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Default The Freedom Gauntlet

The Freedom Gauntlet

This story is a sequel to my previous series called “The Mistress Mandy Mayhem” It contains pro style wrestling that includes lots butt drops, smothering, and domination. Thinking it’ll be 3 chapters... Enjoy!

Chapter 1: Dropping The Bombshell

The night I found myself crawling behind Mandy after our match, I had hoped that it was all just a cruel game. Despite being handed a real life beating, I still assumed that it was all just a show. Unfortunately I was wrong. There’s a term in professional wrestling called living the gimmick and I learned that night that this was exactly how Mandy did things.

As bad as the match had gone for me, the aftermath was somehow worse. Mandy verbally and physically degraded me in unimaginable ways. Her domineering personality which I had once found alluring, proved to be much darker than I had earlier anticipated. She ended up toying with me all night with absolutely no regard for my well being. There was lots of pinching and biting which drove me nuts. Also some serious foot worship that I was not particularly proud or fond of but there was also the smothering. Oh the smothering! What had once been such a delicious concept had become a torturous exhibit of power over me. I couldn’t do anything to stop her and even the slightest hint of defiance in me was quickly snuffed out. It wasn’t until she finally went to sleep that I was able to unhook my collar and leave, never intending to see her again.

Of course, the next day my phone rang. I saw it was Mandy and promptly ignored it. She continued to call each day but I refused to respond. I had no desire to ever see her. After a few days of ignoring her, the calls stopped and I tried to put the whole thing behind me. That is until I got a call from a blocked number. I had a suspicion that it was her, so I didn’t answer. Unlike all the other calls, this time there was a voicemail. When I listened, I was pleasantly surprised to hear the voice of The Bombshell, Brittany Starr.

“I know you’re probably upset with what happened. I’m sorry but Mandy can get a bit, Uh, intense... especially when she senses weakness. I’m not trying to make any excuses, but you should know that we’ve pulled this trick on countless guys but.... but you... you’re the first one I ever felt bad about. Probably because I actually find you quite attractive. I know there’s no reason for you to trust me, and there’s not much I can say that will fix things but ... I’d like to make it up to you. Meet me at the warehouse Friday night at 8:00 and I’ll show you some moves. Mandy got to have all the fun and I’d like to have some of my own hehe. And maybe after that, I can show you how sorry I really am by going back to your place and ... well I’ll let you imagine the possibilities. Come on by and let’s have some fun.”

Red flags flew inside my brain, one after another. If she really was sorry, why meet back at the same warehouse? Why wait so long to apologize if she felt so bad? Why let Mandy have me all to herself when she could’ve just as easily joined in too?

Unfortunately as a red blooded male, my thoughts were quickly over ridden by the growing appendage in my pants screaming “Dude! She said she’s into you!” I wish I could claim there was more thought to it than that, but what can I say? I’m weak. So that Friday, hoping for the best despite a nagging feeling of impending doom, I went back to the site where I was enslaved.

I entered the warehouse wearing my blue mesh shorts and grey tank top. I opened the door and to my utter delight found the Bombshell standing in the ring looking only as she can. She had on black boots cut just above the ankle, tiny bright red spandex booty shorts that struggled to contain her bubble butt and a black sports bra that she could potentially pop out of at any moment. I froze in the doorway, paralyzed by how amazing she looked; Flawless would be an understatement.

“We doing this or what?” She asked with a giggle. Completely aware of the lust in my eyes, she began stretching seductively as I made my way to the ring. I eagerly climbed inside, relieved to see that we were all alone.

“Hey! It’s, uh, really good to see you...” I stuttered out, unable to hide my apprehension of wrestling a woman that seemed to be completely out of my league. Scratch that. She didn’t just SEEM to be out of my league, she really WAS out of my league. Warning bells started going off as she smirked back at me. Suddenly I heard the door open, accompanied by the unmistakeable cackle of the one and only Dynamic Dominatrix.

“Well, well, well... the prodigal slave has finally returned to worship his mistress. I was wondering if I’d ever see you again! It appears Brittany was right when she told me she’d be able to lure you back. I had my doubts after all I put you through, but she can be quite ... persuasive, don’t you think?” Mandy said as she strutted towards the ring. She was barefoot and wearing a black silk robe, covering up whatever ensemble she had decided to don on this evening. I didn’t plan on sticking around long enough to find out.

“No... no....” I muttered out, backing away from the approaching psychopath. Unfortunately, I backed right into the waiting arms of the Bombshell, who proceeded to hook both my arms behind me. I began thrashing about, trying to break free as Mandy slowly climbed the steps and stepped through the ropes. I trembled in fear as she walked up to me and grabbed right under my chin.

“You thought you could escape me huh? Do you know how that makes me feel?” She asked, stroking my chin gently, talking to me as if I was a mere child.

“Let me go! Please Mandy! I don’t want any trouble!” I spat out, begging to be left alone. I was silenced by the mistress’ index finger pressing against my lips.

“Shhh, shhh, shh... it’s okay. It’s okay. I forgive you.” She said calmly as she pulled her finger away.

“You forgive ... me?” I said back confused. What did I do to her?

“Of course I do baby! I’m not a monster!” She proclaimed with a snicker that made her sound exactly the opposite of what she had just claimed. I laughed awkwardly with her but she suddenly stopped and grabbed me by the chin, much harder this time.

“But I AM your mistress! And you WILL pledge your loyalty to me!” She said strongly, squeezing my cheeks together tighter with each word she spit out. She held me like that for a few seconds as her anger began to dissipate. She released my face and took a step back.

“But seeing as you’ve been so resistant, I’ve decided to give you an opportunity... how would you like to be completely relieved of your duty?” She asked calmly. I wasn’t sure how to respond. By answering positively, I’d only be acknowledging her control over me. If I responded negatively, well, who knows what these two women would do to me? Before I could answer, Mandy’s hand once again snatched me beneath my chin, forcing me to stare right at her.

“I’m being very generous right now J. It’d be a shame if I lost my temper.” She threatened, scrunching my cheeks together once more before continuing her diatribe.

“Since you came here prepared to wrestle Brittany, I’m going to give you what you want... A one on one match with The Bombshell. You see what a generous and forgiving mistress I can be?”

Mandy took this opportunity to nod my head head up and down as if I was in agreement.

“And if you win, congratulations! You will be allowed to go and I’ll never harm you again! You will officially be free from my control.” She said, releasing my chin and giving me a condescending pat on the cheek.

“And... if I lose?” I asked, terrified of what the answer might be.

“He speaks! Good boy!” She said, giving me another pat on the cheek, which was really starting to bother me

“You know what J? I’m feeling EXTREMELY generous this evening. And since you’re just so damn cute, I’m going to give you an extra chance at freedom. Now thank me for my generosity and I’ll tell you what I have in mind.”

I glared at her in a brief show of defiance but decided it was in my best interest to cooperate.

“Thank you” I muttered out, looking away from her.

“Mistress.” She answered back, grabbing my chin and forcing me to make eye contact.


“Thank you ... MISTRESS.” She corrected me. My blood began to boil. If I used that word it would only further confirm my status as her slave. However, I was in no position to make demands.

“Thank you... mistress.” I responded through gritted teeth.

“There! Now was that so hard?” She asked, releasing her grip before continuing.

“All you need to do to earn your freedom tonight is win just one match. That’s it. One tiny match. If you fail against Brittany, you’ll have another chance against... me! Now I highly doubt you’ll win that one but you can at least try! Imagine that? Earning your freedom by defeating the Dynamic Dominatrix? What a story that would be!” She proclaimed, belittling me further by booping me on the nose.

“But don’t worry my sweet little boy. After I win, I’m still going to give you one last chance at escaping my control... If you can manage to beat the both of us in a 2 on 1 handicap match!”

