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Default The Battle of the Sexes

Here is another excellent mixed fight story.

A Very Special Match

The Spector of a modern "Battle of the Sexes" Wrestling Match has intrigued people for a sometime. At some point in history there must have been such a contest to determine the roles of men and women. In that match, we all know the outcome. However today, would that still be the case, in a match between a world champion male and female contender. To answer this question, a special match has been set-up between male and female combatants.

The male enters the ring to uphold the mantle of universal male supremacy in this "Battle of the Sexes" wrestling bout. The male combatant has openly stated, he could never accept female physical equality, with the weaker sex. Even more ridiculous was the concept of female domination. The champion, or Iron Man as he is known, contends the concept of female domination, is merely a voluntary state of mind by the male, in which he gives control to a female. She can only physically take control, if he wishes her too. It is purely an imaginary state of mind. To be otherwise convinced, he would have to be defeated physically to believe such wild, absurd theories regarding female supremacy.

If the male is victorious tonight it will be a victory for the status quo, the accepted belief that such competition between equally matched combatants of opposite sexes is a farce.

Two gladiators will enter a closed stadium and only one will leave victorious. This match will feature two distinctly different, yet qualified opponents. The Iron Man considers himself a true Adonis, with a solid muscular build, certainly well qualified to defeat a woman. This Spartan feels more than a match for any woman, as no male opponent has ever beaten him.

Carla, the female opponent, is very feminine, and has boasted, before she is through with him, she will make him a believer not only female equality, but also female domination.

Odds makers would make him the heavy favorite because he was the MAN, supposedly physically superior to the female in combat; while also enjoying a 50 lb. weight advantage. This Battle of The Sexes will be a two out of three fall bout for the wrestling championship. There will be no spectators or referees. Just these two combatants will enter the ring and only one competitor will leave victorious.

The male champion enters with his traditional royal blue trunks, an imposing, supremely confident, ominous figure of destruction 6'4" weighing in at 248 lb. His superior glare of confidence alone would make any opponent think twice about entering the ring with him. He is positively deadly with his finely chiseled physique and his extremely confident air that he can not only defeat her, he will make sure she will regret challenging a champion. The only doubts in his mind are how long will it take and how much fight, she can give him? He cannot wait to thoroughly humiliate her and physically demolish this upstart opponent. The champion trained solely with male opponents as he felt there is not a woman on earth who belongs in a wrestling ring with a wrestler of his caliber.

Carla, then enters the ring in a sensual, sizzling, revealing, black thong bikini, which immediately draws the attention of her male opponent. Obviously one of her tactics will be to distract him. It works! He has never fought a woman before and she wants to use this fact to her advantage. She is a visually gorgeous combination of strength and beauty. Not overly muscular, but firmly toned, graceful, trim and 100% feminine. Weighing in at 190 at a height 5' 11" she also has a confident air about her. Her 42" D breasts hold his eyes captive, as her bikini tries to restrain them by the barest of margins. Her nipples are hard protruding through the thin fabric of her bikini in anticipation of this heated battle. It will be hard for him to concentrate on such a beautiful, sensual opponent. She lets him take in the full view of her glorious figure. She takes a deep breath expanding her breast to enormous proportions. She is also undefeated, having beaten both men and woman of various shapes and sizes, although none were as big as the brute in her path tonight.

There will be no submissions, only the pinning of an opponent will determine a clear victor. There must be no doubt as to the winner in this match. Each opponent sizes up the other... they are ready.

They move to the center of the ring......

The two gladiators circle each other, carefully mapping out their strategy. She playfully dances around her clumsy opponent. He tries to forget how attractive and sensual she truly is. As they lock arms it is apparent that indeed, he is physically stronger. This test of strength gives a clear advantage to the champion. The Iron Man smirks and grins as his opponent, begins to weaken. His brute strength forces her to the mat. He is in control as she drops to the mat. The helpless female cannot counter the brute strength of the champion. He is a wild man on a mission, as he forces her shoulders toward the mat. This is almost too easy! His Herculean strength encounters minimal resistance from his opponent. Using all of his power, he brings her shoulders slowly to the mat towards certain victory. Finally her shoulders are pinned.

The first fall is over... he has won! The Iron Man is ecstatic in his victory and feels invincible. It was just as he knew it would be, his female opponent lying prone at his feet, beaten by a superior wrestler. The noble gladiator struts around the ring flexing his impressive muscles, in which, he is now the master. No female could ever defeat me, he boasts. He informs her he is just getting warmed up and will not be merciful in the next fall and will make her severely regret accepting this match. While sweating profusely and breathing heavily, it is only then that he notices the condition his opponent. She is still fresh, cool and still smiling with a confident look.

