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Default The reunion

With help from Iceman75, we wrote this.

John Jacobson was one of the nerdiest, most picked on guys at his high school, he was tall and lanky, at the time of his graduation, he was 6'4 and weighed 140 pounds of skin and bone, he was so feeble, that even the cheerleaders picked on him. The leader of the cheerleaders, Carmella Williamson picked on him the worst, she was lithe and sexy, 5'5 and 120 pounds, but that 120 pounds held some power that John couldn't overcome, no matter how hard he tried. She dominated him when they were alone, finding it easy and while he was physically and emotionally shamed, being close to her sexy body invariably made his cock hard. So Carmella, thinking it was her dominating him that was making him hard, made sure to do it more and more, since, well, Carmella actually had a crush on John. He was fairly handsome for his appearance, and also quite smart and nice.

That John, however, is a much different John than the one going back to their 15 year high school reunion. This new John had been doing the best to push all of those demons away by becoming the complete opposite. He has spent almost every waking hour in the gym to build his body into a honed, pumped, strong wrecking machine. And that wrecking machine has been made even more deadly by him learning several different martial arts disciplines. Starting from the time he was 24 years old, to now, at 33 years old, John had accumulated win after win, title after title in MMA contests, both legitimate and underground. He is now 260 pounds of the hardest hitting, strongest, toughest, most masculine man that you had ever seen. He was going back to this reunion to teach some of his bullies, especially Carmella, a lesson in respect, a lesson in revenge, a lesson in dominance.

John was in his gym, bench pressing several hundread pounds as a workout. He had maybe 200 reps on him and was trying to get to 300 before he worked on his legs. He was like an iron machine, and most likely as tough and as hard as one. Any who angered him would learn a lesson... And Carmella was gonna get it. Carmella was his mortal nemesis. All through his life, from grade school to Highschool, she terrorized him. He also even trained at a temple to forgo his sexual attraction of her.

When he got the news of the reunion, he was ecstatic. In one week, they'll meet again, and he shall have his revenge. Oh, he will make her PAY for all those years of wedgies, wet Willys, poundings, armwrestling matches, and all the joke punches. By the 300, he set his weight down, and got up. At 6'4 and 280 pounds of muscle, he was ready. For anything!

-1 week later-

At the parking lot of his old Highschool, John was in a Tanktop with shorts checking his phone. That's when... He was attacked! Someone tackled him, and with great ease, he grabbed the person responsible with his hands, and turned around to see... Buzz.

He figured it had to be someone incredibly large, muscular, and strong to manhandle him, so he looked straight ahead, but he didn't see anyone standing right in front of him that met those standards, instead he had to look down nearly a foot to see that the person that spun him around forcefully was none other than Carmella herself, who smirked up at him. She seemed to be even more beautiful than he remembered her being, her long blond hair falling down to just below her shoulders, her face certainly didn't look 33 years old like he knew she was, more like she had just got out of college, 23 at the most. And her body, hugged in a tight, black dress looked as sexy and bodacious as ever as well, her 38DD breasts standing up high and tall. If she didn't treat him so horribly in high school, he would've been tempted to rock her world. She spoke in a silky smooth, but mocking tone as she continued to look amused by his transformation.

"My my, if it isn't ol string bean Jojo. You certainly have grown, haven't you, I bet you think you can take me with all those muscles, huh? You think that you can kick my ass because you learned a couple of martial arts, am I right? Oh yes, I followed your career, you won a couple MMA titles and think you're hot shit now?"

John couldn't believe what he was hearing, here, the one that was supposed to be intimidated because of his size, muscularity, power, and skill was anything but, in fact, she only seemed to be even more smug than she was in high school, if that was possible!

"Look, Carmella, I have been training like a maniac for the last 15 years to get a chance to show you that I'm anything but a wimp, but I don't want to hit a girl, so you got a boyfriend or husband or something? Maybe you married Larry, the captain of the football team, since you were dating him so heavily in junior and senior year. I'd love to kick his ass, he was one of the guys picking on me when I was tops on all the tests and captain of the Math and Chess teams. So where is he?"

Oh, I only dated him cause he was gay."

John thought about it, and mentally told himself he owed Buzz 50 bucks. Carmella grinned, and hugged John tighter, and had her eyes bubbly.

"I would never date anyone else Johhny boy. So, seeing as how heading in alone would be so embarrassing, I think you and I should head in as old friends. If anyone asks, I'll say I'm Carmella Lyla Jacobson, while you tell everyone you're John Dio Williamson. Okay?"

John was ready to call her out for that, when she dragged him inside. He didn't want to be with her at all, and instead wanted to find a way to get his revenge. Well, maybe he could embarrass her. Inside, the gym auditorium was full of old students, with it seeming Carmella wasn't lying, cause Larry was with a man hugging and talking to old football members. Everyone saw Carmilla and a lot of the men whistled.

"Well Carmella, you somehow got hotter!"

