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Default Re: What is the hardest hold to get out of?

Originally Posted by InTheFlesh86 [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]

Just kidding.

Let's have a discussion about this actually, because the believability of this stuff has always been really crucial for me to find it enjoyable. Here are some questions/statements that I'd be curious to get your thoughts on:

1. How are you getting all these women to scissor you as part of an "experiment", including a personal trainer?!
2. How big/heavy/strong are you? Judging from your other posts, you seem to never lose to women in just about anything. Obviously a lot of what makes a scissor work depends on the strength/ability of the two parties involved.
3. How do you know these women were actually trying their hardest? In my experience, women seem very hesitant to go all out on this sort of thing. To this day my wife says she's never gone more than 80%
4. Did the woman capable of squatting 120kg have a short/stocky build?
5. How exactly are your experiments setup? I think there's a big difference between a "ready...set..go!" approach were you immediately start trying to escape as soon as she squeezes, versus allowing her to get up to full power for a couple seconds (including a hip thrust) before making your move.
6. Have these all been front scissors?
7. Have you tried rear headscissors? Those I think would make it harder for you to get to your feet.
8. Have you ever tried a side/throat scissor? I'm not even sure an experiment with a strong women would even be possible on that, as it seems to be capable to doing real damage to the neck almost instantly.
9. If you have time to use your legs to pry hers open, I'm inclined to believe either she isn't trying very hard, or isn't very strong. When my wife gets me in a front HS right around my neck, I'll black out in about 5 seconds if I don't do anything.
Firstly, I think its important to note that I'm not one of those guys you see on Grapplinggirls who say "oh women are weak, I can beat them, and then get their ass handed to them" I see things as they are.

1. I've only wrestled two partners, and the personal trainer I knew for years and when we got talking one day, funnily enough we both wanted something different and it was a matter of compromise in which I did things I wouldn't ordinarily do.

2. The closest person to me would be Manny Pacquiao, but probably less ripped than his competition shape. I do work out a fair bit. I'm not massive by any means but pound for pound good strength.

3. I do know what you are talking about and its why I can tell when videos are legit and not legit giving 100%. Firstly you can see in their face. Quite a number of ladies give away that they're not comfortable or scared to put on 100% despite reassurance. One of my partners was definitely giving everything she had on me. Two ladies I wrestled within a week of each other were giving 100%. I made sure they did. Most of the time you can do the build up and you just keep withstanding the pressure until you get them to pile it on. It also helped that three ladies I wrestled were very aggressive women. The personal trainer on the third time we wrestled increased her power by a huge amount and I could tell she was trying to get me to submit.

4. PT squatted 80kg, escort did 80KG, some lady who no longer works at stilletto in Sydney could squat 150KG and DL 160. She had very rounded legs and you could see they had power. She had an amazing figure. She seemed genuinely concerned that she would hurt me.

5. I usually start with a few holds to gauge their strength and build up to 100%. Then I try a few holds and tell them that my goal is to escape, and theirs is to keep me immobilized. That's when I try my methods to escape. Sometimes I do an escape challenge on those holds, sometimes I do a challenge where my task is to get to the other side of the room, and her task is to stop me. Something I have had success with, especially with Dommes is to offer her with an incentive to stop me getting to the other side within a time limit. Say you set the time limit to 2 minutes to get to the other side, if you fail, then the lady has 10 minutes to do whatever she wants with you. I don't usually go competitive because of risk of injury, but I do short stints of escape challenges instead. Those sessions where I have to get to the other side are the best because you can get the same satisfaction a lot safer as losing to a woman in a competitive match. Its just more grappling without the chokes and submission holds. I stole the ideas off Steve Austins challenge.

6. I can easily escape the front scissors and side, as long as I can stand up and push her hips forward. You never see scissor submissions in matches because they don't work. Figure 4 is a better option. A lot of escapes involve a knowledge of physics and biomechanics. For example, whenever I have my arms pinned wide out. I have more than enough strength to bring them in to my centre. I've never wrestled a female that I couldn't do this. Then I can start looking to a guillotine, or figure 4. However, being honest my skills are poor in the transition to submission holds. I know how to do them, just attack wise, I'm poor at the execution. This is why if I took on a pro female, I'd probably lose due to my inability to win a round.

7. I only do rear headscissors to get a different feel, or more power with particular ladies. As mentioned by other posters. These holds are virtually impossible to pull off in a match. I will try to do a session at some stage and see if I can find a way to escape it.

8. To me, I'm not that impressed by ko scissors. I mean, a thin female could easily knock you out in the right spot.

9. Haven't thought about that, however with the frotn scissor, and standing up. You need to act fast because if she thrusts her hips up, you may not be able to push them forward. Think about it logically. If you had someone in a front headscissor and they pushed your legs upwards toward your face. You're going to lose power.
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