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Default Meeting Sophie

This is a completely fictitious work. No experiences involved. Please give me some feedback.
I'll try to continue the story while integrating the feedback as well.

Thank you.

Happy reading!

__________________________________________________ __________

Sophie: "Hey, could I talk to you for a minute?"

This was my first encounter with the girl who lived next door. I moved into these apartments last month. Being the non social type, I had never gotten to know my neighbours. Besides work always kept me busy. Also, she's the only one on my floor. So, it's not like there are lots of people to get to know either. I've seen her a few times in the lobby, at the swimming pool and in the gym and I must admit, she looks hot. Like a lingerie model hot. Eyes of every guy around turns towards her when she walks by. Beautiful face, curvy figure, sweet smile, long brunette hair, british accent, big tits and ass which seem natural and a flat tummy. She had just returned from the gym and her skin was glistening with sweat. Her top and her leggings hugged her figure even more and I couldn't help but stare. So, this question probably meant something like help me get the bulb fixed or some other errand. But, boy was I wrong.

Sophie: I know you've checked me out.
I was beginning to protest. But, she continued on.
Sophie: I don't mind. Everybody has. I also know that you fantasize about being beaten up by girls. Not that I mind. Before you protest, We share a common wall. I can hear your porn.

This kinda shut me up. So, maybe, this was a noice complaint. She continued on.

Sophie: I like torturing guys too. Surprised to see such a cute looking girl say that? That's the reaction I got from most of my past boyfriends too. So, I've been out of relationships for some time now. And, I have noticed that you don't seem to have a relationship either. So, what do you say, you get to be my punching bag. I will warn you. I am quite mean when it comes to such things. Of course, there are a few conditions you must accept first. Let's discuss the conditions later. First do you accept being my toy.

I couldn't believe my ears. That was quite shocking. It took me a few seconds to register everything. But, after a few seconds, my dick won over reason and I accepted without even going over the conditions.

Sophie: Okay then. Sit down on the floor and put your head back on the chair. I am gonna sit on your face and you can massage my feet while I tell you the conditions. Don't you think you are quite lucky? Getting to be smothered by my sweaty ass.

Sophie: Come on.

She urged me as I hesitated. As I sat down, she held my hair and lowered herself onto my face. I could smell her musky scent. Then felt her soft buttocks. The warm feeling as they covered my face. Then felt the pressure from her weight. She wiggled her butt, bounced twice on my face. That bounce made me more uncomfortable than being smothered. But, all in all, I was in both heaven and hell.

Sophie: Now, start massaging my feet.

I obey her and start massaging the soles of her feet which she had put on my knees.

Sophie: Now, the conditions. First, to ensure that you remain subservient, you'll have to accept being locked in a chastity cage with a electric cock ring. I'll keep the keys and the controls to the ring. Every weekend, we play a game which would decide your odds of getting out of the cage for the day.

By now, tha lack of air was getting to me. I was starting to squirm a little. Trying to sneak in a breath, turn my head a little. My chest was pounding. My face felt hot, not just because of her butt, but because of a more uncomfortable flush feeling. She noticed it soon. She stood up with a bounce, her feet landing on my crotch.

A scream left my mouth as the sudden pain caught me by surprise. But, she quickly covered my face with her hand

Sophie: Stop squirming. You don't get to breathe unless I let you to. So, what's your decision?

I was a little confused as everything was happening too quickly. Seeing my confused face she continued on.

Sophie: What's there to think? You get to be *MY* punching bag. You get to be smothered by *MY* tits and ass. You get to have your head squeezed between *MY* thighs, get to smell *MY* scent, get to be walked all over by *ME*, get to be *MY* seat, get to have your balls locked away by *ME*. You should be grateful. So many guys would pay to be in your place if I started doing this professionally.

Me: O..Okay. I agree.

She seemed contented with my answer. She bent down and kissed my forehead with that sweet smile of hers that made her seem like a saint.

