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Default Re: Redlands College Fight Season

Originally Posted by baller2242 [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
Very happy to have this story back!!!

Can't wait for part 2 of night one as well as the rest of this team battle arc honestly. Most of us want for Melissa to take an embarrassing loss (personally some squashed smothering from Alexa or Colleen seems entertaining).
Bringing in this Adison/Damien story again was a stroke of genius and if Adison were to end up losing 2-1 tonight we can only imagine how she may vent her frustration with him presuming she doesn't leave him alone. Even if she wins and is in a good mood he's still likely in for some serious worshipping. As she established she owns him.

The fact that this moved from the Fem Dom section to mixed seems like it could be foreshadowing of how much more competitive certain mixed matches could be in this story. Looking forward to whatever comes next!
Thanks baller, hopefully I can pick up the pace again on writing this. Truthfully though, a good part of the reason for this story moving over here is more boring and simple then that. This story definitely does have a Femdom slant to it, but it’s still based around wrestling, so I’d say it just fits better here and should’ve been started here in the first place. Many wrestling stories in this section have a Femdom slant to them as well, anyway.

Second, the Femdom Stories section is simply pretty dead. I still have like 4 of my own stories from last year on its first page, I think. No other writers consistently post there, so less people visit that section. This story was often the only reason to check that section, other then to revisit older stories. New readers may find and enjoy this now, and it’s more visible to you and others who are already following along.

So, there was just every reason for it to finally make a jump over to this section. If people want more competitive matches mixed in though, I’ll keep that in mind.
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Default Re: Redlands College Fight Season

True, I only visit the femdom section to see your updates. No one posts there anymore.
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Default Re: Redlands College Fight Season

Part 19: Night One 2/2

As Clara returned to her team, it wasn’t that hard to tell that the overall mood had dipped a bit from the light, cheerful, and excited, feeling that the night had carried earlier.

Addison’s matchup was always going to be a very difficult win for them, and almost even harder to be optimistic about picking up a win there. The early portion of the first fall had sparked hope that had unfortunately quickly faded as the rest of it played out.

Unbeknownst to Clara, it wasn’t just this match on Max, Alexa, and Skylar’s minds, but Summer as well. Colleen almost seemed a bit bored, as if now they were just waiting for their team to be officially put down 1-0, before going home. Emma seemed to care the least, busy chatting away with Travis. Harper appeared to be reacting similarly to Colleen.

“Well, you tried, I guess.” Harper said dryly as Clara took a seat next to her. She genuinely had hopes that Clara would’ve been the one to ‘dethrone’ Addison. It would’ve been like living out some revenge on her through a friend. Witnessing Addison herself being dominated would’ve been very satisfying. That dream, felt quite dead now.

“It’s not over yet.” Clara said cooly and with optimism.

“She’s bigger then you, she’s stronger then you, she’s-“ Harper droned on before being interrupted.

“I lost, but I got to feel her out a bit. I know what to expect now. I’m a little worn down, but so is she. I feel good, that round really got the blood pumping.” Clara replied.

“If you say so.” Harper answered back, not at all believing in the positive outlook Clara still held.

“And, we both know I’m more skilled then her.” Clara said.

“More skilled enough to beat her having the edge everywhere else?” Harper commented. Clara had certainly shown her a few things in the small amount of time they’d gotten to know each other, but not enough yet to convince her of this.

“We’ll see.” Clara said, running a hand through her hair.

“You good?” Melissa asked Addison as she returned to their bench. Addison definitely looked worse for wear then she typically did just one fall into a match.

“Yep, I’m fine.” Addison replied with a smile, unsure if Melissa was asking out of concern for her, or for her performance in the next fall. “She’s tough, though. She matched me for a bit there. Fighting her is actually harder than fighting two people!” She joked.

“A fluke.” Melissa said, refusing to give Clara any credit. “She held her own for 10 seconds, now you’ll destroy her.”

For a few minutes, Summer would continuously glance over as Melissa and Addison talked during the break, waiting for Addison to head back out to the mats before she approached.

Since the shock and mix of emotions from last night’s surprise had worn off, plus the excitement and anxiousness for tonight, she’d realized something. After getting settled in here, she had had more time to just think in between chatting with Kelsey.

She did the bit of math. Melissa still had one spot left on her team, with the tournament starting the very next night. Caught in that tight spot, she just happens to pop up out of nowhere looking to ‘mend things’ and ‘offers’ it up to her. What a coincidence.

As Addison finally got up to get in place for Fall 2, Summer got up, walked over, and took a seat.

“So, why’d you make me Co Captain?” Summer questioned her.

“Why not.” Melissa casually replied.

“What about Kelsey?” Summer asked.

“You’re a better fit.” Was the ‘explanation’ she got. Summer didn’t know what she meant by that, and neither did Melissa herself, she just made it up on the spot. Really, it was more of gesture then something that mattered.

“Let’s be real” Summer began, “you sort of needed me. You don’t want me here. You were desperate to fill that last spot, and ran to me at the last second.” She said, confronting her.

“So, you figured it out.” Melissa replied with a pause. “Fine, you’re partly right.”

Summer paused for a moment, a little thrown off by how easily she admitted it.

“Are you quitting then?” Asked Melissa, still calm and composed.

“No. …….I didn’t say that. I still want the spot.” Summer told her.

“Good.” Melissa answered.

“So…..just to be clear…….it was all fake, and you actually still want nothing to do with me?” Summer slowly questioned, now very confused on where things stood between them. She could really only assume this meant there was no actual intent on Melissa’s end to mend things, she was only here as ‘a body’ to wrestle for the team, and once this team thing ended, she’d be treated the same way as before. Right?

“I didn’t say that. We’re still sitting next to each other, talking, aren’t we?” Melissa answered.

Time to get back to it. As they got the signal to begin round 2, Clara started out the same way she started the first one. Slowly, carefully, and defensively. Though, she had no intention of letting this round play out the same way the first one hand.

Addison hesitated for a moment as the round began, possibly expecting a dramatic shift in approach from Clara after going down 1-0, but seeing her act the same way she did in round 1, Addison quickly advanced on her just as she did the first time. If Clara wasn’t changing things up, Addison was fine with once again overpowering Clara on their feet, and putting a swift end to the match.

As Addison stepped up, ready to fearlessly grab her into another lockup, Clara went on the attack. Winning takedowns with raw strength wasn’t going to work, it was time to use her speed, skill, and smaller size.

Clara suddenly reached out and darted low to Addison’s left. With her usual quick reaction, Addison instinctively pulled back her left leg, shifting her balance. As she reacted to the surprise attack, Clara pivoted, outmaneuvering her larger opponent, and darting low to the right leg, wrapping it up and catching an arm around the back of the other leg.

Addison hadn’t been expecting the sudden low attack at all, and Clara’s misdirection was a blur, faking her out before she knew what hit her. She immediately tried to step back without thinking, only to lose her balance and fall backwards to the mat.

To those watching, the takedown was quite fluid, Clara making Addison look silly.

Clara got on top of her fast, but she didn’t have the size to just bury an opponent beneath her like Colleen. With a brief struggle, Addison was able to shove Clara off of her before Clara could get settled atop her.

Addison rolled to her side, getting back to her knees, but before she could do anything more, a relentless Clara was back on her, wrapping an arm around her to control her body as she tried to take Addison’s back.

As Clara made her move to take Addison’s back, Addison rolled to her side again, jarring the smaller, faster, wrestler loose before she could fully take her back and claim a secure position, ending with both of them on their backs.

Addison recovered faster, getting back to her knees, with Clara a bit thrown off by the sudden jolt of motion. Now, it was time to finally force Clara back onto the defensive, and ‘go for the kill’. She’d just taken Clara’s best effort, and came out of it completely fine.

Addison had recovered quicker, but Clara was able to react fast enough to deny Addison’s forceful attempt to mount her, catching her in her guard, legs wrapped around her waist. Clara pushed her hips forward, keeping her torso straight to control her movement.

Suddenly, Clara sat up, scooting her hips back. Addison braced herself for Clara to try and throw her off balance, instinctively planting her arms. As Clara sat up, she reached her right hand over Addison’s left shoulder, while grabbing her left wrist with the other hand, then winding the right hand around the back of her arm.

Now, Clara had full control of her left arm. One hand tightly clutching her wrist, and the other arm wrapped around Addison’s upper arm. It played out quickly, Addison had no idea what Clara was doing, never mind what to do next.

Now that she controlled Addison’s left arm, Clara uncrossed her legs and slid her hips to the side. Keeping the arm tight to her chest, Clara once again scissored her legs around Addison’s waist, to limit her movement.

All of a sudden……..Addison didn’t feel very ‘in control’ anymore. Letting some panic slip in, she began to struggle against Clara, trying to break away from her and regroup, rather then power through her. She didn’t know exactly what was coming, but the threat hit her very fast.

Her toned legs holding firm around Addison’s resisting body, and maintaining a tight grip on the arm as Addison tried to pull it free………..it was time for the finale.

