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Default Siblings reunion at the lake house

Siblings reunion – part 1 (pilot)

Will had not seen his siblings for a long time. However, the recent passing of their uncle put them back in contact. As they lived far apart, most of them were not in time for the funeral, and so they planned something else: a reunion, a gathering of all five siblings, to remember their time together with each other and with their uncle.
The siblings had been raised by their uncle since their parent’s accident and he always pushed them to their limits. Will remembered how he always used to say that he had been a powerlifter himself so he knew how to push his own. And so it happened that all five siblings grew up being very competitive and very sports-minded. However, as they grew older, life showed them different paths. Even though all of them were still practising their sports at a (semi) professional level, they had all moved to different places for their job or hobby’s. The result: they had not seen each other for nearly three years. Something which Will deeply regretted.
Being 17 years old Will was the fourth child of five. He had an older brother: Olaf (23) and two older sisters: Vicky (21) and Roselind (19). He also had one younger sister: Layla (16), who had always been the only one to not be locked in some sibling rivalry, as Olaf and Vicky were always fighting and so were Will and Roselind. As said, the siblings went down their own paths and so it happened that they had not seen each other for years.
Olaf, who had a well-paid job, rented a lake house with a pool for the weekend where the reunion could take place. When Will arrived, it was just him and Olaf. And even though Will had been into competitive swimming for some time (which made his shoulders look really broad), Olafs tallness still impressed him. It was as if his older brother had never stopped growing.
Roselind was the next to come in and she impressed him even more. She wore some loose, baggy clothes and her boxing career had clearly given her a broken nose. Her ridged face was scarred slightly. She apparently had never stopped pushing her limits.
The fourth to arrive was Vicky. Will had seen her a few months ago, but if he hadn’t he would have been really impressed with her physique, that was almost masculine. Her broad shoulders and lats gave her such a large back that one would not even notice the large arms that stretched the fabric of her sweater to the max. Will knew that she had been playing water polo for a few years.
While they were chatting and catching up, Will could not wonder but feel curious about Layla, who was still not there. Last time he saw her was two years ago and back then, she still was a scrawny little teenage girl.
By the time Layla arrived, they had already sat down for dinner. And Will knew that he was not the only one staring when she entered the room. Their little sister had grown up to be almost a full-grown woman. The tank top she wore even showed some muscularity around her bicep, triceps and shoulder area.
‘Damn! What happened to you?’ Olaf asked first.
‘Yea wow!’ Vicky added, you look fit.
‘Haha thanks.’ Layla had always been modest. ‘I’ve started cheerleading and gymnastics.
‘Well it looks good’, Olaf added. Will could only agree.
Will could not help but think about the many fights the siblings had when they were young. Usually they had a very simple cause: who gets the remote? Or who had to do the dishes? Back then, Olaf, being the eldest guy, usually ended up in favour, but he wondered whether he still would. All of the siblings had taken care of their bodies. Not just the girls: Will was a competitive swimmer and Olaf had been playing soccer since he was 7. You could say that all the siblings had their own area of expertise.

There was both tension and relief when the brothers and sisters were back together. Relief because they were happy to see each other again; tension because the occasion was rather sad, as all of them loved their uncle. Will would not be a swimmer as it wasn’t for their uncle, who always encouraged him to keep on training in their home gym or backyard pool. The pool was also one of the places where, from time to time, they had these playful wrestling sessions. Already at a young age, Will could move swiftly in the water and usually won. The pool was his territory. Maybe now, Vicky (who was not into water polo back then) would be a challenge for him.

After dinner, Olaf (who worked as an accountant) had to make some business calls and Layla went to her room for some studying. It left Vicky, Roselind and Will alone with the dishes.
‘So, I think the man can clean up’, Vicky said.
‘What?’ Will said. ‘No way I’m going to do ALL the dishes…’
‘Well I’m not going to’, Vicky said again.
‘Me neither’, Roselind added.
‘Oh, come on!’
‘What’, Roselind said while taking a boxing stance, ‘you wanna fight about it, for old times sake?’
‘That’s not fair, you’re professional boxer now.’
Roselind laughed. ‘And that’s exactly why you will do the dishes.’
The girls laughed when they walked away, leaving him with all the work.

This was only the first of many moments in which the competitive build-up between the siblings increased. The second moment, Will experienced as a spectator, happened not much later.
When Olaf returned back into the living room, Roselind was watching some cheesy movie. Olaf just took the remote from the coffee table and switched to the sports channel.
‘Hey, what’s that for?’ Roselind asked.
‘I’m not going to watch your shit.’ Olaf said.
‘Sorry?’ Roselind said as she stood up and looked him in the eye. She was still almost 20 cm shorter than him, but she glared at him like a true pitbull, as if he was one of her boxing opponents.
Olaf tried not to look impressed, but it was clear that his little sister intimidated him.
He just said ‘Whatever’ and pushed the remote to her chest, with just enough force to make her fall back onto the couch. Roselind got what she wanted, but Will knew that she did not enjoy the way her oldest brother treated her.
‘Damn, our little sister have really grown up’, Olaf said that night when they went to bed. Will and Olaf shared a room (the boys room), while Roselind and Vicky shared another. Layla, being the youngest, had her own room in the lake house, so she could work on her study without being bothered.
‘Tell me about it’, Will said.
‘Maybe we have to show them who’s in charge.’ Olaf suggested.
‘Do you think we can take them on?’
‘Look at you! You’ve never been so fit’, he said. Will knew it was true: his swimming training had made his biceps and core very strong. And Olaf’s soccer training kept him fit as well, with especially strong legs.
‘Tomorrow’, Will said, ‘we’ll show them. One by one if we have to.’

The next morning, Will and Olaf got up early to do some exercised. Olaf wore his running clothes as he was going for a jog. Will, being a swimmer, decided that he would jump into the pool. However, when he got there, he saw that he was not the only one that went for a morning swim. His older sister Vicky was already in when he arrived. Of course, water polo was also a water sport. It should have not been such a surprise to find her there.
‘Mind if I join?’ Will asked while he took of his shirt and stepped into the cold water.
‘What?’ Vicky said as she had only noticed him just then. She turned around and looked at him. ‘Yes, I do, I prefer swimming alone.’
‘What? But the pool is big enough for both of us.’ Will was already completely in the water. It felt refreshing and he was not planning to get out already. And so he just started swimming along the long side of the pool.
‘Are you kidding me?’ Vicky asked, but Will chose not to respond.
Then, just as he was swimming past her, she just grabbed his right shoulder to stop him. Then, she also grabbed hist thigh and just lifted him out of the water and placed him back on the pool side. Damn, the girl had become strong.
‘What the hell? What was that for?’
‘I told you I wanted to swim alone. So just stay out of the water until I’m finished, or else…’
‘Or else what?’
‘Well, you’ve seen how strong I am.’ Vicky said. ‘Just don’t challenge me.’
‘You’re not the only one who has become strong!’ Will said and he flexed his biceps, that were quite big due to all his swimming training.
‘Haha, come on, I’ll beat you I no-time and you know it.’
‘I don’t know if that’s true’, Will said.
‘Alright then, lets arm wrestle. Loser gets to swim first.’
When Vicky got out of the water, Will got a bit scared. His 21 year old sister was not really ‘thin’ but more ‘thick athletic built’. Her shoulders and lats were enormous, meaning that her thick arms must have a lot of muscle strength underneath as well. Her tummy was covered by a black bathing suit, but he bet that there was more than just fat beneath it. She was one of those giantesses who had a lot of strength, even though you could not see it first-hand. He suddenly had some doubts about his chances.
They sat down at the garden table and locked hands. Will counted down: ‘3, 2, 1… Go!’
Immediately, both siblings pushed very hard against the other. Will’s bicep almost exploded out of his fit arms. Vicky’s thick arm got even bigger. He could not help but see how the skin around her pectoral muscles tensed. He pulled with all his might, and yet their arms did not move. After a minute, they were still in their starting position.
Not too much after the one minute mark, Vicky’s arm started to shake.
‘What’s that’, Will said, ‘am I too much for you?’
‘Not at all’, she said, ‘in fact, I’m just warming up.’
And then she started to increase force against him. Will did not know where she got the power from, but even worse, he did not know what to do against it. He was already going all-in. And so, little by little, Vicky brought his arm down until it smacked to the table.
‘See!’ Vicky said. ‘Now let me be’, and she jumped back into the pool, leaving Will behind. Just at that moment, Olaf came back from his jog. He was all sweaty.
‘What’s going on here?’ Olaf asked.
‘I was just going inside’, Will said.
Olaf walked up to him. ‘She beat you, didn’t she?’ He nodded at the pool.
‘Yep, arm wrestling.’ Will said.
‘Too bad’, Olaf said. ‘But if you ask me, it was a wrong choice. Water Polo requires a lot of arm strength. Even more then swimming. You can’t beat her with that. Next time, choose something else.
But what? Will thought. He was really glad that he was reunited with all of his siblings. But since everyone was so fit and competitive, he had to find everyone’s weakness and his own strength. Vicky played water polo and had probably much different strengths than her sister Roselind, who was a boxer. And what to think of young Layla? The youngest sibling had withdrawn herself at her room again. Was she a threat? Maybe Will had to speak Olaf about it. Maybe they had to make a plan together to show the male dominance in the family…

