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Dominatrix Blackmail


we live in a Nice city
in a nice neighborhood with all single houses. by the water.
I live with my parents in a house at the end of the street. next to us lived a few old people. who are always on vacation my parents and I always pay attention to un house.

Sinds one mond a young couple lives next door. The name of the wonen was Ellis en the men name was bob bob is at sea for a mond then a week at home and at sea again. and Ellis works from 11am to 3am as a cleaner in a hotel for the fun she told us wen we dit a welkom party to the neigborhood.

she is a very handsome lady beautiful blonde hairs blue eyes firm breasts everyone looks at her when she passes by.

I was mowing the garden. From our elderly neighbors. and Ellis was sunbathing outside when I was in the back of the garden I could spy on her because there was a hole in the hedge.

but from the back of the garden you did not have such a clear view.
so I actually had to get a little closer.
I went to the garden house and took a staircase. I walked along the hedge where Ellis was sunbating.
I put down my steps and tried to look over the hedge. but the stairs were too short.

So I climbed on top of the bracket, which you can normally hold on to. Now I could see it.
There Ellis was sunbathing.

Beautiful slender legs. With a beautiful red swim underpants. A nice flat stomach. Not too much fat Not a sixs pack. Just smooth. And above that beautiful firm breasts just too big for one hand. in a beautiful matching red bra. And a beautiful face above it. Beautiful full lips with beautiful blonde hair. And she wore sunglasses.

I grabbed my cellphone and took a picture. My sound was on and I dropped my mobile in shock. He fell to the lawn. I tried to see if I saw him and stood on tiptoe.

Suddenly I heard a voice asking what are you doing there John.

I faded because of that I lost mine. Balance and fell over the hedge on Ellis lawn. And everything turned black for a moment.

when I opened my eyes again and everything became clear. Ellis was standing with a bathrobe on and my cellphone in her hand she stood next to me on the grass.

and she asked everything well john no pain no head pain.

I moved all my limbs. and said no no pain. I feel good I would get up.

but she pushed her foot on my chest. and push me back I lay flat on my back, looking at her.

so what are your parents gonna say when i tell them un john is a woman peeper. the neighbor asked. En she shows the foto who i took from her.

if you don't want me to tell your parents what you do. Then you will have to do everything I tell you to.

Or shall we go to your parents. It is your choice.

(If we went to my parents I would be beaten up by my dad I thought. So I chose the other option,) okay I do what you want.

Okay because you have me in the picture like that.
I want to see you under your pants. I'm going to sit there on the chair and you are going to undress and show your underwear for me.

Wil jou do thad for me Ellis asked, pushing harder on my chest with her foot.

(What did she really think I was going to do that.
But one other option is for her to tell my parents. What do I do on the other side then we are equal. I felt my penis get hard. And thought why not. Let me do it. The sooner I get out of here and have my mobile again)
Okay, let me do it, we have a deal.

Okay geth up. She said. En she point hat the kitchen. I was walking ahead of her.
We walked into the kitchen, she sat on and chair I was standing there in the middle of the kitchen she looked at me. And she said oké start the show.

I took off my shirt and she took a picture with my cellphone.
What are you doing I take pictures just like you did of me. Go on she said. I took off my pants. I was in my pants. I was wearing slippers, but they were still in the garden. There I stood in my underwear. I felt my penis get hard and put my hand on my underpants.
What are you doing, now take that hand away she said. And turn around so that I can take another picture. I spun around. She was taking picture of me in mijn underwear.

okay so good. you've seen me and I've seen you. we are now equal. can i leave now i asked.

Well if you do not want me to send these photos to all your contacts then you take off your pants she said.

I got angry that is not the deal.
I never made a deal with you, she said.
I thought back and what she said was right.
But I have a solution for you, she says.

We're gonna wrestle and if I win, you get naked and do what I want from you. if you win you get your mobile and you can leave.

(I look at her and thought, I could beat her. So I thought no further.) And said ok. that's a deal, hand on it. She shook my hand.
We faced each other.
me on my underpants she in her thong and bra.

