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Default Manon and Striker: Cynthia

"Are we gonna fight or you wanna stare some more?"

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She quipped as she looked at the two men staring her down. They were both tall, maybe 6 feet and had big muscular bodies. Her name was Cynthia.

"What's the rush babe?," One of them barked. His name was Manon, a large black man and a local enforcer at the bar.

"I've never seen one so eager to take a beating!"

"Yeah, she's paying us for it too!" The other man spoke. He was a large Irish american only called Striker.

"You think she will throw in a bonus if we fuck her?," Striker licked his tongue as Manon laughed.

"Well, get ready to earn it!," Cynthia smiled as the two men approached her, positioning themselves on either side of her.

She watched them carefully, swiveling around on her heels to match their movement. The two of them circled her slowly, cracking their knuckles and smiling. Both of them moved at the same time, throwing out a hard punch aimed at her head.

Cynthia waited till the last minute and then swayed back. Manon and Striker immediately withdrew, rubbing their hands as their knuckles collided against each other. Cynthia laughed and smashed Manon with a punch to the jaw. She jumped back and caught Striker with a mule kick under his chin.
Both of them collapsed to the ground writhing in pain. Without wasting any time, Cynthia broke out in a mini-sprint, sliding on the ground at the right time to catch Manon with a hard kick to his chest, sending him careening across the turf.

Unfortunately for her, Striker had recovered and caught her out with a savage kick to her back.

"Ungh!," She whimpered as she flipped over grabbing her back. Striker lay into her with savage stomps to her stomach. His size 10 boots stomping a mud-hole in her. When he was satisfied he grabbed Cynthia by the hair and picked her up.

He struck with two hard punches to her stomach, doubling her over and then a savage elbow to her back that floored her.

Striker laughed and walked back, mockingly giving Cynthia some space, motioning her to get up.

"This just got a little interesting!" Cynthia smiled and got up.

They rushed each other and met in a test of strength. Their muscles strained as they poured all the pressure they could but Cynthia was beginning to weaken. Striker got her down to one knee first, then the other as she buckled and threw her head back, clenching her teeth.

"Now about that Bonus..." Striker barely finished his sentence as Cynthia clobbered his manhood with a savage punch. He grabbed his jewels and collapsed on his knees, tearing up in pain.

Cynthia went to work on him with hard knees to the face and when she was done, Striker lay on the floor, knocked out.

"Looks like no bonus for you," Cynthia smiled before choking on her own words as Manon grabbed her across the throat with a choke-hold. His large black arms wrapped around Cynthia's throat like cobra.

"Hold that thought bitch!"

Manon grabbed a handful of Cynthia's crotch and squeezed hard.

He stretched both her arms behind her and began tenderizing her in between the fork with hard kicks. His large boots smashing into her soft skin.

"Ahhhh....uffff....fuck!" Cynthia grimaced as she threw her head back with each strike. She must have counted at least twelve before Manon changed tactics and flipped her around. He smashed his large forearm across her chest and laughed as she rubbed it and coughed.

He sent another kick to her head but Cynthia blocked it and countered with a knee to his balls. Manon went down hard grabbing on to his aching privates before Cynthia knocked him out with a hard kick to the back of his head.

Cynthia stood there for a minute, her hands on her knees as she took long breaths before standing straight and walking towards them.

"What a waste," She mused as she grabbed her purse from the floor. "You guys had potential but..." Cynthia threw some money on their bodies.

"You two are just like every other man...a disappointment! Keep the change."
Cynthia walked out of the alleyway.

Some time later, She relaxed at the gym when Manon and Striker interrupted again. They saw Cynthia by the corner setting up her weights.

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"You two again?" She exclaimed surprised and frankly a little annoyed.
She cracked her knuckles and began walking toward them when Manon spoke.

"Easy....easy! We come in peace"

Cynthia slowed her steps down but kept her eyes open still weary of an attack.

"Yeah," Striker interjected. "We ain't here to fight but we do have a business proposition for you"

Manon and Striker ran a fetish company that produced videos of Inter-gender combat. Men and women took each other on in no-holds barred fights around the world. There was only one simple rule, whoever wins treats their opponent the way they want to.

