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Default Thighs of the Party

Music was sounding in the distance as I stood at the front of the house. I don’t exactly live in the biggest neighborhood in the United States, so a lot of houses would have enough land that you could blast music without bothering the neighbors but not all had pools. Timothy Jameson was throwing one of his annual pool parties, possibly his last since we were all rising seniors, and here I was missing out because I promised to get some refreshments and I couldn’t physically move them to the back porch.
I was having a lot of trouble moving the cooler. I mean, it was kind of my fault, I had put all the ice and all the drinks in there before I started moving it, I don’t know how I expected my spindly arms to carry it. But I did know that it was starting to cool down just a bit, and my body doesn’t exactly insulate heat.
See I’m what’s called an Ectomorph, basically that means I’m gifted with height but I’m lacking the width and depth departments. The fact that I was only wearing a pair of green swim trunks (No way I was gonna wear a speedo and show off how puny my legs really were) and it was just starting to get dark didn’t exactly warm me up.
Oh yeah the trunks? I was at a pool party, although even in this humidity I was already dry. I just did a run to the convenience store and back to refill a cooler and, well, the rest was history Specifically the history of me moving three feet from my car in thirty minutes because I couldn’t lift the damned cooler!
I was thinking of just walking in and asking for help, then she came in. Kim Nguyen had been in my grade pretty much as long as I can remember. We’d certainly played together and talked to each other before, I think I may have even made a model solar system with her one time in Elementary school, but we weren’t exactly good friends despite all of the shared time we’d spend together. I can tell you that she was thick-legged and pear-shaped even in kindergarten, and that figure had only been exaggerated by the onset of puberty. Not that it was bad on her or anything, she just had….a serious physique. d
She just walked past me, wearing a blue one-piece that fit her body tight. Like, one size too small tight, but damn if she didn’t wear it with complete confidence. Her body was sort of the opposite of mine. As far as I can tell this had been the case with her body for literally her entire lie, even in first grade she was ne of the shortest kids in class. She hadn’t actually gotten more than a few inches taller since first grade, but she’d certainly developed. It was interesting seeing the girl develop through all of that, of course. She certainly had a few ups and downs as far as popularity and body-image, but this ugly duckling certainly grew into a swan. Maybe not a conventional swan, but guys would comment on her when we talked and she seemed to be one of the more desired girls at school, even if she was as untouchable as any of our teachers.
“Your doing it wrong” She said when she saw me tying to tear it from the ground. My 6’7 body looking ridiculous, I’m sure, as I bent my knees out to squat down far enough to grab both sides of the cooler. It took me a fw seconds to process what she was saying, before I saw her staring at me.
She had a really nice face. I don’t just say that because I have some kind of Asian fetish, but she had really smooth and pale skin with a really pretty pair of eyes The fact that her picth-black hair was always maintained perfectly and straight as an arrow certainly helped frame her, but she was pretty on her own. And when she smiled at me with those big lips? Yeah that may have given me a butterfly or two in my tummy
“What?” I asked stupidly
She rolled her eyes “Your doing it wrong, you gotta lift with your legs, like this” she said as she gave a dry squat, her huge thighs bend downward until they were resting upon her thighs. She was kind of…really, really thick. Not in an obese way, she really had almost nothing on her tummy despite how much soft flesh was covering the muscles on her legs, but you certainly weren’t identifying specific muscle groups beneath her skin, but she had a lot of muscle on her body. I’d only seen her really use it a few times, mostly moving stacks of books or something, she didn’t seem to really process her leg strength that much. It was like it was an afterthought, which is weird because in reality its quite the gift from God she has.
“Oh my god” she said as she face-palmed, before walking to me and lightly slapping my chest “Shoo, shoo, I’ll show you what your doing wrong” she said as she pushed me aside and looked down at the cooler. Her 4’5 body was barely up to my chest, but she looked down at the cooler confidently. “What’s in here?”
“Ice…and soda” I replied nervously
“Hmmm, not using me as a beer mule are you?’ she asked as she squatted down and reached her arms out as far as they would go to grab both handles, then huffed slightly as she picked up the cooler. To her waist. In one go. The cooler I’d been trying to move for thirty minutes.
“Let me help” I said as I tried to restore some semblance of pride by grabbing it from the other end, but she just looked at me and said “Shoo” before she started walking to the pool behind the house.
I scratched my head as I saw her go in front of me, she certainly had quite the body. I’m barely 170 pounds despite my height, but she’s…well she’s probably nearly as heavy as I am, in all reality. When comparing thickness of limb, I just didn’t stack up.