John smiled for the first time in a while. Buzz! Buzz was the head linemen of the football team, and his old friend. Buzz was black and had a big body that was a mixture of fat and muscle. He was wearing a jersey for his new football team he was a part off. Buzz must have been 6'8, and he grabbed John and hugged him. John used to hate being hugged by Buzz, but now he hugged back, and Buzz was out of breathe.

"Jesus John, let go you're killing me!"

John did so, and he laughed. He did a fist bump with Buzz, with Buzz eyeing Carmella and John.

"Damn John, can I trade my wife with yours?"

Buzz's wife, a 4'11 woman with a nice dress and fuzzy hair was next to Buzz. She snapped her finger, and Buzz looked down to see her.

"What was that, William?"

Buzz blanched because while he towered over his wife by almost 2 feet and weighed more than 180 pounds than she did, he was far from the dominant one in the relationship with her.

"Um, I didn't really say anything, dear, just that I'm impressed that Johnny here was coming to the reunion with such a beautiful date."

John cleared his throat and said. "Buzz, let me say that me and Carmella are very happy, I'm sure you and your wife are as well."

The tiny woman with Buzz stepped forward, "I'm sorry, we haven't been introduced, my name is Sharon. And you are?"

"John, John Jacobson, nice to meet you Sharon."

"You look like you must've been on William's team in high school, you're quite strapping."

"Actually, I wasn't, I was little more than a towel boy, believe me, in high school, I looked a lot different than I do now. In fact, I was picked on by most of the football team, William was pretty much the only guy who stood up for me."

"I can barely believe that, look at you, you're so muscular and tough looking."

"Through 15 plus years of hard work, if I showed you a picture of me from that point, you probably wouldn't believe it, but it's the truth, I was a bit of a skinny nerd."

Carmella introduced herself at that moment.

"Hello, I'm Carmella Lyla Jacobson. I went to Highschool here too! You can say John and I were Highschool sweet hearts."

Buzz snickered a little, and saw Carmella wasn't joking.

"Jeez, no offense Carmella, but you and John were like The Trainwrecks and the Dobermans. In our enter history of football with the Dobermans, we must have faced off with them more then every other team combined!"

Carmella laughed, and squeezed John and stared dreamily into his eyes.

"Let's just say we had a fun way of saying 'I love You.'"

Sharon actually went 'Awwwwwww', and slapped Buzz in the stomach. He barely registered it, but knew it meant trouble.

"Why aren't you like that with me more. These two are acting like they are on their honeymoon."

"Well we had our honeymoon 12 years ago..."

"No excuses William. Now, you three catch along with old times, I see a case of cheese curds that say 'Eat me.'"

She walks away, and Buzz eyes the two.

"What's going on?"

John was almost wanting to tell his friend the truth, but he figured that agreeing with Carmella would prevent her from making too much of a scene.

"Nothing, what do you mean? It's just that me and Carmella, well, it's like reliving old times, I mean we did get into a bit of a scrape here and there, but it was sort of like what happens in grade school, when boys pull the hair of girls, that means they really like them, well, me and Car had that kind of relationship in high school and that really grew into something and matured as we got older."

Buzz didn't seem so convinced, but he shrugged.

"Whatever man, I remember a couple of things she did to you, like when she jammed you in that locker with her sweaty socks after cheerleading practice. To me that didn't seem like she was so in love with you then.

Carmella giggled.

"Oh yeah, I forgot I did that to you, but really William, I just gave Johnny boy a hard time because I thought he was cute, he was right in his explanation, being a bit of a tomboy, I didn't know how to really get that kind of stuff out, but it was all fun and games, nothing really ever got too serious, did it honey?"

John shrugged.

"No, no, nothing was that bad, I guess, you know, it was sort of cool, to be bullied by the prettiest girl in school."

Carmella smiled wide.

"See William, he was okay with it, more than okay because well, we're married now, so John was able to get over it enough to really see the good girl that laid under the surface."

Buzz nodded.

"Okay, I guess I believe you. But it's just weird, I remember those times and they definitely weren't all happy for John. But it looks like you two are happy now, so it's obvious that the two of you have moved beyond that."

Buzz left to deal with some cheese puffs he saw with him happy in tow. Carmella draped herself over John, and he looked down to see her, not so happy to see her holding her.

"Look, can I ask you to please just tell me... What's your game?!"


"For so many years, you made me your bitch, and now what, too afraid to even try to mock me? So come on, what the fuck is going on?!"

Buzz left to deal with some cheese puffs he saw with him happy in tow. Carmella draped herself over John, and he looked down to see her, not so happy to see her holding her.

"Look, can I ask you to please just tell me... What's your game?!"


"For so many years, you made me your bitch, and now what, too afraid to even try to mock me? So come on, what the fuck is going on?!"

