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Old 03-Aug-13, 21:11
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Default dominated in a game

I dont know if this is a right place to post this. but still i m writing it here.
if its not supposed to be here please feel free to delete the post. and m sorry if i am doing something wrong.

this is not a wrestling domination. my girlfriend dominates me very badly in chess which is quite a shock for me because,well u'll figure that out once i start my story,.

here it is:
i belong to a very good engineering college in india (best). its considered to be a place for very intelligent individuals. my girlfriend is from the same college.

one day she asked me whether i would like to play a game of chess with her.
(ps. I am a very good chess player, represented my batch in all competitions and won a few medals as well (including a gold once) ). so i asked her- "are u sure? have u ever played before? ".
she said - "yeah i have played a few times. i know the rules" (she had not played a single game in last 8 years. And before that also she had hardly played).
I didnt say anything because i thought i'll easily defeat her and impress her even more .
so i said yes.
Note - This was during our holidays so we played online.

we played our first game. She didnt even know some of the rules. so I explained her everything.It lasted for a very long time to my shock. we were playing neck to neck. In the end she had to urgently go somewhere so we had to leave the game. after she left i tried to figure out what result would have been if we had completed it. And i figured that she would have easily won the game. I never told her this. i thought it was just a fluke

next day i was all pumped up and i challenged her to a match. She accepted it and said whatever happens she would not lose the match. i laughed.
now this match was the biggest shock for me. she started dominating me from the beginning. It was turning out to be the most one sided game I have ever played. i started sweating and shivering (literally) . I didnt know what to do. her moves were so brilliant that i was finding it impossible to figure out my next move. And ultimately I lost. I was so angry at myself. i couldnt believe what just happened. she was very happy.

after this i told her that she is definitely lying and she obviously plays the game regularly. She still refused. though i knew she wasn't lying but still i couldnt believe her because i had just lost a game from someone who doesnt even know the full rules.

Next day we played again and Yet again she started dominating from the beginning. Luckily for me the internet connection went down and i escaped from another embarrassing lose. After this we had a fight because i still refused to believe that she doesnt play chess. I started to hate myself and wondered whether i have forgotten how to play. So i Practiced with my other friend (he plays very well). I managed to beat him twice in 3 games.
so i knew there's nothing wrong in me.

Next day, after i have had sufficient practice, i asked her to play with me.
she wasnt in the mood to play. It took me 30 mins to convince her to play.
i played well in the beginning but after sometime i again started losing. I felt helpless. i felt like crying because there was nothing i could do. I was very sad. i messaged her (facebook chat) rather i begged her to let me win. But she laughed it off and destroyed me once again. I literally cried after that.
I was so angry at myself that i challenged her again instantly. And we played another game but the result was same. i was so scared.During the game i couldnt stop my tears again. i went to sleep crying. I didnt talk to her for 2 days without telling, didnt reply any of her texts without telling her the reason for my strange behaviour.

Later also i made some excuse but couldnt tell her the exact reason. I gave up the hope of ever defeating her in chess. It has been around 15 days that we have not played any game again. whenever she asks me to play i make some excuses.

I dont want to face any more embarrassment. now i practice a game or 2 everyday and i have decided i'll challenge her again after about 10 days.

thats it.
Sorry if i posted in the wrong portal
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Old 04-Aug-13, 15:01
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Default Re: dominated in a game

"Sorry if i posted in the wrong portal "

Thanks for the story.
Its definite on topic. Its Male vs Female, its female domination.

She seems enjoy winning over you. Keep it up.
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Old 07-Aug-13, 18:04
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Default Re: dominated in a game

nice story, definitely posted at the right forum.

i'm not a good writer, but have to tell you what has really happened to me.

i used to be a champ chessplayer at highschool, but i had no female opponents.

three years after finishing highschool, my girlfriend & i went out for a vacation on a sunny Greece island.
there was a small beach you could only reach by foot.
you had to descent from a small steep footpath to get there.
so obviously it was taken by freaks from all nations.
actually it was a little nudist beach.

an american girl asked me to play a game with her & of course i agreed.
she was fully nude & so was i.
she had huge sunburned boobs, distracting me somehow but i managed to keep concentrated & won the game after a fair struggle.
she didn't play bad at all, but she thought a long time on every move.

what i didn't notice was that the sun had burned my fresh white ass.
i've been crawling for three nights in our little tent.

later we met her at that little restaurant, & she smiled when she watched me sitting on my blisters.
i still wonder who had actually won that game...

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Old 07-Aug-13, 18:33
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Default Re: dominated in a game

hi johnsethi, you may attend to the best engineering school but you're not so clever uh? didn't cross your mind that your girlfriend may be using another chess app to get the moves she makes on your board?....

try playing face to face where you can see she isn't cheating on you instead of online and tell us what happened
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Old 08-Aug-13, 19:18
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Default Re: dominated in a game

Man she is my girlfriend and i know her very well. She wouldn't cheat. I know this thats why i posted here.

And yeah u have a lame way of judging who is clever and who is not.
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Old 12-Oct-13, 23:46
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Default Re: dominated in a game

Yeah as you suggested "okokokokok" this time we decided for a face 2 face match. This is what happened.

