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Taekwondo The security organization with extraordinary employee

This is my first story. Sorry for my English, if somebody gets ready to correct it, I'll edit the post.

Misson 1

Tom is the boss of his company. He lent a lot of money to unreliable people. They have overdue all the deadlines. And they ask to wait still. Later they just disappeared. Tom requested a special organization with the name “SuperShot”, which can help give money back. The organization wasn't so easy to find. He knows about this company from his friends. Because it’s a secret and a slightly illegal company. But they have defined methods, which give 99% successful results.
After several days, SuperShot found unreliable people and reported that they'll soon talk with his debtors. Tom preferred to come here himself to visit them. SuperShot’s representatives said that bad idea, they work without everyone around. But Tom was very persistent. The organization agreed and said the next steps. They found the debtors in a hotel. On next day in the morning will be the ideal moment. They all will be in one room. And Tom could visit them together with SuperShot’s agent.

In Morning Tom come near to Hotel. He walked into a parked van. In inside was a man with a laptop and a teen woman. The woman was blonde, 25-30 years old, blue-eyed, around 5'7'' tall. She wore a dark grey coat and wore black matt gloves. It was curious. The weather was not so cold. She had a lot of bright white teeth, surrounded by lips and she was a very attractive woman. The man wore a business suit.

“Hello Tom, so now all three guys are waking up in the hotel room. We are ready to visit them. This is Sylvia. She will work with them. You can just watch to process, or talk with your debtors.” Starts talking man. Sylvia had just finished tying her long, flowing blonde hair into a ponytail. Her sleeves dropped down and Tom saw her arms under coat and thought “She is wearing elbow-length gloves. Do she intend to work as dancer dominatrix?”
“Sorry, What kind of work it will be?” Tom couldn't help asking.
“We sure succeed, by all means necessary. It may cause some noise, but Sylvia works clear and fast." answered the man and looked at Sylvia and added: "Sometimes, not fast” She silently smirked with by very thin smile. “We are working mainly anonymously. I remind you again, you shouldn’t go with her and look at this.”.
“She is going to them alone? I have to worry you. They aren’t pretty guys. They are three adult men. I don’t know, maybe somebody knows how to fight.”
“Don’t worry Tom, It’s my regular work” Sylvia answered the first time. Her voice further shows her age.
“She has appropriate skills” added the man. “It's none of your business how we will do that. Usually our clients nothing see. We use modern technologies and remember, you'll be bound by our confidentiality agreements, if you go.” He watched one more time to laptop“It's time for you to go."

They passed by the reception and go to an elevator. They push the top floor number. Immediately Sylvia starts to undress her coat.
“Stop, what are … ?” He saw Sylvia didn’t have boots. It was a part of her full suit.
She took off her coat and show a strange suit. It looked like black rubber's diver's suit, which covered it from neck to foot. The figure of the girl, tightly encased in the one-piece suit, was slim-waisted. Her whole body is of muscle, slender hands, and strong long legs.
“It’s my armor. Please don’t ask anything” Sylvia said and put a tight hood of suit over her head that hide her hair and chin. The suit wasn't smooth like a human body, looks more like a consisted of a rough matt texture.

He found it weird to see a woman in a rubber suit. Sylvia pulled from her coat a mask that look like black glasses with a compact respirator. Glasses probably had a night vision feature, because was a little bigger than usual sunglasses. Sylvia got up in front of Tom smiled and strapped the mask by belts to her head. She also had a pistol with a silencer attached to one thigh and a knife with plastic zip ties was attached to another. The gun has given him confidence in the success of the operation.
They arrived on the floor and stepped out of the elevator. Sylvia began to walk first. Tom didn't hear any sound, as Sylvia went along the corridor. Her feet must have a special coating. Tom stared at her one-toned coveralls without a sash on a waist. It was only a one-piece full-body suit including the hood.

Tom knocked on the door. After a moment, a young man opened the door. Suddenly, he felt his wrist gripped tight, as Sylvia's fingers closed on it. Surprised, he had no time to resist, as Sylvia's a straight leg kick by his face. She pulled him out of the room, swung him around, twisted up painfully arm. Then she blow to the back of the head with a perfectly placed spinning wheel kick. He fell with a sharp thud to the floor.
"Bring him in the room," Sylvia said calmly. Her mask barely didn’t distort the voice.
Sylvia enters quickly and went to the center, where the two men are resting. One was big and muscular like normal standing in a center room, the other was smaller sitting on edge of the bed. They are both about 6'.
Sylvia jump and pulled an athletic move and did spinning flying head scissors at the big man, wrapping her legs around his head and screwing around, then allowing her body to drop down, causing all her weight to flip the big guy over. She laid with him giving him one quick burst squeeze with her legs. He shouted sharply at the increase in pain. In the next second, she released the man’s head and performed a 'kip-up” to get back on her feet. She gotta think about the third man.

