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Default Fernanda

by [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]

A biotechnology company in Brazil was on the verge of bankruptcy. They had
enough money left to try one last product. The CEO of the company decided that
it should be a hormone that would increase milk production in cows. The CEO
valued secrecy and privacy. Although the company was headquartered in Rio de
Janeiro, its production plant was headquartered in remote Amazonia. The
hormone was made and tested in cows, and proved to be a failure.

The company had no choice but to file for bankruptcy. The hormone was stored
in huge tanks at the production plant, and the CEO ordered that the hormone be
released into the Amazon river basin.

The production plant was located close to a town, and that night an earthquake
caused some cracks in the storage tanks. Consequently, the hormone leaked into
the surrounding soil close to the town. When the CEO came the next day to see
if any damage had been caused, he saw that the storage tanks were completely
empty. Thus, instead of the hormone being released into the Amazon river, it
had been released into the surrounding soil. He didn't think much of it at the
time, and the factory and the production plant were sealed off and closed
permanently. The hormone was tasteless, colorless, and odorless.

The house closest to the production plant and storage tanks housed a
relatively wealthy family. The water supply of this house had become the most
contaminated by the hormone. Fernanda lived in this house with her father and
brothers. Her mother had passed away due to breast cancer when she was young.
Fernanda was now twenty-six years old. She was 5' 4" tall and weighed 120
pounds. She had a curvy figure, with brown hair, green eyes, and full lips.
She had large eyes, angular eyebrows, a small strait nose, with an oval face,
and fair skin. In short, she looked like a short supermodel.

Two months passed since the night the earthquake had happened. That morning,
Fernanda got dressed up to go out. She noticed that her clothes were a little
tight, and even her shoes felt a little uncomfortable. She found that to be a
little strange, but didn't think much of it. She got on the scale, and saw
that she had gained five pounds. She wrote down the date, and her weight, and
went out as planned.

Another month passed, During this month, her appetite had increased a little,
and she thought of men more than before. When a handsome man walked by, she
would take more notice of him than before, paying more attention to his
masculine features. As the days went by, she found that her clothes and shoes
had become more and more uncomfortable to wear. One night, she decided to
measure her height. To her surprise, she had now grown an inch.

She decided to keep a diary of her height and weight. She was a little
worried, but didn't think much of it at the time. After all, she had gained
only five pounds in weight, and grown only an inch. She knew that people
didn't grow in their mid twenties, but it was only an inch after all.

Another couple of months passed, and she now stood at 5' 6" tall, and weighed
130 pounds. Fernanda continued to record her height and weight. Not only had
she grown taller and heavier, but she had now become more curvy and feminine.

Fernanda made an appointment with her doctor, and told him about the height
and weight gain. She also mentioned that her desire for men had increased. Her
doctor took a sample of her blood, and performed a physical exam. He told her
that her physical exam was normal, and that he would call her with her test

Another two months passed by, and Fernanda now stood at 5' 7" tall, and
weighed 137 pounds. During this time, her doctor called her one night, and
told her that all of her test results were normal.

To try and get her mind off of things, Fernanda had started exercising more
during this time. She went to the gym, swam, and ran. To her surprise, she had
now become more gifted in sports. She was slowly but surely turning into a

The days went by, and after another couple of months, Fernanda now stood at 5'
8" tall, and weighed in at 143 pounds. She was now taller than her brothers
and father. In addition to noticing men more than before, she now felt a
strange attraction toward her father and brothers. She found these feelings
very strange, and tried to suppress them as much as possible.

During these past months, Fernanda had also become an avid reader. Prior to
this, she had never found books that interesting, but now things were
changing. Her initial worries and apprehension were now being replaced with

Her fathers and brothers had tried to be as supportive as possible throughout
this time. They had always been a very close knit family.

Two more months went by, and now Fernanda stood at an even 5' 9" in height,
and weighed 150 pounds. She now had the classic hourglass figure. By now, her
appetite had increased dramatically, and so had her mental and athletic
abilities. She was now learning about subjects that she had never bothered
with in school, and she continued to go to the gym, run and swim.