With a little difficulty, Clara bent the arm and twisted the wrist towards Addison’s head, now fully destabilizing her position and sending a jolt of pain into her shoulder that made her lightly cry out. Off balance and leaning down into her, there was nothing Addison could even do to try and break the hold.

Within a few seconds, Addison rapidly tapped out on the mat.

“Winner Of Round 2, Via Kimura………CLARA!!!Clara Ties It 1-1!” The announcement boomed out, receiving louder cheers then Addison’s victory had. This was the first time someone had ever won a round against Addison.

At her panicked tapping, Clara immediately released her arm, trying to slip out from under her while Addison slowly rolled herself off of her smaller opponent.

Addison stayed down for a moment, massaging her shoulder as it sunk in that she’d just been submitted for the first time.

“Never seen that one before?” A now sweaty Clara teased with a smile, before walking away. As the pain in Addison’s shoulder quickly faded, the confusion and surprise was written all over her face. One moment, she was back in control, and before she knew it………she was caught in some painful armlock, while on top.

Slowly, she got to her feet and began walking back over to her team’s bench, more unsure of herself then she’d ever been in a match. She’d never actually lost a fall before, never mind like that. At the beginning and end of it, she felt she was simply outclassed.

As Addison returned, Summer got up and went back over to sit with Kelsey. She was just as confused as she’d been back when Addison and Clara started the second round, not managing to get many clear, direct, answers out of Melissa on the subject.

“Something wrong?” Kelsey asked as Summer sat back down next to her.

“I just…….I feel like I don’t really belong here.” Summer revealed slowly.

“Aw don’t get stressed about that already, I’m sure Mel picked you for a reason. When your turn comes, you’ll be fine!” Kelsey encouraged her with a smile.

“No, not-“ Summer was going to stop her, before deciding to let it go and keep things to herself. -……Thanks Kelsey.” Summer said.

“Damn, that was nice.” Harper congratulated her as she returned after tying the match up, 1-1.

“Told you it wasn’t over.” Clara said, clearly very satisfied with herself.

“You didn’t show me that one, yet.” Harper commented.

“Patience, we’ll get to it.” Clara kindly assured. “You know that one, Skylar? You and Max have training too, don’t you? The triangles and arm bars?” Clara called over to them.

“Um-, no, I really only know some basic things, and it’s from a long time ago.” Skylar shyly replied.

“And she taught me that one.” Max cut in.

“Oh, well I’d be happy to practice with you guys sometime and show you more, if you want.” Clara replied.

Skylar and Max exchanged looks with each other, and Max answered with a grin “we might take you up on that.”

“No more playing with her, just finish this.” Melissa instructed as Addison got up to go and retake her position on the mats.

Addison replied with an acknowledging nod as she walked away. A lot of doubt had crept in to her mind since Clara had forced her to submit for the very first time, but after having some time to rest and collect herself, she managed to push it back out.

After all, she remained undefeated for a reason. She was still the same wrestler that not only fought off, but dominated 2 opponents at once, and that had utterly crushed and humiliated an arrogant male opponent into almost complete submission to her. In this very match, she’d already proven to herself and everyone, that she was still the strongest female wrestler around here, in round 1.

Clara had given her a very good run for her money, but it was time to reassert the reputation she’d gained.

Clara returned to the mats with a little excitement, eager to get this final, decisive round started. She was only one round of wrestling away from potentially achieving her most recent #1 goal, defeating Addison. She felt pretty good about her chances, and that the momentum was on her side after round 2. She was ready to put her team up 1-0.

As the 3rd round kicked off, the crowd was a little louder now, with an Addison victory no longer seeming like a foregone conclusion.

To open the fall, Addison took Melissa’s parting words to heart, coming at Clara with an aggression she hadn’t shown yet. Rather then fall back to a more careful, patient approach, she was doubling down on what she did best, overwhelming and overpowering her opponents.

Clara barely had time to think before she was rushed by Addison. She had partly expected a more careful, precise Addison, after out maneuvering her at multiple points in the previous round, plus the surprised and confused reaction she got at the end of it. Instead, Addison’s aggressive style only intensified.

Clara attempted to dodge around and get behind her larger opponent, but she wasn’t quite as fast as she was earlier, getting caught and roughly flung to the mat, making her roll a little.

As Addison quickly closed the few steps of distance she’d just opened between them, Clara desperately attempted to scramble back to her feet. Before she could get her balance and stand up straight, she was once again latched onto by Addison, and thrown right back down, rolling onto her back from the momentum.

Addison once again stepped up, this time firmly planting a foot on her now downed opponent’s throat. Clara’s eyes widened as Addison’s foot pressed against her throat, instinctively grabbing her ankle. Addison slowly added a little pressure, making Clara choke for a moment, before retracting it.

Like a cat playing with a mouse, Addison paused and allowed Clara to roll over and get back to her knees.

She got up, and quickly went low, attacking Addison’s lower body, desperate to interrupt her onslaught. She wasn’t strong enough now to drive Addison off of her feet, after being practically rag-dolled and briefly choked, but she did manage to push Addison back several feet.

As Clara’s attack stalled out, Addison leaned over and grabbed Clara’s sides, before quickly adjusting her legs to catch Clara’s vulnerable head and neck between them.

Clara silently cursed herself as Addison’s legs suddenly shifted so that her head was in the middle, and then clamped shut around her neck. She hadn’t even considered the possibility of being caught in a standing headscissor, it wasn’t very common in 1 on 1 matches. In her desperation to turn the tables, she left herself open to this.

As she tightened her legs around Clara’s neck, starting to squeeze, her mind was no longer on ending the match as soon as possible. She was finally taking complete control of the match, just as she’d done with everyone else she fought. Now quickly switching into ‘domination mode’ she was going to have some fun first, before ending it.

Supporting herself with her knees, Clara desperately pulled at Addison’s legs, while Addison just playfully flexed her arms for the crowd.

“Submit?” Addison taunted as Clara sputtered and choked between her thighs

As Clara’s frantic struggles began to slow, Addison released her neck, causing her to take a light faceplant into the mat.

The crowd had grown noticeably less loud now, as Addison’s brutal takeover of an otherwise competitive match, rolled on. If you weren’t supporting Addison, there wasn’t much left to cheer about.

Harper let out a sigh of disappointment and frustration, as Addison crushed Clara’s neck in the standing headscissor. Clara appeared to be finished at this point, it was just a matter of how much humiliation Addison wanted to pile on. Glancing over, she couldn’t stand the smug look on Melissa’s face.

It was as good of a time as any to make a quick bathroom run, rather then watch Clara become Addison’s latest victim.

“You leaving?” Colleen asked, noticing Harper get up.

“I wish. Just a bathroom run.” Harper sarcastically grumbled, before walking off.

Stepping back, Addison commented “I think you’re done.” With a confident smirk, as Clara lay face down on the mat at her feet.

“Not yet.” Clara groaned, slowly beginning to force herself back to her hands and knees even as she tired, and soreness spread throughout her body.

Addison casually raised a foot, about to press a tired, weakened Clara back down to the mat.

And that was Clara’s opportunity.

Clara lunged for the single leg Addison was balanced on, before she could plant the other back down on the mat.

A surprised Addison was knocked off balance with ease, Clara causing her to tumble backwards, crashing to the mat, the back of her head making an impact against it.

Just like that, thanks to Addison getting a bit too comfortable in her dominance, the course of the match had flipped within seconds.

As Harper returned from the bathroom, she could hear a roar from the crowd before she entered. She could only roll her eyes, everyone must be going crazy over some new feat from Addison.

As she walked back in, she had to pause in place, doing a double take at the sight before her.

Addison was now down on the mat with Clara, the domineering blonde moving slowly after the hard fall that she was not at all braced for. A little disoriented, Addison rolled over, getting her hands and knees under her, about to push herself back to her feet. The only thing on her mind right now was getting back up as quickly as possible.

Clara didn’t even really have it in her at this point, but she knew she had to push just a little more. There was no time to pause and rest. Forcing her body to obey, Clara pushed herself up, moving forwards, and quickly taking Addison’s exposed back.

Harper still stood in place, watching on as Clara took Addison’s back, hooking an arm underneath her chin.

As Clara took control and began to move towards victory, Harper’s gaze shifted to Melissa. The relaxed smugness she wore before was gone, the cheerleader clearly growing agitated as Addison’s seemingly inevitable win spiraled out of control.

It was Harper’s turn to smirk now. She was going to return to her team, but then she paused, looking back to Melissa.

You know what? She had a score to settle. There was no Addison for her to hide behind now.

With that, Harper slowly made her way over to the opposing bench.

Clara had secured the rear naked choke, a panicked Addison trying to pry her arms off, while Clara put everything she had left into maintaining it. Clara’s choke was sunk in deep, and Addison quickly began to fade.

She tried not to get ahead of herself before she truly finished the job, but Clara couldn’t help it. As her larger opponent’s body shut down beneath her’s, drifting towards unconsciousness, Clara knew she was only seconds away from completing a miraculous comeback, putting her team up 1-0, and finally defeating Addison.

About to pass out at any second, Addison tapped out.

Clara did it.

