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Default Re: Redlands College Fight Season

Another great installment
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Default Re: Redlands College Fight Season

I know why Alexa didn’t help Max but it’s interesting that she didn’t and Skylar did.

Although Max is probably wishing she didn’t if he’s going to get eliminated like this anyway.
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Default Re: Redlands College Fight Season

Really excited to see what’s going on with Karly’s phone, honestly so many directions it could take. Great cliffhanger even though it’s going to be killing me till next installment!
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Default Re: Redlands College Fight Season

Part 43: Battle Royale 3/3

“Now…..listen.” Kelsey grunted, pressing her overwhelming tits down into Travis’s face.

Grapevining his legs and securing a breast smother, she was finally at a point where she could give part of her focus to speaking, and Travis was at a point where he had little else he could do other than hear out what she had to say.

(Kelsey: [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] )

“Mmph” Travis replied, smothered by Kelsey’s voluptuous chest. He could hardly move, and certainly couldn’t breathe.

“I didn’t realize how far things would go with Emma.” Kelsey began. “I thought I was helping Mel win her match, us win the tournament, and that would be the end of it.”

Travis’s futile struggles against her paused as Kelsey’s expression of remorse even while in control, caught him off guard. He’d safely assumed that she didn’t care at all.

“I know it doesn’t help much now, but…….I’m sorry for that.” Kelsey finished.

Travis laid still beneath her, mind spinning. She wasn’t apologizing for the successful attempt at cheating itself, which may have still left some people unsatisfied, but after all this time, he didn’t care all that much about that. It was the impact it had on Emma, that really still mattered to him. Naturally, part of him wanted to write off the unexpected, very late apology, but it seemed genuine.

After all, though it wasn’t right for her to have played her role in it that enabled it to happen, she really couldn’t have known that it’d turn out quite how it did. The real blame for that part, the part he truly still cared about, belonged to Melissa.

He quickly found his personal motivation to fight and defeat her, fading. What suddenly became very real, though, was his need to breathe, as he wasted most of his window to escape lost in his own head.

Travis began to struggle against her body again, now with a desperation, though he was well locked down at this point.

“No one escapes these girls.” Kelsey teased, returning to her usual playful demeanor as he tried to twist his head, looking for even a sliver of air.

Though she hadn’t let up on the smother to give him a chance to respond, nor had he tried to communicate anything from within her cleavage, there was a bit of a silent understanding between them from his reaction alone, that their ‘issue’ was settled.

Travis groaned into her breasts, his lungs starting to burn. Even when he managed a small movement of his head, his face was just met with more suffocating boob.

He was glad Emma wasn’t present tonight, now, watching from the crowd as he was subdued beneath Kelsey’s tits.

Kelsey shifted a little, letting out a giggle as she got poked by his hard-on. “I guess that means you forgive me.”

“Mmmph….” Travis weakly replied.

“Falling asleep in there?” Kelsey asked with a smile.

Not wanting to be knocked out, Travis lightly tapped his hand against the mat.

Kelsey released the breast smother, and sat up on his chest. As she opened her mouth to speak, a muscled arm swiftly slid under chin and wrapped around her neck. Her attacker’s other arm immediately secured the rear naked choke.

Kelsey’s eyes went wide in shock as Alice pulled upwards with the choke, choking her with both the pressure of her arms, and gravity.

(Alice: [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] )

It took a red faced, disheveled Travis a moment to realize what was happening, and he was stunned at what he was seeing as well.

Kelsey’s eyes bulged as she frantically grabbed at her attacker’s strong arms, unable to tell which wrestler the pair of arms belonged too. Not that it mattered exactly who was choking her, in the current moment.

Alice let a grunt as she roughly wrenched Kelsey’s head and neck further upwards, as if trying to lift her body up by the head.

A gurgling, panicked Kelsey began to rapidly but lightly slap Alice’s flexed arm with one hand to signal her submission.

Alice immediately released the choke, letting a gasping Kelsey collapse onto an already beaten Travis.

It had gone just as she’d imagined it. Once Travis submitted, she’d pounced and cleanly took Kelsey right out before she knew what hit her. Though she would’ve much rather been helping Rachel and Blake deal with Raven, the small wait had paid off.

Victorious, Alice looked to Brooke and Olivia, the two girls still in the mist of a sloppy drawn out grapple on the mat.

The one who would finally come out on top in that matchup, had a similar surprise waiting for them.

“Ummhh.” Skylar groaned, voice well muffled.

(Skylar: [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] )

She was currently being absolutely flattened beneath the combined weights of both Ashley and Sofia. Ashley was perched atop her face, which was wedged deep between her butt cheeks as promised, while Sofia sat right in front of Ashley, face to face with her, her ass planted high on Skylar’s chest. Breathing was impossible. All she could do was weakly flail her legs, upper half nailed to the mat beneath the duo.

(Ashley: [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] )

(Sofia: [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] )

Max had been eliminated, Skylar failing to break free of Sofia’s clutches.

“Happy now? You got it all to yourself again.” Ashley taunted, wiggling on Skylar’s face.

“She did settle down pretty fast once you crammed her face in there, guess she really was jealous.” Sofia teased, cracking up in laughter.