To be continued
Let me know what you would like to see...
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Default Re: Siblings reunion at the lake house

I want you to continue this ,it's getting better
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Default Re: Siblings reunion at the lake house

Siblings reunion – part 2

By the time Will could go for a swim, Olaf, Vicky and Roselind were leaving tot get some groceries. Since it was only Will and Layla at home and since Layla spent most of her time studying in her room, Will knew that he had the pool all for himself. The water was still as refreshing as earlier that morning. For Will, being in the water almost was like being at home. This was his habitat. And so, by the time Will got out of the water, it was nearly noon.
He cloaked himself in a towel and walked into the living room. He sat down at the coach and turned on the tv.
‘Will you keep it off please?’ someone shouted.
Will looked over his shoulder and saw that Layla sat at the dining table. She was surrounded by text books and other study materials and there was a plate full of breadcrumbs next to her. Apparently, she had come down for a lunch and relocated her studies with it.
‘I’m sorry’, Will said, ‘But you can also just back to your room, right?’
‘Am I not allowed to be here?’ Layla asked.
‘Well yes, but… we have to share the room, you know.’
‘Right. And that’s why I’m asking you to keep the volume off. So I can also use this room to study in.’
‘That’s ridiculous.’ Will know walked towards the table and Layla stood up when he was next to him.
‘The fact that you are one year older does not make you the boss around here when the others are gone’, she said.
Suddenly, Will felt the urge to have his rematch. His loss of that morning led to a lust for a win. A revenge… And so he said: ‘Let’s arm wrestle for it.’
‘Let’s arm wrestle. And whoever wins, gets the living room. If you win, I will turn off the tv and If I win, you will go back upstairs.’
Layla hesitated for a moment, so Will added: ‘Or is that not a fair match because you are a girl?’
That seemed to trigger some of the competitiveness the family was known for in Layla. ‘Gender says nothing’, she said, ‘And I will show you.’
For the second time that morning, Will sat down opposite to one of his sisters for an arm wrestling match. Earlier it was his 21-year old older sister Vicky, this time it was the 16-year old younger sister Layla. Her cheerleading experience had definitely got her in shape, but Will was sure that he would be able to win the match.
And so also for the second time that morning, Will locked hands with a sister. Layla’s hand was much smaller than Vicky’s.
‘I’ll let you do the countdown’, he said.
‘Alright. Ready… set… Go!’
Layla had a small head start, as she obviously knew when she was going to say ‘go’. And Will could immediately feel that she had been working on her strength. The person in front of him was no longer the small younger sister that she used to be. Even though she was wearing long sleeves, Will could see the biceps underneath, almost like tennis balls. However, he also saw how she was already shaking. And he was giving just over 75%. He knew he had this in his pocket.
‘Is that all?’ he teased her.
Layla’s head turned red, both of anger and of effort. Will had to push back harder as she also increased her force. Damn, he thought, where was she taking this power from?
He also decided that he wanted to end it. He had to increase his own strength to nearly 90% of his true potential before he could turn the tables and start pressing her arm down. It landed on the table with a loud ‘smack. Layla did not even look him in the eyes when she grabbed all of her stuff and left the room. Being competitive was one of the family traits. Being a bad loser was another.
Will was just happy that he at least won one match. If anything, it countered the female dominance in the family. At least there was a chance to overthrow that, even if it had to be through his young sister Layla...

Around 3 o’clock in the afternoon, the others still had not returned. It was just when Will wondered where they were when he received a message from Olaf. Apparently, they were doing some additional shopping. They asked whether he needed something. He declined. Then, Olaf asked if Will could also ask Layla as she was not responding.
Oh, Will thought, would Layla still be mad at him?
Luckily, Layla was the least tempered of the siblings.
When Will walked through the hallway upstairs, he heard some noises, not from Layla’s room, but from the other girls’ room… What could that be? He carefully opened the door and saw Layla, repeatedly punching at Roselind’s punching bag. She was wearing the same shorts as before, but she had taken off the vest with the long sleeves. The tank top she wore underneath revealed her toned arms perfectly. She had not seen him, as he was behind her, which gave him a nice view of her nice back. She was very slim, but also fit.
The first eye contact was via the mirror on the opposite wall. Immediately when she saw him, Layla turned around. Her face and chest were glistening with sweat. ‘What the hell? Do you need to claim every room in the house, or what?’
‘No, I just came to ask whether you need something from the mall.’
His question seemed to have confused her.
‘Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean to…’
‘It’s alright’, Will interrupted her. He did not want her to feel bad for losing to him.
‘Cool. No I don’t need anything. I’m just letting lose of some energy.’
‘I didn’t know you were a boxer.’
‘I’m not… but it’s the only thing I can do’, she said. ‘I mean,’ you and Vicky have the pool. Roselind has this boxing bag and Olaf just goes for a jog whenever he needs to blow of some steam. Everyone has his own thing to do.’
‘Right. But you have cheerleading.’
‘True, but I cannot really practise it here, alle by myself. For example, I need to practise a lift, but I can not do this on my own.’
Layla started laughing, but then stopped as she saw that Will was not joking. ‘Are you serious?’
‘Why not? We could give it a try.’
They went to Layla’s room, where her stash of learning materials was dumped on the desk just in the same position she took it together. There was also a yoga mat on the floor. Layla asked him to lie down on it. ‘Usually the guy who has to carry me is standing, but it is easier for you of you lie down on your back. And for me it makes no difference, apart from the hight.
Will positioned himself the way she wanted and held up his arms.
‘Perfect’, Layla said. ‘Now I have to place my centre of gravity on your palms so I can keep in balance while you keep me up.’
She placed her tummy on his arms and tried to lift her feet from the ground, but it took a few tries before she was completely balanced. Will lost count after the third attempt as he could only think about the hard ridges of the abdominal muscles he felt on her stomach. Since when was his little sister so ripped? For long, he thought that he and Olaf where the only siblings with six pack abs, but maybe he was mistaken…
‘I got it!’ Layla sad as she was flying above Will. Her body was nearly fully contracted to keep itself in place. She was still as light as she had always been.

‘You’ve become really fit and strong.’ Will said when they were finished.
‘Thanks, but it runs in the family I guess.’
‘Haha, I guess so.’
‘Who do you think is the strongest?’ Layla asked.
‘I don’t know. In the past, Olaf was, but he was the oldest. Vicky is just bulky and buff. And Roselind is an actual boxer. She must know how to give and take a punch.’
‘Hm… we should find out.’ Layla said playfully. Something in her words triggered some excitement in Will.
‘What do you suggest?’ he asked.
‘I’ll think of something’, she said.