None of this sounded appealing (with the exception of getting to tussle with The Bombshell) so I began struggling to pull free but Brittany maintained her hold on my arms.

“Oh what’s the matter little boy? Does the thought of taking on the both of us on frighten you? Just imagine the things we’ll be able to do to you!” She exclaimed, almost giddy at the idea of destroying another human being.

“Ladies... please. I... I’m sorry for whatever I’ve done to you. I- I- ... I don’t want to do any of this.” I pleaded. Perhaps they’d show mercy and let me go. My pleas were met with a firm slap across the face by Mandy.

“LIAR! You would not be here if you didn’t want to wrestle Brittany! I mean, what guy wouldn’t want that?!? All I’m doing is... raising the stakes for your match. Beat her and this all goes away. Fail? Well... you know.” She finished and walked out of the ring before shouting “Ok Shawn, you can let them in now!”

Fuck! Shawn was here the whole time? What the fuck was that guy’s deal? And who was she talking about? I can’t believe I was dumb enough to come back to this place!

I watched as about a twenty or so people wandered into the warehouse. They began setting up chairs around the ring, apparently eager to view my demise. As this was going on, Brittany finally let go and gave me a shove. I lost my balance and fell forward, catching myself on my hands and knees.

“Seriously J? I barely touched you! You’ll have to be stronger than that if you want any chance of beating me!” Brittany announced proudly, flexing her toned biceps for the crowd. I pushed myself up quickly as I heard the familiar sound of Shawn Powers boom throughout the arena.

“Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome everyone to a very special attraction that we are calling ... THE FREEDOM GAUNTLET! If at any time the male competitor wins a fall, he will be completely free from Mandy Mayhem’s slavery. If he fails, the gauntlet will move to the next stage! If he fails all 3 stages, he officially becomes the legal property of The Mistress! Now this first match is a regular contest scheduled for one fall with no time limit. Introducing first, standing 5’ 6” tall and weighing in at 135 lbs... This is J!”

A smattering of boos filled the arena. Apparently no one here would have my back but I had to shut all that out. This was my best chance at getting out of this mess and I couldn’t let the fans distract me.

“And now his opponent! She stands at 5’ 10” tall and weighs in at 127lbs, she is THE BOMBSHELL... BRITTANYYYYYY STARRRRRR!!!” Shawn announced to several cheers. Brittany stepped out of her corner and did a slow twirl before blowing a kiss to all her fans. I debated trying to escape but noticed Mandy had expected that and stood in the aisle-way between the ring and the exit. I guess there was no turning back now.

A referee, not much larger than me, slid into the ring and got between us. He informed us the only ways to win were via pinfall, submission, count out or disqualification. I was surprised to hear that it would be a fair fight and Mandy would not be allowed to interfere. Perhaps I really did have a chance...

“The stakes are high in this one folks! J is literally putting everything on the line just for an excuse to roll around with The Bombshell!” Proclaimed the announcer, much to my chagrin. The last thing I wanted was someone narrating my potential demise. Plus, he was oversimplifying my predicament! Sure I wanted to wrestle with Brittany but I had no clue I’d be facing a gauntlet match!

“Well come on J! We gonna wrestle or not?” Demanded Brittany, as she walked toward me. I cautiously approached anticipating a lock up. That’s when Mandy climbed up onto the apron, drawing both my attention and the referee’s.

“YOU’RE MINE J! YOU ARE AND ALWAYS WILL BE MINE!” She screamed. I stared back at her as the ref went to get her off the apron. With his back turned, Brittany brought her knee up right into my groin.

“A low blow right out of the gate by the Bombshell... but wait, J doesn’t seem fazed! What is going on?!?” Wondered the announcer as a smile spread across my face. Unbeknownst to everyone there, I had decided to wear a protective cup as a bit of an insurance policy.

Brittany shot me a confused look but I just shrugged back at her. Without wasting another moment, I tackled her down to the mat. I attempted to advance into a pin, figuring I could end this thing early. My opponent responded by getting her legs around me into a body scissor. I quickly realized that Brittany’s long legs gave her tremendous leverage in this hold. Within seconds I had collapsed sideways, as the Bombshell’s beautiful legs constricted tighter around my midsection.

“Brittany is using one of her trademark scissor holds here! Will J be able to escape?” Shawn commented. I tried to pry my way free but the Bombshell just kept a consistent grip on me. I quickly realized there was no way I’d be able to escape and instead began clawing my way towards the ropes. With one wild lunge, I grabbed the bottom rope to force the break.

Instead of breaking the hold, it only seemed to intensify. Somehow despite the constant pressure, Brittany apparently still had plenty of stamina left in those gorgeous legs. I let out a groan as the referee began the mandatory 5 count. The Bombshell took advantage of every last second before finally releasing me.

The referee admonished her as I rested my head on the bottom rope. I was simultaneously catching my breath while trying to understand what had just happened when I was roughly yanked backwards, bending my neck awkwardly over the rope. I saw a quick glimpse of Mandy’s face before being thrust into the darkness of her cleavage.

“Breast smother! Mandy Mayhem has got a breast smother locked on! The referee is too busy arguing with Brittany to realize!” The announcer raved as I flailed about trying to ease the pressure on my neck. It happened so quickly that I had no defense as the Mistress hugged me tightly into her chest.

It was only a brief smother but the unexpectedness of it made it extremely effective. When she released me I fell forward to the canvas, inhaling deeply. Before I could catch my breath, Brittany was on me applying a devastating crippler cross face.

I screamed in agony from the torque of the maneuver. My neck was wrenched back as far as it could go and with one arm trapped in Brittany’s vice like legs, it created an unbearable pull on my shoulder joint. Luckily I was still close to the ropes and managed to grab hold with my free arm.

“The referee is calling for another rope break here but you have to believe Brittany is going to use the 5 count to her advantage!” Shawn correctly proclaimed.

“Ahhhh get her off! Get her off!” I screamed as the referee made his count. At the count of five, Brittany shoved me away, my head draped over the bottom rope. When the referee reprimanded her this time, Mandy was right there waiting for me. She grabbed behind my head and yanked it right back into her chest, strangling me on the bottom rope in the process.

“You can question the ethics of this but there’s no denying the teamwork being displayed here by the Mistress and the Bombshell! Say what you want about them but they sure know how to manipulate this referee!” Raved the announcer as I thrashed about in a desperate attempt to break free of Mandy’s grip. This time around, the smother seemed to last a lot longer. My struggles slowed as my spastic movements became weak pulls at Mandy’s arms. I began to wonder how the ref had not noticed this interference yet when Shawn spoke up.

“Brittany is asking the ref to tie her boots tighter! She is insisting the ref assist her! All the while Mandy is mercilessly smothering a helpless J!”

Oh come on! This was supposed to be a fair fight!

“You’re mine J.” Mandy whispered, lingering in her smother as long as possible. When she finally released she yanked my head down, whiplashing me back to the mat.

I landed in the center of the ring, flat on my back and staring up at the lights. Brittany casually strolled towards me and stood over my body. She did a slow gyration and blew me a kiss before dropping to her knees into a schoolgirl pin.

“One! Two! No he kicked out! J kicked out” Shawn proclaimed, as I managed to toss the Bombshell off of my chest.

“Come on ref that was three!” Mandy shouted from the outside, clearly upset that her cheating ways hadn’t gotten her partner the win.

I rolled to my belly and struggled to push myself to my feet. With my body hunched over I felt a crack into my the back of my neck and was driven straight down to the canvas.

“Scissor kick by the Bombshell!” Exclaimed Shawn as I tried to catch my breath. I laid face down on the mat and saw Mandy on the outside with a sly grin on her face. We both knew I was failing at possibly my best chance at freedom. I gritted my teeth and pushed up onto all fours. I was met by Brittany’s boot connecting with my back, forcing me back down.