Nobody could have guessed that the hormone was responsible for the dramatic
changes taking place in Fernanda. After all, the hormone was odorless,
colorless and tasteless, and its production and purpose had been a closely
guarded secret.

Two more months passed, and Fernanda now towered over her male relatives at a
height of 5' 10" tall, and was now 157 pounds. She now yearned for a boyfriend
more than ever before, as her desires had been amplified by an order of
magnitude. Her desire for her male relatives also increased with each passing
day, but she had no choice but to suppress her feelings.

The days continued to pass and Fernanda continued to grow. Another two months
went by, and Fernanda was now 5' 11" tall, and weighed in at 163 pounds. One
curious thing that happened during this time was that she was starting to have
pain in her breasts.

Another couple of months went by. Fernanda was now six feet tall, and weighed
in 170 pounds, Seventeen months had now passed since she had started to grow
due to the hormone. She was now twenty-seven years old, and perhaps the most
beautiful woman in the whole town. Wherever she went, she would turn heads.

One morning, she finally realized why her breasts had become so tender. As she
was changing her bra, she noticed that there were two small wet spots on her
bra. Upon closer examination, she noted that her nipples were slightly moist.
She squeezed her nipples, and two drops of milk came out of them. She was now

Pablo was Fernanda's youngest brother. He was a year older than her. He had a
slim build, and was 5' 5" tall. Ever since the hormone had been released into
the soil, he had had difficulty concentrating. At first, it was not that bad,
but over the course of the next seventeen months, things got progressively
worse, until it got to the point where he couldn't work anymore. At the age of
twenty-eight, he was now unemployed and in severe depression.

During the past seventeen months, Fernanda's attraction towards her brother
had grown steadily in magnitude, and now she even dreamed about her brother.
She was really concerned about her brother's well being, and she always tried
to reassure him that things would get better. But Pablo knew that more than
likely, things would never get better, and he had to adjust to his new life.

One night, prior to going out, Fernanda had put on her three inch heels, and
had put on a red dress. She looked magnificent. Prior to leaving, she went
into Pablo's room and asked her brother how he was feeling. Pablo was too
depressed to answer back and he just looked to the ground. Fernanda took her
brother's hand in hers, and then gave him a hug. By chance, they both looked
into his full length mirror at the same time. In her heels she was a full ten
inches taller than him. Their eyes locked in their reflection, and Fernanda
felt this rush of energy throughout her body. She bent down and kissed Pablo
on top of his head, ran her finger through his hair and said goodbye.

Fernanda went on her date, but throughout it, all she could think of was her
brother. That night, when she returned home, she went to her bedroom and
changed her clothes. When she took off her bra, she was again lactating.

Over the course of the next month, Fernanda spent more and more time with
Pablo, trying to console him and raise his spirits. But nothing seemed to
help. Another month passed, and by the end of it, Fernanda was now 6' 1" in
height, and weighed 178 pounds.

One night, when Fernanda was in her brother's room, she had tried very hard to
raise her brother's spirits. But as always, Pablo was very depressed. It got
to a point where he started to cry. Fernanda couldn't help herself, and she
too started to cry. She felt so sorry for him and didn't know what to do. At
the same time, her sense of arousal around her brother had continued to get
amplified, and it was now that she couldn't take it any more. She took off her
shirt, and then proceeded to take off her bra. Her magnificent breasts burst
into full view, and her brother's jaw almost dropped to the floor. He was
shocked at what he had seen, and was frozen in place. Fernanda couldn't take
it any more. She bent down and started to kiss her brother passionately.

Pablo was too shocked to do anything. He was simply frozen in place. This went
on for what seemed like an eternity. But Fernanda wasn't quite done yet. She
stopped kissing her brother and cupped his chin with her hand, and guided it
to her right breast. She squeezed so that his brother's mouth opened wide, and
she guided his mouth to her nipple. Pablo was too dazed and confused to offer
any resistance. He soon found her sister's nipple in his mouth. Fernanda
squeezed her breast so that some of the milk entered Pablo's mouth. The look
of shock in Pablo's eyes said it all. The milk had a strange effect on him. He
seemed to enter another world, a world so strange and unfamiliar. His head
started to spin, and he had difficulty concentrating. He swallowed the few
drops of milk that had entered his mouth. The world that he had entered became
more strange and unfamiliar. His head continued to spin more and more.
Fernanda continued to breast feed her brother, and soon Pablo experienced
infantile regression, and started to suck on her sister's breast. >>From this
point on, Fernanda didn't have to do anything more.

