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Default Tongue Slave to Patricia

I have penned a good number of stories in my day, a lot of them possess varying elements of truth, embellished with a good deal of fantasy to make them more interesting. This however, is totally true, I will recount the events as well as I can remember them, this actually happened to me. The only licence I have taken is to conflate events which occurred over a number of visits into one narrative in the service of brevity and narrative flow. I hope it gives you some small measure of entertainment.

The year as near as I can work out was 1984 and I was in my early 30s. I lived in a flat in Bethnal Green following the end of my first marriage. There was a publication called LOOT at the time, filled with adverts for anything from aardvarks to zebras, there was also an extensive 'adult services section' which included porno rentals.

I had tried a few with varied results, most were low quality rubbish though, however, one ad caught my eye, it was placed by a woman called Patricia. I thought that would be quite a turn on, talking to a female on the subject of fantasy pornography so I gave her a call. On answering I noticed she had a rather sexy, refined voice, I've always been a sucker for a well spoken woman (often literally &#128513. I enquired whether she stocked any domination or wrestling videos, I have to admit it gave me a semi erection just asking her this. She assured me, with what I thought was a note of wry amusement, that she did indeed have a number of films on both of those subjects. Now fully aroused I made an appointment to come and pay her a visit and go through her stock.

It turned out that she had a basement flat in Camden Town which was only about 20 minutes drive away so within the hour I was standing outside her door with my hand on the knocker. My heart was in my throat as I waited for the door to open, when it did I found myself confronted with a very attractive woman with long dark hair. I put her in her early 50s, tall, around 5'10", and very shapely in a statuesque way.

She invited me in and showed me to a small back room which was lined with shelves containing her stock of videos, the shelves were all labeled to denote the various subject matter. She pointed out the domination section, which was quite extensive, and a small selection of mixed wrestling films, mainly Joan Wise from a quick glance. I noticed she had a curious little half smile on her face as she said she would leave me to look through them and see what I wanted.

It would be fair to say that at this juncture my erection was causing me no small degree of discomfort and I took the opportunity of manually adjusting myself to ease the ache somewhat. I spent a good ten minutes going through her videos and selected four, two wrestling titles and two femdom vids, mainly featuring facesitting, a subject that has always been close to my heart.

With my errant member still throbbing I returned to her lounge to conduct business, I found her sitting on her sofa with a glass of wine watching a video featuring a woman sucking an unfeasibly large cock and making quite a meal of it by the look of things. Patricia was wearing a shortish, pleated tarten skirt and had her feet tucked beneath her, exposing a fair expanse of creamy, white thigh. Reaching for the remote she paused the suck fest and blushing like a naughty schoolboy I showed her the films I wanted.

She took them from me and looked at the titles with professional interest, looking up at me with that enigmatic half smile again she asked if it was facesitting that mainly interested me. With cheeks you could now make toast on I mumbled that it was indeed what interested me, my embarrassment was further compounded by the fact that my very obvious hard-on was on a level with her eye line and she didn't hide the fact that she had noticed. She held out one of the films called something like 'Facesitting Orgy' and told me that it wasn't half as good as it sounded, getting up from the sofa she took the cassette in question and told me to wait there.

She returned a minute later with two new films, she handed them to me telling me that I would certainly enjoy them if facesitting was my thing, I had to hand it to her, she knew her pornos. She told me I could rent the five for the price of four and I thanked her for her generosity. As I was handing over the cash I was overcome with a kind of panic, I could see our transaction nearing a close at which point I would leave and return on my own to my empty flat. I felt unexplored opportunities heavy in the air and I don't know what came over me but turning back to her I said "I don't suppose you're looking for a slave are you". I almost couldn't believe those words had come out of my mouth, but I stood my ground, trembling in anticipation of her answer.

With a look of curiosity she asked me what I would be prepared to do for her as her slave, this sounded wildly promising and I told her that I would do absolutely anything she commanded me to do. She looked intrigued and told me to take a seat. Now totally shaking and glancing at a still shot of a huge, throbbing cock halfway to being buried in a woman's throat on The TV screen I sat down on the sofa she had recently vacated, was it my imagination or was it still warm from her lovely bottom.

Now standing above me and looking down into my expectant face she told me she was prepared to give me a trial. I honestly could not believe my ears and I thanked her profusely. With the blood pumping in my ears I asked her what she wanted me to do, she now walked over to her table and brought back a box of videos and a printed list. Putting them on the sofa next to me she told me my first task as her slave would be to deliver the videos in the box as per the printed list. She told me none of the addresses were too far away and that I should complete the job and be back within two hours.

Hugely disappointed, I was expecting a task of a more personal nature, I stood and picked up the box of films. I think she could tell from my crestfallen expression that this was not what I expected to do as her slave, she gave me a small peck on the cheek and rubbing her hand over my tumescent member, told me I may get a reward if I got back in time.