“Stay down!” The Bombshell demanded as she stepped over me.

“Brittany Starr seems to be asserting control of the matchup. What does she have planned here?” Shawn asked as I felt an increase of pressure onto my head and neck area. It was Brittany squatting down and sitting on the side of my head! She was using her ass to create an awkward contortion on my already aching neck.

I groaned in discomfort as Mandy cackled at ringside. I was being forced to stare at the Dynamic Dominatrix as the Bombshell gyrated back and forth mounting the pressure on this unique submission move.

“What do you say there J?” I heard the ref call as I struggled to ease the leverage of the hold.

“Ugh... no!” I mustered to say but it was becoming clear I couldn’t handle this much longer. I had to do something now if I was going to survive this. I punched my knuckles into the mat and pushed upwards. With Brittany’s relatively light weight, I managed to get onto my hands and knees.

“J is trying to power out of this here! Can he do it?” The announcer raved as I got my feet under me. The bombshell hooked her hands under my chin but at this point I managed to get to a standing position with her on my shoulders.

“Put her down now!” Mandy screamed from the outside.

“Sure thing.” I responded with a wink before collapsing backwards. We crashed hard to the canvas, driving the air out of both of us.

“And both competitors are down! Who will be the first to their feet?!?” Shawn proclaimed as the ref began his mandatory 10 count. I rolled to my side to see Brittany using the ropes to climb her way to her feet. With her back to me, I saw an opening and crawled towards her. I got under her, reached one arm up between her legs and rolled sideways. She quickly lost her grip on the ropes as I rolled her into a tight schoolboy, using my entire weight to force her shoulders down and her legs over the top of her head.

“Roll up! One! Two! Wait just a second! Mandy pulled the official out!” Shawn exclaimed as I continued to pin the Bombshell down, despite her flailing legs’ best attempts at forcing me off.

“You gotta get your eyes checked ref! He’s got a handful of tights!” Mandy shouted at the official. The two bickered back and forth long enough that I couldn’t hold the pin any more and let go.

“What a travesty here! J had the match won!” Shawn complained as I made my way towards the argument.

“Get her out of here!” I yelled, sliding out to the floor. The ref immediately stepped between myself and Mandy as we shouted at each other. I got so wrapped up that I didn’t even notice my opponent had recovered.

“The Bombshell sneaks out and sits right on the apron behind J! He doesn’t even see her!” The announcer proclaimed, which helped warn me of my impending doom. Unfortunately I fell right into the trap. When I turned back towards Brittany, I was met with her thighs slapping around either side of my head into a brutally crushing headscissor.

“StarrLock! The Bombshell has her patented StarrLock applied with maximum pressure!” Shawn announced and he wasn’t exaggerating. Brittany had a firm grip on the middle rope, lifting her butt off the apron and extending her legs, adding a tremendous amount of leverage to her already powerful headscissor.

As intense as the hold was, it was also quite the turn on having Brittany’s smooth legs clamped right under my ears. Staring up at her six pack abs with her painted on shorts digging into my chin I couldn’t help but think that there were much worse ways to lose a match. Those thoughts quickly subsided however as my knees began to wobble.

“The Bombshell is squeezing the life out of her opponent here!” Shawn announced as I pleaded for the referee to turn around and break the hold. Of course Mandy made sure to keep his attention away from the illegal maneuver, prolonging my suffering between the Bombshell’s luscious legs. My vision started to blur when the official finally turned around.

“Come on Brittany! Off the ropes now! One! Two! Three! Four! Break the hold!” He demanded as I dropped to my knees. Thankfully the Bombshell finally obliged and released me, allowing me to collapse to the floor. She slid back into the ring followed closely by the ref.

“You need to follow my instructions or I will disqualify you!” He threatened and the two of them began to argue as I struggled to regain my bearings but I was in the wrong place to do so.

“Uh oh, The Mistress sees an opening here...” Shawn proclaimed as Mandy stepped over me. She looked down with a sadistic smile and before I could react, she dropped down with a brutal full weight butt drop.

“DOMME BOMB! ON THE FLOOR! THE MISTRESS HAS JUST SQUASHED J BEHIND THE REFEREE’S BACK!” Shawn shouted as my body coped with two hundred pounds plus bearing down on my torso.

“I’ve put on a bit of weight since our last match. I hope you don’t mind.” Mandy said softly, folding her arms in a smug display of power. I tried to answer but no sound came out. The familiar crushing feeling of her weight made speaking impossible. I tried squirming but that only made her giggle at my feeble attempts at escape.

“It’s cute how hard you’re trying right now.” She said in a condescending tone. It became clear my only hope was the referee to notice but I also knew that the Bombshell can be a class A distraction.

“The Mistress is refusing to let up here. I can’t imagine J can handle her mass much longer! Turn around ref!” The announcer raved. I bit my lip as the pressure continued to mount and then the weight was suddenly relieved as Mandy rolled off of me. She had her arms up in innocence when the official finally turned around.

“Back it up Mandy!” He ordered, completely oblivious to the fact she had been crushing me that entire time. She just shook her head and took another step back, acting completely uninvolved.

I tried to sit up but immediately crashed back down. I definitely would need some time to recover but I wasn’t about to get any. Brittany was quick to roll to the outside and grab me by the nostrils.

“Get your ass up!” She instructed, dragging me to my feet and rolling me into the ring. I was flat on my back as she followed me in. She stood beside me and lifted one leg up high before dropping forward, her thigh crashing onto my windpipe with the full force of her weight.

“She calls that the Falling Starr Leg Drop! Right into a pinfall attempt!” Shawn proclaimed as the Bombshell proceeded to do the splits across my throat. Despite the pain I was in, I managed to shrug Brittany off at the count of two.

“Two count only! J won’t stay down!” The announcer raved as I slowly pushed myself to my knees. I wanted to be faster but I was hardly conditioned to battle against professionals.

“Well J, looks like you leave me no choice.” Brittany stated, grabbing me by the wrist before adding “I guess it’s time I drop... The Bombshell.”

She gave me a little wink before twisting her back to me and grabbing my other wrist so that I was facing her beautiful backside. Her perfectly heart shaped booty jiggled slightly as she adjusted her stance. She then moved her hips forward before ramming her bottom straight back while simultaneously pulling me into it. A loud smack echoed throughout the warehouse as flesh connected with flesh.

At first I was stunned as my face was driven right into her ass but she wasn’t done. She quickly loosened her grip before pulling me forward again with another loud clap. Then again. And again. By the sixth or seventh time, my face had gone numb but she showed no signs of slowing down. I was helpless as she repeatedly drove me into my very desires. Each time i made contact, she held me in place just a little bit longer before repeating. The only thing I heard was the crowd counting along with each connection.

“Ten! Eleven! Twelve!” They shouted as my legs turned to rubber but my opponent wouldn’t let me fall. I couldn’t believe she soared right past ten and kept going into the teens!


She was taking longer pauses with my face buried deeply into her shorts.


It was getting harder to breathe with each pause she took. I could only hope she’d stop at...


The audience exploded in applause as she wiggled herself even further backwards, pulling me deeper than I thought possible. She had completely blasted through my defenses and rendered me entirely helpless.

“You ready for me to drop the Bombshell?” She asked with a giggle and I finally realized her intentions. I let out a muffled protest but she held me in place firmly. There was no escape and I soon found myself falling backwards.The back of my head slammed against the canvas with Brittany's glorious ass smashing into my face with such force that my legs popped up, allowing her to hook them easily and bridge herself backwards into a perfect matchbook pin.

“The Bombshell Drop! There’s no escaping this!




Ladies and gentlemen your winner by pinfall... THE BOMBSHELL... BRITTANY STARRRRRR!!!” Shawn announced loudly.

