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Default Scissored in the Pool

Sarah’s transformation wasn’t overnight, it was long and subtle. She had joined a local gym, started exercising just a little bit, then soon was hooked and became an avid weight lifter. Her body slowly trimmed down on fat and gained hard muscle. But as this was a long, gradual transformation, nobody took notice. Not until spring vacation when she traded in her jacket and scarf for a two piece bikini in the Caribbean.

“Wow,” Mike gasped, unable to believe what he was seeing. “Baby, when did you…?”

Sarah dove into the pool as graceful as a swan. Mike followed her into the water, yelling “cannon ball,” out of habit. He swam over to her and slid a hand across her back.*

“You look incredible,” Mike complemented her. “I’m serious, you’re drop dead gorgeous!”

Sarah smiled.*

“You don’t think I’ve put on too much muscle?” Sarah asked.*

Mike shook his head, then she flexed her arm, showing off a round, ripped bicep.*

“Wow!” Mike said. “Maybe a…”

But Sarah splashed him and dove under the water.*

Mike followed her, caressing her legs beneath the surface.*

“Don’t,” Sarah protested as she resurfaced. “You’re all over me.”

“I can’t help myself,” Mike admitted, wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her close to him.*

“If you don’t get your hands off of me,” Sarah said with mock threat. “I’m going to hurt you.”

Mikes eyebrows raised in excitement.*

“Really? I think I’d like that!”

Sarah tried to pull away, but Mike squeezed his arms, holding her in a tight embrace.*

“Hurt me baby,” he said encouragingly.*

Sarah took a deep breath, then reached over and grabbed a hold of the pools ladder.**She gripped it with both hands, then lifted her legs up and wrapped them around Mikes waist.*

“Come to papa!” Mike said excitedly.

Slowly Sarah began to squeeze, her strong thighs pressing into his sides.*

Mike smiled for a moment, then winced in pain as the pressure gradually increased.*

“Baby, too much…”*

Sarah ignored him, re-gripped her legs and squeezed again, even harder.*

Mikes legs went out from under him, but Sarah easily held onto him, the water making his body almost weightless.*

“Sarah…” Mike groaned. He pulled her legs, trying to open them, but they wouldn’t budge. He tried to swim away, but couldn’t free himself from her embrace.*

“You like it baby?” Sarah asked mockingly, her eyes locked on his. “Should I squeeze harder?”

“No,” Mike mumbled, struggling to breathe.*

Sarah eased up, relaxing her legs enough so that Mike was no longer in pain, but still couldn’t escape.*

“Do you have any idea how much I can squat?” Sarah asked casually. She simply held onto him, forcing him to stay in her hold. “Seriously, take a guess.” As she finished her question she tightened her legs, squeezing hard.*

Mike winced, unable to believe he was being man-handled, well, leg-handled by Sarah. His ego and cockiness were completely deflated.*

“If you can guess within 10 pounds,” Sarah said with a smile. “Then I’ll let you go.”

Mike tried to think, but it was hard with two strong pythons wrapped around his waist, squeezing the life out of him.*

“100 pounds?” Mike guessed, having no idea what was considered a lot of weight.*

Sarah laughed, a light, joyful chuckle.*

“Not even close.”

Sarah then let go of the pool ladder and wrapped her arms around Mikes head. Pressing herself forwards she collapsed on top of him, her legs still wrapped tight around his body.*

They fell beneath the waters surface, Sarah forcing him to the pools bottom.*

Mike thrashed and wiggled, desperate for air, but Sarah wouldn’t release him. Then he felt a sudden change in her hold and he went still. She was gesturing for him to not move.*

They made eye contact, Sarah on top, her hair floating all around her head. She smiled, opened her legs a little, then pressed her body even tighter against his.*

Before Mike could react she squeezed her legs hard.*

Mike winced in pain, swallowing a mouthful of water in the process. He couldn’t believe how strong Sarah was. She was crushing the life out of him. He couldn’t even struggle, he felt paralyzed in her hold. Time seemed to slow down, her hair floating in front of him. And just when he truly began to panic, wondering if she would release him before he drowned, he felt her legs open and slide off of him.*

He burst through the waters surface and gasped for air. Choking on water and struggling to breathe, he didn’t even defend himself as Sarah once again wrapped her strong legs around his waist.*

“Still want me to hurt you baby?” Sarah asked cheerfully. “Want to do it again?”

