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Old 16-Aug-16, 03:32
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Default Re: Remember your first session?

My first session was before WB270 existed, before the internet, or, at least, before AOL. (The precise start of the internet, I'm not sure), but before everyone was on it. Back then, you found out about session girls (session women?) . . . well, we found out about them through the AmFem catalog, which was advertised here and there in wrestling magazines.

There weren't many wrestlers in NYC back then. There was Larissa, but I was never into body builders. There was Ziggy in NJ and there was Deena Zarra who had a wrestling club. I set up a match with Deena and the girl I ended up wrestling was Suzie Johnson.

I was about 27 and quite fit about 160 lbs, 5'10, and I had no idea what to expect, but I wanted to lose. I was hoping for that. When I arrived, Deena wanted to have a talk with me about my ego and how I might feel if the lady won. "I want to lose" I said, and that was pretty much the end of that conversation. So, Suzie walked in and while she was really pretty and athletic, I could tell by looking at here that I'd be able to beat her. I still had fun, and the session was over far too quick, but I hadn't realized, being young and athletic it would take me some looking to find a lady who'd beat me.

It was fun looking forward to it, not knowing what to expect. It was fun wrestling her. My only regret after was that I didn't suggest she put me in some of her best holds, just so I could feel the sense of being overpowered or losing, but I immediately wanted to session again, though at the time I was a college student so it was maybe 1 session every 6 months to a year back then.

Ziggy, who I later wrestled, was about a tie and Joanna Needham beat me a few years later. Michelle Falsetta did too and Helen Von Mott. (Helen was my favorite, this was before she learned Ju Jitsu, it was straight wrestling and she was surprisingly good). After the ladies started studying ju jitsu, a number of them were able to beat me, especially as I got a little older.
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Old 19-Oct-16, 03:33
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Default Robin reviews

Wow, so I had my third session with her today, and boy was it fantastic! I'm still riding the kind of post-session high. I wanted to jot down a few thoughts while I'm still awake, and then hopefully I'll finish my full review to post later.

Some highlights:

-As requested, she wore a tight black dress, heels, and black fishnets
-It was largely a roleplaying and domination session, in which she was a classmate of mine who caught me looking at her panties while she crossed and uncrossed her legs, Sharon Stone-style, and then beat me up
-Holds included reverse figure-four, headscissors, grapevine, extensive facesitting/breath play, breastsmothering
-She also ballbusted me a lot while I was in both my pants and my boxers. Kicks while I was against the wall. slapping, squeezing, and punching to the balls.
-At my request, she gagged me with duct tape and also used a "delrin" cane to beat me with...also spanked me at times.
-She cranked the figure four headscissors pretty seriously for a while, and I couldn't last too long in that one. At one point, she also smothered me so hard that I began to get dizzy and worried I might faint.

Hmmm, those are the highlights for now. More later! I also have some photos but need to take out my face.
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Old 20-Oct-16, 01:58
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Default Re: Session with Robin today

still working on full review. And trying to figure out how to upload the photos of her smothering me. :-)
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Old 20-Oct-16, 15:08
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Default Re: Session with Robin today

Hi Doc,
One of my regrets over all my years in this scene is that I never got to experience Robin, and never will, dammit! I remember when she first wrestled for Deena Zarra!
Looking forward to your details!
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Old 20-Oct-16, 21:23
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Default Re: Session with Robin today

did she KO you??
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Old 21-Oct-16, 06:18
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Default Re: Session with Robin today

As the sole survivor of her reverse headscissors at 100 percent and hanging in it for a good few minutes before having to tap out, I can vouch that she can make msot people tap or pass out with ease. My tap outs were more due to my fingers tingling and worrying about nerve damage. Of course, when i don't get knocked out or tap out, she gets even more motivated and aggressive. It's amazing how someone as beautiful and toned as her can cause so much pain!! DARN THAT YOGA!!! LOL!!
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Old 07-Nov-18, 18:36
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Heart Robin (FightBabe)

Tap Dance

In an introductory email, I told Robin that I donít tap. Well, I admitted I had tapped a few times with two of the six women Iíve sessioned with, sometimes just to be polite. But theyíve all complimented me on my scissor endurance stamina compared to most men. So I challenged Robin to make me tap. She said she ďhopedĒ to make me tap ďseveral times.Ē And did she ever.

Robin is a true celebrity, a veritable superstar of mixed wrestling, and Iíve fantasized for years about experiencing her skills. When I saw that her travel schedule was bringing her east, I immediately requested a scissors domination session. She delivered big time.

