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Pinned Down My First Crush

Throughout most of our childhood, my sister made many friends. Some of the relationships were stronger than others, but there's one girl who stands out the most in my memory. My sister's best friend, Cassie.

Cassie was slightly taller than me, but you really couldn't tell the difference unless we were standing back-to-back. She was the tannest girl I had ever met, choosing to spend most of her days swimming in our backyard swimming pool. However, her skin stood in stark contrast to her titanium white hair, bleached out by the bright rays of the brutal summer sun.

Our father went into the office one day, while mom went to the grocery store to buy us some snacks. On the way back, she was going to pick up dad and head home. All of this meant that it would just be me, my sister, and Cassie, swimming outside for most of the day.

Over the years, as the three of us spent more time together, I noticed a major shift in the way Cassie behaved around me. Everyone at this age had something in common... puberty. A mix of emotions and anxiety flooding our systems as we start to transition from kids to grown adults. But something was definitely different about her.

Rather recently, anytime I was near, Cassie would either mix up her words or close herself off from engaging in any form of casual conversation at all. I thought it was because she was afraid of me, but it was much more meaningful than that.

The way she acted wasn't the only thing that changed. The last few days, Cassie wore much more revealing swimwear to show off her new, more mature body features that were starting to come through as a result of the puberty. Naturally, my sister immediately decided to overhaul her own wardrobe as well, vying for bikinis instead of one-pieces.

I wasn't giving this much thought. I was too focused on having fun and running around until my legs gave out to realize the hints Cassie was handing out right in front of my face. She had obviously developed a crush on me, and I was totally oblivious to it.

I was too young to recognize love and all its meanings. Yet, Cassie seemed to have honed in on its signal over the past few days. Since it was just the three of us together, on a hot summer's day, with no parental figures, Cassie was ready to open my eyes up to the truth.

Everything seemed normal, Cassie was chatting with my sister up on the deck while I kept training myself to hold my breath underwater. Today, Cassie was wearing a blue bikini with black accents along the outside borders and up across the straps. I've seen her wear this bikini before. It hugged her hips so tight that, out of the corner of my eye, she was always adjusting it down so her cheeks weren't overly exposed to the blazing sun.

They went in the house to grab some juice just as I was finishing up my breath training. Then, I hopped out of the water and followed them back inside. I remembered to bring a towel, since dad always gets frustrated when someone tracks water into the house. Seems the girls didn't care, because I followed their wet footprints all the way into the kitchen.

"Hey, you forgot your towels."

My sister poured some juice into three paper cups as I hopped on top of the bench, right next to Cassie. I tried to look at her, but she swiftly shifted her eyes back toward my sister as we grabbed our cold drinks. We quickly finished them up and washed our glasses in the sink.

Cassie turned back toward the door outside, but my sister (much like me) was fed up with the tension between the two of us over these past few days. So, she proposed something to take us back on a trip down memory lane.

"Hey Cassie, why don't we all do a fun game of hide and seek?"

Cassie moaned in protest, expressing absolutely zero interest. I grabbed her hand as she was still walking toward the door. She turned around, tilting her head slightly down since I was a tiny bit shorter than her.

"Come on Cass, it'll be fun!"

With my pleading eyes staring straight into her soul, she couldn't say no. I casually released her hand and backed up. I didn't want her to feel intimidated... I was just really excited to revisit the old games we used to play.

"Oh, um.. ok."

"Great! You should be the seeker."

My sister nominated Cassie for the role of seeker. I agreed it would be much more exciting to have the tallest person find our hiding spots, since Cassie has an obvious vantage point advantage.

"We will hide whenever you start counting down."

"Ok! 15..."

I ran straight to my sister's bedroom. I used to trick the girls by putting a stuffed animal under the covers to make them think I was in the bed, when I was really hiding underneath the bed. Now, I was going to switch it up by actually hiding under the covers.

"8... 7..."

I adjusted myself until I was comfortable, laying flat on my back with my legs splayed out, just like a stuffed animal. Then, I heard Cass powerfully yell out.

"2.. 1.. ready or not, HERE I COME!"