“Winner Of Round 1 Of The Tournament, 2-1, Via Rear Naked Choke, CLARA! Her Team Leads 1-0!” The announcement came to the loudest cheers of the night.

While Clara’s team celebrated, the reactions from Melissa’s team varied a little. Brooke, Charlotte, Kelsey, and Summer, were visibly shocked, while Damien did his best to mask the satisfaction he took from watching Addison nearly get choked out, and handed her first loss. Brianna was as impossible to read as ever.

An elated Clara sprung up as quickly as her tired, sore body would allow. She actually did it.

As a somewhat groggy Addison rolled over onto her back, all that was left to do was choose how she was going to celebrate this victory. She considered just walking away…….but no. She’d been chasing this goal for a while now, she had to soak in the moment a little.

After a little thought, Clara did strike a victory pose, but chose to keep it respectful, simply planting a foot on Addison’s chest, and flexing her arms.

While most other girls would likely go much further then this, Clara had no desire to humiliate her. Sure, Addison had been quite brutal with her at points, but that was just part of The Addison Experience, she was quite sure there was no personal malice. Other then those parts, she enjoyed the competition.

Lost in the moment and basking in her victory, Clara was paying little attention to anything else around her……….until she heard some reaction from the crowd, and two female voices having a heated exchange.

Clara looked over to the source, only to see Harper and Melissa in each other’s faces.

Summer and Kelsey looked to each other, both questioning to themselves if they should intervene. Brooke and Charlotte passively watched, not considering it in the slightest. Damien definitely wasn’t going to get involved, not caring about either of them. Brianna……monitored the confrontation.

“It only taking someone half your size to beat the girl you AND a friend couldn’t, isn’t something to brag about.” Melissa snapped.

That did it, as the two girls began to grapple each other to the floor.

As they went to the floor, it was over in seconds, Harper taking it further by nailing her in the face with a single punch, rocking her, to some gasps from the crowd.

“Oh that felt good. Anything else to say bitch-“ Harper growled, her voice cutting off as she bounced up and began to backpedal so quickly she almost tripped over herself, reacting to both Kelsey and Summer jumping up and rushing to them.

Less noticeably, Brianna stood up as well, though showing much less urgency then Summer and Kelsey. She wasn’t really stepping in out of any loyalty to Melissa, it just wouldn’t be very fitting to sit in the background as a ‘friend’ of Carter’s was attacked.

Harper continued to back away as Summer and Kelsey quickly reached a down and dazed Melissa, stopping to check on her. While they didn’t pursue, Brianna strolled past, locking eyes with Harper and stalking after her a bit further.

“Running off?” Brianna asked with a confidence about her.

“Oh and what’re you going to do?” Harper scoffed. “You barely even fight. Acting like a slut won’t get you far against other girls.” She sneered.

Rather then take offense at Harper’s scathing words, and have an outburst of anger, Brianna cooly replied “You’d be surprised.”, before turning around and going back to her team, letting Harper continue her cowardly retreat.

Addison had just sat up now, unaware of what exactly had just happened, still processing her defeat. Clara still stood next to her. As all eyes were glued to the aftermath of the sideline drama, Clara took the unfortunate opening.

“Good match.” Clara offered, extending a hand.

A confused Addison accepted the hand back up to her feet, still staring over at what had just unfolded.

“And…….sorry about that.” Clara said quietly, walking away. As she made her way back to her team, she shot Harper a look of disapproval as she made her way back around as well.

“I’m…..fine.” Melissa said through gritted teeth, a concerned Kelsey and Summer standing over her.

“You sure Mel? That was a pretty good hit you-“ Kelsey said.

“Yes. I’m sure.” Melissa sharply cut her off. The disorienting effect of the unexpected blow was quickly fading, and being replaced by rage. Kelsey and Summer each awkwardly offered her a hand up, only to be ignored as Melissa pushed herself up.

“She thinks she’s safe over there….” Melissa muttered under her breath with clenched fists, ready to storm across the gymnasium and knock Harper’s head off.

Kelsey and Summer jumped in front of her as she took a step forwards. As Brianna strolled past, Summer shot her a ‘help us’ look. Brianna paused and suggested “There’s always Damien if you need to blow off steam.” to Melissa, and then went and sat down. Not helpful.

Then, to their relief, Addison returned to ‘takeover the situation’.

Harper didn’t receive a very warm welcome as she and Clara regrouped with the team. It was a quiet group considering the huge win they just picked up, everyone a bit shocked at what had just happened across from them. It annoyed Harper a bit, Melissa had it coming after all, but whatever. Now they knew their co Captain was no weak pushover, who was only here because of her friendship with Clara.

“We’ll talk later.” Clara said to her quietly, Harper rolling her eyes when she looked away.

“Nice one Clara, that’s a huge win for us.” Travis commented, breaking the awkward silence as everyone got up to head back to the locker room, trying to redirect the focus back to where it should’ve been.

“Thanks guys.” Clara replied, Travis’s words reminded everyone else to offer some light praise of their own, as they all headed back to their locker room.

“Thoughts on-“ Karly raced up, cutting off the seething Cheerleader as she stormed back to their locker room. A dejected Addison trudged along next to her, while everyone else quietly followed behind.

“Get that phone out of my face, before I smash it!” Melissa growled, the sharp threat sending Karly scattering away as quickly as she appeared.

The only one in the group you could maybe call ‘happy’ with tonight, was Damien. Sure, the night started out rough, but seeing both Addison and Melissa ‘get theirs’ was a pretty good way to end it. A small victory.

As they reentered their locker room, Melissa and Addison wasted little time. Grabbing their things, they left very quickly, without a single word to their team.

The last ones in and the first ones out, Melissa slammed the door shut behind them with a boom.

As the two team captains left, an awkward silence settled over the room. Over the next few minutes, everyone but Kelsey and Summer trickled out.

“Walk out with me?” Kelsey asked with a smile.

“Sure.” Summer replied. She couldn’t wait to get home.

What a night.

End Of Part 19.

- Finally, ‘Night One’ is over, and it was a busy one. Hopefully you enjoy the change of pace in this one, a more competitive match with some more ‘legitimate’ moves and technique mixed in. Clara is a good chance to spice things up beyond the classic ‘scissors and smothers’.

-Mixed Matches are coming very soon.

- Happy Easter to those who celebrate it.

- On to Night 2.

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Default Re: Redlands College Fight Season

Usually I don't read the girl vs girl fights, and instead just jump right to the end to see who won. That wasn't the case with this one, mate. I found myself hanging off every word, as the tension with Clara facing the unstoppable Addison played out. I'm sorry if that just comes across as a backhanded compliment, because my intention could not be further from the truth. This installment was technical and showed the skill that was needed to take down an opponent who had nearly every advantage, going in. Clara did indeed win the fight due to superior skill, but her greatest weapon wasn't the kimura or the rear naked choke. I feel that Clara's victory came from shaking Addison's ironclad self confidence. To be able to beat her, she had to make Addison believe that she could be beaten.

So, seeing Addison rubbing her ass all over a male opponents face might have been sexier for me, but I don't think a mixed match could have revealed as much about character and confidence, and the psychological effects of the wrestling struggle. Well done, mate. This was fantastic.

Thank you for continuing this story series, mate. I honestly love it.
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Default Re: Redlands College Fight Season

Had to catch up on all this story because I don't consider myself a "domme" fan in general. But this one is a must read.
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Default Re: Redlands College Fight Season

Part 20, Night 2: Opposite Personalities Clash

Summer had made a decision. She was going to quit the team. The only reason she showed up tonight, was to do it in person.

It wasn’t a decision she was making lightly, she’d put a lot of thought into it since last night. The one redeeming thing about this experience, was Kelsey. Other then her, she didn’t really like it here……..at all. She definitely hadn’t been expecting such a quiet, unfriendly atmosphere. It didn’t feel like much of a team at all. Then, realizing that things with Melissa were purely transactional, only made it worse.

Before, she just wanted to be involved, and jumped at the chance to get a spot in it, but maybe what she really wanted all along was just to compete with her friends. So, she was done here.

It was just about finding the right timing to announce it. If she timed it right, maybe Melissa would simply take it in stride.

Speaking of timing, Brooke and Charlotte broke into ill timed hushed laughs right as the locker room door opened, Melissa and Addison stepping through.

“You think last night was funny?!” Melissa snapped, now sporting a very noticeable bruise on her cheek.

As the already mostly quiet room fell dead silent around them, everyone’s attention pulled to them, Brooke and Charlotte could only look to their captain with genuine looks of confusion.

“……..I don’t think they were-“ Addison began to quietly tell Melissa.

“Uh…….we were talking about something else.” Charlotte awkwardly replied.

“Never mind.” Melissa sharply replied.

‘Well, now was definitely not the time to tell her’, Summer thought to herself.

As the brief standoff ended, everyone went back to what they were doing. For Damien, that was massaging Brianna’s shoulders. He and Brianna had gotten a few strange looks at first, but the others quickly accepted it and paid them no more attention.

