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Default Painful Bearhug

Ashley(18) 5'3'' 157 pounds
Troy(18) 6'0'' 140 pounds
Ashley is young girl who offered a 100$ reward for a guy who manages to escape her "bearhug from behind" hold (with free hands: so guy's hands are not trapped in the hold). Only requirement is that guy is younger than 20 yo. If guy cannot escape in 3 minutes she is winner and he has to pay her 100$. (She didn't put her photo nor any other informations about her. She just wrote hare age and gender and described how bearhug from behind looks like).

Ashley is naturally "heavy" built, but she also managed to lift weights in gym for last two years, so she put on even more weight and muscles. So she decided to earn some money this way.

Troy is a guy who started to go to gym few months ago, and he also often plays soccer with his friends.

One day he found Ashley's offer accidentally while surfing on internet by clicking on some advertisement links. He wrote it and thought that it is great and easy way to earn some money for him. So he called her and got into her apartment next day.

They shook hands and she seemed pretty happy to see cute young guy on the doors.
"Wow, you're first one who decided to try, I have two more boys reserved for tomorrow."

They sat on couch and talked a bit. After they found out a lot of about each other, she said:
"Let's take our clothes off, Troy."

Ashley now stayed in yellow sleeveless shirt and in black shorts. Troy just wore his blue shorts.
They stood next to each other and he realized that he is a lot taller than her.
He had never fight or compete with a girl in any way till now.

"I am much taller than you Ashley, I think I'm getting out very soon from your hold so I don't know why you decided to bet in such a lot money. 100$ is not low price."

"Yea but we talked few seconds ago and I told you I lift weights in gym for two years and also I am naturally strong and big."
"You're not big, you're short and flabby. Because of that fat on your arms and legs you look bigger."

This was big mistake for Troy.
Ashley got angry now:
"Flabby, ha?. How about this, boy?"
She then flexed her biceps in double bicep pose and at same time flexed her thick thighs. Troy was now a bit confused because her muscles were popping out and it was obvious that under that fat there are big muscles. She then did lat pose, she stretched her lats in V-shape and that really made him completely confused. Her lats were really wide.

"Ok, but you're still a girl, let's go, I'll show you how it's easy to break your hold. Come on, apply your bearhug on me, Ashley."

They went in front of mirror. He raised his hands and she stood just behind him.

She was much shorter than him that she just had to bent in the knees a little, to hug her arms around his torso. Her tactics was to put her arms a bit lower, somewhere around his waist.
She realized that his torso was pretty skinny so even though her arms are short, they were long enough she didn't have to lock them wrist by wrist, but she could lock wrists on her forearms which made her hug even more tight and firmer.

His arms were free so he could use them to break her hold. She counted 3,2,1... and she started to press her arms by his waist. Time began to run. He had 3 minutes to do something.
He first started to use his arms and tried to unlock her wrists from her forearms but he felt that grip is so tight, so he now caught her forearms and started to separate them. "Aaargh... oooh..." It was obvious on his face that he is trying as hard as he can. He clenched his teeth.

But his arms were just too weak. She locked her arms very tight so it would take a lot of time to weaken her grip. "Haha, don't even try to unlock it, you're just wasting your precious time, Troy."

So he had to find out some other way of getting out. 20 seconds passed. He started to squirm and resist with his body and at same time used his hands to reduce pressure from her hug.
"Aaah, damn."

He used all his strength to swinging and squirming. He hoped that should weaken her grip. He tried to step a bit forward then back but he couldn't do that. She hold him tight. She now maximized her grip. He struggled, he had painful grimace on his face. His face was going red from struggle and pain.

"Come on, squirm, squirm a little more! Can't my tall boy escape this? Does this hurts? Hahaha, you'll tap out before time is out."

"No way, I am getting out of this shit very soon, just wait. Aaargh, my waist hurts..."

A minute passed. He was looking in the mirror. Her forearms looked very huge pressed by his abs. And her biceps were pressed by the sides of his waist and they looked even bigger now than they looked when she flexed them.
He didn't know what to do. He flexed his abs to reduce pain, but her arms were just too strong. He could see in mirror that his waist went red.

"Shit, you're gonna break my bones Ashley. Aaaa, fuck!"
"Haha not just you're gonna loose your 100$ , but also I'll send you to hospital."

She is much shorter so she leaned to a side to see how this looks in mirror.

"Hahha just look at yourself. Like a giraffe trapped by bear in bearhug hold, haha. Look at your long skinny torso, I'm gonna break it in a half. Look those chicken legs on you. I don't even know how you can play soccer with those sticks."

While he was looking that at mirror his dick was popping out through his blue shorts. At same time he felt so excited and completely embarrassed and humiliated. He realized that his short legs were much thicker and stronger than his. His long arms were also so tiny compared to her thick ones.

There was a minute left. But he felt like he is out of air and out of energy. He spent all his energy on squirming, trying to unlock her grip and flexing his abs to reduce pain.

Her arms were so thick and strong that his waist really seemed deflated under her pressure. She wanted to end this before end, there were 40 seconds left. She started to squeeze his torso in pulsating rhythm as hard as she could.
"Shiiiit, Ashley nooo! Aaaa stop, stop! You're gonna crack my fuckin' ribs with those monsterous arms!"

"Haha, that's it lanky boy. You're defeated!"-she released her hold and let him out. He was completely breathless and exhausted. He laid on his back on the floor massaging his abs. His cock was still popping from his shorts.

"Not funny Ashley, this is dangerous, you could break me in a half!"

"Yea, and you deserved it. You were so cocky, because you're boy and you're tall. I'm gonna tell you something. You're shit! You're built like a twig. Even when I flexed muscles in your face you didn't believe that I am strong. That's cuz you're stupid. If you were clever you'd get out of my flat just when you saw me, cuz you'd see how buff and massive I am! That was the only way for you to save your fuckin' 100 bucks!"

"Yea... here is your 100 bucks, you deserved it... damn, my whole torso hurts, I feel like you broke my few ribs..holy shit."

"My biceps are 17'' , my thighs are 26'', and I see that your biceps can't be more than 12'' and thighs not more than 18''.
Because you're really thin. You're thin as fuck. My arms will soon be thicker than your thighs.

It's a lot easier to bearhug tall thin boy like you cuz you don't have a lot core strength, you've long limbs and you can't use them when you're in close contact like in bearhug.
I am now excited to see tomorrow next two guys. If they are similar to you, it's 200 more bucks for me."
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Default Re: Painful Bearhug

I love this story
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Default Re: Painful Bearhug

She should have broken his back.
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