Sophie: Good.
And plop her butt came down on my face. She wiggled her butt from side to side and giggled.
Sophie: I bet this is the closest you've been to a woman. Hehehehe.
Oh, her sweet laughter. Even though what she was saying was kinda hurtful and true, I felt happy hearing that sound.

Sophie: I love it when guys are obedient. When they voluntarily let me beat them up to my heart's content. When they obediently become my seats and get turned on by smelling my ass or being smothered by me.

I was again getting desperate for air and I started to turn my head a little. She caught my head by my hair and pulled me in deeper and dropped her feet onto my crotch.

I scream, but my screams are muffled which gives her cause for her to laugh even more. I continue to squirm while trying to massage my crotch.

Sophie: Stay still!
She stands up. Puts her feet on my face.

Sophie: Kiss it!
I do. I start kissing the sole of her feet obediently.

Sophie: You know what? Get naked. I am gonna lock your cock up right now. That should make you more obedient!

Sophie: Oh, you've got a boner! Widen your legs. Put your feet down. Move your hands.

My balls were still in pain. But, I obeyed. She wound up her leg and bam! Like a football penalty shot, her toes met my balls. I curled up in pain. In a fetal position. That seemed funny to her because she just burst out laughing. After she got over her initial bout of laughter, however, she showed a little concern.

Sophie: Hey, did that hurt too bad? I'm sorry! I did not expect it to hurt that bad!

Me: I'm Ok. It's just my first time getting kicked in the balls. Sorry.

Sophie: Oh, cool. Let's practice then. Get naked. I'll kick you in the balls, with alternating kicks until your boner is gone.

Me: No. No. No. Please no. It hurts really bad.

Sophie: It's gonna be ok. I won't kick you as hard at the start. We'll gradually up the force. I know that you like ballbusting porn too. I can hear it all remember? Let's make a deal. I'll take off my sweaty gym clothes and continue in my lingerie. For every 10 kicks you get a reward.
If you can take 10 kicks, put you in a chokehold.
At 20, I'll put you in a boston crab.
At 30, we'll do a frontal throat sit.
At 40, reverse throat sit.
50 - I'll trample you.
60 - Breast smother with body scissors.
70 - reverse headscissor
80 - Frontal headscissor
90 - Reverse figure 4.
100 - Frontal figure 4.

The rewards seemed enticing enough. So, I agreed. The pain that's gonna be visited upon me is horrifying. But, well worth the price. I get naked, while she is standing before me in a pink lingerie which is almost see through, with a thong like bottom which is riding well into her huge butt. The fact that I am naked before her is embarassing. So, I hide my family jewels with my hands. The fact that I am suddenly even more turned on, doesn't help. She caught on.

(While giggling)
Sophie: Nope. You do not get to hide your balls from me. Turn around, let me cuff your hands so you can't cheat.

I obediently turn around as she grabs my hands from behind and clicks on a pair of steel cuffs. The cold metal feels uncomfortable on my skin. She leans in from behind and with her breasts rubbing against my back, she grabs my balls and erect penis.

She gives my ear a lick and whispers in a sing song manner: If you fall before the 10 kicks are up, I'll continue to bust your balls, but, they won't count! Is this making you harder? Awww... To make sure you don't scream let me stuff your mouth with yesterday's lingerie and tape your mouth shut. It's still unwashed. Hehehe. You can keep it after this.

I let her do as she pleased.

Sophie: Let's begin! (She exclaims excitedly) Widen your legs and face me. Stand up straight. No bending over. Alright!

She comes close to me. Gives me cheek a kiss. Puts her hands on my shoulders. Wiggles her butt. Then with a big smile on her face, she asks me.

Sophie: Are you excited?

I nod in the affirmative and As I nodded, her leg came up swiftly. I was caught unawares. And almost doubled over due to the pain. She caught me by my hair.

Sophie: Almost down on one! Be grateful I caught you.

After that, she kicked me 9 more times at a stretch.