I may well have broken the world speed record over the next hour and forty minutes, I definitely smashed the local speed limits and was exceedingly lucky not to have encountered a cop car on my travels. That could have proved very sticky, "Do you mind if I just take a look in the boot sir". Practically panting with anticipation I returned, sans videos, with a handful of cash from her satisfied customers and once more knocked her door.

She kept me waiting there for at least five minutes before she opened up and with an imperious wave, ushered me back into her lounge. She took the cash with not a word of thanks or acknowledgment of my superhuman efforts. She put the notes on the table and sat back down. I didn't know where to put myself so I just remained standing there in front of her. Time seemed to have slowed to a practical standstill as she eyed me up and down, her gaze loitering on my swollen crotch, then as if she were discussing the weather she told me to strip naked and get on my knees.

With sweating palms and trembling fingers I rapidly started to undress. She informed me that in future I was to respond to her commands with "yes Mistress", eager to please I gave the correct response and continued undressing. Whilst I did so she picked up the remote and restarted the film she was watching, not wanting to incur her displeasure I didn't dare turn round to look at it. However, due to the position of a large mirror on the wall behind her, I was able to discern the story was very much to my tastes. I was in the act of pulling down my pants and freeing my throbbing erection as the woman on the screen lowered a very wet looking pussy onto the face of a guy, hog-tied to a bed and ordered him to get busy with his tongue. I swear my cock grew another inch at this point and shedding my last item of modesty I took up my position, kneeling before her.

From my new vantage point I observed that she had allowed her thighs to drift apart enough to allow me an uninterrupted view of the crotch of her tight, white knickers. So clear was the vista that I thought I could see the beginnings of a wet patch where the thin material stretched over her protruding lips. I looked up to see she had spotted the direction of my hungry gaze, her eyes were slightly hooded and there was that maddeningly sensual half smile again. Letting her legs fall apart a little more she indicated the bottle of wine on the small table next to her and ordered me to refill her glass. I almost forgot, but remembered just in time to say "yes Mistress" as I reached out and topped up her wineglass, she looked at me approvingly, this gave me a warm, proud feeling.

I resumed my servile position kneeling at her feet, she told me to make sure my cock stayed hard, I thought to myself that this would not require a huge amount of effort on my part. Now, as if there was not a naked man with a palpably vibrating erection kneeling before her she carried on watching her film. From my kneeling position I could no longer see the action but just the sounds of the sub's oral efforts and the woman's purrs of satisfaction were enough to paint a very graphic picture for me.

Putting one foot up onto the sofa cushions and letting her thighs fall wide apart, she reached down to the crotch of her white, semi-transparent knickers with her free hand and began to rub her index finger back and forth over the expanding wet patch in her gusset. I must have emitted an involuntary groan because she shot me a warning look, I looked down in apology, only to be told to keep my eyes on her crotch, happily I returned my eyes to the most erotic sight I had ever witnessed.

I have never before or since been so turned on that I risked orgasm without so much as a single touch, but I swear to you I could feel myself on the verge of coming a number of times as I knelt there between her full, sexy thighs watching her play with her swollen clit, through the wet crotch of her tightly stretched knickers. I could see the flush of sexual arousal in her neck and face as her breathing became faster and her tongue played across the pouting, wet lips of her full mouth.

She told me to come closer and open my mouth wide, I shuffled forward on my knees and opened up, using the hand she had just been teasing her clit with she tilted my head back and told me to stay still. She now took a generous sip of her wine and with a cruel, mocking smile, slowly swished it round in her mouth, mixing it with her spit. After 30 seconds or so she leaned forward so her face was so close to mine I could feel the warmth from her skin, looking into my eyes she now began to slowly dribble the mixture of wine and saliva into my open mouth. When she had spat the last drops between my lips she told me to close my mouth but not to swallow yet, I did as she commanded. She then told me to savour the taste so I started to roll the spitty liquid over my tongue, savouring the mix like a wine connoisseur. With a smug satisfied grin on her pretty face she told me to swallow and say thank you. In two gulps I emptied my mouth and said "thank you Mistress", I could see that she had enjoyed this little act of humiliation and dominance.

She asked if I knew my way around a woman's pussy and what a clitoris looked like, I assured her that I had no small expertise in pleasing a woman with my mouth, this it seemed was the right answer and she patted me on the head like a good dog. She now leaned herself back on the cushions, put down her wineglass and lifting her bottom up slightly, proceeded to slip off her tight and now very wet knickers. She got them half way down her lovely long thighs and gestured for me to complete the task. I took hold of the sides and pulled them towards me, allowing her to slip first one then the other of her pretty feet out of the garment.

