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Default Dez Desire story commission first half

Nose Bleed for Nose Bleed

by DD

Tina felt blood dripping from her nose. It trickled first from the inside before making an exit out onto her upper lip. She scrunched it, as if trying to feel it with out touching and thinking it would help the bleeding stop, but of course it did not. She had just completed a sparring training and it was a couple weeks before her big fight. The fight date was creeping up fast and she had been training hard to prepare for it. Each sparring session, she would feel herself getting faster, cleaner with her strikes, more reactive and giving counters much more quickly. She could see the openings for the double leg take downs, and was able to catch body kicks to turn into single leg take downs. And once her opponent was down, she would use her grappling skills to either get a mount into ground and pound, or take a back to choke out, or submit with an arm bar. But today, she sparred against a male 15 year Muay Thai veteran who was fast and agile and so crisp the moment she would throw out her jab, he would respond with his longer reached jab straight to her schnoz. He he would evade her strikes with quick head movement like a prize boxer. He would counter Tina's kicks and go for a hard, straight right. Tina felt slow. The strikes rocked her a little bit. He didn't throw as many kicks as he usually does, as that's when Tina would normally be able to catch the leg and trip for a take down. Maybe he didn't throw them because he knew she would do such, and so he wanted to just utilize his longer reach.
The round with him was frustrating for Tina. This session, she felt more tired than usual in each 5 minute round, as if she had been over-training and her body was ready to shut down. But mentally, she knew she could not give up. She had a competition to win and these practices were not going to be what breaks her. She had to be ready. The round continued with his quick responses to her slower- than-usual jabs, but every several, she would fake the jab, go for a cross, and as he backed up, go for the low kick. That seemed to be working. But then she had to switch it up to a double jab, fake the cross and do and inside low kick. A couple of times, after those low kicks she would come with a cross and land it right on the front of his face. He did not like that at all. The timer dinged and she and the Muay Thai veteran finished, bumped gloves, and she went to get a tissue for her bleeding nose. The guy gave her a nod. A nod of what? Of acknowledgment? A 'thanks for the round”? A “you tried but I got the best of you” type of nod? Regardless, it was acknowledgment. But dang it, she thought. Acknowledgment of what, Tina did not know, nor did she care too much longer about it.
Later in the week, she saw the same guy in a private boxing class as she was training Brazilian jiu jitsu. She only noticed him briefly before continuing with her triangle choke drills with her partner, who was a woman from France, also training to fight. It turned out he noticed Tina more intently, as a few minutes later, he approached the mat where the girls were training. The French girl, Camille, said, “Hi Tanner!” as he approached, resulting in Tina quickly getting up to see who she was talking to and noticed it was the same guy she sparred earlier in the week. He replied, walking cooly up to the area of the mat they were drilling, with, “Hey ladies. I see your ground work is getting better. Actually Tina, I wanted to say that your stand up is also progressing. Good job. Buuuut, I think you may need some more training before you do this fight. You did take a fight that is coming up soon, right?”
Tina scrunched her eyebrows together, forced a smug smile, blinked a couple times and responded.
“Gee, thanks Tanner. Yeah, we work the ground work everyday. It's my first love, my strength. It's true beauty.” Just then Tina realized that the guy avoided any of her take downs the other day because, well, his ground game is not up to par, and certainly does not compare to hers. She could have a chance on winning the sparring round if she could keep him on the ground, but he intentionally avoided it. He knew. She continued, “And thanks for the compliment, if it was one, on my progression with strikes. I have been working hard, taking private lessons. I know I have a lot to learn but I'm definitely feeling stronger and better each week.” Tanner made a sarcastic looking smile and replied while making small nods with his head, “Keep with the private lessons” as he took a couple steps backward with before turning around to walk away.
“Was he just talking shit or was he trying to flirt?” Camille expressed with her big eyes wide and cute, sometimes annoying, french accent.
“I have no idea. All I do know, is that I'm going to work my strikes so hard... yes, for the fight, but mostly, to kick that fools ass!”
“yeah, I over heard him one day telling the other guys that all the girls here are a joke and none of us would have a chance fighting him. And that he doesn't like to be our partner in the drills because we can't keep up.”
“Are you serious!!! That fruit cake rarely comes. He says he's a 15 year veteran... maybe so, he may have started 15 years ago, but he's probably only trained a total of three of them! He's always bragging about it.” “Yes, I know. I think you should kick his cocky ass.” “It's probably the closest he ever gets to a female and it makes him goo-goo so that's why he doesn't like it.”