Carla congratulates him for his victory. The champion snarls back, he will destroy her in the next fall. This belt is mine bitch, just try and take it, if you can, screamed the champ. How can it be, there is no sense of defeat in her face at all. What confidence or foolhardiness she possesses. There is no fear in her eyes... only fire.

Male 1 - Female 0 ......The Second fall

The second fall is indeed, another story. Carla uses skill and speed to keep her male opponent at bay. She seemingly will not allow herself to be caught and trapped again with his superior strength. The Iron Man is bearing down wildly and cannot seem to get a grip on her, as he did in the first fall. He is frustrated and angry and certainly not focused as he was before. His anger begins to work against him. Her initial strategy appears to be to keep away and test his stamina. Finally, Carla senses he is slowing down. Becoming a lumbering gorilla while she is maintaining her agility and speed, he is becoming dizzy just trying to pursue her. She is the cheetah, always dashing out of his reach. Each hold he attempts to apply is useless, as she escapes before he can truly apply the needed lethal force and power. He is a wild bull and she is the matador finessing him into her trap. Her strategy is now obvious, to slow him down and tire him out. It is clearly working. Now she stands before him, a much more, stationary target.

The mad bull charges and dives at her waist, but alas, she has once again stepped out of his grasp. Again and again he lunges for her, but she is too fast. In frustration, he swings his fists wildly, connecting only with air. Even the punches that do get thru lack the force and power to hurt her. Her eyes are ablaze as she now sees him as her target. He is like the lamb being led to slaughter. when he begins to finally visibly tire enough for
her satisfaction, she changes tactics. It’s far too late when he finally realizes her ploy. Now, she is too quick and he is too tired. Carla no longer seems to be retreating, quite the opposite ... she is now the aggressor!

The Iron Man is trying to avoid her, as she seems to have totally changed her personality and she advances as if possessed. She unleashes a barrage of lefts and rights which do connect. Carla's fists sink into his once hard exterior begin to take effect and sink further and further into his gut. He is certainly on the short end of this exchange. He backs up hoping to catch his breath and get a second wind. She stalks him again waiting for the moment to unleash more of her feminine power. Finally the moment arrives as he backs into a corner, she strikes like a swift feline predator. Left hook to his jaw, a right and left in his gut and an uppercut smashes into his chin that lifts him up on his toes. The Ironman is dazed! Carla grabs his right arm, turns her body and flips him over her hip using the force of his own weight against him.

She leaps on his body and is now on top of a very surprised male. Now in control she has bagged her prey. Asserting herself, she embraces his head in her muscular arms slips her legs around his waist and applies a devastating scissors hold. Her powerful thighs lock around his waist, and literally cutting into him and taking his breath away. She wants him to realize just how powerful of a woman she is and she wants him to fully understand, his attempts to defeat her will be futile. Her legs feel like iron around his mid-section. She shakes him and bounces him around like a like a discarded toy. Too his utter disbelief, he cannot break the hold. She wears him down to almost total exhaustion. Carla is now like a tigress toying with her prey. Almost letting him escape her scissors hold around his waist, she recaptures him another brutal hold. The Iron Man is captive in a vice-like full-nelson. When the challenger releases her full-nelson, she gleefully watches him try to crawl away.

This cannot be the same arrogant male from the first fall, can it? “Oh no big shot, I'm not done with you yet. There is still more pain coming she says yanking a hand full of hair pulling him back into her thighs and recaptures him in an excruciating neck scissors. Slowly, Carla seems to devour her opponent as he disappears between those magnificent muscular thighs. She switches to a figure four scissors as her hard muscular calf cuts off his breathing. Finally she tires of this cat and mouse game and decides it is time to finish him. She takes joy in seeing the
fear in his eyes. Carla released her scissor hold, leaving her opponent collapsed, flat on his back, gasping for air. A grapevine is order as Carla mounts his manly male body with her hard feminine body and entwines her muscular legs around his. This would-be pompous champion is pleading with his terrified, pitiful expression which only adds to her excitement. Slowly spreads his legs as she forces his shoulders down to the mat, savoring every moment. She is totally turned on by his weak feeble attempts to escape. The champion is helpless. He frantically tries to fight back. she is now in control. He tries with all his power to push her off, but her grapevine is more than he can handle. She looks down at him, with a derisive laughing voice taunting him, demanding he fight harder. She is absolutely relentless and devastating, forcing his shoulders down, until they are firmly, undeniably and completely pinned to the mat. Her power has totally crushed him, he can hardly breathe. He is not only pinned, but also, completely exhausted and humiliated.

He can only wonder how she did it. Carla continued her devilish laugh and taunted him, as she went back to her corner. She knew she had convincingly defeated him, both physically and mentally. The wisdom of her psychological as well as physical attack bore undeniable results.

