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Default English Vacation by MBP

English Vacation
by MBP

On vacation with his parents, Jimmy proves a widely-held theory

In the rented car driven by his dad, Jimmy O'Neill felt the tension of London leave his
16-year-old body. London was fun for awhile. Jimmy loved listening to the English
accents; had enjoyed Picadilly Circus, Big Ben and Buckingham Palace, and had cried at
the memorial for Princess Diana. But Jimmy was from a small town in Ohio and became
more and more uncomfortable with the big city crowds. Two weeks was an eternity to
spend in London, and as his family traveled North on the A-10 past Ware, Jimmy felt at

A half-hour later, the O'Neill family pulled up to their friend's house where they were
planning to spend the next week. It wasn't really a house, but an old cottage. It had no
backyard, but the house's back door opened to an enormous meadow. Jimmy wistfully
watched the young people running and playing soccer.

The family entered and was greeted enthusiastically by their old friends. Actually,
Jimmy had never met them, but knew everything from his parent's tales. The two dads
had met when they both worked in Chicago. The Lothridge's relocated to England when
Jimmy was a baby, and the two families hadn't seen one another since. As the adults
joyously hugged and kissed, Jimmy noticed the daughter. He knew of Rita. She was 12
and from what Jimmy could see, a basic young English girl. It was pretty amusing;
Jimmy felt that if five English girls and five American girls were anonymously thrown
together into a room, he could pick out each girl's nationality. Rita was slim, cute and
had light-brown hair. So did thousands of American girls. But there was something that
Jimmy couldn't define that indicated Rita was English-born. He nodded at the pre-teen,
who nodded back.

After introductions and a light lunch, Rita quickly excused herself to go play with her
friends. Bored already with the adult conversation, Jimmy waited a few minutes, and
then followed Rita out the back door into the field. Rita had not gone far from the house.
She and two of her friends were situated in a triangle, dribbling and passing a soccer ball
among them. Jimmy quietly watched for awhile and was impressed with the skills of the
girls. Although Jimmy was very athletic, he played the basic American sports: football
(not soccer), baseball and basketball. Some of his friends played organized soccer and
Jimmy occasionally got into a pick-up game with them. Jimmy wasn't bad for a novice,
but the girls were at least as talented as his friends. He wandered over to join the girls.

Rita saw Jimmy coming and smartly headed the ball his way. Jimmy caught it, which
elicited a chuckle from the girls. They came over to meet him. Diana was the smaller
one; she was almost a carbon copy of Rita, except she was a little shorter. Margaret was
their opposite: tall, curvy, a redhead and already developing. Jimmy thought she was
very beautiful, but obviously (and unfortunately) much too young for him. Margaret
asked Jimmy if he played football (soccer) and he replied 'a little.' The foursome
decided to play games rotating partners. The game winner was the first team with five
goals. Jimmy and Diana were to team the first game.

Jimmy considered the situation. The girls were much, much better at soccer. But he was
older, bigger, faster and stronger. He knew, from embarrassing experience, that sheer
power and speed sometimes overcame experience with a sport. When Jimmy was 12, he
played a lot of handball. He haunted the courts, and after awhile, Jimmy was good
enough to even beat some of the boys who were a year or two older than him. He
boasted about his handball prowess to his dad, who came to watch him play. Eventually,
Jimmy played against his dad, who ran Jimmy off the court. Although the elder O'Neill
didn't have much handball experience, he was too strong and fast for his son, and beat
him badly. This lesson in humility was a great teacher, and Jimmy knew that his size,
speed and strength would help him overcome the girls greater soccer skills of the girls.
Jimmy discussed strategy with Diana, and they decided on a series of long passes to
Jimmy. He would simply outrun his opponent and Diana would get him the ball, and
Jimmy would score before the others had a chance to recover. Diana thought the strategy
somewhat dubious, but went along with it. The match started.

It was 4-0 in the third (and final) game. Jimmy's team was losing again. He was paired
with Margaret against the two smaller girls. It was just as much a slaughter as the first
two games had been. Jimmy's teams had scored all of one goal. That was by Rita, who
had superbly dribbled through and around the other girls to get her teams only goal.

The strategy had failed. Miserably. Diana had kicked some solid long passes for Jimmy
to run under, but by the time Jimmy got control of the ball, either Margaret or Rita had
caught up and easily stolen the ball. Jimmy was able to outrun the two of them, but not
by enough to give him the edge. The problem was, no other method worked. The girls
soon discovered that all they had to do was double team Jimmy's partner. If she passed
the ball to Jimmy, it was a simple matter for them to steal it. If not, it was 2-on-1.