"Look, to be honest, I did sort of have a crush on you in high school, and it was an immature jock girl showing off for her friends and other jocks, because I didn't know how else to go about it. I didn't hate you at all, if that's what you're getting at, it's well, I loved knowing that even though you were much taller than me, and a little bit heavier than me, that you were a total wimp compared to me. Now look at you, it looks like what I did motivated you into getting into shape, so in the end, you could say I helped you grow as a man, and as a person."

That made John even more angry.

"You bet your ass you made me get in shape, it was you who overpowered me consistently throughout high school even though you're just a normal girl, you made me eat dirt, you made me kiss your feet and your ass! How the hell is that supposed to be the behavior of someone who even likes another person, much less loves them?"

He had said these words in a raised whisper, not loud enough for others to hear, just Carmella and John.

"Come on, Johnny, like I said, I was immature, but I'm a lot more mature now, can't we just try and have some fun together. Look, I know you want a shot at me, but not right now, how about after the Reunion, we go back to my hotel and you can do whatever you want to me, and I won't fight back."

John was taken aback by this.

"Wait, what's the catch, no way this is on the level."

Carmella shook her head and smiled.

"I mean it, there's no catch. As long as you play the part I want you to play throughout the Reunion, then after, you get a shot at getting me back. So are you going to take it?"

John glowered a little.

"Fine, I'll take you up on it....dear"

He said that with an incredible amount of sarcasm.

John and Carmella were pretending to be nice as a couple with John drinking beer. He was looking at Carmella, and he had to admit... She was stunning. Legs up to her eyes, slender skin, long flowing hair, a cute little face... And rather wonderful curves. He had to remind himself to hate her, but he was kind of hoping she would still be herself.

She was acting way too nice and polite for him to really hate her. He was hoping she would out herself as a bitch, cause he was feeling kind of like an ass. I mean, why would he assult her for some stuff back in Highschool. Well that's when he was reminded. The wall soon became illuminated by camera footage of Highschool, and people laughed at how they looked back in Highschool. Carmella saw it, and pointed.

"Hey, it's us!"

John was steaming at the picture that was appearing as big as life in front of him, it was a picture of Carmella giving his younger, smaller self a headlock and a nuggie, while it was a bit more innocent than some of her other humiliating offenses against him, seeing everyone looking, pointing and laughing at his weakness was almost too much for him to take. When the spotlight covered him and Carmella, he decided that it was best to grin and bear it, but he would take it out on Carmella afterwards, the rage boiling inside would result in what he would hope would be a beating to pay her back for every single thing like that she did to him.

Carmella waved and smiled, and took John and put him in a headlock, much to his shock and dismay, because he may not have expected it, but certainly his neck and upper body was strong enough now to where she shouldn't be able to move him without his consent. But move him she did, putting his head right next to her large DD cup breasts. He tried hard to force her hands apart, but for some reason, he figured the reason was that she had all the leverage in this position, he couldn't get free.

"Awww, look, Johnny doesn't seem to want to have me let him go, he's pulling himself closer to me."

She giggled then whispered to him.

"Just play along, I'll have my fun here and you can have your fun later, that is if you think you can beat me."

John was taken aback, how did she think she had a chance, he was so much bigger than her! But he nodded and whispered back.

"Okay, deal. You got me. Any time you want to let me go, you can."

It was like old times for the two. Carmella was punishing poor John like he was a wimp and people were laughing at him. Well, no one dared laugh in front of him, cause of his size. John was tired of dealing with Carmella, and grabbed her arm. His hand alone was thicker then her arm, so he was ready to move it. Yet despite her being so think looking... He couldn't move her! How the hell was he so weak?!

Maybe... That's it! He still remembers her as a bully. This is a test of the mind, not the body. If he is able to get over his head of her, he can finally take her down. So he resisted his old memory of her, and knew to become an adult. It was time for him to prove once and for all he was strong. So he tried to move her arm.

Again, he failed.

"What the fuck?"

"Oh honey, language."

She laughed, with everyone else in the room.

What's wrong, are all those muscles not strong enough to move a girl's arms? Was all that working out for nothing? Are you just the same little wimp you were in high school?"

This hurt him, and enraged him, he doubled his efforts to break free of her, to at least move her arms, which were thick, but ultimately covered in fat, no muscle visible. And he was still losing a direct test of strength against her! He, a 260 pound man who had benched a 200 pound barbell for 300 reps just the other day, he squatted 500 pounds for 200 reps. He had been undefeated in 23 fights against men as big and in some cases bigger than him, yet he couldn't get loose from a 5'7, 135 pound girl!

"How is this possible? I bench 575 pounds for a max weight! I can curl 300 pounds for max weight! How can your puny little girl arms stronger than mine?"

Oh come on, I'm not even trying. Do you really think you can hurt me if you are as weak as this? Those muscles are probably fake if anything, but I Don't mind. You were always so cute no matter what."

