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Default Re: Redlands College Fight Season

The match with Addison was good, but I definitely found the mixed match up in this one to be more exciting. First of all, you used two very hot facesits in this story, and they always make things better for me. And second, I really enjoyed the dynamic between Max and Emma. It is great to see a gorgeous girl wrestling against a guy without having to hate his guts. Their friendly banter while wrestling was fantastic.

Thanks for writing this for us, mate. I do hope Emma becomes another one of your regulars.
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Default Re: Redlands College Fight Season

Logged in just to drop a thanks on the last two parts because they're great. Love the facesit pins, particularly Briana's. Looking forward to what's next 🙌🏻
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Default Re: Redlands College Fight Season

Originally Posted by rookie18 [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
I think Emma needs a rematch against Max Also curious who would win between the tag teams of Alexa and Summer vs Max and Skylar if that ever happens.
That’s a good idea, I didn’t think of that one yet. I don’t have anything set right now beyond the very next part, so an Alexa and Summer Vs Max and Skylar part could definitely happen soon.

Appreciate the extra burst of support guys. It seems like I should just start assuming there’s an extra 4 or so people still enjoying each part that just aren’t always visible.
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Default Re: Redlands College Fight Season

Part 10: Melissa’s First Match

Melissa sat alone in the locker room for the first time, finally preparing for a match of her own. Lucy and Addison had been much more absent then usual lately, but they were supposed to show up tonight at some point. She couldn’t be bothered by it, it’s not like her and Olivia hadn’t pulled away at times themselves in their years of friendship.

Right now, she was expecting a special someone else’s arrival before match time anyways, so she was content with Lucy and Addison being a bit late.

“Melissa!” A female voice shouted as the door burst open, the girl who rushed in looking a bit out of breath as if she’d been sprinting. “Did I…….make it?” She asked Melissa, between catching her breath.

“Yeah, you made it.” Melissa answered with a warm smile, going over and giving her close friend a tight hug. “It’s so good to see you again Olivia.”

“I missed you guys too.” Olivia said hugging her tightly back. “So glad I had some time to come visit!”

“I know, this is probably the longest we haven’t seen each other in, I don’t even know.” Said Melissa.

“Where’s Lucy?” Olivia curiously asked, now noticing that, strangely, Melissa was here by herself. “And that Addison you told me about?”

“Oh, they’ll be here later. I’m sure they’ll come find you in the crowd.” Melissa answered.

“Good thing I rushed in here then.” Olivia smiled.

“Thanks for making sure you were here in time. How do I look?” Asked Melissa, holding her arms out to her sides, then giving a spin.

“Like the prettiest cheerleader I’ve ever seen.” Olivia quickly and confidently replied.

“Awh, you’re the best.” Melissa couldn’t help but melt at Olivia’s compliment. “It does feel kind of good having this on again. Haven’t worn it in months.” She said to Olivia, referencing her old sparkly silver cheer uniform, with 2 dark blue stripes, one at the bottom of the top that exposed her midriff, and one on the top of the tight short shorts. The top has tight long sleeves, that become solid dark blue at the wrists. Why not use it as her outfit?

“So how’s it been going here?” Olivia asked cheerfully.

“Pretty good, you already know we made a new friend. I already like it better here then at our old school anyway.” Said Melissa. “And guess what……..we found out Carter’s here too.” She added with a smirk.

“Oh really.” Olivia grinned. “I’ll have to try and say hello while I’m here then.”

“Well, I guess it’s about time.” Melissa said to her.

“Oh! Okay, I’ll go grab a place to sit, hopefully Lucy can make it, and we’ll see you afterwards!” Olivia told her, heading for the door.

“Wait, Olivia?” Melissa asked, continuing when she stopped and looked back. “If you can, go over to the announcement table, and make sure they get ‘former cheer captain’ in my introduction.”

“You got it!” Olivia smiled. “Goodluck!”

“Don’t need it.” Melissa replied. Some might consider that rude and sarcastic, but her and Olivia were well on the same page by now.

After a few more minutes, it was time. She had a statement to make.

Summer made her way into the mostly filled Gymnasium, going solo this time. She did try to rope Max into it, but apparently he wasn’t as invested in this little feud between them as she was. Summer was just here to see Melissa get what she deserved, she was clearly the type to not actually be able to backup her attitude.

Summer was going to enjoy every second of this. Just as she found an empty small group of seats to herself, the introductions began.

“Wrestling For The Female Team, an ex-Cheer Captain, Melissa!” The announcement went off to cheers. Including the ‘former cheer captain’ thing was a slightly strange request, but there was no reason not to grant it.

“A popular cheerleader at her old school…….wonder why she’s so bitchy.” Summer thought to herself.

“Her opponent, wrestling for the male team, 1-0 Trevor!” His introduction only received a fraction of the support Melissa got, from the now very biased type of crowd generally left attending.

“Hey, mind if I sit here?” A girl interrupted Summer’s thoughts, she hadn’t even noticed the girl’s approach.

“Oh, um, of course not!” Summer rushed to politely reply. She could use some company anyway.

“Thanks. Nice to meet you, I’m Olivia by the way. Here alone?” She asked Summer. She didn’t have to sit right next to her, but why not meet someone new and strike up a conversation.

“Yeah, I tried to get a friend to come with me but he wasn’t interested.” Summer replied. “You?”

“For now.” Olivia answered with a smile. “Just here supporting my best friend.” If they both knew who the other was, they probably wouldn’t be talking right now.

“Oh, you know him?” Summer asked her.

“Her.” Olivia lightly corrected.

“The girl in the cheerleading outfit? ……..Melissa?” Summer inquired, trying not to allow any change in her tone as her guard immediately went up. If she were a close friend of Melissa’s, why would she be over here acting all friendly chatting with her?

“Yup. You know her too?” Asked Olivia.

“…….kind of.” Summer slowly responded. “We’ve met. Once. It was pretty quick though.”

Trevor was 6’2 with brown hair. Coming off a win in his first match, against……..Elenna? Was it? Now he got a soft second match getting to rough up some girly girl who was into cheerleading. Well, not too rough of course. Just enough for a clean 2-0 win. She was just a soft pretty cheerleading girl after all.

Melissa, finishing up her warmups, had complete confidence. She also had a few tricks up her sleeve that she hadn’t even revealed to Lucy, Olivia, or Addison, yet. Keeping her little strategy as a total surprise for everyone who’d be watching. She couldn’t wait to finally use it. She came prepared for this.

“How about you crawl over here and kiss my feet, and I’ll go easy on you?” Melissa smugly offered with a smirk, as the two of them approached each other, waiting to begin.

“Listen, girl. Maybe you were some little Princess that always got her way at whatever school you came from, but that ain’t the case here. You don’t have no little cheer group to boss around anymore.” Trevor scathingly replied to her ‘offer’. He definitely did not have the patience to deal with some bratty cheerleader that probably hadn’t wrestled or fought anyone in her life.

“Oh I think you’ll be begging to change your mind.” Melissa responded. He was going to regret talking to her like that.

As they got the signal to begin, Trevor quickly moved to grab her. He was going to grab and toss her right down, ready to give her an attitude adjustment himself. Though when he made his lunge forward to grab her, he only managed to catch air. The agile, graceful, and coordinated, former cheer captain had danced right out of his reach.

“For the attitude you got, you seem scared.” He taunted her, trying not to show his frustration at his embarrassing whiff.

