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Old 29-Nov-16, 15:08
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Default Sweet Angel Smiles (Montreal) reviews

I had some luck doing a beatdown with a body-rub girl a few months ago, so I decided to try another...

Her name is Sweet Angel Smiles, in Montreal (you can look her up, or I can give you her info if you'd like to PM me). The e-mail communication was very good, and she agreed to everything I asked, which was a boxing beatdown session, with some smothering and facesitting as well. I told her I like the punching pretty hardcore, and she said no problem (but they all say that, lol).
So we met, she has a great body, with a nice figure, fit, big fake boobs, and stunning face and smile (she actually looks better in person than on her web site). We re-discussed what we were going to do, and she had no problems getting undressed for this (either did I ;-), I handed her the boxing gloves and off we went.
I always find the first few minutes of the session will dictate how hardcore the session will go, and here's how it went...

She went right into "session-mode". She pushed me down, sat on my chest, and just started unloading on my face. She was holding me by the neck with one glove to keep my head still, and with the other, was punching me in the nose, cheek, mouth and head with no mercy. After about a minute of these merciless punches, I would try to turn to my side to avoid some of the onslaught, but she did her best to turn me back and continue to pound my face in. This went on for about 3 to 5 minutes, and I'm going to say she already punched me in the face about 100 times, maybe more.
We would then stand up, and again, she was merciless (which is what I asked for, so this was my problem, lol).
She would deliver face punch and after face punch, she would hold me against the wall by the neck, and punch me more. No mercy. After a few minutes, she would push me down again, sit on my chest, and the ground and pound would continue. This went on for about 45 minutes, with the occasional facesit or smother, which was a nice welcome to give my face a break from the beating.
We ended with some "fun" stuff (wow, she went from vicious to amazingly erotic), and she even took off the gloves and did some bare knuckle face punching, which I really enjoy, and she had no problems with it.
When it was over, I had a bloody mouth (even with a mouth guard), very swollen lips, and 2 black eyes, and realized on the drive home, I also had a bloody nose.
She may not have much boxing technique, but she gave me an all-out punching beating like I've never had before.

Some women don't like face punching, and hate knowing they might be hurting my face. She not only did it, but I think she would have turned my face to swiss cheese if I asked, and really seemed to enjoy doing it.

All in all, she was awesome, and went way beyond what I was expecting (maybe too much, as I had to explain to people what the fuck happened to my face).

I get the impression she would do whatever you ask her, but get ready, because she'll do it at full throttle!

I recommend her 100%.
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Old 05-Dec-16, 19:09
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Default Re: Sweet Angel Smiles (Montreal) reviews

Holy sh*t ! Another story that make me hard as ever, I am feeling so envious by you that a such girl enjoyed punching you like hell
She nearly does full ground and pound on your face, and you successed to stay conscious 45 minute ?!! I am impressed by your stamina but I guess after so much beatdown session you should be used to receive so much punch ^^
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