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Old 21-Nov-19, 09:44
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Default Re: Lana Luxor reviews

Recently I had the pleasure of doing "Rope Bondage" and "sensual domination" with Lana Luxor!
She been training by the famous VeVe Lane in Rope Bondage. Figuring she's relatively new to bondage, I figured I had a chance to win. I was wrong!
Lana has endless energy while she simply wore me down. She is cute and very friendly.
She said "let's see what you got". I tried to "take her down", but was unable to budge her! Trying to move Lana is like trying to move a rock! Then she took me down and there was nothing I could do about it.
She has the "sensual domination" down to a science.
And "yes", do NOT let her friendly personality and pretty looks fool you...She will own you for sure!
Lana dominated me for 90-minutes verbally, physically and emotionally.
What a wonderful lady!
Thank you Lana for a fantastic time!
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Old 22-Nov-19, 13:31
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Default Re: Lana Luxor reviews

Lana is great, good mat skills already, kinky, fun and of course those yummy curves.
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Old 24-Feb-20, 01:29
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Default Re: Lana Luxor reviews

I saw Lana and The Domme Kat for a tag team session in Atlanta, and they are so much fun together. We did a competitive session, and both are amazingly skilled. Lana kept fighting for a take down and eventually got one on every round (even though Iím 250 lbs). She would not give up once she was on top of me, and made me tap twice. Same with Kat, just absolutely loved getting taps. I think these two may love this almost as much as their clients. Once they beat me, they could not get enough of the punishment round. They have so much energy and enthusiasm around it, and they love wrestling. Both of them love taking control via facesitting too. So glad I got to see them and hope to face them again soon!
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Old 22-Mar-20, 00:17
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Default Re: Lana Luxor reviews

I saw Lana recently and have to say she is a new favorite of mine. I had seen some of her earlier videos but her grappling skills have improved dramatically (she has a blue belt in BJJ). I'd say she is right up there with Veve and Cypruss as far as her skills. We did an hour of wrestling somewhere between semi-competitive and competitive and I gave her a good match but got no submissions. I lost track of how many she got on me - at least 10.

Our second hour was more focused on domination and I got to enjoy her facesitting and scissors with plenty of trash talk thrown in.

I also found her outgoing and easy to talk to - I didn't want to leave when our two hours was up! Overall just an incredibly fun and sexy girl that I will definitely be seeing again.
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Old 25-Jul-20, 12:53
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Default Re: Lana Luxor reviews (July 2020 DC Session)

I just had the session of my dreams with Lana Luxor on her DC trip. She was awesome to work with & made the booking process very easy. She was so thoughtful about my requests before hand she even found a bikini I saw her wear in a video 2 years ago and packed it for her trip. The session itself was so good I wrote this review the same night in order to do it justice!

Lana is professional (she respects her customers & how expensive sessions are first and foremost so you can definitely trust her with your money), she's prompt, she's very gracious with her time (not a clock watcher at all) and she's also one of the most intelligent and grounded people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting and talking with period let alone session wrestling. We talked about everything from mma fight strategies (Pride Never Die!) to recent trends in coding and programming in between rounds.

The best part about Lana is how all of the nice & pleasant stuff goes out the window the instant you get on the mat with her, she can flip a switch like few others. It would take too long to try to describe what an awesome grappler Lana is so the quickest way I can set the proper expectation for a session with her is to compare her to Dezzy Desire. (I sessioned with Dez in late 2019) Lana is significantly shorter than Dez and has a much smaller frame but is still ridiculously strong for someone her size (I usually session with much bigger women & Lana's the first to legitimately make me tap to a straight head scissor) especially considering how much size she was giving up to me.

I'm more than 8 inches taller than Lana, over a 100 pounds heavier than her and an above average athlete in my own right. So our "Semi-Comp" match was really her going as hard as she wanted to (I could tell she still held back a little to keep the session fun) at my request and me being a gentleman and wanting to avoid injuries only using enough strength to have an advantage when resisting her submissions.

Lana's so damn skilled, rough AND feisty none of my "physical advantages" really mattered. I figured out quickly in the first fall that her defense was so good I was not going to be able to get ANY of the dominant positions I normally get in a session. My best bet was to save energy using my size to pin her down in guard and my rudimentary grappling knowledge (2 decades of armchair mma & one free jiu jitsu class) to avoid having my limbs ripped off while still in her guard. I had to resort to playground tactics just to frustrate her into a few submissions here and there... not my proudest moments 🤭🤣 but a win is a win so I'll take what I can get!

I got "subs" and she got real subs but the score didn't really matter because anybody that understands grappling would have watched our session and walked away saying she kicked my ass... luckily for me I loved every second of it and I can' t wait for more! What was really impressive and the main reason I compare her to Dezzy is Lana doesn't just go for one submission at a time... she chains them all together at a pace that's impossible to match if you're not at least somewhat formally trained.