"So what do ya say? The money is better than what you were throwing at us not too long ago" Striker made a huge puppy face. Cynthia laughed.
The both of them took out a few papers out of a large briefcase and handed it to Cynthia.

"It says pretty much what you guess it says..." Striker said handing Cynthia a pen.

"Yeah, not our responsibility, your own discretion yada yada...But..." Manon had a wicked smile on his face.

"We threw in a little stipulation for you..." Manon rubbed his hands just thinking about it.

"This little line here details our little arrangement, sign up with us and you give us complete control of the type of match we want, the time we want it and the place we decide. Every opponent you will fight will have an advantage over you, he can attack you at anytime and anyplace he chooses," Manon licked his lips as he saw Cynthia signing the papers.

"Good...very VERY good!" Striker and Manon cracked their knuckles.

"So when do I start?..." Before Cynthia could even complete her sentence, Manon got her with a hard punch to her face that sprang her head right. Striker followed up with a hard punch to her sides and lifted her up in a bear-hug.

Striker began smashing his forehead into Cynthia's chest as she grunted. She was caught in a bearhug with Strikers arms wrapped around her waist like a cobra while he rained hard forehead's into her chest.

He punctuated the onslaught with a savage atomic drop that left Cynthia standing with her legs spread, grabbing on to her privates, massaging them. Manon moved next sending a hard knee into her crotch and pulling her hair back before sending a shoulder into her back, throwing her towards Striker.
He reacted with a hard punch to her face that snapped Cynthia's head back and stopped her dead in her tracks, open to another attack from Manon. He grabbed her in a full nelson as Striker went to work on her abs and chest with savage chops and punches.

Cynthia powered out of Manon's full-nelson but couldn't stop another hard knee that connected on her crotch. She slumped to all fours as Striker flipped her over with a hard kick to her stomach.

The two of them went to town on her abs and chest, stomping, punching and kicking her till her skin was red. Cynthia just lay there taking the punishment and emitting groans of pain through clenched teeth.

Rallying strength, Cynthia grabbed one of Manon's attacks and twisted his ankle. He went down like a deck of cards, crying in pain as his ankle gave way. Cynthia caught one of Striker's punches and pulled him on top of her, wrapping her legs around Striker's waist and pouring on the pressure.

In desperation, Striker began punching her abs and chest. Cynthia just bore the pain and squeezed hard. Eventually, Striker's offense slowed down to a crawl and he slowly passed out.

Cynthia lay on the ground for a minute before taking a huge gulp of breath and kipping up. She turned her attention to Manon, writhing on the ground with a twisted ankle.

"Knocked out twice in one day eh?..." She said as Cynthia picked Manon up by his hair and on to his knees. Cynthia measured the space between them and sent her knee crashing into the side of his head, knocking him out.
"Sucks to be you, doesn't it?"

Cynthia threw the pen on their bodies and walked out of the gym.

About a week later, Cynthia saw Manon and Striker again walking up to her in the gym. This time they had another man with them.

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"Back again, eh? Looks like more easy money for me!" She quipped smiling.

"Don't be sure toots!..." Manon exclaimed pointing towards the large man they had with them.

His name was Gurmann, a resident of the nearby tribe colonies. He was 11 foot tall, with broad, bulging muscles and a comically large, muscular body. He was bald and his spot shone under the glare of the lights.

"Yeah..." Striker chimed in.

"He's gonna beat ya up and fuck you..." Striker smiled.

"And we are going to be right here for seconds!" Manon smiled as he pulled a couple of chairs towards them and the two men sat down.

"So YOU are Cynthia?" Gurmann grumbled, visibly irritated.

"I don't know about you boys..." He said looking at Manon and Striker
"But this girl doesn't seem that tough to me. She does have a nice body...I'll admit that!"

Manon and Striker looked visibly embarrassed as Gurmann laughed.

Cynthia walked towards him slowly and motioned for a test of strength.
Surprised, Gurmann locked up with her. To his disbelief, he found himself in a side headlock not long after and saw Manon and Striker laughing at him.

