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Default Mixed Foxy boxing at the Foxy Lady Gentleman's club

So this is a sequel to an earlier story I wrote about a long time champ vs a new contender on the Catfight Forums. You don't really need to have read that story to enjoy this one, but if you like girl on girl boxing check it out. Anyhow without further delay here we go...

There was an energy in the Foxy Lady Gentlemen`s club tonight unlike anything the girls or crowd had ever experienced. There was always a buzz on fight nights, but tonight was different, tonight was something new. A few weeks ago one of the more well-heeled patrons of the club had asked Gary about the possibility of a mixed fight. Not a hit and giggle sparring like they did for stag parties, a full blown battle of the sexes with the gloves on and tops off. Gary quoted an astronomical number, and the dirty old man didn’t blink, he offered to write a check on the spot. Gary asked for some time to get the fight in place, and now two weeks later we here, fight night.

Representing the male of the species was Danny, who normally worked as a bar back when he was lucky and a men's room attendant when he wasn’t. He was just 19 years old and stood 5’6, he was what Katie and Debbie had termed a “himbo.” He was too stupid to make it college, two stupid to make it as a server at Denny’s, but he was easy on the eyes. Most of the girls would rather flirt with him than the patrons if it weren’t for the money. Danny was on the dive team and played baseball in high school and still was in good shape. Dan was being offered $500 bucks to fight tonight, provided the fight lasted at least 4 rounds, he’d make another $500 if he could stop his opponent before the fight ended in the 8th. While he was no scholar even Dan understood take your licks from the girl at first and then knock her out.

He dressed in Gary’s office, where he signed his waver and got fit for his mouth piece. He cut a decent figure in red shorts with red gloves as he made his way to the ring. His short brown hair took on a honey tone during the summer and the coating of baby oil not only made it harder for gloved punches to land solidly, but gave his body the air of a Greek Olympian of old.

Over in the other locker room Michelle got ready for her fight. An open call had been made for one of them to fight Danny. Michelle was the obvious choice. She played volleyball at her college, and besides working at the club she also worked as a lifeguard. At 5’11 with long blond hair that went past her shoulder blades and a body like a 1950’s pin up nobody would have a problem looking past her tan lines, still evident even after a week of topless tanning bed seasons to get ready for the fight. Michelle couldn’t help but feel it was a little unfair that she needed to tan and get a bikini wax before a fight; still she was getting paid more. $1000 to fight, $500 if she finished the fight standing up and a title shot at Amber the big titted club champ plus $500 more if Dan didn’t. That would go a long way towards her debts, or at least mean an awesome party.

Michelle headed out to the ring dressed in a powder blue half robe, her golden locks hidden under a hood with white trim. Once inside the ring she shed her robe and raised her gloves in prefight victory; showing off the treasures so many had come to see to wolf whistles from the crowd.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, if I could direct your attention to tonight main event, the battle of the sexes, in the blue corner representing women, standing five feet ten inches tall and weighing in at 148 pounds, please welcome the Glamazon Michelle Hendricks!”

More wolf whistles and cheers as Michelle gave a quick series of uppercuts before making the classic muscle pose. She was a big girl there was no denying that, a medium frame with a round ass rarely found on a white girl, a well-proportioned set of breasts, and a flat stomach. Still she was hardly a wall of muscle, and retained smoothness to her curves that made her look very feminine. She wore her long blond hair in a ponytail held in place with a simple band. Her lovely chest was exposed and her powder blue shorts rode low on her wide hips with white trim. For this contest she wore a set of 10 ounce gloves with white striking area, like an amateur might wear, but this was hardly a fight with a point system. This was kill or be killed all-out war in ring, and Michelle’s lovely face would not get head gear to protect it.

“And her opponents… fighting out of the red corner representing the male species, standing five feet six inches tall and weighing in at 139 pounds, please welcome Dan Roberts to the ring!”

Even with the announcer trying to give Dan the rub to this almost entirely male crowd, he still received a torrent of boos. The young man in cherry red trunks pretended not to notice as he threw a couple of lazy punches to loosen up. Like his female opponent he wore 10 ounce gloves, but his were of red leather and lacked a striking area. Still this was to be an even contest between man and woman other than his slightly smaller size. Everyone could tell he was aroused at the sight of his opponent, not that they blamed him. He wore a brief set of boxing trunks that showed more of his thigh than he was used to, and hung close to his junk. They were a women’s set borrowed from another fighter, not that Gary told him.