Pablo continued to suck on her right breast, until it was completely dry. When
Fernanda sensed this, she took her nipple out of his mouth and guided him to
her left breast, and the whole process started all over again. Once again,
Pablo entered another world. He seemed to find this world infinitely
preferable to reality. Eventually, Pablo sucked her sister's left breast
completely dry, and was brought back to reality.

They both needed a while to recover, and when they had both regained their
faculties, Fernanda put her bra and dress back on. Without saying a word, she
left her brother's room and went to her own room.

The following day, Fernanda and Pablo were still trying to process what had
happened the night before. For the next two months, Pablo tried his best to
avoid his sister, and couldn't bring himself to talk to her about what had
happened between them. During these two months Fernanda had grown another
inch, and now stood at 6' 2" tall, and weighed in at 185 pounds. As much as
she tried to suppress her feelings for Pablo, she just couldn't help herself.
That hormone was ravaging her mind as much as it was ravaging her body. Over
the course of the past year and a half, she had worn clothings that were more
seductive than before.

Pablo continued to struggle with depression and anxiety, and as much as he
tried, he couldn't get what had happened two months ago out of his mind. One
night, Fernanda couldn't take it any more, and had to visit her brother. She
knocked on his door, and Pablo nervously opened it. Without saying a word,
Fernanda pushed her way in, and closed the door behind her. She stood there in
her four inch heels, dressed in one of her most seductive red dresses.
Towering over him by thirteen inches, Pablo had to look upwards to make eye
contact with his sister. She took his hand in hers, and stood side by side
with him in front of his full length mirror. When they made eye contact in the
mirror, Pablo turned red with embarrassment. Not only was she now thirteen
inches taller in her heels, but she also outweighed him by fifty pounds. And
there wasn't a pound of extra fat on her body. The fat on her body was in all
the right places.

Fernanda turned to her brother and looked deep into his eyes. She had a very
piercing gaze. She proceeded to take off her red dress, until she was down to
her bra and panties. At this point, she took Pablo's hand, and guided it to
her bra. She had Pablo take her bra off for her. Once again, her breasts stood
there in all their glory. This time Fernanda didn't have to do anything more.
Pablo slowly and cautiously started to suck on her right breast. Once again,
he entered another world. A world that was infinitely preferable to the one he
was currently in. When he had sucked her right breast completely dry, he
proceeded to do the same with her left breast. When all was said and done,
Fernanda had to shake his brother to snap him out of it. Once again, she put
on her bra and clothing, and went back to her room without saying a word.

Over the course of the next month, Fernanda and Pablo saw each other with
increasing frequency. Toward the end of the month, one night during dinner,
Pablo felt sick to his stomach and had to go to the bathroom and vomit what he
had eaten. He didn't think much about it, and assumed that he had a case of
food poisoning. But his condition didn't improve, and over the course of the
next month, he continued to vomit more and more frequently. It did not escape
his attention that he never vomited after one of Fernanda's breast feeding
sessions. He and Fernanda eventually put two and two together, and realized
that it was due to her breast milk that he could no longer tolerate regular
food. When Pablo had this epiphany, he started to cry uncontrollably. When
Fernanda realized this, a weird tingling sensation spread throughout her body.
That night Fernanda visited Pablo and tried to console him. Once again she
breast fed her brother, and left his room without uttering a word. During
these two months she had grown another inch. She was now 6' 3" tall, and
weighed 193 pounds.

Over the course of the next month Fernanda and Pablo continued to see each
other on an almost daily basis. By the end of the month, Pablo could no longer
tolerate any kind of normal food, and could only rely on Fernanda's breast
milk for his sustenance. Pablo's world seemed to spiral completely out of
control, and each night Fernanda tried to console her older brother. Pablo had
now grown to like the effect that her breast milk had on him. Reality had
become so painful that he preferred getting lost in another world when his
sister breast fed him. Fernanda now stood 6' 4" tall, and weighed in at an
even 200 pounds.

