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Default Into The Metaverse

Into The Metaverse

Part 1:

Colin raced back to his dorm room after another day of boring college classes, eager to get back to his virtual world.

VR technology had come a long way, with more and more parts of life going digital.

It was so overwhelming, with endless possibilities and things to do. The ability to do anything and go anywhere, without leaving home. You could live out any life or experience you wanted, in any environment or world you wanted, based on reality, or fantasy. The most important part, it also felt 100% real. Put on the VR headset for a ‘little while’, and hours of time could drift by with ease. With the ability to interact with others in this digital universe in a life like way, there was almost no point in doing much else with your free time. Video games were no longer limited to consoles, screens, or keyboards and remotes. It could all happen in your mind.

After scoffing down some food, Colin finally settled in, laying down on his bed before putting on and turning on his headset. Back into the Metaverse, he went.

He’d only gotten his headset days ago, not long enough to even scratch the surface of the potential of this new digital universe. He had mostly just been exploring some of the most popular things, not seeking out anything specific or creating anything of his own, yet. Many people simply liked to enter replicas of the real world, digitally living the lives of a celebrity, famous social media influencer, star pro athlete, etc. Other popular scenarios, were visiting the fantasy world of a popular movie, tv show, or book.

Last night, Colin had finally begun digging a little deeper into the online Metaverse world. He now returned to where he left off, having run out of time and needing to go to sleep last night. As he explored and browsed, he’d stumbled upon this subsection in the metaverse, called ‘Mixed Fighting’ with an 18+ restriction to enter. He wasn’t entirely sure what the ‘mixed’ part meant, but he was going to check it out and see what this specific virtual world was all about.

Ready to get right into it, he chose the most basic scenario mode. A 1v1, mixed wrestling match. He could choose any location he wanted, with or without an AI generated life like audience. This being his first time, he selected no audience. He didn’t need even virtual AI ‘people’ witnessing this. Eager to jump in, he selected one of the location options he saw the soonest. A beach.

Almost instantly, his virtual self reappeared in a fighting ring, on a quiet empty beach. The only sounds were the noise of the ocean waves. It was a perfect blue sunny sky, with a few scattered clouds. Not too hot, not too cold, with a small but nice breeze. It was ideal beach day weather. He was also in beach attire, his avatar only in swim trunks. He had dark brown hair, and stood 5’7.

Colin looked out to the gentle waves, and took a deep breath. Forget about any ‘fighting’, it was actually quite peaceful and relaxing here. Minus the ring, he could spend a little time here just chilling.

It was supposed to be some sort of wrestling match though, right? Looking around, he was the only one in sight. How could you fight if-“

Just as he began to wonder what was going on, with a brief white glow in the shape of a body, a girl appeared in the ring with him……….and she was pretty cute. She wore a light green thong bikini, with lengthy light brown hair flowing over her shoulders and down her upper back. An ample but not overly large chest, a slim mid section and flat stomach that lead to a not overly large but full and well rounded butt.

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“A-are you real? I mean, a person?” Colin hesitantly asked her. He wasn’t quite sure if you were meant to be fighting other people, or AI opponents here, not that you could tell much difference.

“Um, I’m pretty sure I’m real.” She giggled.

“Oh, sorry.” He sheepishly apologized. I wasn’t sure if-, I kinda just jumped in.” He admitted.

“That’s okay, you could’ve had an AI opponent if you wanted too, you’re stuck with me now though.” She laughed.

“Being ‘stuck with you’’ doesn’t seem so bad.” He grinned. Her friendliness was quite disarming, and easy to get comfortable with.

“I’d hope not!” She playfully replied. “Ooooh, wait, am I your first match?” She asked.

“Yep.” He honestly replied. “You’re not some pro that’s gonna destroy me, are you?” He joked.

“Oh don’t worry” she laughed, “I’ve only done a few matches so far, so I’m not thaaaaat good, yet. I think I’m ready to have my way with a first timer though.” She confidently teased.