To be continued ...
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Default Re: Siblings reunion at the lake house

Siblings reunion – part 3

That evening, when all of the siblings sat together, Layla again mentioned her idea of a strength contest. The others were immediately excited. It was the first time the siblings agreed on something. But then the next question came in: what kind of contest? Because they were all practising different sports, they also had different strengths and weaknesses. Will suggested arm wrestling, but Layla didn’t agree to that (of course, she had already lost to him).
It was Olaf, the eldest of the siblings, who came up with the best idea: they would play five rounds. Everyone could choose one contest and thus decide one round. You can earn points every round. The one with the most points wins.
Everyone agreed to that proposal. And thus, they had to all name a challenge.
Will, being a swimmer with a lot of upper body strength, choose arm wrestling. Even though he already knew that he was no match for Vicky, he was eager to know how he would do against the others.
Vicky choose a water wrestling match in the pool in duo’s, where one was on the shoulders of another one. Good idea, Will thought, why didn't he think of something in the water?
Olaf, the soccer player, trusted on his legs strength and chose a scissoring match, where they had to scissor clamp the other until he or she tapped out.
Everyone was afraid that Roselind would go for a boxing match, as that was her area of expertise, but she didn’t. She just wanted a full-on wrestling match.
The biggest surprise came from Layla. As a cheerleader she had developed all kinds of muscle groups, but never to compete against someone else’s. Cheerleading was a sport you always performed WITH others, not AGAINST each other. And so, everyone was a but surprised when she mentioned a belly punching match, to see who had the strongest abs.
And so it was determined. They decided that the whole of the competition would start the next morning. The order would be: first the arm wrestling matches, then the leg scissor matches, then the pool wrestling, then the belly punching and then a wrestling match finale.

The next day, everyone was pumped. Everyone was ready for the challenges. Because there was five of them, Olaf made a large excel sheet to keep the score and to figure out who had to compete against who so that everyone had the same amount of matches. For the arm wrestling and leg scissoring, which were the first two rounds, three matches would be played each, so one of them had to compete twice. That means two chances to earn a point, but also two chances to lose one. He promised that in the end, everything would level out.
For the arm wrestling, Roselind would play two matches. The pairs were: Roselind versus Layla, Will versus Olaf and Roselind versus Vicky.
Roselind and Layla were the first ones to play, so they sat on opposite sides of the table, just where Olaf and Layla sat when they arm wrestled the day before. Roselind was wearing a sports bra and a loose tank top that showed not only her well-defined boxer arms, but also some sharp lines of her obliques through the large arm holes. Layla wore some sort of stretchy sports top with long sleeves and shorts that were very tight and thus showed the silhouette of her slim body.
Olaf acted as a referee. And counted down. ‘3… 2… 1… Go!’
Nothing happened. But that was not because they weren’t trying. On the contrary: they were trying really hard. Just as her match against Olaf, Layla’s bicep pushed against the insides of her sleeve, as if it wanted to pop out of her arms. But Roselind’s biceps were a different level. The boxer girl clearly had to be in shape for her boxing career. And fit she was. Her large biceps even showed some veins. Yet she was not able to break the stalemate with her younger sister.
Will was impressed with Layla’s strength. On the other hand, he already knew that he could defeat Layla in arm wrestling. Did that mean that he could defeat Roselind as well? Too bad they weren’t paired up…
After what seemed like three minutes, Layla started grunting, while Roselind was still keeping up. This was not a test of strength, but a test of stamina. Who would win? Their facial expressions seemed to have the answer: Layla was visibly struggling, but Roselind still looked fierce, like she did when she was boxing. And so it was no surprise, when Layla was the fist one to give up. With a loud smack, her hand was pushed on the table all the way from the middle position. She had given up. The first point went to Roselind.
Will and Olaf were next. Both of them were shirtless, probably in an attempt to intimidate or distract their opponents, but against each other that would not work, as their body types were quiet similar: both had large pecs and some solid six pack abs. The difference: whereas Olaf had huge upper legs, Will had some larger shoulders and upper arms. And this was an arm wrestling match, Will thought, so he might be the one in favour.
When they started, he felt that his older brother was no weakling. But he also directly knew that he could take him on. Apart from strength, Olaf also lacked some technique. His body was much too far from the point where their hands were locked in place. And so, Will quickly had the better momentum and pushed his older brother down. He won his first point with ease, though he had hoped to win it against one of his sisters. Luckily, there were more rounds to come and everyone would be paired up against every other person at one point.
The last arm wrestling match was Vicky versus Roselind. Roselind asked for a 15 minute break to recover her arm from her match against Layla. After these minutes, they took place at the table. Roselind was pumped as ever, but Vicky’s eyes showed a sparkle of competitiveness as well. She was a much broader built girl with large shoulders and thick arms. Even though her arm muscles were not as defined as Roselind’s, Will knew that Vicky had a lot of arm strength. He even experienced it first-hand that other day. However, the 19-year old boxer did not seem intimidated by her two year older sister.
On ‘Go!’ both girls directly pushed as hard as they could. The veins in Roselind’s biceps popped out and Vicky’s arms got even bigger than they already were. Then the hands shifted a bit in Vicky’s favour.
‘What’s that?’ Vicky asked. ‘Am I too strong for you?’ Vicky teased her sister just the same way she teased Will that other day. Clearly, she liked to taunt her target.
Roselind, however, did not respond and just pressed back even harder, bringing their arms back to the middle. Vicky pushed back again and so they were going back-and-forth. Then, Roselind started to scream and used the built up rage to extract some extra power from. Vicky’s hand seemed to go down. But then, Vicky did the same. There they were, both sisters screaming in each other’s faces. Both their hands were shaking, but they were also going up back to the middle position, then going past it… now it was Roselind’s arm going down. It went down further and further. Roselind’s biceps almost exploded out of her skin, but It was not enough, for her hand was pressed to the table by Vicky’s beastly power, just as Vicky had done to Will. Wow, Will thought, it was not going to be an easy time to defeat Vicky. She had some true raw power.
That match concluded the arm wrestling matches. Will, Vicky and Roselind had each earned one point.

Next were the legs scissoring matches. This time, Will would play two matches. And the pairs would be… Will VS Layla, Olaf VS Roselind and… Will VS Vicky. Will got excited. This was his chance for a rematch against Vicky!

To be continued...
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Default Re: Siblings reunion at the lake house

Excellent! I'm looking forward to some intergender competition in the next round.

Thanks for continuing this story for us, mate.
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Default Re: Siblings reunion at the lake house

Siblings reunion – part 4
Because the living room had a soft carpet, the siblings worked together to move all the furniture aside. Wat appeared was a true wrestling space in the middle of the room wit ha somewhat soft floor. Ideal for the second challenge: the leg scissor challenge. Olaf explained the rules as follows: Bot contenders have to clamp their legs around the other’s upper body. That means that they are facing each other’s butts. They then increase the pressure in their legs. The first one to tap out losses.
Alright, Will thought, this was something he could actually win. As a swimmer he had decent leg strength. His first match would be against Layla, who he had already beaten at arm wrestling. His second match was much scarier, as it was against Vicky. But let’s not get too much ahead.

Will and Layla took their places on the carpet. The lay down on the floor with their crotches almost touching as they wrapped their legs around the other’s waist. The only thing Will was focused on was winning as fast as possible. Since his little sister Layla was so thin, he could wrap his legs around her easily.
‘Ready?’ Olaf asked and they both nodded. ‘Set… Go!’
Layla was a tad faster then Will in applying pressure and Will immediately felt her thin but hard muscled upper legs press against his internal organs. He managed to flex his obliques to withstand some of that pressure before he increased pressure on her body as well. When he squeezed his legs together, he directly felt a decrease in the pressure on his own body. It was almost like a real pair of scissors, where one side separates as soon as the other side converges. Will used to moment to apply even more force on her body and Layla let out a short shriek. Will knew that he could win this. He already felt her ribs against his leg.
But then something hard came in between as Layla too flexed her core muscles to push him out. For a moment, Will was perplexed and Layla used that moment to get back on him. Her bony limbs were now piercing in his midsection. He had to keep his whole body tensed to not feel the pain of them piercing his inner organs. He let out a small and short grunt himself, before he regained his position and increased the pressure on his little sister. He felt how his thigh muscles were supressing her obliques. He just had to keep this up, he just had to hold this position, he just had to… His mantra was interrupted by some loud smacks on the soft carpet. Layla had tapped out. He had won.