Even in her flattened, weakened state, running out of air, the two girls continued line of silly, dumb teasing that ‘she wanted it’ was starting to get on her nerves. She may have actually responded to it now, if any words she tried to get out wouldn’t just be swallowed up by ass.

Unable to take any more of the crushing suffocation, Skylar tapped out on Ashley’s hip.

“You sure you want out already? You were so desperate to get in.” Ashley laughed.

“I mean, she’s gotta be out of air by now, Ash.” Said Sofia. “She enjoyed it as long as she could.”

“Welp, guess that’s all you get for now……should hold you over till next time!” Ashley smirked, peeling her ass up off of Skylar’s face.

It was hard to describe the relief Skylar suddenly felt as Ashley and Sofia got off of her, both from all the weight lifting off her body, and regaining the ability to breathe.

Ashley and Sofia moved right on, but she was going to need a minute after all that, before she could drag herself over to join Max on the bench.

In the meantime, hopefully no one would step on or trip over her.

Trinity casually scrolled through Karly’s phone. It was a somewhat disappointing, but not surprising result.

There was no juicy revelation to be gained from the opportunistic snooping. No dramatic discovery that the kind, innocent, shy seeming girl that Karly appeared to be, was a wild party girl in her free time, making and selling sexual content on the down low, or mocking and shit talking every wrestler she interacted with, behind their backs.

Karly truly was as boring as Trinity took her to be. Oh well.

All Trinity had found that was of any potential use to her, was a few texts where Karly had lightly vented to friends about how she’d been treated in a few instances, one regarding how Melissa had threatened to smash her phone during the tournament. In truth, the texts made the wrestler look bad far more than it made Karly look bad.

Still, Trinity quickly snapped pictures of them with her own phone, before putting Karly’s phone back to the screen it was on, and then back to where it was on the table.

About 15 seconds later, Karly returned, not appearing all that eager to do so, despite trying to fake it.

“Karla! Was worried you got lost in the halls on the way back.” Trinity teased her.

Karly forced out a laugh, before sitting back beside her. “Why’s our stream cam off?” Karly asked, a bit confused.

“Oh, I figured I might as well take a little break too while you were gone.” Trinity told her. I can’t do this without you!” She smiled.

“The livestream’s been sitting abandoned since I walked away?!” Karly questioned. If she’d known this, she wouldn’t have left in the first place.

“Karla. Relax.” Trinity laughed with a dismissive wave of her hand. “It’s not a big deal, it wasn’t that long. They can survive without me for a bit.”

Karly wasn’t happy about it, and did notice how she said ‘me’ rather than ‘us’, but she replied with a small, passive “Yeah, I guess so.” before sitting back down with her.

“Get her to my…..legs.” Alexa said in a straining voice, trying to catch Hayley’s head and neck between her deadly thighs. If she could get a headscissor on Hayley, they’d be good.

(Alexa: [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] )

(Hayley: [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] )

Alexa was on her back, legs trying to find Hayley’s neck, who was on her hands and knees, with Addison partially beside and behind Hayley’s body, struggling to restrain and control her with the ultimate goal of presenting her neck to Alexa on a silver platter.

(Addison: [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] )

Luckily, they had noticed Hayley bounding towards them after she’d broken off from Bryce and the group. They had both immediately decided with nothing more than a brief look into each others eyes, and a mirrored nod of their heads, that they were going to put their own fight aside and take on the larger, strong volleyball player together. Alexa had been putting up a much better effort than anyone other than Clara had, against Addison, but Addison had been taking control when they were interrupted.

Hayley’s only wrestling ‘experience’ so far, being against her much smaller non wrestler roommate, Drew, left her having all the physical ability to dominate but not quite there on the mental side yet. She’d never been challenged yet, and had become a bit too overconfident and carefree. With Drew, she could always afford to be. With Addison and Alexa? Not so much.

She hadn’t considered that they’d notice her before it was already too late, and stop their wrestling to team up against her with no hesitation. Unlike Alice, she didn’t get to surprise her opponents.

As they struggled against Hayley, someone else jumped in, the extra bit of strength being enough to overpower Hayley and force her into an Alexa headscissor.

Alexa and Addison looked up to find that it was Lucy coming to their aid. “Lucy? What happened?” Addison asked, surprised to see her so soon.

(Lucy, Right side: [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]

“Ugh.” Lucy groaned. “You were right. Should’ve stuck with you from the start.” She reluctantly admitted.

Alexa had no idea what they were talking about, but she was busy squeezing Hayley’s neck with as much power as her legs could muster.

She was taking no chances.

“Shouldn’t we help them?” Hannah suggested from beside Bryce, seeing not only Hayley caught deep in an Alexa headscissor, on the brink of submission and in a 4 on 1 situation with Harper having joined them, but also Nolan pinned flat on his back beneath a much heavier Colleen. His arms were trapped over his head by her thick thighs as she sat with her crotch on his face, smothering him.

(Hannah: [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] )

Glancing over to Hayley, Bryce remarked “Too far gone.”

With the best they could do now being to make a 4 on 1 a 4 v 3, Hannah couldn’t really disagree.

Looking to Nolan, Bryce said “Really?” with a sigh. “How does he go and get himself stuck like that?” Bryce questioned with a shake of his head.

