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Default Double Trouble Productions

I am trying to find out more about the early history of Double Trouble productions: Who founded it and why, who were the early wrestlers, what was its relationship with Golden Girls?

This is all I found so far (not much) (its from an older website of theirs)

History of Double Trouble Productions
The illustrious history of Double Trouble Productions, one of the most popular and longest running producers of female wrestling videos in the world, began in 1984 when, Kathleen, the young manager of a company called Body Language, which specialized in unique deliveries (singing telegrams, stripper grams, bellygrams, etc.) throughout the Los Angeles area, decided to embark on a different venture. Many of the young ladies who worked for Body Language then also worked in such popular entertainment clubs as the Tropicana, so a good, friendly working relationship with them had already been established when Spice Williams, who had already carved a considerable name for herself as a wrestler, stunt woman and actress, suggested that a video company specializing in female combat might be a good business. Some of the Body Language girls had already wrestled for other video companies, so there was already a core group of experienced grapplers from which to choose. It was thought this could be great fun, as well as a definite challenge, and thus Double Trouble Productions was born.

However, Kathleen didn't want to go into it without at least understanding what was going to be expected from the girls. Kathleen insisted on taking a crash wrestling course from the great Spice herself and learned all about full nelsons, arm bars, headlocks, body slams, etc. She suffered a few bumps and bruises, but Kathleen got the most important education she could have ever imagined. Even though, unlike most of the female producers in this genre, Kathleen had no intention of ever appearing on camera, she got to fully appreciate what would work and what wouldn't work once the cameras started rolling.

Once Kathleen convinced some of her Body Language girls to join her in this new venture, the next step was to find a ring. Kathleen wanted to give these matches as professional a veneer as possible and didn't want to have the girls wrestle on mats or rugs. Luckily she found a ring that would serve her purposes-- and got an added bonus. It was there that Kathleen met Mark, who would become not only her partner, but also the talented, invaluable, director and cameraman of practically the entire DT video library.

Of course, no one could have predicted how large that library would eventually be, particularly not after that first shoot. Everything just seemed to be go wrong. Even though they had some lovely, athletic talent like Noel, Lynn-Marie, Toni and Lauren in front of the cameras, Mark and Kathleen were so inexperienced, the final production was not what they had hoped for. To cut their losses, all six matches that were recorded were put together as one tape (DT-101).

But, the producers learned a lot from their mistakes and were determined to get it right the next time. And with the welcome addition of such wrestling superstars as Belinda Belle, Renee Vicary, Julie Winchester and even Kathleen's old buddy Spice Williams to the roster, Mark's talent behind the camera and Kathleen's years of experience in marketing, talent management and customer relations, Double Trouble Productions was finally and definitely on its way.

And with every new tape DT kept looking for ways to improve their product. They experimented with lighting, sound and editing. Anything to outdo what they'd produced before. And the company actually started to make money.

While the majority of their early matches were mixes of pro-style ring matches, foxy boxing and catfights, DT Productions quickly began expanding their repertoire to feature just about every conceivable style of female combat, especially after custom matches were offered to their ever-growing client base. From backyard battles to apartment tussles, from boxing bouts (including bare knuckled) to domination derbies, from mixed matches to fantasy fights, from special costuming to total nudity--whatever DT's customers wanted in female combat, it was provided for them at Double Trouble. One example of how involved DT's customers had become to the company's product was when one wonderful client actually commissioned a three-part championship elimination contest (The Superbowl Series) that included Belinda, Shelly, Sandy, Christine and Rochelle. That series sold particularly well.

Some of the customers even provided plots and scripts for their custom matches and these scripted battles have become extremely popular. And while most of DT matches feature fairly straightforward wrestling, boxing and catfighting contests, some of the most popular titles usually contain fantasy elements. The "Private Eye Shelly" stories were some of DT's finest sellers. Shelly even donned boots, cape and leotard in another popular set of videos featuring "Super Shelly".

In fact it was those "Super Shelly" adventures that inspired what would become one of DT's most successful fantasy series to date. The Sisterhood of Superheroines series features many of DT's beautiful girls dressed in colorful costumes and fighting vile villainesses (and the occasional villain) in some great, often campy, adventures. This series is the brainchild of George Pérez, a near-legendary comic book artist and a DT customer since year one who decided one fateful day that he'd like to commission a fantasy match between two super women played by Katrina and Lisa. George loved that first match so much that he just kept commissioning more and more of them, his scripts getting more ambitious and clever with each new entry, eventually going on to direct the series himself.

So, what does the future hold for Double Trouble Productions? Well, as usual DT is constantly thriving to improve the quality of its videos. The advent of digital videography created even more far-reaching possibilities for post-production editing and special effects.

Our exclusive on-line Shopping Cart offers the complete DT library of titles in VHS and DVD formats. Selected titles have also been made available as Downloadable & Streaming Movies. with new titles added to the list frequently. The DT Members Lounge features vidcaps, digital photos and videos clips from existing and upcoming matches, an Athlete Fan Club with interviews and photos, and our Behind the Scenes feature offers movie clips of bloopers and outtakes from recent matches. Additionally, our two specialty websites
[Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] and
[Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
offer many video clips for customers searching for those specialized themes.

Customers can now select VHS or DVD formats and choose from any one of several ordering options for videos: online via our secure shopping cart, or by phone, fax or mail order. And, now, single matches can be purchased for Download or as Streaming Videos directly to a customer's computer for one low price.
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Default Re: Double Trouble Productions

unfortunately neither link worked for me
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dt productions

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