She reached out her hand and I passed her knickers back to her, with that sultry, sexy smile on her face she proceeded to turn them inside out so that the glistening wet gusset was fully exposed, she then presented it to my mouth and ordered me to lick her juices from the thin material. Fighting yet another instance of non tactile orgasm I pressed my mouth into her sticky, wet knickers and started lapping at her sweet spendings like a hungry puppy. When she was happy I'd done a good enough job she took the knickers away and informed me that I would be responsible for washing them later, I gave the correct response of "yes Mistress".

She told me it was now time for her to have some fun and she leaned back again and spread her thighs wide, exposing her dripping wet labia to my hungry stare. In a throaty voice thick with sexual arousal she told me that I had better be as good with my tongue as I had said and pointing to her large, swollen clit said just one word, "lick". If you can imagine a man who's spent a week in the desert who suddenly comes across a pool of cool, clear water you will have an idea of the level enthusiasm with which I undertook my task. I used every trick and technique I knew to stimulate her increasingly wet pussy, being bold I even started to gently probe her tight little anus with my index finger, she didn't object and a shudder went through her entire body as I devoted myself to her pleasure.

I could sense her orgasm slowly building through a series of little shivers and moans, every now and then the strong muscles of her pussy would contact and grip my tongue, releasing little floods of her thick, warm juices into my eager mouth as she did so. When her climax kicked in all hell broke loose, grabbing the back of my head with both hands and ramming my face tight into her dripping sex, she threw back her head and wailed like a banshee, it was at this point that I discovered she was what I later found was called a 'gusher'. I was somewhat taken aback as my mouth and face were inundated with a series of strong spurts of a clear, warm liquid, at first I though she had lost control of her bladder but then sensed this was something else entirely.

I also had other things on my mind, not the least of which was not drowning, she was still shuddering and bucking wildly through her orgasm whilst continuing to pull my face tight into her crotch, the only survival tactic open to me was to drink. In a mixture of excitement and mild panic I began to swallow the hot juice as it erupted in waves from between her engorged pussy lips. Mercifully her climax gradually subsided and the juices slowed to a trickle, allowing me to gulp down the last mouthful a take a deep, much needed breath of air. Glancing up at her over her bulging pubis I could see she was slumped back in sexual exhaustion with her eyes closed, somewhat spent myself due to my superhuman efforts I allowed my head to rest on her sweaty inner thigh, her throbbing sex inches from my glistening, wet face, from this close I could see a last, thin trickle of her clear liquid slowly oozing down over her perineum and puckered little arsehole. In a final act of devotion and worship I pushed out my now aching tongue and lapped up this last little gift.

She slowly recovered herself and pushed my dripping wet face away from her crotch, I lapsed back into a kneeling position and waited obediently. With a powerfully sexy grin she proceeded to congratulate me, telling me that no one had ever made her come with their tongue before, this made me immensely proud and grateful for the honour of taking her cunnilingual cherry.

She drained her wineglass and told me to refill it from the open bottle on the table, as I stood up my now painful ection wagged obscenely from my crotch, she reached out and took hold of it. I think she could tell from my reaction that it would not take much for it to explode, with a look of warning she said "don't you dare come yet, not until I tell you to, understand?". I gave a prompt "yes Mistress" and set about replenishing her glass.

I promptly returned and resumed my position on my knees before her and proffered the now full glass, she took it with a superior, satiated smile and leaned back, sipping her wine. At that point it seemed an idea had occurred to her judging by the devious expression on her pretty, flushed face. She told me she was going to have a little fun with a friend of hers and told me to pass her the phone. Shifting her position onto one hip she brought her legs up onto the sofa, presenting me with a clear view of her arsehole and wet pussy lips. As she tapped in a number she put her finger to her lips indicating that I was to remain silent. After a few rings her call was answered and she started chatting to get friend, nothing in particular, just polite chit chat.

She then casually mentioned that she now had a slave, and that I had just given her a lovely orgasm. I could tell from her barely suppressed giggles that this news had hit the spot, she now made a licking sign with her tongue and pointed at her anus, only too happy to oblige I mouthed the words "yes Mistress" and set about my task with gusto, Pushing my face between her wonderfully firm buttocks and lapping at her cute little arsehole. She started making exaggerated noises of enjoyment, mainly for her friend's benefit I guessed and said "now?.. Oh I've got him licking my arse", at this point she addressed me and said "that's it slave, stick your tongue right inside my arsehole, that's it, just like that". With a conspiratorial grin I did as she ordered, forming my tongue into a tight little tube and pushing it in and out of her anus like a little penis.