We stood against each other. She came towards me and I tried to avoid her. She grabbed me from the side and pushed me over against the ground.

I could catch myself with my hands. She sat on my back. I pushed myself up. She was on my back. Like she was riding a horse. She got up and I jumped up quickly and we were looking at each other again.

I came up to her and we we had our hands together and pushed both togeter. I wait for her to push and suddenly gave her hands, a pull. She went to the ground but turned over during the fall. And I sat on her stomach. I pushed her hands down. And said give up and I will spare you.

She just laughed. I slid forward and tried to clamp her hands under my legs. I got her hands under my legs. And had my hands free. I grabbed her throat and squeezed it a bit to show that I was in control. And said surrender to me.

She just laughed. I sat there and looked at a pretty lady beneath me. (her breasts looked sexy in her bra. I could reach everything with my hands, and was in control. My penis hardened when I was thinking about this.) My penis started to grow. I reached out to her breasts and began to massage them on the side. She lay beneath me and looked at me. And asked, do you have fun doing that.

(Thoughts were running through my head. I had seen a few bdsm movies. And I thought, I want to become a master too. It seems nice to have some kind of sex slave. And control someone. I can get it now, I had fantasized about it once, and now it could become reality.
This was my chance now or never. This is going to be fun.)

yes i love to be in charge of you. I want to see your breasts. and i want to see your pussy. I want to see you completely naked.
I'm going to undress you slowly.

But before we do that, you will first taste my penis.
I got up and took off my underwear.

But she also stood up quickly and we looked at each other.
So so you want me to taste your penis.
I didn't let her talk and said. You are going to listen to me I am the boss here and you are going to do what I want.
You will be my slave. And I will be your king.
You will be my sex slave.
If you surrender now, we'll take it easy.
If you don't surrender. We do it my way and I don't listen to you and we do whatever I want.

(I felt superior and got lots of ideas of what I was going to do with her and how I would use her for my pleasure.)

We stood looking at each other. When you're done with your speech my king she said mocin me, I'll tell you it's going to be the other way around. I'm going to get you and you're going to do whatever I want Ellis said to me.

We looked at each other. So you have surely forgotten who was just on top of you. I'll get you I came up to her. But she also came up to me. I dove on her but she stopped and turned along she jumped on my back I fell on mij back she let go I turned around but she just pulled up her legs and she wrapped them around my neck. And she clenched her legs behind my head.

she says there I got you. I reached out to grab her breasts but a pain shot through my head. I reached for the thighs that caught my head. And tried to get loose. But the pain got worse. And I couldn't breathe anymore. Stop moving your hands or you're gonna black out. I heard her say. I stopped moving and the pain lessened at first and I was able to get some air again.

So how does my underpants smell. She pushed my head forward. I sat one centimeter from er pussy With my nose.

Well what do you think now king. What do you think you will surrender To me the queen. She was laughing at me a little.
I suddenly pushed against her legs and pulled my head and I slipped between her legs.

She shot forward and straightened on my back. I tried to buck her off just like a bull at a fair. But she stayed on my back. She clasped her legs around me and started clamping with her legs squeezing my stomach together first and I stopped all my efforts and lay between her legs my hands still had free I got hold of her and pulled it. She began to swear. I pulled it was my only solution. She let go I let her go we sat against each other like dogs. I was tired, I had used up a lot of energy and my air had been pinched

she was angry she came up to me and And pulled me onto my back. And sat on my chest. So young man you thought you could handle me.

I started to buck and try to get her off me. whit al i had left.
She pretended to be riding a wild horse. But mij power faded. En hij was moving slower en slower.
She was looking hat me en then.

I felt a hand grab my balls. And now calmly young man, otherwise I turn them off and she gave a spin on my balls and a panic and pain, Speed ​​through my body and I became calm.