The girls chuckled before getting back into a guard position to drill triangle chokes again.
Tina's training week continued on and she did not see the dude Tanner again. She focused on the coaches lessons, and reviewed the moves before class and after class with another girl who is very experienced and fights for a huge fighting promotion. Certain days, she would stay after to hit the heavy bag. She worked on perfect form, then would focus on perfect form and quick recoil, then perfect form, fast recoil and POWER. She would work various combos on the heavy bag making head movement as if it were a live person, and work the combos with power and quickness. She would grunt upon contact. She wanted to demolish the bag. She wanted to break it. She wanted it to feel her wrath of all the emotions she every felt, from being wronged, from being hurt, from being lied to in the past.... she pretended the bag was Tanner.
A week went by and her fight camp, the camp that prepares a fighter for their fight, continued on with strength and conditions sessions, private mitt work sessions, Brazilian jiu jitsu, Muay thai and MMA classes. She learned that she had been feeling a bit weaker the previous week not necessarily because she was over-training, as training for several hours a day is okay, but she needed more fuel than she was giving herself. She had run out of amino acids, a powder mix she would drink mixed with water mid-training. These are BCAA's, which are the essential building blocks for lean muscle and help increase protein synthesis, prevent muscle breakdown and improve endurance. She realized she was also not bringing enough food to intake between lessons. This causes a person who is training hard to ultimately not get enough nutrients or energy to burn and actually results in muscle loss and fatigue. Tina fixed that problem and made sure to eat at least a banana, some greek yogurt, a protein bar, pre-made, from-home oatmeal through out the days training. By the following week, she was feeling rejuvenated, recharged, stronger than ever, and ready to brawl.
A week after that sparring session with Tanner, the sparring day came again. Tina wrapped her wrists in her neon green wraps that boxers and fighters wear under their gloves to help cushion and stabilize their knuckles and wrists. She stretched her hamstrings. She stood up for some dynamic stretching by swinging her arms around in circles, her legs back and forth, side to side. She inhaled. She exhaled. She inha-- there was Tanner. Tanner! Sauntering into the gym as if he was hot shit. As if he owned the place. As if he could beat Tina in a sparring session. Tina was surprised at her reaction when she saw the tall-ish and muscular. She didn't expect to hone in on him so intently. She didn't expect to respond in such a way a Lion would spot it's prey.
Coach started the first rounds timer. Tina found her first sparring partner standing right next to her. It was her French training partner Camille. As they got started, Camille, who is an experienced boxer, would throw her jabs, but Tina felt this was her warm up. Tina did not find sparring Camille to be challenging, even though Camille had excellent head movement and made it hard to tag. Tina utilized her long legs to low kick with her back leg onto Camille's thigh, and to head kick with her lead leg. Camille was shorter than she so whenever Camille would try to throw her 1, 2, Tina would counter quickly with a 1, 2, kick, reset and then a fast hard two. It was an easy round for Tina. But she didn't care about that. She knew Camille was good, but Tina was seeing red.
Next round, Tina paired up with a tall man with a reach like a gorilla. He was fairly tall, and in pretty good shape, but his long reach was really his only skill. He sort of relied on it a bit too much. Other than that advantage, he was still pretty slow and did not have good counters nor was he able to block or slip as well. Perhaps it was because he's a bit bigger and therefore slower, but Tina didn't waste time trying to figure out why. She would wait for him to throw is long hook, slip in, get the gut, pull out while jabbing, too close for his long arms to have any response to her, and so he would have to back out. As he would back away, Tina would throw a body kick with her rear leg, tagging him in the the lower ribs every time. That round was predictable, but Tina did eat a couple of long right hooks to the side of her head, but that didn't shake her. Not one bit. She had someone else on her mind.
Tina felt warmed up, pumped up, and ready to take on her newly realized nemesis... Tanner. She didn't want to wait for any more rounds before him because she did not want to be too fatigued. She wanted to show him what she gots. Between the rounds, she approached him, gave him an arm out indicating that she was pointing at him to go this round. She got closer and he responded, “Nah, not right now. I got someone else. I really want to work hard today.” And he walked away.
Tina found another opponent and worked him, a small amateur fighter. Not only was this guy smaller, but he was also less experienced. So Tina just worked on bobbing and weaving, blocking and slipping, as she did not want to exert too much energy to beat up on a small dude who had not chance. She did not want o discourage the dude who was fairly new just by beating up on him. That would be too easy. She noticed in the corner of her eye that Tanner was sitting out the round. He leaned against the cage, with his knees up, breathing hard. What a little bitch, she thought.