The Bombshell released my legs at the calling of her name but maintained her seat. Originally too stunned to try to escape, I immediately began to struggle when I realized she had grape vined my right arm.

“Uh uh uh... you ain’t movin’” She said nonchalantly, now chasing the left.

I kept muttering the word “no” over and over again as did my best to play “keep away” with my hand, as if that would somehow save me. She let out an exasperated sigh as she used both her arms to corral my loose appendage into perfect position, the entire time mocking my muffled protests by shouting exaggerated “no’s” back down at me.

“Nuh! Nuh! Nuh!.... Now! Will you just hold on a second?! Jeez!” She spat out, completing the grapevine and sitting up straight to raise her arms in victory. She began posing for the crowd but I was running low on air and tried to bridge free. My weak attempt was easily ridden out and I crashed back to the mat. I was about to try again but froze when I felt the mat began to tremble beneath me.

“The Mistress” Mandy Mayhem had entered the ring...
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Default Re: The Freedom Gauntlet

A few quick points:

- It is so good to see you writing here again, mate. When I saw this story I could not click on it more quickly.

- Damn, the Bombshell is just as hot and sexy as I remember.

- Likewise, Mandy is still an utter bitch.

- I liked the back and forth struggle in the match with Mandy's perfectly timed cheating...

- and I loved Brittany's finishing move(s). Dragging J's face into her ass over and over as the crowd counted along with her before dropping her ass on his face with the Ultimate Butt Drop was a thing of beauty.

and one last point:

- I am so happy that we get another two falls. Mandy is too much for J at his best, so I can't imagine him being able to resist her now he has been Bombshelled.

Thank you so much for writing this for us, mate. I was very excited and happy to see a new story from you and I am over the moon at the thought of at least two further installments. Thanks again, mate.
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Default Re: The Freedom Gauntlet

Always enjoy a Jericho3 story. Don't remember these characters at all I have to admit.
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Default Re: The Freedom Gauntlet

The previous Mandy Mayhem story can be found here... [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
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Default Re: The Freedom Gauntlet

A couple thoughts on this. First being SO happy you have continued this story as your stories are always very entertaining!

Second is I want to feel bad for our, I shutter to call him protagonist when I feel victim is really the word for J. I mean he was out, free and clear all he had to do was not even use his brain just listen to it and yet he didn't and thusly invited this on himself. I'm honestly looking so forward to these next two matches I can't decide whether to read them as they come or wait until both post and rear all in one go.
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Default Re: The Freedom Gauntlet

Chapter 2: The Revenge of the Mistress

The vibrations grew stronger as she drew closer. I began thrashing about with each step that I felt. It wasn’t until she was apparently beside me that I went still. Brittany then lifted up and shifted forward to straddle my throat. I wheezed desperately at my first sips of air in far too long, staring up at “The Mistress” Mandy Mayhem.

“Awwww tough luck there J. I guess it looks like I’ll be getting my rematch after all!” Mandy taunted, slowly tugging at the knot of her sash.

“Please... Mandy... I’ll do anything....” I sputtered out between breaths.

“I know.” She said back coldly, completely removing the sash and dropping it before adding “And you will.”

Then she casually shrugged off her robe to reveal a dark red singlet with a white skull and crossbones on the chest. She did a quick twirl to show the back side was black and had a pattern of crimson lip stick marks scattered across the few parts that managed to cover her thick cheeks. With her spin completed, she locked her eyes on mine.

“My intro. Now.” She demanded, widening her stance and placing her hands on her hips, all while maintaining her gaze on me. The announcer’s voice echoed through the hall once more.

“With J unable to win the first fall, we now move onto the second stage of the Freedom Gauntlet! Introducing the next opponent... She stands at a solid 5’ 5” and weighs in at 237 lbs.... She is the MASTER of the CAMEL CLUTCH AS WELL AS ALL MEN! SHE IS THE DYNAMIC DOMINATRIX ... SHE IS...THE MISTRESS. MANDY. MAYHEMMMM!!!!”

“Now there’s something we need to take care of before our match starts. Britt? Will you do the honors?” Mandy said without breaking her gaze on me.

“Sure thing.” The Bombshell replied, slapping her hand down on my chest unexpectedly, causing me to flinch. She began to slowly slide her palm down my torso, onto my abdomen and then into my shorts. She grabbed my protective cup, snatched it out and offered it to Mandy.

“I’m extremely offended that you’d wear unsanctioned protective gear in an official match.” The Mistress said calmly, shaking her head in disappointment before adding “but I suppose it’s not your fault.” She grabbed the gear and held it up to the referee.

“HOW COULD YOU LET THIS HAPPEN!” She snapped, shaking the cup in his face.

“Uh... um...” was all he could get out before she was on him. A running charge sent him flying backwards into the corner and she was quick to follow, crashing into him with a heavy hip attack.

“THE MISTRESS HAS SNAPPED!” Shawn screamed as the poor ref crumpled down the turnbuckles. Watching that happen to another person in real time terrified me. It was a likely glimpse into my rather immediate future.

Mandy slowly stepped back towards us and took a deep breath. Her anger visibly subsided and she grinned down at me as if to say “you’re next” I stared back at her with despair, wondering what I could say that may spare me. My body began to shiver in a nervous tremor with the knowledge there was nothing I could do. The intensifying feeling of dread slowly dissipated though when I felt the Bombshell’s fingers wandering their way down my body. She slid her hand back into my shorts and grasped my member.

“I think he likes what he sees.” Brittany observed as she started stroking up and down my shaft. In a flash Mandy spun back towards the ref and ran full speed at him, turning at the last possible second in order to ram her backside right into his face. The official’s head whipped back upon contact, his neck contorted awkwardly over the bottom turnbuckle as Mandy sunk herself down into the corner.

“THE MISTRESS ALMOST JUST DECAPITATED THE REFEREE!” Shawn shouted. Mandy stood back up, locked eyes with me, flashed a devilish grin and then crashed right back down causing gasps from the audience. She repeated the move, crashing her weight into the the side of the ref’s face over and over again, causing his head to bounce around like a pinball off a paddle. The blood thirsty fans counted each slam as the Mistress pummeled away at the helpless official. With each sequential drop, Mandy was slower to hoist herself off of her victim. After her tenth heavy sit, she held in place until the referee went motionless. She blew a kiss in my direction before finally standing up tall while her semi conscious victim melted flat into the mat.

Still not breaking her gaze on me, Mandy stood over the broken referee and brought her hand to her chin, miming as if wondering what to do next. Then she snapped her fingers and held up her pointer, indicating she had gotten an idea.

“Oh no! Mandy Mayhem wants to place an exclamation mark on her message to J!” The announcer raved, as The Mistress turned back towards the corner. She placed one foot on the bottom rope and it was clear what was happening.

I watched in awe as Mandy deftly climbed to the second rope. A buzz grew throughout the warehouse as she steadied herself on the ropes by leaning forward and sticking her huge ass out. She took one quick bounce before launching herself backwards.


Mandy’s massive frame came crashing down high up on her victim’s chest, driving the air out of him as well as the entire audience. The eerie quiet was only interrupted by a high pitched wheeze emanating from the referee. What made things even stranger was Brittany intensifying her stroke on my cock, seemingly trying to get me to enjoy watching this man’s destruction.

After a few seconds of this, Mandy grasped the top rope and pulled herself to her feet. That’s the last thing I saw because as soon as it happened, The Bombshell quickly released my dick, reached back, and propped my face back into place for a reverse facesit.

“Nuh! Nuh! Nuh!” Brittany mocked down at me again, even though I didn’t protest this time. I just hoped her hand would return beneath my shorts, which it actually did to both my surprise and delight. She went back to work as I started to feel the familiar vibrations of the Mistress approaching, each shake on mat indicating another step closer.