“…….You did push him to fight her.” Hannah told him with hesitation.

“Guess he can’t just run up and kick her, can he? Oh well.” Bryce muttered in response, Hannah taking it as him declining to interfere.

A moment later, Hayley tapped out on Alexa’s thigh.

“Needed a……4 on 1, huh?” Hayley teasingly gasped out as she slowly got up, though Harper hadn’t really done anything, just standing next to them ready to help if needed. Even Lucy hardly got to do anything after her initial assistance.

Harper didn’t care enough to attack Lucy for bailing on them, she was just there to team up with Alexa. In her mind, Lucy hadn’t really changed the outcome of her attack on Melissa, anyway.

“I wasn’t expecting them.” Alexa shrugged in response to Hayley.

“You did try to cut into our match and jump us out of nowhere.” Said Addison.

“Mmm, fair.” Hayley replied, walking off. She didn’t seem to be too bothered by her defeat.

Having a moment to stop and breathe, Alexa cheerfully greeted Harper “Hey, where have you been?!”

“Too late to join you?” Harper dryly asked.

(Harper, Right Side: [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] )

“Just in time, actually.” Alexa laughed. “Let’s win this!”

Just then, Alexa had to spring up to her feet, as Summer and a pissed off Melissa were rushing towards them. Harper had expected they weren’t done yet , and was glad to have Alexa at her side for this round.

Lucy and Addison looked to each other, deciding whether they should stick with Alexa against Melissa and Summer or split off on their own as they originally would have. Their dilemma quickly received an answer of sorts, though, as Bryce and Hannah were stepping towards them.

“Keep Alexa out of the way.” Melissa growled to Summer as they reached them.

(Melissa, Left Side: [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] )

(Summer: [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] )

Melissa hadn’t come after Harper for a tame grapple, but for revenge. Anger in her eyes, her first move was to punch Harper right in her cheek. Harper ate the initial blow to her face well enough, responding with a hard punch of her own that caught Melissa in the nose.

Before another strike could be exchanged, the referee’s whistle blew, momentarily pausing everyone.

The referee at her side, Karly announced “Melissa and Harper are disqualified……They’re out!” There was some uncertainty in Karly’s voice, like she was surprised to be making that sort of announcement.

There was a mixed reaction from the crowd as all eyes fell upon Melissa and Harper, some pleased to see them finally caught and the rules enforced on them, and some disappointed to not get to see them swing it out.

“What the fuck?!” Melissa roared, as if she’d done nothing wrong.

The same anger was all over Harper’s face as well, until she realized how even more pissed off this made Melissa. She’d gotten some good shots in, including the last one, and still sort of took her down by getting her disqualified. It sucked to be taken out of the match when she had a chance to win it with Alexa, but she was quickly able to make peace with it.

A slight smirk coming to her face, Harper shrugged and began walking over to sit down.

Alexa just watched her go, as she stood next to Summer, who was also left speechless by what had just happened. They hadn’t even touched each other yet, caught up in the awkwardness of running into each other this way, expected to fight.

To top it off, Melissa felt a trickle of blood from her nose as a result of Harper’s punch. Having no choice, she growled as she stomped off towards the bench.

The action around them having resumed, Alexa tried to lighten the mood by moving on and teasing Summer “Good luck trying to tickle your way out of my thighs.”

Summer smiled. With Melissa and Harper out of the picture, there was no pressure. “How about we team up instead?” Summer lightly suggested.

“That works.” Alexa smiled.

They looked around, to find Colleen getting up off Nolan, who had tapped out to her facesit. Before they could even consider it, Ashley and Sofia were already there, having found another wrestler who was probably beyond them 1 on 1, to double team.

They could help Lucy and Addison, who were just locking up with Hannah and Bryce.

Their attention turned to Alice, the only ‘free’ wrestler, who was still waiting out Olivia Vs Brooke. Blake and Rachel were still struggling with Raven, down on the mat.

Alice it was.

“You handle Addison.” Bryce told Hannah.

Hannah turned towards him, unable to believe what she’d just heard. “You want…….me to fight Addison?” She asked with a nervous tone.

“Yup. Go get her, I know you can take her.” Bryce encouraged.

“But-“ A shocked Hannah began.

“I’m kidding!” Bryce laughed. “The look on your face. Just keep Lucy off of me.” He told her.

“Oh…..okay.” A relieved Hannah replied. She probably should’ve known, but wasn’t entirely sure after he encouraged Nolan to fight Colleen.

“Addison! Leash girl, right? You were the talk of the school for a bit.” Bryce cheerfully greeted her as Hannah faced off with Lucy. He didn’t know any details, not having cared about the school’s ’wrestling scene’ back then, but he’d heard of her during that time.

“Yeah…..that was me.” Addison answered.

“Hope you didn’t bother bringing one tonight.” He joked, as they locked up.

Addison kind of expected to just overpower him in a straight up battle of strength, even if slowly and with a delay, as she did with basically everyone she wrestled. Clara was packed with muscle, but her small size gave the clear edge to Addison. Bryce was taller than her, with plenty of muscle of his own.

She soon found herself pushing against him with her full strength, and his body wasn’t giving, though he was definitely having to make an effort. With each second, Addison expected that he’d finally start to break against her, but the moment where she’d start to overcome him wasn’t arriving.