“We’ll see about that. A few matches isn’t much.” He teased back. On the inside, he figured he probably wasn’t going to win his first match, but he wasn’t going to show it.

“Oh, and I’m Colin.”

“Avery.” She replied with a smile. “The beach, nice choice.” She commented, looking around at their surroundings. “So, you ready?”

“I think so.” He replied.

As they finally began their match, he felt a strange feeling suddenly come over him. Avery was attractive and really cute before, but now even more so, and he couldn’t explain it. It was hard to take his eyes off of her. That face, her cleavage in the green bikini top, her hips and legs. He was fine before, but he was suddenly starting to lose control, a rapid hardening beginning in his shorts.

Seeing a little confusion on his face as his focus dwindled and his mind was clouded by arousal and lust, Avery smirked. “What? You know you had perks enabled, right?”

“P-perks?” A confused and quite distracted Colin asked, as he ogled her.

“They’re are things you can choose from for the match, like boosts I guess. You can choose one. You didn’t choose any? Did you just totally rush through it?” She laughed.

“Yeah……pretty much.” He admitted, a bit embarrassed.

“Nice.” She teased. “Well, the one I picked does that, apparently. It does seem a little unfair, oh well.”

As Avery slowly stalked closer, Colin’s hard-on throbbed. He anxiously shifted his feet, his breathing growing slightly deeper and feeling like he was going to sweat. She was so beautiful, it was almost impossible to focus on fighting and defeating her. He was so helplessly aroused that their was no way he was planning out any sort of strategy.

“Something wrong? You look a little distracted.”Avery grinned, almost within arms reach now.

Colin could barely think in order to come up with a timely response, his eyes going from her eyes and pretty smile to her chest. As his eyes lingered on her breasts, Avery finally made the first move, lunging into him as she grabbed him and dragged him to the white fighting ring canvas, onto his back.

It typically would’ve been much more difficult for Avery to power him off of his feet, but in his heightened state of arousal he wasn’t feeling his usual strength, and nor was he at all braced for her attack.

The sudden impact of their bodies colliding and falling to the canvas snapped him out of it, as even though Avery reacted slightly faster after their fall to the mat, Colin managed to roll from his back and force her over onto her back with a burst of strength before she could fully get on top to begin pinning him.

Down at her hips he tried to swing a leg over her body to mount her, but Avery denied it for now, catching his one leg between hers.

“You got the first move, and I already almost……got you.” Colin said as they both struggled, at a bit of an awkward stalemate now with his leg tightly caught by hers. If he could slip his leg free and finish taking top control, he thought he had a chance to take control of this match.

Then, Avery remembered her advantage. Adjusting herself, she now began to grind the thigh that was between his legs into his already stiff package. A huge wave of pleasure washed over him as he suddenly felt her leg sensually grinding against his crotch. It felt so good, probably better then it should’ve through the swim shorts. It was paralyzing, he didn’t want it to stop.

“Something feel good down there?” Avery teased, fully aware of the effect she was having on him.

“Yes……don’t stop.” Colin gasped breathlessly, lost in pleasure.

Unfortunately, as fun as it was, it was time to move on. Avery let go of his leg, quickly sat herself up and gently pushed an unresisting Colin, still frozen by the intense pleasure, over onto his back.

“Just let me take care of you.” Avery softly cooed, climbing on top of him and stretching her body out over his.

“N-no-“ Colin tried to say, trying to resist the arousal overload as his will to fight was fading away.

Avery cut him off, leaning her face down and silencing him with a kiss just as his body moved to begin struggling against her. Colin melted in the sensual kiss, immediately going still and limp beneath her once again. He gave a soft small moan as he embraced her deep kiss, his hard-on strained against his swim trunks. His strength was melting away.

After a few more intimate seconds, Avery broke off the kiss as they both took deep breathes. “If you liked that, I think you’ll really like this.” Avery teased a spaced out Colin, sliding herself up so her chest was over his face.

