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Old 23-Aug-11, 22:54
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Default Punishment in a summer camp (illustrated story)

When young, I was very found of sailing and my parents offerd me for holidays a month in one of these numberous sailing schools all around the britany coast I was hosted in a long haul fishermen's family house .
When I came, The father and the two sons where about to leave for "some" weeks and the wife (I would tell familly mistress) was pretty busy to make sure all was ready and clear for their campain and absence home. What impressive these persons where for me, little Parisian todder !!! and, for sure, I was a quite strange person for them, people used to cope with the harder conditions, risks, responsabilities as well for the men than for the woman, drivinf the house, all administrative and economic stuff.
This woman, called Maelle, like most women in sailor's families had an impressive authority, needed first to grow alone quite difficult tough kids, prevent her husband to spend in the first night back home all the campain income, separating guys fights about everything and over all nothing... She counted ma later how she pinned her husband to prevent him going drinking and how she cooked her son's bottoms when necessary...

Well, in two words, as a citizen boy of a middle class family, I was a troll in a world of giants and everything was then here for difficult time.

BUT... Maelle was an absolutely gorgeous and kind person behind her daminant fence. Jean-François, Gildas and Yann where all three foolish blokes but, completely found of their Fishermen's life and vocation and deeply good guys. And I was totally found of all abous sea, ships and sailing. I was listening at their stories with passion and, also could read in Maelle(s eyes when their words where report of facts or, let's tell "creation". I was also caught by the magic atmosphere of such a world made of ground, sea, rocks and winds. This made the cement, the link between us.

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In a next early morning, we went all together to their ship and waved hand to each others while they left, I was sad, knowing I would leave before they come back but, at the same time terribly exited to be alone in Maelle's company. My days where shared between the sailing training at day and evenings with Maelle who was getting more and more attractive to me.

A scout's summercamp was established in the neighbourhoud (this made my day as you will read later) and Maelle was very critic against this bunch of boys she consis=dered as hypocryte falsly disciplined guys. She oftrn told me "Tu n'es qu'un doriphore (Parisien) mais au moins tu choisis tin chemin"/"You are nothing more than a colorado beetle (a name for Parisian) but at least you go your own way instead of going in ranks".

The facts
One day, I came back in early afternoon, absolutely no wind, then no way to sail after the theoric course and I found Maelle in a tough discussion with two young women, counselor of this scout summer camp, Maelle spotted two of these brats playing to throw mud on her freshly washed clothes drying outside. She was insisting to have these two boys brought to her for "the spanking of their liffe". The two counselors where trying to appease her but, When a Britton has someting in the head NO WAY to change it. Loosing temper, waving her open hand, Maelle yelled "either you bring them or I will bring me to them. Just figuring out the scene Maelle was telling about got me immediately in an intensive turned on state...

Then the most aged counselor, found an agreement path telling "OK, I understand, come this evening at 6PM in the camp, I bet you will be satisfied with the punishment they will get from us...". Maelle asked me suddenly "What do you think about this ? As you always do, Parisian, they will talk, talk and talk with nothing done and no result, isn't it ?".

I had no answer in mind... I began something like "euh... Hum ??" and looked to the young woman who made the proposal. Like her colleague, she was a tall athletic young woman who almost took over Maelle in attract... In her eyes was a light who made me think "I WANT to see what will happend". Then for my own surprise, I answered like an experienced man I was not "I am from Paris, Maelle, and then I know Parisian better than you do. I KNOW we can trust her". Both three women looked down at me with eyes like plates. I blushed like in hell but Maelle accepted the deal.

At 6PM we took the way of the camp, Maelle squized my hand in hzer's ans told me, "You took the decision to trust these gals about a correct punisment of these two brats. If ever I am not convinced, YOU will get what I had in mind for them!!!" What a delightfull mix of scare and excitement, I was almost hoping and fearing at the same time that Maelle would NOT be satisfied...

We got at thir camp, all scouts where aligned in four ranks making a square. The most aged counselor who turned me on this early afternoon started a speech "Today, two of us made a big fault... bla bla ". Maelle's hand was nearly crushing mine, she was getting really nervous...

But thin gs changed quickly when the two gals went to catch the two boys in the rank and brought them firmly at the middle of the square. The last words of the speach where "Now we must help you to appologize..."

Each women handled her prey down on the ground and after short squirming ended applying splendid academic schoolgirlpins on the boys who realized suddenly their fate. Pinned in front of all the others including us. Securing the pin, sitting fujll weight on the wimp's stomachs while grabbing their wrists to keep their little arms on the ground, they started taunting and mocking them. Soon both pinned boys where in pathetic cry and tears while smiling and laughing the gals on them looked down to the pinned victims, to the others scouts around watching the scene with the same feared excitement than me and to us to enjoy the effect of their schoolgirlpin sequence. The pinned boys where squirming weakly, totally helpless between their counsolors powerfull female tighs. Maelle's hand hold became smooth and gentle and she was greatly enjoying the scene...

When the two counselors where fullfilled of their public boy-ride, they made them apologize and assigned them to all the boring camp keepin jobs for two days. Still keeping the two brats pinned, they loocked up to Maelle and asked "Mrs Le Barazer, can we considere these two... euh... "gentlemen" has payed their account ?".

She gazed a long time down to the red faces of the boys still held on the ground. "let's be nice, I would tell yes FOR THIS TIME... with sincere hope for them they will never cause more trouble. Congratulation for your efficient education job Ladies...".

Introduction for Next episode:
On our way back, Maelle told me, "After all, you have some pretty nice uses around Paris ah ah ah.. Are you punished like this by your Mom or any nanny when you misbehave ?" For the 22th time in this day, I blushed like hell answering "NO WAY, No one can hold me like that !!!". Only my elder sister and myself knew for sure it was just a pride driven lie. But Maelle guessed so and just answered "Ooh I see, We may check this later..."

And this is what you will read and see later....
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