“Sounds like you’re just mad that some ‘little Princess’ is too quick for you.” Melissa countered.

He met her challenge by charging at her, she’d earned a bit more force behind her throw down to the mat now. He was determined to get ahold of her this time. Once again, Melissa gracefully dodged out of his way with perfect timing, trailing her foot back just enough to trip him off his feet. Trevor crashed to the mat flat on his face, to a mix of cheers and laughter from the crowd.

“Oops.” Melissa teased.

“Bitch!” Trevor snapped, getting back to his feet. His frustration burst free now as he heard laughter in the crowd, as she evaded his grip once again in an even more embarrassing fashion. “I’m done with these games, stop running away!”

“Fine, I’ll just stand right here if you’re too slow and clumsy.” Said Melissa, mockingly rolling her eyes.

Trevor stormed over to her, the ‘not too rough with her’ thing was quickly going out the window. This brat needed a lesson. She kept her word, making no attempt to slip away from him this time. As he grabbed ahold of her, her hands shot right underneath his now exposed underarm’s. Her fingers digging and clawing in, he felt a burning pain and strange tingling sensation begin to spread through his arms.

“Ahg…….what are you…..doing?” He asked both confused and nervous at the sudden pain and weird numb feeling growing in his arms and shoulders.

“That’s secret.” Melissa smiled. “Now……get your hands off me.” She commanded.

Trevor’s arms wouldn’t respond enough to rip her off her feet, it was like he could feel his strength evaporating as the numb feeling spread. At the same time, he desperately didn’t want to concede this to her and let everyone see him jumping back from a girl. He could……..push through……whatever she was doing.

After about another 10 seconds, he couldn’t keep going like this. The numbing sensation had only grown worse as her fingertips continued to dig into the muscle and nerves. He finally let go of her body. No longer clinging on to anything, his arms felt…….so heavy, drooping down towards his sides.

“How did you…….my arms.” Were the first words that came to mind. Somehow his arms felt like he’d just ran through an intense upper body workout.

“Something wrong?” Melissa sneered, watching a confused Trevor try to shake off the weak dull feeling in his arms. She quickly grabbed at her distracted opponent’s face, jabbing her fingers under his jaw, sending a sudden sharp jolt of pain through the lower half of his face.

He couldn’t help but let out a little cry, trying to grab at his face the best he could with his weakened and slowed arms while hers retreated. Luckily, the pain receded almost as quickly as it struck.

Melissa threw a quick glance over at the referee off to the side while a reeling Trevor tried to cope with the aftermath of the brief painful attack to his jaw and numb feeling in his arms that he couldn’t explain. Right after Melissa had looked over, the girl refereeing their match looked away as well, turning to talk to some other girl. “Probably some friend of her’s.” Melissa thought to herself. “Dumb bitch” She thought, a smirk coming to her face.

Generally, other students were assigned to officiate these matches. Meaning…….referee quality varies. Some took it seriously and stayed alert, some held bias, and some were a bit disinterested and careless with it, like the current one. Things tended to police themselves well enough though……other then the now infamous Addison Vs Damien incident.

Melissa took her chance on the unfocused Trevor while the referee was turned away, snapping a sharp kick right up between his legs, the top of her foot smashing into his groin through his shorts. Performing it with ease, like it was a leg kick in a cheer routine.

By time he saw the unexpected kick coming, he barely had time to move an inch. His eyes almost bugged out as the pain exploded in his groin, his legs shaking a little as a nauseous feeling came over his stomach. Trevor slowly sunk to his knees with a pathetic groan, hands cupping his crotch.

“Awww, did that hurt?” Melissa cooed to the slumped down boy on his knees in front of her. “At least you’re finally learning your place!” She said while she took a few steps over to partially block the referee’s view from where she stood.

“That—-…sss……..cheat…..ing” he groaned out, overwhelmed by pain.

“Really? Is it? Too bad I don’t play by the rules!” Melissa smirked, before giving him a hard shove to knock him off his knees. He ended up on his back, still holding his crotch as the intense constant pain from her kick continued.

“My…….balls.” He whimpered, laying on the mat. His arms were returning to normal now, but that kick was brutal.

“Poor baby.” Melissa laughed. While he was still incapacitated and distracted by the pain in his groin, she stepped over him so that he was looking straight up at her tight glittery silver short shorts covered crotch, before roughly dropping down onto his upturned face.

Trevor let out a pained moan into her ass after the harsh impact, his whole face hurting. Melissa wasn’t concerned at all about being soft and sensual to arouse him like others would be, her focus was simply on humiliating and destroying him.

“Oops, did I come down a little too hard? Don’t tell me you can’t handle a girl’s ass.” Melissa taunted him as he groaned beneath her. “Now, we need to deal with those arms again, okay?” She said, snaking her hands back under his arms.

“Mmmumm hmmp uphhh” He frantically pleaded into her ass, squirming under her. He really didn’t want that feeling to return. His pleas went ignored as her fingertips dug back in. He continued to squirm, unable to stop her.

“It’s hard to hear what you’re saying with my ass on your face.” She teased. “Arms getting heavy again?” They were. That uncomfortable numb feeling was returning in full force. “That should do it.” Melissa said suddenly, removing her fingers from under his arms.

She lifted herself up off his face for a moment to give him a breath. He greedily gasped for air. “Wait Meliss-“ he tried to gasp out, but she didn’t let him finish. She settled back down on his face, hard, cutting him off.

Hearing and feeling a groan beneath her as her butt slammed back onto his face, she taunted “Oh were you saying something? Oh well, I’m sure it could wait.”

Trevor fiercely struggled beneath her, desperately trying to grab at her ass and hips to lift or shove her off, but he couldn’t find the strength in his now very weak arms to do so. Melissa wasn’t even doing anything to hold him down and restrain his arms now, just comfortably sitting atop him, knowing he was no threat to push her off.

To anyone watching, it was a ridiculous and unbelievable sight. A 6’2 male, suffocating under the ass of a cheerleader, frantically trying and falling to get air. There was no reason he should be having such trouble getting her off his face this early in the match, with his arms totally free. Only he and Melissa knew just how much of an effect her attack had on his arms.

“Mmm uuuuummph.” Trevor weakly pleaded into her. There was no way he could tap out like this, he had to escape…….somehow. This was beyond humiliating. It would look a little better if his arms were trapped, but his arms were completely free. Yet there was nothing he could do but paw at her hips and the silver short shorts.

He could only imagine how pathetic this looked. Melissa sitting on his face and not even trying to hold him down as he thrashed for air, weakly pushing at her ass, his arms visibly shaking when he tried to lift her. Running out of air, his head was starting to pound.

“This is boring.” Melissa mockingly complained. “I’m not even holding your arms, I’m just sitting here. You must like having your face in my ass.” She mocked. “Can’t blame you.”

To cheers and laughs, Melissa began pretending to adjust her hair and check her nails, just for affect. She even threw in a fake yawn. Trevor felt himself fading under her, but he just couldn’t bring himself to tap out. His heavy arms slumping to the mat, he was only seconds from passing out when Melissa finally lifted up, allowing him to desperately suck air into his lungs.

“Did you really think I was going to let you lose to a facesit? Passing out under my ass is too good for you.” Said Melissa. He was too busy trying to get his breath back to even try and respond to that.