Next up were Olaf and Roselind. Will was eager to see who would come out victorious. As a boxer, Roselind had a lot of pain endurance, but Olaf had the advantageous strong legs for this contest. Both contestants took their places, similar like Will and Layla did. Will saw that Roselind had a little more trouble getting her legs around Olaf’s body, as his upper body was just very big in size. Will couldn’t help himself but to cheer for his brother, as there was a lack of male dominance in this family.
After the signal, nothing seemed to happen, but Will knew that there was actually happing a lot. If someone would just walk into the room he or she would think that they were just lying there on the floor. Will, however, saw how Olaf’s already very thick leg got even sturdier and how Roselind’s hard body stiffened even more. Both of their faces started turning red in the effort. It was another stalemate, but someone would eventually end up on top. Then, Will saw something interesting. Roselind had no longer locked her feet behind each other, meaning that she was no longer putting any pressure on Olaf’s body. Had she given up? No, she had not tapped out either. It seemed like she was just taking his leg scissors to wear him out. But would she really be able to outlast him if she did not do anything in return?
Olaf, in the meantime, had gotten red like a tomato while he tried to compress her body between his goliath legs. And she… She was shaking, sure, but she did not give an inch. This was no battle of strength, but a battle of endurance. Roselind was just bracing to withstand his power. And she seemed to make it, as Olaf started breathing heavier and heavier.
Suddenly, the match was over. Nobody tapped out, but Olaf took his legs away from Roselind. At first, like the other siblings, Will thought that Olaf had given up. But when he looked a bit closer, he saw that Roselind had actually passed out. Apparently, she had refused to give up and Olaf took her over her own limit. When she came back to the conscious world, she did not want to talk about it anymore. The point, however, went to Olaf, who was the only one that could be considered the winner of this match.
For the last round, Will had to compete a second time in the leg scissor round. This time against hist older sister Vicky. Of all the siblings, she was definitely the least lean, but maybe one of the strongest. She did not care about aesthetics, only about strength and condition. This made her looks deceiving. Will, however, did not underestimate her. He considered Vicky to be one of his stronger rivals in this room.

When they took their positions, Will immediately felt that is was much harder to wrap his legs around Vicky’s thick body than it was to clamp them around the thin Layla. At the same time, he saw that Vicky’s beastly legs almost prevented her from hooking her feet behind him. Maybe he had a chance.
When the start signal was given, Will directly applied an enormous force of pressure on his opponent. Vicky did the same to him and in a reflex, Will loosened a bit of his grip when he felt Vicky’s giant thigs press against his core. Damn, she really was strong. Will quickly pulled himself together and increased the pressure on her even more. No movement. It was as if the layer of fat she carried over her muscles functioned as a second cushion. How was he able to break through?
Then, Vicky too increased the pressure. Again in a reflex, Will grabbed her legs with his hands, even though he was not allowed to intervene. He felt how her upper legs were strong like a rock. He could barely breathe. Maybe if he could… he tried to increase his own force to see if he could trigger the scissoring effect he had experienced with Layla. But Vicky just kept the pressure up. She was not loosening her grip. She was also not showing any signs of struggle, while Will was nearly dying. And so, Will saw no other option than to tap out. Apparently he did not have wat it took to defeat Vicky. At least, not in this challenge.
This rounded up the leg scissoring matches. Will, Olaf and Vicky each earned one point. This meant that Will and Vicky both had two points while Olaf and Roselind had one point. Layla still did not have any points, but there was still a lot possible.

Olaf, being the one to keep the scores, told everyone to change into their swimsuits and to prepare themselves for the pool 2VS2 wrestling matches. And since there would be four matches, everyone had to team up with different allies to win these matches. And since both partners could win a point, there were a lot of points to be given this round. However, for the fist time in the competition, Will was not thinking about winning, but about how his sisters would look in their swimsuits, as he had not seen them like that for a very long time.

To be continued...
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Default Re: Siblings reunion at the lake house

Siblings reunion – Part 5
Since Will and Olaf only needed to change their sport shorts into swimming wear (and perhaps also because the average changing time of men is shorter than that of women), Olaf and Will were the first ones at the pool. Both of them were fine, athletic looking.
The next one to come in was Roselind. She wore a red bikini over her c-cup breasts. The top had no straps but was more of a single piece, like a sports bra. Underneath the bikini, Roselind was rocking some six pack abs and also the ridges on her obliques were very visible. Only now, Will saw that she already had some bruises on her upper body, mostly around her obliques and chest. Probably that was the price she had to pay for a boxing career.
Not much after Roselind joined them, Vicky came to the pool. Unlike the other day, she was not wearing a one piece bathing suit, but a black bikini. It was very tight against her chest area that, now Will looked at it, was more pecs than boobs. Her stomach indeed did not show any abdominal muscles underneath her layer of fat, but they were definitely there. She was just very bulky, but it a fit kind of way. Her outfit gave also Will a better view of Vicky’s legs, that were indeed beastly strong. They were very thick, but this time, Will also saw the definition of the large muscles underneath her skin. Damn, she was a real powerhouse.
When Layla came in, she surprised everyone for a second time during their stay at the lake house. She was rocking a dark yellow bikini that accentuated her B-cup boobs really nicely on her lean body. But that was now what drew the attention of the others. All eyes were on here solid eight pack abs. Being a cheerleader really got her into shape. It made sense, Will thought, as cheerleaders often had to balance their bodies.

‘Alright’, Olaf said, ‘we’ll play five matches. Each match is a 2VS2 match. One of the duo sits on the shoulders of the other one. The goal is to overthrow your opponents. I have randomised the pairs and also randomly decided who would be the carrier and who will sit on top. Everyone will be both carrier and carried at some point. I’m going to call out the matches. The first person I will name is the one carrying the other. Understood?’
All nodded.
‘Right then,’ Olaf said. ‘The first match will be Vicky and Will VS me and Layla. The second one is me and Roselind VS Layla and Will. The third one will be Roselind and Vicky versus me and Will. The fourth match will be Roselind and Layla versus Vicky and me. The last match is Will and Vicky versus Layla and Roselind.’
Will had already forgotten half of the matches Olaf said, but he remembered being teamed up with Vicky once, with Layla once and with Olaf once. For his first match, he would sit on Vicky’s shoulders and they were wrestling against Olaf and Layla. The siblings agreed that the one to not join a match would referee and thus Roselind stayed aside while the others took their places in the pool.

When Will climbed Vicky’s mighty body he knew that they were definitely going to win. Vicky was very sturdy and could carry him with ease. Of course, on the other side of the pool, Olaf could carry Layla easily as well as she was much lighter, but she might just be too light. He would blow her away like a feather.
Will clamped his legs around Vicky’s core to gain some extra stability and he saw Layla do the same to Olaf. The two duo’s approached each other and when Roselind gave the signal, four sets of hands locked into each other. Will had to keep his balance as Vicky got a bit more shaky when she clashed with Olaf. He saw Layla struggle with the same thing when she and Will locked their hands as well. The trick was to gain some momentum, to pull the other off in the direction he or she was not expecting it.
And so after continuously pulling Layla to her left side, he suddenly switched and pulled her the other way. Her centre of gravity directly shifted. Olaf had to set a step aside to stay underneath her. Will saw her body hanging over. But her already impressive core muscles contracted and pulled her body back up. Damn, the girl had some stability. Then, he grabbed her shoulders. She did the same to him, revealing some sharp edges of bone and muscle around her deep armpits. Will took hold of her scrawny shoulders and tried to push her off balance. Layla simple tensed her whole body while she tried to do the same to him. Then, Layla used his own technique against him as she changed her pulling into pushing, making Will almost fall off. Will felt how Vicky’s left hand quickly grabbed his left leg, so he had some counterweight to regain his position.
However, Olaf used the opening to grab Will’s hand from below. It all happened very quickly. Will was still trying to get back up when his manoeuvre was used against him and Olaf pulled him down in one motion. The next moment, he was underwater and had dragged Vicky along with him. Did they just… lose? Apparently they did. It was Vicky’s first loss of the day, but it was also another loss for Will.
Maybe he would get another chance in the next match, where he was paired up with Layla to fight against Roselind and Olaf.