I sensed Mandy standing right next to us now as my hand job once more intensified. I began arching my back as I almost reached the point of no return when Brittany unexpectedly pulled her hand away. My body jolted upwards in a desperate attempt at another stroke as well as a morsel of air. The only thing I received was a stomp onto my abdomen by the Mistress, driving me back to the canvas.

“Stay put.” She said calmly, stepping a bit harder onto my midsection. Out of instinct my neck contorted, trying to find space to exhale a groan but Brittany rode out the attempt by stretching her legs wide, yanking roughly at my shoulder joints. The pain shot through me eliciting another agonizing grunt, this time freeing me for the quickest of breaths before the Bombshell locked properly back down.

“I said stay put!” The mistress said firmer, before placing her full weight down onto my stomach and walking over me.

“They’re just punishing J now! And the next match hasn’t even officially begun yet!” Shawn raved as my body jerked wildly, searching for any place for the air to escape me. I snorted in agony, unable to defend myself from this cruel onslaught. I wordlessly pleaded as Mandy placed her foot back onto my belly from the other side.

“No! Not again! Another cruel step by the Mistress!” Shawn announced as my body went into shock. A few seconds later and the lack of oxygen knocked me out.

I was awakened by a burning sensation on my back. I looked up to see that I was being dragged across the ring. Mandy had a grip on my wrist and was slowly pulling me into the corner. She got me placed where she wanted and let my arm crash to the mat. I was too weak and disoriented to do anything as she began ascending the ropes.

“J is not moving! And he’s in the drop zone!” Shawn warned. I gasped out a weak protest but it went unnoticed as Mandy came crashing down onto my chest.

“AN ATOMIC DOMME BOMB! ATOMIC DOMME BOMB BY THE MISTRESS!” The announcer screamed in excitement. Mandy continued to sit in a squatting position on my torso, her hands draped casually over her knees as she stared down at me with a look of mild amusement.

“UNGHHH” I gurgled out, gasping for relief but she just shook her head back down at me.

“What? What’s wrong?”

“UNGHHHH! UGH-UGH” I coughed out this time, the look of enjoyment growing on my opponent’s face.

“Ohhhh that DOES sound tough.” She deadpanned, as 3 referees hit the ringside area. One ref pulled the injured official to the outside. The other 2 slid into the ring but were immediately cut off by Brittany Starr.

“Come on Bombshell! Get outta the ring! Your match is over!” One ref demanded, causing her to raise her arms in innocence.

“I’m leaving. I’m leaving.” She muttered calmly but made no effort to actually move. One ref had to grab her by the arm to escort her out before my situation could finally be addressed.

“Alright Mandy! Let’s go! Get off!” The remaining official ordered. The Mistress responded by sliding her legs out wide and crossing her arms in defiance.

“Make me.” She said back coolly, daring him to try something. He cautiously approached her but she swatted him back.

“Don’t you touch me!” She screamed before turning her attention back to me. Suddenly her hands darted towards my face and her fingers hooked between my lips.

“Fish hooks! The Mistress has her hooks sunk in deep!” Shawn exclaimed over my cries of agony. I kicked and thrashed with what little I could move but I was helpless to prevent Mandy’s digits from stretching my mouth wide open.

“I’m gonna need more help out here!” The remaining official shouted, hugging The Mistress’ right arm in an unsuccessful attempt to unseat her. But she just continued to rip and tear at my mouth.

“Here come more referees! Hopefully they can restore some order down there!” Shawn proclaimed with 3 more officials hitting the ring. As they grabbed at my attacker, she altered her grip by rotating two fingers down under my tongue. Her sideways pulling motion shifted into a downward thrust as she leaned forward now, pressing her claw further down my gullet.

“And now she has a sadistic mandible claw locked on!” The announcer screamed. I twisted my head to the side but couldn’t stop her fingernails from tearing into the sensitive tissues of my mouth. Tears streamed down my cheeks as the group of referees tried to pull the Mistress off of me. It took almost a full minute and 4 grown men but eventually Mandy was removed from my broken body.

“Alright! Alright!” She screamed, shaking herself free of the officials before walking back towards me. She grabbed one of my feet, dragged me to the center of the ring, placed her foot on my chest and raised her arms in a show of victory. But those pesky officials had other plans.

“No! The match never officially began!” The referee protested, while maintaining a respectful distance from the Dynamic Dominatrix.

“Then ring the damn bell and make it official!” She barked back before adding “or would you like to join my ever growing list of victims?”

That was all it took for the ref to call for the “official” start of the 2nd round. The bell rang with me still laying flat on my back and Mandy’s foot planted firmly on my chest. The ref went to make his count but to my surprise (and dread) he stopped at “two” when Mandy decided to step off of her pin.

“Uh oh. This can not be good news for J...” Shawn uttered the obvious as The Dominatrix casually stepped back towards the ropes. I tried to move but she sprung forward with an unbelievable quickness. She glided towards me and leapt into the air, her legs outstretched over my prone body.


Mandy’s huge frame dropped to the mat, smashing both my face and neck with one massive thigh.

“What a leg drop by the Mistress!” Shawn exclaimed as my opponent deftly rolled to her feet. I was grabbing at my aching jaw when she circled toward my legs and lifted them off the canvas. She stretched them wide and brought her foot up as if she was planning a low blow.

“Hey! Nothing below the belt there Mandy!” The referee threatened but his attention quickly turned to the Bombshell who had climbed up onto the apron.

“Brittany with the distraction! And a completely unnecessary low blow by Mandy Mayhem! I bet he wishes he was still wearing that cup!” Shawn shouted as The Mistress unleashed a wicked stomp to my unprotected balls. I bit my lip and clutched between my legs, kicking wildly in a futile effort to block out the pain.

Mandy cackled as I writhed on the mat. She forced me onto my belly and squatted onto my lower back, squeezing what little air was left in my body right out of me. She hooked one of my arms over the top on her thigh then repeated with the other side before clasping her hands beneath my chin. She slowly arched my back and brought her mouth to my ear.

“You know this part is my favorite.” She whispered, right before rearing back violently.

“Camel clutch! The Mistress has her patented camel clutch locked in!” Shawn raved as my body bent right up to its limits. I cried out, tapping furiously but achieved no relief.

“J is tapping out but the official is still distracted! This match isn’t over!” The announcer proclaimed as The Dominatrix began inserting her fingers into my mouth. I continued to wail as she sunk her fish hooks inside my cheeks again and began prying them apart.

“I really got my hooks in you now little boy!” Mandy taunted as she somehow managed to amp up the pressure on the hold. I was at my absolute breaking point. I pleadingly stared in the direction of the referee, willing him to turn around and accept my submission but his eyes were locked on the gorgeous Brittany Starr.

“The Bombshell has this official in the palm of her hand! He’s completely oblivious to what’s going on!” Shawn exclaimed as Mandy finally let go of her sadistic fish hooks. My head dropped and she let it hang there for a moment before she grasped gently under my chin.

“Squeal for me J.” She whispered into my ear. I groaned in pain as she began to increase the pressure.

“I said... SQUEAL FOR ME!” She shouted, wrenching back with all her strength.

“Ahhhhhh!!!” I exclaimed as somehow my body bent even further backwards.

“SQUEAL! SQUEAL!” She demanded as I screamed at the top of my lungs. Her two hundred plus pound frame held me in perfect position as she gleefully yanked back on my head. The sudden outbursts finally drew the attention of the referee who quickly slid beside me.

“What do you say there J?” He inquired, as if I hadn’t been shouting my submission for the past 5 minutes.

“I QUIT! I QUIT!” I spat out as loud as I could muster, causing the official to finally call for the bell.