A little surprise showed in her face.

“What’s wrong, too used to just throwing around people smaller and weaker than you?” Bryce teased her, though with a little strain of effort in his voice.

His little taunt fired her up, allowing her to find an extra bit of strength. The force against her increased as well, Bryce responding with his full strength.

He slowly began to overpower her.

The surprise on Addison’s face grew. She hadn’t experienced this before…….losing a pure battle of strength on the mats. Clara had proved a good challenge for her in strength, but had ultimately won due to her other strengths that Addison herself lacked. Here, Bryce was just starting to beat her at her own game.

And she had no answer for it.

Alice was still reeling from suddenly being rushed by a pair of opponents.

She squirmed in Alexa’s guard as her tanned legs clamped down even tighter around her sides, the pressure increasing. Summer mouthed something to Alexa, and Alexa replied with a slight subtle nod.

At once, Alexa reached up for Alice’s head, and Summer shoved her shoulders down. Caught off guard, Alice was forced downwards face first into Alexa’s pillowy breasts, with their combined push and pull.

“Mmph!” Alice cried out as Alexa sealed her mouth and nose into her cleavage.

To their surprise and slight confusion, Alice immediately began to flail against them, with constant muffled sounds into Alexa’s chest, as if already desperate for air after the first 2 seconds.

That’s not a reaction they’d gotten or seen before.

“Ummphrrummph!” Alice shouted, like she was trying to get one of her teammates attention.

With her strong upper body, Alice may have been able to break the smother if she’d stayed calm, but any sort of strategy and thought had quickly gone out the window as she flew right into an oxygen wasting panic

About 5 seconds of frenzied struggling later, with no help coming, Alice frantically tapped out on Alexa’s arm. Summer immediately got off of her back, and Alexa released her head. Alexa hadn’t gotten to tease her once, thrown off by the unusual reaction.

A wide eyed Alice pushed herself off of Alexa as quickly as she could, gasping in air, part of the panic still visible on her face.

“Um…..are you okay?” Summer asked.

Alice looked back at her, feeling somewhat embarrassed with how she’d handled it, now that she could breathe and was coming down from the panic.

Alice nodded ‘yes’ before quickly walking off to go and sit down, with an anxious demeanor like everyone was watching her.

As she and Alexa looked at each other, Summer said “She’s new right? I guess she hasn’t been smothered before?”

“Probably was her first.” Alexa agreed.

Now they turned their attention to Rachel, Blake, and Raven. “Should we…..help her?” Alexa questioned.

Raven had put up a very tough fight, but finally seemed to be nearing the end.

“She’d definitely help us with the others……but once we get that far we’ll have to fight her.” Summer replied.

“So, rather fight them later?” Asked Alexa.

“Yeah. I think so.” Said Summer. Alexa silently agreed.

Though they’d have a 2 on 1 advantage, they’d both gotten to see for themselves what Raven could do, during the tournament. They’d roll the dice on a pair of unknown newcomers, instead.

Addison pulled at the toned arm against her throat. She felt a bit stupid now, but she’d started to panic a bit once their fight had gone to the mat, Bryce slowly overwhelming her in strength. As a result, she’d left herself open to the chokehold she was currently stuck in, and had paid for it.

She already felt defeated at this point. If he was better at the one thing that had allowed her to dominate just about every match so far, what could she do?

She probably could’ve held out and fought a little longer, but instead, she just tapped out.

Bryce let her go, and got back to his feet, offering her a hand up. A red faced Addison appreciatively accepted.

“I hope you know that was just……messing around, trash talk. If it wasn’t for you, this wrestling thing might’ve not even been worth the time!” Bryce grinned.

“No, I get it. I’m kind of the same way. Once the match ends, we’re done. It’s not personal.” Addison replied. Though they weren’t quite the same on the mat, she could appreciate another person who was ‘in their zone’ for a competitive match, but left it there and went out of their way to be friendly afterwards.

“But, I don’t think I can take all the credit-“ Addison began. She was the never the ONLY successful, popular wrestler in the entire college.

“Oh don’t be so modest.” Bryce playfully dismissed. “If it wasn’t for you……there’d be like 10 people in the crowd right now.”

Addison gave a small laugh. “I don’t know about that, but thanks.”

“Well, good match.” Bryce gave her a pat on the arm, before moving on.

Still rattled from her loss, Addison stood paused for a moment before she went to sit down. She took a look over at Lucy before she went, and she had Hannah on her stomach with an arm wrenched up behind her back. Apparently she was starting to use her training with Clara.

Addison smiled. At least Lucy was doing well.

Lucy almost couldn’t believe it. She was about to get her first submission in a real match. Hannah was about to submit at any second. Pain seared up into her shoulder.

Just as Hannah couldn’t take any more, Lucy was grabbed and dragged off of her.

“Alright, how do you want her?” Bryce asked with a sigh.

“What? W-wait…..my arm.” Hannah groaned. Though much of the pain had been relieved, it wasn’t totally clearing up that fast, and the arm was still weak.

“Then use your legs. Reverse headscissor.” Bryce chose for her, shoving Lucy onto her back with ease, and holding her down. There was no chance of Lucy matching his strength.

