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Old 22-Feb-14, 21:38
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Default Session review of Pippa LíVinn

Session review of Pippa LíVinn

Pippa LíVinn is the best session wrestler Iíve ever had the pleasure to face. For technique, attitude, venue, and all the extras that you look for in a wrestler, it almost isnít fair.

A few months ago, I knew that I was going to be in London and Manchester for one night each, and like any mixed wrestling aficionado, spent weeks overanalyzing all of my choices. I could only afford one, and since this might be my last time in the UK for awhile, had to make it count. In the end, it came down to Pippa, Minxi Li, Star*, or a travelling Amrita. Since I have always wanted to wrestling in a ring, I picked Pippa LíVinn and her Wrestling Factory facility.

If you havenít been to the Wrestling Factory, I can tell you that itís a bit out of the way. If you donít have a map, you might not find the right series of turns, alleyways and old staircases it takes to get to her door. Thankfully, Pippa was always available by phone to help out.

When I arrived at her door, Pippa met me in a bundled up track suit (she had just turned on the gym heat) and offered a cup of tea. After giving me a tour of the facility, she sat me down and asked very detailed questions about my wrestling interests. It was clear Pippa really wanted to make sure that I had the session I was paying for.

I described a semi-completive session with fantasy elements, letting her keep me in holds after submitting, not having to let go until she rubbed her victory in. I told her that I wanted to experience all the pro-wrestling holds that she knew, and wanted to walk away feeling like I was wiped the floor with. Her face lit up. Pippa knows a lot of different wrestling holds, and loves showing them off. After picking out the outfits (a red pro-wrestling style one-piece for the first half, a two-piece print for the second), we stepped into the ring.

As soon as the match began, I didnít stand a chance. Right at the beginning, starting on our feet, she kicked me in the stomach, threw me to the ground and put me in a smothering headlock. Realizing I had no chance to escape, I tapped. Without letting me off the ground, she let go, spun around to my side and slapped on a head scissors. If I tried to bridge out of it, Pippa slapped me hard in the stomach and told me to stay in my place. We had just started, and I was already following orders. Back bending boston crabs, gut wrenching camel clutches, stf holds, scissors, breast smothers and facesits, Pippa put me in them all. Knowing this was my first wrestling-ring experience; she threw me into the corner, wrapped my legs around the corner post, walked outside the ring and put on a figure four leg lock. I would have been amazed if I wasnít screaming in submission.

If I wanted to be let out of a hold, I had to earn her mercy through worship. She would order me to my knees, stand over me and demand I kiss her biceps. The problem was, I couldnít reach her muscles without getting to my feet. I couldnít follow one rule without breaking the other, and she knew it. Pippa teases and punishes with the best of them, and I loved every minute of it.

When she got bored of making me tap, she wrapped my arms up in the ropes, and strapped on a pair of boxing gloves. I donít have a lot of experience of being hit in the stomach, but the ropes werenít holding me up, I would have gone down in a few hits.

In the second half, she got even meaner. Without going into detail, if you tell her that a bit of ballbusting is on the table, she takes advantage of it. She stood in front of me, hands on hips, and ordered me to my knees. In this Ĺ of the session, I was her wrestling dummy. One of her favourite things to do, was to apply a complicated hold (moves Iíve never seen in any video before), and if I couldnít guess what it was called, she applied it even harder. When she got tired of me yelling my submissions, she sat down on my face or stuck her foot in my mouth. When the hour ended, I was torn between wanting to rest my aching body and balls, or beg for more.

Recently, I watched the video and checked the time that we spent in the ring: 59:58. Add that to the time we spent discussing the session, picking out her outfits (one of my favourite parts), costume changes in the middle, talking over coffee and tea afterwards, and then getting a ride back to Manchester Piccadilly (the main train station) I might have taken two and a half hours of her time. The amazing thing is, if she didnít have 10 people outside her door when I left (a wrestling seminar was about to take place), it would have been even longer.

The train to/from London can be expensive (30 usd booked in advance vs 150 usd booked day of), but if you happen to be in Manchester or thereabouts, do yourself a favour and visit Pippa at the Wrestling Factory. Might be the best decision in your session life.
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Old 22-Feb-14, 21:47
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Default Re: Session review of Pippa LíVinn

Thanks for the review, if she ever travels I would check eh out when and if she comes around.
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Old 11-Mar-14, 07:38
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Default Re: Session review of Pippa LíVinn

I've sessioned many times with Pippa, and a warmer, friendlier, and more genuine Lady I have yet to meet. She is great fun to spend time with, and always seems really eager to ensure you get exactly what you want from a session. Whether it's an energetic competetive or semi-competetive match or (very much more my thing), a fantasy dom session where she just amuses herself with you, she's just a wonderful Lady to session with.And, as nathan 90120 rightly points out, she's no clock-watcher. I've often booked a 90 min session and ended up being at the Factory all afternoon (tea and chat included).. I've attached a few pics of my various sessions with her as a taster.
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Old 21-Jul-15, 16:41
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Default Re: Session review of Pippa LíVinn

Brilliant. I've seen Pippa many times but never had a session. Must do so.
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Old 22-Jul-15, 03:39
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Default Re: Session review of Pippa LíVinn

Thank you Nathan, not having met her is one of my regrets since I left sessioning. She looks wonderful. Jethro, thanks for the supplemental photos. If I were given to puns, I'd say this was "Assault and Pippa."

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Old 23-Jul-15, 01:02
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Smile Re: Session review of Pippa LíVinn

Totally agree had a few sessions with pippa a few years ago at her old place picked me up and dropped me off at the station a total angel.and totally sexy looking in her leotard and tights she kicked my ass easily without her breaking sweat.her throws are total textbook.had a few sessions with a couple of her girls at the factory and she always looks after you with a cup of tea and a relaxing chat if you are feeling nervous or anxious a few minutes in her company you will feel relaxed and feel you have known her for years always look forward to a session at her factory and recommend pippa to anyone
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