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Default The Tables Turn

The Tables Turn-Part One

As I looked up at my sisters, and the menacing grins on their faces, I can't help but wonder where things went wrong. A couple of days ago I was pushing them around, and treating them like crap, and now I was lying at their feet. Let's go back a couple days to where this all began.

It was just another average day for me, I was watching an old rerun of Seinfield, and using my fourteen year old sister, Marissa, as a cushion. She yelled and screamed, as I sat on her back, but no one else was home. "Get off me Darren!" she cried. "Sorry sis, but I'm two years older than you, so I have to babysit you. Most wouldn't take it as literally as I do, but that's just because I'm so committed to doing the best job possible" I taunted.

Just then my other sister Ashley, who was twelve, got home and saw what I was doing to Marissa. "Hey, quit it Darren!" she exclaimed. "Why don't you make me?" I inquired. She charged me, but as soon as she got near I kicked her leg and she fell head first onto the coach. Quickly I grabbed her and put her in a headlock, without getting of Marissa. "Haha, too bad there aren't three of ya, that might give me more of a challenge" I laughed.

I suppose I was a bit of a bully, but I was their big brother, it was my job to give them a hard time. It’s not like I ever really hurt them, or anything. I thought that I would be able to torment my sisters forever, but that all changed one day, at a family reunion.

The reunion was incredibly boring. My sisters and I had to sit alone at the kids table, and I had to listen to them talk about some boy they thought was cute, for close to an hour. The worst part was that my cousin Megan, who was only a year older than me, got to sit at the adult table, it wasn’t fair. Sure Megan was taller than me, and she looked like she was twenty-two, with her long blond hair, and full body, but that didn’t mean that she should get special treatment.

After dinner I was forced to endure more of my sisters’ boring conversations, as we waited in the living room for the adults to finish their meal. “Will you two ever shut up” I asked, frustrated. “There’s no need to be rude Darren!” Marissa retorted. “Yea, I think you should apologize to us.” Ashley added. “Apologize? Well now I have to beat you two up” I was sick of their yammering. The girls were concerned, I had easily thrown them around before, but they stood up nonetheless. Marissa and Ashley circled me, until Ashley was in front of me and Marissa was behind. My sisters thought that this would give them an advantage, but I wasn’t so certain. Suddenly Ashley shouted “Charge” and they both put their heads down and came at me full speed. I countered this by calmly moving out of the way. The girls ran into each other and both fell to the floor. “Haha, I don’t even know why I bother beating you two up, when you seem so eager to do it yourself.” I joked. I grabbed their heads, one in each arm, and began to spin around rapidly. When I got to maximum speed I let go, and they both went flying onto the couch.

I was satisfied with my work, and was feeling pretty smug, but that feeling didn’t last much longer. “Darren, how could you! Picking on your little sisters like that is shameful. You should be ashamed” called out a voice from behind me. As I turned around I wasn’t surprised to see that it was my cousin Megan who was scolding me. I had always hated the way that Megan talked down to me, like she was so superior. “Why don’t you mind your own business Megan?” I said angrily. “Why don’t you pick on someone your own size, Darren?” Megan challenged. Megan was older than me, and taller too, and I knew that she was pretty athletic, but I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to knock Megan down a peg. “Fine Megan, but don’t come out of here crying, telling everyone that I beat you up, because you asked for it” I accepted.

I walked over to Megan, with a serious look on my face, and with a purpose, I would teach her a lesson about upstaging me. To my embarrassment Megan looked bored, she even yawned, and then wagged her finger at me, motioning me forward. Enraged, I charged at her, knocking her to the ground. I got on top of her, but she was stronger than she looked and fought back admirably. We struggled on the ground for a while, and although I was getting the upper hand, I was starting to get worried, that I hadn’t beaten her yet, so I decided to go to my knees(something I’d seen UFC fighters do to get leverage). Suddenly the look of effort on her face, changed into a smile and she coyly said “Ha, right into my trap.” Before I knew what was happening she had wrapped her long, tanned legs around my neck. The constriction was immediate, and as she pulled my closer to her body it only got worse. “Now your done, your so done it’s not even funny. I’ll teach you what happens, when you pick a fight with a girl” she said sternly. Megan adjusted her legs, and swiftly rolled over without breaking her hold, so now she was sitting on my chest, with her legs still tight around my neck.

At this point I became aware that my sisters had recovered, and were watching with amazement, at what Megan was doing to me. Megan leaned back, and the choke became even tighter, I was beginning to lose consciousness, but Megan continued to squeeze and squeeze. My face turned blue, and my lungs were begging for air, and just as I felt like I would go out, Megan loosened her hold. Although the pressure was now gone, and I was beginning to regain my composure, Megan still had me in a compromising position, her legs wrapped around my neck, ready to choke me to death, and her sitting on me with all of her weight. “Do you see know, that I’m stronger than you, and really just better than you. At everything! Say it! Say that I’m stronger than you, and better than you.” Megan instructed. It killed me to admit defeat, but I was horrified of Megan, and her piston-like legs, so I complied. “Your stronger than me. Your better than me. Please let me go Megan I’m sorry” I surrendered. “Haha, look at that girls, he’s begging me to stop beating on him, does he stop beating on you when you beg?” Megan asked my sisters. “No! He just laughs and keeps on doing it.” Marissa answered. “Well in that case, lets have some fun with him.” Megan suggested. “Okay!” both girls agreed.

My sisters looked at me with hungry eyes, thinking of ways that they could get their revenge. “What should we do Megan?” Ashley asked. “For starters, lets make him say that girls are better than boys. That girls are queens and princesses, and it is the sole purpose of every boy to make girls happy, and do their bidding” Megan instructed. “Haha yeah!” the girls agreed. “Girls are better than boys. Girls are queens and princesses, and it is the sole purpose of every boy to make girls happy, and do their bidding” I whimpered. “I think you should make him kiss your feet, since you beat him up. A girl at our school once beat up a boy for trying to break up with her, and she made him kiss her feet and beg to continue dating her. They’re still dating to this day actually, haha.” Marissa suggested. “What a lovely idea Marissa, what do you say Darren, would you like to kiss my pretty little feet.” Megan teased, while wiggling her toes in my face. “No! Just get off of me!” I shouted back, there was no way that was I gonna kiss this bitch’s feet. “How dare you Darren, you should be honoured to kiss Megan’s feet, after all she is completely superior to you, you said it yourself.” Ashley scolded. “It’s okay girls, he will kiss my feet, he’s just nervous, so to make him less nervous, my feet are gonna kiss him first” Megan explained.

I had no idea what she meant, feet don’t have lips. My thought was interrupted by Megan lifting her foot up and dropping square on my nose. “Ow!” I shouted, the pain was of her foot’s “kiss” was incredible. “Aww, they like you! I think they wanna kiss again!” Megan taunted, continuing to stomp on my face. I tried to use my arms to defend myself, but my sisters held them down. I was defenceless to stop her barrage, and quickly my face was covered in bruises. “Are you feeling a little less nervous now, my feet will feel so dejected if you don’t kiss them back, they might get angry” Megan threatened. I couldn’t even respond, I was so distraught, but in order to avoid more punishment, I gave in and kissed her foot. “Aww! You do love my feet! Say it, tell my feet how much you love them” Megan teased. “I love your feet, I love them!” I exclaimed. “Kiss them again! Don’t stop until I say you can.” Megan instructed. I continued to kiss her feet, while my sisters laughed at me. “Not so tough now are you Darren, maybe you should kiss my feet next.” Marissa taunted. “Go to hell Marissa!” I shouted back. “No footkisser, Marissa is right. You should kiss both of your sister’s feet, mine shouldn’t be the only ones getting any love.” Megan explained. My sisters giggled, and started to rub there feet on my face, knowing that I had no choice, but to kiss their grimy little toes. I kissed every toe I saw, as the girls laughed, all six of their feet rubbing against my unprotected face. “Aww, like girls he loves us, he can’t keep his lips off our feet.” Ashley teased, as the girls all broke into fits of laughter, and continued their torture.