But viewing her from behind as she carried what I was pretty sure was a few hundred pounds of ice and drink (Sure felt like it was) was something else. Her calves exploded with every step as her bare feet tread upon the grass. Not explosions of tight cordy muscle but like balloons that inflated and flattened rhythmically, the enormous muscles seeming n less powerful under the layer of fat she kept over her body. and her thighs were kind of jiggling when she walked. Her one-piece did not entirely cover every square inch of her butt, so I could see the smooth skin on her large rear end jiggle with every step. Not that I stared or anything.
When she got back to the party, people cheered as I came up and said I bought the drinks. The reactions were often mocking, plenty of guys walked up and punched me in the shoulder, asking why I was using slave labor to transport drinks, making jokes about a little girl was so much stronger than me, the whole slew of comments you’d expect. My face was definitely red, but Kim was kind of basking in the glory as people asked her about the box.
Other girls failed to budge it and a few guys had trouble getting one end off the ground, but Kim replied like it was no big thing. They all opened some sodas as stroked her chin like she had an idea.
“Hey, Johnny” Kim said as she threw a can at my chest.
“What?” I barely managed to say after I caught it. More or less, my hands were pushed in and I may have had the wind knocked out of me
“Think fast” she said as she went around me and got under my legs, before grabbing my shins and forcing them back. I fell. On her shoulders. My knees were hanging around her waist as she pressed my heels into my butt, walking around with me on her back. I grabbed onto her shoulders for support as the thick Asian girl carried me around a bit, to the applause of the people at the party. If I wasn’t embarrassed before I definitely was now, some girl was carrying me over her shoulders and here was nothing I could do about it.
Soon she stood by the edge of the deep-end and started squatting me, easily popping off reps before she looked up at my face “Dude, you weigh almost nothing”
“A hundred and seventy pounds isn’t almost nothing!” I said defensively
After that she started breaking into a hysterical laughter, no longer popping off reps but still carrying me easily upon her shoulders as her hand covered her mouth it took her a while to stop laughing
“Dude!” She said with a laugh “I’m 183 pounds! How am I heavier than you? Your like, 26 inches taller than me!” she said with a louder laugh before releasing my heels and letting me down on my feet.
“Hmmm, these are some thin thighs” she said as she grabbed one through my shorts “I mean, have you ever considered lifting weights?”
“Yes!” it was kind of a touchy subject for me, but yes I had tried lifting weights for quite some time and they really didn’t do that much for me. I know, I know, you have to eat too but when your my age and my height eating enough to gain weight is pretty close to impossible. I mean, I already eat as much as most guys on the football team and if I go much beyond thatI just get stomachaches all day, yes I’d weightlifted! I just couldn’t make it work for me!
“Alright, geeze” she said as she raised her hands like she’d heard my entire rant simply from that one word I’d shared with her, before she slapped her own thigh, causing a fairly major ripple in the flesh “anyway, I doubt you’d be able to do squats with me on your shoulders”
Honestly I shouldn’t have attempted anything but I accepted her challenge for some reason I can barely comprehend. It was definitely akward to get under her, I wasn’t really capable of squatting that low and her thighs really didn’t have much room between them. Even with her wide hips the sure meet of the things were nearly scrunched together pretty much at all times, and once I finally got my head between her knees, I found I couldn’t move her an inch.
She laughed as she lightly played with my scruffy blond hair “Come on!” she encouraged as she ever-so-slightly squeezed my head “You said you were gonna pick me up, do it! I wanna see what its like to be 8 feet tall, I bet I’ll be able to see my house!’
Felling an enormous pressure, I tried my best to shoot up but failed again, before I jerked some muscle or another and ended up falling backward, both of us landing in the pool.
We got separated and I popped out of the water first, legitimately worried about what may have happened to Kim but she just popped her upper body up and laughed as she swung her hair around like a shampoo commercial. Maybe it was just the electric lighting surround us from so many angles but her mane really sparkled as she shook it. Her shoulders and arms definitely looked nice too, flexing ever-so-slightly and having their definition greatly multiplied by the water covering her light skin
I rubbed my head “Sorry”
“Dude, your legs are like literal skeleton legs” she said as she swam up and playfully pushed me, before swimming to the edge of the pool.
We just kind of did a few laps after that. She caught up with some people, I caught up with some people she may have showed of a trick or two with her legs, I may have received a few more ribs for being weaker than her. I may have asserted she was legitimately freakishly strong and should consider a career as a crime fighter with abilities like hers. Nobody ever said I had to be understated at all times, after all.
Pretty soon she was out of sight and out of mind, and 3 cans of soda later I went inside to use the bathroom. When I came out I remember getting a bit lost and ending up in the kitchen, where I heard a bit of a commotion. I peaked my head in and checked and there was Kim, moving around some chairs with a can on the counter right behind her.
