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Post The Farmers Daughter

So I have a real problem: I come up with a very simple idea for a story, and I over-think it, and it becomes a magnum goddamn opus and I end up writing a bible on it. Case in point, I give you 'The Farmers Daughter'. Part one of what could easily become an encyclopedia of femdom stories. Please enjoy this ridiculous tale of femdom erotica. Please note that this story involves very mature content.

THE FARMERS DAUGHTER by crossedankles

Bill Thurman was having a rough day. Driving the back roads of rural Georgia (which he hated) trying to find his clients house, he was about ready to give up. These dirt roads all looked the same to him. He was an insurance salesman and even though the sales started on the phone, he took pride in his routine of closing the sale in person at the clients home. It was late in the afternoon and he was hungry, and agrevated and about to give up when the engine of his late 80's Buick made an awful sound and steam began pouring out from under the hood.

He pulled over as far as he could on the dusty road and fired off a couple quick expletives and shut off the car. He popped the hood and looked over the engine even though he knew damn well he was no mechanic and wouldn't know what to do even if he saw the problem. As he suspected, there was nothing to be done. He looked around and he was truly in the middle of nowhere. No houses to be seen, just a long dirt road that seemed to go on forever. With as lost as he was, he wasn't even sure which way would lead back to the main road, or if it would. He pulled out his late model flip phone. No signal and the battery was low. Bill was 45 and very out of shape. He grabbed his briefcase out of the car, picked a direction and started walking.

The Georgia sun beat down. He had rolled up the sleaves of his white button-up, but he was sweating through the collar and under the arms. Off in the distance, there looked like a farm may be up ahead. "Thank God" he muttered. If he knew what was waiting for him, he would've turned around.


Another hour or so, he reached the farmhouse. He walked up the dirt driveway that stretched roughly 200 yards from the road. Along the way he spotted her. The sun was starting to set and her silhouette stood in contrast to the orange sun. It was Rachel. Six feet tall and built like a lumberjack. Her blonde hair in a ponytail, frayed jean shorts and a dirty white crop top, she carried a huge grain sack on her shoulder. She was coming around the side of the house from the barn when she spotted him too. She tossed the sack and took off her work gloves and started down the drive to meet him.

As she started getting closer, he began to realize how stocky she was. When he first saw her he thought he was looking at a man, but her curves definitely said female. But as she got closer, he was struck by how well built she was and how sexy she moved and how attractive she was in the face.

"How you doin' stranger?" She said wiping her hands on her ass.
"Hullo miss. Name's Bill and I could sure use some help. My car broke down a couple miles down the road and to be honest I don't really know where I am either." He chuckled doing his best salesman voice.

She reached him and stood in front of him looking down on his 5'6" frame, hands on hips. "Well that works out pretty fuckin' well don't it?" She said with a perfect smile on her face. She stepped closer so her ample bosom was inches from his face. "Its about time I got someone new to play with. Hell, I was plannin' a trip to town to find a new play thing this weekend and here you come strollin' along." she said with her thick southern drawl.

He was very confused. After looking her over again he was also very worried. She was huge. Broad shoulders and so thick. Solid with long muscled legs that were about as big around as he was. "No see, I'm just having some car trouble. If I could use your - oof!" She buried a large fist in to his gut and he doubled over and fell to his knees. All the air had been knocked out of his chest and he felt very ill. He had never been punched so hard in his life. What had he just walked in to?

She squatted down to eye level with Bill. "I imagine you were gonna say phone? Well there ain't no phone here. No help neither. Just an overworked farm girl in need of a new plaything."

He felt himself being lifted off the ground. She had him by the belt line of his trousers with one hand. She hoisted him in the air and released his pants but quickly snaked the same arm around his middle and carried his dead weight under her arm. He felt her hold snug and tight squeezing his ribs. He had no chance to escape as he coughed and tried to regain his breath. His phone fell out of his pocket and hit the ground.

She walked him towards the house where she dropped her 100 lb grain sack. Without dropping Bill, she squatted down and scooped up the sack with her left hand and swung it atop her shoulder and stood straight. With her holding the sack on her left shoulder and bill dangling underneath her right, she continued forward. She walked to the side of the house where there was a stack of grain sacks and she effortlessly tossed her sack on top of the pile.