Carmella laughed, and let John go. John was so angry, he ignored the former class valedictorian, MonkeyFreed, talking about how he loved high school. He also escaped a woman claiming she impregnated her, with two little kids dressed exactly like him chasing after him. Carmella looked to John, and then did something new. She went behind him, holding him from behind.

"How about a big hug?"

She grabbed John, and lifted him high in the air.

The audience gasped at the sight of this slight, sexy woman lifting the much bigger, obviously heavy, muscular man off the floor, it was a hell of a shock, but not as much a shock as it was to John, who couldn't believe, even with all of what Carmella had done to him so far in their lives, was THIS strong! She held him up off the ground easily too, she was smiling wide, showing no signs of effort.

"Come on, try to get loose, big boy, I'm not squeezing too hard, you'll know if I'm squeezing hard, here's a small example."

She tightened her arms a little around his stomach and the air blew out of his lungs and he couldn't get it back in, because of the fact that Carmella, in that short squeeze had compressed his lungs and he couldn't enlarge them. At least until she let up, which she did 10 seconds later. He breathed in deeply and desperately. After recovering a bit, he put his much larger, more manly hands over hers and started to tug as hard as he could to the sides, but once again, her fingers were not breaking, her grip was unmoving and she just smiled.

"Aren't you trying yet? I can barely feel you!"

She spoke calmly and easily, as if the effort to hold her hands together while he was trying to pull them apart with all his strength was nothing to her!

The audience gasped at the sight of this slight, sexy woman lifting the much bigger, obviously heavy, muscular man off the floor, it was a hell of a shock, but not as much a shock as it was to John, who couldn't believe, even with all of what Carmella had done to him so far in their lives, was THIS strong! She held him up off the ground easily too, she was smiling wide, showing no signs of effort.

"Come on, try to get loose, big boy, I'm not squeezing too hard, you'll know if I'm squeezing hard, here's a small example."

She tightened her arms a little around his stomach and the air blew out of his lungs and he couldn't get it back in, because of the fact that Carmella, in that short squeeze had compressed his lungs and he couldn't enlarge them. At least until she let up, which she did 10 seconds later. He breathed in deeply and desperately. After recovering a bit, he put his much larger, more manly hands over hers and started to tug as hard as he could to the sides, but once again, her fingers were not breaking, her grip was unmoving and she just smiled.

"Aren't you trying yet? I can barely feel you!"

She spoke calmly and easily, as if the effort to hold her hands together while he was trying to pull them apart with all his strength was nothing to her!

In fact, it wasn't. It was rather sad in fact, to see such a powerful man crushed by such a waifish women. She was manhandling him like he was a ragdoll, and threw him around like he was a baby, just shaking and holding him. John was feelin crazy, and he couldn't handle the hell this was for him. He... He threw up.


In the bathroom, he was vomitting in the toilet while Carmella was outside the door, having her ear against it.

"You okay John? Do you need me to take you home? I'm sorry, I found it so much fun!"

John hated Carmella! She made him feel weak just like Highschool. No, he hates himself, for being so weak. The door opened, and inside came... Larry?! Larry was rather good looking and still seemed muscular, with a rather annoying porno stash. He looked at John vomitting, and sighed.

"Listen, John... You may know Carmella and I dated..."

"The beard thing?"

"Yeah, I told her that. I'm actually bi. She just thinks I'm gay cause that way she can show me her new outfits. But that's not important. What is, is I understand EVERYTHING you are going through. Did I ever tell you about how I broke my arm?"

John shook his head.

"No, I figured it was in a football game."

Larry shook his head and smiled.

"That's what I told everyone happened, but it was Carmella, I was upset with her after she had taunted me so I lashed out and tried to punch her, but she caught my hand in hers and twisted it, I heard the crunch and screamed my lungs out, I knew it was broken right away. She immediately knew and felt terrible about it. It was then we started dating because she wanted to make up for it, she's got a good side to her, but well, she's just so strong! She thought she was going to playfully dominate me by twisting my arm behind my back, like she had seen in martial arts movies, she told me, but she twisted it too strong and too fast and broke my arm. Luckily she learned more control after that, or I'd probably have been in a full body cast by the end of that year."

John was staring at the ground, hearing all of this, and after what he just felt, he believed Larry, he decided that even though he hated Carmella and what she had done to him, it was probably not wise to anger her in any way. But also, attacking her may also be not too smart, he knew from experience that Larry had very fast hands, so if he couldn't land a punch on Carmella, John doubted that he could. And based on her power, which apparently was several times his own, he also doubted the effectiveness of any attack he put forth, at least with his bare hands...

Larry got a text, and groaned.

"The babysitter. My kids just found my secrete booze stash and are drinking it. Well, this ruined a good night. Gotta go. Oh, and John, I have a secret."

He goes to John and whispers in his ear. John is surprised, and looks to Larry.

"Does that actually work?"

"Putty in my hands."

Larry left, and when he opened the door, Carmella saw John and waved, having a rather sheepish smile.