“Okay.” Hannah agreed, rushing herself up and into position on Lucy.

He casually shoved Lucy’s head up into Hannah’s thighs, and then got back up.

“See, there you go.” He remarked.

“Thanks.” Said Hannah.

Heading back towards the others, Bryce saw Alexa, Summer, and Olivia, triple teaming and submitting Brooke with an Alexa headscissor. He paused for a moment. “That was still going on?” He said under his breath, puzzled that Olivia and Brooke could’ve been wrestling back and forth for this long.

At the same time, Blake and Rachel finally got their tap out from Raven, with a combined choke from Blake and a bodyscissor from Rachel.

Now, all six wrestlers eyes went to each other. Summer, Olivia, and Alexa, got back up as Brooke slunk off to go sit down.

(Olivia, Middle: [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] )

Blake and Rachel jumped up and rejoined Bryce.

(Rachel: [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] )

An even 3 on 3, and Hannah would be making it a 4 on 3 at any time.

Arms crossed, Melissa sat on the bench indignantly. It should’ve been her out there with Summer and Olivia. Not Alexa. This is where Alexa should’ve been.

Next to her, Kelsey was unusually quiet, able to tell that Melissa wasn’t in the mood. As Raven joined them, Melissa testily remarked “What did Lindsey even pay you for?”

“I held up my end of the deal. I’d say I did pretty well. It’s not my fault you went running off to the other side of the mats, and took Summer with you, just to get yourself ejected.” Raven calmly replied.

(Raven: [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] )

Knowing Raven was right, Melissa didn’t respond. She wouldn’t admit it though.

“You noticed how long I held off two wrestlers at once, right?” Raven asked. “Could probably say I more than just ‘held them off’, really. All after easily taking Charlotte out, of course.” She added, being sure to drive home the point that she was worth buying off.

Though she’d be perfectly fine with taking the money from someone else, Raven was gaining a natural sense of familiarity with Melissa. If she could choose who met her price, she’d prefer it to continue being Lindsey.

“Yeah, yeah…..great.” Melissa replied with a little annoyance, not caring to hear Raven brag about her own performance in the lost match.

“Hey……why are we acting like we lost?” Kelsey piped up. “Summer and Liv might win it for us!” Kelsey pointed out with enthusiasm, trying to raise the mood.

Melissa gave a small nod of acknowledgement.

She’d been so caught up in thinking about the implosion of her own vision of what their victory would look like, and her anger, that she wasn’t appreciating Summer and Olivia’s success, and chance to still win it for them.

Ashley was getting on a bit of a high now, as she squeezed Colleen’s neck in a side headscissor, Sofia atop her stomach to control her.

They’d spent their night flying around the mats extracting submission after submission together, with another one just seconds away now. It had gone almost perfectly so far, other than Clara giving them a tough fight.

As Ashley delivered a pulsing squeeze, Colleen gave a slapping tap out on Ashley’s leg. Another one down.

Ashley and Sofia hopped up to their feet, joyfully high-fiving each other.

Clara, Skylar, Max, and Colleen, was a pretty nice grouping of names to be able to say they’d fought and beaten, now being 2-0 against Skylar and Max. Especially without the context that it was mostly in the form of opportunistic 2 on 1’s.

“Lucy’s out!” Karly announced, though with a bit less energy and enthusiasm than she’d had earlier in the night.

Ashley and Sofia had already began rushing towards the wrestling group of Alexa, Summer, Olivia, Bryce, Rachel, and Blake, when Karly began speaking. With Lucy and Colleen tapping out at almost the same time, Lucy’s got called out first.

“Colleen’s out!” Karly rushed out, having been focused on Lucy and Hannah, with Ashley and Sofia already closing in on the group.

Lucy walked back to a now well filled bench, her head down.

“Hey, I’m proud of you.” Addison greeted a sulking Lucy.

“Why?” Lucy replied, sitting down hard next to her.

“You beat Hannah. I know it doesn’t officially count, but it still counts to me, and it should count to you, too. You got robbed, but it’s just how this match is.” Addison comforted her. “And……you outlasted me! Clara, too!”

“Yeah…..I guess.” Lucy droned. In this exact moment, Addison’s approach wasn’t the most satisfying one. She glanced towards Melissa, who she knew would’ve been fired up and ready to start a fight for her right now.

“Would you have believed you’d get that far, before the match?” Asked Addison.

“……no.” Lucy answered.

Addison subtly took Lucy’s hand in her own, giving a small squeeze.

It did make her feel just a little bit better, already.

“Ash, wait!” Sofia called out, just as they reached the three pairs of wrestlers. Bryce was wrestling Olivia, and Alexa was fighting Rachel, while Summer faced off with Blake.

“What do you-, this our chance!” Ashley responded. All six wrestlers were busy with each other, Ashley and Sofia having been overlooked as they finished off Colleen away in a corner of the mats.

A perfect opportunity to strike.

“Her first.” Sofia replied, pointing to an isolated Hannah who was moving to rejoin her team after tapping out Lucy. An easy 2 on 1, right there for the taking.

“Okay!” Ashley agreed, and they were able to cut her off just in time. Hannah froze up, unsure what her next move should be. There was no way she was coming out on top against the two of them.