Eyes closed and in a state of complete relaxation as Damien’s hands did their work, Brianna slowly reached back behind her with a purr, and sensually grinded her hand against his package, through his pants.

“Like that?” Brianna whispered seductively, his steady massaging pace suddenly slowing as he momentarily froze at the sudden, unexpected intimate contact.

Damien didn’t respond, his eyes darting around the room in fear that everyone noticed what she was doing. No one was looking, though. She already knew the answer anyway, as he quickly hardened in his shorts.

His breathing changed as pleasure washed over him, as he also struggled to maintain his composure and not tip off any of the girls in the room to what Brianna was doing. Addison hadn’t done this.

Then, she retracted her hand. “Keep doing so well…….and there’ll be more.” Brianna whispered suggestively.

Left disappointed at the loss of her touch, and in his now aroused state, he was hooked. Rather then simply obeying, he now felt some motivation to please her. Resuming the massage, he gave it his all.

“Last night, I didn’t know we were supposed to have two until I saw that her team did, so your 2nd Co Captain……….is Skylar!” Clara announced to her team with a smile, while also throwing a quick, nervous glance towards Harper. As hoped, Harper had no visible reaction.

She was lying. She was fully aware that they weren’t meant to have any specific number of Co Captains, but it sounded believable enough. She was thankful that Melissa had selected two for whatever reason, it made for good cover to do this. In her mind, this was sort of silently demoting and replacing Harper, without the drama of actually doing it. It surely wouldn’t go over very well with her.

Skylar seemed perfect. Kind, level headed, and mature. Exactly what was needed, after the antics of a hot headed Harper last night.

“Oh, and Emma, it’s your night. You ready?” Clara asked encouragingly.

“Yeah, I think so. As ready as I’ll ever be.” Emma answered with an anxious smile.

“Relax, you’ll be great Emma.” Travis assured her.

“Did you talk to Summer yet?” Max asked, as he, Skylar, and Alexa sat together as usual.

“Nope. I texted her last night when I got home, no response.” Skylar shrugged.

“Think she’s mad about something?” Alexa questioned.

“Give it another day or so, she’s probably just busy right now.” Max said optimistically.

“Okay, is everyone ready?” Clara prompted.

As everyone stood up, it was time for Night Two of the tournament to begin.

As both teams came out, everyone had gravitated back to the same places on their team’s bench that they had taken the first night.

As Clara got up, Harper moved to follow suit. “Um…….I think it might be better if you sit this one out, after what happened last night, you know?” Clara asked gently. “Give it a night or two for things to cool down.”

“Alright, fine.” Harper grumbled.

Clara was about to head off and leave it at that, before pausing, finding a new angle that may get through to her. “Hey. You could’ve gotten yourself hurt twice last night, and then what? We need you.”

Getting a nod back from Harper, Clara turned away, and waved Skylar over to join her as she made her way to the middle of the gymnasium floor.

“Unbelievable. She had it coming, she started it, and now I’m getting punished.” Harper remarked to Colleen.

“Yeah…….she probably did, but maybe you still shouldn’t have done it.” Colleen carefully replied, not wanting to talk badly of Clara behind her back, or get on Harper’s bad side.

Harper just rolled her eyes at Colleen’s obvious fencesitting response, as Karly came over.

“Hello! I’m sure everyone would love to hear more about what exactly what happened last night, anything you want to say?” Karly prompted, recording Harper with her phone.

“Not really.” Harper dryly replied.

“Any regrets about last night, now that you’ve had some time to-“

“Nope, not one. I just did what someone should’ve done a while ago.” Harper replied, with no remorse.

“Okay then, well, thanks for your time.” Karly said nicely as she walked off. She thought about approaching Melissa about it as well, but thought better of it after the previous night’s interaction.

Summer felt awkward as she walked out to the middle of the gym with a silent Melissa and Addison. Maybe she should’ve just forced herself to spit it out back in the locker room, rather then putting on this little act, looking for some ‘perfect timing’. She was being stupid. There was no good time to drop out on her team. She should’ve just gotten it over with. Now she was pretty much locked in, ‘going through the motions’ for the night.

As the team captains met in the middle of the gym floor, there was no trading of insults, or little spats, tonight. Only cold, tense silence.

Melissa’s fists clenched at Harper’s absence, seeing her casually sitting back on her team’s bench, while Skylar took her place beside Clara. That cowardly bitch, throwing her little punch, running back to her team, and now letting a teammate face her instead.

As they waited on the referee, Clara broke the tense silence, wincing inside as she saw the bruise on Melissa’s face. That wasn’t good.

“Okay, so things obviously got out of hand last night. It shouldn’t have gone that far.” Clara began, only being met with a glare from Melissa. “I had no idea she was going to do that, I didn’t even see what was going on until it was too late. I’m sorry about……that.” Clara finished awkwardly, referencing the mark on her face.

After more silence, Clara added “I had a talk with Harper. She won’t be on your side again. Can we let this go, and move on?” Clara offered, extending a hand. She definitely still didn’t like Melissa, nor respect her, but trying to calm the tensions that had arisen seemed best for everyone. Unlike Harper, she could put aside her own grudges for the team.

“You know what…….sure. Things happen.” Melissa replied after a pause, giving Clara a warm smile and shaking her hand on it.

Clara let out a sigh as they apparently managed to settle things. “And at least that bruise should be all faded in a few days.” She said lightly.

“Yep, I’m sure it will.” Melissa replied, as they were joined by the referee.

“Alright girls, who we got tonight?” He asked, looking to Clara and Skylar first.

“Emma.” Clara replied.

“Myself.” Melissa countered before he could even ask her.

“Quick decisions tonight, good stuff. Let’s get started.” He said, walking off.

As Clara, Melissa, and Addison, turned and began walking back to their benches, Skylar and Summer lingered.

“Is everything ok? You never replied to my-“

“Yeah, sorry, I just have my own stuff going on right now.” Summer cut her off. “And wait, how are you Co-Captain? Isn’t Harper-“

“I should ask you the same thing.” Skylar smiled. “And she still is. We have two now too, apparently. But how’d you even end up on her team-“

Then the PA Speaker came alive, cutting them off. “Wrestling In Tonight’s Match, Round 2 Of The Tournament, Representing Team Clara……….Emma! Team Clara Leads 1-0!” The announcement boomed to loud cheers. She was becoming a fan favorite, someone who was almost impossible to dislike.

“We’ll talk later!” Summer told Skylar, as they quickly parted ways.

“Sit with us?” Clara offered, as Skylar returned, about to rejoin Max and Alexa.

“Sure.” Skylar nodded, joining Clara and Harper.

“Facing Emma” the announcement resumed, “And Representing Team Melissa……….Melissa!” The announcement drew a mostly positive reception, though there was a small amount of people who didn’t like her much after her debut match.

Hearing the announcement of who she was facing, a bad feeling came over Max. After what happened last night, he didn’t like this matchup. At all.

Getting up and stepping over to Clara, he asked “Can we pull her back? I don’t think this matchup is a good-“

“You can’t do that.” Harper spoke up, in a ‘duh, idiot.’ sort of tone.

“She’s right, we can’t.” Clara answered. “It’s nice that you’re looking out for her, but she can handle herself” Clara kindly assured. “Right Emma?”

“Yeah , I got this.” Emma said, up on her feet now. “Make sure you’re watching Max, this is a preview of what you’re getting in our rematch!” She playfully teased, before heading out to the mats.

Max’s concern remained, but there wasn’t much else he could do but take a seat next to Alexa, and let things play out.

“Remember the plan, Kelsey?” Melissa asked.

“Yep, just give me the signal Mel.” Kelsey replied.

As Melissa left, a curious and confused Summer asked “uh…….what was that about?”

“You’ll have to wait and see.” Kelsey said playfully.

“Hey girls, how’s it going?” Addison warmly greeted her and Summer taking a seat next to Summer. She was very disappointed with her loss, to the point that she didn’t even feel like messing with Damien, but the tournament moved on. As a Co-Captain in it, she had to as well. There was little time to dwell on her own defeat. She wanted to get to know the teammates she hadn’t met yet.

Summer was a bit uncomfortable now. Seeing Addison finally lose last night didn’t really dull the intimidation factor, for her.

Yep, she should’ve quit as soon as Melissa arrived.

(Emma: [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] )

(Melissa on the left, Olivia in the middle, Lucy on the right) : [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] )

“Hi!” Emma warmly greeted Melissa with a friendly smile as they took their places on the mats. “I know it didn’t have anything to do with me, but, sorry about last night. Are you okay?” Emma asked sympathetically.

“Yep, just fine.” Melissa replied, matching Emma’s energy.

Getting the signal to begin, neither wrestler rushed into action. Emma was content to start out slowly and with some caution, to get a bit of a feel for her opponent. She didn’t really know what to expect.

Melissa slowly stalked towards her, not directly, but on a curve to the side, intentionally repositioning herself before engaging. Emma’s feet shifted, slowly adjusting herself as Melissa cut around to the left side of her. She patiently watched and waited, deciding to have Melissa make the first move.

When they started, their backs were to their own team’s benches. Now, they were sideways, each of their sides facing one of the benches.

