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Default Mark and Tara

Good day everyone,

This is a story that I am in the process of working on, I hope that you will enjoy what I have so far.

Please let me know what you think.

Mark had always been into femdom, it took him a while to accept it within himself but he was finally at a point in his life where he came to terms with his orientation. Much like somebody “coming out” people with these sorts of desires feel the same way and Mark couldn't be happier.

What was once a source of misery for Mark was now a source of happiness. In the past he had turned down possible femdom encounters without even realizing it, his self hatred ran so deep that he was blind to the opportunities that presented themselves to him. Mark was determined to avoid this mistake again.

Mark didn't feel the need to tell everyone about his desires or his newly found love for them and himself, if someone asked him he would be honest but he would never just offer up that information about himself, not because he was ashamed rather because he knew that the people around him would not understand.

Mark set up a profile on a well known website in order to attempt to find a woman who was into the same things that he was. The following morning he saw a message, from a woman named Tara.

“ Good morning Mark!

I came across your profile and i just want to say that I really admire your confidence, and it seems that we have a lot of the same interests. Lets talk and get to know each other! “

According to her profile Tara was about 10 years older than Mark, she was 37 years old. She definitely seemed to be an odd person from what mark read on her profile. She mentioned that she was into paganism, 24/7 lifestyle and she apparently was a vegetarian who loved smoking pot.

Mark was also into pot so this was a plus. Tara was stunning in her photos, she had long black hair which flowed weightlessly. She had light blue eyes and a look that said “your mine”. She didn't showcase her bottom or breasts which indicated to mark that she wasn't a show off and was truly interested in finding a guy.

After a couple of days messaging back and forth Tara had agreed to meet up at a coffee shop close to downtown. Mark was excited, they had talked about all the things they were going to do and marks fantasies were going to come true. It was a tuesday evening when Mark went to the coffee shop, he ordered two coffees, picked a table and sat down waiting for Tara. A few minutes later she showed up, she was even prettier in person.

Tara had an energy about her, she was happy and cheerful, full of energy and seemed to be very open about herself. She touched Mark on the shoulder a lot and made him feel really comfortable. After the two had finished their coffees they went on a walk around downtown and continued talking, with Tara it was effortless to make conversation. It was now time for their date to come to a close, Tara made the first move and kissed Mark, they continued making out for quite some time.

Tara then invited Mark to her apartment, to which Mark accepted and the two were off in Tara's car. When Mark got to her apartment the first thing he noticed was the wall art that she had, symbols and drawing. Some were of third eye sigils and some were of an erotic nature. Her place was pretty clean and neat, she had a closet full of fetish and kink gear. Handcuffs, different whips and paddles, a smother box and a weird looking box that was taped shut.

Tara began cooking dinner, she made butter chicken which was just amazing. They ate, drank some wine and enjoyed each other's company. At around 10 PM, Tara invited Mark to her bedroom and it was time to engage in each other's desires. They started by making out again, Tara would dig her nails into marks back while they did so, and it was painful yet arousing.

She then went into her closet and pulled out the smotherbox, asking Mark to get into it. Without hesitation Mark opened it up and layed down, Tara then closed and locked it. She fastened his hands and legs in such a way to make escape or struggle impossible. She then left the room to go get ready while Mark waited eagerly in the smother box. He really needed to itch his leg but couldn't, it was getting quite uncomfortable but soon went away.

After about a half hour she came back into the room, wearing black latex leggings, a tank top and her hair in a bun. She applied make up to her already beautiful face that made her look more serious. She then told Mark that it was now time for her to switch to her domme personality and that she was going to be strict and cruel for the duration of the play.

This aroused Mark even more, although having met her cheery and fun self he couldn't imagine her being all that serious and strict. Mark was excited to see what was going to happen. She grabbed one of the whips that she had from her closet, tested it out on the floor a few times before she finally struck Mark with it. The first blow was excruciating and made him a little nauseous, then she kept going while counting every blow 2,3,4,.....19. By 25 Mark was almost in tears, Tara however looked really happy like she was having a blast, laughing at Mark's cries for mercy.

Tara then put the whip away and asked Mark how he was doing so far. Mark actually ended up enjoying it somewhat but was still processing what had just happened. He told her it was fun but he needed to be trained with respect to pain tolerance, to which she boldly exclaimed that it was only going to get more painful and that he would get used to it eventually. Mark didn't want to talk back as at this point he didn't know what she would do. This was not the Tara that he first met.

Mark went silent as if scared to utter even a word lest he gets whipped again. Tara now turned away from him and slowly squatted until she sat directly on his face, completely covering him up and effectively suffocating him. Mark had the idea that there was going to be training to build up his endurance and stamina, but Tara had no intentions of doing this. Instead she treated him as if he had a high pain Tolerance.

After about 40 seconds Mark started to run out of air but could somewhat handle a little more, after about 60 seconds he couldn't take anymore and had no way of letting her know to get off. He laid there under her bottom with his nose and cheek bones crushed, suffocating and trying to hold on. Just as he was getting to the point of passing out she lifted herself a little bit and Mark was gasping and it seemed he was going into a state of shock, after about 10 seconds of letting him breathe she sat back down and started the process again of suffocating him. At this point Mark was delirious , nauseous but aroused, more aroused than he’s ever been before. Taras latex leggings made his face burn with heat, as he would sweat it would get worse.
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