Colin knew he needed to roll them over and get out of this position, and she wasn’t even expecting it. It’d be so easy to turn the tables right now, but as he stared into her cleavage, he couldn’t bring himself to do it. Part of him didn’t want to escape this.

“I know that’s probably a really nice view, but I know you wanna get closer then that.” Said Avery, hugging his face into her breasts.

Colin continued to lay still and let it happen, relaxing in the soft warmth of her chest. He couldn’t breathe, but that wasn’t a problem yet. Part of him knew he needed to start fighting his way out of it, but he really didn’t want to break the smothering embrace.

Avery just smiled to herself as she controlled his breathing with ease, knowing every moment he spent with his mouth and nose sealed by her boobs, brought her closer to victory.

“Enjoying yourself in there?” Avery giggled, still feeling no resistance. That ‘perk’ truly was overpowered, she was getting to peacefully smother the life out of him with her tits and he wasn’t doing a thing about it.

Colin let out a content little “mmmph” into her chest. His will to fight was completely gone at the moment, as he lingered face first in her cleavage for as long as he could.

As his air began to run out, instinct kicked in and he was finally forced into action. With a bit of a struggle, he was able to roll them over, ending up on top and prying his head free from her breasts to gasp in air.

He was free! He had a chance, he was still in thi-………as he slipped back under her ‘spell’, staring down at her cleavage. His hard-on gave a throb as he imagined burying his face back into her soft orbs of flesh.

“Really, you still haven’t had enough? Fine, just a little more.” Avery playfully acted like it was a chore, but she was more then happy to resume smothering him and further sap his strength and energy.

Colin didn’t even think of escaping as he was gently pulled him back into her cleavage, Avery taking care to make sure his mouth and nose were sealed. In this moment, his warm pillowy prison was exactly where he wanted to be. Thoughts of the match and not wanting to lose crossed his mind, but he just couldn’t bring himself to try and break her cushiony hug of his head. Avery’s chest didn’t allow for an overwhelming, dominant smother, but her breast smothering capability was just right.

This time, Avery didn’t hold it until he was forced to go all out to try and break her grip, in order to avoid suffocating. She waited just long enough to push his limits, releasing his face from her breasts just as he started to squirm and make muffled sounds into her.

“Okay, I think that’s enough for you for now.” Avery said with a teasing smile, as a red faced Colin breathed deeply. It was quite obvious he had enjoyed his time in her smother hold.

Okay, he had his fun for a bit, giving into the overwhelming arousal and allowing Avery to give him a face full of her bikini top covered breasts, but now it was time to fight it and win this ma-

As Colin tried to force himself to refocus and finally control his intense distracting urges, Avery had slid herself backwards so his head and neck were at her hips, tightened her thighs around his neck, and started to squeeze.

Avery had thought of giving him a joking friendly “hellooo? Colin? You there?” before securing the front headscissor, but caught herself and decided it’d be best to advantage of her zoned out and mentally distracted looking opponent while she could.

As Colin quickly grabbed her legs to try and pry apart the headscissor, he froze once again, fully taking note of his new position. His face was now right next to her other more intimate area with his chin pressed snugly against her crotch, covered only by her green thong bikini bottom. He could feel the warmth against his neck.

Rather then desperately pulling at her flexing legs as originally intended, Colin instead found himself submissively caressing the smooth soft thighs around his neck. Like her breast smother, Avery’s squeezing power wasn’t overwhelming, but it was effective enough.

“I thought you’d try to break out, but if you’d rather give me a massage, that works too!” Avery teased.

Colin was more mentally conflicted now then he’d been throughout the breast smothering. He knew if he was ever going to quickly turn the tables on her and takeover the match, the time was now…….assuming he was still capable of it. At the same time, he found himself still not really wanting to escape from her clutches. Her perfect thighs around his head, her crotch against his chin and neck……..a small part of him almost wanted to grind against the canvas as his groin remained pressed against it.