Moving a step closer to Emma, Melissa gave a slight, subtle, roll of the shoulder that was facing her team, as if simply stretching it out. Nothing anyone watching would notice and think anything of………well, everyone but Kelsey.

Glancing over out of the corner of her eye, she saw Kelsey wasn’t even paying attention. Slightly annoyed, she repeated the motion, this time Kelsey was looking. Surprise briefly flashed across Kelsey’s face, like she hadn’t been ready for it this soon. She quickly rose to her feet.

With their little scheme in motion, Melissa decided to stall for a moment.

“So, you’ve wrestled Carter?” Asked Melissa, halting her painfully slow advance.

“Yeah, and I won! He was my first win.” Emma happily replied. “Have you wrestled him too?”

“You could say that.” Melissa answered.

“It was fun, he’s really nice, isn’t he? I’ve seen some other matches, and some people are just so rough and mean for no reason.” Emma said lightly, playing right into Melissa’s strategy without a second thought.

“Tell me about it.” Melissa said, having to contain a smirk. So innocent. If only she knew…….

“One of my opponents……he……was so rough.” Melissa timidly added, her gaze dropping, as if relaying an unpleasant memory. Emma was so easy.

Emma’s face dropped a bit. She felt bad. She’d gotten lucky so far with Max and Carter, having a friendly and warm rapport with each of them.

“Hey…….how about we take it easy on each other, and just have a fun match?” Emma offered with a bright smile.

“That would be nice.” Melissa replied, glancing in Kelsey’s direction, she was in position.

It was time to avenge last night’s humiliation. She was going to tear Emma apart.

“Hi! I’ve been wanting to talk to you since last night, but I was too nervous.” Kelsey girlishly giggled. “What’s your name……and do you think I could get your number?” She sweetly asked the referee.

Focused on the match, there was a slight delay before Kelsey’s words registered in his head. Melissa and Emma hadn’t even touched each other yet, so he felt comfortable briefly turning away to see who it was.

When he did, his mind went blank. He thought he was pretty smooth, but that all vanished as he saw the hottest wrestler in the school in front of him, dressed in just her skimpy, white wrestling bikini…….and hitting on him.

“U-um…..hey, I-…..I’m………uh, sorry.” He paused, flustered and stumbling over his words, trying to keep his gaze at eye level.

“It’s okay, it’s cute.” Kelsey laughed. “Almost as cute as you.” She laid it on thick, making his face flush. She wasn’t the greatest actress, but luckily her physical appearance more then covered for those shortcomings.

As soon as the referee turned away, Melissa rushed forwards, finally locking up with Emma for the first time. She was on the clock, Kelsey’s distraction would only last for so long.

Emma had lowered her defenses a bit after their brief but encouraging exchange. Rather than anxious and on her toes, she already felt quite comfortable that she’d be having another friendly, good natured match.

As they clinched up for the first time, it was like a switch flipped.

Melissa wasted no time, quickly blasting back to back knees up into her unsuspecting opponent’s stomach, knocking the air out of her and sending an explosion of pain though her core.

They both immediately broke contact, Emma eating a stinging slap to her face before she could stumble backwards out of range. Melissa was on her quickly though, leaving her no chance to breathe and regroup. The small gap of space Emma had desperately opened between them was closed in an instant.

Emma was almost in shock, her mind immediately expecting a blown whistle that wasn’t coming.

She tried to back away rather than reengage and attempt to turn the tables, but her reaction was too slow. Melissa’s hand shot out, grabbing a clump of Emma’s flowing locks of hair in a tight grip. Emma let out a small yelp at the unexpected burn from her scalp as she sharply pulled her own hair by trying to back away.

Emma wasn’t very sturdy and balanced on her feet now after the the brutal opening attack, being dragged to the mat by Melissa without much of a struggle, partially by her hair.

The crowd had been quite vocal throughout Melissa’s fast paced assault, but he was oblivious to everything around them. In this moment, it was as if only he and Kelsey existed, not taking his focus off of the buxom blonde for a second. It wasn’t very hard for Kelsey, there were a certain ‘two things’ about her that were quite captivating all on their own.

As their awkward flirting continued, a sneer of “Eyes on the match, not her tits, idiot!” interrupted them and finally tore his eyes off of Kelsey.

He didn’t look to the mats though, instead looking right to the source of the voice.


Everyone else’s eyes glued to the mats in shock, Harper was the first on her team to catch on to what was happening, springing up and leaving Clara without a word.

Her eyes flicked to the mats, Melissa having her way with Emma, then back to Harper. Kelsey was purely improvising now.

“Leave us alone!” Kelsey exclaimed dramatically, grabbing onto the referee in a hug, leaving him a bit flustered as her perfect body suddenly pressed against his.

“Get off of him you stupid-“

“Don’t be jealous I got here first!” Kelsey cut her off.

“I’m not-, she’s not into you you moron! She’s-“ Harper addressed the referee.

“Calm down, plenty of other guys like flat chested girls.” Kelsey interrupted again, hoping to prolong the distraction by setting Harper off.

“That’s it-“ A now very pissed off Harper stormed forwards.

The referee burst out of Kelsey’s hug, jumping between the two girls. “Girls, calm down-“

“Out of my way.” Harper threatened. Suddenly, it was no longer about ending the distraction to help Emma. It was personal now.

Knowing this act was about at its end, and having no desire to actually brawl with Harper, Kelsey blew her a kiss from behind the referee’s back, and dashed off back to her team as he had to hold Harper back.

Melissa glanced up as Kelsey retreated victoriously, her role played to perfection. Getting a thumbs up and smile from Kelsey, Melissa hit Emma with one last sharp slap as the referee momentarily remained tied up with Harper.

Melissa was seated high on Emma’s chest now, in full control. She wasn’t even facing much resistance, she already had Emma well defeated mentally. The rest of this match was just a formality.

Emma was still shocked and confused, clueless as to how this had been allowed to happen. There was a sense of hurt and betrayal as well, she never would’ve imagined the seemingly friendly girl from the start of the match would do this. That, on top of the physical pain. She had never been in a match like this before, and was totally unprepared. She genuinely had fun with Max and Carter. This…….was very different.

Melissa rolled her to the side with no resistance, right into a tight headscissor.

“Why………what did…….I do?” Emma choked out as her opponent’s legs tightened and began to squeeze. She must have done or said something wrong without realizing it, why else-

“Ask Harper.” Melissa smirked, thighs crushing Emma’s neck.

“We…….were…….taking it……easy.” Emma sputtered.

“I changed my mind.” Melissa replied, pulsing her legs. Emma desperately pulled at her legs, trying to relieve some of the pressure around her neck, to no avail. She could’ve tapped out, but it didn’t even come to mind.

As Emma grew weak, Melissa released the scissor, letting her flop onto her stomach, face down on the mat. She took a seat on Emma’s back, lifting her limp arms up and over her own knees, setting up a camel clutch. She cupped Emma’s chin with both hands, and slowly bent her back.

Watching Emma be roughly dominated, and implode under Melissa’s vicious attack, was especially difficult for Max, Travis, and Clara. A part of all three of them wanted to intervene, but they knew they couldn’t.

A sharp pain seared through Emma’s back and neck as she was pulled backwards in the torturous hold, her arms trapped in a very uncomfortable position. Carefully being pushed to her limits, but not to the point of injury.

Melissa stared down Harper and Clara as Emma let out a cry. Revenge felt good. No one would care about last night, now. Harper’s tiny moment would be forgotten, and so would Clara’s win. This was the match of the tournament that would be most remembered, and when people thought of her, two dominant victories is what would come to mind. All Clara and Harper could do, was watch. She was finally getting back at them, for Lucy, too. It was a rush.

“Please……I give up.” Emma whimpered, weakly trying to tap out.

Emma’s pleas didn’t immediately register, the hold being cranked a little further, Melissa slipping into her own head. Clara’s taunts, the way she humiliated Lucy. Harper’s little ‘hit and run’. Years of Madison’s-

“Hey! Let her go, she tapped!” The referee ordered.

Snapping out of it, Melissa immediately released her chin, slipped her arms back over her knees, and got up.

“Winner Of Round 1 Via Camel Clutch, Melissa! Melissa Leads 1-0!” The announcement was made.

Emma forced herself to her feet rather quickly, but instead of returning to her team to prepare for the next fall, she ran off. The gymnasium grew quiet as Emma dashed off back to her team’s locker room, on the brink of tears.

Approaching Clara, the now confused referee asked “She’s coming back, right?”

“I don’t know.” Clara replied honestly.

“Alright……well you have a few minutes to sort it out, but if she doesn’t get back out here, gonna have to call it.” He replied, walking away.

“So…….go get her. Tell her to-“ Harper began.

“Harper……..no. If she’s done, she’s done.” Clara cut her off.

Max was about to go check on her, but right before he got up, Travis beat him to it, getting up and heading back to check on her himself.

Melissa still stood out on the mats, seeming distracted, apparently thrown off by Emma’s sudden exit. For some reason, her big victory wasn’t feeling so great now, in the aftermath coming down from the high. But she won. Dominantly. Made her statement. That’s all that mattered, right?