“It’s over! J has conceded the second fall! And the Mistress is continuing to punish him anyways!” Shawn proclaimed, reminding me that my foe rarely followed any type of rules. Mandy’s cold cackle only served to confirm this further as she refused to release her camel clutch.

“Announce the winner!” Mandy ordered, causing the host to chime back in.

“Ladies and gentlemen, your winner by submission...THE MISTRESS. MANDY.... MAYHEMMMMMM!!!”

The official announcement didn’t seem to make her happy.

“Now tell them about the next stage of the gauntlet! Or do I have to do everything?!?” She exclaimed, prompting Shawn to stammer on once more.

“With J failing in the second round, we now move to the third round! This fall will be a very special, two against one handicap... FOUR CORNERS MATCH!”

Four corners match?!? Even though I couldn’t see her face, I felt like I could hear the smile spread across Mandy’s face.

“There are no pinfalls, submissions, disqualifications or count outs. The ONLY way to win is to perform an offensive move off the ropes from each corner of the ring. Whichever team can hit 4 moves from each turnbuckle will be proclaimed the winner!”

I whimpered as the harsh reality sunk in deeper than my opponent’s finishing move. There was no way out. This was my present, immediate and distant future. She was making me hers. I wondered what it would take to escape as the familiar breath of the dominatrix brushed past my ear.

“Uh oh J... it seems you’ve failed again.” Mandy remarked, removing one hand from my chin. She then slowly wrapped her free arm around my throat and added “Better not fail again. I don’t think you’d like to see what I do to losers.”

With that she completed the transition into a sleeperhold with my arms still trapped uselessly over the tops of her thighs. I jerked desperately but only managed a slight wiggle beneath the ironclad grasp of the Dynamic Dominatrix.

The referee called for the bell again but I knew it would accomplish nothing. If Mandy wanted to put me to sleep, then that’s what was going to happen. As the pressure in my skull built, Brittany Starr had hopped back onto the apron. She stared right back at me as she ducked between the middle and top ropes. The last thing I recall was the Bombshell sauntering my way as the ominous voice of Shawn Powers boomed throughout the warehouse.

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great story! love your work
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Default Re: The Freedom Gauntlet

Chapter 3: Domme Hell & The Bombshell

“The Mistress is perched in position on the second rope! J is laying unconscious beneath her! Mandy bounces once. Twice. And ... BOOM! ATOMIC DOMME BOMB!” Shawn Powers announced as I was snapped out of my slumber by my chest being caved in. Mandy’s body bounced off my torso upon impact before settling down just south of my windpipe. She sat upon me in a squatted position with her arms crossed and a look of mild amusement on her face.

“That’s one.” She casually remarked, staring straight into my eyes. I quickly looked away and braced my arms beneath her. I planted my feet and pushed upwards, summoning every ounce of fiber in my being to break free.

“Are ... um... Are you trying to move me?” She asked with a chuckle, sounding more entertained than annoyed. In response, I let out a fierce roar and pressed with everything I had.

“I ... I think you are...?” She questioned, as apparently my entire strength wasn’t enough for her to make a definitive statement one way or another.

“He is. It’s kinda cute. But mostly just sad.” Brittany chimed in, dealing yet another blow to my already shattered ego.

“Well I’m tired of it.” Mandy snapped back. She reached down, forced me to look up at her, and began stretching her legs straight out. The shift in her weight brought my struggles to a halt. She then pinched my cheeks and pried my mouth open. I closed my eyes as I heard her snorting violently atop me followed by the unmistakable sound of spitting.

“Oh that’s a big one!” Brittany remarked as a gob from deep inside the Mistress splashed the side of my mouth with most dropping down my throat causing me to gag. I sputtered in disgust as the excess droplets of saliva flicked across the my face.

“Oh relax you fucking baby! You should be thanking me for giving you the gift of hydration!” Mandy proclaimed with a laugh before reaching up, grasping the top rope and adding “Three more to go!”

She hoisted herself off of me and walked to the center of the ring. My brain told me to roll outside but my body was in no condition to follow so instead I just laid there. The Bombshell approached me, grabbed a handful of my hair and dragged me to my feet. She spun me around on wobbly legs and hooked my arms behind me, helping hold me upright as The Mistress surveyed the situation.

“What to do with you next?” Mandy wondered aloud, taking her hands and rubbing them on my shoulders. Her fingers wandered down my tank top and she began tearing the cloth apart. With my chest now exposed she unleashed a wicked chop.


The audience reacted with a cheer as my pecs already began to burn from the sting. I puffed up as I saw the Mistress winding up for what I could only assume would be another biting slap but instead her hand darted right between my legs.

“Testicular claw! Mandy’s got her talons locked on J’s unprotected manhood!” Shawn shouted as I wheezed out a high pitched squeal. The Mistress stepped so that her face was inches from mine, her claws digging deeper into the delicate flesh of my precious jewels.

“Oh how easy it would be to just rip these right off your body.” She said softly, punctuating her statement with a sharp yank.

“Yow! Please!” I begged, shifting my hips to lessen the pull on my privates.

“Please what?” She asked, squeezing just a bit harder.

“Please.. stop...” I stammered out, averting her eyes as best as I could manage

“You hear that Britt? He wants me to stop. Poor J!” Mandy remarked with a fake pout on her lips.

“I suppose we can move onto the second corner then. Go ahead. Let him go.” Mandy suggested and for a brief moment my limbs were available. That is until the Mistress took her free hand, placed it on my throat and hoisted me up into the air.

“GORILLA PRESS! THE MISTRESS HAS J PRESSED HIGH ABOVE HER HEAD!” Shawn raved as Mandy began walking around the ring. I tensed every muscle in fear as she marched around with one hand gripped tightly on my balls and the other on my throat. Once she found the right position, she braced herself and squatted, lowering me to the top of her head. She let out a primal scream and jolted upwards, straightening her knees and elbows, shooting me high up into the air. For a brief second I hung there, unsure of what would happen but suddenly I was falling. Mandy dropped to one knee and at the last second, shot her leg out, bending my body sideways across her upper thigh.

“BACK BREAKER! MANDY MAYHEM JUST HIT AN ATOMIC BACK BREAKER OUT OF A GORILLA PRESS! WHAT POWER!” Shawn ranted, ignoring the fact that it was an actual human’s back that was being broken. I folded limply over Mandy’s knee, but she wouldn’t let me slip away. Instead she adjusted my position, ensuring my head was held slightly up.

“And now it’s Brittany Starr climbing to the second rope! What could she have planned here?” The announcer questioned. I glanced toward the corner to see the Bombshell raise one leg straight up into the air. A moment later and that leg was on its way down.

“FALLING STARR LEG DROP OFF THE SECOND ROPE TURNS J UPSIDE DOWN AND INSIDE OUT!” The announcer exclaimed. Brittany’s thigh made contact across my shoulders, sending me somersaulting over Mandy’s knee. I crashed with such force that I bounced off the mat and still wound up flat on my back, completely dazed and gasping for breath.

“That’s two.” Mandy casually remarked, getting to her feet and looming over me. She placed a foot on my face and gave it a push, rocking my head back and forth.

“Get up J.” She stated firmly, adding another brushing kick to my cheek. When I didn’t move, she placed her foot on the side of my chin.

“I said get up.” She repeated, slightly applying more pressure. Instinctually, I grabbed at her ankle in defense but was met with more force on my aching jaw.

“You’re down two corners to none. You better get up and climb those ropes if you want to win!” She yelled, stepping harder with each word. She paused an extra moment, savoring her position before finally moving away.

I rolled to my gut and pressed onto my forearms. As battered as I was feeling, I knew climbing the ropes 4 times would be easier than trying to pin or submit my opponents. I pushed onto my knees and grabbed the middle and top ropes.