Vicky climed out of the pool to referee and Roselind jumped in. Will moved to Layla’s side, to let her climb onto his back.
‘Hold on!’ Vicky shouted from the side. She inspected Ólaf’s scoreboard. ‘According to this, Will has to be on top of Layla. And Olaf has to carry Roselind.’
Oh, well that puts Will in a bit of a disadvantage. Layla seemed much less rooted than him. How where they going to pull it off? Layla already went down her knees a bit, to make it easier for Will to climb on. Roselind already sat on Olaf’s shoulders. When they were all set, Vicky gave the start sign and again, the siblings clashed.
Roselind had a much stronger grip than Layla the match before, which made Will a bit nervous. For a few minutes, there appeared to be a stalemate as none of them really moved. It was only then that Will realised that Layla was holding her ground really well against Olaf. For some reason, his 16 year old cheerleader sister kept her balance really well, even with his full weight on top of her. Did they actually have a chance.
The first one to break the stalemate was Roselind, when she managed to grab Will’s shoulder and pulled him forward. However, he had also grabbed her shoulder and he could lean on it to push himself back. It even made Olaf do a step back, though he quickly retook his position. Layla saw the opening to grab for Roselind’s arms like Olaf had done to Will before, but Roselind skilfully dodged the attack and tried to counter by pushing against Will’s chest to make him fall back. Will flexed his abs to keep his torso up straight. It made his six pack pop out a bit more, which somehow seemed to distract his two year older sister. He used that moment to do the same to her: he placed his palm on Roselind’s chest and pushed her back. She, too, was forced to flex her abs to keep her body up. They looked astonishing. However, Layla anticipated on Will’s plan as well and set a step forward. It made her more vulnerable to Olaf’s attempts to throw Will off, but it also gave Will more reach. He could push Roselind even further. Olaf had to step backwards to remain under her centre of gravity. Just when he did that, Layla made a risky move by flinging one of her legs forward, to trip Olaf underwater. The tower of power collapsed, which made Will and Layla miraculously victorious.

The third match was Vicky and Roselind versus Will and Olaf. When Olaf climbed on Will’s shoulders, Will’s legs got a bit shaky. Olaf was quiet heavy with all his muscle mass. On the opposing side, something similar happened when Vicky climbed atop of Roselind. Vicky was probably the heaviest of them all, but Roselind quickly found a stance that would work. The duo’s approached each other and when Layla gave the starting signal, they attacked.
For the second time in the pool, Will locked himself in position against Roselind, though this time both of them formed the base of the tower. In the meantime, Olaf and Vicky, the two eldest siblings fought their own war above them. This was the ultimate brothers versus sisters match. It took Will a lot of effort to keep his balance and to not fall over by the weight on top of him. Fortunately he saw that Roselind was struggling with the same fate. Regularly, they let go of the other to grab the leg of the person on top to keep it stable.
This battle is not fought near the water surface, Will thought. It was fought above. And so he completely let go of Roselind to focus on keeping Olaf up. Roselind did the same. Will reckoned it was not an easy job keeping the large water polo player up. When he looked up, he saw that Olaf had a better reach due to his longer arms. The football player’s arms were tensed while he tried pulling Vicky down by her wrist. But she twisted it to free herself. Then, out of nothing, Vicky flung her whole body forward against Olaf. Roselind nearly fell over, if it weren’t for Olaf, who Vicky leaned on. Will felt how the extra weight was pushing him and Olaf backwards. But if they fell, Vicky would fall as well. Then, Vicky gave one more push to push herself back into her regular position. Olaf, however was completely overthrown by that last push and so the brothers fell into the water. The sisters had won.

For the fourth match, Will could be the referee. It would be Roselind and Layla versus Vicky and Olaf. Layla and Roselind were definitely the lightest siblings, while Vicky and Olaf were the heaviest. This could turn out either way. The weight difference was even more visible when Layla had climbed on Roselind and Olaf climbed on Vicky. Layla and Roselind were both very lean, with Roselind having a bit more bulk. Olaf was just straight on athletic, while Vicky formed the strong foundation of their tower. This would again be an interesting match.
Will shouted ‘Go!’ and for a fourth time, the siblings clashed in the water. Scrawny Layla seemed no match for Olaf’s big arms, but somehow she managed to stay up. In the meantime, Vicky and Roselind were also pushing against each other to make them fall. For now, nobody fell. Roselind was the first to break their position by doing something new: she pushed Olaf’s knee, almost off Vicky’s shoulder. Vicky had to set some steps back to keep Olaf on top as the oldest brother nearly tumbled over. Now, it was their moment to counter. Olaf basically did the same thing Vicky did to him in the match before: he just threw his complete bodyweight against Layla. Roselind had to let go of her attacker to grab Layla’s legs and keep her up, as she was now also struggling with Olaf’s extra weight. Then, like Vicky had done to him, Olaf gave one more push to push himself back to the middle position, while pushing Layla even further down. Layla’s body bended until she was nearly parallel to the water surface, but she did not fall. Will saw Layla’s eight pack tense while she kept herself above the water. Roselind, too, had to tense every muscle in her body to not fall over by Layla’s shifted centre of gravity. A smirk appeared on Olaf’s face, as he thought that they had won, but it quickly vanished when he saw that Layla actually managed to get herself up in a body long sit-up. Where was she getting this power from? Both Olaf and Vicky were so perplexed that they did not see Roselind’s hand homing that, for a second time, pushed against Olaf’s knee. This time, they were not prepared an with a pathetic flapping of his hands, Olaf fell into the water.

With only one more match to go, Will felt rather energetic. He jumped back into the water. It would be him and Vicky versus Layla and Roselind. Vicky and Roselind were the ones on top. That meant that Will had to carry Vicky. He had seen Olaf do it, but his older brother was also naturally a bit bigger. When Vicky was climbing on, he was shaking heavily on his feet, but as soon as she sat still, he experienced more stability. He grabbed Vicky’s legs while he moved forward in the water and he could not help but feel her strong thighs, which were slightly flexed.
On the opposite side, Layla was carrying Roselind. The two sisters had swapped places from an earlier. However, they were still the leanest of them all so their tower of power was a bit thinner. Last time, Will did not succeed to throw Layla off, but this time he would not be surprised.
When Olaf gave the start signal, the siblings clashed for the last time in the water. This time, Will placed his hands around Layla’s small wrists while above him, Vicky directly used her whole bodyweight to put some pressure one Roselind. Roselind withstood it all, but she was challenged as her own teammate was struggling to free her hands. It caused some trembling in their foundation, which made it harder for Roselind to stay up.
Will saw that Layla was also really focused on lifting Roselind on her shoulders and he then thought of the perfect opportunity. He reeled one of Layla’s arms in and just has she set a step forward to keep in balance, he gave a light kick underwater to the foot she was about to place. He did not suspect to tackle her so easily. Vicky even had to quickly let go of Roselind as the two lean sisters landed in the water. This last match was definitely the shortest, but Will enjoyed it even more.

That fifth match concluded all of the pool wrestling. Olaf walked back to the scoreboard and looked at the new score: Olaf 2; Vicky 4; Roselind 3; Will 4 and Layla 3. They were almost equal. But the belly punching match would definitely bring a change to that…

To be continued...
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Default Re: Siblings reunion at the lake house

Big brother below the table

Added after 12 minutes:

Waiting for the next part

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Default Re: Siblings reunion at the lake house