Soon, Travis returned. No Emma.

Clara didn’t have to ask, already getting up, but he confirmed “She’s done.”

The announcement was quickly made. “Winner Of The Match Via Forfeit, MELISSA! Team Melissa Ties The Tournament 1-1!” There were a few cheers, but they were mostly drowned out by overwhelming boos.

Clara and her team made their way out, mostly quiet, no one in a great mood after witnessing Emma’s destruction.

Melissa finally returned to her team. She still couldn’t shake a feeling of………guilt…….was it? She wasn’t going to show it though. Giving a bright smile, and high-fiving Kelsey, she and her team headed off, exiting to plenty of boos.

“Did you know she was going to do that?” Summer quietly asked Kelsey, as they walked. Like many others who watched it, she was pretty uncomfortable with how the match had played out. Though……the night wasn’t all bad. Addison was actually surprisingly kind, and friendly. Not at all what she expected. It didn’t totally change her decision though.

“Not really. We only talked about my part.” Kelsey replied.

As they returned to their locker room, part of Melissa just wanted to call it a night, but she had plans. She already said she’d be there, so, she’d see it through. It’d be a much needed distraction anyway.

“I have a party to go too. Who’s coming?” Melissa announced.

“I’ll go!” Kelsey eagerly volunteered.

After that, it was silence.

Brianna, Damien, Charlotte, and Brooke all made their way out, leaving just Melissa, Addison, Summer, and Kelsey.

“I think I’ll skip this one.” Addison said lightly. “I’m just gonna go home, and wind down with Lucy-“

“Yeah that’s fine, see you tomorrow.” Melissa replied as Addison left.

That particularly caught Summer’s attention. That had to mean they were together, right? So she hadn’t been seeing things that night, sitting with Olivia.

“Are you coming, or not? Melissa questioned, pulling Summer from her thoughts.

Summer hesitated, beginning with “ummm”. She really wanted to go, it sounded so fun, but she wasn’t totally sure she was welcome.

“………can I?” Summer anxiously asked.

“Sure. Come on.” Melissa lead the two of them out of the locker room door.

As they walked through the hallways, Summer was genuinely excited. This definitely beat anything she, Skylar, Max, and Alexa had done together after a match. She forgot all about quitting the team, for the time being.

She couldn’t wait to get there.

End Of Part 20.

- Another long delay, but Part 20 is finally done. Still hoping to pick up the pace here again, that obviously didn’t happen this go around.

- I’m sure most of you are waiting for more M Vs F matches, so after back to back F Vs F matches, I’m going to confirm it. The next match of the tournament will be M Vs F. The exact matchup? That’s the part you’ll have to wait and find out.
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Default Re: Redlands College Fight Season

Thanks for this installment, mate. I feel bad for Emma and Melissa is cementing her role as a heel. Kelsey sounds hot, as usual, and the slightly subdued and reticent Addison is a nice change for her. Brianna is effortlessly sexy, as always.

I am looking forward to the next match. Your girl on girl stuff is still hot, but the mixed stuff is definitely my thang.

Thanks again.
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Default Re: Redlands College Fight Season

Part 21: Night 2, Afterparty

“Why didn’t we just drive ourselves here?” Summer asked, as the three girls stepped out of their ride.

Melissa and Kelsey exchanged knowing looks. So naive. “Have you ever actually been to a party before?” Asked Melissa.

“Um…..no.” Summer shyly replied. “I’ve wanted too, but I was never really invited to-“ she trailed off, leaving her own words hanging in the air as she took it all in in amazement. The place was beautiful. A large, expensive looking house. Music pumping, and seemingly well filled out but not uncomfortably overcrowded with people. This definitely beat her expectations so far.

“Who’s party is this?!” Summer asked.

“Jack and Lindsey’s.” Melissa replied.

Summer had no clue who either of those people were, but they threw some of the best parties of anyone in the school. Only the most popular fraternity and sorority houses could rival them in location. Their’s were somewhat more lowkey, though.

Summer continued to take it all in with awe as they walked inside.

“C-come on Lindsey, let me go, everyone’s gonna be looking!” Her anxious male ‘victim’ complained.

(Lindsey [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] )

“Relax, no one cares. People wrestle around here all the time, anyone who’s been here before is used to it. I do this all the time myself. If people start looking, it’ll be your own fault.” Lindsey dryly assured, as she held him deep in a reverse headscissor.

‘This must be his first time’ Lindsey thought to herself. She did this all the time. For people who came to their parties often, this was a normal sight, nothing worth paying special attention too. Only about 10 minutes ago, she’d surprised one of her friends with a headscissor from behind in the pool.

If you came to their party, there was a chance of being playfully challenged or surprise attacked by Lindsey. It was fun for her, and the vast majority of people enjoyed her games as well.


“Shh.” Lindsey stopped him. “Just enjoy the view.” She purred, glancing back over her shoulder, alternating the pressure of her squeezing.

It was a pretty great view. In just a thong bikini, her perfect, well rounded ass was on full display, and right in front of his face. He just hadn’t been ready for the reality of being in this position with so many strangers around. Even though he wasn’t fighting it and trying to escape, it still felt a bit awkward and embarrassing. Going back to her claim that ‘she does this all the time’ he wondered how many of the people around them had been in a similar position themselves.

He rested his hands on the thick thighs wrapped his head and neck. “Move your hands up a little. You know you want too.” Lindsey suggestively encouraged.

He hesitated for a moment, before following her direction, slowly sliding his hands up over the smooth, soft skin, until they rested on her cushiony cheeks. “There you go.” Lindsey smirked.

Lindsey gave him a moment to enjoy the current position, before switching to a reverse figure four headscissor without warning. Before he knew it, he was pulled in deeper, neck against her warm crotch, and face partially pressed against her ass. Her plump cheeks consumed his vision.

“I think those girls over there are laughing at you.” Lindsey commented, with a grin he couldn’t see.

“Hurrphh lemm me gummph” He pleaded, squirming a bit, and lightly pulling at her thighs.

“Chill out, I’m just messing with you.” Lindsey laughed, his ‘hurry let me go’ coming out muffled.

He relaxed again, relieved but a little embarrassed that he’d fallen for it. “Nophh funmmy” he replied into her ass, trying to say ‘not funny.’

“I thought it was.” An amused Lindsey replied.

After a quiet moment, she said “I guess I’ll let you go now.” as she spotted a certain someone with 2 friends walk in. She released him from her legs, casually rolled off of him, and got to her feet.

“See you next time?” Lindsey asked, giving him a hand back up to his feet.

There was a brief pause as he quickly looked around the room to see if anyone was looking, but as Lindsey assured him, no one seemed to care what they’d been doing. He finally replied “Y-yeah…….maybe.” unsure what to make of it all.

She gave him a light, affectionate pat on the arm, and walked away to greet her friend, who was also one of her favorite party guests. It was never boring with her.

“Melissa! You guys come straight from the tournament?!” Jack energetically greeted them as they walked in, dressed in a polo shirt and jeans. 5’10, with short black hair. A slim build. He came from wealthy parents, but didn’t act the part or fit the stereotype.

“Yeah, we just got done there.” Melissa replied.

“How’s that going for you guys anyway?” He asked.

“1-1, tied up. Thanks to me.” Melissa grinned.

“What about me!” Kelsey jumped in.

“And you.” Melissa added.

Now noticing the bruise on her cheek, he laughed “I’d hate to see what happened to the poor sucker who did that.”

“Still working on that, actually.” Melissa replied, suggestively.

“And who are your friends? No Addison, no Lucy, tonight?” He asked, slightly disappointed that Addison wasn’t present. Having no idea that she was already ‘taken’, he had a bit of a thing for her.

“This is Kelsey, and Summer.” Melissa introduced them.

“Guess I’ll have to get to know them too……..starting with you?” He playfully directed towards Kelsey, showing more interest in her than Summer, for obvious reasons.

“Sounds like fun.” Kelsey smiled, on the exact same page with him. She could use a rebound hookup after her breakup. “I’ll catch up with you guys later Mel!” She said, the two of them drifting off together. “Same here! Enjoy the party!” Jack called back.

“Did she just…….ditch us?” Summer asked, on her own with Melissa now.

“She does her own thing.” Melissa replied.

“Lucky him.” Lindsey walked up. “You know if she’s into girls?”

“I wouldn’t know.” Melissa flatly answered.

“Too bad. And who’s this?” Lindsey asked curiously.

“I’m Summer.” Summer shyly introduced herself.


“I’ll be back in a few minutes, Lindsey and I need to talk…….in private.” Melissa said suddenly.

With a nod, Lindsey paired off with her. “Tournament drama. Tell.” Lindsey said playfully, as they left Summer.

Melissa and Lindsey were quite close, despite not spending nearly as much time together as Melissa did with Addison and Lucy. They mostly only hung out at these parties, and that dynamic worked for them. In a way, Lindsey knew her better then Addison did. When Olivia was unavailable, she confided in Lindsey.