After the second fall, there was some definite fear and confusion in the eyes of the male champ and maybe even some doubt doubt about his superiority. The Iron man is somewhat disoriented. His world has been turned upside down. Could this fantasy end with his defeat? She is in much better shape than him, quicker, more skilled, possibly as strong and now her endurance gives her a clear advantage.

Her knowledge of wrestling was something the male champion never really worried about...until now. He'll be sure not to under estimate her in this final fall. He must be careful, not quite so cocky. In the ten minute allotted break between falls, each wrestler plans their final strategy.

As they waited for the next fall the champion began to wonder if just maybe, she let him win the first fall. Could she be that cunning? Then her victory over an opponent, who thinks himself unbeatable, would make the victory much more satisfying. She would thoroughly enjoy crushing and humiliating him, little by little to destroy his male mystique. The thought of her standing above him holding his championship belt would now be more than enough to send him to victory.

Male 1 - Female 1 ...... And Now The Deciding Fall

And now the final fall to determine the victor. They each advance cautiously to the center of the ring. She is still smiling confidently. There is a puzzled look on the face of the male champion although he continues his outward macho bravado. This is to mask his doubts. This is much more than a wrestling match, this is his worst nightmare. He, now faces physical defeat at the hands of a supposedly the weaker sex, a mere woman. The shame of it! Not some she-male weight lifter, but a very sexy and erotic woman.

After continuing to circle each other they advance. The Iron Man realizes defeat is not an option, he becomes the raging wild bull again. He sees the black bikini and charges. They meet in the center of the ring. She doesn’t slip away but accepts the challenge as the clasp hands in a test of strength. He is amazed at her strength. She does not collapse, as she is no longer in awe of his power. This time will be different she tells him. One minute passes... now two. What goes thru the minds of two opponents, eye-ball to eye-ball, each needing to gain the advantage. Is it fear, anger, pain.... or possibly all of the above? 5 Full minutes have elapsed and they are still eye to eye. He knows she has sapped much of his strength and there is not much reserve left in him to draw from. At the ten minute mark,
Carla notices the first sign of weakness...beads of sweat begin to form on his forehead running down his face, his eyes no longer meeting hers. He has looked away from her powerful glare and his expression goes from determine to confusion. It seems, he is looking elsewhere for help, but there is none to come. He looks back at her with a look of fear that he is losing the test of strength. His weakness is now her strength.

The Amazon warrior senses this and going for it all she pours it on. His arms begin to tremble his knees started trembling wildly and buckling under her majestic force. The Iron Man valiantly tries to hold on, but cannot stem the tide, the momentum is hers. The dye is cast as he.... begins to sink slowly as she is forcing the male champion down past those glowing, fiery determined tigress eyes which show no sign of mercy or pity. There is only a smirk of contempt for the so called superior sex. Sinking further past her burning nostrils, the amazon warrior now senses sweet victory and the inevitability of another pathetic male loser humiliated by the superior female.

The proud male sinks further past his conquers sensuous smile which revealed her total delight of his woeful plight. He slips past her delicious smile she whispers in a soft, erotic voice, “good fight big guy but you never really had a chance. How does it feel to be out muscled by a girl”? She licks his ear then laughs out loud as he sinks further in disgrace. His descent to defeat continues past those marvelous mounds of flesh that are now fully erect and heaving with the excitement of the moment. Her bikini top comes loose and falls when her opponent's sorry face pulled it off on his way down.

Carla was almost glowing in a delicate glaze of sweat, which he was unable to appreciate in his current predicament. Down past her hard six-pack and glorious bikini bottom, protector of her most intimate shrine. He would never discover the treasure which lies beneath. It was not a place befitting despised vanquished losers.

Finally he was on his knees before his Amazon conqueror. Carla now released his wrists and he falls exhausted to the mat on all fours breathing heavily not moving. The conquer steps behind him. Carla bent over from behind applied another brutal full-nelson, her large breasts almost squeezing the air from his burning parched, lungs. Far too exhausted, he is unable to
resist or fight back. One wonders, how she can still be so fresh and seemingly getting stronger.

She stands behind him with her python like choke hold turning her opponent a slightly hellish tint of purple. She keeps total control and easily forces him down to the mat. There is almost no more resistance from him. She can apply any hold at will.

She slides her muscular legs down to encircle his waist again and air becomes even more scarce. He fully realizes that this is his last chance to fight back or he is finished. The champion knows full well that if he cannot break free now, he is finished. From the Greek gods he summons up the strength of Hercules and begins to buck like a wild stallion. Amazingly, after the beating he has taken, he almost breaks free of this hold, knowing full well this is his last stand. This is the moment when heroes are crowned or lost.