Another round ended. As soon as it ended, she saw Tanner ask Camille for the round. Camille is not a challenging opponent, and Tina instantly knew the little bitch was trying to find and easy round because... well, because, he was a little bitch.
Last round.... “TANNER!!” Tina called. “Let's spar this round.” “Last round?” he sounded exasperated.
“Yeah, our last chance before my fight. I can't spar next week.”
“Oh yeah, your “fight”” he sounded sarcastic. “Yeah, I guess you really should spar with me, because you definitely do need the practice. I'm surprised Coach would even let you fight. It doesn't look like you're ready at all. I mean, you're better than you were, but still not on the level. Not close to my level.”
Tina just stared at him. She looked at the timer and with 5 seconds of the break to go, she turned back to him and started throwing out her jabs. Tanner would have no choice but to spar with her now. Tina got in her rhythm. Jab, cross, jab cross hook, jab, level change, up jab, jab, kick, superman punch, jab, slip hook... Tina had no issues taking the dominating role. Tanner seemed a bit tired. Every time he tried to throw his jab to counter her jab, she would slip and come over with a hard right hand. She would jab quickly just to faint a cross and as he would cover his face, she would kick him HARD in is thigh. He was not blocking nor did he seem quick enough to block when he knew he needed to. Tina threw a low kick onto the outside of his calf which made him wobble, as it unstablized the ankle of his lead leg. Tina jab, jabbed, changed levels, faked him for another jab but gave his lead leg and inside kick with her lead leg. She continued to do this over and over. She felt like things were slow motion. She kept her gaze softly fixed on his chest, the sternum. She could see any of his body moving while focusing here, but not focusing too hard. Therefore, she dodged and blocked and countered all that he attempted. She stayed loose and long, and several jabs, about every 8 thrown, tagged him square in the nose. Tina could tell his head went back, his neck having to recoil from her fists impact. She kept working her rear kicks, and could tell his thigh, the inside and outside, was getting worn down. About once a minute, she would switch it up and jab, jab, switch kick to a high head kick with her front leg. She felt the impact of her shin on the side of his head, his arm blocking only blocking partially one time. She stayed on him. She did not crowd him because she wanted enough space to throw the kicks. She was simply too fast for him. Her rigorous training was really showing. As the round was ending, she wanted to finish hard and strong. JAB, CROSS, slip, REAR HOOK, Front leg kick. That kick knocked the wind out of him. He moved his hands down to his gut, leaving his face unprotected. Tina, like a hunting lion famished in the Serengeti, saw the opening to attack, to be able to hunt this victim down to feed her crying young. 1,2! 1,2! 1,2! She relentlessly brawled straight into his head, he had no hope, and as the timer bell rang, blood rushed out his nose, and around his mouth, Tina ceased. She breathed heavy, bounced around foot to foot like a fighter does, and saw tears in Tanners eyes.
“Getting popped in the nose makes my eyes water.” he explained to whoever was nearby. He ran off. Tina looked around and the other fighters gave her the look of approval.
Camille came over and said, “I saw that, Tina, I saw all of that. You did kick his ass. He so deserves that.”
Tina smiled and never thought Camille's french accent could be any cuter.

(Revenge might come
.... stay tuned for the next chapter)
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Default Re: Dez Desire story commission first half

It was two nights before her big fight. Tina felt ready to kick some ass. She had worked hard in all of her trainings, in sparring, in her conditioning. She focused only on getting better and conditioning her physique. She was super toned, with a very low body fat percentage, and CUT! Muscles were bulging everywhere, and veins in her arms showed and seemed to run like a smooth river does down an undulating mountain, a mountain that is her BODY! She was juiced and dominating by simply appearance. Her feet were constantly dirty- even though they clean the mats daily, being barefoot for hours of training, or in her gym shoes without socks really took a toll on her poor tootsies. She occasionally would treat herself to the asian foot massage, but they still remained calloused and stained with hard work.
The gym was quiet as all the classes had finished a couple hours prior, but Tina asked if she could stay in and lock up herself since she wanted to do some light resistance band workouts and stretching. She sat on the mat thinking about stuff. She wondered when Camille would fight. It'd be fun to fight her if she could get her cardio better. She realized she did not see that Tanner prick. No one really said anything about him except making jokes that “Tina beats everybody up” so they don't come back. She chuckled out loud. “What am I going to have for dinner when I get home?” She contemplated.