Avery was content to let the silence fall as Colin went back and forth in his own head, in an indecisive battle that made little progress towards action against her. If she could just quietly lay and squeeze her way to victory, she’d take it.

Soon her scissor took its toll as Colin grew weak and woozy, mostly just resting his hands on her warm thighs now.

“Ready to tap out yet?” Avery smirked, relaxing her legs.

Colin hesitated for a moment, questioning if he wanted to surrender yet. Maybe he could try-, no, even if he could focus himself long enough, his time between Avery’s boobs and thighs had already drained a lot of his strength. It was time to concede. He didn’t need to feel too bad about it, it was his very first time. He knew very little and wasn’t at all prepared to also be fighting off an overwhelming mind fogging level of arousal the entire time.

“Alright……you win, I’m done.” Colin finally replied, tapping out on her thigh.

Almost instantly after his tap, a loud announcement came, as if out of thin air. “Avery Wins, Via Headscissor!”. To his relief, the uncontrollable lust and arousal that had consumed him from the start, also vanished.

“Yes! Time for my victory pose!” She shouted happily, releasing him from her legs and getting to her knees.

“Victory pose?” Colin asked, already finding himself being gently pushed over onto his back by Avery. Avery was so eager to get to it that his words apparently didn’t register, as she positioned herself over his face with no response.

“Ready Colin?” Avery laughed. Colin now found himself staring up at her bubble butt and hips. The green bikini she wore didn’t leave much to the imagination, leaving practically all of her cheeks visible.

Now fully back to his usual self, he felt a little awkwardness and embarrassment at the idea of her sitting on his face…….at least that’s what he was assuming she was getting at. “Um……are you sure you have to do this part?” He sheepishly asked.

“Well…….no. It’s not part of our match, I don’t HAVE too………but. It’s fun………and I want too!” She joyfully exclaimed, lowering herself down.

“Ave-ummhphh” Colin was cut off as her ass settled onto his face.

“Oh what was that? Were you saying something?” Avery playfully mocked.

“Gmmmffff-“ He complained, starting to struggle beneath her. This wasn’t like during the match. Now, out of embarrassment, he didn’t really want to be trapped under Avery’s ass.

“Oh just relax, you know it’s not that bad. All I want is a minute!” Avery told him, grabbing his arms with her’s.

Colin still wasn’t on board, continuing to desperately squirm beneath her and try to pull his weakened arms free from her grasp. “Ummmph!” He continued to uselessly protest into her cheeks.

“The sooner you let me enjoy my moment, the faster I get off of you!“ Avery laughed to him in a playful singsong voice.

After a few more seconds of futile squirming, Colin finally accepted his position and went still beneath her. Throughout his brief resistance, his face had remained wedged in her ass. She was going to have her reverse facesit victory pose, if he liked it or not. His choices were simply to prolong it, or play along.

Since he had already burned through most of his air fighting it, Avery briefly lifted her hips slightly upwards, allowing him to take in much needed air to endure her little celebration.

“That’s better.” She commented on his now relaxed state. “I’ll be off of you before you know it!” She playfully assured, sitting back down.

Now that he had accepted his fate, no longer fighting it and instead patiently waiting until she was satisfied, it actually wasn’t so bad after all, just as she told him. Now that the initial embarrassment was out of the way.

Avery sat on him enjoying her winning position, pleased with herself. She gave a playful flex of her arms, not that there was anyone to flex to, or much to show off, but she amused herself.

After a few moments, as promised, the soft cheeks that pressed down against his cheeks, lifted from his face.

“So, was having me on your face so horrible?” Avery joked.

“No……it wasn’t so bad.” Colin replied after a second, a hint of a grin coming to his face.

“Oh and Colin……..I’m pretty sure that effect ended once you tapped out.” Avery laughed, noticing the bulge in his shorts.

Without having to see, he immediately became conscious of what she was referencing. His face flushed as he searched for words to relieve the awkwardness, but thankfully, Avery moved on.

