off. There was little I could do to loosen her grip. I held her hand in place, and fell on my side, freeing Maggie of my weight. Thankfully, she released me. Rolling onto her back she clutched her pussy with both hands, her sweaty chest heaving as she struggled to catch her breath. I was in much the same boat, laying on my back holding my balls.

Maggie recovered first. She slowly got to her feet, and made her way over to where I was still laying. Reaching down she moved my arms to my sides, and dropped a knee into my midsection. I sat up instantly holding my stomach unable to breathe. Maggie took a knee behind me, then reached an arm around the front of my neck, pulling me backward over her knee in a dragon sleeper hold. My unprotected dick hung humiliatingly in my wife's direction. Maggie grabbed the tip in her fingers, gently shaking it to life like a sugar packet as she stared Grace in the face. My wife watched in dismay as my cock immediately responded to Maggie's touch. With that, she spat on her hand, and gripped it.

"You might want to get out of the splash zone hon," she said condescendingly to my speechless wife.
With that, Maggie began aggressively stroking my cock, while maintaining her headlock that was keeping me bent backward over her knee. As I came to, I began gripping at the arm that held my head in place, and bucking my hips trying to free myself. My squirming only renewed Maggie's resolve as she continued to jack me off with mind numbing speed. My breaths began to grow quick and sharp. I continued to try to break free, but my strength was sapped. I couldn't take any more. My body tightened, and I exploded on the ring floor. The bell rang, signaling the end of the round. Maggie pushed me forward off her knee. I landed hard on the floor, dick oozing. Maggie stared into my wife's eyes as she shook the cum from her hand, and walked back to her corner.

At this point, I knew I was done. The idea of me winning three falls in a row to come back and beat Maggie was ludicrous. My chances were essentially zero - I was seriously exhausted, battered, too far behind, and discouraged. Furthermore, I felt as though I had put up a good fight against Maggie, but had nothing to show for it. I was already defeated, both mentally and physically. The thought of going up against Maggie in round three seemed like torture. But before I could dig down any further into my plight, the bell rang, and round three began.

Maggie clearly noticed the state I was in. "Aww, you ready to for this to end little guy?" she taunted with her head cocked to the side. She gave me sad eyes and a fat bottom lip frown. At this point I had no response. I just brought my tired arms up, ready for another fight, and moved cautiously towards the center of the ring. Maggie walked nonchalantly toward me. I stared as her glistening nude body approached me, bare breasts bouncing from her confident strut, hips moving side to side. She finally put her guard up when she approached me.

We locked up in a test of strength. It quickly became clear this was an area in which I no longer had an advantage. We strained against each other for multiple minutes moving in circles tiring each other out. After an exhausting effort, Maggie's superior level of fitness was beginning to show. To keep my balance I began to take small steps backward, as she pushed be back towards my own corner, but I had one more trick up my sleeve. As Maggie pushed me as hard as she could toward the turnbuckle, I suddenly stopped resisting, and stepped to the side. Maggie fell forward onto her hands and knees. I quickly capitalized. Bending down, I grabbed her left arm, pulling it behind her back. With my other arm, I reached around her neck, putting her in a headlock. I made sure to rest my bodyweight on her back to keep her from getting upright and gaining the use of her right hand, which was currently being used for balancing.

Maggie did her best to buck and squirm and throw me off. We were facing the other direction by the time she stopped, realizing she was not going to throw me off that way. I tightened my arm around her neck, hoping to restrict her airflow. Her breaths became more labored. Beads of sweat trickled down her dangling tits and dripped to the ring floor.

Just as I felt I was starting to gain the upper hand, Maggie threw back her head, which connected with my face. Dazed, I released my hold and stood up behind Maggie with my hand over my eye and forehead. Maggie wasted no time, looking back and horse kicking me in the midsection. The force of the blow threw me back into the turnbuckle in my own corner. The wind was knocked out of me and my head was in a fog. I could faintly hear my wife's voice as I leaned into the turnbuckle with my arms over the top rope.

"She's coming," she shouted. "Get your guard up!"
But I was beaten. I had already been running on fumes at the beginning of the round. Maggie walked up to me, and pressed her glossy body into mine, peering over the side of the ring at my wife who at this point was on her feet. Without breaking eye contact, Maggie snaked a hand down between my legs, firmly grasping my junk in fingers.

"These are mine until I'm done with them." She barked at my wife.

Dumbfounded, Grace stood there with her mouth open like she had something to say, but then sat back down in her seat, utterly humiliated, to watch whatever Maggie had in store for me next. One at a time, Maggie took my legs, and placed them over the middle rope, leaving them wide open, my cock and balls dangling idly. Maggie reached down, grabbing them at the base, then turned to the crowd with her other hand up in victory. She was met by another deafening applause from the audience.