The man and woman met in the center of the ring. Michelle was clearly perturbed her opponent would not meet her gaze for a stare down, but Dan couldn’t take his eyes off the pert set of nipples nearly at eye level. She slammed her gloves down on his when asked to shake hands, a preview, they both thought, of the battle to come.

At the sound of the bell Michelle quickly closed in on Dan. His plan was to keep his guard up and ride out the first few rounds before really fighting back, but he quickly saw this was not going to work. Almost immediately Michelle began battering him inside the ring with crushing power. Within the first minute of the match Dan found himself pulling himself up off the canvas as Debbie counted him out. Still he was up by seven and given the go ahead to box. Dan wasn’t the brightest man, and turtled up again to get smashed by the big powerful blond. A pair of hooks to either side of his head brought his gloves up, and a textbook uppercut split the defenses and smashed his nose. It was funny Dan could see the red smear on the white striking area as Michelle’s fist smashed into his eye. Time seemed to be slowing down for him, which just seemed to mean he had longer to feel pain. With thirty seconds left in the round Debbie gave him a standing eight count as Michelle trapped him on the ropes till it looked like he was going to fall out of the ring. When the bell rang he slumped back to the corner to find Gary waiting for him along with his cut girl, the champ with the ample chest, Amber.

“What the hell is wrong with you? This has got to last at least 4 rounds, and you’ll be lucky if you make it 4 minutes.” Gary yelled he could care less if the crowd thought this was real or not at this point.

“I don’t want to knock her out too soon, boss.” Dan said.

“You had better get over yourself, because that bitch over there is kicking your ass.” Amber told him as she tried to stop the bleeding from his nose. “I’m the next one to fight her if you can’t get the job done, and I had to fight someone who punched back last week.”

“Oh yeah, Kendra’s real tough.” Dan spat back. It was true, Kendra was such a sweet girl people wondered how she ended up in a titty bar. Debbie often said she didn’t want to be the one who explained to Kendra that unicorns weren’t real, but she had come to fight last week against the champ, a naturally bigger woman and Amber had the black eye to prove it.

“At least she knew why she wore gloves, can you at least try and throw a punch this round wimp?”

At the sound of the bell both fighters came out with their dukes up. Dan was determined to prove he could fight. Like a lot of short guys he had a Napoléon syndrome where he wanted to show he was the tough guy. He didn’t care about the money at this point; all he cared about was showing he was a man to Amber. He let his glove fly and felt the satisfying smack of his leather land in the tummy of Michelle. Her moan sent a twitch through his junk, but that pleasure was dampened with Michelle’s counter. Less than a second after his punch landed Michelle smacked him with a hook that rang his bell.

Any thought Dan had of making this a quick fight was over. Michelle could take a punch as well as she could give one and the two of them were trading leather for most of the round. After a disastrous first round, and giving up 4 inches and ten pounds to a woman, Dan’s saving grace is Michelle didn’t seem to want to fight smart. She had reach and height but seemed more than comfortable fighting small with her male opponent. The two of them slugged it out on the inside trading hook and sneaky punches to the inside. Still Dan wasn’t fighting much smarter. He had speed and agility at least in theory over the big blond but pride demanded he stand toe to toe with her.

The crowd loved the fight though, there was something undeniably arousing about how Michelle’s ponytail shook when she took a shot to the jaw and the pink smear on her gloves after she smashed open her male opponent’s nose again. Even the clinches were exciting. Dan buried his face in Michelle’s tits, smearing them with his blood, his crotch rubbing into hers, only a thin layer of nylon separating them. At the sound of the bell they broke off and headed for their corners.

Michelle was glad for ice in her corner, your tits could take a pounding just from foot work, and Dan had been keen to target hers last round. Still she felt she had gotten the better of him that round. Her face was fine, while Amber was trying to reduce the swelling around his eye. He had no defense for her over hand right at this point. A quick sip of water and a rinse off for her chest and she was back to fighting. Most everyone at ringside noted the damp patch of Michelle’s trunks, it could have just been sweat, but most took it as a sign she was enjoying the fight as much as they were.