Jimmy's strength advantage hadn't helped him. In soccer, one cannot really body his/her
opponents legally. Still, Jimmy had tried pushing the girls while he attempted to control
the ball. The girls had fine balance; they resisted easily and Jimmy couldn't push and
dribble at the same time. So that hadn't worked either.

Jimmy did his best on defense. He was big, and got in the way of his opponent. He
learned not to try to steal the ball, because this would allow the girls to easily evade his
clumsy steal attempt and get around him. Jimmy's best asset was to stay in front and use
his body to block any shot attempts or passes. He was reasonably adept at this, but
because his team could muster no offense, the girls team easily won.

Rita kicked the ball between Jimmy's legs to score the winning goal for her team. After
congratulations all around, Rita went into her house and brought out a pitcher of
lemonade with four glasses. They went to a picnic bench, and the foursome (mostly
Jimmy) recovered and refreshed. It was Rita who observed 'that study must be correct.'

Everyone wanted to know which study she meant. So Rita told them. 'In athletic class,
our athletic master told us that there was a study done which showed that English
(European) girls were stronger and in better shape than their American male
counterparts. The girls were more able to perform the exercises in the study.' Margaret
and Diana nodded.

Jimmy knew of the study. Actually, it was funny. Early in the every school year, the
school football (American) coach would come in and rant and rave about how the
European girls were stronger than them, and what wimps they were, and how they should
come out for the school football team which would make men out of them. Mr. Caruso's
speech always made Jimmy chuckle. But Jimmy knew other factors in the study. 'You
know, Rita, the study supposedly shows that the average European girl is in better shape
than the average American boy OF THE SAME AGE. And it only works for children up
to the age of 12. Once they get older, the boys surpass the girls.'

Diana chimed in. 'I don't know, Jimmy, you look winded while we're still fresh. Maybe
the study works for teenage boys also.'

'That's true' noted Jimmy, who had taken a while to catch his breath. 'But you girls are
used to playing soccer and I'm not. And there is no way that any of you are close to
being as strong as me. Maybe not even all three of you together.'

'When you were trying to control the ball and push us at the same time' said Rita, her
green eyes twinkling, 'you didn't seem so strong. I can probably defeat you in arm-
wrestling.' Margaret and Diana giggled at the thought.

'C'mon now Rita. Let's be serious. I know you're 12. And you can't be more than 75
pounds. I'm more than double your weight. I could beat you with my one arm against
both of yours, easily.' The giggling girls added a touch of nastiness to his tone.

'Why don't we try it, my two arms against your one.' Rita put her arms on the picnic

Jimmy flexed his reasonably muscular right biceps. 'You're on' he exclaimed and put
his arm on the table. The other girls agreed to be judges.

The competitors clasped right hands (in the usual wrist-wrestling, not the older arm-
wrestling position) and Rita added her left hand to the top of the pile. At Margaret's
'go', the boy and girl began arm-wrestling.

Jimmy pulled hard, but barely succeeded in moving both of Rita's arms. Her right arm
appeared to be well-anchored by her left hand, and she held Jimmy pretty well to the
starting position. Jimmy was impressed by Rita's strength. He had play arm-wrestled
with some of the girls back home, and although 4 years older than Rita, none of the girls
had been able to win even with both arms. Rita's right arm was slim but well-muscled
for such a young girl. Not bodybuilder muscle, but still solid definition. Her arm still
paled in comparison to Jimmy's much larger one. But he still couldn't make any

As Jimmy was straining and trying his hardest, he heard Diana and Margaret giggling
again. He looked back down at their position and was amazed to find that Rita had
released her left hand and was locked against Jimmy with only her one, slim arm. Not
only that, but Rita began moving Jimmy to her side of the table. With only the one, slim
arm. Alarmed, Jimmy looked up at Rita, who was grinning. They continued to pull, and
the tiny 12-year-old girl slowly but surely moved the older boy's hand towards defeat. In
certain situations, near defeat would have made Jimmy try that much harder. But he was
too shocked to do anything, and Rita banged his right arm to the picnic table.

It was impossible, thought Jimmy. He looked numbly at his hand still being securely
pinned to the table by Rita's much smaller hand. He had just lost an arm-wrestling match
to a little girl. All of his strength left him, and his humiliation ended up like a rock in his
stomach. Jimmy could barely breathe.

'Are you okay'' asked a suddenly concerned Rita. She released Jimmy's hand and ran
around to the other side of the table. 'Just take it easy.'

Although what Rita was doing was very sweet, Jimmy would have none of it. He roughly
pushed Rita away from him, and staggered slowly to the house. The girls let him go.
They realized that his pride was hurt, and decided to leave him be.