Mike tried slipping away from her, but felt her strong legs tighten and knew he couldn’t. But he didn’t know which was worse. The threat of her crushing him with her legs or the way she dunked him under water, almost drowning him. Before he could contemplate this she reached over and wrapped her arms around his neck.*

“Relax baby,” Sarah said as she felt Mike tighten his body. “I’m just playing with you.”

Mike tried to remain calm, but the memory of what had just happened wouldn’t leave his mind.*

Sarah was casually clinging onto him, legs around his waist, arms around his neck. They looked like a normal couple having fun.

“Are you going to be a good boy now?” Sarah asked, talking in a half baby voice and squeezing her legs just a little tighter.

Mike wanted to respond, but he felt humiliated the way Sarah was talking to him. But then her legs tightened even more and he was forced to answer her.

“Of course,” Mike quickly stammered out.

“You’re not going to get drunk every night and make a fool of yourself, are you?” Sarah asked, changing to a more stern tone. When Mike hesitated she squeezed her legs, bringing her mouth to his ear. As she squeezed hard she whispered, “next time I’m going to wrap my legs around your neck.”

Mikes body tensed in shock. The idea of her legs around his head would usually excite him, but now it sent a shiver of fear down his spine.
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Default Re: Scissored in the Pool

Awesome story! I really love her attitude, the way she seems to enjoy slowly toying with him. Thanks for sharing! Any chance of a few more parts?
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Default Re: Scissored in the Pool

Originally Posted by ILMW [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
Mikes body tensed in shock. The idea of her legs around his head would usually excite him, but now it sent a shiver of fear down his spine.
Still excites me, though.

Really great to see you back, mate. I always enjoy your stories.
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Default Re: Scissored in the Pool

I hope you continue this one!
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Default Re: Scissored in the Pool

I love this story! Can't wait for more! Had a somewhat similar real life thing lately messing with the wife in the hotub . She put her legs on my shoulders and at first I thought we were gonna get frisky, then she pushed me under. Was awesome and scary at the same time! I have a pretty big fear of drowning
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Default Re: Scissored in the Pool

After Sarah released Mike from her hold she swam away and casually relaxed for the rest of the afternoon. Mike had tried to remain nonchalant, acting like nothing crazy had just happened, but he stayed clear of Sarah when in the water.

In the evening the two left the pool and went back to their room to shower and change. They had dinner reservations at a nice restaurant on the beach.

“Baby,” Sarah called out sweetly. “I’ve a surprise for you.”

Mike looked up from his phone and frowned. Sarah was holding up a tight pink polo with bright white shorts. Making the outfit even worse, Sarah was wearing a matching outfit, a pink polo shirt with a bright white skirt.

“Sarah,” Mike stammered. “I’m not…I mean…I’m not wearing…” But before he could finish Sarah’s gaze turned dark, her eyes menacing.


But Sarah cut him off again, her face turning into a bright smile.

“Mike, you remember what happened today,” Sarah said, her body movements as casual as ever, but a hidden, threatening tone in her voice. “You’re not interested in a round two, are you?”

Mike froze. The mention of what she had done to him earlier sent a shiver of fear down his spine. The feeling of her strong legs crushing his sides and holding him underwater was terrifying. And staring at her now, her tight clothes revealing her new, muscular body made him feel embarrassed. But then he looked at the outfit she was holding up and knew he couldn’t wear it out in public. He had mocked and laughed at couples who wore matching outfits, he couldn’t be one of them.

“I’m just going to go like this,” Mike said casually, hoping to deescalate the situation.

“No,” Sarah said simply, shaking her head. “You’re going to wear this.”

As Sarah slowly approached him Mike got to his feat.

“Baby, be reasonable,” Mike pleaded, growing more and more nervous with each second. “Don’t come any closer, I’ll fight back this time.”

Sarah paused, a look of amusement on her face.

“Really,” she raised an eyebrow. “You’re going to fight back this time?”

“Yes…of course,” Mike stammered, slowly backing away from her. “You’re a stronger swimmer, of course you got the better of me in the pool. But I won’t let it happen again.”

Sarah chuckled and casually tossed Mikes outfit onto the bed.

“Ok, let’s see.”

“No,” Mike stammered, but he was backed into the corner of the room. He was trapped and had no choice but to fight back.