Now, Summer was on her own. Great. It only took a few minutes. She at least expected to stick by Kelsey.

With nothing else to do, she took a look around for a few minutes, exploring the party. Heading outside now, there was a very nice pool out back. Off to the side in the grass, there were some mats laid out, two people going at it.

“Ready to submit?” His toned, tattooed opponent taunted.

He’d been drinking a bit, and quickly accepted her little challenge without much thought, just for the hell of it. He hadn’t realized just how strong she looked.

“You’re…….tougher…….than I…….expected.” He choked out to her, his chin pressed against her black shiny latex clad crotch.

“I see that.” She commented back, watching his face with a slight smile, pleased with her complete control over him.

This is about how it usually went, but it still wasn’t getting old for her. No one at these parties was able to truly push her on the mats, never mind actually defeat her. It was still good practice for the real thing, though.

She relaxed her muscled legs for a moment, intending to give him a quick breather. Once the pressure relented, he attempted to pull up and free from her scissor with the last burst of strength and energy he could muster. He was free for a moment, her hands with black painted nails lashing out and catching the back of his head, wrenching him back down and forwards deep between her pale thighs. Right back where he was.

“Going somewhere?” She dryly remarked. “I was trying to give you a break.”

“Didn’t…….need it.” He gasped out. Even he knew he was full of it, he really could’ve used it. He was sure it wouldn’t have made a difference though. That was his best chance. Her legs, or any part of the dark haired girl, were a death trap.

She titled her head a bit, still watching his strained expression. “I think you’re done.” She commented, pouring on more squeezing pressure.

He squirmed for a moment, giving one last pull of desperation at her punishing legs, before rapidly tapping out on her solid, flexed thigh. “That was easy.” She taunted him as she got to her feet.

He lazily rolled over, breathing heavily as he stared up into the dark night sky. He was going to have to lay here for a few minutes before he was ready to move again.

Standing over him, she struck a victory pose. Planting a foot on his face and grinding it in, she gave a flex of her impressive biceps.

Then, she noticed Summer had been watching them. Her piercing blue eyes, with dark eyeliner around them, looked Summer over for a few seconds before she spoke.

“Enjoy the show?” She asked with a grin.

“Oh-, yeah, um, sorry, was I not supposed to-“ Summer stumbled over her words, not expecting to be noticed and addressed by her.

“You’re one of the girls in the tournament, aren’t you?” She asked curiously, cutting off Summer’s awkward reply.

“Yeah, I am. I’m Summer.” She replied.

“Call me Raven.” The darkly dressed girl responded. “You want next? I could use some more practice, against an actual wrestler. There’s not much competition hanging around here……..that’s willing to wrestle, anyway.”Raven finished, glancing down at her conquered opponent.

(Raven: [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] )

“Kiss.” Raven ordered, and he wasn’t going to defy her. Feeling a kiss against the bottom of her foot, she removed it from his face and bent over, giving him a quick pull back to his feet. “There, off you go. Need my mats cleared.” She dismissed him, giving a light playful shove on his back. “You’re welcome to come back for a rematch!” She called to him, to no response.

As her gaze returned to Summer, Summer answered “Um, no thank you, I was just watching for a minute.” Summer shyly but politely declined, finding Raven quite intimidating. “Honestly, you’d probably tear me apart.” She said with a small laugh.

“Come on, give yourself a little credit. And, it’ll get you ready for your match in a few days.” Raven prodded, hoping to get her to accept the challenge.

“Really, I’ll pass.” Summer answered.

“Suit yourself.” Raven cooly responded.

About to stroll off, Summer added “I think you could beat most wrestlers, already.”

“Better safe than sorry, or, humiliated.” Raven said back.

Moving on, Summer saw that there were some more mats laid out a ways away, another pair of wrestlers fighting it out. She swore she recognized the girl, and began trying to put a name to her as she watched.

A girl with some turquoise dye in her hair, a dark blue bikini top and black bottom piece, was on top of her larger male opponent, struggling hard against him. Suddenly, with a burst of strength, the guy beneath her rolled her off of him, reversing their positions. Now in a position of leverage, the guy quickly began to outmuscle his female opponent, slowing scooting up her body and steadily forcing her straining arms back, and down over her head.

After a moment, her arms were pressed firmly down against the mat by his own, trapped uselessly above her head. She uselessly squirmed beneath him, giving a kick of her legs, grunting as she tried to lift her arms to break the pin. Then, her body went still and relaxed.

“Alright, I give up.” She verbally submitted, knowing there was no escape.

He got off of her, stood up, and gave her a hand to her feet. “Good roll, making progress bit by bit.” He smiled, giving her an encouraging pat on the back before he walked away.

She rolled her eyes, out of frustration with herself. She couldn’t tell if she was truly improving, or if he was just being kind to her and didn’t want to discourage her.

“Hey” Summer came up to her. “You’re one of the girls from the 2 on 1 match with Addison……right? …….Elenna?” It obviously wasn’t Harper, the other wrestler in that match.

“Yep……..that’s me.” Elenna quietly responded, looking away for a moment. She didn’t hold a bitterness or anger over it like Harper did, but she definitely wasn’t proud of being remembered for that fight.

(Elenna, on the left. Harper on the right. [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] )

“Miss me?” A voice suddenly came from behind Summer, making her jump as she whipped around. It was just Melissa.

“Drinks.” Melissa said, handing Summer a White Claw.

“Um what’s thi-“ Summer questioned.

“Just drink it.” Melissa cut her off.

“What happened to you?” Elenna asked, referencing the bruise on her cheek as every other person did.

“Harper happened.” Melissa tensely replied.

“Oh…….sorry about that. She became a real bitch all of a sudden. Blames me for our loss, then she met this Clara, and I guess she’s too good for me now.” Elenna said.

“Hmm” Melissa began, thinking about something. “How would you feel about a little payback?” She proposed with a grin.

“I mean…….sure, I’m in I guess.” Elenna replied. “How though?”

“Still working on that. How about I text you?” Melissa offered.

“Fine with me.” Elenna accepted. Summer stood by quietly, sipping her drink as the two girls exchanged numbers.

As she and Melissa left Elenna, Summer commented “I thought we were here to have fun, not-“

“We are. Doesn’t mean you pass up a good opportunity.” Melissa replied. “Mmmm……..what do you say about a little challenge?” She offered.

Summer looked back at her, waiting to hear what she had in mind.

“Whoever has the most drinks, wins. No forfeit for losing. Just for fun.” Melissa proposed.

“Umm……” Summer began, unsure about this idea.

“Come on. Don’t you want to beat me at something……prove your better at it? I know we’re friends now, but I’m sure you’d still want to rub some kind of win in my face. No?” Melissa egged her on. “After I always won our little arguments.”

“Okay. You’re going down.” Summer smiled.

As soon as Summer accepted, Melissa responded by downing her current drink all at once. “1-0.” She smirked.

“Oh, so that’s how it’s gonna be.” Summer said, trying to copy Melissa, not as easily.

The two of them walked off, and went back inside.

“No………not again.” Another, but this time familiar, challenger, struggled in her grip. Her toned arms, with some latex covering the lower halves, wrapped around his leg. Her legs tightly wrapped around his waist.

“I’m starting to think you just like losing to me, Liam.” Raven teased.

“No…….I’m gonna beat you…….one of these nights!” He replied defiantly.

“I’m only going to get better you know. Just wait till I start competing and get to fight actual wrestlers.” Raven grinned. “Don’t think we can say the same for you.”

“Well……..I’m not quitting till I do!” Liam answered.

“I’ll be here, to keep beating you……..over…..and over…….and over…..and-“

“Yeah I get it.” He cut in, followed by letting out a groan as she tightened her body scissor a little more. Then the choke tightened, forcing him to tap out.

“Looks like I win…….again.” Raven smirked, climbing atop him and planting her partially latex clad ass on his face in a reverse facesit.

“Rav-mmm” He tried to say before being silenced beneath her. Losing to Raven always came with an embarrassing price. Nevertheless, he remained determined.

Raven lingered for a moment, before lifting up. “Kiss.” She prompted. He pressed his lips into the shiny material that partly covered her ass, but she wasn’t satisfied. “Don’t kiss my outfit.” She remarked. With a sigh, he tried again, this time planting a firm kiss against the soft skin of her cheek.

Now, she got up, and then helped him up. “See you next week?” She asked with a hint of a smile.

“You know it.” Liam grinned. Walking away, her 5’8 opponent called back “and that’ll be the night!”

“Mmmhm.” Raven said to herself. She was about done for the night now.

Time to relax and actually enjoy the party.

A while had passed, and now Kelsey and Jack finally rejoined an already tipsy Summer and Melissa. Both Kelsey and Jack looked a bit…….disheveled.

“Are you and Lindsey together?” Summer asked, a bit confused.

“More of an open relationship.” Jack replied. “She has her fun, I have my fun, we both do what we want.”

“That’s cool……..also kind of weird.” Summer replied. Wait. Did she just say that last part out loud?

Jack only laughed, as they watched Lindsey play wrestle back and forth with one of her girl friends.