“Kids, it’s time to go home.” A voice called from the kitchen. Finally I was saved, I would get out of this horrible situation. “Ah crap, we were having so much fun!” Ashley said as she stood up and began to put her socks back on. “Yea, I sure was enjoying the Darren’s lip pressed up against my silky smooth feet.” Marissa agreed. “Well why not make him do this everyday?” Megan asked, still straddling me. “He’d just beat us up” Marissa said sadly. Damn right I would. I’d be beating them up right then and there if it wasn’t for Megan. “Why don’t I come over tomorrow, and show you girls how to make this footkisser here, your slave.” Megan suggested. “Really? You could do that?” Ashley asked. “Sure I’ll come over tomorrow, and we can have some more fun with him” Megan responded. I did not like where this was headed.

The Tables Turn-Part Two

As I woke up the next morning my face stung from the beating it had received the day before. I looked into the mirror and saw that there were several bruises from the stomping my cousin Megan had given me. I was usually an average looking guy, but the bruises weren't helping my appearance one bit. I walked out of my room, and towards the bathroom, just as Marissa reached the bathroom door. Marissa had long black hair(everyone in our family did), has a couple inches shorter than me, and a lot of guys at my school thought she was hot, but I certainly didn't agree with them.

"Out of the way Marissa" I ordered. I was still furious at her from last night, for suggesting to Megan that I kiss her feet.

"No way! I was here first!" Marissa shouted. Usually she would've just conceded and let me into the bathroom, but I guess having me kiss her feet had given her confidence. I was surprised, but excited, I had been hoping that I'd get a chance to get back at the girls, and maybe make them reconsider having Megan come over.

I grabbed Marissa by the arm, intending to push her to the ground, but she stood her ground and grabbed my waist. To my shock she then turned to the right and put her foot out, tripping me, and landing directly on top of me. Marissa had never put up a fight before, let alone took me to the ground. She looked excited at the prospect of finally getting a chance to beat me, and she grabbed both of my hands and pinned them to the ground.

"Not so tough now big brother! Ready to kiss my feet again?" Marissa teased, as she began rubbing her socked foot on my face. Her taunting proved costly though as her other foot was still in between my legs, and while she tried to force her toes into my mouth, I wrapped my legs around her other foot and turned over, flipping Marissa onto her back.

"You shouldn't count your chickens before they hatch Marissa!" I laughed, as I began to press my advantage. Marissa did her best to keep me at bay, but I was simply quite a bit stronger than her. I had pinned down both of her arms and was feeling pretty confident myself. "Ready to admit defeat?" I asked. But just then Marissa lifted her legs up and wrapped them around my neck.

"You should learn to take your own advice" Marissa taunted, as she began to tighten her grip. Although it wasn't as bad as Megan's headscissors, it was still very difficult to breathe, and I feared that it was only a matter of time, until Marissa would be rubbing her smelly feet in my face, with a big grin on her face. Luckily for me though Marissa, had never applied a headscissors before, she had only seen Megan do it, and in an attempt to copy Megan and roll me onto my back without breaking her hold, she left a huge opening. I was able to roll with Marissa, and the momentum from both of our efforts loosened her hold enough for me to escape.

I stood up, expecting another barrage, but to my surprise my sister stayed on the ground. She leaned forward and gestured for me to take my best shot. Normally I would've, but I was well aware of how close she was with her headscissors, and had no intention of letting her lock it in again. Instead I walked around her and into the washroom, to have my shower.

"Ha! What's a matter Darren? Scared of your little sisters, not so little legs?" Marissa teased. I chose to ignore her, and continue on with my shower.

The rest of the day went by normally, I watched some TV and played some Xbox, and only saw my sisters at meals. Unfortunately after lunch we were informed by my mother that she was going to have dinner with my aunt and uncle tonight, and that Megan would babysit us.

"Mom, I don't need a babysitter, I'm sixteen" I tried to explain. But she was having none of it, Megan is an adult and has a very successful babysitting business she told me, and I realized that there was no way out of this. After my mother left I continued to watch TV, however now my sisters had chosen to interrupt my enjoyment.

"Are you excited to see Megan again?" Ashley asked. Ashley's hair was the same colour as Marissa's, but it was shorter, and cut in a boyish style. She was rather gangly and awkward.

"No" I responded.

"Do you think she'll beat you up again" Ashley asked.

"No" I responded.

"Haha, you think you can beat up Megan? I beat you up today Darren, I'm pretty sure Megan can do it" Marissa laughed.

"You beat up Darren?" Ashley asked with amazement.

"You never beat me up Marissa, keep on dreaming." I retorted.

"I totally did! I had your head in my legs, and your face was turning red" Marissa argued.

"Yea, but I got out, so you didn't beat me up" I countered. Just as I finished the doorbell rung and I realized that the nightmare was about to begin. Both of the girls ran to the door, clearly excited about what was about to unfold. Megan greeted the girls and took of her coat, and for a second I thought maybe she had forgotten about me, until she said "Where is that foot-kissing brother of yours?"

"He's in here!" Marissa exclaimed, and showed Megan to the living room.

"He's been just dying for a chance to kiss your beautiful feet again" Ashley lied, producing giggles from the girls.

"Is that true footkisser, have you missed my feet as much as they've missed you?" Megan taunted. I refused to dignify her with a response.

"Hey, I'm talking to you!" Megan shouted. I continued to ignore her.

"Hmm, maybe he's asleep, well this should wake him up!" Megan proclaimed. She quickly took off her baby-blue socks, and ran over to the couch that I was sitting on. She dove on top of me, and before I could react, shoved her socks into my mouth, drawing fits of laughter from my sisters. The taste was awful, and I tried to spit them out, but Megan held my mouth shut with both hands.

"I'm not letting you spit them out, until there clean. Suck the sweat out of them!" Megan commanded, whilst shaking my head frantically. Despite my protests I was forced to suck on her sweaty socks until she was satisfied. Finally she let me spit them out and ran to the kitchen for a glass of water.

"So Darren, are you ready to be your sisters' slave? Or are you still head over heels for me and my gorgeous feet?" Megan inquired.

"You can go to hell Megan, and take these two bitches with you!" I screamed at her.

"Bad choice Darren" Megan scolded. "Now watch closely girls as I take your brother down". Megan quickly grabbed me by the head, and began to walk me around in a headlock. "As you can see, I have complete control over him. I bet he missed my feet!" Megan said as she kneeled down on one knee and forced my face into her feet. "Pucker up!" She teased as she squeezed my cheeks together, and forced me to purse my lips, and then made me kiss her feet, making exaggerated lip smacking sound.

"MWAH! MWAH! MWAH! You sure do love these little gals." Megan taunted. She then stood back up, spun around, and flipped me over her hip. I landed hard on the ground and she quickly pinned both of my hands to the ground. Megan had soundly thrashed me. She had beaten me up yesterday, but not like this, I didn't stand a chance.

"Now that he's at my mercy, I can make him do anything I want. What should little Darren have to do?" Megan consulted with my sister. I tried my best to shake her off, but Megan just laughed at my attempts, and used one hand to hold both of mine down.

"You should make him say that he'll be our slave, and make him kiss our feet again!" Ashley suggested.

"How about you make him kiss your feet Ashley?" Megan responded.

"But how will I do that? Darren always beats me up" Ashley said dejectedly.