"Come on, let's head out. Okay?"

John nodded, a look on his face that said he was reluctant to do so, but pretty much had no choice. As he and Carmella walked out the door she let loose.

"Look, I think we got back off on the wrong foot, and that picture didn't really help things. I can tell you that I wasn't expecting them to do that, I truly wanted to get to know you better, but well, I went about it the wrong way. Now we have a chance to really bury the hatchet. How about on the ride over to your place, we do nothing but tell each other the truth, no matter what the question is, we don't lie to each other any more."

John's expression softened after Carmella's candid explanation and plan for resolution.

"Sounds like a great plan to me, can I go first?"

She nodded, almost knowing what the first question was going to be.

"How strong are you, really?"

John glanced at her as he asked the question, his interest sincere.

"To tell you the truth, I don't really know. I often tried to find out, getting to the school gym early in the morning, the coach giving me a key after I demonstrated some of what I was capable of, like dunking a basketball from the 3 point line, and lifting the back end of the team's bus off the ground. Unfortunately, even the biggest, fully loaded barbell couldn't test me, hundreds of reps and I couldn't get a pump. So I just resigned myself into not really ever knowing my limits, and hiding my strength for the most part. Larry was one of my first victims when it came to that, he probably told you in the bath room of how he came to know my strength. The problem was, even when I did that, I wasn't really even trying. I hope that doesn't freak you out too much?"

John couldn't believe his ears, she had done those things? Dunked a ball from the 3 point line, lifted the back end of a bus? Lifted a fully loaded barbell, a weight that was over half a ton for hundreds of reps? She truly was superhuman, and she was interested in him. That made him look at her in a whole new light.

"Actually, it probably would've if it was the old me, but I guess I can accept that, and you know, I guess I always found you attractive, physically, and now that I'm able to see you as a real person, though one that is superior to me in pretty much every way, I can forgive you for what you did to me, if you really feel sorry."

"Oh, I do, to be honest, I really thought you liked some of the stuff that we did together, because, well, during some of it, I couldn't help but notice and on occasion feel a distinct bulge in your pants while doing it."

John looked a little ashamed, and hid his crotch from her. Admittedly, he did find her rather sexy. Well the two went to John's huge hummer, and drove off to his motel room. Carmella was checking the dashboard, and looked to John.

"My turn. Now Mr. John... Are you a virgin?"

John slammed his feet on the breaks, and looked to Carmella's grins. He broke out into a sweat, and was in hives. He hated to admit it. He never wanted too. But he made a promise.

"No. I kinda spent my time... Bulking up."

Carmella laughed a little, and winked at John.

"Well maybe tonight."



At the motel room, Carmella was in the bathroom changing while John was in his gym shorts and had MMA gloves on. He was going to fight her!

John was pissed again, after all, she made him admit to her that he was indeed a virgin, mostly because he had spent the last 15 years working out, learning to fight and stewing on his hatred for Carmella, and she seemed to be reveling in that fact, he was so pissed that he didn't hear her mutter that maybe she would change that tonight. He was warming up, shadow boxing, practicing his combos when the door to the bathroom opened and Carmella stepped out, wearing a bikini that showed off her tremendous body, her huge 38DD breasts, her tight, flat stomach, her generous hips, and incredibly round, firm looking buttocks. His mouth dropped as his erection returned.

"Hehe, I think you like what you see, but it also looks like you want to make good on that offer that I gave to you before at the dance. That's fine, baby. I'll give you 10 shots to try and bring me down, any single way you want, but you then will give me 3 shots at you, so you better make your 10 shots count, Johnny."

Johnny got back into the right state of mind, his cock still hard, but his mind focusing on where best to attack the object of his aggression. He moved forward, his hands raised in a boxing stance.

"Okay, here goes, I'm not going to hold back."

John then blasted 4 straight jabs into her flat, but not quite so chiseled stomach, which absorbed the blows, much to John's consternation, he looked up to see that she was smiling at him, as though he didn't hit her at all. In fact, it's not like she was paying attention to him in the least as what she said next shocked him.

"Sorry did you start? I had my eyes closed, thinking about your hard cock in my wet pussy, mmmmmm."

John was less then impressed by the thirst of his opponent, and prepped up his fist. He took a step back, and did a running punch. He knew that in his life, no one can train their face to become strong. He hated to mess up her pretty face, but she deserved it for her years of torturing him. He punched her in the face, fist to face. Despite the entire motel shaking from the impact, and even the trashcan fell over from the shockwave, Carmella was standing and giggling.

"Come on, I even closed my mouth for this."

John was enraged, but didn't waste his next hits. He did a leaping roundhouse kick, hitting her head. She refused to move her head, and kept her grin.

"That's 6 Johhny boy!"


Obviously, attacking the face was failing. He looked at her, and had an idea.

"One question, can I use a grapple?"