"What's the matter big boy? Didn't take your Wheaties today?" Cynthia quipped.

Gurmann used his strength to push her away and break the hold. She stumbled forward a few steps and turned around only to find Gurmann running towards her.

He rushed towards Cynthia at some speed, was way faster than what she thought he would be and threw a huge punch aimed at Cynthia's head which would have taken her head off. She ducked underneath the punch and in one jump covered his 11 feet tall frame wrapping her legs around his free right arm, with her hands she grabbed his left arm and twisted both arms back in an incredible show of strength.

The misery on Gurmann's face was apparent, he winced and moaned as Cynthia poured on the pressure.

Thinking fast he backpedaled into the wall hard, sending Cynthia back-first into it.

"Omfh!"She moaned but held on.

The big brute repeated it again and this time Cynthia fell to the ground in a heap clutching her back. She had barely made it to her knees when Gurmann sent his size 10 boot into her rock hard stomach.

Her loud scream filled the room. The force of the blow arched her body upwards and Gurmann followed with an elbow right into her back.
Cynthia crashed face-first onto the hard floor.

Gurmann flipped her over and straddled her, pinning her arms beneath his knees.

Manon and Striker smiled as they watched Gurmann go to town on Cynthia.
"Yeah fuck her up!" They screamed as Gurmann grabbed a handful of her short blonde hair and lifted her head upwards.

He rained punch after punch onto her beautiful face.

Loud grunts and moans laced with anger filled the empty gym as Cynthia bored the assault. The last punch landed flush on the right side of Cynthia's face and a trickle of blood danced down her lips.

Gurmann got up and looked at the crumpled female below him.

"Right O! Now that's done!, time to take out the trash!" He picked Cynthia up over his head and mockingly bench pressed her.

"Little girl! time to go for a ride!" He threw her across the room to a row of exercise bikes in the corner. Cynthia's body landed with a hard thud as she crumpled into the bikes back-first. She lay in a heap with the bikes over her, the only thing visible was her beautiful face, her eyes closed as she breathed heavily.

Gurmann let out a huge laugh. "What's this then? Still not out! No matter, that only means i get to be brutal on yer ass!"

He pushed the bikes off her, bent down and grabbed her throat. The sudden force of the choke woke her right up as her eyes went wide.

"Gnaaahhh!" She moaned. He picked her up by her throat till her legs were kicking uselessly in the air. With unnatural force he choke-slammed Cynthia right into the ground, she landed with such ferocity that a crack formed in the place her back collided with the hard concrete floor. She was now spread eagle on the floor and out cloud.

Gurmann let out a laugh "That's done, i think i will leave you there for a while!"

Manon and Striker got up and almost walked over to shake his hands till they saw Cynthia stirring behind Gurmann.

"Watch ou..." Before Manon could complete his sentence, Cynthia sent her arm crashing into Gurmann's family jewels.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" Gurmann screamed as he went down into a heap on his knees. Cynthia got up still groggy from the slam, walked towards him and started raining punches down his face. Punch after punch landed with authority as Cynthia did a number on Gurmann's face.

"Ahhh! Ooooff! Fuck!" It was now Gurmann's turn to scream.

Cynthia finished off with an athletic knee to his face that sent the big man down hard. She face sat him and grabbed his balls squeezing them with sadistic joy.

"How do you like that? Eh! Big fella!" She mocked him as she squeezed again.

"FUCK OFF!! BITCH!!" Gurmann yelled and bit down hard into her crotch.
Cynthia grabbed her womanhood and fell off him, Her body danced with sadistic convulsions.

She screamed as tears formed across her eyes.

Gurmann recovered and stood up, His face a bloody mess and his balls blue. He was pissed. Gurmann walked over to the wincing female beneath him, he parted her legs and sent a size 10 boot right into her crotch.

"How do ya like that, now eh?!" Cynthia's face reddened with intense pain as Gurmann rained down hard boots into her crotch. Gurmann let up for a while as he tore her bottom off, he parted her legs again but this time flew up and sent a sadistic knee into her crotch.

