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Default Re: have you ever cried or been broken in a session

Originally Posted by revanyo [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
Care to elaborate? I love some Fabi stories
On one occasion I managed to get a hold of one of the threads of her bra and untie it. She responded by sitting on my tummy and grabbing my wrists. She held my arms any way she wanted allowing me only close enough to barely graze her. If I would stop struggling she would twist my arm forcing me to use up all my strentgh. Pulling my wrist across my shoulder she easily flipped me over on my belly kneeling down on my legs. She reached between my legs pulling up my package whiile holding them toegether at the same time with her legs. With her hands she grabbed my buttocks and suqeezed them and pushed them toegether which felt slightly uncomfortable. I heard her breathing in and out loudly, then breathing in again and then yelling she slapped first my left bucttock and then my right one. Not only were my cheecks on fire, my nuts were caught up in between. Then she immediately pulled my legs up in a leg-trap under her armpits and at the same time while stepping off the bed taking me in a camel clutch. As she assumed a deep squat with her feet close toegether and her legs wide open I could only feel the burning sensation in my tender ass and the throbbing pain in my balls as my abdoemen burned trying to curl me up into the fetal position but were streetched to the point that my soles touched my head instead. Look at you she said lifting as both up as my arched body was dangling in between her legs which not yet fully stretched were already hugging me. I could see us in the mirror like that my arched body encased by her huge tights her big fake breasts still bare glistening with sweat while my cheeks were glistening with tears from the pain. My little baby wanted to see my seins I heard her say as I saw her lips move in the mirror. Watch she said while her legs went from merely encasing my contorted body to squeezing it.
She let go of me to allow me to curl up. After a moment she was back wearing a strapon. Kneeling on me she flicked it on my face. getting up she cradled me in her arms and rolled me on the bed so that I was face down. One hand grapped my package Tightly. Let's make some Tarte aux Matons she said I would later learn. I felt her hand grab my flaccid cock and press the tip against my anus letting go to hold it in place with the strapon instead while coaxing my balls and grazing my shaft. The instant she pressed down hard into my perinuem I came. Hot wet cum was oozing out my flaccid dick into me. Her thankfully realistically sized strapon was pushed to the tilt keeping my tip wetched inside while my own cum lubricated the strapon. With her arms wrapped tightly around my chest and her chest pressed into my back she laid me out flat on the bed pounding me as fast as she can right away. Riding on the wave of my orgasm her assault on my prostate send shivers through my whole body which quickly turned into a tremble and finally with a mix of exctasy and shame into sobbing. She had me reduced to real tears only 20 min. into the session.
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Default Re: have you ever cried or been broken in a session

Originally Posted by DMC [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
Sybil Starr. Eons ago.
What did she do?! She doesn't seem like the type. She's pretty small too.
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Old 16-Jan-22, 21:18
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Default Re: have you ever cried or been broken in a session

Originally Posted by revanyo [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
Are you in that video?

Added after 9 minutes:

Do you find that that level of sub space puts you into an unhealthy or bad mindset? My only fear with a session like that is that I'll enter a post traumatic space after the session which may last a few weeks.

Has anyone here experienced that or found ways to remedy it like another session or after care prior to a session?
No, because it was exactly what I wanted. It took me a couple of days to get out of subspace, which had never happened before but I felt amazingly peaceful. I also haven't sessioned since, for various reasons, so it's quite a memory for the last time I sessioned with a Domme.
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Default Re: have you ever cried or been broken in a session

Well, I only have experience with my current girlfriend, I've never tried anything like this with anyone else.

I have written some of our experiences on other topics.
With my GF's permission, I'm attaching a photo of her related to this story - with a face censor of course.

We just had a hard time in a relationship, several weeks of quarrels and conflicts, of which we were both tired, then I left our apartment for a few days and we were not in contact at all. Then she call me once on Friday that she wanted me to come home.
Before I arrived she drank half a bottle of wine, and then we just sat on the balcony, she drank wine, I drank beers.
We weren't drunk, but it hit us a little (especially her, because under normal circumstances she doesn't drink at all).
Then she went inside and called me after a while. She posed there dressed as a naughty schoolgirl, she asked me if I liked her and if I wanted to take a picture of her.
I immediately had a phone in my hand and I made a picture that you can see in this post. Then we hugged each other and I thought we were going to have sex. She took the belt and tied my hands behind my back (nothing unusual in our relationship, I still thought she wanted sex.)
Then she put me on my stomach on the bed but she was still very tender and sensitive. She sat on me, I couldn't see what she was doing, but it was clear to me from her movements that she had taken off her panties. Then came the shock....
she grabbed me by the throat and stuffed her thongs in my mouth, then she grabbed my hair strongly with one hand, and with her other hand she held my mouth and nose. She was so fierce and aggressive and held me really hard. I started to struggle and she grabbed me tightly by her legs, I really tried to fight, so she used both her hands to hold my nose and mouth.
Then she whispered in my ear "you will die now!" and she started laughing.
The tone of her voice frightened me, I could feel real anger and hate from it.
Maybe it was the alcohol too, but I really started to panic.
I couldn't breathe, I couldn't move, I really started choking and she still held me so tight...and laughed.
At that moment, I was really fighting for my life. But I was not able to free myself, to scream, nothing...
I don't know how long she held me, a few seconds at most. According to her words, she let me go when my resistance weakened and I started making different noises from smothering.
When she released my mouth and stopped holding my nose, I coughed, snorted, and tears streamed down my cheeks.
She hugged me and whispered to me "Shhhh, it's okay, you are with me."
It took me a long time to recover.
Then she just told me "I'm sorry, I had to do it." but I saw that she was quite afraid she had hurt me.
Later she also wanted the sex I was hoping for, but I was no longer able to do it. It was really intense, my limbs were shaking all evening.

I have to admit that sometimes I get caught up in the thought of wanting to experience it again but...it's true that I didn't enjoy it much, the fear was stronger than all the other feelings at that moment and suffocating in this way was not very pleasant for me either.

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