Rather then finish him with her facesit, she leaned forwards, laying over him as she reached back and scooped his head up into her legs. Just as he had started to get his breath back from her sitting on his face, he was now being choked between her legs in a reverse headscissor.

Having nowhere to look but forwards, his eyes roamed over the form fitting sparkly shorts, the back of her tight silver top, to her hair cascading over her shoulders. He futilely tried to pull at her legs as she squeezed. Even though his arms were recovering now, it was useless.

He could feel himself getting weak and dizzy again, he would soon pass out for real this time. Then he had an idea. Her hair. Her long hair was an obvious target, and it was right there for the taking. She had already cheated, and if she wanted to fight dirty, he could play that game too.

As a last resort, he reached forwards, and with all the strength he could muster in one of his awakening arms, he quickly and harshly grabbed her hair and yanked it back. Melissa let out a yelp of pain as her hair was suddenly pulled back, her thighs going loose around his neck just as he had hoped.

Immediately after, the shrill sound of a whistle being forcefully blown went off in the background, pausing the match there before anything else could happen. Trevor’s stomach dropped.

Unlike Melissa, he didn’t have the chance or even the thought to check on the referee before making his own opportunistic move. Unfortunately for him, she was in one of her ‘on’ periods of on and off watching. Knowing his only other options were to tap out or submit, he had just gone for it, ready for some payback on Melissa after she’d gotten away with it. Now he regretted it, filled with dread as the referee made her way over.

Nursing the stinging pain in her scalp from Trevor’s harsh hair pull, Melissa rubbed the back of her head. She had to choke down a laugh as the referee came over, the idiot had recklessly gotten himself caught. As the referee stepped up, Melissa dramatically whined out “Owww my hair!” In the most girly and upset tone she could, massaging the back of her head a little extra.

An angry scowl came over the referee’s face, both from what he did and just from having to stop and deal with this. “This is your warning Trevor, one more time and you’re disqualified.” The referee forcefully told him. “Pulling a girl’s hair cause she’s beating you is pathetic.” She added.

“But-b before she kick-“ He fearfully began to try and explain. “Save it.” The referee firmly cut him off, shutting him down before he could try to reveal how she’d already cheated by kicking him in the groin.

Addressing Melissa now, she asked in a much more gentle tone “Are you ready to continue?” “Yes……he just pulled so hard!” Melissa softly answered in a hurt voice.

The referee paused to think it over for a minute, clearly brutally pulling this poor girl’s hair like that called for more then simply having them resume their positions. She had to give Melissa something for his cheating.

“Okay…….you two are going to restart from any position Melissa chooses. Trevor, no resisting until you get the signal to resume.” The girl finally spoke after deciding what to do. This seemed fair after how he’d hurt her. She then walked away while the two of them took their new positions.

Melissa gave him an evil smile. “On your stomach.” She ordered. He was fully aware of what she’d been doing, but he felt powerless to do anything about it. Melissa was loving this referee, it was way too easy.

Melissa soon did the rest, taking a seat on his back, grabbing his arms and pulling them back. She wrapped her legs around them, before crossing her feet against the back of his head. His arms lay helplessly draped over her legs, behind his back. Her reverse headscissor had now been replaced by an even more inescapable and painful hold, a Lotus Lock. It was extremely uncomfortable even without any pressure from her thighs, but a slight squeeze inwards against his arms would leave him hurting, to say the least.

Now, the match resumed. All Trevor could really do from this position other then slightly wiggle, was pointlessly kick with his legs. “It didn’t hurt that bad, you lying bitch!” He snapped in frustration. He didn’t deserve to end up here, it should’ve been HER getting punished like this!

A squeeze from her thighs sent a sharp jolt of pain through his arms, shoulders, and back, as he barely kept himself from crying out, extinguishing his outburst.

“That isn’t how you talk to me.” Said a smug Melissa, applying a small constant pressure to keep him in pain, while digging her fingers back under his arms. She was going to ruin his arms for the rest of the match.

“Alright alright- I’m sorry! I’ll never talk to you that way again I swear!” He pleaded. His arms, shoulders, and back, were racked with pain and discomfort.

“That’s better.” A satisfied Melissa responded. “These arms are going to be useless next round…….you’re mine……I could do anything I want.” She whispered. “So watch what you say.”

“Please……my arms.” Trevor whimpered.

“Oh don’t be a wimp, they’ll be fine by tomorrow.” Melissa assured him, with an eye roll that he couldn’t see. “Now tap.” She dryly commanded.

“I…….can’t.” He whined in pain. He was right, his hands flailed in mid air just barely unable to reach her.

“Fine. I’ll free your arms so you can tap, but first……..I want to hear who’s bitch you are.” She finished with devious smirk. He hesitated for a moment, but a slightly increased squeeze from her legs solved that.

“Your bitch…….I’m Melissa’s bitch.” He cried out, his arms feeling like they were about to snap.

As promised, the lotus lock was quickly released as he immediately tapped out on the mat. He let out a sigh as a huge flood of relief spread through his shoulders and back, he never wanted to end up in that hold again.

Summer and Olivia still sat together, chatting on and off. Summer was working hard to mask her displeasure with how this match was going, not wanting to show Olivia her annoyance and frustration for Melissa winning. Strangely, Olivia actually seemed pretty nice? Her personality definitely seemed to be further from Melissa’s then Lucy’s did.

“Wow, she crushed him! Olivia commented. “She didn’t mention…….whatever she was doing with her hands.” Olivia laughed.

“Yeah…….think she’s got this one.” Summer forced out. Melissa’s dominance in the first round was the last thing she wanted to talk about.

“Hope so.” Olivia smiled.

“So……you new here?” Asked Summer. “She had another friend with her when we bumped into each other that one time.” She added, trying to sound as casual as possible rather then nosy.

“Oh, no, I’m just visiting.” Olivia replied with a light smile. “Haven’t seen each other in a few months, I barely got here in time for her match!” She explained. “Oh.” Summer thought. That explains it. Olivia genuinely had no idea who she was. At least Summer could fully drop her guard now.

“That was probably Lucy with her that you met that day.” Olivia added, referencing Summer’s previous comment. “My other best friend.”

Speaking of Lucy………Summer hadn’t seen any sign of her all night. Or Addison. They weren’t at Melissa’s sides when she walked out, and they obviously weren’t here with Olivia. Curiously, Summer slid forwards and leaned out in her seat a bit, trying to scan over some of the crowd. Maybe they just didn’t meet up with Olivia yet? She looked, but couldn’t spot them.

And……..right on cue. Continuing to look around, she spotted Lucy and Addison finally walk in though the entrance. Wait were they…….holding hands at first?” Summer silently asked herself. “No……maybe it was just my eyes.” Summer decided. Then it suddenly hit her. She had to go, and fast. They’d surely be headed this way looking for Olivia.

Suddenly pulling out her phone to pretend she got some important text, Summer hurriedly began “Sorry! it was really nice meeting you, but I have to go. Hope you like it here, and Melissa wraps this up! Bye!”

Olivia could barely get a word in as Summer rushed off, not selling the ‘emergency text’ very well. “Oh…..bye!” She barely got out in time. That was strange, she seemed very rushed and anxious. As far as Olivia could tell, things went well enough between them. Oh well.

Then, she was quickly joined by Lucy and Addison. “Hey Olivia.” Lucy greeted her. “Sorry we’re late.” She said, as she and Addison sat next to her.