Carla using her own mighty strength to maintain her control was enjoying each and every moment of this male’s crazed attempts to escape. “This is the most fun I've had yet”, she screams. She prods him on try harder, come on fight me wimp... give me some real resistance. “Fight like a man, even if you can’t fight like a woman”! She taunts.

The female champ has taken his best shot and has not given an inch. Slowly even the strength of the gods is drained and this mere mortal male is doomed. "Come on, try it again" she laughs. He never dreamed it could come to this. He hears her cat-like purring as she alternately tightens and loosens the vice now encircling his waist. She is enjoying this immensely as her game is great fun. It seemed forever that she held that hold, draining whatever fight that was left in her opponent breaking his will to fight back. She shook him again like a rag-doll and informed him that he was no challenge, and no longer fun.

The end was near. She wanted to make 100% certain that there would be no claim of a fluke victory. The champion was being given every opportunity to win, even though he realized that he could not defeat this fabulous warrior.

Sensing her play thing was on the verge of passing out or dying, she gently drew his head between her perfect thighs. The spider was trapping him in her web with no escape. if it was her desire to, she could suffocate him here and now, but that is not how this match was designed to end. A pin-down victory was needed and she informed him, he would be pinned in a most humiliating and degrading fashion. He stared at her with a blank expression. There was not the slightest hint of any male bravado anymore. There was no more resistance from the once proud male. The Ironman was done.

She released her beaten opponent. He just laid motionless, flat on his back, barely conscious, sucking in air. He could however still hear her commanding voice describing his finish. Carla sat on his chest and laughingly informed him that the match would be ended with a special pin. No, not a school-boy pin or some face smothering humiliation, this match will conclude with her magnificent breasts alone, pinning him. Imagine that!

She would not require any strength to hold this would-be spartan opponent down. Yes, these bountiful symbols of pleasure, which arrogant men like him have always groped and fondled, would be the final instruments to crown a champion in this "Battle of the Sexes" match, or mismatch. The match which once seemed his to command was to end in disaster. She hovered above him with her body in a push-up position. Carla exclaimed, "my goodness, you really look tired. See these breasts, watch as they slowly come down to finish you".

He was completely horrified and totally ashamed to see her above him with no ability to resist. Now Carla slowly lowered herself, savoring every moment, as her golden globes headed for the final victory. Beads of sweat from her glistening breasts dripped
onto her opponent face. Carla's eyes looked into his and his fear made her body tingle, aroused with excitement. The Ironman did not speak, but it sounded like he was silently sobbing in his humiliation. The supple flesh and erect nipples made contact. The moment of sweet victory had arrived. Staring into his disbelieving eyes made this victory, her most enjoyable accomplishment. She
found it much more satisfying than a face-sitting pin would have been. She saw his total defeat in the eye to eye contact. Carla fought the male champion, but had conquered much more. How long did she hold him there, who knows? It was as long as she wanted to. Did the Iron Man enjoy it, certainly not, well maybe a little, but the dominant continued to dictate to him that, not only was she wrestling champion supreme, but also now he was her personal slave.

Obviously, he was in no position to debate the point. She had proven absolute, physical superiority to this doubting fool. Carla asked him if he needed further proof of her superiority or if there
were any doubts as to the winner of this match. The former champion could only nod his head no. The dominate female would now command him. He must obey her every command.

Any and all resistance would be met with another encounter in which she promised to make him suffer much, much more, if that's was possible and still live. This new champion was an effective wrestler who had immensely enjoyed her championship wrestling experience. What a turn-on to bring a pompous arrogant, male to his knees in this fashion, she thought. Who is
the champion now? she bellowed. He could not speak. Who is the strongest, now? she screamed! I am your queen and conqueror. Do you know believe and accept female Equality and Domination now, Do You, Do You? She grabbed him by
his hair and slapped his face. He did not respond. Again she slapped him, again, again, again...until she got the answer she desired. There, that wasn't so hard, now was it, asked Carla. In his semi-conscious mind he could now easily accept her as a dominant, as she had both physically and mentally beaten
him. Carla knew, he was glad in his own pathetic way . When she tired of him he was discarded or banished, quite possibly she could even have killed him with her bare hands. He was never seen again. Carla as champion was now, just beginning. She would continue to fight doubting arrogant males wherever they are hiding.
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Default Re: The Battle of the Sexes

This was on Diana The Valkyrie. I have similar themed stories on the Forum such as: Girl Boxers, I thought boxing was for men, Females in Gus' Gym, Cheerleaders vs Football Players, Husband vs Wives, Camp Surprise and more.

Let me know what you think.
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Default Re: The Battle of the Sexes

Yes, I’m very familiar with your work. I have enjoyed reading your stories, and I look forward to more.
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Default Re: The Battle of the Sexes

Your Works are so amazing. I am a big fan of Your works.
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