Sarah reached out and tried to grab Mikes wrist, but he pulled his hand away quickly. She moved closer grabbed his right wrist with her right hand. He tried pulling it free, but she dug her feet into the ground, pivoted her weight and pulled him back towards her. She managed to drag him two steps across the room, then she stuck out one leg, swung Mike right into her and tripped him to the ground. Still holding onto his arm she mounted his chest and pinned his shoulders flat to the floor.

“I thought you were going to try this time?” Sarah teased mockingly.

Mike couldn’t believe it. When Sarah grabbed him and he tried to pull away, she easily out muscled him and manhandled him across the room. Then she effortlessly tripped him to the ground and pinned him to the floor. He hefted his left shoulder with all his strength, hoping to push Sarah off of him, but she shifted her weight and easily maintained her balance on top.

“Ready?” Sarah asked, casually smiling down at him.

“Ready for what?” Mike asked, unable to believe he was pinned so helplessly.

“I’m going to squeeze your head with my legs…”

Just then there was a loud thud from outside their door.

“What was that?” Sarah asked, sitting up straight and looking over her shoulder.

Mike however took no notice of the sound. He hefted all of his weight to the side and managed to lift Sarah off of him. He slid away and managed to crawl onto his knees.

Sarah was caught off guard, surprised that Mike was able to throw her off of him. Before he could get to his feet she lunged at him and landed on top of his back.

“You’re not going anywhere,” Sarah said playfully, laughter in her voice.

Mike tried to get to his feet, but Sarah slid one of her legs around his ankle and tripped him, forcing him to lie flat on his belly, her on top of him.

“This is so fun,” Sarah said, breathing hard with excitement.

Mike couldn’t believe how strong Sarah felt on top of him. He was taller and bigger then she was, but her body was so strong and hard. He didn’t understand how he had never noticed before.

“Just a little more,” Sarah said, tugging on Mikes shoulder.

“No,” Mike winced, trying his best to thwart Sarah. She was pulling on his left shoulder, trying to force him onto his back.

“Gotcha!” Sarah said triumphantly, managing to roll Mike onto his back. Immediately she pinned his arms to the ground and straddled his lower chest.

Both breathing hard, Sarah smiled down at Mike. He tried jerking his hands free, but Sarah pushed them hard to the floor, keeping them trapped beneath her.

“To tell you the truth,” Sarah said, clear joy showing on her face. “I’m glad you chose not to wear the outfit. It gives me an excuse to do this to you.”

“Ok,” Mike relented. “I’ll wear the shirt, no problem.”

“Oh so now you want to wear the couples outfit I picked out for us. Why didn’t you say that earlier. Now you’ve hurt my feelings.”

“I’m sorry,” Mike apologized quickly. “I didn’t mean it.”

Although it embarrassed him to kowtow, he simply wanted Sarah to stop wrestling with him. Her body was so strong and powerful. As her legs straddled his chest and her arms pinned his to the ground, he could feel how much stronger she was than him. He didn’t want this situation to escalate any further.

“Ready?” Sarah asked excitedly.

“Sarah…” Mike begged, but too late.

Sarah reaffirmed her hold on his pinned arms and moved herself forwards, so that she was sitting on his upper chest. Mike squirmed beneath her, but she pressed her body down hard, keeping him trapped.

“Sarah, no, please,” Mike pleaded, but Sarah was breathing so hard with excitement she hardly heard him. She moved forwards even further, pressing her crotch tight against his chin. Then she closed her thighs and framed the sides of his face. Mike froze as this happened, unable to believe he was trapped in such a humiliating fashion.

Sarah winked, then grabbed the back of Mikes head and pulled him into her, tight against her crotch. Then she slowly fell to her side, closing her thighs around his neck and head.

“Gotcha,” Sarah whispered triumphantly.

Mike instinctively reached up and pried at her legs with his hands, but within a moment knew that was useless. He knew he was trapped in an even worse situation than when in the pool.

“I warned you,” Sarah said casually, leaning her body up on one elbow. “But I’m glad you didn’t listen to me.”

Mike began to panic, unable to believe the situation he was in. With his head trapped so tight between her legs, he was completely at her mercy. He tried to slide away, then tried to get to his feet to improve his leverage, but everything was useless. He could tell that she was barely even trying and he was completely trapped.

“Sarah,” Mike mumbled, barely able to speak with his head trapped so tight between her bare thighs. “I’ll wear the outfit.”

“I know you will,” Sarah said, speaking again in her high pitched, child like tone. “And you are gonna look sooooo cute.” As she said this she reached out and pinched his cheek between two fingers.

