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Default Encountering women with ridiculous and unexpected strength

So my mind was blown like never before the other night. Words cannot even comprehend what I experienced.

I went to a brothel in Melbourne and saw a curvy girl who really wanted to do wrestling and turns out 3 or the 6 girls on wanted to do it too. The session was super fun, and she was really sexy but not at all that strong. I had already been told that the 5'9 lady i wanted to see wasn't coming in so i was bummed.

Then through pure coincidence two ladies shared the same name because of a previous brothel name which was changed. I found out that the new girl was coming in and I asked if she was doing wrestling which I was super excited for only one problem I was going to have to wait for one hour because some guy booked in two girls at once. Lucky me the guy didn't show. I got shown to the girl and I was instantly confused, she was only 5'6 and she said she was only new to the scene which I couldn't understand at the time as I had mixed up the two girls sharing the same name. (one was listed as the old name aswell as the new name)

She was quite small and petite and I mean very petite, around about 55KG. I was disappointed. I thought this was going to be a wasted session. I mean her legs looked good and she looked like a pole dancer so I thought fuck it.

Asked her a few questions, doesn't do pole dancing, doesn't do martial arts, jiu jitsu, just burlesque dancing stuff.

Her size is almost identical to Axa Jay.

She got me in the guard which I asked her to do and her leg strength became immanent. I tried to pry her legs open but they were stuck tight. I've never experienced this before, not even among blue belt and purples at training. I've wrestled a 5'7 thick bjj girl before and not even close. Although admittedly i doubt in rolling people are going to waste their energy as it's taxing. I had to give everything for a good 20 seconds to break her hold.

I got her to put me in a technical pin. Legs locked under, hips pressed down, arms spread out, counter balancing my rolls. Now I have been struggling massively in training with this, mostly guys 75-90KG and I get if they're doing their job right then this should be the case. This girl was 55KG and I couldn't fucking move her. I got her up with a hip thrust but wasn't going anywhere. I pinned her and she had deceptively strong hips and could lift me quite well despite being 20kg heavier. I still managed to hold her but it was quite some work.

When I had her in the mount position I tried moving her arms but she was so strong in the upper body too. I'm a strong guy, and I've been able to control albeit briefly blue belts at training. I struggled to move her arms around. I could pick her up easily and move her around but the strength she had was not expected.

She said she had no jiu jitsu experience but put me in a perfectly executed RNC, and what surprized me is that she knew exactly where to put her heels. I got her to put me in a number of upper body holds and her holds were excruciating and very tight.

I want to measure her scissor strength because it was off the charts, she executed figure 4's and triangles very well. If I'm comparing her to the other girls I've wrestled.

Dancer 4 years ago 100 (identical body shape to Andii Page)
Crossfit BJJ girl in Sydney 120 (guard squeeze 120) This girl was thick 5'7
Bodybuilder/powerlifter 80
Guys at BJJ training <100 I think they're conserving energy.

this girl was 150 easily. Her holds were crushing and there is no way in hell I would have known merely by looking at her. Given what I've witnessed if I ever see a tight lean pole dancer like her again, I'm going to know what they're capable of. I couldn't have escaped some of her holds if I tried. It's scary to think I've seen pole dancers and purple belts doing bjj. I'd hate to have to take them on.

She grapevined me and I thought my heels were going to implode.

We finger locked and I couldn't find the strength to push her wrists back although admittedly she couldn't escape my wrist holds. I barely managed to escape hers. (From the guard position). She couldn't push me down in armwrestling. I think that's my strongest point.

When I got home I realized that by pure coincidence I picked a different girl than the one I wanted.

There is no way you'd look at this girl walking down the street and think she'd be strong. Maybe if she flexed maybe. I think if we rolled with the limited experience I had I'd probably have a hard time beating her.
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