"Come over here and I'll walk you through it." Megan explained.

Before I knew what was happening Megan had turned onto my stomach and lifted me onto my knees, then she held my arms behind my back and sat on my legs, leaving me completely immobilized. "Now just wrap your legs around his neck Ashley" Megan instructed. Ashley laid down on her back and wrapped her legs around my neck.

"Like this?" she inquired.

"Perfect Ash, now just start squeezing" Megan coached. As I kneeled there, I realized the severity of the situation. Megan was teaching my sisters how to beat me up, so even when she wasn't there I'd still be their slave. Ashley squeeze got tighter and tighter and the tighter it got, the happier she looked. Megan would give her tips, "move your hips to the right" , "keep your legs as close as they can be", "never cross your feet", and with each one I felt the life pour out of me.

Finally when I felt like my lungs were about to explode, Megan told her to loosen the grip.

"Are you ready to submit to Ashley now?" Megan asked.

"Yes! Yes! Ashley I submit to you! Just please stop choking me" I begged.

Ashley's face lit up, she couldn't believe that she had forced her brother into submission. She had the kind of smile she usually only had on Christmas morning.

"Fine brother, I'll stop torturing you with my gorgeous legs, but first your gonna beg to become my slave and kiss my glorious feet." Ashley commanded. Marissa and Megan acted like this was the funniest thing that they had ever heard.

"Oh c'mon Ashley, give me a break" I pleaded.

"Fine, maybe you'll be thinking differently after I've knocked you out!" Ashley screamed, and immediately her choke tightened. I tried my best to stand up, or escape, but Megan held me still, and it was only a matter of time until Ashley cut off my oxygen supply long enough for me to pass out.

I came to a couple of minutes later, laid out on my stomach, my feet directly in front of a pair of feet. I looked up to see Ashley's face, still with that incredible smile. "Have you learned your lesson yet? Little brother." Ashley mocked. Ashley had knocked me out, completely emasculated me, and know was calling me her little brother, and expecting me to agree to a life of slavedom, and foot kissing. And the worst part was, that I had no choice but to comply.

"Yes Ashley, I'm ready to be your slave" I let out weakly.

"I'm not offering the position, loser. You have to beg for it! And you are only to address me as your master." Ashley informed me, smugly.

"Actually Ash, when it's a woman instead of a man, their called a mistress" Megan informed Ashley.

"Fine, than you shall refer to me as mistress!" Ashley corrected.

It killed me to do it, but I gave in. "I beg you Ash..Mistress, please let me be your slave, let me kiss your feet, and serve you in every way imaginable. Please, give my life meaning, by allowing me to become your servant." I sobbed.

"Fine, kiss my feet and you can be my slave" Ashley instructed.

I kissed her socked feet repetitively, her socks were pink with little bunnies on them, and that made kissing them even more humiliating, and reminded me that I was in fact slave to a twelve year old girl.

The other girls laughed, and I realised that my life of servitude was only beginning.

Part 3
Ashley laughed as I continued to softly kiss her feet. The embarrassment I felt was incredible, my twelve year-old sister, had knocked me unconcious, and forced me to submit to her legs. Worse yet, she had made me her slave!

"Great job Ashley! Our once high and mighty brother is now worshipping your adorable little feet!" Marissa complimented her younger sister.

"Haha thanks Marissa, you should beat him up next, he's pretty weak." Ashley laughed.

"Oh yea Ashley! I would've kicked the crap out of you if it hadn't been for Megan's help." I argued.

"Did I say you could stop kissing my feet slave?" Ashley demanded. She then swiftly kicked in the balls, making me collapse at her feet. "And I told you from know on you are to refer to me only as your mistress." She finished, kicking me in the crotch again.

As I writhed around on the floor, Marissa chose this moment to strike. She jumped on top of me and quickly pinned my shoulders done with her knees. Before I could recover from Ashley's kick, Marissa had left me completely helpless.

"Okay Marissa want me to teach you how to put him in a headscissors?" Megan asked.

"Hmm, no I think I have a more unique idea." Marissa said diabolically. Before I knew what she was doing she turned herself around, without giving me any space to escape, and leaned back so that her ass was inches from my face.

"No! Marissa please! Not this! I'll be your slave! I'll kiss your feet! Just don't do this!" I begged.

"Your right Darren, you will be my slave, and you will kiss my feet, but first your gonna get to know my ass a little better" Marissa taunted, as she started wiggling her butt on my face.

"Marissa please! I'll do anything!" I pleaded.

"Fine Darren, kiss my ass!" Marissa commanded. Ashley and Megan had been laughing at the predicament I had gotten into, and now had began to chant "Kiss her ass".

"What?!?" I screamed, appalled by her demands.

"Fine then I guess I'll just have to sit my cute little tushy on your face" Marissa teased.

"Fine! I'll kiss it!" I conceded. I kissed Marissa's ass repeatedly, hoping to avoid being sat on. Megan and Ashley started howling, and chanting "You kissed her ass! You kissed her ass!"

"Ahh good boy! To thank you for your obedience, and for your years of torture, I'm gonna sit on your face" Marissa explained to my horror. Instantly she dropped her bottom onto my face. She was wearing black yoga pants, and suddenly they had enveloped my whole word. Marissa rubbed her ass hard into my face, I guess because she was having a hard time getting comfortable, unfortunately my comfort wasn't much of a concern for her. I had an incredibly difficult time receiving oxygen while I was underneath her and pretty soon I was getting light headed. The last thing I remember for passing out was Marissa farting, and all of the girls breaking into fits of laughter.

As I regained conciousness I awoke to a similar seen as last time. I was once again laying at the feet of one of my sisters. Almost instinctively I began kissing her feet. Marissa never wore socks in side the house, so I found myself kissing her bare feet.

"Haha, your getting good at this slave! Now I want you to know that from this moment onward, Ashley and I own you. Not just in this house, not just while Megan's here, everywhere, everytime, forever. If Ashley walks up to you at school and demands you get on all fours and kiss her feet, you won't hesitate in dropping to your feet and smothering your sister's beautiful creamy white feet in kisses! Do you understand me?" Marissa commanded.

"Yes mistress" I conceded.

"Good now kiss my ass again." she ordered. Marissa turned around, grabbed my hair and plunged my head into her backside. Reluctantly I kissed it, knowing she wouldn't let me go until I had.

"Oh! Oh! Do me next!" Ashley squealed. She then turned around and Marissa forced me to purse my lips, and then shoved my puckered lips into Ashley's ass.

"Do you want a turn Megan?" Marissa asked.

"Yes I think I would, but first I wanna sit on his face, that was a brilliant move Marissa." Megan complimented. Before I could respond Marissa and Ashley grabbed me and held me down, so that Megan could slowly walk over and seductively lower her ass onto my face.

"Now kiss it slave!" Ashley instructed, and for added motivation, she began to squeeze my balls. I kissed my cousins ass over and over again, until she got tired of it, and then I was forced to spend the rest of the time until my mom got home licking the three girls feet. It was now clear that the tables had been turned.

Part 4
I couldn't believe how far I'd fallen. Two days ago I was a free man, I controlled my destiny, now I was a slave to my sisters. All night I had been tossing and turning remembering the torture that I had been put through. Each time I closed my eyes I saw their maniacal smiles. I got out of bed, around seven and went to the bathroom to have my shower. But when I left my room I saw that my sister Ashley was standing in front of the bathroom door.

"Hey there slave" she said with a smile. I wasn't sure how to respond, I hadn't ever had problems fighting with Ashley before, but she had KO'ed me last night, and truth be told I was more than a little scared.