She set Bill on his feet and slammed his back against the side of the house holding him against it upright by the throat. He was still trying to catch his breath and the realization of his new situation was beginning to set in. "Here's the deal, and I'll only tell you once." She sneered in his face. "You are now mine to do with as I please. You will live here with me, my pa, and my sister. You will eat and sleep when you are told. Fightin' and fuckin' won't be optional neither. Any defiance will be punished. Any attempts to escape will be punished. Touchin' my sister will be punished. But its not all bad hun, to win your freedom all you have to do is make me submit. Just once. Make me give up one time, and you can walk away. And you feel free to attack me anytime you want, just know that if you attack me by surprise, and fail to beat me, you will catch a severe ass whuppin'. You should also know that when I'm done with you, or I find a new toy, you get passed to my sister Stephanie. And when shes done with you, or gets my old toy, then you will be discarded. That could be years from now though so settle in cause you'll be here a while. Now were gonna go in, announce your arrival, and get cleaned up for supper."

Bills head was swimming after what he'd just been told. What the hell was going on here? From the sound of it, this was routine here. How many men had made the mistake of coming here and been taken captive? She grabbed him by the back of the neck and led him inside.

Rachel was 31 years old and her sister Stephanie was 22. This had indeed been going on for years. After their mother passed when Stephanie was 14, Rachel took over the daily operations on the farm. Their dad, now 60 had always lived in his wife's shadow. His wife was a strong, dominant woman who would get drunk and beat her husband regularly. She died in a car accident and when Roger (the father) tried to become the alpha male of the household, Rachel shut that down in a hurry with a beating he'll never forget.

Now inside, he was forceably led to a chair at the dining room table. Rachel pressed him into it and told him to "stay", and she walked out of the room. He could hear her talking in the other room. " Hurry up and get dinner ready, we're switching over tonight." He heard a second female voice squeal with delight. " Hot damn we're switching over tonight! Is the new one cute?" "No, hes a paunchy old man" Rachel replied. "I wanna see." Bill could hear bare feet slapping against the wood floor toward where he sat in the dining room

Stephanie ran in and stopped short when she saw him. She was drop dead georgous. Redheaded unlike her sister and fit as a fiddle with long sinewey legs, full pert breasts and a bare midriff showing off her chiseled abs. She was shorter than Rachel at 5'10" but still taller than Bill. She had her hair in pigtails and was also wearing jean shorts.

"Hey there." Stephanie said with a sexy smile. "I'm Steph, what's your name?"

"I'm Bill and I need to get out of here. My car-" Steph leaned over the table giving Bill a perfect view of her full tan breasts and she put a finger to his lips and said "shhhh. You're not goin' anywhere Bill. You belong to Rachel for now." She removed her finger and slid her hand down to Bills crotch and started stroking him. "But don't you worry, I'll find you sooner or later." She kissed him passionately on the mouth and leaned back up to her original position hands on hips gauging his reaction

Bill was stunned. "What the hell goes on here?" He was getting more worried by the minute. He was waiting for an opening and he planned to make a run for it.

"What goes on? Wait here a minute and I'll show you." She disappeared to the other room. The urge to run struck him but he stayed still. Curiosity got the best of him. She returned a few seconds later followed by a young man with brown hair in an under shirt and boxer shorts. She had his shirt clenched in her fist and she was pulling him along. He was tall and expressionless.

"This here is Todd. He's been with us the better part of a year. Rachel brought him home from the bar in town. He was hers for a good six months before we switched over. He's been mine since." She ran her hand through his hair. "He's been a good little toy, and he'll get his shot at freedom tonight wontchya?" Todd just stared at the floor. "Bill here is new and wants to know what we do around here. You wanna tell him?" Todd said nothing and kept his eyes averted. "You're right its better to show than to tell." Stephanie said.

Stephanie grabbed Todd by the hair and started to drag him to the middle of the room. Still clutching his hair with her right hand, she stepped behind him and slipped her left between his legs and lifted him onto her shoulders in a torture rack. She straightened herself up and yanked on his hair and pressed down on his thigh completing the hold. Todd began to moan in pain and she turned them both to face Bill still seated at the table. It was a sight to see. She smiled wide and effortlessly bent the bigger man on her shoulders in half. She looked Bill right in the eye, bit her lip seductively, and in a display of strength, grasped Todd's chin and knee and viscously yanked down causing Todd to cry out in pain.