“I’ll think I’m gonna head out Mel, I’ll see you tomorrow.” Kelsey said.

“Yeah…….go ahead.” Melissa replied.

“Bye Summer!” Kelsey added.

“Bye.” Summer replied. Before, she would’ve been a bit bothered if Kelsey left early, but she was doing just fine here.

Lindsey’s friend, Grace, a pale red haired girl, had her ‘pinned’, leaning over her and holding her arms over her head.

(Grace: [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] )

“Grace, wait.” Lindsey jokingly pleaded, “please don’t breast smother me, whatever you do!” She finished dramatically, a hint of a grin on her face.

“Well now that you said that.” Grace teased her with a big smile. After a few seconds, she grabbed Lindsey’s head to no resistance, hugging her face deep into her busty cleavage. The black bikini top she had on left a wide gap of skin in the middle, allowing a perfect skin to skin smother seal.

Lindsey let out a muffled sound into the soft, warm flesh that consumed her nose and mouth. She gave playful, gentle pulls at Grace’s arms and shoulders, clearly acting as if she was trying to pry off the smother. In reality, she had no intent on actually ripping her face free from Grace’s chest.

“Nope, you’re all mine.” Grace smiled, as if she were actually resisting an escape attempt. Grace gently rolled them over, so that now Lindsey was on top, being smothered face down in her chest.

Lindsey braced her arms against the floor, pretending to try and push herself up and break free from the smother. She ‘failed’ to push herself up though, and Grace squeezed her head a little tighter into her boobs.

“Running out of air in there, yet?” Grace asked playfully.

“Mmm hmm” Lindsey mumbled into her cleavage, barely able to open her mouth without skin pushing in.

After a few seconds, she tapped out on Grace’s arm, and was let go. She lifted her head from Grace’s boobs, red faced and gasping in air. A grin quickly came over her face, though. They’d both enjoyed every second of their little game.

As they looked on, once Jack drifted off, Summer randomly blurted out “I think I’m quitting the team.”

“No you’re not. You need this.” A tipsy Melissa replied, not even asking why.

“I just…….I kind of miss my friends.” Summer added.

“And I miss Olivia, but there’s no point in whining about it. And the same friends that all took their chance to join a team, and left you on your own?” Melissa replied.

“It…….wasn’t like that.” Summer said back. After a pause, she followed up with “Anyways……..what’s our score?”

“Tied……..I think.” Melissa replied, then finished her current drink. “Not anymore though.” She added with a smirk.

“Fuck you” A tipsy Summer cracked up laughing. “I’m not done yet either.”

More time passed, and the night wore on. The party began to wind down, growing quieter as more and more people left.

Summer and Melissa split up at some point, and now Summer was just watching one last pair of people wrestle, as the house grew emptier.

“Okay, you win! Now can you get off of me!”The slightly tipsy guy conceded with a laugh.

“Not yet! I still have to take my prize for winning, like in the real matches!” She laughed.

“What do you-, Nov-mmmmmph” He was cut off and muffled as she spun around and dropped her large ass on his face, her dark cheeks engulfing his facial features. She wore a very tiny, bright blue thong bikini.

He pushed frantically at her hips, trying to dislodge her, but she pulled his hands away and rode out his struggles. As he squirmed under her, her butt remained fully planted on his face.

As he grew weaker, she noticed Summer watching. Giving her a quick smile, she looked down and began to jokingly check her bright blue acrylic nails, all while he flailed uselessly beneath her.

She gave a little victory shake of her ass on his face, and then let him up.

As their fight ended, Summer realized she should probably track down Melissa. Once they said their goodbyes, she approached the girl.

“Hey…….have you…….seen a girl dressed like……..a cheer-, cheerleader, recently?” A now drunk Summer asked.

“Girl, how much have you had to drink?” She laughed. “I’m Nova, by the way.”

(Nova: [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] )

“I don’t know……..a lot.” Summer giggled. “I’m Summer.”

“So, Summer, are you sure the cheerleader was real?” Nova asked, cracking up into laughter. “I don’t know why anyone would be-“

“Yes! She’s my friend!” Summer laughed.

“Wait. Hold on.” Nova paused, remembering something. “Was it a silvery outfit, a little blue-“

“Yeah…….yeah, that’s her.” Summer confirmed.

“Hmm, I think I saw her head upstairs.” Nova revealed.

“Th-….thank you.” Summer said back.

“Good luck with your search, nice to meet you Summer.” Nova gave her a smile, before walking away and making her way out.

Summer slowly proceeded upstairs, and followed the sound of voices.

As Summer moved towards the balcony overlooking the pool, Raven stepped out. About to quietly walk past each other with just an acknowledging nod from the tattooed latex clad girl, Summer tripped over her own feet and almost fell flat on her face.

Just in time, she was caught by Raven, and held upright for a moment till she was steady on her feet again.

“Careful there.” Raven warned with an amused smile, cautiously letting go of Summer to ensure she had her balance back.

“Thanks……….s-sorry.” Summer slowly replied.

“Goodnight.” Raven said, moving past her and continuing on her way, the sound of her heavy black boots thudding against the floor with each footstep as she left.

“……..I like her.” A drunk Melissa commented a moment after Raven left them, sitting slumped back in her chair.

“You would.” Lindsey grinned.

“Hey guys.” Summer walked in, taking the spot that Raven had just vacated.

“How are things down there?” Lindsey asked,

Ev……everyone left, I think.” Summer answered.

“Good. I think it’s about time for all of us to call it a night, anyways. Lindsey replied, blowing out a cloud from her vape pen.

“Yeah, I’m wiped.” Jack added.

“Why not” Melissa said, taking an inhale as Lindsey passed it to her.

“Hey……..why aren’t you guys on our……team for the, for the tournament.” Summer questioned.

“Nah, I’m no wrestler.” Jack replied. “If Lindsey wants to mess around, I don’t say no” he joked, “but that’s about it for me. I barely even pay attention to it. You heard, Melissa had to tell me the score of this big tournament.”

“She did ask me……” Lindsey said, “but I just like to play around and have a little fun. I don’t care to actually compete in front of crowds. Maybe I’ll give it a chance sometime, who knows, but I wasn’t ready now.”

“I’m gonna go to bed, think it’s like 4AM.” Jack announced with a yawn. “As long as you got things covered Lins.”

“Yep, leave it to me.” Lindsey replied.

“Good meeting you Summer, see you next week Melissa.” Jack told them as he headed off to bed.

After a moment of quiet, Lindsey spoke. “Not to throw you girls out but…….need a ride?” Lindsey offered.

“…….Yeah.” Summer answered.

“I-…….I can probably……drive.” Melissa replied, forgetting she never drove them there in the first place.

“Mmmhmm.” Lindsey said. “Come on, let’s go. Is it fine if she just crashes with you for the night? I’m not taking her directions right now.” Lindsey laughed to Melissa. “It’d be easier for me, anyway.

“Sure……whatever.” Melissa answered, both her and Summer not in any state to care about it.

“Okay, let’s get you two home.” Said Lindsey.

By time Lindsey got them to Melissa’s, it was closer to 5AM.

Ready to crash and having not planned this, they both ended up just flopping themselves on Melissa’s bed, sharing it for the night. Not even caring to have a blanket covering them.

Both of them about to pass out asleep at any minute, Summer quietly asked “So……what was…..our score? D-did, did I win?”, sort of expecting Melissa to just give her a ‘yes’ and fall asleep.

Truthfully, neither of them had actually kept track after the first few.

“No.” Melissa whispered back, with a hint of a smirk.

“Bitch.” Summer whispered in response, eyes closed with a small smile.

“Let’s……..call it a draw.” Whispered Melissa.

“I’ll take that.” Summer whispered back.

Then, they both went silent, slipping off into sleep.

End Of Part 21.

- Part 21. An expansion to the story world. Fresh environment, fresh ‘structure’ with a constant blend of action, story and character development, dialogue etc, breaking from the usual format of most parts. New ways to introduce new characters and for characters to interact. And…….A new batch of characters to go with it. Lindsey, Jack, Raven, Grace, and Nova.

- Very quick turnaround here, the type I haven’t pulled off in quite a while. Writing this part flowed very smoothly in a way that my writing hasn’t in a while. Part 20 under performed quite a bit after part 19, but unlike the last part, I think this one had something for everyone.

-Updates On Other Stories:
If anyone’s wondering, my other active stories haven’t been abandoned. I do plan to return to them, the question is when. Softball Girls Part 2 is in progress, I’ve mostly just been slowly chipping away at any of my stories other then this one, my typical main writing focus. No real traction on new parts for anything else, recently.
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Default Re: Redlands College Fight Season

I would have given anything to go to a wrestling party like this, back when I was still young enough to mix it up with college girls. Grace and Lindsey, in particular stood out as sensual and exciting, though Raven would be a beast on the mats. I liked the fun and free kind of feeling to these matches, and in particular the tongue in cheek 'domination' when Grace was breast smothering Lindsey.

Thanks for introducing us to these new characters, and another thank you for continuing the story thread so quickly, mate.
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