Sophie: Aww, you made it! You know what, if you can last 20 seconds without tapping out in any of the rewards, I'll let you have an additional reward. I'll drop my ass on your face full weight ten times. You happy?

I nod in the affirmative. As she makes me sit down on the floor, gets behind me and hugs me close. She's breathing heavily into my ear as she has her hands wrapped around my neck and her legs wrapped around my waist. She gives my ear a kiss and then gives my balls a light tap with her hand and giggles as I make muffled groans of pain. Then without any warning, her hands tightened around my neck. It hurt. Made breathing difficult, but, I could stay.

Sophie: (in a husky voice) Once I lock up your cock, I'll use you as a seat whenever I want. (giggles). You'd like that won't you? If you do, then don't tap out. It's just 10 seconds more. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Yayy!!! Now, lie down on the mattress. I am gonna drop my ass on your face. Don't turn your head or I'll add 10 more kicks! alright!

I follow her to a room where the entire floor was covered in a soft mattress.

Sophie: I got this after I discovered my fetish for beating up guys. Sadly it hasn't seen much use. I had to go to the FGym. They have a mixed wrestling section on sunday. You know what, we should totally go there tomorrow. I have a match tomorrow. And I can get you an intro match with my friend.

I was on the matted floor by now. She stood over me facing my feet, with her legs on either side on my head.

Sophie: Ready?

And before I answer, she drops down on my face. That hurt like hell. I thought, she would get up immediately. Instead, she raises her ass a little, holds her cheeks apart and slides her ass on my face. I can breathe, but only through her ass.

Sophie: Ain't you a lucky little neighbour. Getting to smell my ass right after a workout.

She then sits down as soon as I breathe out and stretches her leg over my crotch and giggles. The feeling of her ass cheeks on my face makes me ecstatic. But, the lack of breath is already catching up to me.

SophieIn a sing song voice) If you can't make it to 10 without struggling, I'll do a butt drop on your balls! One...., Two......, Three......, Four......,

She suddenly drops her leg on to my nuts. As I squirm in pain, she starts giggling and says in a sing song manner.

Sophie: You get a buttdrop on your balls. You get a buttdrop on your balls. You get a buttdrop on your balls.

She stands up walks over to my legs.

Sophie: Put your legs down!

I obey her as I don't seem to have much choice in the matter. Immediately, with a big smile she lifts up her legs and comes crashing down on my precious jewels. Her whole weight, which I presume must be in the 110-132 pound range comes crashing down. She giggles and then creeps over to me and gives me a kiss on the tape covering my mouth.

Sophie: I love that helpless expression of yours. If we do this regularly, I might start compensating you with a set of used lingerie every week.

She gave me a couple more kisses on my face and then stood up and completed the rest of the ass drops without a break. By now, however, I was in a real need for a break. My erection had also gone down. So, once she was done with the drops, I nodded in the negative, screamed and hoped she got my message.

Luckily, she did. But, before she let me go, she made sure to lock my cock in an electric chastity cage and she tested it out as well before she took off the tape and the cuffs.

Sophie: Now, I wanna watch something. You'll be the seat. Don't worry. I'll let you breathe this time. Through my ass.

I put on my clothes and then she guided my to the living room, where she made me sit on the floor and the slowly lowered herself on my face. Rubbing herself over my face. She then plops down and lifts her feet off the ground and wiggles her butt, cutting of my air. My cock was starting to getting hard again, though restrained. It started to hurt a lot.

Sophie: Awww. Does my ass make you hard again? I can see the cage twitching..(giggles)

She raises her butt, but not off my face. Her ass kinda peels off my face. The sweat combined with her large ass kinda makes a good seal. She then sits a little forward and switches on her TV to watch attack on the titan. I recognise it by the starting intro. I can smell her and that's driving me crazy.

Sophie: Let's do this regularly. This was so much fun. Maybe next time, I'll use my hitachi while sitting on your face and make you eat me out.

After that, I don't know how long it was before she finally got up and I got to go back home.
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