From the other room Rachel yelled to Stephanie. "Don't break Todd goddammit! I want him tip top for tonight!" Stephanie ignored her and started bouncing on the balls of her feet and smiling wide eliciting even more cries of pain from the man atop her shoulders.

Bill was terrified. He felt like he had recovered enough to run and decided to do so. Stephanie had her hands full and Rachel seemed busy in the other room, and he decided that if he didn't get out now, he'd end up like poor Todd here. Bill bolted up from the table and ran out the door. At first he felt great. His high school track days coming back to him. Wide strides and fingers fanned, he felt like usaine bolt... for about a solid minute. As he reached the end of the driveway his body started to revolt. His lungs burning and his legs about to give out, he stopped. Hands on his knees panting for breath. He looked back and saw no one in pursuit. With his legs trembling he rounded the corner and pressed on towards his car hoping maybe it was just overheated and perhaps it would start if he could just reach it.

It was dark and he had been walking/jogging as fast as his legs would carry him. He moved as fast as he could but he was tired, hungry, and dehydrated. It was so dark that even if he found his car he could easily not see it and pass it by. From behind him a light appeared. A truck from the sound of it. He stood facing the vehicle as it approached, his hand up shielding his face from the bright lights.

It was a tow truck. It stopped ten feet before reaching Bill and idled. He decided alone on this dark Georgia road that if it was her he would fight. This could very well be his last opportunity to flee. He would fight her and take the tow truck and get the hell out of here. The truck door opened and out stepped Rachel. She stepped in to the headlights and crossed her arms. " I told you if you tried to escape you would be punished. Lucky for you though I don't want you injured before tonight's festivities so punishment's on hold till later."

Bill stepped forward with his fists clenched. "Fuck you you crazy bitch!" With that he swung a big right hook for her jaw. Rachel let her left hand fly and caught his fist mid-swing. In a surprise move he let his left go and scored a few rapid succession shots to her gut. It caught her off guard but it had zero impact for no damage. After a couple dull thuds she caught his left with her right and began slowly crushing both his fists there in the middle of the road. She said nothing, just stared at Bill in the eye and exerted her dominance.

Bill fell to his knees and tried to jerk out of her grasp but her grip was absolute. His mind conjured images of the sword in the stone; strong men trying to remove the sword but the sword not budging an inch. That was him stuck in her hands. She didnt break his bones although she certainly could have. She was a master of taking her victims to the breaking point. She released his right hand and grabbed his left with both of hers, and started twisting it while yanking him to his feet and starting him towards the truck.

He was easily led at this point. His level of exhaustion was higher than he could remember. She was able to stuff him into the passenger side while maintaining the hold she had on on his wrist. Once they were both in the cab she twisted his arm towards the front of the truck forcing him into the floor board. There, she held on to his wrist and drove with her left. She slipped her shoes off and pressed his face into the floorboard with her right foot and operated the pedals with her left. She held him like that for the next few miles which she drove at a snails pace. Her bare foot on his cheek pressing him into the floorboard, he could feel his face collecting dirt and small pebbles scratching his skin. She maintained the wrist lock just firm enough to keep him still.

When she found his car, she parked in front of it and pondered what to do with Bill while she hooked his car up. She lifted her foot off his face and yanked him up by his trapped arm toward her. With one swift movement she lifted her left leg and trapped his head between her mighty thighs. Using just the weight of her legs to keep him trapped, still not wanting to cause any real damage, she reached underneath him and unbuckled his belt. She pulled his belt off and hogtied his hands and feet together behind his back lightning fast. Once done, she gave his head a light squeeze forcing a muffled scream from Bill. She released him and stepped out of the truck.

In just a few minutes she had his car hooked to the back of the tow truck and they were headed back to the farm. Bill was still face down next to her and she slid him close and layed her long muscled thigh across his head as she drove. They pulled back in the drive and she drove past the house to a small field out back which had a line of cars sitting in it. Some newer, some older with tall grass growing between them. She lined his car up at the end and parked both vehicles. She exited on her side and went around and opened the passenger side door. She untied Bill and pulled him out of the truck, closed the door and shoved Bill's back against it. She pressed herself against him standing tall so that her firm breasts were touching his face.