Cynthia screamed as Gurmann repeated the move again.

He flipped her around, grabbed her hair and set her up on all fours, then proceed to rain down punches on her unprotected vagina as he yanked her head backward pulling her hair.

The pain on her face was apparent and she screamed each time a punch landed on her bottomless crotch.

He got Cynthia up to her feet, picked her up and held her in a bearhug.
Taking a small run up, he ran Cynthia back-first into a wall and let her go as she crumpled down in a heap to the ground, her back was still up against the wall, her legs parted and her head turned to one side as she breathed heavily.

Gurmann bent down and tore Cynthia's top open. She screamed in agony as he twisted her nipples hard.

"How bout it? Babe? Give up?" Gurmann laughed.

The look of agony turned into anger on Cynthia's face, with unnatural ability she jumped with Gurmann still holding onto her nipples and landed feet first behind him and watched Gurmann go flying into a wall headfirst and falling down like a rag-doll out cold.

Manon and Striker just watched in awe as the battered woman got back up to her feet slowly. Cynthia looked at them dumbfounded and cracked a smile, then flipped them the finger.

Manon and Striker ran towards her in rage. Cynthia blocked Striker's punch aimed at her face but couldn't do much about Manon's knee colliding with her toned stomach. Cynthia whimpered in pain and bent over. Manon grabbed her by the hair and maneuvered her head in between his large thighs.
He grabbed both of her arms and pulled upward as he poured pressure on the sides of her head with a standing head scissor.

Striker, meanwhile had positioned himself behind her shapely posterior and began sending savage punches into her nether region.

"Ufff...Ahhhh...Argh!" Cynthia's loud grunts of pain filled the gym as her nude, sweaty body took ungodly punishment.

"I can feel it now...You are almost done and soon we will be riding you into the sunset!" Manon said as he poured even more pressure on the sides of her head. Manon's throbbing bulge rubbed against the back of Cynthia's head as she felt Striker's rough palms connect with another punch on her snatch.

With a primal scream, Cynthia unleashed a hard mule kick to Striker's balls as he collapsed to the floor on his knees. Another hard kick sent him to dreamland and slumped face-first to the floor, out cold.

Displaying immense strength, Cynthia slowly freed her arms from Manon's hold and lifted him up in the air, his head-scissors still locked in. Out of desperation, Manon squeezed hard stuck sitting on Cynthia's shoulder with his thighs around her head still clamped.

With another primal yell, Cynthia slammed him back-first on the concrete floor with a savage power-bomb. Watching his body go limp and out cold, Cynthia collapsed on the floor, heaving and drawing large gulps of breath.
Slowly Cynthia got up to her knees first, then gingerly to her feet. She stood there smiling, looking at the two men, laying there, out cold. That's when she remembered there were three.

Cynthia felt Gurmann's breath on her neck and look of worry flashed across her face. She slowly turned around and saw the large brute standing behind her.

Cynthia took down a huge gulp and nervously shot him the finger out of instinct. Cynthia realized her mistake and drew her finger back but it was already too late. She shook her head as the large brute stared her down.

"Now calm down...calm...dow..." Before she could even complete the sentence, Gurmann smashed her across the jaw with a hard punch. Cynthia's head sprang left, sweat and blood flew in a line from her mouth as her body was backed into a wall from the impact.

"Fuuckk..omfh!" Cynthia whimpered meekly as Gurmann's large fist detonated deep in her stomach. She immediately fell to her knees clutching her abs.

Cynthia felt Gurmann's large knee impact beneath the chin, springing her head up as minute particles of sweat were flung in the air. He repeated with another knee, sending Cynthia crashing into her wall back first.

Without wasting any time, the large man wrapped his palms around Cynthia's face and lifted her up, her back rubbing across the wall till she was in the air, her feet dangling beneath her.

Gurmann proceeded to rain down large fists into her stomach. Blow after blow connected with a dull thud that echoed around the room. Satisfied Gurmann tossed Cynthia to the floor and straddled her, pinning her arms between his knees.