She remained like a deer in the headlights as the pair of girls rushed towards her, deciding to try and evade them at the last moment. She suddenly darted to the right, but was swiftly and cleanly tackled down, from the legs, by Ashley.

Over on the sidelines, Nolan gave a nod of respect.

“She might be able to play, huh?” Hayley joked.

“Tap tap.” Alexa teased Rachel, squeezing away at her midsection. Rachel was caught in Alexa’s strong guard, and had ended up twisted just a little in a way that made Alexa’s bodyscissor extra painful.

Rachel let out a groan, the pain becoming harder to stand, and her frustration mounting as well. She’d known Alexa’s scissors were a real threat, she wasn’t stupid. She was now just realizing exactly how deadly Alexa’s lower body was.

Rachel gave a push at Alexa’s flexing legs, trying to squirm as she did so, but getting nowhere. “Going somewhere?” Alexa giggled.

Feeling there was no way out of her current position between Alexa’s powerful thighs, Rachel tapped out on Alexa’s leg.

Rachel got up as Alexa let her go, rubbing the spots of her body that Alexa’s legs had just been crushing.

“Rachel’s out!” Karly shouted.

“You good?” Alexa asked.

“Yeah……that’s why I tapped there, give it a few minutes.” Rachel replied, the soreness slowly receding. She was already glad that she didn’t try to hold out until Bryce or Blake could potentially help her.

“Horse riding?” Rachel asked, curious where Alexa’s incredible lower body strength developed from.

“Gymnastics.” Alexa corrected with a smile. “Now, plenty of ‘workouts’ squeezing people. And maybe some natural talent?” She added playfully.

“Makes sense.” Said Rachel, her curiosity satisfied.

As Rachel headed off to go sit down, Alexa bounced up to her feet.

She first looked over to Summer, who was in a back and forth fight with Blake.

As she did so, Karly called out “Olivia’s out!”

Alexa turned back the other way, to find Bryce giving Olivia a helpful pull up to her feet. He’d had a pretty easy time with her, not having to give his full effort, though perhaps not defeating her with the urgency he should’ve.

Bryce glanced to her, Summer, and Blake, before moving his gaze to Hannah, Ashley, and Sofia. Hannah was already trapped beneath Ashley and Sofia, being smothered.

He took a few steps towards Hannah, as if not too concerned that Alexa would aggressively rush in for a surprise attack. He only made it that far though, before Hannah frantically tapped out

As Ashley and Sofia got off of her and left her behind, fully focused on the victory they could now taste, Karly announced “Hannah’s out!”

Now there were six wrestlers left.

Ashley looked past Bryce, making eye contact with Alexa, and offering “Truce?!”

Alexa quickly thought it over. Bryce was definitely the most physically intimidating wrestler left among them. She’d bet on herself and Summer against Ashley and Sofia. She decided it was best to take Bryce off the board, now.

“Deal!” Alexa shouted.

Facing down a three on one, Bryce did something……unexpected, as they moved in.

Simply throwing up his hands, Bryce grinned “Alright, Alright, you got me. No need to dogpile. I forfeit.”

“What…..?” Ashley blurted out, confused looks coming over all three of their faces. They each had no doubt that they’d beat him three on one, but they’d fully expected him to at least try, and make it some sort of challenge for them.

“We already know how this ends, don’t we?” Said Bryce. “There’s three of you!”

All three girls were left speechless as Bryce slowly backed off, and casually walked off towards the bench.

“Bryce……forfeits?!” A confused Karly announced over her mic, sending murmuring through an equally confused crowd.

“That was easy enough.” Sofia smiled, breaking the silence.

“Well that sucks. I was even gonna share his face with you while Sof held him down.” Ashley joked to Alexa, making her laugh.

“Now we go get Blake?” Alexa suggested.

“Sounds like a plan.” Ashley replied.

Summer let out a grunt, struggling to contain Blake in her guard. Despite the experience gap she held over him, he was still proving difficult being a taller and fit 5’11.

He broke through, mounting her stomach.

As he leaned over Summer, they were both caught by surprise as Alexa jumped onto his back from over his head, locking her thighs around his neck while hugging his waist with her arms, and rolling him to the side off of Summer.

Summer scrambled to her feet, finding Alexa already comfortable with her headscissor. Facing away from her, Alexa’s arms were relaxed as she simply poured on the pressure with her legs, as if trying to pop Blake’s head off.

Looks like she didn’t need any help.

Summer watched on for a moment, feeling Ashley and Sofia approach her from behind. Having briefly seen they were teaming up with Alexa, she didn’t regard them as threats. Well, not until Blake tapped out, anyway.

“Guess she’s got it under-“ Summer began to lightheartedly comment to them, before a hand reached from behind and clamped over her mouth.

Alexa girlishly played with her hair with one hand, bracing the other one on the mat in a relaxed position.

She wasn’t worried at all as Blake pulled at her legs, futilely squirming as she crushed his throat, his face facing towards her ankles. There were only two ways out of her tanned thighs. The first, was to tap out. The second, was to go to sleep.

Dark spots appearing in his vision, Blake tapped out.

“Blake’s out!” Karly announced, after Alexa released her scissor.