"Like I said, your punishment will not be forgotten. I'll catch that up I guarantee. Right now, youre gonna march yourself inside and sit down and shut the fuck up. If you do anything else, you'll regret it I promise. You understand?" Bill nodded that he understood and she stepped back and let him walk. She stayed behind him and they walked back through the door he ran out of only an hour ago.

Once inside he saw Stephanie by the stove and she was cooking something that smelled amazing and he remembered how hungry he was. Rachel clasped a firm hand on the back of his neck and led him on to the next room which was the living room. In this room were three men. In the lazy boy was an older looking man sipping a beer. On the couch sat Todd still in his under clothes and next to him was another man also in boxers and a white tank top. This man looked awful. Full beard and covered in bruises including an awfully swollen black eye. Bill was pushed through this room down a long hallway which led to a bathroom. She stood him in the middle of the room and got into a cabinet and retrieved a towel, clean boxers and an undershirt.

"Strip." He stood dumbfounded. Rachel crossed her arms and flexed every muscle in her body making herself even thicker and more intimidating than ever. Bill swallowed nervously and complied. Once naked, she looked him over and nodded with approval. "There's soap and shampoo in the shower. We'll probably be eating by the time you're done. Just come in and join us after you're clean. Do NOT make me have to come find you." With that she left the room.

He decided he did want to shower, and whatever was cooking smelled so good he knew he had to eat too and his chances of escaping would be that much better if his strength was up. He showered and changed into the provided clothes and left the bathroom.

In the dining room they were all seated at the table eating. There was a place prepared for him so he sat and started serving himself. It was a proper southern meal. Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, okra and bicuits served with sweet tea. He was famished and ate like it. He was on such a food high, and was feeling so good that he almost forgot his new situation. Dinner was completed with almost no conversation; a nervous energy in the room.

When they were done, Bill instinctively started clearing the table. Rachel stopped him saying "Don't worry about it, the old man'll get that." She stared cold at her father and he muttered to himself and stood from the table and began clearing the dishes. She continued "We have business out back." Stephanie responded with a "wooo!" and slapped Todd on the ass and said "move it bitch!"

Todd led the way though the back of the house and into the back yard. The grass was well maintained and a huge oak grew in the middle with long extending branches that provided a natural canopy for much of the yard. Underneath was a fire pit and several lawn chairs about. Stephanie had a huge load of firewood in her arms and went to work starting a fire.

After the fire was going, Bill, Steph, and the other two underware-clad men sat in chairs under the tree in a semi circle around the fire. They waited in silence for Rachel to appear. Stephanie nursed a pint of Jack Daniels. After a time Rachel stepped through the back door. She had showered and only toweled off when she came. She was stark naked and her long wet hair fell about her shoulders. Bill was speechless with his mouth agape. As she moved, every muscle on her awesome body flexed and relaxed into place. Seeing her like this was truly awe inspiring.

Rachel stood in front of the fire observing her audience. The fire light danced across her naked body and she flexed her awesome chest and stomach. "Tonight we switch over. I cast aside Jonathan and take Bill as my new toy. Jonathan becomes Stephanies property, and Todd? Tonight is our last dance Todd. It'll be you and me tonight. And then you're free to go, provided you can walk out of here. Stephanie tells me you've been training hard. Are you ready?"

Todd didn't respond. Instead he leaped out of his seat, and charged Rachel burying his shoulder into her rock hard gut. She let out a grunt but was otherwise unphased. She swung her right arm and clubbed his back so hard the slap echoed. He immediately fell face first on the ground, but he hopped back up right away and started throwing huge punches to her midriff each punch landing with a thud. Rachel just stood and took it flexing her abs to deep ridges. After the fourth she reached with both arms and wrapped them around his middle and hoisted him up head over heels and unceramoniously dropped him on his back. She placed hands on her hips and watched Todd on the ground. He winced and held his back for a second then scrambled back to his feet. He circled Rachel in a fighters stance deciding what to try next.

