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Default Re: Anne Witwords - A Me Too Story

Anne Witwords: A Me Too Story

“Hey, how’s it going?” asked Anne.

“Good good,” replied Chris.

Chris Miller was the new, young, good-looking production assistant on Anne Witwords latest movie. Anne thought he looked like Ryan Gosling, who had sadly rejected her advances over the years.

“That’s nice, how’s the shoot been going for ya?”

“A lot of hard work, but it should turn out well.”

“Yeah, I think it’ll be fantastic. Nolan is a genius!”

“Oh yeah, for sure.”

The continued their friendly small talk for a few minutes. Chris kept noticing Anne’s arms. She was wearing a black turtleneck but he could tell her arms looked big—and it didn’t look like fat. Did she workout a lot?

A few weeks later he was walking to the film set at Warner Bros. when he went by the studio’s gym. He saw Anne lifting weights and was shocked. She was standing up doing bicep curls. Her muscles were enormous. They easily looked as big and brawny as a lot of fit men he saw near his home in Venice beach. She had a perfect six pack that were flawless in their compactness. Massive legs and back muscles. He saw sweat slowly drip down her neck on to her famously large breasts. When did she get this big, thought Chris? The last few movies I have seen her in she didn’t look anything like this.

Anne noticed Chris staring and winked. Chris was embarrassed, he felt he had probably been staring. Anne motioned for him to come in. Chris now realized he had an erection and tried to get rid of it before stepping into the weight room.

“Waddaya think? Pretty impressive huh?” she said with a gay, light air.

“Not bad, not bad. I had no idea you were so into fitness.”

“Oh yeah, especially over the last two years. I’ve kinda become obsessed.”

There was a silence, but it wasn’t an awkward silence, it was a lovely lull in the coonversation with two people clearly attractred to each other and smiling. After a few moments Chris worked up the courage to ask Anne out on a date. She said yes and they made plans for the following evening.

For years Chris had a secret fantasy of getting with a beautiful muscular woman like this and now Chris couldn’t believe his luck! His fantasy Amazon of his dreams happened to be the super hot and super rich Oscar-winning Anne Witwords!

The following night they went to dinner and had a great time. Anne looked really sexy and hip wearing tight blue jeans, a Frank Ocean T-shirt and large, black-rimmed hipster glasses.. Her brown hair was done up in a cute braided updo.

They talked about the industry, the movie they were working on, their families and living in LA. Chris was really impressed with how down-to-earth Anne was given her A-list status and by the fact that he wasn’t famous at all. And of course he was impressed by her body. When they talked he couldn’t help but notice her large, muscular forearms coming out of her tight T-shirt, he couldn’t help but notice her large tits giving fantastic exposure to Frank Ocean’s green hair and tortured face on the Blond ablum cover.

Chris drove Anne back to her place in Beverly Hills and he was surprised when she invited him up for a drink. Now Anne, as everyone knew, had just gotten a divorce and she did not want anything serious for awhile. They would just go upstairs and have a drink or two and then she would excuse herself for the evening and go to bed—alone. No need to rush things.

Once they got inside her stylish and lavish mansion Anne had to go to the bathroom. While she was gone Chris snuck away into her kitchen and quickly took two shots of tequila to boost his confidence. When Anne came back from the bathroom Chris immediately came up to Anne and started to kiss her. Anne backed away and politely explained she wanted to take things slowly. Chris who was super horny and not feeling like rejection tried again, this time Anne with some force shoved him away.

“Chris, what are you doing? I didn’t think you were this kind of guy.”

Chris ignored her comment and thought with all her muscles she’s probably thinking she could kick my ass. He said to himself this was a lot of women’s fantasies, but in real life it rarely happened.

Chris tried yet again. This time Anne pushed him so hard away from her that he fell on the floor.

“You wanna get kinky huh?” said Chris.

“No, I’m serious, can you please stop?”

Chris got up and grabbed Anne in a powerful bear hug and quickly kissed her on the forehead. Anne out of anger screamed and with her strength easily broke out of his hold and then slapped him in the face.

Something snapped in Chris. All of this pushing around had gotten to his ID and manhood. He had to put Anne in her place.

“Alright bitch, you wanna play? Let’s play!”

Something snapped inside of Anne as well. Who the fuck does this guy think he is? Does he seriously wanna rape me?

“I’m warning you to stop, right now!”

“Or what?” said Chris with a big smirk.

Anne punched Chris in the stomach with a lot of force. From her action roles she knew how to fight and where to hit. Chris was shocked at the power of her blow. Anne punched him again in the stomach and then in the face—sending him back down to the floor.

Out of fury Chris quickly got up and tackled Anne to the ground. They scrambled for dominance for a few moments but soon Anne gained control. Anne had her massive thighs pinning Chris’s legs and torso to the ground. She held his arms to his side and looked directly in his face.

“Chris, how stupid are you? You saw me working out earlier, you know how I could really hurt you if I wanted to.”


Anne took off her shirt, revealing her gorgeous breasts in a black bra.

“Now look at this body, look at it fucker!”

She did a double-biceps pose. Her biceps swelling to incredible peaks—at least 23 inches. Despite Chris’s situation he got a boner. Anne felt it and got off of him disgusted.

“Your pathetic.”

Anne walked away, thinking Chris would give up this nonsense. But as soon as she turned away Chris got up and punched her in the back—not hurting her much. But annoying her greatly.