Siblings reunion – Part 6

‘Gather around everyone!' Olaf shouted. ‘There’s only two rounds left: a belly punching round and a full-on wrestling rounds. We’ll play five matches of belly punching, followed by four full-on wrestling matches. After this, everyone has played exactly ten matches, so your total number of points could max out until ten. However, some of us have won plenty, others have lost more. The current score still says nothing as someone can still win or lose al his/her matches. So let’s give it our best!’
Everyone yelled in excitement.
‘For the belly punching match’, Olaf continued, we’ll be aiming punches with our fist at our opponent’s stomach area. You are not allowed to punch too high or too low. It will be three punches each back and forth. The first one to quit, looses. Is that clear!’
‘Yes!’, they shouted nearly simultaneously.
‘Alright then’, Olaf said and then he announced the pairs. The first match would be Roselind VS Vicky. Then Olaf VS Layla. The third match was Layla VS Vicky. Then Will VS Olaf and the last mach would be Layla VS Roselind. The pairs were quiet interesting. Some of them were competing more often than others in this round, but apparently, this was necessary to keep track of the score and to make sure everyone played exactly ten rounds.
The first match was Vicky versus Roselind. Everyone was still wearing his/her swimsuit, which made this challenge even more interesting. Their bellies could not be more exposed than this. This first match already was very promising. Roselind was ripped and of course had a lot of boxing experience. She knew how to throw and pack a punch. Vicky on the other hand had a balanced cushion of fat and muscle which probably made it even harder to break through her defences. This was going to be an interesting match.
Vicky threw the firs three punches into Roselind’s abdominal wall. They bounced just right off and Roselind skilfully exhaled short bursts of air at every impact. She knew how to take the punches. After these punches, Roselind took her boxing stance and Vicky embraced herself to take the punches. The first one directly was a very hard one. It landed with a loud thud on Vicky’s belly. Will was sure that he would see some circular waves of skin vibrations if he would rewatch it in slow motion. The second and third punch followed up each other quickly. Roselind’s punching strength seemed of the charts, but Vicky just took it like a champ.
Now it was Vicky’s turn and this time she used her whole body weight behind her punched for some extra power. And since she was such a heavyweight, this resulted in a lot of power. However, it was still not as hard as hard as Roselind’s punchin, though it did leave a red mark where she hit her just above Roselind’s navel. Roselind’s next punches were again very strong. She was also very consistent in her punching. The punches just bounced off like they were nothing, but Vicky too seemed to gain a red spot on her stomach, right above the navel area. And so the two powerhouses threw some punches back and forth on each other’s abdominal area. With each punch, skin got redder and redder.
The first change happened when Vicky tried playing it dirty by throwing a right hook to Roselind’s sides. Roselind however was a professional and knew how to make use of her obliques. Yet, the punch came unexpected so Roselind let out a short grunt when she took the punch. Especially now Vicky altered between the spots she aimed for, Roselind sometimes wat a tad too late with flexing her muscles. Roselind, on the other hand, increased her consistent hard punches in power even more. Her first punch made Vicky shout out an ‘oof!’ when it connected to her stomach. For the other two punches, Vicky managed to stay silent, but Will saw in her face that Roselind’s punches were causing some real damage. Vicky was visibly in pain. For Vicky’s next three punches, Roselind grunted as well. Both girls were being tested to their limit. When it was Roselind’s turn again, Vicky placed her hands above her head to expose her stomach even more. It was as if she wanted to say: bring it, bitch! Ans do Roselind did. When her fist met with Vicky’s bulky abdominal wall, something seemed to snap as Vicky quickly grabbed her stomach while she almost doubled over. ‘Fuck!’ she said. However, she quickly stood up again.
‘You can give up, you know!’ Roselind said.
And so Roselind threw another two punches at Vicky. The last of which made her almost fall over. And so Vicky took her time to breath before returning some punches to her sister. Roselind, too, put her hands above her head which almost fully stretched her whole stomach, making her redden sixpack even more impressive. Vicky’s first punch landed on the obliques area. Her second landed in the upper abs, just below the ribs. It somehow pushed all the air out of Roselind’s lungs, which made her double over.
‘There you go’, Vicky said.
But Roselind was not done and she just stood back up to take the last punch. Immediately after she took it, she directly flung her fist at Vicky, who was not yet prepared to take it. The large dominatrix fell on her knees, while she held her stomach with one hand. Maybe it was a dirty move, but Vicky was known to play dirty as well so she couldn’t blame her sister. When she stood up, she took the second punch, but Will saw that she was in pain. Were those starting tears in her eyes? And so, when Roselind was winding up for her third punch, Vicky interrupted her: ‘Stop! I’m done! Fuck. You win.’ The first match was decided.

The second match was going to be Olaf versus Layla. By this point, Will did not dare to bet on any of them anymore. Layla punched Olaf first, it was not very strong as she lacked both the arm strength and body weight to back it up. However when she threw her second punch, Will saw something interesting. Het bony knuckles were already leaving some red marks on the soccer player’s six pack. In physics class he had learned that pressure was force times area, meaning that Layla’s bony knuckles, which had a small area of impact on Olaf’s abs, were very pressuring. It was like they pierced through. The last punch connected as well, but Olaf will still (pretending to be) not in pain.
Next, Olaf flung hist fist at her. His punches were much stronger, almost as strong as Roselind’s. However, Layla’s eight pack abs took them without a sweat. Her abdominals were definitely her strongest part, Will thought. Olaf’s last punch still landed on her muscle wall without making a dent in it.
Layla punched Olaf next. She kept punching him on the same spot: his middle abdominals. The red spot only got bigger, but still Olaf took it like they were nothing. He was much larger built than her and had to be able to take some pain whenever he playing soccer as well. This would not be an easy match. Then, Olaf punched her again. His fist just bounced off. Will even thought to see that the punches were actually hurting his fist. When it was Layla’s turn again, Olaf showed some more signs of pain in his face. Her punches were not very hard, but they were well-placed and the repeated pressure on the same spot took its toll from the defender. And so, after a few rounds, Olaf was breathing heavily in between the punches, while Layla was just taking them all like a champ. She did not show any sign of exhaustion. For Will, it was no surprise to see Olaf going down first when her fist penetrated his six pack wall. He quickly crawled back up to return the favour. However, Layla’s abdominals seemed impenetrable. They were just too dense. His third punch landed on her abs ever harder, but she didn’t flinch. Her punch, on the other hand, made him directly step back. The little red spot on his abs where she had been punching him had become even redder and must have been glowing. The second punch made him fall down again. Breathing heavily, he remained on his feet for a few seconds. Will knew the dilemma his older brother was struggling with: was it worth continuing? But he did and took the last punch. Then, it was his turn again. With a roar of power, he unleashed his fist on Layla’s abs. She was still standing. She was still smiling. ‘O damnit’, Olaf said. ‘I give up.’ And this peculiar surrender concluded the second belly punching match with another point for Layla.

The thirld match was going to be Layla versus Vicky, meaning that Layla could keep her position in the home-built arena. Vicky joined and looked ready to kick some ass. The water polo player did not like to get her ass kicked herself so she had to regain some of her pride after Roselind did exactly that. The contrast between the girls could not be bigger: the large, sturdy Roselind with the dark hair and black bikini was almost the complete opposite of the blonde, fit but skinny Layla who was wearing a yellow bikini. Yet both of these girls have proven themselves multiple times today. Layla seemed to have a disadvantage, as she had to play two consecutive matches, but Vicky had already lost a match. She had already been broken by Roselind. The question was: who has recovered the best?
The first batch of punches came from Layla. They sunk deep into Vicky’s belly before they hit the strong abdominals that were stuck underneath. Like with Olaf, Vicky choose to aim them all at the same spot. However, she did not chose any of the already red spots. Instead, she placed them right below Vicky’s ribs and diaphragm, in an attempt to rob her opponent of air and oxygen.
Next up was Vicky. She did not attempt at all to carefully place her punches. Instead, she just went in an all-out beast mode to add as much power as possible. After the first punch, Layla actually had a step back as she was not prepared to hold back Vicky’s full weight. But for the second and third punch, she remained rooted. Immediately, the effects of the punches were visible as some large red prints of fists were visible in the middle of Layla’s eight pack.
Layla’s next punches made Vicky grunt already. Her slim arms just pierced through Vicky’s upper belly layer like a needle. Just to inject it with a fluid of pain as it hit the hard abdominal wall. Vicky did however not double over; she kept standing. And after Layla’s third punch, Vicky immediately started to smash her own fist against Layla’s fit tummy. This time, for the first time in this whole round, Will saw some hesitation in Layla. Whatever Vicky did, she hit something good. Her second punch even let go a small ‘oof’ from Layla, even though she seemed to be unharmed by the third punch. The question was: for how long was Layla going to keep this up. Yes, her abs were strong, but exactly how strong would they be?
The answer came soon as the next time Vicky punched Layla, her grunting and breathing got louder and heavier. Almost all of Layla’s eight abdominal bricks had turned red and the punches did not bounce off the same way they did before. However, after each three punches, Layla could return the favour and Vicky too was suffering a lot from the punches. It was even Vicky who went down first, when Layla’s knuckles hit an unflexed part of her stomach. Will was afraid that Vicky was going to throw up, but she only spat a bit of saliva on the floor and stood back up. However, this was only Layla’s first punch. When her second punch connected, Vicky fell down for a second time in row. ‘Fuck you', she said as she crawled back up. Layla threw in one more punch and it made Vicky tumble over again. She was holding her red stomach and mumbled something.
‘Whats that?’ Layla teased her. ‘Are you giving up.’
Form her kneeling position, Vicky flung a fist at Layla’s direction. It landed on Layla’s crotch, which made the little cheerleader immediately fall down. ‘Yes, I do’, Vicky said as she withdrew herself from the area, still holding her painful stomach. Layla was still on the floor holding her crotch. Apparently sometimes even winning could be painful. Definitely if your opponent does not want to lose. Will was impressed with his little sister. She somehow outlasted the strong powerhouse Vicky in a belly punching match, delivering herself another point in the game.