“Oh it’s cool, actually I was sitting with this girl I just met tonight. I thought it was going well……then she just ran off like right before you guys got here.” Olivia revealed with a shrug.

“Hmm. Get her name?” Asked Lucy.

“Oh…….no, I didn’t.” Answered Olivia, just now realizing that herself.

“Maybe try and describe her to Melissa, if she’s been in a match, Melissa might know who she is.” Answered Lucy.

“Was it you guys that scared her away?” Olivia joked with a laugh.

“Sorry, it might’ve been me.” Addison said. “You put ONE person on a leash, and there goes your reputation. Oh, and you probably already know but, I’m Addison.” She smiled.

“Olivia.” Olivia smiled back. “Wait……you what?!” She laughed, at first glossing over the leash thing. Addison shyly paused in embarrassment, forgetting that Olivia wasn’t used to all of this.

“Is that what you always lead with?” Lucy laughed to Addison.

The second round about to begin, Trevor realized to his horror that Melissa was right. That first round was not something his arms were going to recover from within minutes. He didn’t have a chance at beating her like this. He never would’ve believed this thought would cross his mind, but……maybe he should try to forfeit the match to her.

He had much more humiliation left to face either way, he knew there was no way out of that. Maybe though……he could avoid taking more pain and physical discomfort……which is mostly what his night had been ever since he touched her.

As the two of them took their positions on the mats, Trevor anxiously awaited their referee’s approach. Melissa had a smug look on her face, while Trevor couldn’t bring himself to meet her eyes. He couldn’t believe he was about to do this, but it was his best option now.

As she came over to give them the go ahead to start, Trevor blurted out “Wait! I give up, I wanna forfeit!” He looked down at the blue mat, too embarrassed at the idea of forfeiting to a girl to meet the female referee’s eyes either

She looked to Melissa, waiting on her to decide whether to accept his forfeit. Melissa made a little show of it, dramatically pausing to ‘think it over’. “Mmmm……I’m leaning towards ‘no’, BUT……..I could probably be convinced.” She replied with a mischievous look, pausing expectingly. He wanted to let out a sigh, he was half expecting her to pull this. It was obvious what she wanted. “Well……at least she didn’t say no.” he thought to himself.

Begrudgingly, he got down on his knees and began to crawl over to her. He was a little worried his arms would give out beneath him. He had to fight himself to keep going with every humiliating movement towards her.

After some very long feeling seconds, he arrived in front of her and leaned his head down, only for her to snap “what the hell? You can’t just do that…….you have to beg for it first.” She finished with a smirk.

Trevor was starting to have second thoughts about the whole forfeiting plan. Was humiliating himself further all on his own like this really worth it? At the same time, he was already in a bit too deep to back out. With a hesitant gulp, looking up at her smug expression, he swallowed what was left of his pride.

“Please Melissa……..let me kiss your feet.” His plea came out slowly “Let me…….show you how sorry I am……..for pulling your hair and……being rude. Please.” He timidly finished, staring down at the feet he was ‘begging’ to kiss. It was better then seeing her or the referee’s reaction to his words.

“Okaaaay, I guess I’ll give you a chance.” Melissa replied, acting as if she were doing him a favor.

“Thank you so much.” He replied, trying his best to sound grateful as he lowered his head as he began planting firm passionate kisses on the tops of her feet. He may as well do his absolute best to please her now, he’d be devastated for this to end up being for nothing.

“Please let me forfeit *kiss* I never should’ve grabbed your hair *kiss or disrespected you *kiss* I’m sorry. I can’t do another round *kiss* you’re so much better then me. *kiss* You win. Please.” He finished with another kiss.

Melissa stood with an amused expression taking in her opponent turned bitch’s pathetic groveling at her feet.

The referee was left patiently waiting as it unfolded, half amused and half annoyed. On one hand, she could appreciate Melissa’s humiliating creativity, but on the other hand she really wasn’t planning on having to do anything other then the very simple, quick, basics such as starting and ending falls. It would’ve been nice to get a quick yes or no. These two had been a handful.

“Wow…….” Melissa slowly began, keeping him in suspense for a few extra seconds. He couldn’t be sure if he pleased her, or if she was about to snap at him and demand the next fall. “-that was……perfect.” She finished, bringing him some relief. “I’ll accept it.” She told the referee.

“Winner Of The Match By Forfeit, Melissa!” The announcement was made to mixed reactions from the crowd. Some just loved her victory, some wanted to see her dominate him for another round first.

“What a waste of time.” Summer grumbled under her breath, getting up and making herself one of the first few to head for the exit. She was frustrated and fuming at both the result and how pathetic Melissa’s first opponent turned out to be. Unknowingly, her quick move to trudge out of the gymnasium made her stand out a bit, causing her and Melissa to once again spot each other from a distance.

Melissa simply gave her a smirk and a little wave goodbye, knowing it would get under her skin. It was obvious why Summer happened to be here tonight, alone. Knowing she had been here watching only made this night even sweeter. Melissa watched with satisfaction as Summer’s annoyed, frustrated, little trudge out quickly turned into more of an angry storm out. Summer was really getting fed up with the teasing that she couldn’t do anything about.

Now, Melissa turned her attention back to Trevor who was still waiting on his hands and knees, knowing this wasn’t over yet. She took a few steps over and gave him a hard kick in his side that knocked him over, rolling on to his back as he groaned in pain, grabbing his side.

The referee caught that one from off to the side, but the match itself was over. It wasn’t her problem anymore. He’d live.

Melissa roughly took a seat on his stomach, pushing some air out of him. “Lick.” She commanded as she held a foot in his face. He understandably hesitated. Kissing them while begging was one mortifying enough thing, but…….licking them……..that was another level of humiliation.

“I said…….lick.” She commanded again, this time with some cold force behind it. He knew she wasn’t going to take no for an answer, and that he couldn’t afford to test her patience again.

If he had even a shred of pride left, this is where she took it, there was no coming back from this. He forced himself to began dragging his tongue up her foot from her heel. The taste wasn’t quite as horrible as he expected, but it was far from pleasant.

“I can’t believe he’s actually doing that!” One girl loudly laughed in the background.”

“Clean them good!” A random girl’s voice shouted.

Melissa had chosen this more for his humiliation then her own joy, but……..his soft warm tongue slowly dragging up and down her sole felt surprisingly soothing, as she closed her eyes and let out a relaxed sigh. She loved it here so much. This certainly topped anything she’d done with Carter and the boys at her old school.

“Switch.” She softly ordered, pulling one now shiny wet foot away and stuffing the other in his face. He didn’t hesitate this time, immediately wiping his tongue up her other foot.

She let him continue licking her other foot off for several more times, before finally pulling them away. “How’d my feet taste?” She asked, realizing she hadn’t taunted him at all during this.

There was a slight pause before he replied, silently debating to himself if she wanted an honest description of the now salty flavor that coated his tongue, or an embarrassing lie. He decided on the latter.

“Amazing.” He meekly answered, hoping it would please her.

“Aren’t you going to thank me then?” Melissa asked expectingly. They both knew that was one of the most untrue things he’d ever said, but it still amused her to hear him say it.

“Thank you Melissa…….for letting me lick your feet.” He pathetically told her. Saying what she wanted was really nothing at this point.

“You’re welcome” she smirked, finally getting off of him and back to her feet, walking away and leaving him, just like that.

