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Default Family femdom wrestling fun

It was March 15, 2020. 2 days before the COVID lockdown hit and all hell broke loose. Eric had come back home after about nearly a year after graduating and starting his own company to visit his dad who had chosen to live alone all these years since Eric's mom died when he was 12.

They come from a pretty rich family of generational wealth. Eric's dad; Dale Hughes was the 7th lord of the Hughes estate, a long line of wealthy entrepreneurs. Eric had clearly inherited the family traits as he had his own company up and running smoothly by the time he had graduated, without any investment from his dad. They were the last remaining members of the once proud Hughes household.

Which is why it always bothered Eric that his dad chose to live alone in what can be essentially called the middle of nowhere in their ancestral mansion. He did try a lot to set him up with a date at the very least, but he always refused.

So, imagine his surprise when he opens the door to find an extremely attractive woman in a thong, lounging on his couch. His first thought was that something happened to his dad and this lady might have broken in along with other assailants. But, that thought was quickly put to rest as his dad walked in with 2 drinks in hand. The next thought that occurred was 'hooker? '. It might seem like he had been there for a few minutes, but, in reality, he had just opened the door and entered, much to the surprise of his dad, who was in his underwear.

The lady was the one to respond first.
lady: "You must be Eric! Nice to meet you! I have heard so much about you!"

She walked over to him as she talked and hugged him tight, her huge tits squished between them.

lady: My name is Mikaela Brooks. I am your step mother. Your dad and I got married 2 weeks ago! I so wanted to invite you to the wedding. But, your dad said you were having your exams at the time, so he did not want to disturb you.

Me: Dad, Now, I agree, I tend to zone out the rest of the world when I focus on something, but, things like this are important! You should let me know beforehand! I did say you should try dating, but at least tell me about it.

Mikaela: Now, you guys probably have a lot to talk about, so I will give you some space.

Saying so, Mikaela leaves Eric and his dad in the room.

Dale: I know you have lots of questions, so let me get ahead of it all. We had been dating for 6 months. I did not know how to broach the subject to you, so I kept it a secret, since I did not want you to be distracted from your studies and work and I love her very much! Also, she is not a gold digger. She is much much richer than us.

Eric: That was not the problem at all. The problem was that you kept it a secret. Well, anyways, as long as you love her, that's all that matters I guess.

Dale: Thank you Eric. You'll see how wonderful she is once you get to know her. Oh! and she has a daughter your age, Lena. She should be back in the morning. Now, lets go have some dinner. You must be famished!

Eric couldn't register much of the conversation or the what they had for dinner as he was still too distracted by everything that's happened. Soon after dinner, Eric went to sleep as he had a long journey.

March 16, 2020.

Eric woke up late and came down to find another beautiful woman, in a bikini sitting on the couch, eating some fruits. She noticed Eric, rushed up to him to give him a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

Lena: You must be Eric! It's so nice to meet you! I am Lena! Your new step sister! I always wanted a little brother! Do you like pancakes? Let me make you some!

Eric: Oh, ok. Have you heard about the possible lockdown coming tomorrow?

Lena: Yeah. Kinda scares me. I was thinking of going out and getting some groceries later for the month, just in case.

Eric: I'll come too.

Lena: Eat first.

Eric: Where are mom and dad?

Lena: Upstairs. So, what do you plan on doing now since you completed college?

Eric: I started a software company. What about you?

Lena: I am between gigs right now.

Eric: Cool. If you need any help job searching, I'll help you out.

Lena: Thanks. Let's go now. I'll go put on some clothes by the time you finish breakfast.

Eric and Lena spent the rest of the day shopping for groceries. A pretty uneventful day. They got back to find the news of the lock down starting next day, their parents in their underwear sitting on the couch, watching movies.

The next few days had been pretty uneventful. One such day, the entire family was on the couch playing some game, when Lena broached the subject.

Lena: I have an idea! Let's wrestle. Guys vs girls. Whoever loses has to obey the winner for a week.

Eric vehemently opposed the idea. He was sensible enough to agree that someone would get hurt this way, but eventually gave in when faced with mockery from his step sister and mother and his dad saying it would be fun.