"Hey! I'm taking to you! Get on your knees and kiss my feet, before I put you over my knee and spank you!" she commanded. I knew that if I obeyed I'd be trapped, forced to be her and Marissa's slave forever. So I decided to make my stand and charge at her. I knew I was still stronger than her, so I thought if I could get her down, that I wouldn't have a problem winning. Unfortunately I never got that chance. Before I could grab her, she stuck her knee out and clipped me in the groin, I collapsed to the ground in a heap.

"Hehe, looks like I gotta spank you now! That's the only way to discipline little boys like you" Ashley teased. She rolled me onto my stomach, and put me in a body scissors, so that I had no way of escaping, and then began to smack me violently on the bottom.

"Please Ashley stop!" I begged her, but she only hit me harder.

"Who am I?" she demanded.

"I'm sorry! Your my mistress! You own me! Just let me go!" I whimpered.

"Fine, since you asked so nicely, I'll stop thrashing you so soundly, but your punishment is far from over" Ashley instructed. It blew my mind how quickly she had gone from scared innocent victim, to dominating vixen. She let me get to my knees, but quickly pointed to her feet and made a kissy sound with her mouth...I was all to familiar with what that meant. I sweetly kissed her soft feet, as she giggled, and plotted how she could punish me further.

"Hmm..I'm liking the feet kissing...but I think my cute little bottom is feeling left out." she teased, turned around, and began wiggling her bottom in my face. I realized that in this scenario, without knowing she had completely given me the upper hand. She had turned her back to me, and was completely vulnerable. Now was the time to strike. But I couldn't. Every time I tried to stand up and attack my mind flashed back to being trapped in her scissors and spanked.

"Your wasting my time, and now you will be punished further! " Ashley bellowed. She dropped her shorts, so that she was in her pink panties. "Now kiss my pretty pink bum, before I take these off too!" she commanded. I gave in and planted a long kiss on my sister's ass. She giggled and demanded more, and to my shame I complied.

"Now wait outside the door like a good little doggy, while I have my shower" Ashley instructed. She walked into the bathroom and closed the door, and I was free. I could go anywhere in the world, I could go to the store, hang out with friends, even go to the library if I was really bored. But I didn't. I sat outside the door. And I waited. Like a good little doggy. What's wrong with me!

When Ashley got out of the shower, she dried her feet off on my face, and then walked me into the living room, where she sat on me and read magazines. A half hour later, my other sister Marissa came down stairs.

"I see our slave is doing as he's told." Marissa observed. I wanted to jump up and knock Ashley over, then tackle Marissa and be out the door. A couple of days ago that wouldn't have been a problem. But the new potiential for punishment was holding me back.

"Yup! He tried to disobey me earlier, but I gave him a spanking and he's been quite obedient since then." Ashley responded.

"Haha! You spanked him? Atta girl Ash! Well if you don't mind getting a new chair, I'd like to borrow our little slave for a while." Marissa asked.

"Why certainly, he's just as much yours as he is mine." Ashley agreed.

Marissa brought me up to her room and forced me to paint her finger nails and then her toe nails. After I was done, I had to blow on the nails, and then kiss each finger and toe. As I sat at the foot of Marissa's bed, worshipping her toes, I wondered how much worse my life could possibly get.

Part 5
I couldn't imagine anything worse than this. Being forced to serve my sisters, while they tortured and humiliated me. It was a living hell. I had to make them lunch and watch as they ate, while I was starved.

"Yum! Thanks for the food little brother!" Ashley thanked me. My stomach growled loudly as I watched her devour her food.

"Oh would you like some Darren?" Marissa asked. I knew it was a trap, but I was so hungry that I didn't care.

"Yes mistress, I'm very hungry and would really like to eat." I pleaded.

"Hmm okay come over here and you can have half of my sandwich" Marissa offered. I didn't even think about, I quickly walked over to take the sandwich from her outstretched hand. But before I could grab it, she dropped it on the floor and stomped on it with her bare feet.

"Oh no! I'm so clumsy! Oh well I guess you'll have to eat it off my feet now" Marissa teased. I was heartbroken, and infuriated. I just stood there in shock.

"Get down there and eat the food that Marissa has generously offered you!" Ashley commanded. Before I could react she grabbed the nape of my neck and forced my head down to Marissa's feet. It was clear that I had no way to escape, so I reluctantly licked the food off of Marissa's feet, although it took a very long time.

"Hmm I think we should watch a movie!" Ashley suggested.

"Yea for sure, I think I'll call Tammy and ask if she wants to come over, and play with our new slave." Marissa responded.

"Haha, sounds good! Come with me slave!" Ashley commanded. "I think I'm going to watch Pitch Perfect, but I don't think that this couch is comfortable enough, so I'm gonna use you as a pillow."

Ashley made me lie down on the couch as she put on the movie, she then came back over and sat down on my chest. It knocked the wind out of me and I was gasping for air.

"Please Ashley, I can't breathe." I begged.

"You can't call me that! You call Marissa mistress! Why won't you call me mistress? Is it because your afraid that she'll sit on your face again? Well this should teach you that you need to address me with the proper respect!" Ashley threatened.

"Please Ash no!" I cried. But she dropped her ass on my face, before I could move. She shaked her ass on my face, making sure to humiliate me as much as possible. If that
wasn't bad enough I couldn't get any oxygen underneath her. Her jean shorts were rough against my skin, and although I struggled with everything I had, all that accomplished was tiring me out, and wasting oxygen. Eventually I blacked out from the lack of air.

"Haha you weren't lying he really is doing whatever you say! Did he let you sit on his face Ashley?" a voice asked.

"Haha nope, it was his punishment! He is only to refer to me as mistress, but he kept calling me Ashley.

When I came too I heard voices talking, from underneath Ashley bottom. I started to sqirm and the girls took notice.

"Hehe, looks like our slave is waking up. Say hi to Tammy!" Marissa instructed. Ashley got off of me and for the first time I saw Tammy. She was a little bit thick, but was still incredibly hot. She had gorgeous brown hair, beautiful hazel eyes, and enormous breasts.

"Hi Tammy.." I let out weakly, I was incredibly embarrassed, and was still coming too from Ashley's asphyxiation.

"That's not how you greet one of our friends slave! You get on your knees and shower her feet with kisses. Or should I sit on your face until your more co-operative?" Ashley threatened, and began to lower her bottom back onto my face.

"No! No! I'll do it! I'm sorry!" I apologized. I rolled off the couch, and crawled over too Tammy's feet and began kissing them. She was wearing riding boots, as she had just come from a horseback riding class.

Tammy laughed heartily, and said "Oh I could get used to this!"

"Oh don't worry Tammy, this is just the beginning." Marissa informed her. I didn't know what they had planned for me, but I was not looking forward to finding out.

The Tables Turn Part 6

"Alright bitch you stay here, us girls need to decide how we're gonna torture you next" Marissa instructed. Tammy shoved me onto my back, and Ashley stepped on my stomach, but then the three girls went upstairs. As I laughed there I considered my options. It was a terrifying prospect, but I honestly felt like there was no real possibility of escape. It made more sense to just give into the girls, and avoid the extra punishment. My mindset changed when I failed to realize one important thing, mom and dad would be home tomorrow.

When mom and dad got home my problems would be ever, they would have no way of controlling me...unless they had planned that already. Or maybe that was what they were planning right now. Well I wasn't about to give them that chance. I would leave now while they were distracted, and stay at a friend's house tonight. It would work as long as I was quiet. So as quietly as I could, I sneaked over to the front door, and silently slipped into the front yard.

I was free! I had escaped the tyranny of my sisters! I wouldn't be kissing any more butts, licking any more feet, or being anyone's slave. I whistled as I walked happily down my driveway. My celebration was cut short, when a pink car pulled up, and to my horror, it was being driven by my cousin Megan, who had gotten me into this mess in the first place?