Summer sat on a little bench against the wall, in the hallway in front of the main door to leave. Headphones in, on her phone, ignoring the many people that filed past on their way out. All the leaving people had trickled to a stop, the place seemingly empty and quiet now.

She had decided to hang out for a bit and calm down before leaving, now losing track of time a little and forgetting all about Melissa. She was currently on the little app the school launched, in a section where people could freely post match related content for fun. Memes, reactions, gifs, TikTok style videos, etc. It was always good for a few minutes of entertainment.

Oh! There was one from her match with Skylar! It was a TikTok style video, captioned “Boys Before A Match:” with a clip of some guy flexing before a match, and then transitioning to a caption “Boys After A Match:” with a clip of her and Skylar’s facesit victory poses, mostly zoomed in on Skylar as Damien weakly pushed at her ass, weakly struggling to get her off his face.

Summer scrolled to another one, this one captioned “How it Started:” With a clip of Max practically making out with Alexa’s ass, transitioning to “Vs How It’s Going:” With a clip Of Max defeating Emma with an armbar. She felt kind of guilty for cracking a smile at first but…….it kind of ended up being wholesome?

She scrolled to yet another, this one featuring a caption of “Girls In A 2 On 1:” with a clip of Addison hugging a limp Harper’s face into her breasts while Harper’s ass smothered her own teammate, transitioning to “Boys In A 2 On 1:”. Oh! This was from her match with Alexa! It was a clip of Alexa’s foot smother, Summer holding his arms while Alexa’s foot was rammed in his mouth and her pink polished toes pinched his nose closed.

Refreshing, there was a new quick little video that had just been posted minutes ago. She closed the app almost immediately after clicking on it. It was a little fun celebratory video between Melissa, Lucy, Addison, and Olivia, back in the girls locker room with some dance-y pop song playing in the background. Melissa was clearly riding a bit of a high from her win.

Summer took her earbuds out, about ready to head out herself. It was dead silent now, until a few seconds later.

She froze, listening, as she heard several pairs of footsteps with chatting and laughter in the distance, steadily getting closer. She recognized 3 of those voices, and it wasn’t hard to guess who the 4th’s belonged to.

Summer had a quick silent debate with herself, on whether to stay and confront them, or book it out the door. It felt embarrassing to be avoiding them. In panic, she took something of a middle ground, quickly and quietly ducking into an unlocked small storage closet across the hall.

Just in time, as the four girls rounded the corner seconds later. “Wait, did you guys hear something? It sounded like someone was still here.” Asked Addison, the group pausing in their tracks.

Addison’s question made Summer’s heart stop. Being found hiding from them in a tiny storage closet would be beyond humiliating.

“Nah.” Lucy replied.

“I don’t think so.” Said Olivia.

“You probably just imagined it.” Said Melissa.

“I guess so.” Addison agreed, the four of them continuing on.

“Anyway, she was blonde……” Olivia restarted, trying and struggling to put a physical description of Summer into words. If Melissa hadn’t seen her, she figured describing Summer’s current outfit wouldn’t help. Little did she know, it would’ve helped a LOT.

“Wow, that really narrows it down Olivia.” Melissa sarcastically joked to laughter.

Then, the door opened and closed, and silence returned. Summer breathed a sigh of relief.

She waited a minute longer, to be sure they weren’t right outside, before heading home herself.

End Of Part 10.

-Sorry for the slight delay. Hit a bit of a wall for a few days in the middle of writing it, but got back into it pretty quick. Mixed it up a little in this part. The ‘pressure points’ stuff is something I liked from a few other stories here before, finally got to play with it myself. I think it fits Melissa, and gives her a needed little edge. I think this part captures everything you would’ve expected from her.

- I want to do something different and hopefully a bit fun with the next part, giving you guys some control over it. You get 3 characters to choose from to be featured in the next part.

- Harper.


Emma wouldn’t be a rematch with Max, but if you want more Emma ASAP, here’s your chance.

Just drop a comment of which of those three you want to see next.
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Default Re: Redlands College Fight Season

Emma! Especially against a guy much more arrogant and disrespectful than Max who really expects to destroy her
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Default Re: Redlands College Fight Season

Emma as well.

Sidennote: will you only be loading pictures of characters during their original introduction or if they have multiple pictures will you add new ones to new stories?
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Default Re: Redlands College Fight Season

+1 for Emma, her character and interaction was fun last time, plus her facesit.
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Default Re: Redlands College Fight Season

Originally Posted by baller2242 [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
Emma as well.

Sidennote: will you only be loading pictures of characters during their original introduction or if they have multiple pictures will you add new ones to new stories?
The pictures I post in their original introduction are all I have for each character, so I don’t have any fresh pictures stashed away. It would be the same ones just for ‘refresh’ purposes, without having to go back to their intro to see it. I could probably find fresh pictures for Emma, Brianna, and Addison, but that’s it. If you want me to repost a character’s picture sometimes when their in a match as a reminder of what they look like, I could definitely do that.

And it looks like Emma’s the winner. I think it’s a pretty safe bet that 3 or 4 more people aren’t about to jump in with votes for one of Harper or Elenna, so instead of giving it 3 days, I’ll just call it here. More Emma, coming up.
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Default Re: Redlands College Fight Season

Part 11:

Every few minutes, Carter gave a glance at the locker room door, fully expecting Melissa and Lucy to barge in at any moment. Nothing yet, as he continued to sit and await the start of his second match.

Between another potential visit from them, his recent mixed feelings, and his Brianna dilemma, his mind was far from solely focused on this match. He had Brianna’s number in his phone, he just hadn’t made use of it yet. He’d wanted to call or text her many times, but he was able to restrain himself each time, instead settling for simply ‘enjoying’ the memories of that match with her, as she said he would.

No matter how badly he wanted too at times or how arousing the idea of it was, there was no way he could allow himself to go to her for more. He couldn’t. Caving to those desires in such a way would be a point of no return. Sometimes he’d tell himself “just once in private. Then I can never talk to her again.” Carter knew he wouldn’t hold to that though. One time would quickly blur into as long as she wanted. There couldn’t be a ‘one time thing’.

He broke from his thought to glance to the door again, intently listening. Still nothing. Was he waiting out of fear and suspense, or out of disappointment and hope? He couldn’t admit it to himself, but part of him was hoping they’d show up, and disappointed that they weren’t.

Apparently they really didn’t care about him anymore, to his surprise he hadn’t seen or heard from the two girls since that day. Before, he would’ve felt lucky and relieved, but now……it was just another thing he was conflicted about.

Then came a knock at the door.

There it is. Wait…….why did that knock bring him a little excitement? He should be nervous and upset right now. A confused Carter thought as he went over to ‘greet’ the girls as his mind continued to spin.

He opened the door, only finding one person outside. “Olivia?!” He blurted out. Unlike seeing Melissa and Lucy again, the utter shock and terror was replaced by shock and a bit of genuine excitement, though he hated that.

“You look happy to see me.” Olivia laughed.

“Did you transfer here too?” Carter asked, his face flushing at his own first reaction.

“No, well, not yet at least. I’m just visiting for a bit, and of course I couldn’t leave without saying hello once Melissa told me you were here.” She brightly smiled.

He peeked out down both ends of the hallway, fully expecting that Melissa and Lucy weren’t far behind, but there was no one there. “Oh it’s just me.” Olivia confirmed, to his slight disappointment. They really weren’t coming. At least Olivia still cared.