They all got down. Eric switched to shorts. Dale was in his shorts already. Lena and Mikaela were dressed in really skimpy bikinis to begin with. It was decided that the match ends by submission, but it was up to the victor to accept the submission. They drew lots to decide who would fight whom. Dale and Lena ended up as opponents and Eric was to fight Mikaela.

Mikaela: Now, you wouldn't hurt me, would you honey?
Eric: No promises.

The match began and Eric rushed her and grabbed her hip, hoping to topple her over and end the match soon, but Mikaela, grabbed his head, fell to her back and locked her legs around him, squeezing his torso, while choking him under her arm. As he tried to push her off, she immediately switched and put his face between her humongous breasts and started to smother him.

Mikaela: Stop struggling honey. It's not so bad. Your dad regularly asks me to put him in some worse positions. Come on. I can see you are enjoying too!

Saying so, she stroked his crotch with her right hand while continuing to hold his face into her breasts with her left, which was already sporting a boner. On the other side of the rug, Lena had already locked Dale in a reverse headscissor and was squeezing hard. Dale tapped out, but Lena continued until he passed out between her thighs.

Eric took the release in pressure due to Mikaela moving one of her hands to get his head out of her bosom and breathe. She tried to push him back in, but he resisted. His torso was now in a lot of pain due to her legs squeezing him.

Eric: Your legs are too strong mom.
Mikaela: Oh, come on! They are not that strong.

Mikaela instead grabbed his hair and taking that as leverage, wrapped her legs around his head in a frontal headscissor and turned to her side, Eric now looking up at his step mother's humongous globes and extremely aware of how her crotch smells. Mikaela pulled his head closer to her crotch, intent on smothering him with her pussy. He tried to pry her legs apart, but no success. Soon Eric tapped out too. But, instead of letting him go, Mikaela rolled up into a sitting pose, his face pinned underneath her ass. Eric tried to take this opportunity to try to push her off, but Mikaela was faster. She grabbed his hands and used her weight to pin them above his head and pin them down with her knees. Then she proceeded to sit right on his face, making sure her pussy covered his nose and her ass covered his face.

Mikaela: How does it smell down there honey?

Mikaela cooed at him, looking down at Eric trying to struggle desperately. Are you able to breathe?

Eric responded with a muffled No, which elicited a giggle from her. Even though Eric might have fantasized about having a hot woman sit on his face, this situation was a bit too much for him.

Mikaela: Don't struggle too much. Look at your dad. Just accept that you like it too. It's only natural. Or is it because I am your step mom? Look over there. Look how obediently your dad is kissing Lena's ass as she sits on his face. I can see how aroused you are. No need to deny it.

Seeing his face get red due to suffocation and how frantically he was tapping out, she decided to give him a breath before sitting back down. Unfortunately for him, that little breath was filled with her scent. He had just exhaled and taken a breath when she sat back down. That was no where near enough for him. That accompanied with all the struggling had left him tired and breathless.

Mikaela: You know, if you just agree that you like it, we could do this more often you know. You, me and Lena. Your dad cannot handle the punishments from both of us. You like it right? I'll give you a little time to think it over.

Saying so, she turned around and sat back down on his face, this time, his nose wedged between her ass cheeks. The momentary respite to gather air and release of his arms made him try to push her off, but he no longer had the strength needed to push her off. She grabbed his arms and pinned them down with her legs.

Mikaela: Can you breathe? No? Too bad. I can breathe just fine!

Eric tries to turn his head to breathe, but Mikaela pulls his head back into her ass.

Mikaela: Were you just trying to turn your head to breathe? You aren't allowed to breathe without my permission honey. Or else, I will have to punish you.

To emphasize the threat, she bounced on his face and then caressed his crotch.

After a few more seconds of sitting on his face, which seemed like eternity to Eric, she got up and switched, swiftly into a reverse headscissor.

Mikaela: Do you like the view honey? You could get to see this more often if you just agree that you like being dominated.

