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Old 02-Sep-21, 13:47
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Default Ten most dominant moves or holds, women over men

Ten most dominant moves or holds, women over men: your starter for ten in no particular order...

1. ‘Reverse double knee’ AKA Reverse Face Sit Pin: butt must rest on victim’s face. May be preceded by body slam or piledriver to soften up victim. The more casual the victor, the better: hands on hips, hands through hair, etc. or victory pose.
2. ‘Small package’ or ‘Matchbox’: same as 1. above, but with victim’s legs tucked under winner’s arms. Essential that victim is snugly packaged: lame ankle grabs with victim still flat on back do not count.
3. Folding press: victim’s ankles are snatched away and victor goes right over, holding wrists, so that victim is doubled over, trapped and pinned. Best if victor’s forehead touches canvas, or winner is even flat on stomach.
4. Same as 3, but victor flips over into a bridge, pinning victim.
5. Boston Crab: essential that victim’s legs are tucked right under aggressor’s arms, with victor’s butt in small of victim’s back. Again, no lame grabs of ankles or calves.
6. ‘Flying surfboard’: subsets allowed where victim is too heavy for aggressor.
7. Backbreaker over two knees. Hand on victim’s face.
8. Airplane spin, followed by body slam (or even ‘Kamikaze Crash’).
9. As 8. Above, but with victim reversed in backbreaker.
10. Over to you.

(Disallowed: Camel Clutch, staged aerial moves, Single leg hooks, gimmicks like ‘Stinkface’, etc. etc.)
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Old 07-Sep-21, 15:54
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Default Re: Ten most dominant moves or holds, women over men

thread approved
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Old 07-Sep-21, 17:42
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Default Re: Ten most dominant moves or holds, women over men

Moves that feel dominant to me are being lifted/carried against my will, moves that feature eye contact with the woman when she is expecting a submission, and moves that can be maintained without much effort from the woman.

These rankings are based on my own experiences where I felt dominated.

1. Airplane spin/torture rack - Either parading me around or pulling down/bouncing to force a submission
2. Body slam
3. Full Nelson bodyscissor combo - just a helpless feeling
4. Submitting to body scissors in the guard position when the woman is looking up at me. Visually it’s not a very dominant position since the woman is on her back but I feel so weak when I lose this way and see her reaction.
5. Grapevine with or without breastsmother
6. Spladdle or matchbook pin
7. Standing head scissors while being lifted - no way out of this one
8. Schoolgirl pin
9. Not sure if there is a name for this but being leg pressed in the air and held there by a woman who is on her back
10. Crucifix pin
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