“What the fuck!”, shouted Anne.

She then out of anger went to Chris and quickly got him in a bear hug and began to squeeze. She squeezed and squeezed.

“How does it feel Chris? To not have control, you’re the man you should be able to break out of this, I’m just a dumb bitch right?”

Chris could feel his ribs start to bend. He was shocked that Anne was this strong.

Anne let out a husky grunt and two of Chris’s ribs broke. The sound was unmistakeable. He shouted out.

“Take that fucker!”

Anne let him fall to the floor. She started pacing back and forth across Chris’ living room.

“You dumb fucker! This is what you get! This is what you get—you fucking rapist. Have you ever heard of the Me Too movement you dumbass? You can’t do this shit anymore! Fuckface!”

She kicked him in the stomach while he was on the ground reeling from the pain of his broken ribs. Anne tried to calm herself down but she couldn’t.

“Think you’re a real tough guy, trying to have your way with women. My aunt was raped you asshole. She told me what it’s like!”

She kicked him again in the stomach. Anne then lifted him up and slammed him against the wall holding him up with just her right arm.

“Get off me bitch,” Chris managed to squeak out.

Anne then punched him repeatedly in the stomach with her other arm. She then kneed him in the balls and he fell to the floor out of breath and in great pain. Anne left him there and went to the bathroom.

Anne Witwords looked in the mirror and admired her body. It was truly stunning. Beautiful, powerful, dominant muscles, not just feminen muscles but muscles a male athlete would envy in their size and definition. She began flexing and closed her eyes.

She imagined Chris and his body, his body compared to hers and what she could do with it.

She opened her eyes. This asshole had attempted to rape her…she vividly remembered her aunt’s horror stories and felt disgusted. What she had to do would be fully justified in 2020, in the age of Me Too. Social media and the world would have her back. But…did she really wanna go all the way with this? Did this man deserve the ultimate judgment? Would it be morally right? How could Chris turn out to be such a fucker? He had seemed so nice and sweet…but clearly he had crossed a line.

After ten minutes Chris slowly got up and thought about leaving. He would deal with Anne later. With his huge ego he still thought she was just “lucky”. Just as he was about to leave, he heard Anne’s voice.

“Where are you going, lover?”

He turned around and saw Anne. She was dressed in Marilyn Monroe’s white halter pleated dress from the ‘The Seven Year Itch’ with makeup and a blonde wig. Her muscles were greased and again Chris got an erection.

“Look, we kinda got off on the wrong foot. Let’s just call it a truce, cause you and I both know you could really get hurt, if I felt like it.”

Anne sauntered over to Chris and stepped in front of him. She was 5 ‘11’, he was 5 ‘10’—for the first time Chris noticed this. Anne stood erect and posed in front of Chris, her muscles stood firm and massive. Just massive. Again Chris was shocked at their size. They stood face to face as if they were about to start a real fight. She stood tall and confident, Chris slightly slouching and holding his stomach due to his injuries. Anne flexed her right bicep and said “As amazing as this body is, you should really be amazed at this dress. This is actally the real dress Marilyn wore in the movie. I paid seven million dollars for it...”

“Please back away before you get hurt, you don’t wanna do this, cause you know I was really going easy on you earlier.”

“Really”, said Anne in a whisper as she went up to Chris as if to kiss him.

Instead she grabbed Chris’s left arm, held it out to his side and with her other arm slammed down her elbow—breaking cartilage and bone. Anne let go of the arm and did a little twirl to emphasize her femininity and grace.

She picked him up and lifted him above her head with ease. She then lanched him across the room and he landed on a coffee table breaking it.

Anne then skipped over to where he was and sat down next to him. She wrapped her legs around his neck and squeezed. Chris was finally starting to panic. Anne casually moved his head from one side of her body to the other.

“OK, you win, I’m sorry, just let me go, this is getting out of hand.”

There was finally some genuine panic in his voice. Anne quickly jerked his head to the right. Chris didn’t think she had the balls…

“Do it you fucking bitch.”

Anne was almost impressed that he seemed to have some dignity left in his voice. She would have to do something about that. So she untangled her legs from his neck and got on top of him. Chris vainly tried to get away but with her superior strength he wasn’t moving. She began to unbuckle his pants.
Chris protested, causing Anne to strike him in the face, knocking a tooth out and sending him into a daze. She reached down and pulled his dick out of his boxers. It was somewhat hard. Amazing thought Anne. She then wringed it like a wet rag. And her long, painted red nails began digging into the skin. Chris screamed out, almost a feminine, shrieking yelp.

After several minutes his warped, cut up and bleeding penis was purple, black and brown. It looked like someone had wrapped it in barbed wire and beaten it with a hammer. Anne was getting sick looking at it.
Anne Witwords looking like the great Marily Monroe if she had been an amazon, wrapped her large arms around the man’s neck. Chris looked down and saw crimson birthmarks and and a streak of black hair on a large and wide forearm that unceassingly shifted his neck to the left until it snapped.

Anne got off the corpse and took a picture with her phone and posted it on Instagram.

The next day social media blew up and Anne was seen as a hero, an avenging angel for all the terrible victims of rape and sexual harrasement. She was the new, deadly face of the Me Too movement.
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Default Re: Anne Witwords - A Me Too Story

A big shout out to the wild and hot 'Trigger Warning' by Rude Boy! You can find it at the Diana the Valkyrie site.

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