Eric responded by tapping out on her ass. Mikaela switched to reverse figure 4 with his face in her ass. She then wiggled her butt for good measure. Eric tapped out again in a few seconds, but she ignored him this time and started to caress his crotch. Soon, Eric was tapping out much more frantically.

In response, she released the pressure and sat up on his face and went straight to pinning his hands. Eric really needed to breathe, so he tried to turn his head and catch a breath. He was able to grab just half a breath when she pulled his face back in.

Mikaela: I suppose, you want the punishment.

Mikaela grabbed his hair with her left hand and his balls with her right. She squeezed his balls as hard as she could, eliciting a scream from him, which made her laugh.

Mikaela: Which is worse honey? Being smothered by your step mother or having her squeeze your balls?

She raised her ass just an inch, making him gasp as she release her hold on his balls.

Mikaela: Kiss my ass honey.

Eric obediently kissed her ass, the threat fresh in his mind. She grabbed him by his hair and pulled him into her ass as she sat back down. The suddenness of her action caught him by surprise, making him panic and try to turn his head.

Mikaela: Eric, you must really love having me squeeze your balls, eh?

Eric gave out a muffled cry making Mikaela giggle like a little girl while she grabbed and squeezed his balls.

Mikaela: Have you decided? I know you love my ass. I can see it whenever you checkout my ass or tits. I know that the tiny little thong riding up my ass makes you so weak. So, how would it be if I did it to you every day. Hmm? Would you like it? Dale, Would you tell Eric that it's alright?

Meanwhile, Dale was massaging Lena's ass with baby oil as she sat on his face and played on her phone.

Lena: Daddy! Mom asked you a question!

Lena raised her ass and gave Dale a sharp stinging slap.

Dale: Eric, it's alright! There's no point in worrying about society. Besides, this remains in the hoummmphh.

Before Dale could complete his sentence, Lena sat back down unceremoniously.

Mikaela: So, what did you decide?

Mikaela rose up waiting for his response.

Eric: Ok. I agree.

Mikaela sat back down with a bounce while celebrating her victory.

Mikaela: Good boy.

Mikaela got up, shifting her weight, lying down on top of him, her legs wide.

Mikaela: Now, put your face into my ass honey. Take a deep whiff. Let my scent control you.

As she said that, she used her hands to pin his.

Mikaela: Go all the way in. You have my permission.

Eric obeyed. In response, Mikaela closed her legs, tightening it around his head and squeezing. Eric began to tap out with his feet, surprised by the sudden predicament. He thought giving in would make her stop. But, he was wrong. He loved how it felt to give up control for once, but it felt so wrong at the same time.

Mikaela continued the squeeze for a bit longer before easing up, giving him time to breathe, then tightened up again. This continued for a while until she decided to switch to a figure 4 reverse headscissor, his face completely inside her butt. His tapping continued, but, Mikaela had no plans of letting him go. She held on, gyrating her hips in his face, her sweat and juices on his face.

After what seemed like eternity to Eric, Mikaela finally let go and sat up on his chest as he breathed in gratefully.

Mikaela: Kiss my ass honey. You lost. You have to listen to everything I say. Or we can go again.

The idea of fighting her again was horrifying enough for Eric that the idea of protesting never arose. He obediently kissed her butt and laid back down.

Mikaela: I didn't say you could stop. Keep kissing.

Eric started kissing her butt again, giving her pecks on her cheeks.

Mikaela: Properly.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the mat, Dale was starting to stir again after having been knocked out by his daughter.

Mikaela: Oh cool. Your dad's up too. We can continue this later, unless Lena and you wanna continue the game. I'll head to bed with your dad. All this contact has gotten me all hot and bothered.

Saying so, Mikaela got up from his chest, put the soles of her right leg on his face.

Mikaela: Kiss it honey.

As Eric obeyed, Mikaela gave a light slap across his face with the soles of her right leg, took it off, bent down and planted a kiss on his forehead.

Mikaela: Goodnight honey. Mommy loves you very much. Also, you should probably take care of that(pointing at his crotch with a wink).

Lena had let go of Dale and had walked over. She straddled Eric, leaned down and kissed Eric on the nose. Eric had tried to get up, but she pushed him down.

