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Old 03-Apr-24, 01:11
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Pinned Down Yvonne vs Shanti vs Novita - The sexy wild version

This one is a bit of a darker side with more embarrassment in the story. Its about domination and acknowledgement. My wife's sexy pose as she talks about her defeat.. It's steamy : -)

Yvonne is Tired of the back and forth battel over who is the best - Who is the Queen of the Ring - Who is the EST... The Sistas are putting it all on the line ready to prove once again they are goign to battle for the Intergender Title. Still held by Yvonne
Yvonne , champion of 5 times here in the arena as she once again faces her friend Shanti for the title . Yvonne trying to reason with Shanti knowing that she has been defeated is trying to avoid another fight and possible loss .The title has changed hands several times between these women and now Shanti asks for another shot! Shanti reminds Yvonne that she knocked her out but Yvonne followed up with comments stating she made Shanti crya and submit.
Shanti is not having it .. she wants the title and challenges Yvonne to a painful I quit match ... They go back and forth but Yvonne reminds her that she can't beat Donna and Devon Michaels . Devon destroyed you stated Yvonne. Yvonne reminds shanti that she defeated Devon , Danielle , Misty Stone, and Crystal Carmichael . Remember who Beat you yells Yvonne so get in line and accept me as your Queen and the Champ!
Shanti tells Yvonne she will apply her head scissor and make Yvonne cry in the ring again . Just because I lost to others is irrelevant , you hold the title and I am going to take it from you Yvonne, Yells Shanti. Yes I lost yells out Shanti, but I will make you beg for mercy and I will take your man and ride him -- Yvonne is about to snap but then Novita walks in on them - Well if you two are going to fight, then I am joining this battle.
Novita steps up demanding a title shot as she also recalls pinning Shanti and making Yvonne tap out . It's not fair if you two get to fight - I am in this match - I won and deserve a shot at the title. So you two want to argue then make it a triple threat last woman standing, I quit, or whatever other match you want to call it - But you will both realize, I am the Queen as I am stronger, taller, and have a better record than both of you.

