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Default Japanese sex wrestling story pitch

I can't explain why I love the stills from this japanese sexfight porn company; from what I've seen of the videos they're as poorly staged as the american versions but maybe it's the way they emote that seems to tell a better story than actually watching it play out--I think we all use a little imagination when watching XXX wrestling.
These actually gave me the stupid idea for a series where my character discovers a sect of japanese fetish wrestling called Shame Fighting. The problem why I have not done more of these is because I'm conflicted on two fronts; the first is that I admit I am completely ignorant of japanese culture other than things I see on tv or in movies--which if you tried it in reverse would make you think people actually acted like they do in sitcoms--and second is it's so ridiculous a premise I often find myself wondering if it's too silly that anyone would even enjoy reading it.
So the idea is a lot of 18 year old japanese girls like to wrestle men; they're trained and really good but before they can enter the professional circuit there's this patch where they have to get over their modesty in the ring. When wrestling guys, who tend to grope on them sexually, the girls get embarrassed and ashamed from casual things like the male opponent grabbing their ass to getting stripped in the ring.
If you've ever played the game Rumble Roses--and I'm such a fan of fetish wrestling that I only bought a playstation 2 *just* for this game, and almost did likewise for the sequel--there are several "humiliation" holds used as sort of finishers. Again I wish I could explain this better, or make more sense of the concept--it's not like american girls wouldn't get embarrassed if they were stripped in front of an audience while wrestling--but shame & honor are big pillars of japanese society so the girls stay in this league until they're able to conquer this fear.
So it's not a sexfight in the normal sense of trying to make the opponent orgasm, and the girl can win by standard pin or submission if she's good (and has a high tolerance for her shame), but if she ever blushes or freaks out because her opponent rubbed her pussy then the referee declares the match over. This seems kind of anticlimactic for a fight but the caveat is that the girls regain their honor by forcing the man to ejaculate; usually in private like the showers. The girl will give the winner a handjob or something, taking control of *his* body and this act of being in charged (sort of based on CFNM) shows she has power of the male, that she has power over his body, and thus can resume wrestling future matches with her honor intact.
My initial pitch was going to be that my character, who's a renown jobber in his league because he's more on the pervert scale of wrestlers (rather hoping to grab a titty then take the match seriously), is hired by a japanese business man to "train" his four adopted 18 year old daughters (whom he's also sponsoring in the shame league) to have private matches with the girls. They're new so they embarrass easily; despite getting thrown around the ring a lot by these diminutive females, who are smaller yet more skilled than he, his pretense towards being a perv usually catches the girls off guard and he wins.
They're a series of different styles of matches, sometimes he has to take them on in a handicap tag elimination style while the stepmother, a trophy wife who has romantic tension with the hero, acts as referee for all the matches.
The second phase was perhaps an actual japanese shame wrestling club located in the states that my character joins after his success against the daughters, which again he's always out wrestled but seems to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat usually by sticking his finger in his opponent's snatch. The third phase was the same businessman who hired him wants to sponsor my character in some big shame wrestling tournament that's happening in japan. so my character is shocked when he arrives and discovers he's some big star over there; throngs of 18 year old japanese girls who are into the shame wrestling culture greet him at the airport like he's some american pop star. Turns out the matches from the club were taped and sent back to japan. The tournament itself has the same cliche tropes, he has some rival who bucks at what a celeb my character is and how he's just a flash in the pan who doesn't get japanese culture, with the final round being me against him. We're not wrestling each other we just have the same opponent, some japanese female who is completely unshameable.
That would conclude the arch with the sequel being the businessman asks my character to stay in japan and run this indy shame wrestling league. It's like indy wrestling, there are other rival clubs all over the country who do battle with each other. Also my character has private "training" sessions with other girls looking to get into the shame wrestling league, this includes daughters of businessmen or girls who offer a match for a spot on my team or using their bodies if they lose--to regain their honor but also as collateral.
So while disgusting and overly complicated this was my pitch, included are a few pics from this japanese sex wrestling site that has fueled this fever dream of an idea and I'd like to hear any feedback on if it's too ridiculous or any logic holes you may see.

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Default Re: Japanese sex wrestling story pitch

I've always loved Japan's wrestling videos. They make some really interesting stuff over there that I just don't see in American productions. I like your story idea pitch though. It sounds like it would make a great anime.
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Default Re: Japanese sex wrestling story pitch

Id be inclined to check out your stories along this line. Beyond that, I dont want to offer a critique of the idea. As a past-master of writing stories that dont generate much interest here, Im in no position to advise.

I just want to say that I identify with your dilemma about writing about Japan even though you dont know anything about it.

I had occasion to be in Japan in the 90s for a couple of weeks, and I was deeply disappointed -- having previously seen Japan through a very special prism -- and surprised to find that one almost NEVER sees teen-age girls beating up mobs of ninjas on the streets of Tokyo.

(At that, however, I must say I was not disappointed at what I found in the video stores.)

I once wrote an American character who talked about a Japanese movie she had seen. In the movie, Japanese girls stand or sit in hyper-provocative ways, such as spreading their legs to reveal their thighs and panties when they sit. The idea is that they have decided that female modesty derives from a time when women were afraid of incurring the lust of men. But now these particular girls could beat up men. So turning them on first and then shutting them down was just fun. Nothing to be afraid of.

Well, Ive never seen any such movie. At least I dont think I have. Ive seen Japanese movies where I dont know what the characters are saying. I invent my own dialogue to explain on-screen behavior.

But, anyway, I love that premise. I want to write stories based on it. Theyd be set in Japan. But that would be fairly absurd. (Maybe if I had spent four weeks there, rather than two.)

But when I think about whether I or you should write about Japan, I think about a guy named J.T. Edson. He was a British author who wrote lots and lots of Westerns and was very successful. But he never saw the West and never wanted to. He said, I've never even been on a horse. I've seen those things, and they look highly dangerous at both ends and bloody uncomfortable in the middle."

So maybe you should call your jobber Edson.

(By the way, the reason Im familiar with him is that and this should probably be a separate thread he had a thing about women who fight. Unfortunately from my perspective his women fought mainly other women. For much more on this, one can check out his Wikipedia page.)
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