Lena: Eric, do you want me to help you take care of that(pointing down at his boner with a smirk)

Eric quickly replied with a no, filled more with embarrassment than anything else.

Lena: Don't worry, I'm not gonna touch it. You jerk yourself off, while I touch myself with a hitachi, while I sit on your face. I had to avoid accidently orgasming on Dad's face.

Eric: Was all of this pre-planned? (His voice filled witj suspicion)

Lena: Absolutely not silly! (Lena replied with a sweet laugh)

Eric: Then, how do you explain my dad just rolling over and you both winning with such ease?

Lena: My late biological father was abusive. He'd drink, gamble, get into fights, come back home and attack me or mom, whoever was home. He never earned a dime, but, had no shame demanding that my mom hand over her hard earned money. One day, that retard had too much to drink and attacked my mom with a knife. She ended up injured and we were lucky to be saved by a neighbour. So, my mom decided we would not allow ourselves to be so helpless again. My mom took self defense classes and I learnt MMA. I kinda got into it and taught mom a bit.

Eric: So, you already knew you were gonna win?

Lena: Kinda, yeah. Though, I was expecting you to win without any trouble against mom. Didn't take you to be such a weakling.

As she said this, she had moved on to his chest.

Lena: Though, that does make you incredibly cute. Too bad you are my step brother.

She laid down on top of him, with his face between her ample breasts and held his face in. She rubbed his face in there for a bit and then got back up, kissed his forehead.

Lena: You like it or not, I'm gonna help myself, to your face.

Saying so, he climbed onto his face, turned around so that she was facing his legs and sat down on his face. She then started gyrating her hips and touching herself.

Eric had his face now engulfed by his sister's ass. He tried to push her off, but, that only served to anger her. She immediately pinned his hands under knees and hit him in the balls.

Lena: Oh dear step brother, you really love being hit in the balls, don't you?

She grabbed his hair, pulling his head into her ass and started to violently rub her ass all over his face for a few seconds as Eric tapped out.

After a few seconds, she let go and raised her ass.

Lena: Come on, kiss my ass. You know, you could touch yourself too instead of being an annoying prude. You know what, let's play a game. You get to touch yourself, I get to touch myself, but, every time you tap out, I have to get up and you have to stop touching yourself and I bust your balls. Well, you don't have to touch yourself if you don't want to, but, we are playing the game irrespective of your choice.

Without waiting for his response, she sat back down and rubbing her crotch all over his face. Eric also gave in and started to jerk off. He was in need of air, but, he desperately held on for as long as he could before he tapped out. As she promised, Lena got up and with her full force, slammed her hands into his balls while Eric caught his breath, then she sat back down. It didn't take long for Eric to cum, but, it took longer for Lena to cum and it wasn't before she had a few more orgasms, before she let him go.

In the end, when Lena got up, Eric's face was completely red. He had enjoyed himself thoroughly and was looking forward to doing it again, but, he was also thoroughly humiliated and emasculated. A mix of conflicting emotions in him. Lena was lying on the floor beside him, panting while he was lost in his thoughts.

Lena rolled onto him, hugged him tight and kissed his face.

Lena: I loved this. Thank you. I'm sorry if I hurt you. Shall we do this again? Please?

Lena looked into his eyes, waiting for his response.

Eric couldn't say no to that face and agreed, making her happy like a little child on their birthday. She gave Eric lots of kisses all over his face and thanked him before getting up and helping Eric to his room and heading to her's.
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Default Re: Family femdom wrestling fun

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Default Re: Family femdom wrestling fun

Great story, is there any chance for next part ? I want to read how more this 2 will dominate them
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Default Re: Family femdom wrestling fun

I started writing Dale's side of the fight, but, I need suggestions for the models who'd be the mother daughter pair. I should have chosen the characters first. That was my bad.
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Default Re: Family femdom wrestling fun

Dale's side of the first night of wrestling.

It started as another blissful day, until it took a weird turn. Lena suggested that we wrestle. Perhaps Dale should have listened Eric's voice of reason and opposed the idea, but, he thought it would simply be play fighting and that the challenge would simply end in a joke or be forgotten. But, he was sorely mistaken.