"Sure. But the second you do a move, I'll count it. Change it, I'll count it."


With a quick movement, he was behind her, and did a choke hold on her, trying to strangle her out. No matter how powerful someone was, they still need to breathe!

John tugged on her from behind with all his strength, but her body, so much smaller than his in all ways, just wouldn't move. To get a better grip, he lifted his legs off the ground and put them around her tight waist, this way he could involve his lower body in the squeezing, all this did was cause Carmella to yawn.

"You know, that's a different move, the leg scissors wasn't an original part of the rear naked choke, so that's two moves, therefore you have two more."

Carmella was saying these words with the utmost of ease, her speech patterns not affected in the least by the squeezing of his arms around her neck and the squeezing of his legs around her waist. John was squeezing with all of his power, twisting and jerking, his face red, the veins sticking out of his neck, crawling up to his forehead with the effort he was exerting, it was about as effective as if he was doing this to a marble statue, not a woman he towered over by almost a foot and outweighed by 130 pounds.

"What the hell are you, some kind of robot? Do you have a terminator exoskeleton under there?"

Carmella just giggled.

"Nope, I'm all flesh and bone, mister, just sturdier built than most humans. Guess you could say that I'm a mutant, been stronger and tougher than anyone I knew since I was a small child. A car ran into me when I was 9 years old, it was going 25 miles per hour, but when it hit me, it just stopped, like it hit a concrete pillar, it wrapped itself around me, it was totaled, but I was completely fine. So if one of your moves would be to run me over with a car, well, it'd be a waste of a move."

After a few minutes, he stopped. He was tiring himself out, and let go. However, she was no worse for wear. John went back to face to face, and took a judo pose. When faced with a stronger enemy, use their momentum against them! He grabbed her arm, and judo flipped her. Amazingly, he was able to throw her against the ground. Not so amazingly, she didn't look any worse for wear.

"One more. Make it count."

So John did. Lifting her back up, he used his ultimate move. One he always wanted to do to her but was too afraid too. He went to his knees... And punched her square in the vagina. Carmella stopped smiling, bent her knees, and fell down. She was holding her crotch, her face was twisted from pain, and she became red faced.


It worked!

John couldn't believe it, he had tried his hardest to hurt this beautiful, but seemingly super strong, super tough woman, he tried 9 different ways to take her down and on the last, he just went with something in total and complete desperation, hoping in his heart of hearts that it would work and it actually did.

Carmella was wheezing on the ground, clutching her pussy and moaning in pain. But after a little bit, she recovered enough to ask him.

"How did you know that was my weak spot?"

John shrugged.

"I guess it is just that that's where every man is vulnerable, they can be the toughest, strongest guys in the World, but there's no amount of training that will build your balls up to be invulnerable. I was just hoping that it was the exact same with girls. I hope that you're not too upset about it, but you said I could do whatever I wanted, with no restrictions..."

After a while, Carmella got back to her feet, still visibly in pain, but then she nodded.

"Don't worry, I won't hold it against you. But remember, I still have three shots at you now."

John groaned in anticipation of intense pain that he knew Carmella was capable of delivering.

John was a little scared, so he prepared himself by making his body like a wall. She may hit hard, but he can handle it. Carmella took a deep breath, and concentrated. Digging into her heels, she took a step back, raising her arm, and pressed forward. She punched John in his abs. John did prepare for an ab punch... But none of the quality to this. He fell down, coughing, and feeling like his stomach was just destroyed. How fuckin strong was she?! He was pratically out of the fight from a devestator of this! It felt more like a wrecking ball then a fist. Carmella looked at her fist, and grinned.

"Still got it, huh John? Now... Punch number 2, coming up!"

John was wheezing, the wind totally knocked out of him from that one punch, when he got a little bit of his wind back he said.

"Please, no more, you don't have to punch me any more, look, I give up, if you punch me again in the stomach, it'll probably exit out my back!"

Carmella giggled.

"Then I won't punch you in the stomach."

Carmella launched a punch to his shoulder, and immediately he shouted in pain as he felt his left arm go numb, his shoulder separated and his arm dangled from the nerve damage that the force of the punch that she threw.

"Oww, oh god, that hurt, I can't feel my arm, what did you do you..."

"Ah, ah, ah, if you say that word, I will be offended. Think about it, do you want someone who can hit that hard mad at you? Now, where should I hit you last?"

Oh god, please not my balls!"

"Nah, I'd break that. Instead, I'll hit your face.

"Oh thank god... Wait what?!"

What cam next was something more akin to a sledgehammer then an actual fist. It actually made his skull crumple from the pain, with him flying into the wall. He crumpled into said wall like he a cartoon character. He was placed in the wall unable to move, with Carmella laughing. She went to him, and dragged him out of said wall with one hand, grabbing his arm. She threw him back out, and he flew, hitting the bed.

"Oh, I wasn't aiming for that, but I'm glad I did."