So I could muscle out of the 1st sub attempt, then she would make a slight adjustment to lock in a completely different 2nd hold and I would burn so much energy barely slipping out of that one I was toast when she inevitably transitioned to the 3rd. Wash-Rinse-Repeat for 2 heavenly hours!

Fortunately Lana doesn't just have one speed on the mat so a few parts of our session were a bit more playful at my request and it just felt like I was hanging out, wrasssling with the sexy best friend I never knew I had. Speaking of sexy I couldn't believe how drop dead gorgeous Lana was in person. She has a very pretty face & an awesome body that I can't get enough of. Her build is tight and compact but still curvy and feminine in all the right places. She's a 10 all around in terms of attractiveness and appearance!

The last thing I'll say about Lana is she's a first class person and top tier human being. She's one of the least judgemental and open minded people I've met in this industry. As long as you approach her with respect and you're open and honest when communicating with her you will have just as much if not more fun than I did! On a scale of 1-10 my session with Lana was a 15 so do yourself a favor and book her whenever the opportunity presents itself!
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Old 12-Oct-20, 20:27
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Thumbs up Re: Lana Luxor reviews (10/11/2020)

My neck is still sore today. It's all her fault. And I absolutely love it.

You probably know of Lana Luxor, a lovely young woman from New York City and one of the Doom Maidens superstars. Having seen some of her video work, I'd wanted to meet her for a long time. I'm still a bit wary of traveling to New York during these crazy COVID times, so I was pleased to see her Philadelphia tour plans. I reached out a few weeks ago via email to request a fantasy scissors domination session.

Lana is a total professional. She replied quickly and we made arrangements to meet. Yesterday was session day at last. I arrived an hour early in the city, scouted her location, parked, and walked around a bit while I anxiously awaited our appointment time. As I was about to send her a text ten minutes before, she proactively texted me with the room number and code for building entry. I was impressed!

I was even more impressed when she opened the door and warmly welcomed me inside the space. She looked spectacular in a tiny bikini and greeted me with an infectious smile and the warmest of hugs. We sat and talked for a few minutes, and she confirmed her understanding of what I'd initially written about what I wanted for the session. Again, total professional.

Soon she smiled wide and said "Let's see how much you can take." Gulp. Be careful what you wish for.

For the next hour, Lana used her legs to test my limits. She scissored me in a variety of positions, including her favorite reverse and my favorite frontal. Lana is a strong and skilled girl. Her soft, sexy, shapely thighs turned to steel as she gripped me between them and applied effective and potentially lethal pressure. She would squeeze at varying, increasing intensities, then pulse and snap me with her thighs before tightening more and more, compressing my neck and throat until I was struggling to survive. I'm not usually a tapper, but Lana quickly erased any stamina-pride by forcing me to tap repeatedly. The pressure was intense, and I was amazed at her exquisite control of her inner thigh muscles. She would sometimes twist and flex her body to enhance the squeezing even more. It was deadly powerful and sensually wonderful despite the extreme discomfort.

As in my last two sessions with Leighton and Ava Simone, Lana dished out this delightful punishment with sweet loving care. She stroked my hair, my arms and legs, and she watched me suffer with looks of joy and intensity while she squeezed the life out of me. She eased the pressure when I tapped but often kept me trapped between her legs while we chatted. I absolutely love that, and I very much enjoyed getting to know her. But then she would start tightening her grip again. I quickly felt light-headed and saw stars, forcing more taps to stay conscious and survive.

I've enjoyed some uniquely wonderful sessions this year. Lana provided yet another of my absolute favorites. I noticed we were overtime on the clock and was sad to depart but so happy to have spent this amazing time with her. And quite thankful to escape alive.

I've suffered sore necks after some of my past sessions, but rarely into the following day. I'm still smiling about that. It's a reminder of Lana's power and skills, which I won't forget even after this soreness dissipates. I almost wish it wouldn't.

Lana is indeed the real deal, professional, gorgeously attractive, highly skilled, and delightful to spend time with. She commits to provide the exact experience you want, as brutal or as sensual as you desire. Don't miss an opportunity to see this strong, talented, and beautiful woman!

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Old 13-May-22, 18:20
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Default Re: Lana Luxor reviews

I've watched Lana wrestle women on a variety of platforms and my wife wanted to challenge her (lucky me). I reached out to Lana, who was great via email and easy to communicate with. She agreed to have a semi-competitive session with my wife back in February and it was great. Some highlights: 1) she was super friendly and professional, she coached my wife through the session (offer her tips and feedback), 2) she is strong as hell and was gorgeous, 3) we had great conversation throughout while I watched the session. The reviews on this page are true, her skillset ranged from rear naked and triangle chokes, arm bars and many other moves, and she also took care to be safe and avoid any injuries. If you are in NYC and want a great session, then look no further than Lana Luxor.
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