Although apprehensive at the beginning about growing taller and heavier,
Fernanda now looked forward to it. With each passing day, she felt more and
more confident, and this showed in the way she walked, talked, dressed, and
carried herself. Her favorite part of every day was when she breastfed her
brother, or stood next to him in the full length mirror and compared their
height and weight. When she thought that her brother's survival was now
completely dependent upon her, a weird kind of electric impulse would travel
throughout her body. In a way, Pablo was completely losing his sense of self,
and becoming nothing more than an extension of his sister's being. In a way,
he was trapped in a sort of vicious cycle. The more he thought about his
current predicament, the more he wanted to be breastfed by his sister and
forget about reality, and the more she breastfed him, the more he spiraled
more and more into her world and universe.

As the hormone continued to ravage his mind, and his sense of reality became
more and more undermined, eventually Pablo became afraid to even leave the
house by himself. If he wanted to go anywhere, he had to be accompanied by his
sister. He had to know where he was going, and when ahead of time. His
capability of being able to handle uncertainty diminished with each passing

Fernanda spent her days reading and exercising. She was very careful not to
overdo it when it came to exercising. She wanted her body and appearance to
stay feminine. One of her favorite new subjects was now psychology, and she
spent a lot of her time reading the works of Freud, Jung, and other important
psychologists and psychiatrists. As Pablo became less and less capable of
handling his life and more and more dependent of Fernanda for survival, her
maternal feelings towards Pablo became more and more pronounced.

By now, another month had passed, and Fernanda now stood 6' 5" tall and
weighed 208 pounds. She was now much taller and heavier than her brother, and
whenever she went to her room, she would lift him off his feet, have him wrap
his legs around her waist, and kiss him passionately for very long periods of
time. Then she would breast feed him as usual, and then leave his room without
saying a word. In fact, during these sessions, very few words would get
exchanged between them. In reality words were unnecessary, and their bodies
did most of the talking.

As the hormone continued to ravage his mind, Pablo continued to spiral
downward. He used to be an avid reader, but now he hardly read anything
either. What was happening between him and his sister continued to eat away at
him, but there wasn't anything he could do about it. If he wanted to go on
living, he had to be breastfed by his sister, and if he wanted to see the
outside world he had to be accompanied by his sister as well. His sense of
impotence continued to get worse with each passing day.

With each passing day, Fernanda's maternal instincts got stronger as well. All
she could think about was Pablo, about kissing and breastfeeding him, taking
care of him, and accompanying him when he wanted to go outside.

Fernanda's domination of Pablo continued unabated. One night, after one of
their kissing and breastfeeding sessions, Fernanda took Pablo's hand in hers,
and they went to the bathroom. Fernanda took off all of her clothes and got in
the hot-tub. It was the first time Pablo had seen his sister completely in the
nude. Fernanda opened the faucets, and let the hot water fill the tub. When
she was satisfied, she turned off the faucets. She took a bottle of shaving
cream and a razor, and instructed Pablo to shave her legs for her. Pablo was
hesitant at first, but eventually his resistance melted away and he began to
lather up his sister's magnificent legs. Next, he took the razor and began to
very carefully shave his sister's magnificent legs. He loved the feel of her
feminine legs, and could sense that they were very strong. When all was said
and done, Fernanda inspected her legs, and approved of the result.