"Hey there footkisser, did you miss me?" she asked with a smile. She was wearing sunglasses, a white t-shirt and brown short shorts.

"I'm done with you, and I'm done with my sisters, I'm out of here" I tried to say as masculinely as I could.

"You aren't gonna escape. Your gonna try, I'm gonna stop you, and then your sisters are gonna spank you till your ass is bleeding. How about you save yourself the trouble and crawl back into that house, if you come over here and kiss my feet like a good little dog, I won't even tell on you" Megan responded coldly.

I wasn't sure what to do. Megan had soundly thrashed me countless times, but now that I was outside, now that I had a taste of freedom. I knew I couldn't agree to go back. Without saying a word I bolted past Megan and ran down the street. Megan quickly pursued me, but I had done a bit of track in school, and had no problem outrunning her.

I ran for around twenty minutes until I found myself at my best friend's house. I knew that he would let me stay over for the night, if I explained the circumstances. It would be difficult to admit what had happened, but I'm sure he'd understand. I went to knock on the door, but to my horror, I saw a sign on the door that said "On Vacation!". Crap! I forgot he and his folks were spending the weekend in their cabin. I walked back onto the sidewalk dejected, trying to think of where else I could stay, when I heard a car horn honk.

A voice then called out "Fooooooooooootkisssssseer! I see you!". Crap! Megan had found me. I ran as fast as I could, but Megan was in her car, and I knew it was only a matter of time until she caught up to me. In a last ditch effort to get away I ducked into an alley, only to find that it was a dead end. I turned around to get away, but I was horrified at what I saw. Megan was blocking the only exit.

"C'mon, give me your best shot" she taunted. I realized there was little to no chance of me beating her in a head on fight, but maybe I could run past her, and get away from her long enough for her to give up. I faked left and ran right, and although she fell for the fell for the move, she lifter her foot up and caught me square on the jaw. I fell down in a heap, while she laughed.

"You know Darren, I always think that kicking your ass is gonna get less fun the more that I do it, but it never does. Everytime I enjoy it more and more. And although I'd love to take my time with you, and utterly obliterate you, I'm sure your sisters are worried sick, and I'd like to get you back to them as soon as possible, so I'll end this quickly" Megan threatened. By this point I had gotten to my knees, but I was still wobbly. Megan nonchalantly walked over to me and pushed me onto my back. Before I could stand back up, she sat down on my chest.

"Hmm how to finish this...I could put you out with my legs, we both know how effective that is. Or I could make you take a nap under my beautiful bum, don't think I've forgotten how much you enjoyed your time under Marissa's. Maybe I should just punch the crap out of you, for making me waste all that gas trying to find you. Or maybe, since I've ended any chance you've ever had at escaping, and essentially ruined your life, I should be a little more nice. How would you like to be knocked out by these big, gorgeous breasts of mine?" Megan asked.

I was confused, how did she plan to use her breasts to KO me? Suddenly Megan dropped her chest on me, and my face was enveloped, by her soft pillowy breasts. It was incredibly arousing, and to my shame, I almost immedieately got hard. She laughed at me, and said that I "was completely at her mercy". It was at this point that I realized how little oxygen I was getting. And as Megan dropped her chest lower and lower, and my face was completely covered in her clevage, I was getting no oxygen at all. It was like a combination of death and ice cream, pain and brownies, hell and marshmallows. Eventually I succumbed to her torture, and went unconscious.
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Default Re: The Tables Turn

The Tables Turn Part 7

As I awoke I found myself tied spread eagle to the bed in my parent's room. I was disappointed as I realized that my attempts at escape had failed. I was depressed that I would be subject to more torture. But most of all I was angry. Angry at Megan for teaching Ashley and Marissa how to enslave me. Angry at Ashley and Marissa for everything they'd forced me to do. Most of all I was angry at myself for letting this happen.

As I sat there stewing in my emotions, I heard a giggle and a young girl skipped into the room. I didn't recognize the girl, but I recognized the vulnerability of the situation, and how careful I needed to be. Maybe I could convince her to untie me.

"Oh hi there" I said trying to be polite, "Who are you?" I finished.

"My name is Julie!" She said excitedly.

"Hi Julie! Is there anyway you can let me out of this predicament." I asked politely.

"Oh I don't know, my sister wouldn't like that" Julie responded. She must be Tammy's sister. Now that I looked closer I definitely saw the resemblance.

"Please Julie! It would really mean a lot to me." I said persuasively.

"Hmm..okay but one condition." Julie agreed.

"Alright, what?" I asked.

"You have to kiss me, on the lips for 20 seconds!" she demanded. Now I was torn, Julie was pretty and I got the feeling that she would develop into a beautiful woman, but currently she looked like she was thirteen years old. I couldn't kiss a thirteen year old it wouldn't be right. But I couldn't pass up an oppourtunity to get out of here either.

"Okay fine..I'll do it" I conceded. Julie squealed and jumped on top of me, kissing me passionately. I tried to keep the kiss as PG-13 as possible, but she was clearly interested in something more A-14. She forced her tongue into my mouth, as I counted the seconds in my head. 18, 19, 20. Finally she broke off the kiss and untied my bondings, and with that I was free. I walked downstairs, but was horrified by what I saw. Megan, Marissa, Ashley, and Tammy we're standing there waiting for me, and all were in their bikinis, I was worried as to where this was going.

"So you kissed a nine year old?" Megan teased.

"WHAT?!" I replied in shock.

"Yup! And you loved it!" Julie insisted. So this had been part of my humiliation all along. Damn it, I was mad.

"Alright bitch here's the deal, we know you want to get out, so badly you willingly kissed a child on the mouth, and we're gonna give you that opportunity. What's gonna happen is this, we're gonna have a wrestling tournament, you are gonna wrestle each one of us, if you win one your free, but if you lose all of them, your are slave forever." Marissa explained.

"Who exactly am I wrestling? What are the rules? Is it possible for me to get some food first?" I asked excitedly.

"Hehe, don't get to excited brother. Your gonna wrestle Ashley, Myself, Megan, Tammy, and Julie. The rules are simple, the person who forces the other person to submit wins. Yes you can get food, would you like my feet to feed it to you again?" Marissa stated. I quickly got food and got back for the tournament. I couldn't believe my luck! All I had to do was beat Julie, it didn't matter what happened in the other ones, she was nine I doubted she'd prove much of a challenge.

"And your first oppenent is....Julie!" Megan announced. The other girls cheered her on as she stepped forward. I couldn't believe it, I assumed she'd be going last, but the weakest fighter going first, all I had to do was win this one and I'd be free.

I stepped forward aggressively, wanting to take an early advantage. To my shock, Julie quickly stepped forward, grabbed my arm and Judo flipped me onto my back. Her small undeveloped breasts pressed against my chest as she laid on top of me.

"Did I forget to mention that I have a green belt in Judo?" Julie teased. "Now to have some fun with you."

Julie quickly straddled my stomach, and mounted me. I tried to push her off with brute strength, but she expertly used her legs to hold my arms down. She was now sitting cross legged on my upper chest with her feet on my face.

"How about this, you can either kiss my feet, kiss my lips,
or submit? It's your choice." Julie taunted.

"GO TO HELL!" I was so embarrassed that this was happening to me! I struggled like crazy to get away, but she just giggled and rubbed her feet all over my face.

"Okay last chance, you can kiss my feet or my face, but you better chose, soon or I'll make you tap right now" Julie commanded. I can't even explain how hard the girls were laughing at this. It had been bad since the start, but it had reached a peak. I had two different groups telling me what to do. Marissa and Tammy told me to kiss her lips, Ashley and Megan told me to kiss her feet, and I just lied there devastated.