That night at dinner, Jimmy said nothing, but his parents were too busy with their friends
to notice. And Jimmy noted gratefully that Rita said nothing. Directly after dinner,
Jimmy said he was tired from the trip, and went to his room.

After a couple of hours of thought, Jimmy emerged from his room and knocked quietly
on Rita's bedroom door. At her invitation, Jimmy walked into her room and carefully
shut the door. Rita was in bed reading. She was wearing a long, white tee-shirt that fit
her dad, but on her it was a long nightgown. Jimmy looked at Rita's small body and slim
legs and nearly turned around. But he had decided to say something, so he did.

'Look, Rita, I'm sorry I acted the way I did. I just never expected''. The words trailed

Rita was impressed that Jimmy had reacted this way. He was a pretty good guy. Some
guys would never have talked to her again; others may have just been nasty, or attempted
to attack her. Jimmy was pretty mature'for a boy. 'It's okay, Jimmy. I understand.
We all did. I guess''. She didn't have to finish the statement that losing to a smaller,
younger girl must be pretty hard for a guy.

'I'd like to say sorry to Margaret and Diana. Can we see them tomorrow so I can

'Sure' Rita added with that twinkle in her eyes 'maybe you can try fighting one of
them.' Jimmy smiled, which was the reaction Rita hoped for. He really was a good guy.

The next morning, Rita was awakened by Jimmy banging on her door. 'C'mon
downstairs, Rita.' She ran downstairs and Jimmy was waiting for her in the living room.

He said 'my mom and dad went out with your parents to see the area. Now that we're
alone, I was hoping for another match.' Jimmy didn't seem angry or agitated, just

'Let me go to the bathroom, first, Jimmy. I'll be right back.' Rita left and returned
straight away. She looked at Jimmy, and realized that he just enjoyed competing, and
once he got over the shock, he wanted to try again. 'What do you have in mind''

'I thought that we'd try wrestling instead. If you don't mind, of course.' Jimmy felt that
his weight advantage would make up for her stronger arms (amazing!). He was wearing
only a pair of shorts. His chest was well-muscled and mostly hairless. Jimmy was ready
for action.

Rita eyed him for a second. 'I'll go change and be right back.' She returned in a couple
of minutes wearing an exercise leotard. 'I'm ready to go.' The two combatants
immediately began moving around the living room, looking for an opening.

Jimmy allowed himself a moment to be amazed. He was warily moving around about to
go toe-to-toe with a slim, cute, pre-teenage girl who was more than a foot shorter and less
than half his weight, as well as four years younger. And who had beaten him in arm-
wrestling! He lunged for Rita and managed to encircle his arms around her, trying to
drag her to the floor. Rita's small body was solid, her soccer-trained legs were strong
and well-balanced and Jimmy couldn't pull her down. While he was trying, Rita
wrapped one of her legs around one of Jimmy's and tripped him to the carpet. The two
fell in a heap and wrestled around on the floor for awhile, neither gaining an advantage.

It was Jimmy who made the first mistake. He thought he saw an opening to get a
headlock on Rita, but when Jimmy released her, Rita wrapped her legs around his head
and locked her ankles. The scissors hold was both painful and effective and Jimmy
thrashed around, trying to unlock the legs. He couldn't do it, so he slid his arms between
her legs, loosening the grip enough so it wasn't so painful. Jimmy couldn't escape, but
Rita couldn't force a submission. She finally released him, and grabbed his head with
her slim, strong arms. The headlock was painful, but Jimmy managed to keep moving
and Rita couldn't hold him. She released him and they both scrambled to their feet.

Jimmy didn't know what to do. He was trying to figure out how to use his weight, but
she had effectively countered his moves. And he was a little tired; he suspected Rita
wasn't. Feinting and yelling to distract her, Jimmy got behind Rita and put the little girl
in a full-nelson, pushing down hard against the back of her head. Jimmy got in very
close to try to keep her strong arms immobilized. Rita moved back and forth a bit, then
began pulling her arms in different manners: hard, soft, a little, a lot, both arms at a time,
then one at a time. The inconsistency of her moves forced Jimmy to counter too many
things and his hold loosened. Quick as a flash Rita straightened her arms and dropped
down, escaping, and in the same motion grabbed one of Jimmy's arms and threw him
over her shoulder. As Jimmy landed with a thud on the carpet, Rita jumped on him and
sat on his shoulders in a school-boy pin, attempting to force his arms to the floor. Jimmy
bucked wildly, but the tiny girl rode him like a bronco and Jimmy got tired. With her
legs securely attached to Jimmy's side, Rita concentrated on pushing his arms down.
And as with the arm-wrestling, Rita proved stronger. Soon Jimmy was lying beneath the
12-year-old, both his arms against the carpet. He wasn't going to escape.