Alexa got up as Blake gasped in air. She didn’t even glance towards Summer, Sofia, and Ashley, fully expecting that they were simply watching her do her thing, waiting till it was over.

With a bright smile, she planted a foot on Blake’s face, rubbing it in for a moment.

As she quickly celebrated the submission, Karly announced “Summer’s out!”

Alexa froze for a second, before retracting her foot in shock. She whipped around towards the trio, seeing Summer breathing heavy and rubbing her neck as Ashley and Sofia got up. Ashley had choked her, while Sofia controlled her body.

Now there were three.

“Hey!” Alexa complained. “Thought we were gonna finish this, me and Summer, vs you guys?”

“Sorry.” Said Sofia.

“We had a truce with you, not her.” Ashley grinned. “Now it’s just the three of us, so……”

With that, they both moved in on her.

Alexa knew it was probably unwinnable. Ashley and Sofia complimented each other’s builds very well for a 2 on 1. She’d never been taking the match too seriously, anyway.

Therefore, she didn’t put too much of a fight.

Noticing that, Ashley and Sofia relaxed a bit. Ashley simply caught her in a bodyscissor after they took her down to the mat, and Alexa tapped out.

“Alexa’s out!” Karly announced.

As they got up, Ashley jumped into Sofia’s arms for a hug. “We did it!” She exclaimed, as they jumped up and down.

There was a bit of confusion throughout the gymnasium as they celebrated together, and made no move to begin wrestling against each other. There was meant to be one individual winner.

Karly looked to the referee, who shrugged.

It was just an exhibition match, after all. It was only bragging rights that were on the line.

With a little hesitation, Karly announced “Your winners…….in a tie, Ashley and Sofia!”

After a small delay, loud cheers went through the gymnasium. No one really had a problem with the unexpected victors.

“Who thought it’d be us?” Ashley asked Sofia, with a smirk.

“No one.” Sofia replied, the two of them especially enjoying the fact that it was quite an upset for them to be the last ones standing. There were certainly more unlikely predictions to make, but there were also many more ‘likely’ winners in the starting group.

Turning their attention to Alexa, Ashley said “Hope there’s no hard feelings, had to do what we had to do to win, but we still love you!”

“Yeah, sorry about the little trick.” Said Sofia.

Like Clara, Alexa was another wrestler they respected and admired.

“It’s all good, you both earned it.” Alexa smiled. “Congrats.” She said, giving them both a quick hug.

As she turned away to head over to Max and Skylar, she was met by Summer, who had remained in her spot on the mat watching the rest play out. She hadn’t been in anyone’s way at that point.

“We almost had it.” Summer said lightly. Alexa wasn’t upset about the loss, so she wasn’t either. The night was kind of a success for her personally, anyway. With how many wrestlers there were at the beginning, being among the last four was still cool.

“Yeah, not bad considering we both ended up alone and had to team up late.” Alexa replied.

“Thank you.” Said Summer, grabbing her in a big hug.

“For what?” Alexa laughed.

Summer was grateful Alexa had ‘taken her back’ with no hesitation or questions. For a bit, it’d been just like old times. She didn’t voice all of that though, only saying “It was nice teaming with you again.”

“Aw, same here.” Alexa replied. “You wanna come hang out for a bit? You and Sky can talk things out?” She offered.

“Um….I…..can’t, really.” Summer awkwardly replied, looking towards her own team. “Maybe another time?” She suggested sheepishly.

“Okay, sure.” Alexa smiled, walking away.

A small smile came back to her face. Alexa had let it go just like that, not putting any pressure on her.

“Hey! Bryce!” Karly called out. After having briefly ‘interviewed’ Ashley and Sofia, she was rushing over to talk to him before he left. Many of the other wrestlers were already gone.

“Karly! What can I do for ya?” Bryce grinned.

Karly began “I think a lot of people want to know, why did you forfeit? I’ve seen a few comments in the chat calling it things like ‘cowardly’, but I’m sure there must be-“

“Idiots call it cowardly.” Trinity interjected, inviting herself into Karly’s interview. “Anyone with a functioning brain in their head, calls it smart. Why SHOULD he accept that 3 on 1?”

Karly went quiet, not expecting the forceful interruption. They had already ended the match stream. Karly was now recording video clips to post, while Trinity was on her own personal livestream.

“Why bother engaging with cheating garbage like Ashley and Sofia?!” Trinity followed up.

“Now, now, what they did was perfectly within the rules.” Bryce pushed back a little.

“Yeah, okay, they won.” Trinity went on. “How’d they do it? All they did was run around double teaming people all night! Real impressive. How fair.” Trinity ranted. There was a fiery charisma to her.

“Well, I guess there’s no arguing that.” Bryce lightly laughed. “Really though, they fought hard like everyone else. Congrats to them.” He added.

“Was great talking to you girls!” He quickly excused himself.

Mustering up some courage as Bryce walked away, Karly finally spoke up to Trinity, though in a sheepish voice. “A-ashley and Sofia were being smart too. They avoided any situations that weren’t in their favor, stuck together, and……it paid off. It was all fair.”

“Karla, thanks for the free exposure.” Trinity replied with a sweet smile, but also with a bit of a dismissive nasty edge in her voice.

With that, Trinity spun around and went on her way.

