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Old 03-Aug-13, 21:11
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Default dominated in a game

I dont know if this is a right place to post this. but still i m writing it here.
if its not supposed to be here please feel free to delete the post. and m sorry if i am doing something wrong.

this is not a wrestling domination. my girlfriend dominates me very badly in chess which is quite a shock for me because,well u'll figure that out once i start my story,.

here it is:
i belong to a very good engineering college in india (best). its considered to be a place for very intelligent individuals. my girlfriend is from the same college.

one day she asked me whether i would like to play a game of chess with her.
(ps. I am a very good chess player, represented my batch in all competitions and won a few medals as well (including a gold once) ). so i asked her- "are u sure? have u ever played before? ".
she said - "yeah i have played a few times. i know the rules" (she had not played a single game in last 8 years. And before that also she had hardly played).
I didnt say anything because i thought i'll easily defeat her and impress her even more .
so i said yes.
Note - This was during our holidays so we played online.

we played our first game. She didnt even know some of the rules. so I explained her everything.It lasted for a very long time to my shock. we were playing neck to neck. In the end she had to urgently go somewhere so we had to leave the game. after she left i tried to figure out what result would have been if we had completed it. And i figured that she would have easily won the game. I never told her this. i thought it was just a fluke

next day i was all pumped up and i challenged her to a match. She accepted it and said whatever happens she would not lose the match. i laughed.
now this match was the biggest shock for me. she started dominating me from the beginning. It was turning out to be the most one sided game I have ever played. i started sweating and shivering (literally) . I didnt know what to do. her moves were so brilliant that i was finding it impossible to figure out my next move. And ultimately I lost. I was so angry at myself. i couldnt believe what just happened. she was very happy.

after this i told her that she is definitely lying and she obviously plays the game regularly. She still refused. though i knew she wasn't lying but still i couldnt believe her because i had just lost a game from someone who doesnt even know the full rules.

Next day we played again and Yet again she started dominating from the beginning. Luckily for me the internet connection went down and i escaped from another embarrassing lose. After this we had a fight because i still refused to believe that she doesnt play chess. I started to hate myself and wondered whether i have forgotten how to play. So i Practiced with my other friend (he plays very well). I managed to beat him twice in 3 games.
so i knew there's nothing wrong in me.

Next day, after i have had sufficient practice, i asked her to play with me.
she wasnt in the mood to play. It took me 30 mins to convince her to play.
i played well in the beginning but after sometime i again started losing. I felt helpless. i felt like crying because there was nothing i could do. I was very sad. i messaged her (facebook chat) rather i begged her to let me win. But she laughed it off and destroyed me once again. I literally cried after that.
I was so angry at myself that i challenged her again instantly. And we played another game but the result was same. i was so scared.During the game i couldnt stop my tears again. i went to sleep crying. I didnt talk to her for 2 days without telling, didnt reply any of her texts without telling her the reason for my strange behaviour.

Later also i made some excuse but couldnt tell her the exact reason. I gave up the hope of ever defeating her in chess. It has been around 15 days that we have not played any game again. whenever she asks me to play i make some excuses.

I dont want to face any more embarrassment. now i practice a game or 2 everyday and i have decided i'll challenge her again after about 10 days.

thats it.
Sorry if i posted in the wrong portal
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