Humiliated, Mike smacked her hand away.

Sarah looked at her hand, a red mark appearing where he had smacked her. For a moment she had a look of rage in her eyes, but then a wide smile crept across her face.

“Sarah…I”m sorry,” Mike blurted out. He immediately knew he had made a big mistake.

Taking her time, Sarah reached over and pulled Mike even tighter into her hold.

“Sarah, no! I’m sorry.”

Sarah ignored this, clamped her thighs around his neck, then gradually began to squeeze her legs together.

Mike winced in pain after a second, then squirmed fiercely as the pressure became too much. He tapped her leg in submission and screamed out, unable to believe how strong she was squeezing him.

Sarah leaned onto her side, pressing the palms of her hands onto the floor to provide more leverage for her body as she squeezed her legs together.

Mike could barely see, his vision dark and blurry. All he knew was Sarah’s legs, pressing relentlessly hard into him. He pulled at her thighs, desperate for even the slightest bit of release, but he couldn’t move her even a centimeter. She was too strong. Her grip too powerful.

Mike felt his body go weak, unable to hold on much longer. Sarah’s legs were suffocating him now. He saw stars and bright lights, then all of a sudden the pressure was go. He felt her legs go soft and he gulped air. For a moment he couldn’t move, but then he came back to his senses and tried to pull away. But just as he did so, Sarah’s thighs tightened, and he knew he was still trapped between her legs.

“You hit me,” Sarah said flatly, a look of cold fury on her face. “You actually hit me.”

“I didn’t,” Mike protested. “I mean, I did. But I’m sorry. I just…I just slapped your hand away.”

“You hit me,” Sarah said again, her tone less severe, but anger still in her voice. She reached over, pulled his head tight against her crotch, then squeezed her legs again.

“Sarah…” Mike begged, but she squeezed him even harder, and even longer then last time.

When she finally eased up, Mike looked completely broken. He could hardly breath, or even hardly move. Satisfied, Sarah didn’t squeeze him again, but continued to hold him tight between her thighs, refusing to release him.

“I’ll tell you what,” Sarah said after she felt Mike was comprehensive again. “Since you hit me, then I’ll hit you, and we’ll be even.”

“What?” Mike asked, knowing this was completely unfair.

Sarah squeezed her legs threateningly.

“Ok…” Mike relented, simply wanting the situation to be over. “So you smack my hand like I smacked yours…?” Mike asked hopefully. Holding out his arm for Sarah.

“You are so cute!” Sarah said in her mocking tone. “But I don’t think so.” She twisted her hips to force Mikes head up, then she lowered her right thigh, exposing Mikes left cheek. Before he could react Sarah slapped him hard across the face.

“Oh, sorry!” Sarah blurted out. “I didn’t mean to hit you so hard.”

Mike was stunned for a moment, then tried to recoil away from Sarah. But before he cold Sarah lifted her right leg and wrapped it back around his neck.

“Oh, baby, I’m sorry. Seriously, I am,” Sarah apologized profusely. “That was too hard.”

Mike tried to pull away from her, but Sarah squeezed her legs hard enough to prevent him from escaping.

“So sorry about that,” Sarah apologized again. “I should’t have done that.”

Mike couldn’t believe what was happening. Sarah once again had his head trapped between her legs.

“Do you forgive me?” Sarah asked, her tone close to her mocking baby voice.

When Mike hesitated, Sarah squeezed her legs a little.

“Please…” Sarah asked, pretending to beg, squeezing her legs a little harder.

“Ok,” Mike mumbled, knowing that she was toying with him.

“And you’re still going to wear the matching outfit with me, right?” Sarah asked, her tone mocking. She kept her legs tight, scrunching his face together.

Mike hesitated a moment, then relented, knowing he had no choice.

“Great!” Sarah screamed out enthusiastically. “I knew I could count on you. Trust me, you are going to look so cute!”

Sarah once again reached out and pinched Mikes cheek between two fingers. As she did this she locked eyes with him, daring him to smack her hand away again. He didn’t, but she held onto his cheek for a long time, smiling cruelly.
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Default Re: Scissored in the Pool

I love how Sarah's strength opens something dominant and sadistic in her as she almost casually rearranges her relationship with Mike. There is a sense of frustration, when she mentions him getting drunk every night, and though it isn't explicitly stated, it's implied that's one of the reasons works out, so she can take control. Subtle details like that make this a great story. I hope you write more if you feel like it.
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