Well ladies, there is only one thing left to do as the girls get undressed, wearing very revealing g-string bikinis and barely covering anything. Yvonne reminds Novita that she will take that sexy little bikini as her trophy as they kiss and touch each other in front of Shanti.
AS they enter the ring - novita and yvonne touching and kissing but then - Shanti taking control of the match once again ... Picking Yvonne up and ramming her head into the turn buckle as she pushes novita out of the way.
Yvonne wants to fall to the ground but shanti standing behind Yvonne as novita meets a foot from Shanti right in the gut -- now Novita is rolling on the mat. Shanti Pushes Yvonne towards Novita as she is getting up off the mat - but it's too late - Yvonne and Novita collided hard with both ladies cloths line sending both ladies back to the mat .. shanti once again, picks up the champ -- Come here Yvonne as she is smashing Yvonne's face into the turn buckle but out of no where Novita with a suplex sending Shanti shaking on the mat holding her back and curved with her breasts up to the sun . Yvonne with a vicious ELBOW right into Shanti's gut!
Novita picks up Shanti and launches her right into the steel post. The besties are exposing each other showing no mercy. The three champions are all wanting the big title and fighting as enemies in this match . The intergender title has changed hands between all three to include misty , caramel , and jasmine ..
Novita turns Yvonne around and scoops her up with a Body Slam !
Yvonne crawling but only met with a foot into her back as Novita is now in control of the match .
Shanti falls to the mat as novita picks her up holding her arms behind her .. Novita needs Yvonne's help as she is now begging Yvonne to get up ...wasting no time Novita face plants Shanti into the mat again as her ass is up in the air and face down . Novita rolls her over 1...2 and Yvonne pulls Novita off shanti. Novita is mad as she hits the mat - Dammit - So close. Bitch as she yells at Yvonne.
Novita is angry because she always comes so close but some always interferes in her matches . All I need to do is beat the both of you and just get out of this mess.
Shanti back up holding her shoulder finds some way of drop kicking Novita and a solid kick to Yvonne's gut sending her down to the mat again . Novita hits a corner as she bounces right back into action clotheslining Shanti! Shanti nearly does a 180 as her body hits the mat again.
As Novita prepares to dominate Yvonne and Shanti , Yvonne jumps and hits a brutal stunner on Novita sending her out of the ring ! Novita looks lifeless at this point as her body went throughthe ropes - that was sick! Novita is hurting and unexpected move by Yvonnas as the Champ holds on the best she can against her two best friends. These three are stopping at nothing to prove who is the best and right now , everyone is down in pain.
Shanti Rolls out of the ring to help novita back in ...Yvonne around the other side as she quietly sneaks up on Shanti with a suplex ! Sending her to the outside mat with a nasty thud.. Shanti begins shaking as Yvonna with an Elbow right into the middle of her back - Shanti crying in Pain as she begs Yvonne - Please.. Oh god.. That hurts.. Yvonne picks her up and rolls her back into the ring.. I guess you are winning Shanti - Huh - Begging me to stop?
Please Yvonne.. AS Shanti is hurting from that elbow!
Novita looks up realizing that she has time to recover as Yvonne is destroying Shanti around the ring . Yvonne with a pile driver sending the challenger into next year . Yvonne picks up shanti and Launches her right into the steel post through the second ropes. Her shoulder hitting the post as her big sexy round ass sticks out -- Shanti is Done yells Yvonne - This bitch is a thorn in my side !
As Yvonne turns ..whack ... Novitas foot across Yvonne's face .. Novita picks up Yvonne and faceplant her right in the middle of the ring ... Yvonne is down as her ass is shaking and a loud SMACK right across Yvonnes big Kenyan ass as Novitas hand is heard smacking Yvonne!
As Shantis ass sticks out from the second rope , Novita picks up Yvonne and rams her head right into shantis big round ass !!! Novita using Shanti as a weapon as Yvonne's face is pressed up against Shanti . Both ladies hurting , legs shaking, arms waving, and the crying for mercy as novitas sexy foot holds Yvonne's face right between Shantis sexy ass cheeks. There you go my Nigerian and Kenyan Queens as Novita laughs - You should bow to your Queen. Oh that's right, Yvonne is Kissing your ass right now!
As Yvonne looks beaten Novita flips her over as her head rests on Shanti. Yvonna trying to hold onto Shanti grabbing her ass pulling her out fromthe second rope - -Well looks like a victory for me as novita pushes Yvonne to the ground and Face sits her- Yvonne's legs kicking as she is heard begging for Novita to stop!. Novita trying to pull Shanti .. but shanti is aware and now somehow gets her legs sup around Novitas neck.. Yvonne kicking and waving her legs as Novita face sits her but novita is also in trouble as Shanti head scissors Novita! Novita begging for Shanti's hold to break, Yvonne begging Novita as she face sits her , and Shanti unwilling to break as she is trying to recover and attend to her shoulder while resting on the ropes.
Novita is fading .. shantis legs are too powerful as novita falls to the mat... Shanti slowly jumps up as she grabs Yvonne again ... This time she positions Yvonne into a pile driver as Yvonne is heard begging .. Yeah, now champ here we go - it's too late Shanti drives the champ into the mat watching her body shake . Shanti drags novita into the middle of the ring and spreads her legs open with a stomp on her stomach and a BODY Splash! Novita's legs in the air as Shanti is now sitting up on her again pulling her bikini off - Shanti pulls novitas sexy bikini off and raises it above her head waving it around like she just won a trophy.
Shanti pulls Yvonne over and shoves Novitas bikini in her face - Taste her pussy since you want to kiss her all the time .Oh that reminds me as Shanti pulls Yvonne - she puts Yvonne's face right into novita's spread. There you go champ lap up her juices ..shanti takes novitas legs and puts them around Yvonne's neck. Yvonne realizing what's about to happen but stomp stomp as Shanti is all over both ladies . Shanti has Novita's legs around Yvonne's neck and Novita is on the mat looking up in pain once again with nowhere to go!
Now as shanti face sits novita, she pulls her dark legs up as she scissors Yvonne. Novita is helpless as she feels Shanti grinding on her but Yvonne is now fading as novitas legs crush her. Yvonne's lips right up against Novita as she moves and wiggles in pain, yvonne can't escape as Shanti pulls Novita and Novita applies pressure knowing Yvonne is locked in.
A few minutes go by as Both ladies are almost out .. shanti realizing Novita is nearly out and yvonne fading - She jumps up and flips Yvonne on her stomach and again stomps on Novita! both ladies moaning and nearly unconscious as shanti dominates then ... Shanti standing over Yvonne and Novita bragging about being the queen of the ring but both ladies are being pulled up off the mat Shanti has Yvonne kneeling and Shanti barely able to sit --- it's to late as Shanti grabs both of them Tucking their heads under her arms.
Novita and Yvonne begging for forgiveness.. please shanti .. you ...face planted as both women hit the mat. You what Yvonne ? Asks Shanti .
Now she takes their bodies as stacks novita on top of Yvonne .. Turn over - There you go Yells Shanti as she places Novita on top of Yvonne. Both women face down in the mat as Novita reaches and holds Yvonne's hands.