Hours later John finally woke up, his head was in immense pain, his eyes took a while to focus, and when they finally did they saw that Carmella was sitting at the desk of the hotel, completely naked. She was on her lap top, writing something, she heard him grunt and turned around, her breasts barely swinging, despite their enormous size. He figured that she must have a bit of muscle under all that nice, pale flesh.

"Oh, you're finally awake, you were out for about 5 hours there. I was hoping that I didn't put you in a coma, happened to my last 3 boyfriends, you know? But you've got a harder head than them, I guess. Must be all the shots you took from those big bruisers in the Octagon. So... any thoughts about what we can do now."

With a flourish, she rose up off the chair and showed John her truly magnificent body, 38DD-24-38, with her gorgeous face, she could be a model, an actress, maybe even a porn star. John thought about the possibilities as his cock rose to attention. Then he looked down to see that he too was naked, and the covers weren't covering him, so Carmella could see his carnal salute.

"Oh, looks like someone woke up John Junior, do you think he wants to play with my kitty cat?"

She said this with a little giggle and a wiggle of her hips as she thrust her shaved crotch towards him.

Uhh.... Look, I may find this... An age old fantasy of mine with a different woman.... But come on, you just kicked my ass! What man would want to fuck a woman who just... Oh god it's so pink."

"Agreed, so how about we do a little 'Foreplay' huh?"

"Umm, what kind of foreplay?"

Carmella grabs John by his neck, and grabs him closing to herself. She then shoves his head down, and gives him a noogie. Oh god... It was just like the old days back in Highschool.

"What up, dick weasel? Smelling my panties down there perv?"

John once again couldn't believe that she thought that he thought this was sexy, he was still hard, yes, it was hard not to be when his head was against her breast, which was incredibly big and firm, but it wasn't because she was manhandling him like he was the much smaller individual, it was because of the fact that she was so sexy to him, her body was the stuff of fantasies, to his mind.

"Ow, come on, let me go. Look all those times you had me in this move and you saw that I was hard, it wasn't because you were picking on me, alright? It was because your body is the epitome of what I find hot, your breasts, your tight waist, your big booty, your beautiful face. I guess back then, I was such a nerd that any contact with you was very much appreciated, that's why I didn't do anything. I guess I welcomed any chance to get near you, but we don't have to do that anymore, we're both adults now, you're not a tomboy trying to impress everyone in school with your toughness, and I'm not a nerd, I'm a man!"

Carmella kept him in the headlock, despite his attempts to appeal to her.

"Oh yeah, real big man, aren't you, but you let a little girl push you around, what kind of man is that?"

John grunted, doing his best to overpower her, to let him go, but he proved to be weaker than her.

"It's because you're so much stronger than me, I admit that now, the things you've done tonight have proven that, but that's no reason to keep rubbing it in!"

Oh, you have no idea how much stronger I am!"

She let him go, and rolled off the bed. She grabbed the bed post, and with one hand, began to lift the bed. It was rather impressive since the bed was a king size, with metal around it and John. She lifted it to such a degree, she could have lifted it over head with one hand if the ceiling wasn't so short. John saw he was face to face with Carmella, who was lifting the entire bed a few feet off the ground.


"Yeah, but..."

"Then watch this!"

She went to the bed post, and tightened her grip. The beds metal post began to bend at her wonderful strength. John was terrified yet again, and Carmella winked.

"Let me guess, a mixture of awestruck and respect?"

"No, it's..."



There's no reason to be scared, Johnny Boy, after all, with the kind of power I have, I could've killed you any dozen of ways if I really wanted to. I know I have dinged you up here and there, but those are really love taps, because what I told you before was true, I did have a crush on you, and now that I have you all to myself, and you're fully within my power, I think it's time I show you how much I really do like you, baby."

Carmella put the bed down with John on it and then crawled up the bed, dragging her body over his. He tried to scramble back, but she put a hand on his ankle, not allowing him any further retreat.

"Carmella, I don't think I would be able to perform with you, I've spent so much of the past 15 years hating you, hating everything you stood for, everything that I wasn't, now you're asking me to just give in and have sex with you, why? Is this another way for you to humiliate me?"

Carmella tutted and shook her heard, a disappointed look on her face.

"That's not it at all. Are you telling me that you never thought of me in that way, even when you were hating my guts for making your life a living hell? Because even when I was doing that, I still wanted to jump your bones."

"Then why didn't you?"

"I don't know! I wasn't ready then! But now, I'm ready."

Look, from our entire past, nothing will make me want to fuck you, at all! What in gods name will drive me to do something I consider repulsive beyond belief?"

Carmella swooped in and began to kiss John. John was sneak attacked by the kiss, and how warm it was. It felt sweet, and all his resentment washed away like a breeze. She was good at it, and in a few seconds, John keeled over from the kiss, weakened by a mere loving of a woman. Carmella stopped, and held him close, giggling.

"So, how you feeling now?"