Suddenly, a loud and rapid knocking came from the front door. The door was the only window to the place but it was frosted so you could not really see in our out. She slipped into her Ugg boots to walk to the door- when off the mats and on the walk way, you must wear shoes. She approached the door and saw a familiar stature... she thought- No, couldn't be... she turned the key as it was locked from the inside and cracked the door slowly... Tanner?!?!?!
“Uh, hey, it's you.” She stammered. For some reason, she felt her face get hot, she noticed her feet began to sweat.
“Yeah hey glad you're here. I texted Coach and asked if anyone would be here. I left some stuff in the locker room I needed for this weekend.”
“Oh yeah, sure. Come in.” Tina opened the door as he stepped inside. Tina locked the door behind them.
She went back to her spot on the mat using a resistance band to stretch her hamstrings. Shortly after, she could hear Tanner resume from inside the males locker room.
“Yeah so thanks for letting me in” Tanner said as he held his things. “And, well, good luck, I guess, for your fight this weekend.”
“Oh sure... yeah thanks for that, Tanner. Haven't seen you in a while, anyway. You still gonna be coming here to train, or.... you going somewhere else.” she indicated the armload of gym gear he had in his arms.
“I'm still here, I'll be back more regularly in a few weeks. Then I can actually train all the classes and show you how much better I am than you are, being a frail girl and all.” he seemed like he was joking, but there was truth in his voice that he actually wanted to mean that.
“Yeah, that's right. I heard you are always talking shit on the girls around here, including me.” Tina started to get defensive.
“Aw come on. It's all in good fun, baby.” Tanners tone changed to a little bit flirty.
“I can tell when you look at me, you like what you see. I know you want all this.” He lifts up the front of his shirt with his free hand and shows off some abs. “No dude. That's not what I think of at all.”
“Oh no??” Tanner drops all is stuff on the mat and steps toward her. “No? Are you sure baby? Come on, why don't you just try it out for size? You just might like it.” Tanner reached his arms toward her and grabs her neck with one hand and her lower back with the other, pulls her in real fast and shoves his face into hers as one of his hands caresses her breast, still sweaty. Tina shoves him off her as fast as it happened and says, “Excuse me? You actually think that??”
“Come on, hot stuff. Let's get this over with.” He lunges toward her and she throws a spinning head kick. It lands perfectly on the side of his dome. He staggers. He strangely laughs. “Don't play hard to get now, I'll still get you.” Tina doesn't hesitate to throw out her diagonal kick to his body. He grunts and staggers to her left where she immediately throws up a whipping head kick to the same side of his head she just hit, but it smacks him right in the face. His reaction looks like that or anger and continues to come at her. She straight kicks his face and he is down. He is knocked out.
Tanner comes to only a minute later with Tina standing over him. His eyes widen and he looks scared for his life. Blood drips from his lips and nose. His right eye is beginning to swell. “Tina, I'm sorry. I didn't know what I was thinking. Please don't kick me anymore. I didn't mean to say all those things. I didn't mean to come at you like that.”
“SHUT UP TANNER, you little bitch.”
“Tina I'm so sorry. I will do anything to make up for it. Don't hurt me anymore.” “Tanner. I'll let you go. But, you're gonna have to make it up to me.” “Anything Tina!”
“Tanner, you are going to wipe that blood off your face, and you are going to be my little foot bitch.”
“F-f-f-foot bitch?” Tanner looks confused.
“Don't ask QUESTIONS TANNER!!” Tina yells as she makes a movement looking like she will kick his head in again.
Tina grabs one of the tee shirts that was in his pile and hands it to him. He wipes down his face.
“N-now what?” he asks.
“Now Tanner,” Tina prances around him. “Now you're going to kiss and clean my sweaty dirty feet.” “Clean?”
“Tanner, just shut the fuck up. Just do as I say without questions and you'll be.... at least ok.”
Tanner nods obediently.
“Get on your knees!” Tina stands in front of him. She gets close to him. The level of his face is very close to the level of her private area. She puts her hands on his head and shoves his nose right near her pussy.
“Take a big whiff through your crushed nose, Tanner. Smell the feminine odors from my womanly pussy and hone in every scent.”
Tanner closes his mouth and inhales through his nose.
Tina approves and then pushes him backwards with her foot to his chest so he is laying on his back again.
“Get on your stomach, Tanner!”