The forth match was another male-only match: Will versus Olaf. Olaf was slightly taller, but Will had little more definition in his upper body. Additionally, Olaf had already played one match, which also gave Will the favour. Olaf started and threw some hard punches against will. Will fell them sting a bit, but he could take them easily. When Will punched Olaf, he choose to continue Layla’s method and punch the part that had already been red. However, it still just fell like punching a piece of undercooked meat. His punches just bounced of his brother’s abs. Then, when Olaf punched Will again and Will took the punches with ease, he reckoned that Olaf would feel the same way. The clash of brothers did however not last very long as Will’s tactic turned out to be effective. Olaf was visibly in pain, while Will’s abs were still going strong. Yes, they had become red and sensible, but he could still manage. His next punches did the trick as they brought Olaf to his knees.
This was it, Will thought, young brother defeating big brother. He had already defeat him in arm wrestling and was just about to do the same in this belly punch match. However, Olaf got up and punched Will again. This time, the punches were much harder and more intense. Will let out a small ‘Ugh’ at the last punch. The fight was slowly taking its toll on him. And thus, he threw another punch at his older brother, with all his might. This was all it took. Olaf fell down again and resigned. He could not take it anymore. When he stood up, Will saw the single red spot on Olaf’s well-trained abs, right at the spot where both Layla and he had punched him over and over again. It might be playing dirty, but it was definitely effective.

There was only one belly punching match left: Roselind versus Layla. Both had not lost a belly punching contest yet, so Will was curious to see who would come out victorious. Roselind placed her hands on top of her head, stretching her 6 pack abs once again while bracing for impact. Layla threw in her punches, but they did not seem to do a lot to the professional boxer, especially since Roselind had a long time to recover from her first match. When they switched roles, Layla too placed her hands on her head. When her abdominals stretched, Will could see even more how ripped she was. The ripples from her abdominals, obliques and ribs flowed into each other fluently. No wonder she had survived all those punches from Vicky and Olaf. However, Roselind’s punches were next level. When Roselinds fist met Layla’s abs for the first time, Will almost fell some kind of shock wave through the room. A loud mashing sound was heard. Layla was thrown back and fell on her back because of the force and speed of the punch, but her abs had just taken it.
‘Already going down?’ Roselind asked.
‘I’m sorry, it was just my balance.’
She stood back up, but the second punch send her flying again. Layla was too much of a light weight for Roselind’s punches.
‘Let’s try something else’ Layla said and she positioned herself against the wall.
‘Are you sure?’ Roselind asked. ‘The wall will create another level of difficulty.’
Layla simple nodded and placed her hands back on her head. This time, the shock wave was felt even in the walls when the iron fist met the iron abs. This is going to be interesting, Will thought.
To keep things fair, Roselind would also stand with her back to the wall when Layla punched her. Layla fell back to her original tactic of hitting the already bruised spots on Roselinds abs. Roselind exhaled at each hit, sometimes with a light grunt, but took it like a pro. Well, she was a pro. She did not consider pain a stranger.
And so they swapped places a few times. Every time Layla hit Roselind in one of her red spots, the other siblings felt shivers down their spines as they imagined how it would feel for Roselind. The agony must have been real. However, every time Roselind hit Layla, the whole house seemed to shiver. So far, Layla’s eight pack abs had stayed strong, but Roselind was pretty far in breaking them.
One of Layla’s third punches in row made Roselind kneel down. The boxer took a little moment to cover her stomach and regain some energy, before they swapped places again. This time however, for the first time in this round, Layla let out a real grunt when Roselind’s fist connected to her abs. She also bent over slightly, so Will could not see well whether Layla had actually managed to keep her abs flexed. The second punch just bounced off her abs again, like all the other punched had done. For the third punch Roselind twisted her whole body to create some extra momentum. ‘Ouch!’ Layla shouted when Roselind’s fist met her navel area. But she did not fall down. She did not even grab for her stomach. Will was really impressed with his younger sister.
It was Layla’s turn again. She punched Roselind and this time, Will could actually see how two of her knuckles pierced in Roselind’s abs. The abdominal wall had already been broken for a long time, Will thought, probably by Vicky in the first match. This was pure willpower. The second punch let out a loud ‘Oof!’ from Roselind. There was definitely some internal bleeding going on there, but as long as she did not quit, the match was still on. Layla punched her again. ‘Aaaarg!’ Roselind shouted and she fell down her knees. Was she really down? Roselind took the time again to recover and then stood back up. She stretched her arms again and took her stance to throw in some more punches, while Layla positioned herself back at the wall. Roselind threw a firm punch at her little sister. It just bounced back on her abs again. Where was the little girl getting the strength from? Will wondered. Then for the second punch, Roselind twisted her whole body again. This time, Will actually heard two ‘thuds’. The first one when Roselind’s fist connected with Layla’s abdominal eight pack wall. The second one when this abdominal wall broke. Will say Roselind’s fist go past the abdominal level before it eventually hit something inside. Was it an organ? Was it a spine? Or perhaps the wall? Will only knew that the reflex caused Layla to throw up parts of her lunch over Roselind’s arm. ‘Fuck, that’s gross!’ Roselind shouted and threw in one more final blow into Layla’s now unflexed stomach. The little girl fell on the floor and cried. Her unbeatable eight pack abdominal abs had finally been beaten. It took a boxer to do so, but even they could be broken. Roselind dropped her self to the floor not much later, holding her stomach in pain, for she had paid the price.
Olaf fell a bit behind in the score as he was still at 2 points. Then came Vicky with 4 points, after her two losses. All the others had levelled to the equal score of 5. That meant that the final matches, the all-out wrestling matches, were going to be decisive.

To be continued...

For your information: there will be two more parts to come, with a poll in between to determine the outcome. This means that I will wait a few days before writing the 8th and last part. Any other ideas for the finale are always welcome (but I can imagine that you'll want to wait for part 7 first...)

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Default Re: Siblings reunion at the lake house