"I... Um... Well... Please be gentle."

Carmella giggled a little at that, knowing that she's most likely not going to treat him completely gently, but most likely, he's going to love it any way.

"I knew you'd see it my way, hon. Don't worry, I'll try to not hurt you too bad, with my strength, and all the experience that I've been accumulating on how to satisfy men over the past 15 years, this is going to be the best sexual experience of your life. If your wimp sperm manages to fertilize my superior eggs, it'll be something to tell our children and grandchildren about. "

John gulped, hoping that his toughness will get him through what is sure to be an exhausting experience. He took a deep breath and let it out, then looked Carmella in the eyes and said.

"Okay, I'm ready."

1 passionate night later>

Carmella and John laid on the entirely broken bed, with Carmella wide eyed. John had a big smile on him, and he looked to her side.

"So, I wanna say thanks for going easy on me."

Carmella was aghast. She... She was beat! John was a virgin, yet HE was the one dominating the entire night. Whenever she got on top, he would always tear her down from her throne. He was amazing in every way, doing things to her she thought no one could. She must have orgasamed twice in every hour for 12 hours! 24 orgasams! She could barely walk at this point, and John looked raring to go!

"How... How are you so good?!"

"I dunno. Been watching porn for so long."

PORN!? Well, before Carmella could speak, someone knocked on the door.


Outside the door, were 8 muscle men. What John and Carmella didn't know, was that back in college, Carmella was part of a club. She would tease her 8 male members, and that 'teasing' consisted of physical bullying. Well, since then, they all made a pact. KICK CARMELLA'S ASS!

Carmella opened the door and was immediately pushed inside by the two lead men, both of whom were well over 200 pounds of tattooed muscle, looking like they wouldn't be out of place in a high security prison. The other 6 rushed in after them and then the last guy in locked the door. They all gathered around Carmella, but if they expected her to be scared, they were severely disappointed, as she looked around, she had a smile on her face.

"Oh hey, looks like you need more men, only 8? I could take on 8 men when I was 9 years old." She looked back at John, who was lying on the bed, not wanting to get involved, after all, he had the best sex, well, the only sex of his life and he was highly satisfied. "Watch this, honey, another chance to show you how tough your new girlfriend is."

If asked a day before, the thought of having Carmella as his girlfriend was abhorrent to him, but thinking of it now, he's glad to have a girl of her strength and toughness on his side rather than against him.

"Give em hell, babe."

While she had her head turned, looking at John, the first man attacked, running at her and hitting her with a knee to her stomach, much to this tough guy's shock, she stood there, as though his thick thigh and bony knee was nothing more than a cotton ball being thrown at her. She turned around to look at his shocked expression.

"You interrupted me talking to my boyfriend, you're going to pay for that."

She then put her hand on his throat and lifted him steadily from the floor with no sign of effort from her face.

The other leader of the squad had enough.

"Don't just stand there, get her!"

One of the guys bolted at her with fist flying. He was the best at hand to hand of the group, and expected a massive beatdown of her. Instead, with one hand, she deflected every strike, grinning.

"I know you... Ross! Hey, we used to be friends."

"FRIENDS? You threw me in a toilet head first!"

"It was a joke! I apologized."

"Screw you Car!"

He tried to sweep kick her, but she jumped and threw the guy at him. The two collided, and the other 6 were furious. They charged at her expecting to slam her down. Instead, she stood up to them, and when they hit her, they all crashed into her like a brick wall running head first. They fell down, with hurt arms and bodies, while she was grinning.

"Geez, just like the good old days."

"Shut up bitch! You were the worst DnD player anyway! Fuckin Cleric bullshit."

"Hey, clerics are cool."

She grabbed one of them by his neck, and dragged him to John.

"Now let me tell you, you were interrupting me and my new boyfriend, okay?"

The guy nodded his head as much as he could, a look of pain on his face, his eyes tearing up, both from the pain and the humiliation of being handled by the much smaller woman.

"Yes, I'm very sorry for interrupting you Carmella."

Carmella then let him go, he crawled to the door, wanting to leave as soon as possible. But as he got to the door, fast as a blink, Carmella was standing in front of him.

"I'm sorry, I didn't give you permission to leave just yet, you have to beg me for permission."

It was then that he started crying.

"Please, please Miss Carmella, please let me leave! I'm sorry again for every coming in here and interrupting you and your boyfriend."

Carmella thought about punishing them a little more, but she bet beating them bloody would ruin any chance for seconds, so she motioned them to run. They ran away as fast as they could, every single one terrified of her utter power. Carmella went back to John, holding him and smiling.

"So, best reunion or what?"

John looked to her, and grinned.

"Yeah. It was."

Some people say that being gritty, dark, and edgy are the source of a good story. I prefer a fun little romp, where everyone has fun... And most importantly, YOU have fun.
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Good to see you back, Freed. Merry Christmas and thanks for the story, mate.
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