She slowly rolled off of him, and joined him laying flat on her back, the two of them now side by side on the ring canvas. “So, I had fun.” Avery spoke first.

“Me too.” Colin commented. “But, I’ll definitely have to be more careful next time before rushing in.”

“You better. Not every girl would’ve been as nice as I was.” Avery replied, making them both give small laughs. “So, you wanna play again sometime? Maybe we could even find something to do together, instead of just against each other again?” She asked hopefully.

“Um, sure……that sounds great, if you’re up for it.” He replied, trying to play it cool. “I’ll add you. I’m sure there’ll be something like that.”

“It’s a date.” Avery happily replied with a warm smile.

After a moment of quiet, Colin asked “So, there’s no ‘end’, you just stay in the environment afterwards for as long as you want?”

“I think so. Not that I’ve stuck around very long after a match yet to find out.” She answered.

“Welp, while we’re here……..we might as well take advantage, right? When do you get a beach like this all to yourself, in perfect weather?” He joked.

The waters were a calm, clear, light blue. It was a tropical paradise.

“Mmmm……..that sounds right to me.” She grinned. “Let’s go for a swim!”

End Of Part 1.

-Finally back with something new, probably my most creative and original project yet. I think a few writers here have messed with the VR fantasy type theme in the past, but I don’t believe there’s anyone who’s really tried to do more with it then a normal one and done story, so the plan for this is to be a series. Let’s see if I hit something mostly untapped, or if it’s a bad idea.

- Starting off with a pretty low intensity, light, softer dynamic in part 1. This story will take a wider view of this story world, meaning it won’t exclusively follow Colin and Avery from here. There will be some different characters, scenarios, etc.

-Feel free to share any suggestions, ideas, fictional characters, etc, that you’d like to see. The possibilities with this story are pretty endless and open. I’ve avoided using actual people (celebrities, famous influencers, etc) since my very first story, using only OC’s since, but I may do some of that here.

- Redlands Update:
Something new should be coming soon.
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Default Re: Into The Metaverse

This was really great, a very interesting concept that I hope is sometime reality for sure
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Default Re: Into The Metaverse

Well now I guess I need to invest every cent I earn into virtual reality. Sounds like a perfect investment to me.

I really liked the premise, your characters, the action and the setting. The fact that Avery and Colin didn't hate each other and that the gorgeous girl actually enjoyed her wrestling experience made it even better. I'm glad you decided to turn your writing talents to "messing around with VR".

I'm really looking forward to where this might go. Thank you for writing it for us, mate.
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Default Re: Into The Metaverse

It's a shame this story got so little attention. I absolutely love the setting, and I was hoping so much you'd follow up with something. Amazing!!
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Default Re: Into The Metaverse

Originally Posted by Bugmenot21 [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
It's a shame this story got so little attention. I absolutely love the setting, and I was hoping so much you'd follow up with something. Amazing!!
27 ‘thanks’, so I’d say it got enough attention. The lack of any updates on this one isn’t about how it performed, I just keep coming up with new ideas, and get really invested in an idea then end up losing interest and moving on to something else.

Glad you enjoyed it. I won’t ever say this story is dead just because of all the possibilities there are for what I could do next with it, but I’m not currently working on it or anything.
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Default Re: Into The Metaverse

That's a shame. Would love to see part 2!!
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Default Re: Into The Metaverse

Originally Posted by Josh42 [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
27 ‘thanks’, so I’d say it got enough attention. The lack of any updates on this one isn’t about how it performed, I just keep coming up with new ideas, and get really invested in an idea then end up losing interest and moving on to something else.

Glad you enjoyed it. I won’t ever say this story is dead just because of all the possibilities there are for what I could do next with it, but I’m not currently working on it or anything.
Lol, the same thing happens to me! It's tough writing these, makes me respect every story I read a lot more!
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domination, facesit, fantasy story, female domaination, foot domination, headscissor, mixed wresting

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