The knock on the door startled Jimmy, but Rita expected it. 'Come in, girls' she said,
and Diana and Margaret walked into the house. The impressive sight of their slim, pretty
friend pinning the handsome, big American boy made them both giggle, but Jimmy was
well past the point of worrying about it. He conceded to Rita, who immediately got off
and pretty well pulled Jimmy to his feet. The boy thanked Rita for the match and looked
quizzically at the other two girls.

'I called them when I changed for the wrestle' Rita said. 'I thought they might like to
join us. And you wanted to tell them something.'

After Jimmy apologized for yesterday's boorish behavior, Margaret and Diana expressed
an interest in joining the festivities. And Jimmy figured, what the hell! But he needed
time to recover from wrestling with Rita. The time was taken up with talk about the next
set of matches to occur. All the girls wanted to leg-wrestle; Diana wanted to arm-wrestle
and with a gleam in her eye, Margaret leered at Jimmy with her wrestling challenge.
Jimmy also found out that Diana was only 11, but Margaret was nearly 14. Maybe she
wasn't too young.

They set up a quick leg-wrestling tournament, which was won by Rita. Jimmy somehow
beat Diana, but his eyes bugged out of their socket when Margaret removed her outer
outfit to reveal a tight-fitting one-piece bathing suit. Distracted, Jimmy was easily beaten
by Margaret, who lost to Rita in the tournament championship round. This led into the
arm-wrestling, and Diana was all charged up to go. She and Jimmy faced each other at
the kitchen table.

Jimmy considered his chances. It still was amazing to him that he actually thought of the
possibility of defeat when matched up with an 11-year-old girl. Diana was built similarly
to Rita; slim but solid, and a quick check of her biceps and forearms showed sinewy
muscle. She was smaller, younger and lighter than Rita, though, so Jimmy figured that
he had a chance. And it was possible that Diana wasn't as naturally strong as Rita. That
possibility died quickly when Diana and Jimmy clasped hands. He knew he was in for a
tough match.

Margaret started them and the match ended surprisingly quickly. Diana simply
overpowered him from the word 'go' and pinned his hand to the table. The speed of the
result not only shocked Jimmy, but also Margaret and Rita. Diana quipped 'maybe you
want to try two hands against my one, Jimmy'' The stunned 16-year-old boy wisely
refused. The other girls stared at their young, small friend. Then Rita recovered and
congratulated Diana and Margaret did the same. And finally Jimmy shook her small,
strong hand. He was getting used to being whipped by pre-teens. He also thought that it
was lucky that the British didn't have these girls when they battled the Americans in the
Revolutionary War.

Jimmy was to wrestle Margaret. She confided in the group that she probably couldn't
beat either Rita or Diana in arm-wrestling, and that Jimmy probably held a significant
arm strength edge. Margaret had beaten Jimmy in leg-wrestling, so he knew enough to
try to stay away from them. But he really didn't want to; Margaret's legs were great!
She was about 5'4' and probably 115 pounds, or so. And she wore them well.

They faced each other and Jimmy tried the same move he first attempted on Rita. It
worked. He was able to bulldoze Margaret to the carpet and got on top of her. It looked
like a good move for Jimmy, except Margaret pulled her legs up, pulled them behind
Jimmy's head and thrust him down to the ground. Pretty soon she had the same grip on
him as he had had on her. But his legs were not as flexible, and Jimmy couldn't emulate
Margaret's move. But he was stronger than her, and by sheer muscle managed to break
her hold. They wrestled on the ground, both enjoying the close contact. Jimmy was able
to get the edge several times, but he couldn't keep it as Margaret's flexibility and leg
strength managed to keep him at bay. Plus, although Jimmy's arms were stronger,
Margaret's entire body was pretty strong. Her soft, small breasts pushed up against his
muscular chest; her curvy hips pressed against his manly ones, and Margaret more than
held her own in the matchup.

Jimmy was getting tired. He didn't have Margaret's stamina anyway, and he was worn
out from his match with Rita. Margaret got on top of him and held him down easily.
Jimmy could have fought back a little, but he enjoyed the feel of Margaret's body on his.
Not waiting for his concession, Margaret got off him and picked him up in her arms,
which were obviously pretty strong. She spun around with him until he got dizzy, and
then Margaret dumped Jimmy on the sofa. He was aware that she kissed him lightly and
then all of the girls came over and tickled him for a while. Jimmy was having a blast!

When Jimmy regained his equilibrium, Rita mentioned to him that she had a few more
friends who might like a go at him. Margaret frowned at her, but Jimmy thought that this
was going to be one interesting vacation.
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