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Default A New Office Hierarchy

New Office Hierarchy

Part 1:

(Sherry: [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] )

“Get off of me…….you……fat bitch!” Landon roared, struggling to muscle the thick, heavy blonde off of him.

“Oh, am I too much woman for you?” Sherry said with mock sweetness, leaning over him and pinning his arms down while seated on his stomach. “Looks like that promotion’s about to be mine!”

“No way in hell I’m ever……being ordered around…..by you!” He strained out, arms shaking as he tried with all his might to overpower her and lift them from the floor.

“Just for that, I think I’ll be reassigning you to my personal assistant!” Sherry said cheerfully, getting a roar of anger out of him as he tried to buck his hips, her size keeping him pinned flat.

With their old boss retiring from the company, the top position in their office was open, and it was little secret that Landon and Sherry were the obvious top candidates to be promoted to take his place. Sherry was desperate to land the promotion for herself, she knew this was her chance to change the misogynistic culture of their office, and create a better environment for herself and her female peers.

Meanwhile, Landon was equally desperate to land the position, for other reasons. In his mind, he was clearly the most deserving candidate. He’d been waiting for this day, hungry for the title and pay bump that came with it. Frankly, the idea of having tight competition, especially in the form of an overweight woman, was insulting. He was also aware of her feelings on the state of things, and there was no way he was allowing her to gain control and shatter the status quo.

Stressing out one night about the idea of the position going to her rival instead, Sherry came up with a wild idea that could bring the situation under her own control. A contest between her and Landon. Loser drops out for the job, effectively conceding the position to the winner. It took a while for her to advance the idea, though.

What kind of contest would she propose? Of course, she wanted something she felt would be the safest play for her own victory. Though, if she lost, going back on the agreement was an option. A slimy one, but for a good cause. She was quite confident he’d be too arrogant not to take her up on any challenge she offered.

She settled on a physical contest, quickly ruling out anything that would be decided purely based on strength, stamina, or endurance. Ultimately, she settled on a wrestling match. Strength and stamina mattered of course, but with her sizable weight advantage, she felt she simply needed to get on top once, and stay there. She was pretty sure he didn’t have the strength to nullify that advantage.

As she expected, he had immediately accepted her challenge with no hesitation.

He found the idea of Sherry challenging him in any way, nevermind physically, amusing. Standing 5’10 with an average build, he was no gym rat, but he was in much better shape then Sherry, and plus, he was a man. He didn’t even consider turning her down and risking losing out to her. She was gift wrapping him the job.

And, if she did get some sort of crazy miracle, he’d just break the agreement and then make her work life hell once it went to him the usual way. She couldn’t force him to follow through. No matter what, he was going to win.

They agreed to do it at his place on a Friday night, just the two of them. He chose to wear a T-shirt and shorts, while she stripped down to a light blue swimsuit. He couldn’t deny, despite her weight, she had a nice rack. He’d definitely be getting himself a good feel or two of those before he finished her off.

They began, and soon……..here they were.

“So, are you ready to call this off yet, or are you going to keep wasting both of our time?” Sherry gloated, her weight keeping him pinned with ease as he tired himself out.

“I’ll stay here all night……before I give up to you.” Landon growled, refusing to admit defeat as he continued futilely attempting to power her off of him, growing weaker and weaker. The promotion aside, there was no way he was letting her have even this over him.

“Figured, but your ego’s not ruining my entire night, so………let’s wrap up here!” Sherry smirked, scooting up a bit and leaning down.

“Argh…..what are youooommmph!-“ Landon was muffled as two mounds of flesh slammed down on his face. Lowering her chest down with as much weight as she could, she made his face disappear into her cavernous cleavage.

Sealed in darkness, Landon began to thrash beneath her. This couldn’t be happening to him, she was smothering him with her tits! He wouldn’t have minded getting a closer view of them, but not like this. He couldn’t stand the humiliation.

“Shhhh, go to sleep..” Sherry cooed as he cursed into her breasts. “Things are about to be a lot different around the office. You and your buddies harassment, is coming to an end.” She said softly, driving him mad under her boobs.

She didn’t even have to hold his head, continuing to hold down his now weak arms as she let gravity do it’s work. She could feel his nostrils flaring, suckling for any sort of air against her soft, warm, suffocating skin.

