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Old 07-Oct-16, 03:11
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Smile Sky Storm reviews

Last weekend I went to Vegas to have sessions. I'll share my experiences with SkyStorm and Jolene.

I'll begin with SkyStorm.
She's not unknown but I couldn't find detailed reviews on her, however, what I read about her was enough to made me decide to contact her.
Communication was excellent, no need to say more.

When finally met in person, she was adorable, great personality, self confidence and sense of humor.

Our match took place in that red octagon some of you might have seen on videos, the venue was awesome.

My request had been 3 rounds of boxing (for I saw on her profile, and later she confirmed, she was trained in boxing) and then ground fight. She had no problem to oblige.

We started boxing. Her foot work was more than decent and so was her speed. She was jumping all over the canvas dodging my punches (which I was throwing carefully cause I'm not a woman beater) and counter attacking me, I loved to feel her fists (gloves) impacting my body.

She must be 5'3'', I'm 5'10'', so my jab could reach her easily, but she would find the way to get in my defense and throw a flurry on me.
I decided to test her defense and I increased the speed of some of my punches, catching her with a few in the forehead, but she never backed up.
Also wanted to test her power, so at some point I simple came closer to her and let her punch me, it felt good but I think she was holding back a little.
She switched stances a couple of times, with good form in both cases (orthodox or southpaw).

At the end of out boxing match her breathing was heavier than mine, but of course, she had been way more active than me.

After a short break, we got ready to wrestle!
She was so fast that was able to put a headscissor on me in an instant. Her flexibility is impressive and she must be the strongest pound for pound wrestler I've faced.
Every time I escaped from a hold, she would put me in a new one in seconds, trying to stay on top of me. Her balance is great, she felt so heavy every time I ended up beneath her toned petite body.

Obviously I was able to lift her, but she would never just let me go or loose any hold, she even got me with flying headscissors 2 or three times. Her thighs are rocks, the pressure on my head was so high that escaping was an urgent and difficult task.
She also put me in rear naked chokes, body scissors, guillotines(?) and other holds whose name I don't know. I was amazed of how fast she would disappear from in front on me to reappear on my back putting her arms around my neck or whatever she wanted to do.

The only hold I use to make somebody submit is bodyscissors, any other hold I use only to control and always gently, well, she was able to take my full strength scissor, I couldn't make her tap a single time, neither could she made me tap.
At some point I flipped her over and she landed on her head (it was an accident, I didn't calculate properly), I was already apologizing and trying to check on her when I realized her legs were still around my body, she would just say: "Don't worry, I'm good"... she's tough, she's a girl apart.
Only at the very end she gave up, not to a hold but due exhaustion, I'm in very good shape so, it's not unusual when I "outcardio" the girls.

In summary, SkyStorm is amazing, competitive and fun, I'd definitely see her again if I went back to Vegas or if she comes to my city.

I'll come back later with my review on Jolene Hexx, another outstanding session.

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Old 08-Oct-16, 05:52
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Default Re: Session review: SkyStorm

Appreciate the review! She seems like a blast to session with! Def look forward to your review of Jolene next I will be in Vegas next year so will most likely hit these gals up
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Old 18-Feb-20, 23:07
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Default Re: Sky Storm reviews

I havent heard anythinf from her

HAs she stopped Wrestliing and only does MMA sporst now ?
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Old 23-Aug-20, 03:56
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Default Re: Sky Storm reviews

She is one of the greatest session wrestlers ever. Seen her 8 times an they have been all great. One of most dominant experiencs I've had. An i seen arekah lox an Gabrielle hames
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session review, skystorm

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