I tried to control my breathing so my chest wouldn't rise or fall and give away my position. It was easy after the training from earlier. Eventually, I could hear Cassie grow ever closer to the room, the sound of doors opening and closing becoming louder by the minute. Then, Cassie covertly entered the room I was hiding in. I really held my breath in now, waiting for her to check under the bed.

Unfortunately, I failed to take into account the obvious problem with my plan. While I could hear her running her hands across the carpet under the bed, I was obviously still laying under the covers! When she realizes nothing's under the bed, she will notice the lumpy sheets and figure out it HAS to be me under the blankets! I could only hope she glances over that small detail and moves on to the next room.

Five seconds later, I felt something plummet down on top of my chest.


Cassie grabbed the sheets and pulled them down until she could see my face. I was rose red from the immense amount of heat which built up inside those covers. Both of us started laughing. I assumed Cassie was going to let me go eventually, since she was supposed to find my sister and finish the game. But, she kept me pinned down, wrapped up inside the covers while she straddled my chest.

"James, I need to tell you something."

"Can it wait? It's kind of hot under these sheets."

Her wet hair dripped an occasional drop of water down on my forehead.

"No, I need to tell you something."

Without hesitation or further elaboration, she scooted back, pulling the covers off my body, and placing both her hands on each side of my head. Then, with the sheets out of the way, she rested her crotch on my lower torso. For the first time ever, I felt a girl's legs straddling the sides of my chest, her crotch resting up against my body, her powerful pin holding me down... and it aroused me in a way that was somewhat confusing, but also kind of nice.

I was caught off guard, and didn't know what to do. I defaulted to resisting this new sensation, shaking my head to the side. Since Cassie already had a hold of me, she was determined to force my face back up toward her's. I figured I was in no position to break free or win this struggle, so I gradually gave up and decided to let her win this round.

Now that I wasn't fighting it, she lowered herself down until I could feel her smooth stomach brushing up against mine. My eyes slightly wandered down as I stared straight at her bikini clad cleavage. Then, she used her hands (positioned on each side of my head) to straighten my face and guide my lips up against her's. Her lips were much larger than mine, but it felt so satisfying up against my own. We shared our first ever kiss. It may have been forced, but it was my first, and I will never forget it.

At first, it felt a little weird and strange. I didn't mind the taste though. I can't quite describe it, but it felt natural, raw, and pure. Unfortunately, she let go after a second or two. We stared at each other in silence, both of us blushing beyond measure.

Then, I wrapped my arms around her slightly arched back and smiled up at her beautiful face. I don't know why this changed how I saw her, but from that moment forth it was as if she was an angel, her skin glowing from head to toe like a true goddess. I was beginning to understand the connection Cassie had been feeling for me these past few days. We definitely were meant to experience this new, passionate sensation together.

"Let's try that again Cass."

She leaned down again, much more slowly and intimately than the first time. Now that we both experienced what it was like to kiss for the first time, we could improve the technique and get it closer to perfect this time.

Cassie bit down on her lips, and tilted her head over just a bit. We closed our eyes, and our lips touched once again. She ran her hands through my hair as I sensually rubbed across her back. This time, we made contact over and over, taking breaks to breathe. It was getting hot and very uncomfortable as my swim shorts started to stiffen up. I stopped kissing her, trying not to draw attention to my crotch. Thankfully, she didn't notice and I was able to calm myself down before she jumped off the bed.

"That was really fun, we're definitely doing it again tomorrow. But we should probably go find your sister now."

"Yeah, shouldn't be hard with my help."

Before Cassie left the room, I grabbed her hand and carefully pulled her back into me. Then, I whispered into her ear.

"Does this mean we are boyfriend and girlfriend?"

She playfully kissed me on the cheek.


Notes - sorry about the change of plans, but this is my last "going away" story. I tried finishing up part two to the other story, but it didn't have the energy and excitement I was looking for. However, I believe this one does. Until next time!

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Default Re: My First Crush

Thanks for this story, mate. Cassie sounds intoxicating.
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Default Re: My First Crush

Cool story
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forced kissing

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