Michelle had to give the little man credit, he was a tough bastard, still standing after the pounding he took was impressive, and he hit harder than any girl she had fought. She finally started to fight tall, using her jab to hold him off on his way in to fight up close. It was only partially effective, and Dan was nothing if not persistent. He didn’t mind taking a few hits to land to the blonde’s tits, and it wasn’t like she could return the favor like she could in most matches. Dan had been told to go to the body, but there was something deeply satisfying about smashing his fist in the firm breast of a woman to him.

Near the end of the round Michelle had become tired of taking hits to her chest and lowered her guard accordingly. Dan saw his opportunity and let his fist fly. Red leather landed flush on bronze tanned skin and Michelle crashed to the ropes. Her legs were like jello and there was question if she could stay up, much less fight. Lucky for Michelle, or at least Gary the promoter, Dan stood in the middle of the ring showboating and screaming about how “No bitch can stand with a man!” Debbie, the ref with curly hair, had to waste precious seconds walking him to a neutral corner and gave Michelle time to get her bearings. She at least knew she was in a boxing match by the time Debbie checked on her, and that was enough to keep the fight going. The big blond clinched with her male opponent, but this time rather than rest in the sweaty bosom of his foe, Dan used the old foxy boxing trick of racking his gloves’ laces against her nipples. The pain at least gave Michelle something to focus on.

Michelle’s corner worked to get their fighter back together. “You know Amber told him to do that. No way a guy knows that trick. She’s the reason you’re hurting. You want to repay the favor you have to knock the guy out.” Ice numbed the pain to her chest, but also made her nipples stand out more. Still Michelle answered the bell, eager to repay the man who hurt her last round.

Dan was confident, he’d taken the best this girl had to offer and nearly finished her last round. He’d lay low for this round and finish off the big blond next round collecting his check. Michelle might have been still wobbly on her feet but was looking to slug; Dan had wised up and stayed out of range of the blond in blue’s looping punches. The crowd was growing restless, after the fireworks of last round this was an off event, the goading was working in Michelle’s favor. Dan didn’t like being called a coward, and she further enticed her opponent by leaving her chest open. Painful experience taught her that Dan couldn’t resist taking a shot at it.

“Come on, ladies, mix it up!” someone yelled, and Dan reached his breaking point. He plunged in looking to maul the big blonde’s tits some more. Michelle was ready, beating him to the punch by landing her jab. Dan headed in again and got another taste of her leather. Now it Michelle backing up, but still landing that pesky jab, “Come on, little man, I thought we were fighting,” taunted Michelle.

Dan went to the body smacking the blonde just above her belt line, but Michelle didn’t give an inch. She stood her ground and did a little body work of her own, hooking low to liver and forcing Dan to back up. “What’s the matter, boy, do I hit too hard?” she cooed. “You afraid to mix it up with a big bad girl?”

“I’ll show you,” huffed Dan as he fought his way in taking another overhand right and a jab for his troubles. Once inside Michelle kept slugging with him, following her liver shot with more to the breadbasket and breast smoother clinch. In the sweaty embrace Dan tried his best to damage the woman in front of him, but the whole time he had to deal with the tall girl leaning on him, cutting off his air with her ample chest, and mocking him.

“I’d say you hit like a girl, but most of them hit harder than you.” she laughed between flurries. When Debbie broke them up it was Michelle pressing the action with her rangy jab. Dan found himself with his back on the ropes and the big blonde bearing down on him. Rights and lefts found there mark as Michelle pounded his midsection. When he lowered his guard she was on him like an animal, punishing his face. Finally he went back to his wrestling and clinched, but had to deal with the weight of the Michelle again, now those punch swollen tits were mocking him, smothering him, weakening him. Separated for the final ten seconds, neither fighter did any real damage and returned to their corners.

Michelle was getting her second wind and pounded her gloved fists together as she waited for the bell to ring. A quick rinse and spit into the bucket and she ready to fight. The telltale pink of a cut in the mouth didn’t concern the woman in blue, if anything it motivated her to get back in there and show that punk up. Over in the red corner things weren’t looking good.

“Ugh, no one told me she was so strong,” Dan groaned. “I don’t want to go back out there.”

Amber wasn’t hearing it. With one hand she rub the ice back on her fighter’s neck, with the other she stroked the front of his trunks. “Come on, baby, you can win this. You got her, she’s hurt and you knock her out now you get the bonus.”

“I don’t care about the money.”

“Ok, that’s ok,” Amber said as she pushed Dan’s head forward till he got his good eye on her massive cleavage. “I do care about the money. You knock this bitch out, I’ll be a very.. very grateful champion. Understand?”