“What, were you hoping they’d be with me? I figured you might be glad.” Olivia laughed. “I mean, I probably could’ve talked them into coming but I thought I’d surprise you myself.”

“No, no, I just kind of assumed they’d be here tonight, like last time.” He quickly answered, trying to play it off.

“So how’s it been going here?” She cheerfully asked. “It’s been months!”

“Uh…….” He began, unsure of how to honestly answer that. He could easily give her two different answers. “…….it’s sort of complicated.” He settled for.

“Tell you what. How about I stay for your match, and then afterwards, we go out for a bit and you can tell me all about it?” She offered with a smile. “Maybe I can help.”

He thought over her offer for a moment. Maybe it would help to have someone to tell about it, there was really no one else to go too. She’d already knocked him out with her legs, sat on his face, and just overall dominated him. What was worth hiding from her at this point? Nothing he shared with her could be any more humiliating then what had already happened between them.

“That’d be nice.” He finally replied.

“Great, see you later then?” Said Olivia, about to walk away.

“Yeah…….see you later.” He replied. He was kind of expecting her to do something similar to what Melissa and Lucy had done. Part of him couldn’t help but be disappointed that she truly was just there to chat.

“Wrestling For The Male Team, 0-1, Carter!”

As he walked out, he couldn’t help but cringe a little inside imagining some of the chatter that must be running through the crowd right now after his match with Brianna.

“Wrestling For The Female Team, 0-1 In Mixed Tag Team Matches, Emma!

Emma hadn’t yet gotten the practice she was still hoping for with Max and Alexa. She realized the next day that her and Max never even exchanged numbers. Oops. Still, her fight with Max still gave her some experience. She was still naturally improving and learning things on her own. Even though she lost, it was pretty encouraging to only come seconds away from a much different result. If she was going to start off with a loss, she was proud of the intense fight she put up doing it.

Carter’s jaw almost hit the floor as he saw his opponent come out to the mats. She was stunning. Every bit as beautiful as Brianna, in her own way. Her skimpy multi colored bikini bottom didn’t leave much to the imagination.

This was just his luck, why couldn’t he get a girl that wasn’t so easy on the eyes this time? Or at least, just physically wasn’t his type. Instead, he had to fight another girl with model looks? Deep down he already knew, he wasn’t winning this one either. Melissa and Lucy were right.

He couldn’t help but stare as she turned around for a moment, unintentionally giving him a clear of her from behind. As he ‘observed’, he was already growing incredibly aroused. He already wanted a facesit so bad……..that soft butt on his face……there’d be so much skin to skin contact. Those thick warm thighs snug around his head…….and those eyes. He could stare up into those eyes all day.

He could only imagine being pinned beneath her, her crotch pressed against his chin, those thighs pressing into his cheeks, looking up into her eyes, her pretty hair hanging down…….

“Hi!” Emma energetically chirped, tearing him from his lustful fantasizing. “Just wanted to say goodluck!” She said with that dazzling smile of her’s.

“Oh, um, thanks. You too.” He awkwardly smiled back, trying not to show how blissfully distracted he’d just been.

“Oh and don’t get too cocky just because I’m 0-1 too, my opponent tapped out too, like right after me!” She playfully warned. Of all the thoughts and feelings coming and going through his head tonight, confidence was one that wasn’t. Never mind over confidence.

“You seem pretty excited though.” Emma shyly giggled, her eyes roaming to the already straining tent in his shorts. She had been very shy and quiet at the start of her first match Vs Max, but since then she was starting to find her confidence now. She definitely wasn’t quite the same girl who first stepped on the mats with Max, hopefully that went for actual wrestling too.

His face began to burn red, why he did he allow himself to start thinking those things? “Sorry, I-“ He began, not knowing where he was even going with it.

“Shhh it’s ok, don’t worry. I’ll take it as a compliment.” Emma comforted with more giggles, before returning to her side. Her sweet personality only made her more mesmerizing. Brianna was pure seduction, and that was amazing, but there was something about an innocent friendliness too.

He had to win this one though, he couldn’t let himself be another girl’s toy………right? He had to force those thoughts out of his head. Olivia was watching…….though she’d already personally saw and done worse then anything that could happen from being dominated by Emma. Maybe……he’d finally let himself call Brianna, if he won. As a reward. Yes…….the sooner he focused and stopped fantasizing about ending up under Emma’s control, the sooner he’d be back under Brianna. He could do this.

As the match began, that thinking had managed to quell his physical excitement just slightly, as it also lead to mentally replaying moments of his match with Brianna.

Emma won their first engagement, catching his head underneath her arm in a headlock. Despite making some effort and trying to motivate himself, he still couldn’t help but subconsciously want to end up beneath her. Trying to deny his newfound desires, was a losing battle.

The two struggled for position as he halfheartedly tried to escape her tight headlock. His head pressed against her, so close to some of her long hair falling down. He could smell a light delicate strawberry scent to it, from some hair care product. He wasn’t yet between her thighs or under her ass, but this was something of a turn on itself.

There was plenty of excitement through the crowd, seeing Emma in full control of her male opponents head and neck. She was making it a feminine move, making a guy flail helplessly in it.

Carter half struggles froze for a second, feeling a shiver as Emma’s thigh brushed against his hard on amidst the struggle. That pause was all she needed, as she used her leverage to wrench him down to the mat, losing control as the two of them went down a bit hard and awkwardly. Some things, Emma still lacked the experience and skill to fully execute. Learning as she went.

They were both a bit slow to recover, Carter rolling onto his stomach after the rough fall. Emma got her bearings back a bit quicker, springing onto his back and sinking an arm under his neck. Max had attempted this choke on her late in their match, but she managed to deny it just in time. Now she was going to use it herself, successfully.

Carter grasped at the arm wrapped around his neck as she locked it in, his throat now snugly pressed against the crook of her arm. He ended up having the same instinct she did from that position, as he desperately pushed off and rolled them over.

Except, he had done it much to late. Emma’s arm remained snug around his neck, his roll icky changing their position. Most of his body was on top of Emma’s now, her body sandwiched between his and the blue mat. He was ‘on top’ but she was in control.

“No rolling away, you’re all mine!” She shyly teased. ‘Being all her’s’ wasn’t so bad from this position either. Her body was tight against his, her soft arms snug around his neck, her breathing in his ear. The bulge in his shorts was fiercely rising back up.

Then, Emma decided to try something. As he struggled, he suddenly felt Emma’s feet slowly begin to rub against his hard on over the shorts. His struggles almost ceased completely, his breathing changing, as pleasure began to wash over him.

Emma hadn’t done anything like this yet, but she had the perfect chance to experiment with her obviously turned on opponent, and chose to do so. Even if she couldn’t see herself ever fighting like Alexa, expanding into some little tactics like this would definitely help her later and make her a better wrestler overall. The Emma that first stepped on the mats with Max definitely wouldn’t have done this.

“How’s it feel?” She playfully asked.

“So good.” He answered breathlessly. Maybe…….Brianna was right. He really should stop fighting it, and accept it. With every sensual grind of Emma’s feet, Brianna’s words became more and more convincing. His hard on was throbbing now.

Emma knew she finish him off by simply sinking in the choke, but she sort of didn’t want to end the round yet? She really wanted to use a headscissor, and see what her legs could do to an opponent. The closest she’d gotten was a ‘leg scissor’ and body scissor on Max.