“He’s...he’s... he’s getting up!” Shawn exclaimed, in shock, as I dragged myself to a standing position.

“Go on then J. I’ll give you a free one. Climb to the top.” Mandy suggested. I looked back at her, wondering if it was some sort of trap. She simply stood her ground, daring me to make a move. I hopped up onto the second rope and sized her up.

“From the top you pussy!” She shouted, egging me towards her. I shrugged my shoulders and stepped to the top turnbuckle. I took a deep breath and leapt.

“J off the top rope aaaaandddd...

He’s caught! J was attempting a high cross body and Mandy snatched him out of mid air! What’s she gonna do with him?!? POWERSLAM!” The announcer proclaimed as The Mistress fell forward using her full weight to drive me into the canvas. I sputtered uncontrollably as the Dynamic Dominatrix maneuvered my right arm between her legs. She then hugged my left arm close and shifted herself into a crushing crossbody pin.

“What an idiot... what are you gonna do now? Huh? You certainly can’t move me so what’s the plan? Beg for mercy?” Mandy said with a laugh as she rolled her weight up under my chin. I gurgled out a weak plea which most definitely sounded more like cries of despair. Unfortunately this did not satisfy The Mistress as she responded by shifting her weight off of my throat and onto the side of my head.

“Look up.” Mandy instructed, her gut squashing my skull into the mat.

“I... I CAN’T!” I yelped back, my neck cranked brutally under her. I kicked uselessly, unable to ease the pressure off my cranium.

“Do it now.” She ordered, lifting her hips slightly up. With the little space she provided, I straightened up only for her to drop back down, covering my entire face and smothering me in her lower abdomen. My nose and mouth squashed flush against her nylon one-piece. She continued to wiggle forward until my kisser was plastered in the warm embrace of her spandex lined pussy.

I caught a brief respite before she rolled down again and it became clear she was using my face for pleasure. She was grinding because it made her feel good and she truly didn’t care if I could breathe or not. She was simply enjoying herself without paying me any extra thought.

My neck ached as it was repeatedly wrenched under Mandy’s grinding pelvis. With each ensuing roll of the hips, my trapped arm would flop about as her legs tensed. Her muscles rhythmically tightened and eased and I would anticipate the release of pressure and inhale what little oxygen I could find before once again getting buried in spandex.

“How humiliating for J! Mandy seems to be marking her territory for lack of a better term!” Shawn announced with a chuckle as The Mistress proceeded to rub my face raw.

“How’s that fuckin’ feel? Huh J? You like drowning in my fuckin’ pussy?” Mandy taunted, seemingly drawing out each sequential dry hump a bit longer.

“I can’t believe he thought he could escape being your slave. I mean, look at him! We’re barely halfway through the match and he’s already quit on us. I guess he just wants you to fuck his face like that for the rest of the night!” Brittany teased with a giggle, apparently enjoying the show.

“I know right? He’s actually kinda boring me now. Maybe it’s time to move on.” Mandy remarked, suddenly releasing her hold and pushing herself up to a standing position. I desperately gasped for air and began massaging my neck but would only be granted a few seconds before Brittany was dragging me up by the hair.

“J is defenseless here! He has been repeatedly ground into dust and these two ladies STILL are not done!” Shawn shouted as The Bombshell propped me onto my feet. Mandy backed herself into a corner and climbed the ropes so that she could sit on the top turnbuckle.

I stumbled as Brittany walked me over towards The Mistress. I could barely stand as I was shoved between Mandy’s open legs. The only thing keeping me up were my arms dangling over the tops of my opponent’s thighs.

Mandy looked down at me and maneuvered her leg over my shoulder, then repeated the motion on the other side. I started to collapse but Brittany quickly swooped in to keep me upright as the Mistress grabbed hold of my ears.

“What do these two have planned here? J can barely stand!” Shawn yelled, as Mandy began shimmying herself forward, pulling my face right into her crotch. My body began to fold under increase in weight but The Bombshell boosted me upright and for one fleeting moment I stood tall. But suddenly and without warning, Brittany broke away, leaving my completely depleted vessel to support Mandy’s two hundred plus pounds. Needless to say, I was incapable of doing so and what happened next was ugly.

My left knee immediately buckled under the pressure while my right foot slid out from under me. The result of this was my body crumpling straight down so that my left foot was caught underneath me while my right leg was splayed out sideways. My back crashed into the mat with the entire weight of The Mistress Mandy Mayhem crushing down upon my chest with a deafening thud.


The crowd popped loud at the sound but fell quiet as The Mistress’ ass came to rest just beneath my throat. I wheezed and twitched, struggling to pull my left foot out from under myself but she just crossed her arms, making no effort to even adjust herself, let alone get up.

“That’s three.” Mandy said, her legs still kicked out wide as she let gravity take its toll on me.

“He’s not gonna get up after that one. We’re gonna have to drag him to the last corner.” Brittany said, sounding rather proud at the fact that I had been completely obliterated.

“Most definitely. I mean, if he can still get up after this, I’d be pretty impressed!” Mandy teased, reaching down to squish my cheeks together. “Are you trying to impress your mistress? Are you? Are you?!?” She said in a high pitched voice, as if she was talking to a pet.

“Go ahead boy! Show me how strong you are! Throw me off! Go ahead! Throw me!” The Mistress taunted as she now began bouncing atop my crumpled carcass. With each thump of her bottom an exhausted howl pressed out of my mouth.

“I have never seen such determination in Mandy Mayhem before! She is hell bent on J’s absolute destruction!” Shawn raved as The Mistress hit one final bounce before coming to a rest on my throat. She then pulled her legs in tight and planted her feet, steadying herself into a squatting position on my windpipe. My eyes watered as she glanced down at me with a look of satisfaction.

“One more corner and you’re officially mine.” She said softly, her hands resting on her knees as she made no effort to lessen the weight bearing down on me.

“The only question is... what should I make you do first? You know, once the match is over...” She wondered aloud as I groaned at the thought. There I was, thinking the match was almost over only to be cruelly reminded that my suffering had only just begun.

“Maybe I’ll make you kiss my feet!” She exclaimed, lifting one foot off the canvas and rubbing it across my lips.

“Or maybe my ass!” She then added, planting her feet and bouncing forward into a brutal squatting facesit.

“MMMPPHHHHH!!!!” I grimaced, as my jaw was squashed under Mandy’s mass.

“Oh it’s not that bad!” She remarked casually. My hands, no longer trapped in her pin, instinctually darted under her ass cheeks, desperate to relieve even the slightest bit of pressure.

“UNG! UNG!” I sputtered. My body jerked as I finally managed to unhook my left foot but even with my hands up, I couldn’t do anything to prevent my face from being swallowed deeper into Mandy’s massive backside.

“You’re gonna have to hit the gym if you’re going to budge all this!” The Mistress proclaimed, punctuating the statement by giving her own ass a couple of slaps before finally lifting herself up. Without another word, she grabbed one of my wrists and began dragging me to the fourth and final corner.

“Well folks, it looks like this one is about to be over! Mandy Mayhem is dragging her victim into position. She’s got him in the corner. It looks like she’s setting up for yet another atomic domme bomb!” Shawn announced as The Mistress began climbing the ropes once more.

I managed to lift my head a few inches off the mat in a weak attempt to sneak away but I was quickly forced back down when I felt the sole of a boot step lightly onto my balls.

“Uh Uh Uh! Try to move again and see what happens.” The Bombshell threatened, adding a little more pressure onto my groin causing me to go completely still. With one foot on my manhood, she raised her arms up in a victory pose, as Mandy steadied herself on the middle rope.