(What happened how could I lose to her.
I had sat on top of her I would do with her what i whant. that she would become my slave. Now it was compleet different. She sits on top of me like a queen. And she still has her bra and panties on and was completely naked under her. She sits on me like a goddess. How did she do that she still has energy left. I am completely exhausted. I did not know what to do anymore. I had to surrender. I was at the mercy of her whims. She was the boss of me and she didn't even seem tired this all went through my head.)

She asked if I surrendered to her. Apparently I didn't answer quickly enough because there was pressure on my bales again, I said that I surrendered. That's nice but next time you call me your queen you understand.

You stupid king you go way below from king to my slave. You're going to serve me.
I will give you assignments and you will carry them out.
I'll be your queen.
What do you have to say to that, slave.

I said nothing ( I cried and didn't know what to say and how it came that I ended up here, under her. I was ashamed that I lost wrestling. and that she was sitting on top of me. And that she had me by my balls. But a pain went through me. and I had to pay attention, otherwise i met more of worse pain. she spun my balls it's yes my queen she said.

Do you understand that? Now is not the time to cry. Say it. say you are going to serve me as a slave and do what I command you, tell me. And speak to me with you and my queen. Be very polite, otherwiseand I felt the pressure on my balls increase.

I understood I had to serve her and do whatever she would ask me to do, and I was beaten. And would she punish me. I was completely convinced that she could do whatever she wanted with me and I didn't know how quickly I had to answer. And how quickly I had to carry out her assignment. And that's how she got me down.

And I said yes my queen I surrender I will do anything you ask of me and I will serve you my queen.

You keep laying here is that understood. yes my queen. you learned quickly she said She got up and walked to her bathrobe and take out the cord that keeps the bathrobe closed. She walked over to me.
She sat on my stomach and tied the rope around my penis and my balls. She could easily reach it because
My young gentleman was standing up and I had never had such a hard penis I could come any minute I had the

She stood and told me that I should also stand.
I stood up and she walked ahead of me. She pulled the rope and I quickly followed her. Otherwise it hurt.
So we walked through the kitchen she showed where all the mugs and all the plates and where all food and drink were. She showed all the cleaning stuff we did a whole tour of the house and she showed me everything and occasionally pulled the rope.

She took pictures of me and videos with her own phone I had to pose. And kiss her feet I had to come kiss her. I did it all because she was in control. She untied the rope and I had to pose more.

Then she picked up my phone and I had to take pictures of her in the garden. While she was sunbathing. She pretended to be asleep, I didn't understand her. Then she took my phone and I own it now. If you don't do what I say, I'll show your father that you took such a picture. You just tell at home that you lost your phone. And otherwise I will show your parents all the photos and I will sell your photos and videos on the internet. Now she had completely blackmailed and humiliated me.

Your parents will come home in an hour or so, come along.
We walked to the back of the garden we went through hedge my first Peep hole. we came to the neighbors when she walked to our hedge there she let me make a hole where we could go through. We walked to my house. We went to my room. I had to lie on the bed. She took pictures of me with my cell phone. When in the bathroom with us while I cum she filmed it.
Then back in my room and I had to cum again from her. She took a picture. And she sent it to her own phone with texts about everything I wanted to do with her. And texts about what she was allowed to do to me and that I wanted her to be a mistress or goddess or queen. And that I wanted to do anything she wanted or wanted me to do. She showed me all the messages. And so she had a whole conversation of mine with her that I persuaded her and begged to be her slave. and that i want that she become my mistres. She took me back to the garden of hour house there she also took pictures.

we were done. she ties the rope around my penis again, and I followed her again I had to I was on the rope. and she had pictures and texts and my mobile. and I feared her she was stronger than me. but I had done it myself. I had released a beast in her. she told me. and she enjoyed it that she was the Boss of me. we are on our way back to her garden.
my parents of the old people even if they were upstairs
could not look into my queen's garden, I was glad about that.

She went back to lay on her lawn chair and she said two glasses of drink slave.
She let go of the rope and I walked in and got two glasses and poured drink and walked out and brought it to her. I had to give my rope which was still around my penis en bals. back to her. I had to massage her feet and kiss her feet.
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