He ran around behind her and jumped on her back immediately snaking his arm around her neck and threaded his other behind her head securing a sleeper hold. He squeezed with all he had. Her face started turning red and she clawed his arms but he had it in tight. She was still standing supporting his whole weight. He lunged his lower half in a backwards swing away from her and crashed his right knee into her back causing her to yelp. Another lunge and he crashed his knee into her kidney forcing her to drop to her knees. Now with his feet on the ground he lauched a series of knees pounding her back, kidneys and obliques. Rachel's face was twisted in pain, she timed his strike and reached around and hooked his leg after his last strike and held his leg pinned to her side. She tried to get her feet under her again and Todd started thrashing her neck side to side in his sleeper. Red in the face she lauched herself backwards crashing Todd on the ground beneath her and she followed the roll breaking his hold and ended up near his head and fired a fist deep into his gut causing him to cough and roll to his side. She also fell to her side coughing and holding her back.

She caught her breath quickly and was back on her feet. Todd was on all fours holding his belly and gasping for air. She casually walked behind her opponent and wrapped her thick arms around his middle and hoisted him up off the ground and began to squeeze the life out of him. Todd screamed and clutched at her wrists and forearms but they were unmoveable pythons cutting into his gut restricting his airflow. He stretched his legs as far as he could and his feet found the ground. She simply squatted down and readjusted her grip so that she encompassed the lowest part of his abdomen then lifted him back off the ground and put the crush back on.

She turned him around so the others could watch him writhe. With her face in between his shoulder blades she spoke into his back. "I could break you in half if I wanted to." With that she pulsed her chest and biceps in rapid succession sending waves of agony through Todd's body. He screamed as well as he could with his diaphragm restricted the way it was and Rachel belted out an evil laugh. She started slowly restricting her arms again crushing his body until his organs had to have been all squished up against each other and he was helpless to stop it.

Once she held him tight for a few minutes with the occasional shake for good measure, he hung limp in her arms almost unconscious. She planted herself and suplexed him so that he landed underneath her, face down on the ground. She sat astride him and rolled him on his back. He was unconscious and breathing heavy. She stood up over him and pressed her bare foot against Todd's face and pressed hard enough to hold his head firm against the ground. It made the slabs of muscle on her legs stand out in relief against the fire light.

She looked up from her victim to find Bill frozen to his seat, mouth open, a look of terror on his face. Stone-faced she raised her arms in a double bicep pose. Her muscles like softballs and twice as hard. "You belong to me now Bill." Under her foot Todd began to wake up and limply pawed at her in a vein attempt to relieve the pressure on his face.

She returned her attention to the task at hand. She removed her foot and walked a few feet away and watched Todd try to compose himself. His middle was red and starting to bruise and he grimmaced as he sat up. As he reached all fours she walked back to him and grabbed the back of his shirt collar and ripped his shirt off him entirely. She clutched his hair with both hands and stood him up facing away from her and took a half a step back and rammed an explosive elbow into his right kidney. He screamed and fell back to the ground clutching his right side. She keeled next to his left side and launched her knee into his left kidney causing him to flop like a fish in pain.

She stood over him again and let him writhe between her feet. She wiped the hair out of her face and looked down upon Todd. She rolled him on to his back and grabbed his wrists and pulled him into a sitting position and sat her naked ass on his boxer clad lap wrapping her tree trunk thighs around his battered torso. Her legs were so thick they covered his hips to half his ribcage and she got herself as snug against his body as possible with her hot vagina pressed up against him tight. She crossed her ankles and straightened her legs compressing his whole body with crushing force. All the air was immediately forced out of his lungs in a blood curdling scream. She kept his wrists captive and she studied his face while measuring the amount of pressure she was adding to the scissor hold. With expert technique she flexed her abductors twice and with each one a dull pop was emitted from within Todd's chest cavity. Each time a rib cracking. Todd was frantically squirming to no avail. She released his wrists and angled back and grabbed his ankles and poured on the pressure with her hips off the ground. Todd instinctively grabbed at her thighs although they were marble hard and going nowhere. He balled his fists and beat on her thighs and her abs. They had no power behind them and they didn't even register with her. After a few minutes her started begging her to stop and she sat up and unhooked her ankles, folded her left leg behind him and hooked her other leg into a figure four bodyscissor and layed him down so that she was pinning his shoulders to the ground but his body was suspended in her thighs. She rhythmically squeezed him and flexed her thighs and ass while staring him in the face. He couldn't take it and begged her to stop. She held him in her steely embrace for a long time. Working his body like a rag doll between her legs. Keeping her adductors locked on his newly damaged ribs and making sure he didn't pass out. She planted her hands on the ground above his shoulders and straightened her legs under him and lifted his entire body off the ground in her scissor and held him tight. He panicked and started spouting his submissions. With barely any air to work with, he couldn't get louder than a whisper but he let it fly for all he was worth, begging for mercy.

