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Default Yvonne Vs Shanti vs Novita

Yvonne , champion of 5 times here in the arena as she once again faces her friend Shanti for the title . Yvonne trying to reason with Shanti knowing that she has been defeated is trying to avoid another fight and possible loss .The title has changed hands several times between these women and now Shanti asks for another shot!
Shanti is not having it .. she wants the title and challenges Yvonne to a painful I quit match ... They go back and forth but Yvonne reminds her that she can't beat Donna and Devon Michaels . Devon destroyed you and Yvonne reminds shanti that shedefeated Devon , Danielle , Misty Stone, and Crystal Carmichael . Remember who Beat you yells Yvonne so get in line little!
Shanti tells Yvonne she will apply her head scissor and make Yvonne cry in the ring again . Just because I lost to others is irrelevant , you hold the title and I am going to take it from you Yvonne. Yes I lost yells out Shanti, but I will make you beg for mercy!

Novita steps up demanding a title shot as she also recalls pinning Shanti and making Yvonne tap out . It's not fair if you two get to fight - I am in this match - I won and deserve a shot at the title.

Yvonne tells both how about we settle with an I quit match . The losers are forced to beg the winner for mercy... the losers must put the belt around the winners waist and holding the champs legs submitting the the Queen of the Ring ... Yvonne continues to paint that picture as Shanti begged Yvonne for mercy and novita on the mat as Yvonne placed her foot on Novitas back as she moaned in pain submitting to her champ . Remember Shanti? Or do you forget ?

Shanti is now angry as she remembers that embarrassing moment and several others where she was humiliated by her besties in the ring ..OK you got me .Fine... Yvonne but remember when I pin both of you this ...this is not about our friendship it's the title.
and the True Champ of the Arena and I am the one.... Yvonne stops her again and tells her to prove it in the ring because she has learned a lot about
Shanti cheating her way to victory . Stop making Excuses Yvonne . Last time I beat you , you cried remember ? Stop shanti you win.. remember ?

The sexiest women of wrestling fighting and arguing as they erupt Into a pushing contest . Let's go right now , Yvonne has had it ...as they all stomp fiercely to the ring. Yvonne with the belt high above her head as all three ladies are ready for war ...

As the sexiest of the arena walk to the ring , Yvonne , Novita and Shanti stripping down into very colorful g-string style bikinis leaving nothing to imagination . As they head into the ring, shanti rings the bell to make it official but as soon as that sound echos out , Yvonne wasting no time with kicks as both Novita and Shanti hit the ground .. Novita fighting back with a few solid punches sending both Yvonne and Shanti into the steps, over announcement tables , and flipped across the floor. shanti with several splashes , a pile driver to both ladies , and a dominating head scissor on both Yvonne and Novita leaving both of them nearly tapping out but thankfully Novita breaks the hold right before Yvonne is tapping out . That was close . Yvonne is taking a beating from Shanti and Novita has also dished out her attack on both but Shanti still has the upper hand once again .

Shanti has controlled most of the match and Yvonne is now showing signs of fear . Shanti once again puts Yvonne in a vicious head scissor as Novita is nearly unconscious from the nasty kick from Shanti .
Yvonne moaning in pain as she grabs and pulls ..he..hel..pp. novit...a help .. Shanti asks why you calling for help ...I thought you can beat me one on one Yvonne. Hel..p... Finally Novita realizes what's happening
Novita moves away knowing Shanti will wrap her legs around her head ... As she moves to the corner Shanti breaks free ..pulls Novita to the middle of the ring and Head Scissor .. the painful experience every man and woman has faced as she applies her vicious finisher to both her partners ..
Yvonne is nearly out now Novita gets to experience those thighs around her head .. Novita kicking and her arms waving but she can't do anything but yell I GIVE UP .. PLease ... No.. As Shanti is not hearing this moves up sliding her pussy right onto Novitas face muffling her words ..
That's it .. oh yeah as novita is licking Shanti and tapping out .
Shanti slowly gets up as Yvonne is also trying to fight knowing Novita just submitted to Shantis infamous head scissor .. Yvonne stumbles to her feet as she looks beaten but Shanti wasting no time ...Uppercut !!!
Yvonne is out !!! She falls as her body falls and lays on top of Novita .shanti looks down as she sees both women squirming and moving around trying to break free ..Shanti tells Yvonne.. oh Champ I thought I knocked you out ... I thought you were gonna beat me and show me who was in charge ..
I guess I won huh? As Shanti is now face sitting Yvonne. Thats it babe, lick my pussy lap it up and call me your Queen! Yvonne can't get her words out as Shantis big round ass and pussy cover Yvonne's face and lips .Yvonne is heard saying I quit .. I quit .. no.. but shanti is just viciously face sitting Yvonne to hear her give up

Both ladies lay in the middle of the ring dominated by Shanti . Come on ladies , do you give up now ? Yvonne looks to be done .. her body is shaking but
Shanti rolls Yvonne over as she looks up ..no more Sha...shhnt... What's that Yvonne as she slowly pulls her up .. Yvonne wraps her arms around Shantis leg begging for mercy...does this mean I am now the champion... As Yvonne is about to submit again .. Novita is pulling herself up over Yvonne . Shanti once again strikes Novita in the face as she hits the mat shaking ... Yvonne thrown on top of Novita as both ladies cry and now shanti sitting on Yvonne's back .. novita and Yvonne holding each other... Novita asking Yvonne for help but Yvonne lays on top of Shanti holding her hands ... but now sexy ass on ass as she clutches both women's arms over her legs and begins to pull their chins off the mat.. bouncing slowly on Yvonnes ass .. both women yelling .I Give up ..please stop .. no more .I submit .. I quit .begging for Shanti to end the submission hold . No more shanti !!! As Yvonne is begging ..Novita asking for Shanti to end the submission as she begs and taps Shanti's legs. I guess the camel clutch is painful yells Shanti . Oh I love it ... Yvonne has been defeated again as she slams both ladies to the mat.

Shanti jumps up raising her hands as the victor only to hear crying and frustration while Yvonne lays on top of Novita shaking and twitching ... Well ladies remember the rules...who is going to get my belt ...

Both of you need to recognize me as the champ ... Yvonne slowly crawling but Shanti is not going to wait .picks up her defeated opponent and throws her out of the ring demanding her to bring the belt back. Yvonne In pain and in tears slowly getting up and grabs the belt ... As she climbs back through the ropes, Novita laying there watching ... Shanti extends her hands out as Yvonne slowly puts the belt around Shantis waist ...
Shanti pulls Yvonne over as she looks up ..Upper cut once again this time ... Truly knocking Yvonne out laying across Novita . Shanti sits on Yvonne's chest and slowly face sits Yvonne as her legs wrap around Yvonne's head and her wet pussy in her face ...as she looks down at both defeated foes ...Well ladies it's over and I hope you both learned who is the queen . Novita powerless as she lays there with Yvonne... Shanti you are the Queen champion we are sorry to doubt you explains novita as shanti now stands up and then places her foot on Yvonne's lifeless body flexing and smiling as she pulls the belt off and lifts it high in the air .

The end
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Default Re: Yvonne Vs Shanti vs Novita

Thank you : -)
The next one is a bit darker with some inspiration from my sexy wife.

She loves to wrestle.

I have version 2 finished with Yvonne's input - it is steamy , wild, and will make everyone turned on after reading it -
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novita, shanti, yvonne

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