Cynthia felt Gurmann's large bulge between her chest and her rough fists on her face. Gurmann ping-ponged her head between hard fists as it snapped left and right in accordance to the blows.

When he was done, There was a fist shaped bruise on Cynthia's left cheek.
Gurmann twisted her nipples hard and laughed as he saw her eyes go wide with pain and her mouth open. He grabbed Cynthia's short hair and got her up to her feet. She was beyond exhausted, her body now a rag-doll clambering around to her master's will as Gurmann dragged her by the hair towards the boxing bag.

Cynthia soon found her naked body twisted around the boxing bag. Her arms and legs tied up behind her and around the boxing bag with hard rope. Gurmann licked his lips and went to town on her.

He smashed her with hard fists everywhere on her body, covering every inch with savage fists.

Just when Cynthia thought it was over as she watched him slow down, Manon and Striker were on their feet and they joined in.

Savage chops rained on Cynthia's chest, knees and kicks impacted on her crotch and fists rained down on her toned stomach. The three men finally stopped after what seemed like ages.

Manon, Striker and Gurmann were out of breath. They were slumped over panting and gulping huge amounts of air. They looked up at battered Cynthia and saw that she still wasn't out.

"What the fuck do we gotta do to knock this bitch out?"

Manon threw his hands up in the air in frustration. Striker rushed towards Cynthia with a punch aimed at her head. He was stopped dead in his tracks with an absolute look of shock on his face. Cynthia had somehow freed her right hand from her bindings.

The two men behind Striker, fell to their knees.

"Impossible! HOW..." Manon's face flashed fear as he saw Cynthia free another arm from its rope bindings.

"THIS is not good" Gurmann gulped as he slowly backed away, Cynthia had freed her right leg from bondage.

Soon she was standing, Striker's arm still in her right hand as she stared at him. With a primal yell she nailed Striker with a knee strike on the chin. He was knocked out before he even hit the floor.

Manon and Gurmann looked at each other and rushed towards her. The three of them exchanged hard blows to the body. Cynthia's sweaty, bruised nude body absorbed everything that the men threw at her, she was beyond pain now, the only thing she felt was numb.

Soon, Manon fell to his knees and ate a savage kick to the back of the head knocking him out cold. Before Cynthia could change targets, Gurmann moved in and grabbed her across the waist pushing her back against the wall.
Cynthia responded with savage elbows to his back and watched as he slumped to the floor facefirst. She straddled his back and smashed his forehead into the concrete floor till he was out cold.

She looked at the three men one last time before she collapsed on the floor and passed out.

The four of them stirred together. Cynthia gingerly got up to her feet, massaging her stiff body that refused to move.

Manon, Striker and Gurmann were worse, they couldn't move instead preferring to just writhe on the floor.

Smiling, Cynthia took a few heavy gulps of air and walked towards them.
She laughed as they scampered away in fear.

"Easy...easy...!" Cynthia signaled the white flag with her hands with a waving motion.

"I come in peace!" She shot out her hand towards the three men who all looked at each other bewildered. Shrugging, they grabbed her hand and Cynthia helped them get up.

"You boys gave me quite a workout today! I wasn't expecting that," Cynthia spoke as she helped Gurmann up, the 11 foot brute had his large arm around her shoulders for support.

"You ain't so bad either!" Manon blurted out before resting his back on the wall. He coughed and bent over, his hands resting on his knees.

"That was quite the fight..." Striker quipped before taking his place against the opposite wall.

"But this isn't over..." Gurmann muttered with his hand still on Cynthia's shoulder for support.

"The next time we meet, this is going to end another way!" Gurmann slowly stood straight on his feet.

"Anytime, big guy! I'm always up for a fight!"

Gurmann and Cynthia shook hands before he walked away from the scene, his battered body limping away to the exit.

"As for you two..." Cynthia laughed as Manon and Striker backed away.
"You did good! Here keep it!"

Cynthia handed the two men a large wad of cash before walking slowly towards the exit. Manon and Striker watching her, as her heavenly body disappeared out of the building.
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