Hopefully she wouldn’t regret this…….but she was confident that she had him. She unwrapped her arms from his neck a moment before she stopped grinding her feet on his groin, and started to push forwards on his shoulders while sliding herself backwards from underneath him, moving him down her body.

It was a good thing her feet retreated when they did, he couldn’t take much more. As the pleasure stopped, he was shocked to be released from her grip, all she had to do was sink in her choke and he was done. Yet she was sliding him downwards and off of her?!

His head finally ending up only over her lower body, he tried to prop himself up on his elbows and quickly move away to regroup. Instead, her legs flew up and snapped shut around his neck, her hand pulling his head back a bit until the back of his head was firmly against her crotch.

“You’re lucky, you get my very first headscissor!” She eagerly giggled.

He was lucky, finally where he wanted to be from the start. Between those thick soft thighs, his head pressed into her warm crotch. It was heaven, until she started pouring on the pressure…….but even then, he loved it. He couldn’t help but instinctively begin to squirm and pull at her squeezing thighs though, not that it mattered.

She was happy with the effect her legs were having. Going into matches knowing her scissors were lethal would be a nice boost. “So what do you think? My thighs strong?” She playfully asked.

“Ye-…sss” he choked out, her legs flexing around his neck.

“Good to hear it” she laughed. “Now I think we can end this round.” She said, giving him her unrelenting full squeeze. He squirmed and sputtered as she squeezed at full strength, his face changing colors. The tent in his shorts was straining again. Part of him wanted to stay between her thighs, but he was about to pass out.

A few seconds later, he tapped out on her smooth skin, on one of the legs that squeezed the life out of him. Emma immediately released him to gasp for air, while she quickly sprung back up to her feet in excitement, a bright smile on her face. She officially had her first lead in a match, and her first scissor submission!

“Winner Of The First Fall With A Headscissor, Emma! Emma Leads 1-0!”

Hearing that announcement made for her felt so good. “Need some help?” She kindly offered, turning back to Carter and reaching down with a hand.

“No…….thanks……can’t…….yet.” He replied, still getting his breath back.

“If my legs did that much, you could’ve tapped sooner.” She smiled down at him. He had no regrets though.

Carter expected Emma to stroll off back to her side now, but she stayed put. She was going to wait on him. While giving him a minute or two to recover, she just let herself take everything in, listening, looking around the packed gymnasium, and processing how the first fall had played out.

“Okay” He sheepishly said, bringing her attention back to him so she could finally give him a hand up. “Thanks Emma.”

“It’s the least I could do after that scissor” She joked, as the two separated.

Only a few minutes later, it was already time for the second and potentially final round. Stepping back on to the mat, Emma had one thing on her mind. She was going to win her first match tonight. Meanwhile, Carter was submissively resigned to his fate of being dominated by yet another girl. She was just so much better, just like Olivia, Melissa, Lucy, and Brianna.

Starting off, Emma had the idea to borrow the effective takedown that Max had first used on her. She was able to catch Carter off guard as she took the more aggressive role, hooking her leg behind his and tripping him to the mat. She hadn’t shown technique like that in the first round.

She was on him quickly, Carter’s main focus immediately becoming stopping her from fully mounting and advancing up his body. Only once she got halfway up his chest, she stopped. Instead, she quickly slid her lower body down, snaring her legs around his, and ripping them outwards into an unexpected grapevine. Her first grapevine! This one was much easier to replicate off pure visual memory and instinct, then Skylar’s triangle choke.

Carter had never been forced into a grapevine hold before, but he had seen a former friend of his held and tortured in a pretty ruthless one by Lucy, his friend felt the effects for days afterwards. He was quickly learning some of what that experience was like, her legs overpowered his with ease.

There was a bright side to the stretching, burning, pain in his legs and groin though. He got to stare up into Emma’s face.

“You’re really lucky today, you got my first headscissor and you get to test my first grapevine!” She said teasingly, her face right above his with that adorable smile of her’s.

“I could…….do without this one.” He groaned in a strained voice, trying to endure.

“Hey, it can’t all be fun!” She joked. They stayed there for a moment staring into each other’s eyes, her soft silky long hair falling down into both of their faces. She read his expressions, getting ‘feedback’ on her grapevine, while he just gazed into her eyes, feeling her warm breath on his face. That helped make some of the pain in his lower body fade away.

Even with his legs spread more then uncomfortably apart, he still managed to get turned on with every part of his body pinned by her’s, face to face.

Feeling a poke in her crotch, Emma playfully said “It feels like you do like this one” with a grin. She could tell he was reaching his limit, about to tap out.

“Wait, don’t tap yet. I know it hurts, but I have something that’ll make it better” She smiled. He submissively nodded, as she released her grapevine seconds later.

Emma certainly did ‘make it better’, sitting up, scooting forwards, and then spinning around over his face. Even sore from her grapevine, Carter probably could’ve quickly slid out from underneath an unsuspecting Emma and completely escaped, but did he really want to?

The thought did cross his mind. He had a small opening to slip away and try to continue to fight her, possibly avoiding another humiliating 2-0 loss. At the same time he’d wanted her on his face so badly even from the start. This was his chance to experience her facesit, and as Brianna said “fighting ruins the pleasure”. He had fantasized about her sitting on his face, and now it was time to accept it.

Finally, one part of him truly won out. He submissively gave in, laying still as Emma’s amazing ass came down on his face.

“Another first! I’ve never done a facesit from this angle before!” She giggled. Her first facesit, she was facing Max, looking down into his eyes. Now, she was doing a reverse facesit. “How is it?” She laughed. “Even better then the headscissor?”

“Ishhh amazingghhh” he mumbled into her in pure high bliss. It was just as amazing as he imagined. Her skimpy bottoms made it so 90% of it was skin to skin contact, smothered in soft warm feminine flesh. His cheeks, pressed deep into hers. He wouldn’t dare say such a thing to Brianna, but Emma’s facesit certainly rivaled her’s. This was by far his favorite moment of the night.

“I think your body agrees!” Emma teased him, the bulge in his pants straining as much as it had yet. He never wanted her to get off of him. He tried to deny and resist it, but ultimately Brianna was right. This is where he belonged. Accepting it, he lightly caressed her smooth thick thighs.

Soon, he began to grow lightheaded and weak. He knew what was coming, he could’ve tapped out and avoided the extra humiliation of passing out under Emma’s ass………but he no longer cared. He wasn’t passing up a second of this. And……..this was her rightful place, she deserved to enjoy her first win to the maximum, with a knockout.

Seconds later, he blacked out underneath her. Emma was taken by surprise as he went limp beneath her, he wasn’t exactly thrashing for air leading up to it. She had been sitting for a bit long now, but she thought it’d be obvious when he was in danger of passing out. Surely he’d tap when he needed to rather then suffocate in her cheeks?

She wasn’t looking to put any of her opponents to sleep, unless it was 100% necessary to win. This definitely didn’t quality. She felt a bit bad for the first few seconds, but it wasn’t truly her fault……and he clearly enjoyed having her on top of him.

As the referee noticed and signaled the end of the match to loud cheers, Emma felt the rush and let all that go, jumping up off of him and to her feet in bubbly excitement and happiness.

“Winner Of The Match 2-0, By Reverse Facesit KO, Emma!” The announcement boomed out.