“That title and pay raise…..mine.” Sherry said smugly. “I’ll be making more than you now, and you’ll be my good little assistant, rushing around at my beck and call.” She smiled, his body barely struggling against her now.

He let out another shout in response, that was more of a muffled moan into her boobs, too weak now to muster much force in his voice. “Just one of my boobs probably would’ve been enough for you, wouldn’t it? But you’re all lost in there.” Sherry mused as he faded away, going still beneath her.

An elated Sherry slowly raised her chest, revealing Landon’s red, sleeping face. He was out cold. She really did it, she won! The promotion was her’s! She couldn’t wait till it was official, and to see the look on his face when he took his first direction from her. To think, all this time all she had to do to shut his mouth was drop her breasts on it.

She knew this wasn’t quite over though, as she got up off him and went over to grab his phone. She was taking no chances of him trying to break their deal.

She returned to him, and prodded at his face with her foot as she stood over him, poking at his cheeks. “Landon, waaaaaake up!” She said in a singsong voice.

She gently rubbed her foot across his face for a moment, cupping his nose with her light blue painted toes, giggling as he unconsciously inhaled through them. “Smell nice?” She teased to herself.

Getting bored, she completed her humiliation of his unconscious form by swiftly shoving her foot straight into his mouth, catching his tongue with her toes. “Mmm, tasty-“ she began to tease as he lurched back to life with his breathing partially blocked.

He gagged as she yanked her foot out of his mouth, now filled with a salty, bitter taste. “What the fuck you disgusting whale-“ He gasped out, before having the air knocked out of him as she spun around and dropped down onto his chest, his phone in her hand.

“Ready to get to writing that Email?” Sherry asked.

“Fuck you, it’s off! I’m not dropping out, and when I get that job over you I’mmmmph!-“ His angry protests were cut off as she slid herself backwards onto his face, his face disappearing between her wide, bouncy cheeks.

“Thought so, and that’s why I’m not going anywhere until that email is sent.” Sherry casually remarked. “You took the deal, and you lost fair and square. No excuses.”

Her lecturing only frustrated him more, as he began shoving at her ass and wide hips, but he was much too weak to budge her at this point, and she knew it.

“Actually, here, I’ll just do it myself. I don’t trust you.” Sherry said, setting his phone down on his stomach. Suddenly, as he continued pushing at her cheeks, one of his weakened arms was grabbed away by both of her’s. Realizing what she was doing, he pulled it back against her grip as hard as he could, yelling into her crack, but his single arm was overpowered quite easily, as she forced his finger down onto the screen.

When she released his arm, it flew back to her ass as he began desperately squirming beneath her, helplessly pushing and slapping at her cheeks in panic. He couldn’t let her send that email.

“Oh calm down.” Sherry said. “You’ll have to get used to doing what I say anyway, might as well get an early start.” She taunted.

As he grew lightheaded, Sherry briefly lifted up, allowing him a breath before he passed out again. “Give me……that….” He weakly demanded through gasps of air.

“I will, once I’m done.” Sherry smirked, dropping her ass right back on his face, sealing him back into her smothering cheeks.

As she typed up the email for him in focused silence, all he could do was desperately paw at her hips, fighting for air in her crack as his prized promotion slipped away.

“Aaaaaand…….done!” Sherry happily announced a minute later, drawing one last burst of weak struggles out of him.

“Sent. There we go!” She quickly followed up, as he let out a muffled moan of defeat into her ass.

“Oh and I hope you don’t mind, I also added that you recommend me for the position then. Just in case.” A smug Sherry revealed. To her disappointment, it didn’t get much of a reaction from him. He was just too exhausted to show any more rage right now.

As she slowly rose up off of his defeated body, she added with mock kindness “I’m so excited to start working more closely with you for now on!”, and went to get herself redressed.

She quickly returned, and he was still on the floor, breathing heavily in exhaustion. “You seem a bit tired, so I’ll just show myself out.” She laughed. “See you Monday, Assistant!”

As she left, the sound of her footsteps receding and then vanishing as he heard the door open and close behind her, he could only lay there, exhausted and horrified………

Dreading the coming week.

End Of Part 1.

- This is an impulsive little project, that went from an idea out of the blue, to a story, very quickly. I do like the format of starting during the action, pausing for background, and then resuming the action, rather than the usual story style. This will most likely be a short series, I think.
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