"Okay too late it's over!" she announced. Julie wrapped her legs around my throat, and my survival instincts kicked.

"Fine I'll kiss your feet!" I surrendered.

"No, you lost your chance" She denied.


"Hmm well since you begged" Julie giggled. She repositioned her feet so they were right over my mouth and I began to shower them in kisses. At that point it had occured to me, I had just beaten up by a nine-year old, who had then allowed me to kiss her feet, after I begged her too. God damn it! This day was just getting worse.

"Oh your so good at this foot kissing thing! You must have a ton of practice! Hmm...maybe you should practice kissing something else now" Julie suggested.

"But you sai-" I was cutoff when Julie forcefully kissed me on the lips. Once again her tongue explored my mouth as I laid helpless underneath her. I think the other girls in the room had all peed themselves at this point from laughing so hard.

"Aww, that was a lovely kiss cutie, we'll have to do some more of that later! But for now I'm gonna finish you off." Julie teased. She then turned around so that her bum was directly above my face, and wrapped her ankles around my throat. The constriction began immediately, and I worried I wouldn't last long in this hold.

"Now Darren, if your in this hold for more than 30 seconds, you'll be rendered unconcious, but since I'm nice I'll let you out if you pucker up and kiss me right on my curvy little ass" Julie offered.

"KISS HER ASS! KISS HER ASS! KISS HER ASS! KISS HER ASS!" The girls began chanting. I didn't delay, I immedieatly kissed her ass, to the roaring applause of the girls.

"Hmm..are you kissing it? I can't feel it! Hey sis! Give my little bitch here a hand, pull down my pants, and panties, so he can kiss my right on my bare tushy!" Julie instructed.

"Gladly!" Tammy said with glee, she quickly crawled over, and pulled down her sisters pants. I had kissed the seat of her pants before, but this seemed to be taking it to far! I couldn't kiss her bare bottom.

"I think he's nervous Julie, don't worry I'll give him a hand" Tammy exclaimed. She grabbed my head and shoved straight into her sisters ass, and held it there. By this point the choke was unbelievable, and my current situation wasn't really making me feel any better about it. In an act of desperation, I kissed Julie directly on the ass.

"Haha! Oh man your pathetic! I think I'll knock you out anyways" Julie proclaimed. The squeeze continued, and the last thought I had before I lost conciousness was if I lost to the youngest, what would the rest do to me.

Chapter 8
As I regained conciousness I became aware of my surrondings. I was encircled with the evil girls.

"Hehe, looks like he's ready for his next oppenent" Ashley laughed. It was at that point I remembered the tournament, and how badly Julie, a nine year old girl had trounced me. I tried to get up, but my body was sore all over. I slowly crawled up, but the girls could tell that I was in pretty bad shape.

"I think I'd like to next girls" Tammy informed the girls, who all agreed that after doing such a good job of helping Julie she deserved to go next. I looked at Tammy and noticed that unlike the other girls who were in bikinis, she was in a tank top and a pink satin skirt. I was instantly aroused, but also worried about what she might do to me.

"Okay Darren, I might not have any idea how to fight, but after watching what just happened with Julie, I'm not that worried" Tammy taunted. Tammy was gorgeous, and in a different circumstance I'd have had no problem wrestling with her, but I feared this wouldn't be very enjoyable.

Tammy walked towards me and put her hands in the air for the test of strength. I tried to match her, but she was taller than me, and I couldn't reach. The girls all laughed at this show of superiority, and Tammy teased me and got down onto her knees. I took her hands and tried to push her down, but she stood her ground, despite her now incredible height disadvantage.

"This all you got Darren? Oh well I guess it's time for me to start trying" Tammy proclaimed. Suddenly she began squeezing my hands and I immediately went to my knees from the shock of the pain. Tammy smiled at me and stood up, pressing her advantage now. Now she stood up so the leverage was on her side, and the pain only increased. I felt as though my fingers were all breaking, and tears rolled down my face as she pushed me onto my back, and mounted me.

"Wow that was easy! Now what to do? How do I end this?” Tammy contemplated. Her skirt was on my lap and the fabric brushed my crotch, which visibly excited me. “Oh you like my skirt?” Tammy asked. “Well than maybe you should get a closer look!” Tammy quickly turned around and placed her ass inches above my face.

“You like what you see?” Tammy asked. She brushed her skirt across my face playfully, and the soft fabric cascaded over me. She then lowered her bottom so that it was just inches from my face, and began provocatively shaking it, so that it would just barely graze me. Her gorgeous curvy ass, and her beautiful satin skirt combined to give me an incredibly sensual experience, and I became erect almost immediately.

“Wow..he sure likes you Tammy!” Megan proclaimed.

“It’s this skirt, boys go crazy for it, but we can’t have our slave enjoying his time, so I think I need to end his fun” Tammy responded. She gently lowered her behind onto my face, and to my surprise I found myself enjoying this despite the lack of oxygen. As she shook her ass on my face, I was treated to more of her glorious ass, and her heavenly skirt. I never wanted her to get off me, I didn’t care about oxygen any more. And then suddenly she lifted her ass off me, to my disappointment.

“How are you down there? Are you enjoying my pretty little ass?” Tammy asked.

“Yes…” I answered shamefully.

“Would you like me to sit back down?”

“Yes please” I responded.

“Oh Darren, I own you now, fine I’ll sit back down but first your submit to me, and kiss my bum.” She instructed.

“I submit to you Tammy” I complied. I kissed her ass deeply, and she lowered herself back on top of me, her skirt covering my entire face. I continued to kiss her ass even though she hadn’t asked me to, and I began to realize the power she now had over me. As my oxygen left me, I was in a state of pure bliss.

Chapter 9
As I laid unconscious, I dreamed of the life I used to have. I was running around with friends and having fun, but that dream turned into a nightmare as I woke up to see five girls looking down at me with mischievous on their faces.

"So Darren, how have you enjoyed the tournament so far?" Marissa asked mockingly. I moaned and tried to get to my feet, but my body was racked with pain. I got to one knee and almost stood up, but to my horror I fell back onto my face to the amusement of the girls.

"Hahaha we beat him so bad he can't even stand up" Tammy said.

"Or maybe he's decided to just lie their and except his punishment, like a good little doggie!" Julie added.

"Well either way this tournament is far from over! And I'm next!" Ashley proclaimed excitedly. Megan and Marissa helped me to my feet as Ashley stood in front of me, stretching non-nonchalantly. A thought crossed my mind, if I make Ashley think I was done, then I could lure her into a trap and win my freedom!

"Mistress please don't hurt me, I can't take anymore" I begged Ashley. All of the girls exploded with laughter and it was clear that my plan was working.

"Hahaha, your pathetic! Crawl over and kiss my gorgeous socked feet and I'll consider going easy on you." Ashley commanded.

“Anything for you mistress” I obeyed, continuing with the charade. The other girls we’re laughing and giving Ashley suggestions.

“You should make him wear a dress for the rest of the contest” Marissa suggested.

“You should make him give us his Facebook password so we can destroy his life!” Tammy followed.

“You should put makeup on him!” Julie screamed. All of the girls laughed as I laid at Ashley’s feet, placing gentle kisses on her green socks and waiting for my moment to strike.

“All good ideas girls, but I can’t decide which one we should do, so Iguess we’ll do all of them!” Ashley answered to the cheers of the girls. But as Ashley spoke to the girls, she took her attention off of me, giving me the perfect opportunity to strike. I quickly jumped to my feet and tackled Ashley onto the ground. For the rest time in a long time I was in control. I quickly rolled her onto her stomach and slipped my arm under her neck putting her into a sleeper hold. The girls had all been rendered silent in shock. I continued to squeeze Ashley’s neck, knowing that I was growing closer and closer to gaining my freedom.