She was very fast, but the last guy had time to get a knife. Sylvia quickly walked up to him. She noticed the knife, however, took his hand, which was without a knife with both hands. He slashed and the knife struck her flank without not into penetration, at all. The man wondered very much about it. Immediately, she raise a leg, put on his arm and climbed high by his arm with a knife, and hoisted herself on his shoulders. She leaning on his hand by her’s, pulled his other arm between her legs. Threw her stomach over his head, started stretching. She like a black snake caught him, around his hands in a crucifix hold. His head back touched her stomach, unable to use his arms.

A crunch of bones was heard. The man screamed in pain but still continued to stand and wriggle. There was one more crack sound and he cried out in sheer agony. The man dropped the knife and fell to his knees. Sylvia release scissors and stood on to the floor. She raised his hand and gave it a powerful twist, shattering the bones in his wrist in one dominating motion, before dropping his hand. The man gave final a sharp cry around, at the same time Sylvia short squealed. It wasn't clear it was a cry of pleasure or she finished her trick with this sound.

Tom watched, wide-eyed. He has never seen a woman use an athletic move like that in real life. The two men are still squirming on the floor, the first man, which opened a door laid unconscious. Sylvia's black mask glanced at him, “Bring him from the hallway to here.” Tom remembered what he had been asked and went to do. She looked at the other big guy who was coughing badly. The big man started to come around when Sylvia advances quickly on her still dazed opponent, placing him in a seating position, legs wrapped around his torso. The man tries to get out of it but Sylvia takes him down to the ground, sitting behind him. With the big man in front of her, Sylvia locks her ankles and begins squeezing the man's middle. Man's hands go immediately to the rubber methal thighs that are crushing him, trying to separate them. Sylvia keeps on squeezing her victim as the man begins to moan. He tried to free himself by were hitting her thighs, but the blows felt more like hitting a brick wall. Her suit protected easily to a sharp blow. There couldn’t see the woman’s face under a mask but heard that she gave a slight moan.

Meanwhile, She pulled from her thigh a zip tie and grabbed his hand, and twist it behind the elbow. The man yelled out loud in pain. She forced his other hand down, gripping the wrist. He struggled but it doesn’t give him much progress. Then she tied with a zip tie his hands and gave him a last short powerful squeeze. The assassin releases the hold and leaps to her feet. She was enjoying herself, deep breathing while her victim abruptly wiggled and tries to catch his breath.

Even if she would didn't say a word, everyone understood them this assassin is a woman. She had a flat tummy, decent breasts, and a beautiful butt. The perfect balance of femininity and muscle looks it even under a tight unitard.

Tom took the man from a corridor in his legs and pulled him to the room. Sylvia turned around, looking at the man small men with broken arms still on the floor. She slowly crouched down to him and force moved both his hands behind his back, he began struggling again, sensing how dangerous the situation was for him. She picked up one more zip tie and tied up the small man with it. He squirmed in the pain but there was nothing he could do.

Tom dragged the man to the floor. He was younger and more attractive than other men. He was in his early twenties. He was clean-cut and enough muscular with dark hair. Tom brought the man near a bed. Sylvia excitedly leaped into the bed. The brunet just starting to recover and sit on the floor.
“As you understand, we come for money, which you do not return until now” Tom was starting talking, but He looked at Sylvia in surprise. Her pair of black rubber clad legs, slid around the young man’s neck and reel him to bed.

Sylvia grabbed his arms and pull on top of her. She captures him in a headscissor. Now the young male face is in the woman's crotch with Sylvia holding on to his wrists. The man tries to stand up to relieve some of the pressure from the intense scissor hold, but black sturdy legs are way too strong. The female assassin plops her back onto the bed, pouring on the pressure as man grunts to his tormentor's thighs. The captive screams and groans wildly into the woman's crotch.
“Ok, we’ll give back tomorrow!” Some bound man shouted, He had to have heard screams on the bed.
Tom's mouth was dry and his heart pounded. He still can't get used to her suit and especially to her methods of work. He couldn't see her face, but sure she was fun doing this. Tom was feeling quite weak. He has never seen anyone that so easily beat men.
“Ok, You know my accounts” answered Tom.
“Aaah!” But this time it was Sylvia, which squealing with delight.

Clear from this point, this particular type of physical harm wasn't necessary. She could just bind them, using a knife or pistol, but she wanted to somebody scream and squirm between her thighs. SuperShot knows about the extraordinary behavior of employee thereof but doesn’t mind if she does every time a very good job.