About a week from the day i posted the details here, my Girlfriend asked for a match again , I told her honestly -
"I need some practice to face you. You are too good for me".

She laughed it off saying - "ok whatever. Whenever you are ready ."

So when we met in the college after our vacations we agreed for a f2f match. This would be the first time after around 50 days that we would play again.

To make it interesting she said that we should make a bet.
she offered for a slap bet (5 slaps). I refused saying there is no way i ll slap my girl friend.
Though after a long conversation we decided that if she wins she'll slap me 5 times but if i win then she'll complete all my college assignments for 2 months.

We found a empty classroom to play the match. It was 8 in the evening so there was no one around. Before the match she told me that she also did some practice the previous day. I lied to her that i practiced around 2 matches a week . In reality i guess i played at least 1 match a day .

This time i was quite confident. I had to win this anyhow after working so hard for it.But she seemed equally confident and was continuously mocking and teasing me for my previous defeats and kept saying - "Be ready for some really hard face slaps". I tried my best to not let this disturb my confidence though i was a little scared now.

I had already decided to execute some moves which i had learned in some tutorial videos. Both of us looked equally good in the beginning. After around half an hour I was 2 pawns down and a knight up. This was our longest match as there was no time count down for a move. Then after a brilliant set of moves she started to take control. I was really scared and it was evident on my face which gave her chance to crack a laugh at me. But somehow I was still holding on and managed to get back a little taking down her rook. She never gave a chance for me to go by the book to execute all the moves that i had learnt. It really was getting hard to understand her moves. I kept saying to myself "dont give up dont give up". I could see in her face that she was also feeling the pressure of the game. But
she kept her confidence high by her taunts or whatever u call them -
" Stop being so stubborn . I'll get you eventually".
And she was right. She constantly kept attacking. I was so busy defending that i couldnt make any attacking moves.
I started sweating and she could see on my face how scared i was.I had just given up. My eyes were getting wet. (which still didn't catch the pity of my girl friend . She enjoys being a bully) It just seemed impossible to win against her though i was still refusing to accept defeat, i could still try to draw the game. After 5 mins I just couldnt take it any more and i told her that " i give up". But she said u cant just give up like that and asked me to complete the game. I had lost all the interest in the game, just wanted to get done with it. After 10 mins she beat me. I tried my best to keep my tears in the eye.

But my sad face didnt change our bet. she seemed all ready and excited to slap the shit out of my face. She removed her jacket and flexed her muscles.I got a sinking feeling when i tried to imagine her slaps. She is slim but her arm muscles are pretty good for a girl. Her biceps would be around 11.5".

I was scared out of my wits.I asked her to please let it go.But its not easy to change her mind. She asked me to sit on my knees . She came near my face , flexed her biceps again and took her position. I closed my eyes waiting for her hands to strike my face. And there it was with a deafening sound. It hit me so hard that i lost my balance and fell on the ground holding my face with my hands as tightly as i can. Immediately after that my gf held my face. she knew she has striked really hard. But i pushed her and instantly grabbed her feet and begged and pleaded her to let go.I burst into tears. she held me and said " its ok its ok ". She sounded worried for the 1st time. She hugged me pretty tight and kissed me again and again repeatedly saying " I'm sorry , sorry darling ".

Though I faced a very bad defeat , but this all strengthened our bond. She was so caring after this. This game amplified the love between us. We both accepted that she was undoubtedly way better in chess and she refused to play chess again with me. And yeah i also got to know how strong she actually is phew... that slap.
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Old 07-Dec-22, 23:58
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Default Re: dominated in a game

I used to play a game with my ex girlfriend. The rules were simple, we’d both write forfeits on a number of blank cards, then we’d take turns picking a playing card from the top of a deck. Whoever had the lowest card had to take one of the forfeit cards from the others pile and do whatever was written on the card.

She would always produce the pack of playing cards and place them on the table, they were never shuffled. (I knew she had rigged the deck, and she knew I knew. But it hightened the excitement for us both by pretending I didn’t know).

I would always draw first then she would take her card, surprise, surprise, 99% of the time her card was the higher of the two, meaning I would have to pick up the top card from the forfeit pile and do whatever she had written.

The forfeits were things like:

laying down and letting her smother me under the damp crotch of her tight little knickers

reverse facesitting me as she pulled her knickers aside and had me lick her arse

licking her wet little pussy to orgasm

putting a pair of her dirty knickers in my mouth and having another pair pulled over my face

and even laying in the bath with my mouth open while she squatted over my face and pissed in my mouth, all of which I had to drink.

Her forfeits got ever more imaginative and dominant the more we played the game, we both loved it. On the rare occasion she arranged it so that my card was higher and she would have to do one of my forfeits, I nearly always wrote ‘suck my cock until in come in your mouth, then swallow my come’. But as she enjoyed sucking cock this was hardly much of a forfeit for her.

She would threaten to invite her sister or one of her girlfriends round to join in, the thought of that excited me wildly, sadly this never happened. But we played the game at least once a week until we broke up. I still get hard thinking of the fun we had back then.
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