She released my manhood and turned to face me. Putting her hands on her hips she clicked her tongue three times and shook her head.

"You know, you really are well hung. Such a shame we had to meet in the ring…"
With that, she stepped forward and rocketed a knee into my dangling balls. There was an audible smack as my half-hard dick slapped against her thigh. The pain was immense. Bringing my arms off the top ropes, I cupped my manhood as I fell onto the ring floor. Maggie hooked her arms under my armpits and dragged me to the center of the ring.

"C'mon! Don't let her do this to you!" Grace yelled from the ringside. But at this point there was little I could do to stop her.

Maggie flipped me over so I was laying on my back, strutted over to my feet, and kicked my legs apart. She proceeded to kneel down between them, sitting on the heels of her feet. Leaning forward she reached out, caressing my erect cock with both hands. "Are you ready to lose to me?" She said in an uncharacteristically warm and sultry voice. With that, she gripped my dick in both hands, and began pulling me towards her across the ring floor. My arms quickly shot out, grabbing her wrists so my poor cock wasn't pulling around all my body weight.

Maggie dragged me up onto her knees, with my legs on either side of her torso. I thought about applying a leg scissor to her abdomen, but with my helpless dick in her grip it seemed like a bad idea. Once my lower body came to rest on Maggie's thighs, she released the grip on my cock, instead, spitting on my dick and applying her right thumb to the exposed underside while her left hand slid down and wrapped around the base.

Maggie expertly massaged my cock with her thumb, trying to make quick work of me to end the match. It was working. As her thumb traced small circles on the underside of my cock, I felt myself throbbing harder in her hand as I came closer and closer to defeat. My hands still gripped her arms, and I tried to break her grip on me, but I was too far gone. I watched helplessly, gaping as Maggie brought me to the brink.

Just before Maggie could siphon another orgasm from my helpless dick she took the tip of her right thumb and buried it into the underside of my cock. My eyes went wide, and my body rigid stricken with the sudden pain.

"Oh fuck please stop I give I give!" I cried out my submission. Maggie gave a sadistic laugh, her blue eyes wide like a crazed psychopath. Good fight little boy, she said, eyes and hands still glued to my cock. She held there for what seemed like minutes, but eventually released me.

Maggie stood, leaving me laying on my back holding my aching, defeated cock. Walking up to me, she kicked my arms away from my manhood to lay at my sides, and planted her foot along the length of my cock. She pressed her foot down lightly, not with enough weight to hurt but with enough force to remind me that she was still in control of my manhood.

I had already been close to climaxing before her brutal submission hold. Staring up at her dominant victory pose, hands on her hips, sweaty tits heaving up and down on her chest, right foot dominating my battered cock, I shot my load all over the bottom of her foot and my own belly.

Maggie felt my dick spasm beneath her foot and looked down amused. "Jeez, you're even more pathetic than I gave you credit for," she said condescendingly.

I looked over at Grace, sitting in her chair with her face buried in her hands, probably humiliated by the fact that another woman could make me cum so effortlessly.

Once Maggie was done gloating she released my cock from it's humiliating pin under her foot. I waited until she exited the ring before I got to my feet, and made my way to the locker room to get cleaned up. Having cleansed myself of my shame, I met Grace at the front of The Colosseum. She was already wearing her coat and had the keys to the car in her hand. Clearly she was ready to leave.
"I'm sorry," she said. "You won our wrestling bet fair and square but I flaked on you. I feel awful. I should have been in that ring with you."
Grace looked like she might have been about to cry. I leaned forward and kissed her on the forehead. I didn't have the heart to tell her that despite the beating I had taken, I had just had the time of my life in the ring going one on one with Maggie. My only regret was that I had been eliminated in round one and I would have to wait for the next tournament to have another go.

"It's alright," I said, a sly smile creeping across my face. "I still love you," I said jokingly.

She wrapped her arms around me a buried her face in my jacket. "I signed us up for a tag team tournament here next month," she said in a muffled voice.

My heart started racing. Maybe I would be back in the Colosseum sooner than I thought!
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Default Re: My Debut at The Colosseum

Wow, I love it! Can't wait to see more, prequel or sequel!
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Default Re: My Debut at The Colosseum

Damn! Maggie was brutal. She outfought and outclassed our main character at every step. I hope our sacrificial lamb has the courage to step back into the ring again. Thanks for writing this for us, mate.
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Default Re: My Debut at The Colosseum

That was excellent! Can’t wait to see what happens next!
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Default Re: My Debut at The Colosseum

Thanks Guys! As always, please leave your feedback. I'm always interested to hear what you think and what you'd like to see in the future.
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