The man’s hands run up and down the young girl's incredible legs trying to pull them apart, but it's impossible. Sylvia had released his wrists, already. She wanted to change position and split legs as he put all his strength into it to bridge her off, she quickly re-grab his waist between her solid legs. She dragged him in her crotch and fixed his torso between her thighs. He had a look of terror that said that he realized that he can't fight with her. She gave him a sample squeeze with her well-trained legs that had him moaning in pain under her, although it looked like male and female had fun in bed from the outside.

She honed her legs almost specifically for that very purpose, to do her work by her unusual methods and get pleasure in torturing males or females by squeezing. Sylvia tilted her head to the side as the man winced in pain and tried to move but he seemed stuck. And as she tightened her bodyscissors, again, there was a cracking sound and the man felt a stabbing pain in his chest, his grunted and groaned serve as more encouragement for her.

Tom was even more shocked. “She really gets off on hurting people and she is a trained combatant. I can't imagine what she can do with somebody, having sex.” he thought. It wasn't any great mystery, Sylvia's low moans started turning into panting sighs of pleasure. She made a sound of pleasure and look at Tom. “I will be done a job so soon, please make sure they are still lying up.”
“Please, stop” the man was obviously feeling bad. She especially fell in love with this guy's body and wasn't going to stop. She rolled over to her side to get a tighter grip around his muscle body. Turning him around between her torturing legs and easily moved him closer to her crotch. A guttural sound emitting from the man, drove her harder. Suddenly, he gives out one final high-pitched cry. Soon she released her hold but was from finished with him. She rolled him around to lay on top of him.

Her legs, locked around his legs, her feet pressed into the legs of the young man. The young man tried to push away Sylvia, but couldn’t move his legs. She quickly put his legs in a grapevine. Her firm breasts heaving in her suited were at eye level. She sighed contentedly, moving back and shaking her ass side to side until their bodies were tightly configured. She was going to play with his muscles where she grinds on him, before actually squeezing the life out of him. Her legs stretched his captured limbs wide and a yell of pain in the room. She put her hands on her waist and her body suspended over him. It looked very strong pose. The young guy winces in agony as Sylvia's killer legs begin to spread her apart. The male's hands are all over Sylvia's thighs and ass trying to find a weakness, but the assassin has her hold locked in tight. She did more scream with pleasure when she could feel the man’s struggling body between her thighs. She put her arms down and started fondling his chest, stomach. She would like to without clothes have fun with him but didn't sure that other men can't untie themself in the near future and Tom can handle with them. Sylvia's wiry black covered hand moved to where she knew she’d cracked his rib and pressed, slowly increasing the pressure until she felt the rib bend and he shrieked even louder. She felt a rush of adrenaline rip through her. She lost her breath momentarily from the pleasure this gave her and she squeaked out another scream. She shuddered her legs wider in the powerful throes of her orgasm. “Please, stop” the brunet begged. She seemed to have forgotten him for a moment and wasn't paying attention to hear him groan. She slowly moved her hands from the man’s chest to her hips. She needed to wait for a bit to catch her breath enjoying their game of pleasure and pain. She was silent for a moment and then release her legs and get up to kneel over her prey.

She looked around, saying, “Okay, we are done here. This is the good moment for me to complete the mission.” She climbed off the bed "Ok, guys it was wonderful to meet you. I guess you don't want to see me anymore, please do whatever it is necessary." Sylvia didn't look at Tom, she said: "We're going down." probably she has a microphone in her mask.
They run to a back stairway. She didn't want somebody from Hotel to see her in a working suit. A coat in the elevator was only one item, that showed she was in the hotel. There wasn't DNA, fingerprints, hair, and spit. Tom followed and continue looking at her suit, which clung tightly body, emphasizing her shapely curves. Then they back into the van with the man with the laptop.
"I think, they all learned a lot. Let's go!" Said the man and rapped twice to the wall of the cabin. "I have turned on the hotel's cameras back"
Sylvia disarm her mask, released her head out of a black tight hood, and made a movement with her head to make her hair look good. Her face positively glowed. She looked straight at Tom with her blue eyes "Did you enjoy watching as I worked?" she said unable to hide the pleasure and smile in her voice.

Thanks for reading, please leave feedback.

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Default Re: The security organization with extraordinary employee

Ahh man, the story is fantastic ! I very love such stories, I wish there were more of them. That's why I really appreciate your work! Keep up the good work, I really want to see Sylvia in next mission and maybe perhaps in the more dangerous ones, where she will already use her lethal skills, and weapons.

Will be wait for new chapters !
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