Siblings reunion – Part 7
The last round was about to start. For once and for all, the siblings would decide who was the strongest of them all. There were only four matches left, so only four points to be earned. With a score of only two, chances were very low that Olaf would win, but the eldest sibling was not giving up. And, perhaps most importantly he was still keeping track of the scores. The last four matches were going to be 1 VS 1 wrestling matches. You win if you can pin the other down with both shoulders on the floor for 10 seconds, or if the other one taps out. Punching, kicking and pulling hair were not allowed.
Before the actual matches took place, the siblings took a two hour break. Most of them had to recover their from the belly punching match, that severely injured some of them. At first, Will though it would have been wiser to end with the belly punching instead of wrestling, but then he realised that this was advantageous for him, as he was the only one to have participated in just one belly punch match. Layla, on the other hand, had done three of those. On the other hand, it did earn her two points.
When the siblings came back in the living room for the last matches, everyone was pumped. Some of them, especially Roselind and Layla, still showed some red marks on their still exposed stomachs where they took the punches. Vicky was now wearing a loose grey T-shirt, so Will could not see how much she had recovered. The 21-year old water polo player definitely did not like losing every match last round and was even more eager to win this last set of matches.
Then, Olaf announced the last pairings for the last matches. Fist Olaf VS Vicky. Second, Roselind VS Will. Then Olaf VS Layla. Lastly Will VS Vicky. After these matches, everyone would have exactly played 10 matches in the whole competition. Will quickly calculated that Olaf, Vicky and himself were the only ones to have two more matches. Layla and Roselind could earn 1 point maximum. While he thought about this, Olaf and Vicky took their places on the mat.
There they stood, the oldest two siblings. Olaf’s large chest was shimmering in sweat: the 23 year old soccer player was ready for his last matches. The 21-year old Vicky did not seem impressed and rooted her strong legs on the floor. Will had to count down and when he said ‘Go!’ the two behemoths of the family clashed onto each other. Olaf tried to push Vicky to the floor as he already had a hight advantage. Vicky used the moment to grab one of Olaf’s strong legs and pull it up. Olaf hopped three times on his other leg before he fell over and Vicky jumped on top of him. She immediately went for his shoulders, but Olaf managed to place his knee in between them and used it to push Vicky of. As they rolled over, Olaf climbed on top of his sister. She had already almost crawled up at that time and was already sitting on her knees when Olaf threw himself on top of her. Vicky simply grabbed him an held him tight to her own back. Then, Will was perplexed with what he saw next. Vicky just stood up, while lifting Olaf on top of her shoulders. She just squatted not only her own body weight, but Olafs body weight with it, which must have added at least 90 more kilos.
However, Olaf was not just letting her keep him up there and started swinging his limbs to try and bring her out of balance. Vicky was forced to drop him, but not before throwing him on the floor before him. When he landed on his back, she quickly placed her right foot on his chest to keep him down. Olaf swung his legs up to hook it behind Vicky’s upper body and pull her back and down with it. Now, both of them were lying on the ground with their legs entangled. Olaf was quicker in getting up and grabbed for Vicky’s wrists. He now repositioned himself so he was sitting on her core, holding her wrist next to her head. He only had to pin her arms to the ground for 10 seconds to win… if only he could pin them down. Somehow, Vicky managed to keep her thick arms just off the ground, even when Olaf was leaning on it with most of his body weight. Will saw her arms shaking, but she was managing. What power she had! Olaf had to lean forward even more to use his body weight even more. Vicky could no longer hold his full weight and with a loud smack, her arms landed on the floor. However, Olaf had also given her a little opening as he was no longer sitting on her body. She threw her hips up to throw him off and quickly reversed the roles. Now she was sitting on top of him. This time, it were his hands pinned to the floor. And he could not keep them from the floor in any way. The others started counting simultaneously. 1, 2, 3,… And as soon as they said ’10!’ The first winner of the last round had been decided.

The second match was Roselind versus Will. Will was a bit scared. Not only did he not know whether he was actually stronger than Roselind, but because her stamina and endurance seemed to be unmatched. She could still go on beyond the point where any other normal human had been defeated. He had not yet competed against her in a 1 VS 1 this whole competition, so he was not sure where this would go.
When they stood opposite to each other, Will noticed that both of them were quiet similarly built. The 19 year old boxer was of the same hight and build as her 17 year old brother. He was slightly scared by her ripped physique that now had one more bruised spot in the abdominal area, but she must have also been impressed by his killer body which all these years of swimming paid off for.
After the signal, both Will and Roselind were not attacking immediately. Apparently, patience was a thing too. It was Will who attacked first, jumping for her shoulders to throw her off balance. However, Roselind ducked to dodge his attack and went for his feet to bring him down. Will used the moment to grab her bend down upper body and pulled it up. Will was actually surprised that he was able to lift her off the floor. Roselind seemed confused as she was lifted by Will in an upside down position. Then, she started swinging with her legs. Will had to let her go and tried throwing her on the floor. However, Roselind skilfully landed on her hands and knees. Will placed her foot against her side and pushed her over anyway. Now, Roselind was on the floor. So far, so good, will thought and he placed her foot on Roselind’s chest to keep her down. Roselind started pulling on his feet to get him off and then, Will saw something that gave him an idea. He took his foot off, but at the same time dropped his whole body on top of hers. And in his landing, he made sure to land with his knee on the red spot that was still on her stomach. He felt his knee touching her hard abs, which she managed to flex in time, but she let out a loud ‘Arrg!’ anyway, Will was not planning on stopping there and leaned forward to apply some more pressure to her weak spot. He saw that Roselind was in pain, but the girl was tough and not giving up. She managed to grab his arm and pull him off. Before Will could react, she had already climbed on top of him and did the same to him as he had done to her: she had placed her left knee in his stomach area. Will flexed his strong abs to protect his internal organs. Even though he felt how her knee wanted to pierce through his abdominal wall, he knew he could keep this up for a long time. And so he grabbed her shoulders to pull her off again. However, she did not let him and repositioned herself a bit on top of him, so her knees were on his shoulders. Will did not care as this was much less painful than when she was pressing his abs. It was only when his siblings started counting, that Will realised that Roselind was winning, as she had pinned his shoulders to the floor. Will tried throwing her off by flinging his hips up, but she was persistent and kept her grip. By the time she fell off, the others had already called out the ten. He had lost the match to his two year older sister. How could this happen? She had taken him fully by surprise. That ended the second match.

The third match would be Olaf versus Layla. This match was over even before it started. Layla was just too light to throw her much heavier older brother to the floor. On the other hand, Olaf could hold the small body of his 16 year old sister down with only one hand. He then just sat on her chest until ten seconds had passed. She basically stood no chance. As a gymnast, Layla might have been strong in her core and balance, but she lacked some true muscle mass and weight for these wrestling games. She accepted her defeat with a smile, though.

For Will the quickness of the previous match was not so good, as it gave him less time to recover for his final match, for the final match of the whole competition: him versus Vicky. He admired envied Vicky’s arm strength, but this time the stakes were higher: it was male versus female power. Both of them had an equal score and this last match would settle it once and for all.
When Olaf shouted ‘Go!’, both of them started moving, circling, without touching each other. Without any attempt of attacking. Another game of patience.
‘Come on!’ Will shouted when they were circling each other. And he drummed his chest once hard, like a gorilla.
It did not seem to impress Vicky at all. In contrary, she just ripped her wide grey shirt of like a hulk to once again, reveal her thick, sturdy physique. Will could almost see the veins in her neck and pecs when she did so. But he knew that this was just for show. The true power was yet to come.
And it came. When Vicky charged at Will, he was too late to dodge the attack and he could only grab her to make them tumble together. When they were on the floor, Vicky tried to get on top of Will, but her brother was too quick for her and got up before she could do anything. While she was getting up, Will charged at his sister, but she just grabbed him and placed him on his shoulder like she had done to Olaf. O shit, Will thought, here we go again. And indeed, Vicky squatted both of their bodies until she was standing upwards again. However, this time she did not stop there and in one fluent movement, overhead pressed Will up so he almost touched the ceiling. Where did she get this power from? She then threw him on the floor.
Will was in pain as when he landed on his own elbow. This pain, however, was not going to make him forfeit. If anything, it motivated him even more to carry on. He rolled on his back to get up and saw Vicky’s foot coming down for his chest. He rolled further to dodge the attack and sprang up before she could try to place a foot on him for a second time. He ended up behind her and grabbed her arms in a full nelson. ‘Fuck!’ Vicky shouted. Will knew that he had her. She would not be able to get out of this. He tightened his grip even more. Then he felt her resistance increase. Somehow she managed to pull her arms back out of his grip. Will had to let her go, but she did not let him. She turned around to return the favour. Will quickly managed to free his hand and put both of his arms downs, next to his body. Vicky did not care at all and just grabbed the whole of his body, his arms included, like it was one big log. The only thing she did then was to compress all of it, like it was watermelon she needed to crush. At first, Will just tensed every muscle in his body to withstand her force, but her force grew even more and more, until the point where it was his own body that hurt him: his arms that either pierced his own sides or was compressed between his obliques and her thick arms. She would not be able to keep up this strength for too long. If he only could outlast her. If he only could…
By the time Will woke up and realised what happened, he also realised that he had lost. He had passed out, which meant that Vicky had won their match. However, when he sat up, he saw how the others were discussing something.
‘What’s up?’ Will asked.
‘We’re having a problem’, Olaf said and he pointed at the scores: Olaf 3; Will 5; Layla 5; Vicky 6; Roselind 6. ‘We could call it a draw for the winners and second places.’
The others rejected his proposal and were very keen on having a true winner.
‘Fine’, Olaf said. ‘We’ll then do two more 1 VS 1 wrestling matches to decide the full score: Vicky VS Roselind for the 1st and 2nd place. And Will VS Layla for the 3rd and 4th place. I’ll accept the last place. It will be just a wrestling match. Everything is allowed.’
The fire ignited when the competing siblings looked each other in the eyes. All of them were eager to win.

To be continued... VOTE for the outcome you want to see. Additionally, you can alway tell me what you want to see for the outcome.
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