Tanner rolls over. “Tell me that woman and all their body parts are to be worshipped!!” Pause.
Tina stomps on his kidney.
“Okay okay! Woman are to be worshipped!”
“Say woman and ALL THEIR BODY PARTS are to be worshipped!!” “Woman and all their body parts to to be worshipped...”
“Good, Tanner. Now admit that any woman's vagina is stronger and more talented than you.”
Small Pause.. “NOW!!!! TANNER!”
“Vagina's are stronger and more talented than me.”
“Good, Tanner. Good. But we're not here for more that that vag talk. You are here to worship my feet. And realize that clearly, there is more skill in any of my toes than your whole life.”
As tanner is on his stomach, Tina shoves her foot under his face. “Lick my feet, stupid bitch. LICK IT!!”
Tanner begins lapping up the top of her sweaty salty foot.
“Get on your knees, and crawl over here. So that I can lean against this post while you like the bottom of my feet.” Tanner obeys.
While on his haunches, Tanner sees the brown, spotted dirty and sweaty smelling soles of Tina. As close as those feet have been to his face, he has never seen them before.
“LICK IT!” Tina yells.
Tanner uses his tongue to lap up dirt and sweat from the bottoms of Tina's hard working soles. She turns around and shoves her big toe in his mouth. “Suck my TOES one by one” she exclaims.
Tanner sucks the big toe, moves to the second, then the third. As he goes along, Tina reminds him that his is a little foot bitch boy. And he will get his ass kicked unless he does a great job cleaning these feet.
“Now be sure to get the gunk from in between each toe.”
Tanners tongue slides into the space between toes, in and out in and out. “Good little bitch. I see you can be good at something.”
Tina allows him to continue sucking each toe, and spreading them with his tongue. He licks up and down the sole a few times, slow and also quickly before Tina turns around and tells him to stick her heel in his mouth.
Tanner opens wide and puts in the heel. He sucks it. Tina is pleased with the slurping sounds. She angles her foot in different directions to indicate to tanner where to lick and what to put into his mouth.
“Not bad, Tanner, not bad for a pansy ass. You're a good little foot bitch. I pulverized your face with these feet. Now you must respect them. I can fuck you up in any fight, we know that. I might just want to break the rules and aim for …. hmmm... your balls? Yeah, you know I could demolish your balls with these feet.” “Yes, I know.”
“Say yes MA'AM I know.”
“Yes, Ma'am, I know. You can demolish my balls like you did my face.” “That's right” Tina laughs. “I'll continue to humiliate you.”
Tina grabs Tanners hair and directs him to a bench at the edge of the mat. She sits on it. She lifts up her other foot for Tanner to start his foot cleaning as he is again on his haunches.
“Clean this foot now, foot slave bitch boy.”
Tanner licks the sole of the foot, feeling the wrinkles along his tongue that feet have, especially while Tina is somewhat pointing her toes. Tina flexes her foot opening up those wrinkles and Tanner can feel the sole change to more smooth. Tina directs him to suck each toe, and on each toe she demands slower, then at some time, “Faster, Tanner, Suck hard and fast FAST FASTER!!!” he sucks each toe. She reminds him to get the sweat and build-up between the toes, and mentions that he is more useless than any thing that could be found between her toes.
“Tanner, I can destroy you with these feet at anytime, you know.” Tanner, with a mouth full of toes, nods shyly. Tina reaches down and shoves his head toward her making all her toes scrunched inside his wet mouth. She releases and then shoves then releases then shoves, the way a man might do to a woman giving him head. She laughs at how pathetic he is. She continues to angle her foot around to indicate where she wants him to lick, or suck, directing him while insulting him every time.
Finally, she says, “Tanner, are my feet clean?”
Tanner looks at the feet somewhat concerned and says, “Yes?”
“You fucking liar, now you're gonna get it!!” She kicks his chest again so his lays on his back on the ground. She stands over him and shoves her entire foot as far into his mouth as possible. Tanner gags. She laughs. She doesn't stop. She switches feet. She slaps his pathetic face with her feet. She smooshes his face one foot at a time.
Then, she sits on is stomach, lifts her feet to his face, and rubs the soles of her feet onto his sore face. “Stick your tongue out!!” He does. She rubs her feet briskly up and down his face, making his tongue flap for several minutes while she moans and laughs, moans and laughs.
After that, she stands up and exclaims, “You may go now.”
Tanner scrambles up, grabs his pile of things and runs out the door. Tina's feet have never felt so clean.
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