Shanti bragging as she is the baddest bitch of Africa - Cobra Clutching both women.. bouncing on Novitas back pulling both of their jaws...
Help .. as Yvonne is calling for novita .. novita is heard yelling I submit I submit my queen .. Shanti my queen I submit .. Shanti is not letting up ...
Pulling back a little more ..now Yvonne is screaming.. shanti queen.. shanti ... queen I submit as both ladies are powerless .. waving their hands and crying tapping out and begging Shanti for mercy.
Both ladies are slammed to the mat - They are out .. both ladies have been defeated .
Shanti once again positions them as she turns them over pulling Novita's lifeless body up-- shanti head scissor face sit to Yvonna as she leans down over Novita as her big breasts smother Novita's face..
Shanti laughing as she starts counting 1...2..3. wait I will make it a 5 count:1....2.....3.....4......5
As Shanti gets up - she rolls out of the ring and grabs the BIG Intergender Title Belt!
Both Yvonne and Novita as in so much pain rolling around but as Shanti goes back into the ring, Shanti slides Novita back on top of Yvonne and sits on her stomach . Well ladies I guess this proves who is the best of us Sistas . Shanti holds the belt up again as the moaning and legs shaking from both ladies continues
After the match shanti has left the arena, novita and Yvonne are helping each other and frustrated .. both women in tears as they were beaten bad .
Both holding each other as they roll out of the ring unsure what's next .. as they limp and slowly walk up the ramp , novita tells Yvonne that she loves her and just accept our Queen. Yvonne in total disbelief once again as shanti completely dominated her
As they walk out of the arena - Angry, upset , lost, and unsure...
You hear down the hall -
Please shanti no more ... Yvonne hears her man begging .. powerless to do anything she opens the door only to see her mans cock deep in Shanti as she pins him down ..please I can't .. shanti riding and pushing him down .. That's it fuck me harder.. No more shanti , omg i am going to cum - no more champ - you win! Please , I submit I submit..
Shanti sees Yvonne oh baby .. I not only beat you but .. your man ... he.. he is starting tocum ... Oh yeah I made your man cum inside me , oh wow that is warm as she keeps rocking back and forth. Shanti begins to get up as you just see the amount of cum dripping - Cum everywhere as she slowly rises .. running down his shaft and balls . Wow he is hot!!! yells shanti. Now this is how a man should cum Yvonne. I just dominated your man and I am his Queen!
As she sits up, she spreads her legs and his big cock throbbing with cum. Novita and Yvonne are powerless and begin to slowly crawl over to shanti. They are now holding her legs and Yvonne touching her mans balls. Yvonne looks up , baby she beat you and she... she dominated me in the ring. Hail my queen . Queen Shanti. My queen.. Hail .. my queen says Yvonne as both ladies are powerless holding shantis legs as she makes both women kiss her wet cum filling vagina with Yvonne's man still inside as Yvonne's man once again yells out - I am going to cum!
Shanti smiles as she looks down knowing she just dominated her Sistas!
The End.
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Default Re: Yvonne vs Shanti vs Novita - The sexy wild version

That sexy one in the white . Omg I would wrestle her any day of the week
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novita, queen, shanti, sistas, yvonne

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