“J is in the wrong place at the wrong time here! Mandy now, extends her arms out wide, soaking in the adulation of the crowd! What a visual ladies and gentlemen! The Bombshell with her arms raised in triumph, holding J in place with one foot on his crotch. The Mistress now flexing her biceps, her huge ass dangling dangerously over her motionless victim!” The announcer ranted. I shifted uncomfortably, waiting for the inevitable.


Mandy’s ass came crashing down just under my throat. Upon impact, her weight bounced forward and she ended up landing on my neck and the side of my jaw. With my head craned to the side, Mandy’s mass settled itself. My lower back contorted itself awkwardly and my legs twitched as The Mistress squatted heavily upon me.


“Ladies and gentlemen, your winners of the third and final fall, the team of... The Bombshell Brittany Starr and The Mistress Mandy Mayhem!” Shawn announced. Mandy rocked her hips back and forth a few times before finally lifting up. With a delighted smirk across her face, she grabbed me by the ankle and began pulling me out of the corner.

“The Mistress now, dragging her victim to the center of the ring. J is motionless as she plants her bare foot on his face. Brittany joins in, planting her boot on J’s chest. The partners join hands now and raise their arms victory!” Shawn narrated as my opponents reveled in their supremacy over me.

“Nice win Britt! But I think we need to drop one more bombshell on J before he gets fitted for my collar.” Mandy suggested, taking a step back to remove her foot from my cheek.

“What a great idea!” Brittany concurred, stepping over my body and squatting down to grab a wrist. She then snatched my opposite hand and pulled me into a kneeling position. Her ass jiggled as she set me up for her finishing move. I wavered a bit but remained upright as she began moving her hips forward. I braced myself and prepared for impact as her tantalizing booty appeared to be inviting me for one more visit. Despite my exhaustion I was relieved to be in the grasp of Brittany. If I had to go out again, let it at least be under the brilliant booty of the beautiful Bombshell.

“Wait.” Mandy interrupted, causing The Bombshell to straighten up. I sunk onto my heels as The Mistress grabbed hold of one of my wrists.

“I want to be the one to drop the bombshell.”

“Did I just hear what I think I heard?!? The Mistress wants to drop the bombshell?!? This ... this cannot be!” Shawn exclaimed as Brittany handed off my other arm. Mandy twisted into position with her massive ass inches from my face.

“From now on, if you ever so much as THINK about defying me, I want you to remember this moment. I want you to remember what I’m capable of.” The Mistress said with a quick yank of my wrists, pulling me into her backside with a loud smack.


The crowd chanted as I steeled myself for the oncoming onslaught. Her ass was a lot softer than the Bombshell’s but that didn’t exactly make it any more tolerable.

“Two! Three! Four!”

Each impact echoed just a bit louder. My ragged body flailed about as Mandy poured on the pressure.

“Five!... Six!... Seven!....”

I was completely helpless as she began to holding me tighter in her ass after each subsequent count.

“Eight...... Nine..........”

She held me firmly in her booty as the audience stalled the count. The crowd buzzed as she wiggled her hips, torquing my neck further backwards. In a flash I was free but the very next instance I was flying back forward.


The crowd erupted as she hooked me deeper into her. I tensed up, anticipating the inevitable crash but it didn’t happen. Instead she held me firm, smothering the life right out of me.

“The Mistress has it set up! She’s going to do it! She’s going to drop the biggest bombshell our sport has ever seen!” Shawn raved as I struggled to remain conscious. The crowd was at a fever pitch, wondering if she was going to follow through with her threat. It seemed like hours passed before I was finally sent straight back, my nose buried snuggly between Mandy’s ass cheeks.


Mandy dropped to her knees, smashing the back of my head into the mat and driving my nose further up into her. It’s hard to say if I blacked out before, during, or after the collision but I was so limp that my body bent ruthlessly backwards, both feet trapped under me with my knees jutting painfully out to each side.

I woke to an intense headache and coughing fit as I struggled to maintain my bearings. My vision cleared and I managed to get my feet out from under my busted body. I looked up to see both the Mistress and The Bombshell standing over me.

“You know J... you really did put up a hell of a fight. I’m impressed.” Mandy said, as I writhed on the mat. She went on.

“So impressed in fact that I’ve decided to give you one last chance at freedom.”

One last chance? I knew there had to be a catch but I was in no condition to speak.

“Yes one last chance and no there is no catch.” She replied, almost as if she could read my mind. “You see I’ve beaten hundreds of men over the course of my career but never have I ever dished out the amount of punishment as I did tonight.”

“The Mistress seems to be showing... respect to her opponent? That can’t be right.” Shawn deadpanned but Mandy ignored him.

“So with all that said, I’m going to give you to the count of ten to get to your feet. If you can show me how tough you are by standing up before the ten count, I will let you walk out of here a free man. But truthfully, I can’t imagine you have the strength after what we put you through.” Mandy said before instructing a referee to start the count.

“One!” The official proclaimed as I struggled to even move. My entire body was one giant ache but all I had to do was get to my feet.

“Two!” I heard the ref yell and I began to wiggle my fingers.

“Three!” He counted as I took a deep breath. Plenty of time I thought to myself.

“Four!” This was it. I gritted my teeth and attempted to sit up.

“Five!” My head and shoulders slowly lifted off the mat as I used every ounce of strength left in me to try to sit upright.

“Six!” My eyes went wide. As my body got about halfway to a seated position, Mandy stepped over me. Before I could react, she was crashing down with an unforgiving butt drop.

“Oh my! A Domme Bomb on the completely unsuspecting J! The Mistress never intended to give him a fair shot!” Shawn complained as I let out a desperate wheeze. The referee froze as Mandy relaxed her weight fully on my chest.

“Keep counting!” She ordered. He hesitated for a few seconds before getting back to it.

“Seven!” He shouted as Mandy crossed her arms in satisfaction atop me.

“Eight!” He announced, her grin growing wider as time ticked away on my freedom.

“Nine!” I let out a gurgle as my body began to tremble.

“TEN!” The referee shouted.

“Aw so close J! You almost made it!” Mandy said sarcastically, reaching down to give my hair a little tussle.

“... Mandy.... please...” I sputtered out, desperate for her to lift her weight off of me.

“Sh sh sh” she brought her finger to my lips, shushing me down before saying “You only speak when spoken to now. I am your Mistress and I want you to say it. Say ‘Mandy you are my mistress now’” she instructed. I let out a sigh and then averted my eyes from hers.

“Mandy... you are... my... Mistress now.” I muttered.

“Now say ‘I am your property to use however you see fit’” She ordered. I hesitated, causing her to grasp my chin and force me to meet her gaze.

“Say it.” She demanded firmly. I closed my eyes and gritted my teeth.

“I am... your property... to use... however you see fit...” I mumbled out, completely dejected.

“Good boy!” She remarked, adding in a condescending pat on my head. She then held out her hand and said the word “collar”

Brittany quickly approached and slapped a leather strap into Mandy’s open palm. The Mistress took it in her hands and stretched it out wide. Embroidered in blood red cursive lettering across the collar were the words “J: Official property of The Mistress Mandy Mayhem” She then reached down and fastened it around my neck.

“My property. My rules.” She whispered into my ear with an impish grin before finally lifting up off of me. She picked her foot up and placed it right above my mouth.

“Now kiss my feet slave!” She commanded and I meekly opened my mouth, resigned to my fate of being the official property of...

The Mistress. Mandy. Mayhem.
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Default Re: The Freedom Gauntlet

Another great story, thank you!!

Will this be the end of J and Mandy or can we expect more ti come? I mean he escaped one time and supposedly they don't know where he lives. Physically he couldn't dream to challenge her himself but would he try hiring someone to get his payback/freedom?
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Default Re: The Freedom Gauntlet

One of the best stories I've ever read here, congratulations!
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2 vs 1, banzai drops, butt drops, domination, facesitting, pro style, smothering

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