She opened her legs and let him fall to the ground below her and stood up. He held his black and blue body and rolled around gasping in hot lungfulls of air. Rachel walked over to one of the empty lawn chairs and grabbed a towel and wiped herself off. Mostly his sweat between her legs and grass from rolling around. She then took Stephanies whiskey bottle and took a long pull from it and handed it back.

Todd was still slowly squirming on the ground emitting a low whimper. Rachel approached him and ripped his boxers off leaving him exposed. She walked casually to him and placed the heel of her foot over his mouth and pinched his nose closed with her toes and held his head stationary against the ground. He grabbed her ankle with both hands and attempted to move her but it was like a stone statue weighing on him and found no relief. She kept him like that until he started convulsing from lack of air.

She released him and he gulped in the air. She led him up by the hair and reached between his legs and scooped him up off the ground slammed him hard back first on the ground. He jerked up off the ground in pain and then crumpled. She grabbed his hair and pulled him back up but this time latched on to his thigh and throat and in a show of unbelievable strength, very slowly lifted his dead weight all the way above her head and held him, arms fully extended with no shake, no sign of strain. She paraded him around the yard for the spectators to marvel at. In a brutal move, she dropped him from the full height he was just resting at. Just took a step back and let him fall from about 9 feet in the air. Todd fell so hard he actually bounced before crumpling in a heap.

She flipped him over with her foot so he laid on his back. She straddled his face in a reverse position and began rubbing her pussy across his face in a humping motion. She was becoming clearly aroused when she planted herself right on his mouth and ordered him to lick her. He did his best to oblige in his fragile state. He went to work slipping his tounge as deep into her tightly toned vagina as he could. Her eyes rolled back and she began to moan in ecstasy. After a few minutes she reached back and grabbed his hair and pulled his face deep into her ass as she leaned forward and wrapped her thighs around his head in a reverse headscissor. She leaned down and put his cock in her mouth and began sucking him erect. He was done servicing her due to the extreme crush he was suffering in her thighs. As much as he did not want sex with this woman, his penis was betraying him and coming to life in her mouth. After a few minutes she had him hard as a rock and released his head and repostioned herself facing him cowgirl style and slid down on his well endowed clock and took all of him inside her. The well trained internal muscles danced along his shaft.

With him firmly inside her, she wrapped her legs around his and stretched him into a grapevine forcing him to scream from the pain. She then leaned forward and enveloped his face in her huge athletic tits and wrapped her meaty arms around his head sealing off his air supply. With him fully incapacitated underneath her she started to grind. Squeezing his dick with her pussy and working her hips up and down, he was in agony and barely conscious. His was being raped, his legs were threatening to be ripped apart, and her firm breasts were crushing his face and he couldn't breathe.

She started getting in to it. She sat up and iron clawed his face. He could breathe now but if felt like his skull was going to cave in. She released her grapevine as well taking to her knees so that she could really grind away. She humped the hell out of him and rode him for all he was worth. He just laid there and tried to survive while she cried like a banshee in the night. She was ready to cum, and she stopped gyrating just before the peak of ecstasy and clamped down with her vagina pinching his shaft like a snake bite. He cried out from the pain. "Submit to my pussy!" She screamed in his face. Her abdominals flexed as she bore down on his cock. She lifted his ass off the ground, hanging from his captive penis. He screamed his submission. "Tell me my pussy is too strong for you!" He did. She dropped him and continued to ride him like a woman possessed. She came to a thundering orgasm moments later.