Finally. Hearing that felt so good. Emma was pretty honest with herself and self aware, she knew Carter probably wasn’t the toughest opponent she’d ever face, but this win counted the same as any other. She was proud of herself. She picked up her first victory, gained more experience and confidence, picked up some new things, and would be a better wrestler going into her next match then she was this one. More progress.

Her very first win was still more then worth celebrating and feeling proud of. She stood, taking it all in as she waited for Carter to wake up.

His eyes fluttered open, seeing a blurred figure above him until his vision cleared. It was Emma, waiting for her victory pose. She had had her facesitting fun, now settling for something more basic.

Emma simply planted a foot firmly on his chest, hands on her hips with a bright smile. After a few seconds, she pulled her foot back and helped him up. His legs were a bit wobbly, both from the grapevine and the smother.

“Sorry about the knockout.” She apologized with a shy smile. “I would’ve moved if I knew you were going out.”

“Don’t worry about it.” He timidly replied, struggling to meet her eyes. “The smother was kind of nice.”

“Glad we both enjoyed it.” She giggled with a small cute smile, before turning to head off on her way. Carter couldn’t help but watch a little as she walked away, eyes pulled to the amazing ass he’d just been smothered under.

Meeting back up with Olivia on the way out was a bit awkward for him after that match, for obvious reasons. Again though, it was nothing she hadn’t done to him herself, and Olivia made it about as comfortable for him as she could.

“She was really good, maybe next time.” Was all Olivia said directly about the match, leaving it there. Just a cliche comfort line. It would’ve been more awkward to ignore it completely.

“Now, get talking.” Olivia jokingly ordered as the two of them walked out. “What’s so ‘complicated’?”

They ended up just going back to his place for a bit, and there his night somehow got even better.

He ended up back in a place part of him had missed so much, sitting below her on the floor, head and neck tight between her thighs as she gently brushed a hand through his blonde hair. Most of the time it was a snug hold rather then squeezing, so he could actually talk to her. Ranging from him, to going on about her own life over the past few months. Like a friend.

She hadn’t done it herself, he had somehow built up the nerve to ‘ask for what he really wanted’ or however Brianna put it, and Olivia had no problems doing so. “I really wasn’t going to do anything, but if you’re offering!” She had replied with a grin. He was so glad he didn’t let her leave without asking. It was such a perfect way to relax after the loud gymnasium atmosphere.

“So you’re going to call her then?” Asked Olivia, still running her hand through his hair. He could stay here for a while.

“Yeah…….I think so.” He slowly replied, in a state of total relaxation, not thinking about much other then then her comfy thighs wrapped around him, and the pleasant feeling of her hand gliding through his hair. He was enjoying it while it lasted.

“Good. I don’t know why you waited so long!” Olivia playfully lectured. “You knew you wanted to, she gave you her number, she’s gorgeous, and you really needed to talk to me for it? I better come around more often!” Olivia giggled. “But I’m glad I could help, hope she’s still interested by now!”

After a few more minutes, Olivia said “Well, it’s getting late, I think it’s time I get going.”

“Already?” He playfully groaned.

“I can’t keep you there forever!” She laughed, pulling her hand back, and swinging her leg over his head before they both got up.

“You really do enjoy this now don’t you” Olivia teased him, now noticing the arousal in his shorts. His face went red.

“It’s probably going to be a bit before we see each other again, so-“ She interrupted herself by suddenly pulling him into a tight hug, that he reciprocated every bit of.

“Remember, call me any time……..and don’t you dare keep me waiting for weeks.” She playfully joked, smiling.

“Thanks for…….everything, Olivia.” He told her with a shy grin. “You helped a lot.”

“Of course, visiting you was even more fun then I expected!” She winked, as he saw her out. “Oh, and Melissa and Lucy don’t have to know……..yet!” She added as she left.

Now, he was alone, and he knew what he was going to do. After a minutes of mentally prepping himself, he was interrupted by a few texts from Olivia. They had exchanged numbers while she was here, surprisingly after all this……..she ended up being a good friend.

Opening them, he saw:

“Um this is kind of awkward so I’ll just say it……..TBH we never deleted those pics…….and we also took videos you didn’t know about. Sorry? *crying laughing emoji* BUT, I thought you might want mine now too *winking emoji*.

Attached were two pictures, back from the first time she’d dominated him in their old school’s gymnasium, unknowingly opening the floodgates to this. In one, he was held by Olivia in a playful headlock.

The second photo was a selfie taken by Olivia, standing over his tightly hogtied form, her foot lightly perched on the top of his head, a beaming smile on her face.

The video that he didn’t know ever existed, was easily his favorite of what she’d sent. Thinking back, he remembered it was at the very end of the week that he and his former friends were at the three girls mercy. Soon after, he’d transfer here and the three popular cheerleaders would be caught and ousted anyway.

The recording, discreetly taken by Olivia from above, showed him kissing her ass in her cheer uniform, over and over again. Just like his two friends had been doing during that as well, with Melissa and Lucy. There was a stirring in his groin watching the short clip.

He should be pissed off and freaking out, even if the girls had kept it private. Them deleting those pictures was the entire deal, that’s why they kissed the girls asses. Not only did they lie, but they each took an extra humiliating video! There wasn’t any reason to care about Melissa and Lucy’s anymore, but he should be angry about Olivia’s!

Only……no anger or panic came. He was actually……thankful, that she still had those to send him. They weren’t such unpleasant memories anymore. He wasn’t sure how to reply to it though. He ended up texting her back “Thanks. It’s okay, keep them as long as you want.” Months ago, that would’ve been an unthinkable reaction from himself, but here he was.

Now…….back to business after that little distraction. Closing the text thread, he went to his call screen.

He paused, staring at the unchanging screen, hovering his finger over the screen like he had many times before when considering this. Sometimes it lasted minutes, always ending with closing the call app. This time……it lasted seconds.

Taking a deep breath, he tapped his screen…….and the call began. Hopefully she’d still be awake.

He waited as it dialed, disappointed as he started to expect it to go to voicemail, and questioning if he had waited too long. Maybe the ‘offer’ was no longer on the table.

It picked up. In a mix of playful, sultry, and smug, Brianna began “Took you long enough. You know how to keep a girl waiting.”

End Of Part 11

-New part already, pretty quick turnaround. Helped that I was able to get a jump on the beginning without knowing the opponent yet. After writing it, Emma was definitely the right choice. Got some good character development for her here. You’ll probably see her again before a possible rematch with Max. Good choice guys. Huge next part coming up, stay tuned.

-I’m going to be updating/changing Alexa’s model picture.
If you guys don’t like the change and want the current one back, I’ll of course reverse it, but hopefully you agree that it’s an upgrade. Obviously it won’t be a drastic jarring change, but it will be a different girl. I was pretty picky making sure it’ll be an actual improvement, and that it’s as close as possible to how she’s already meant to look.

Alexa was my first time using a model picture for a character, and I think I’ve done much better since, that’s it a bit of a weak link in the group now.
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Default Re: Redlands College Fight Season

Emma was definitely the right choice, I agree. I loved her playful nature, easygoing sensuality and her increase in confidence is sexy as hell. I would really enjoy reading about her again. Another chance to 'practice' before a possible rematch with Max will be great. I look forward to seeing how she competes against him after some successful matches.

Thanks for continuing this, mate.
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