Lena got into position before him, in her white bikini and thong. Seeing his step daughter in that attire certainly made his heart beat faster right now as the thought of wrestling with her filled his mind. But, those thoughts vanished quickly as she rushed him the moment the match started. In the blink of an eye, he was sprawled on the ground with Lena over him, trapping his legs in a grapevine and his face in a boob smother.

Getting his face stuck between such humongous breasts was extremely arousing to him, but, the fact that the person those breasts were attached to was his step daughter just made him feel really guilty. But, he was the only one with such guilt. Lena was really pushing his face into her breasts and making sure to cut off his breathing.

Getting wind knocked out of him by the initial rush accompanied by the breast smother did not help Dale's condition and the pain from the grapevine was adding oil to the fire. So, obviously, it did not take him long to tap out. But, instead of the match ending, Lena had other plans. She had sat up on his chest and scooched over so that she was sitting on his throat.

Lena: How does it feel to be beaten by such a hot young girl? Do you like it daddy? I bet you do..

Dale couldn't even respond, being choked by by a girl his son's age. It was emasculating and yet, hot. He tried to push her off, but she grabs his hands and pins it under her knees.

Lena: Give up daddy. Just give in and become our slave.

She slaps him hard across the cheek.

He taps out again, hoping for her to stop.

Lena: Come on daddy, you need to take some punishment!

But, she simply turns around, pulls his head up into her ass and locks her legs in a reverse headscissors.

Lena: Daddy you like the view, don't you?

She starts to loosen her hold and then jerk it tight again. She keeps repeating this as Dale continues to tap out. After a good while, she lets go, sits up on his throat and makes him tap out again. Then, turns around and sits squarely on his throat once more while facing him and proceeds to trap his arms under her knees.

The duration between the taps had gotten almost instantaneous now as Dale no longer had the strength to fight back or endure.

Instead of letting go, she leans back and grabs his balls.

Lena: Ooh! You are hard down here you dirty pervert! Now beg me! Beg me to sit on your face and use you as a seat!

She squeezes his balls hard.

Dale: Please sit on my face. Please!

Lena: Call me Goddess!

She slaps him hard.

Dale: Please sit on my face Goddess!

Seeing Dale beg, she gets up momentarily as she turns around and sits on his face. She wiggles a bit to ensure that his face is stuck in her ass crack as her bikini rides up her butt.

Lena: Hope you caught a breath, cuz I'm not going get up for a good while slave!

Hearing her laughter and everything that has happened so far, Dale begins to question what had happened so far. Did his daughter resent him that much? But, a dent appeared in those questions as the feeling of her moist panties on his face awakened him from his reverie while also reminding him of his current predicament. He struggled to breathe. Sensing his discomfort, Lena raised herself off his face with a click of her tongue.

Lena: Fine! Breathe! Now, kiss my ass.

As Dale obeyed, she sat back down on his face, satisfied.

Lena: You can touch yourself daddy. I know you want to. Though, you have to stop when I get up. Ok?

Dale did not want to degrade himself further, so, holding on to his remaining dignity, he stayed quiet, trying to withstand the smothering. He had come to accept the new order. After all, Lena and he weren't biologically related. If this makes his step daughter happy, he's happy too! Besides, getting dominated by a woman is quiet hot!

While he was lost in his reverie, he heard a question from Mikaela, in response, he received a sharp stinging from Lena who ordered him to answer but, before he could complete his answer, Lena had sat back down on his face, cutting him off amd resumed playing with her phone.

It seemed like eternity to him before the constant repeated smothering ended and his wife helped him to their room. He was too tired to have sex, but, she was too horny to not do so. She proceeded to put him on the bed, mount his face and use a vibrator on herself. Mikaela then proceeded to make him eat her out. It was only after she was satisfied that he was allowed to sleep.
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Default Re: Family femdom wrestling fun

We need second Part where Lena totally dominate Eric
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ball sqeezing, boobsmother, facesit games, facesitting, femdom beatdown, headscissor, pubis choke, wrestling

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