Next, she got out of the tub, put on her bathrobe and went and sat on her bed.
She took a bottle of red nail polish, and instructed Pablo to apply the polish
to her nails. Again, Pablo took care to do the job right, and once again
Fernanda was satisfied with the result. Next she went and got a comb, and
instructed Pablo to comb her hair for her. Her hair was very long, and came
down past her shoulders. Finally when all was said and done Fernanda was very

The following morning, Fernanda got up and went to her brother's bedroom. She
woke him up, and took him to the shower with her. She turned on the faucets
and let the water pour down on their bodies. She handed Pablo a bar of soap
and ordered him to wash her entire body. Pablo took great care in doing a good
job, and Fernanda reciprocated as well, washing his body for him. Next, they
took a couple of towels and dried each other's bodies. Afterwards, they both
got dressed and Fernanda took Pablo's hand in hers, and guided him to her
vanity mirror. Next, she instructed him as to how she applied lipstick to her
lips, and makeup to her face. Over the course of the next month, Pablo became
very well versed at applying her lipstick and makeup for her. In addition,
this ritual of shaving her legs, combing her hair, applying her nail polish
and showering together also became part of their ritual. With each passing
day, Pablo's world seemed to shrink more and more, and his sister became his
whole universe. By the end of this month, Fernanda now stood 6' 6" tall, and
weighed 217 pounds.

Given how much time had passed since the hormone had entered the soil, life in
the town had changed dramatically. Pablo wasn't the only male who had been
disastrously effected by the hormone. Throughout town, the males had found it
harder and harder to concentrate at their jobs or at school. The hormone
somehow effected the critical faculties of the males, and consequently the
males either lost their jobs, or dropped out of school.

The females on the other hand, just like Fernanda, had grown taller and
stronger, and their critical faculties had increased. They did better at
school, and at work.

Each family unit had dealt with this event differently, but regardless, the
balance of power was shifting slowly but surely in favor of the females.

Fernanda's other older brother and father had also been effected by the
hormone. Her father was financially well off so he didn't have to work, but he
was having difficulty concentrating. Her other older brother had lost his job,
and he was also having difficulty concentrating.

Across town, the females had started to dominate the males in various ways,
just as Fernanda had learned to dominate Pablo. Obviously each female
dominated her males a little differently, but the common denominator was that
the men were no longer universally in charge of the households. Fernanda
wasn't the only one who was breastfeeding one of her male relatives. This was
also happening in other households. At this point, the females were not
sharing this with each other, but it was only a matter of time before this
became common knowledge.

What was common knowledge was the fact that women were growing taller.
Throughout town, the females towered over the males. They had also become
better than the males at sports, at school, and at work.

At the present moment word of these changes had been limited to the town and
Amazonia, but it was only a matter of time until the rest of Brazil, and the
world found out about this.

Ever since Fernanda's mind and body had gone through the changes caused by the
hormone, she had kept a diary. She had recorded more or less everything that
had happened to her, Pablo and her family. One night, as she was breastfeeding
Pablo, she had an epiphany. If she had her diary published, not only would all
of her financial concerns be solved, but she could also potentially pave the
way for women to take over the world. Only two things remained in the way for
that to happen. One was to find a publisher that would accept her story, and
the other was to figure out what was causing the changes in her mind and body.

In school, Fernanda had been a very popular girl, and she had many close
friends. One of her closest friends was named Daniella. Daniella's father was
a book publisher, although they published mostly novels and scientific books.
Daniella had been experiencing the same changes that Fernanda had, and she
could only sympathize with Fernanda when she asked her if she could convince
her father to have her diary published. Daniella voiced her doubts, although
she said that she would ask her father about it. A week later, Daniella
informed Fernanda that her father had said that his company did not publish

Fernanda was very disappointed, but she was not going to give up that easily.
She asked Daniella to let her talk to her father. After a week, Fernanda
finally got an appointment with Daniella's father to try and have her book

That day finally came and Fernanda went to the publisher's offices to have her
diary published. She had worn her red dress, and four inch heels to her
appointment. Given she now stood 6' 6" tall, she now towered at 6' 10" tall
when she entered the office of Daniella's father. Daniella's father felt
absolutely dwarfed by her, but he tried not to show any emotion. He had
Fernanda sit down on the chair opposite his desk, and he sat down at his desk.
He was brief and short. He stated that his company only published scientific
books and novels, and her diary did not fall into either category. Fernanda
stated that she was certain that her diary would be a best seller. He asked
her how she was so certain, and she stated that she just had a gut feeling
about it. He mentioned that his company couldn't publish a book based on just
her gut feeling. He very curtly stated that his decision was final. He stood
up to signal the end of the interview and to say goodbye to Fernanda.
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