“This isn’t fair at all! He cheated!” Julie shouted.

“Seems fair to me bitch!” I shouted back. But taking my attention off of my opponent would prove to be my downfall as Ashley was able to slip her arm and elbow me directly in the balls. The pain was intense, but I knew I couldn’t let this slip away from me, and I tightened my grip. Ashley motivated by the clear toll that her elbow had taken on me, became brutal as she rapidly delivered elbows into my crotch, until the point I thought I would faint from the pain. My grip grew weaker and weaker and before I knew what was happening Ashley had broken out of my hold and was now sitting on my chest hammering my with strikes all over my body. The girls had gone from completely silent to literally screaming with excitement, all of them yelling “Hit him! Hit him! Show him who he belongs to! Ashley was motivated further and the speed and ferocity of her strikes intensified. She was literally bludgeoning me as I laid underneath her in fear, trying to protect myself, and failing. Ashley’s confidence rose as my condition worsened and she began taunting me.

“I can’t wait to see you in makeup Darren, I’ve got lip gloss that will go perfect with your complexion! Your gonna look so pretty in that dress Darren! And soon everyone you know will find out what a big bitch you are, and how you are a slave to your beautiful sisters, who are infinitely better than you!”

The beating subsided and Ashley easily pushed my very much weakened arms down and quickly pinned them down with her legs, leaving my face completely unprotected. She made a fist, which made me cringe, but then she laughed and gently slapped me across the face. She then continued to lightly slap me in the face, clearly revelling in her domination.

“Haha, kiss my hand Darren.” Ashley commanded. I reluctantly obeyed and kissed her hand, which she immediately used to slap me in the face. This continued for a while and at one point she had all of the girls kiss her hand before a slap, which in her words meant that “they we’re giving her power”. I laid there prone through all of this. It was clear to me that I was doomed, and I was now only waiting for her to finish me.

“Damn it Ashley, would you just finish me!” I demanded, I had gotten so frustrated that I no longer cared for self preservation. Ashley responded by punching me directly in the face.

“You aren’t in control here little boy, I am! *another punch* And your supposed to call me mistress! *punch*”. She then spent a while pummelling me with her fists. Then finally it became clear that she was bored, so she scooted up my chest and sat directly in my face. All of the girls had sat on my face before, but they’d all done so with their asses, here Ashley had sat her crotch down on top of my face. It was as painful and uncomfortable as ever, but twice as embarrassing. I decided not to bother trying to hold out and immediately tapped out, content to just get this over with, but Ashley was having none of it. She continued to sit on me until I was completely unconscious.

I woke up to find my hands and legs tied up and all of the girls looking down at me and laughing.

“I just love your outfit, Daria!” Megan complimented, it took me a while to realize she was referring to me. I looked down in horror to see that I had one of Marissa’s dresses on it was yellow with a diagonal blue stripe.

“Don’t worry we wanted to save the makeup for when you were awake. It wouldn’t have been half as much fun without you squirming around” Marissa informed me, but I certainly wasn’t relieved by the information.

“ I always wanted a little baby sister!” Ashley teased. The girls began to surround me as they pulled out their makeup boxes. Megan sat down on my chest and began applying lip gloss to my lips while Tammy and Julie applied eyeliner, and mascara. Throughout this Ashley and Marissa held my head still so I couldn’t move. I fought like a madmen to try to avoid this, but I was simply outnumbered and the girls only laughed and easily constrained me. The process moved rather quickly and in no time I had been completely covered in make up.

“Selfie time!” Marissa shouted and all of the girls jumped on me so they could be in the picture with me. I was thoroughly embarrassed when I saw how horrendous I looked in that photo.

“Time to get onto his facebook!” Tammy announced, as she rushed to the family computer. I had decided that no matter what happened I wouldn’t give them my password, no matter how badly they hurt me, I couldn’t let people know what was happening.

“Girls, you aren’t gonna believe this, but this loser left his account logged in!” Tammy squealed with excitement. My heart sank, I hadn’t even had a chance. They quickly went to work on destroying my life, changing my profile photo their group shot, changing my relationship status so that it said I was dating Julie(which was her idea), and then making a number of embarrassing statuses including: “My sisters are the best, and that’s why I have no problem kissing their feet and butts all the time, they deserve to be pampered” and worse still “I love my girlfriend Julie! She may only be 9 years old, but age is only a number!”. It was clear that every single friend I had would soon now what had been going on and it was the scariest thing I could ever imagine. Until I realized that the tournament wasn’t over, and that I had to compete in two more matches.
I had been beated, punished, enslaved and humiliated, and my torture wasn’t close to over. As Megan warmed up for the next match, the rest of the girls taunted me.

“Hey loser, maybe that dress will give you an advantage” Ashley teased.

“Or maybe Megan will look at his makeup and die from laughter” Tammy added. I felt like absolute crap and wanted to get out of there more than anything, but I knew losing the next two matches would mean that I would be stuck being there slave, and I couldn’t let that happen. I needed a way to beat Megan, and at that moment, I think I had thought of one.

“You getting excited for this match dork?” Megan asked.

“What’s the point Megan, you’ve already beaten me at my best, and in this state, I’d be no match for you” I whined, hoping that she’d take the bait.

“True, it wouldn’t be anything close to fair, hmm maybe I should give you an advantage. I know, why don’t I wrestle you with my hands tied behind my back!” Megan suggested.

“Okay!” I jumped at the offer. How stupid was Megan, she’d just accidentally ensured my victory. So Marissa hesitantly tied Megan’s hands behind her back, and we squared off. I decided my best bet was to get her onto her back, because then she wouldn’t be able to get back to her feet, putting me at a distinct advantage. I threw caution to the wind and charged at her. Megan stood there smiling, not even moving an inch. However right before I got to her she jerked her knee up right into my crotch, stopping me in my tracks. I gasped and slowly fell onto my back, writhing on the ground. The girls exploded with laughter.

“OMG Megan I think you may have crushed his teeny little balls” Julie giggled.

“She doesn’t even need to use her hands!” Marissa applauded. As I struggled to recover, Megan had slowly walked towards me, and to my horror stepped right onto my injured crotch. The pain was incredible and I found my eyes were filling up wit tears.

“Aww don’t cry little girl, you’ll ruin your makeup” Megan taunted. She then stepped onto my lower chest, and then my upper chest, and suddenly I realized that she intended to just walk right over me. Each time her feet came down it was painful, but nothing compared to when she stepped down both of her bare feet onto my face. All of her weight was on me as she stood on top of my face.

“You and my feet just can’t get enough of each other! You ready to submit yet?” Megan laughed.

“Yes!! Please! I submit!” I screamed.

“Haha good, now kiss my feet and I’ll get off of you” Megan commanded. I kissed her feet like they were lips of my bride on our wedding day, hoping that I could satisfy her and prevent farther punishment. “I always knew you loved these little girls”

Chapter 11
I had been beaten by not one, not two, not three, but four girls in a row and my body was sore and I was mentally and psychologically exhausted. When I got to my feet I saw Marissa blow me a kiss and I wanted to just curl up and die. I knew what was coming with Marissa. She'd been the first one to face sit me and had taken every opportunity to do the same since then. Marissa walked right up to me and kissed me gently on the forehead, which brought on cheers and laughter from the crowd of my conquerors.