As I titillated her arsehole she calmly described my earlier oral tribute, I believe she even embellished it somewhat to further tease and frustrate her friend. After a while she indicated I should stop licking and handed me the phone telling me her friend wanted to talk to me. It didn't take me long to determine that he was a gay man and that he was now in a state of erotic agitation due to Patricia's lurid description of her orgasm. He asked if I did everything I was told, and I told him I did, to the letter. He asked that if he came round would I do as he told me, to this I said 'sorry but I was Mistress Patricia's sole slave and served only her'. His frustration was palpable down the phone line and she gave me a huge smile and a thumbs up, I had obviously pleased her, I then handed the phone back to her and carried on with my tongue worshipping of her arse.

Once she had concluded her call, with a promise that she would pay him a visit and give him chapter and verse re the afternoon's proceedings, she told me I could stop licking her, somewhat reluctantly I did as I was told. She then told me that she was very pleased and satisfied with my performance so far and that I had earned a reward, just to show she could be a merciful Mistress. At this my cock perked up another inch or so in anticipation. She said that as I had been such an obedient and clever slave I would be allowed to masturbate and spill my seed onto her inner thigh, by this stage I was ready to burst and greeted this news with effusive gratitude.

At her direction I shuffled forward on my knees as she sat on the sofa, facing me with her legs spread apart, just the sight of her wet, exposed sex was nearly enough to get me spurting. She pointed at a spot on her inner thigh close to her vagina at said that was where I was to come. She then sat back with an amused look on her face as I took myself in hand. As you may well imagine, I was very much ready for this, and even though I made a heroic attempt to prolong my pleasure with about ten seconds my thick, hot sperm was spewing forth onto its target zone. I will tell you that this was one of the most intense orgasms I had ever experienced to that point, I don't really think I've had a better one since. I knelt there between her glistening thighs, totally spent, with a small river of my spunk dripping slowly down the inside of her leg.

With that maddeningly sexy smirk of her she pointed at it and said "now slave, clean it off with your tongue". Having just shot my load this prospect didn't seem quite so appealing as it might have a few moments earlier, but I didn't want her to think that my obedience flew out the window as soon as I had been de-spunked so I lowered my head and got on with the job. Satisfied with my work she told me I could now go and clean myself up in her bathroom and get dressed. My knees were aching as I stood up, having spent so long on them, I thought to myself this is something I suppose I'll have to get used to, if I'm very lucky.

I washed my now flaccid member in her sink and returned to the lounge and put my clothes back on. She informed me that she was now going to have a nice long bubbly bath and get ready for her visit to her friend. She said she was happy with my performance so far and she would let me know when I could next come and serve her needs. As I made to go she asked if I had forgotten anything, when I looked blankly at her she reached out to the table bedside the sofa and picked up her discarded wet knickers. She told me that when I next attended her I was to bring them back, spotlessly clean, delicately scented and wrapped in tissue paper. She would also let me know nearer the time which wine I was to bring her.

I reached out my hand to take the intimate garment but she slowly shook her head, she told me so I would remember my visit and my place I was to take them home in my mouth and gestured for me to open wide. I gave a final "yes Mistress" and did as I was told. She turned them so the inside of the crotch piece was facing outwards then reached down and liberally wiped her sticky wet pussy with the material. When she reached up to stuff them into my mouth I could see they were now soaked with her juices. Using two fingers she pushed the wet knickers right into the back of my mouth, rubbing the dripping gusset over my tongue, reacquainting me with her intimate taste. She then said I could go and I should let myself out. As I walked out into the hallway she shouted that she would call me when she needed me. With her soaking wet knickers in my mouth and a dazed expression on my face I made my way back to my car.

I suppose I could have taken them out on the drive home but the truth was, I was missing her already and the taste of her pussy juice somehow kept me connected to her. I certainly wasn't going to be washing them until I absolutely had to, I had other plans for them if you get my meaning 😉. It wasn't until I got home that I realised I hadn't even remembered to pick up the videos I went there for in the first place. Oh well, I thought, I won't need them for a while, all I had to do was shut my eyes and remember.

As I said at the outset, some of the events I have narrated here actually took place on subsequent visits but I've combined them to make the whole thing flow better. Over the course of around a year I paid her numerous visits in her chic, basement garden flat in Camden. Some of the visits were of a more functional nature, carrying out various items of housework or running errands. Sometimes she was just not feeling horny so I was used more like a servant. One particular episode does still stand out in my memory though, on this occasion she had me naked, on all fours in front of her French widows, vigorously licking away at her arse in full view of the office workers in the building on the other side of the canal. She had no shame whatsoever.

I do hope my cousins from across the puddle will forgive the use of my native Brit vernacular, notably things like the spelling of 'arse' as opposed to your 'ass', and the substitution of 'knickers' for 'panties'. It's just that these are loaded words for me and I felt their inclusion would enhance the authenticity of my little piece. I hope it didn't spoil your enjoyment in any way.
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