“Everything OK?” I asked her as she looked at me pleadingly
“yeah” she responded, embarrassed about something
“Whats going on…” I say as I looked down at her and up at the cabinet. I certainly hadn’t been to the Jameson house nearly enough to have a guess on what was in which counter, but clearly she was trying to break into one. I strode up to it casually and opened it, finding nothing but cups
“Do you want a cup?”
She was obviously a bit embarrassed by me having asked this question. I looed at her and she looked at me and we stood like that for a few seconds
“Could I have a glass?”
“As far as I know you can” I said as I plucked a glass from the cabinet and handed it down to her.
She nervously said “thank you” before she walked to the fridge and filled it with ice. I handed her her soda, and she poured it.
“Do you prefer it that way?” I asked as I leaned up against the counter, finding it a bit too short to really properly sit on as I started at the stronger girl who’s head barely reached my belly button.
“Yeah its alright, I don’t know if your going to drink soda you may as well drink it in style, you know?” she said as she took a sip. Cher certainly had a way of sipping that did something to me, I don’t really know how to explain it beyond that. Maybe I was just crushing on her, who knows.
I couldn’t help but stare at my feet before I realized I felt an immense obligation to say it, realizing that the requirements of the situation didn’t really do anything to make me feel any less embarrassed about all of this “Thanks for helping me with the cooler, I probably wouldn’t have gotten to the party if you hadn’t saved me back there”
“It was no problem” she said with another sip. I looked at her and realized that she meant it and may have felt a bit bad about saying that, in light of how hard I’d had to try only to fail at moving that cooler. “I mean like, it wasn’t something big out of my day, you know?” she qualified her previous statement “It wasn’t like, some huge massive favor like people ask sometimes, you know?”
“yeah, well, just know I’m pretty jealous of your body and all that”
She laughed “Your jealous of my body?”
“Yes! You can do all this amazing stuff and I’m just….just tall, like I could never put on mass like you do on a regular basis!”
“Dude, its not all peaches and cream being 4’5 and thicker than most football players” Kim said leaning against the fridge. I could see her blue one-piece tugging at her thicc thighs and hips, making a skindentation.
“What are you talking about, its not like any guy ever gave a minimum height to girls he’d date, and your insanely strong” I said. Technically I guess I was presuming her heterosexuality, she didn’t really date much or anything, at least as far as I could see.
“Man, its not even like that, OK. First of all, half the time people greet me and ask if I’m a little girl. Which like…I know I’m not Christina Hendricks of anything but come on, I have a woman’s body” she said as she motioned her hands generally toward her torso
“Yeah, that’s fair. When I was a kid I actually, well, you know I was like six feet tall in fifth grade and a lot of people must have thought I was some kind of baby-faced adult. So I guess I have that going for me”
“Right, right, and don’t get me started on clothes” Kim replied
“Oh yeah, I gotta get my jeans at special stores, nobody carries a 40 leg
“Oh, do not start jeans with me” She said with a cheerful grin “Do you know where I shop for jeans?”
I looked down at her legs, then up at her “Where?”
“No, that was a question. I have to go to a big and tall store to even find jeans with leg holes my calves can go through! And none of those are ever anywhere near the length I’d need. I’m not always wearing skirts and dresses as a fashion statement, I cannot find garments in my size”
“Really, nowhere?” I asked casually, she certainly did wear skirts and dresses most days, often without even having stockings or socks on her feet “hey why don’t you wear tights or something?”
“I…OK, I have like two pairs of tights that I can put on but the VAST majority of such garments will tear around my calves when I wear them.” She tugged at the shoulder-straps of her blue one-piece, it caused other parts of the suite to tug at her more “and this swimsuit? Its meant for little girls. I had to alter the legholes to fit my legs through and now my ass hangs out! Do you have any idea how many of my shirts come from little girls’ clothing stores? Do you have any idea how much thy patronize me when I shop? Not to mention all the other problems with my life on a regular basis, Car’s don’t have gas pedals close enough to the seat for me to drive. Technically speaking I need to grow five inches before I’m even legally allowed to sit in a car without a fucking booster seat!”
She was breathing hard by the end of this rant, clearly getting a lot off her chest with me. I was actually pretty flattered that she saw me as someone who she could tell all of those things. “When you put it like that, it actually kinda sounds like your problem is worse” I said as I reached down and placed a hand on her shoulder “Hey, you wanna rejoin the party? Sounds like their still having fun”
She grabbed my hand with one of hers “Yeah OK that sounds good, lets go back in…string bean” she smiled at me. I smiled at her.


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