Summer anxiously followed Melissa through the building’s hallways, away from the gymnasium, and to a more quiet, currently empty area.

“D-did I do something wrong? In the match?” Summer asked Melissa. All Melissa had said was that she wanted to talk to her in private. They’d said goodnight to Kelsey, Olivia, and Raven, and went off.

“No, you were great. You didn’t quite win, but you got close.” Melissa answered.

“Is it about Alexa?” Summer asked her next.

“No, that was smart.” Melissa answered again. Summer felt a little relief, at that.

“Is it Harper? I should’ve-“ Summer continued to question.

“Aimed your kick for her head?” Melissa finished the sentence for her. “Yep, but nope, not about her.”

Though it was messed up and not where she’d been going with it, Summer almost laughed.

“It was kind of…….sweet, though.” Melissa added after a small pause, as she stopped and turned back to face Summer. Melissa lightly placed her hands on Summer’s shoulders, gently pushing her against the wall. Summer was speechless. She hadn’t been sure what to expect, and she definitely didn’t expect this.

Melissa leaned in with a long, forceful kiss. After the initial shock of it wore off, Summer melted.

When Melissa finally broke it off, Summer couldn’t keep a dumb smile off of her face. “I feel like I just won the tournament again.”Summer giggled. “By the way, I……did like it…….and I do like it, now.”

Melissa’s face flushed just a little, as she became awkwardly quiet, now. She wasn’t good at this.

“My turn.” Said Summer, gently but quickly spinning them around, reversing their positions as she sandwiched Melissa between her body and the wall.

Melissa stiffened in surprise, causing Summer to pull back as she’d been going in for a dominant kiss of her own. “Are you okay? Can I-“

“Yeah. Go for it.” Melissa told her.

Summer just gazed into her eyes for a second, wanting to savor the moment. Melissa was still disheveled from the match, hair out of place and makeup a bit off. The bruising on her face from Harper’s punches was already starting to show, and there was faint dried blood under her nose.

Right now, Summer didn’t care one bit, locking lips with her again.

As Bryce walked through the door, he found Trinity waiting outside, on her phone. It was a cool night, Trinity wearing a dark fur coat as she waited under the black night sky.

“Feel like giving me an answer yet?” Trinity asked him, putting her phone away.

“Oh, yeah, I almost forgot! Didn’t I?!” Bryce laughed. “It’s you. It’s been you, really. I was waiting for tonight to tell you, too, as a surprise!”

“Please.” Trinity rolled her eyes. “Don’t bullshit me. I know you’re only finally picking me now because it’s beyond obvious that Melissa’s not interested.”

“Alright, it’s true.” Bryce playfully admitted. “So you’re pissed about that, and saying no, now, yourself?”

“Oh, it’s a yes.” Trinity replied with a smile. “Just wanted you to know that I know. That’s all.” She finished with a sweetness.

“Well, great! Welcome to the team.” He grinned, extending a hand.

Trinity slowly reached out her black leather gloved hand, shaking his.

Something felt…….fake, about him.

Trinity smiled. “Oh I can’t wait to meet everyone.”

End Of Part 43: Battle Royale 3/3.

- It took a while, but here’s the end of the Battle Royale match. I probably could’ve broken this one down into 2 parts, but I wanted to follow through on delivering the ending here. Hopefully this fuller part was worth the extra wait.

- For the first time in a very long while, talking pre tournament arc, even I have no idea exactly what comes next. Season 2 is officially started. The very next part could be anything. Exciting for sure.

- As usual, feedback and a ‘thanks’ on the part are appreciated.
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Default Re: Redlands College Fight Season

The long update was well worth the wait! You did a good job navigating this battle royale with so many people involved, and managed to get a couple of moments in the spotlight for pretty much everyone. Excited as ever to get to the traditional match action again soon!
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Default Re: Redlands College Fight Season

I like the fact that you did not break up this most recent part into two parts, especially when some of the endings are kind of obvious (i.e. Ashley and Sofia vs any male).

I like Summer's character being a contrast to Harper's character (at least imo), where Summer does not have issues with working with Alexa. If it was Harper instead, she probably would not team up with Alexa. Not sure how I feel about Summer and Melissa being an item, though.

Requests for future parts: Alexa in a handicap (1 vs 2) situation/match and Melissa being properly humbled in a match.

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Default Re: Redlands College Fight Season

loved it. as always. feel like Bryce is playing 4-d chess. But i do, second an opinion. I dont really like summer and melissa
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Default Re: Redlands College Fight Season

Loved it!

Loved Kelsey turning on Travis, loved the hotties winning. Intrigued by summer and Melissa. Though the lesbian arc isn’t usually my cup of tea.

I’m wondering just how weak Bryce may be. Almost seemed like he was scared to take on girls and have them overpower him and see his persona dismantled.

Looking forward to the regular season and maybe my suggested arc taking place

Thanks as always for the update!!
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Default Re: Redlands College Fight Season

I actually thought the way Bryce easily handled Addison showed that he is definitely very strong. I really liked that because it shows that he really has no excuse to lose to any of these girls if he is throwing around one of the strongest girls like that.
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Default Re: Redlands College Fight Season

Hope Addison leashes someone again I miss her dominant side but a great battle royal
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