She stood up and grabbed her towel and again wiped herself off. She also helped herself to another swallow of whiskey. Todd lay still, defeated and broken on the grass. Rachel stood over his head facing his feet. She grasped him under his arms and pulled him upwards lodging the back of his neck into her crotch in a standing headscissor. Without the need to cross her ankles, she stood flatfooted and began crushing his head and neck. She turned to Stephanie "Jonathan is now yours."
Stephanie replied "ye-fucking-ha." And tackled Jonathan out of his chair.

Todd was lightly pulling at Rachel's marble thighs, barely conscious. Rachel hardley noticed as she stood idly watching her sister beating the hell out of Jon, her former plaything. Bill sat alone by the fire, scared for his life and contemplating his future. After a while, Todd just hung limply from her legs and she dropped him.

She turned him over and slapped him in the face till he woke up. She grabbed him by the face and said "Look at me Todd. Look at me." His eyes met hers. "You have until dawn to get the fuck off my property. I have no further use for you." She let him go and dragged Bill by the hair inside. He could hear Stephanie and Jon along the way. She had him in a backwards cradle in her arms. She was shouting "Are you gonna shave your fucking beard off? Are you gonna keep a clean face?" And he was screaming yes to everything.

These are the last things Bill could remember clearly from his first day on the farm. The last few hours got very blurry. He could remember being dragged to Rachel's bedroom. He remembered being told that normally he would sleep in the barn with the other toys, but he needed to be punished for his escape attempt. He remembered her stuffing his face into her crotch and wrapping her legs around his head. What he didn't remember is her flexing and squeezing his head and neck for hours until she fell asleep.


Thank you so much for reading. I would love to continue this if I can find the time. (If you knew how long it takes me to write a story youd be appalled). I'd listen to any feedback or suggestions for the continuation. I may even write out what happened between Steph and Jon that same night. Could be fun

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Default Re: The Farmers Daughter

Damn, that was one hell of a first day for Bill. Lucky bastard.

Thanks for writing this for us, mate.
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Default Re: The Farmers Daughter

Thank you, really enjoyed this.
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Default Re: The Farmers Daughter

It's a little bored when the girl win every time. Let's go to supposed Bill fight much better the next day and Rachel discover had a real fight on her hands. Bill is more dangerous but more exciting too and he is able to win some rounds before Rachel smash hin in complete defeat again.

Next round, Bill try to escape but Rachel little sister discover him and both fight on the dark, on the open fields. Long fight; No clear winner until rachel discover they and stop the fight. Bill is too tired to fight back Rachel.

Next round: Rachel and her sister fight nude about rights over Bill's shaft. Rachel win and lezbo rapeher sister. Bill atack her to take advantage Rachel is too tired after the long and nasty fight with her sister. At the beginig its work. Rachel is very tired and Bill take advantage phisicaly and sexualy, but Rachel began to turned the tables and fuck Bill.

Next round. Rachel's little sister wait a chance to be alone at home whit Bill. They fight and this time Bill win, fuck her and run for his freedom... just in the moment Racher return to home.

Next round. Bill is eager of revenge and challenge Rachel to fight again. After some weeks of non stop fights and defeat Rachel's sister, he believe he had a chance. He is wrong
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Default Re: The Farmers Daughter

Thanks - great writing and start - I love it when a big woman totally dominates a smaller male.

It would be good to see some more fights against Rachel - perhaps the family sometimes invite their farm neighbours over for some Saturday night entertainment where she fights some cocky but smaller local farmboys in a ring set up in their barn? Bill and Jon are forced to watch the punishment dished out to these local lads, whilst Stephanie serves as Rachel's corner assistant.

Or Rachel captures some other small males for a gym workout and fight 'practice' session - and Bill is forced to watch Rachel lift huge weights and then dish out some punishment to these other guys.
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Default Re: The Farmers Daughter

Thanks to everyone who read and commented. The next installment is in the works!
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Default Re: The Farmers Daughter

Just read this. Amazing story, CA! Thank you for writing! Hope we get to see Stephanie impose her will on a male in combat in the next chapter.
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Default Re: The Farmers Daughter

Please Please finish
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femdom, mixed wrestling

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