Amber stopped rubbing Dan’s stiffened dick for a second to make her point. “All this can be yours, all you have to do it beat that bitch, ok?”

Round five got off with a bang as Dan had a renewed sense of urgency to win. Seeing Amber jump up and down to cheer Dan on got a few of the spectators across from her to cheer for the fighter in red and that helped. Still Michelle was looking to fight and didn’t fold from the action. The two fighters didn’t so much as engage one another as collide in a car wreck. Both would flurry for five or ten seconds, then back up and catch breath, only to trade leather once again. Dan finally got to test Michelle’s chin with a regular basis, and found out just how hard it was. The blonde was able to take the odd shot to face with hardly any slowdown to her punches. Besides the broken nose, and swollen eye, Dan now had to contend with trouble breathing, he was convinced Michelle cracked a rib with a hook to the body.

Tired of getting leaned on Dan tossed he female rival to the ground at the start of a clinch. Michelle couldn’t believe what happened to her, landing on her round ass with a thud she was half shocked and half angered. She got her powder blue ass off the mat and got right back to slugging when Debbie finisher her warning the red clad warrior. Things only got worse from there, as the mixed boxing match devolved into a hockey fight. Dan grabbed a hold of Michelle’s sweaty ponytail and started landing overhand rights. Michelle was no stranger to rough and tumble fighting and returned the favor. She felt she had the power advantage from the start of the fight, but now she had weakened her opponent as well.

At the sound of the bell the two fighters had to be pried apart but made it to their corners. Amber half yelled and half whispered how hot she thought that last round was, and how she couldn’t wait to blow Dan when he won. She hoped he didn’t remember she had a boyfriend who picked her up from the club most nights. In Michelle’s corner it was chaos. They had to do their best to minimize the damage that had been done to their fighter last round. She was now bleeding from the nose and the lip, and had abandoned the glimmer of fighting smart from the previous round. Still she was winning convincingly in a contest of strength and power against her male opponent.

“Watch yourself out there. He’s still dangerous,” Michelle’s corner warned her.

“So am I.” she announced as she headed out for the next round.

Debbie could feel it, the crowd could feel it, and Dan and Michelle could feel it. This was it, the fight was going to end this round, and it was just a matter of who was going to end it for who. Dan may not be able to see out of one eye, but he’d honed a battle sense over the course of this fight and finally managed to slip Michelle’s jab. Up close he sunk his fists deep into Michelle’s soft belly. Feeling her fold in two after a vicious shot, well it felt better to Dan than Amber stroking his cock through his shorts did. Michelle spat out a mixture of blood, spit and flem and looked up from her kneeling position. There was Dan standing over her, his cock staining against the cherry satin of his trunks, as smirk on his face. She didn’t care how bad it hurt, Michelle was not going to go out like that to a man like him.

She got to her feet and took the standing eight count, only to get backed up by Dan. With her glove guarding her tender belly she was leaving her tits open to Dan and he made her pay. The screams of “Knock the bitch out” got her back in the fight. The blonde in blue fought back, hammering her male opponent till they were center of the ring.

“That the best you got, boy?” Michelle demanded to know.

“This is.” Dan fired back, literally and figuratively. It wasn’t enough, Michelle didn’t just have the faster hands, she had the heavier hands and pushed her male opponent back into a corner. She held him up with one gloved hand, her thumb around his throat.

“You’ll never beat me, you know why?” Michelle asked rhetorically. “Because you’re just a boy. And I’m a woman.”

Michelle landed her over hand right one more time and put Dan out of his misery. He crashed to the ground and Debbie counted him out. He was helped to a stool in the corner while Michelle paraded around the ring with her blue gloves held high to the cheers of everyone in attendance. Dan was helped to his feet and stood in the middle of the ring with his head held low as Debbie raised Michelle’s hand as the winner of the battle of the sexes. The humiliation wasn’t over for Dan though, Michelle’s corner applied some baby oil to her glove and then pulled down Dan’s trunks. Michelle proceeded to milk the battered male with a rough hand job and shoved him onto his jizz ordering him to lick his mess out of her ring. The crowd went wild at this total domination.

Gary gave Dan his win bonus, he knew he wouldn’t be seeing him again after tonight. He didn’t care as he had a new number one contender for Amber’s club championship. Blonde vs Brunette, Michelle vs Amber.
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