"Well then little boy, I think we both know where this is heading, so why don't you lie down so I can sit my pretty little bum on your ugly face." Marissa teased as she playfully jostled me hair. Marissa was probably right, I didn't have a very good chance to win but I had gone through way too much to give up now, and I wasn't about to let this bitch control me. So I did something I probably shouldn't have, I threw a punch at my baby sister. Unfortunately for me she caught that punch. "Looks like you still have some fight left in you. Good!" Marissa exclaimed. She twisted my arm behind my back and grabbed a handfull of my hair. "I think you should give these nice ladies, who took the time out of their busy days to kick your ass a thank you for all their hard work. In fact I think you should kiss every one of their asses!" Marissa proclaimed, getting the loudest cheers since Julie's first win.

Speaking of Julie, that was exactly who I was brought to first as Marissa paraded me around the circle before stopping in front of the nine year old that’d beaten me with her judo and then humiliated me by making me kiss her bare ass. “Ask to kiss her ass!” Marissa instructed and pulled tightly on both my hair and my trapped arm.

“May I kiss your ass Julie?” I asked weakly, knowing there was no other option but submission from this point.
“I think I’d like a kiss on the lips first, I mean after all you are my boyfriend!” Julie teased as she walked forward and puckered up, leaving only an inch between our lips.

“Kiss her! Kiss her! Kiss her!” the other girls began to chant and before I could react Marissa had pushed me forward, directly into the path of Julie’s lips. Although she made me start the kiss, she made sure I wasn’t going to finish it until she was ready by grabbing my head and holding me still well she kissed me fully. This lead to cries of awwww and their so in love from the rest of the girls and internal groans from me. She finally broke of her kiss and then turned around and showed off her small round backside, which she punctuated by leaning forward and sticker her ass as high in the air as she could. Immeaditely the chant formed, “kiss her ass! kiss her ass!” and once again before I could do anything Marissa shoved my head into the young girls bottom. I was unable to do anything to get away and I really wanted to minimize the time that I spent with my face in Julie’s bottom so I kissed it, which lead to a roar from the rest of the girls and finally I was able to move on.

Unfortunately for me moving on just meant going to the next ass I had to kiss, and this one belonged to my bratty little sister Ashley. I knew the drill and I asked her politely if I could kiss her ass to which she replied “Haha fine, I’ll let you live your life’s dream and kiss my ass.” God did I hate Ashley. Anyway Ashley turned around and we once again heard the chant develop of “kiss her ass! Kiss her ass!” and once again I had my face forced into the bottom of a girl who I knew would never let me forget it. Finally I kissed her ass and moved onto to the next girl.

When Marissa dragged me in front of Megan she didn’t even speak, she just pointed to her toes and Marissa forced me onto my hands and knee. I was forced to kiss each of Megan’s feet ten times and only then was I given the so called privilege of kissing her ass.

Luckily for me, Marissa had saved the best for last. The only girl out of the bunch that I even remotely liked Tammy, and the only girl who’s butt I might actually enjoy kissing. So once again I was forced to ask that degrading question but Tammy’s answer was quite surprising. “No, I wouldn’t want my sister to get jealous, so I’m gonna give my kiss to her.” Tammy exclaimed. The girls all clapped for Tammy’s “generous act”, and Tammy helped Marissa shove my face back into Julie’s bottom. I kissed it quickly but it wasn’t enough for Julie who went on to make me kiss her ass ten more times, with each kiss procuring a loud MWAH kissing sound from the rest of the girls. When Julie was finally satisfied I thought that my torture might finally be over until I realized that I still had to fight Marissa.

Marissa obviously hadn’t forgetten as she quickly threw me down and stood on my chest. “Well usually I’d sit on your face and make you kiss my ass, but that wouldn’t be too special now would it. I think since all these girls helped me humiliate you that they should all get the chance to smother you! C’mon girls let’s show him where he belongs!” Marissa ordered. I had absolutely no chance, Marissa quickly sat down on my neck and mouth, Ashley sat on the left side of my prone face, Julie sat on the right, and Tammy and Megan shared the top of my head. All the girls rubbed there asses violently against my face which was completely covered by their bottoms. “Don’t forget the kisses! We beat you and we deserve our reward! We won’t get off till we’re satisfied.” Marissa sang out and I realized that I had lost to all of these annoying girls and they were literally rubbing it in. I gave in and began to kiss every ass I saw and Megan and Tammy soon got off as they were in the least comfortable position. Ashley took a bit longer but she too had eventually had her fill. It was down to the final two, Marissa and Julie.

“Okay Marissa, I’ll get off of him so you can finish him off now.” Julie offered. However Marissa stopped her before she could.
“Actually Julie I want you to finish him off. Every girl her beat up this week little boy and made him kiss their ass, but you were the only one evil enough to take off your pants, and I think your boyfriend would love for you to do it again!” Marissa instructed. Like hell I would, I tried my hardest to escape but suddenly a girl was holding each one of my limbs down. The only person who wasn’t was Julie who’d gotten off of me and was now taking off her pants, allowing me a look at her unicorn underwear, reminding me exactly who was about to humiliate me. Then those too came off and Julie lowered herself down so she her bare ass was only inches from my face.

“I give up Marissa you win! I lost! I lost every match! But please let me go! I don’t wanna do this!” I begged. I didn’t even care about anything else I just couldn’t handle the humiliation of being smothered under the ass of a nine year old.

“Hey Julie?” Marissa asked.
“Yes?” Julie responded.
“Shut him up.” Marissa said calmly. Julie certainly didn't need to be told twice as she sat down onto my prone face at once. Although her ass was pretty small it was big enough to cover my mouth and nose, so that all I could smell was her backside. Unfortunately it didn't cover my eyes which allowed all the girls to look into my eyes as I cried at the hopelessness of my predicament, which brought on laughter from the rest of the girls.
"He loves my cute little ass so much he's crying! Don't worry baby, my ass loves you too!" Julie teased me as she sensually rubbed her butt on my face. At this point all the girls were taking turns poking me or playing with Julie's ass, and I realized that I was actually sinking deeper into my captors bottom.
"I think he's crying because he realized that this is the end of the competition and he won't get anymore time with his cute girlfriend's sweet booty." Megan joked. This brought on a chorus of awws from the girls.
"Don't worry little boy, we'll make sure that Julie comes over all the time and that you two get plenty of "alone time"" Marissa said sweetly, as if she was doing some big favour.
"Hear that cutie, looks like your gonna be spending a lot more time with your cute round friend. Now I think it's time you start showing it some love!" Julie ordered. The familar chant of kiss her ass started again and I weakly kissed the inside of her left ass cheek. "You can kiss it as much as you want but you aren't going to get any relief until I say so! So you better focus on making me happy, handsome." Julie finished and she punctuated her point by grinding her bare ass on my face. I knew better than to resist and began kissing my captors bottom furiously, but I was starting to lose my oxygen and I was getting very worried. "Good kissing loverboy, but if you want this to stop you're gonna have to take it to the next level. Lick my ass loser!" Julie ordered and to my absolute shame I complied, I only had a little bit of oxygen left and we both knew it, so I began licking her ass, praying she'd allow me to the chance to breath. "Alright girls, you can let him go, he's too weak to fight back now anyways. Sorry for lying to you sweetie, but I think I'm gonna knock you out again with this cute little butt of mine, you're welcome to keep kissing and licking it though, maybe I'll change my mind." Julie squealed. The rest of the girls got off of me, but it didn't matter. I had no oxygen left and I could barely lift my arms and Julie easily pinned them to my sides. I kissed and licked her ass praying that she'd give me a bit of air but she just rode my face roughly and laughed. Her laugh was the last thing I heard before I lost conciousness.

The End.

I might do a short chapter with some alone time with Julie, depends on how I'm feeling.

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Default Re: The Tables Turn

i loved it !
do you have any other stories with face farts scenes ??
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