I was glad for yesterdayís traffic hassles driving to her that left no time to be nervous. I parked at the hotel and went right to the room. Robin is drop dead gorgeous, and I melted looking in her eyes. She greeted me warmly and invited me in. We chatted a bit and she disrobed to reveal a stars and stripes bikini, appropriate for election day.

Her petite body is smoking hot, toned from her yoga, hiking, and martial arts practices. But her beauty is inner as well. She is an absolute sweetheart. She made me feel entirely comfortable and we got along like old friends.

Now, most girls Iíve experienced use an elementary scissors approach. They grip your head or neck with their legs, lock ankles, and squeeze, using brute strength to apply pressure. This is tiring for them, and most just arenít very strong. Iíve had sessions in which my providers quickly worked up a big sweat and became exhausted, sometimes even suffering cramps, needing frequent rest breaks and providing only mild discomfort.

Robin is really smart, and sheís developed a technique of deadly efficiency in applying wrestling holds. Sheís studied anatomy and has created a systematic ďart and scienceĒ scissoring approach that is energy efficient for her but devastating for her victims. She described and demonstrated this technique in her 2016 SessionGirls YouTube [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register].

She positions your head perfectly to insure carotid artery contact and then applies pressure in calculated stages. She grips with her thighs. Straightens her legs. Squeezes with her inner thigh muscles. Then adds the quads. Then adds the butt. Her final steps are rotating her legs inward and then flexing her body to pull the neck upward. I didnít usually make it through all the steps.

These scissors are potentially lethal, literally. I have never felt anything like this pressure. I was absolutely crushed by her scissors, seeing stars early on in her process. She turned my face beet red in seconds.

Remember I said I donít tap in most sessions? Robin made me tap every single time. It was tap or go out. So my game quickly changed from not tapping at all to trying to endure even one hold without tapping.

She demonstrated a variety of scissor positions on me. Regular rear, front and reverse figure fours including a unique double one she invented, and my always favorite frontal headscissors. Each hold was brutal and potentially deadly. She does not tire. She likes toying with her victims, like a cat playing with its doomed mouse. I enjoyed every torturous second, and I tapped every time to survive.

I especially enjoyed our conversations. We talked about everything, our childhoods, wrestling experience, our mutual love for animals. We chatted mostly when she was graciously giving me short rests, and she would hold me in position with her sexy legs while we talked. And then crank up the pressure again.

Today my neck is quite sore. Iím still feeling a bit wobbly, and Iím still smiling.

Robin is stunningly beautiful, super sweet, super smart, and super skilled at scissoring and wrestling. I told her she ruined me, as I donít know that Iíll ever want to session with anyone else. Guys, she is the ultimate session girl. Donít miss a chance to experience her. Youíll fall in love too, I promise.
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Old 06-May-19, 23:40
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Default Re: Robin reviews

Had a session with Robin today and it was, as you might expect, fantastic.

I like a semi-competitive session in which I want the woman to win, but I don't want to just lay there and have her put me in holds. So I resist and try to play defensive. If I ever do anything offensive, it would be to essentially put the woman in a schoolboy pin and force a tap.

I had 140 pounds on Robin but it didn't matter. We had a very engaging session and she spent much of the session laughing and giggling as she systematically tore me apart. Her jiu-jitsu technique is excellent and her flexibility is out of this world, so she'll be a challenge for most guys even though she's on the more petite size. She noted that I'm strong and had a good BJJ defense, but even with that, I only got two pins and she probably had five or six in an hour.

She got me with the triangle twice, the reverse figure four, an arm bar and a couple of other moves I don't know what to call.

We had great conversation throughout and it was as if we had known each other for years even though we'd just met.

She's in great shape, knows how to do a session and her skills are terrific.

One of my favorite sessions ever.
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Old 17-Nov-19, 17:35
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Default Re: Robin reviews

So I had a session with Robin yesterday, and I had a fantastic time.

When I arrived at her location, she asked me what I like and don't like. I told her I normally only session with those who offer full competitive sessions but made an exception in her case because she is the legendary Robin. She, to my immense delight, told me we could wrestle competitively, which we did.

I was after an intense and sweaty wrestle, and I got it. I am much larger and stronger than Robin, but she is in much better shape and significantly more experienced. She also has had training, whereas I have had none.

Even without training, I know enough to know how to defend certain things. I was able to defend quite a lot (she remarked that I have good defense) and even got some submissions of my own with my very rudimentary offense.

We went back and forth until we were tied at 4-4 and decided to go for one last fall as the hour was drawing to a close. When we tied up, I wound up on my back with her pinning me down in a cross body pin (once she got on top of me, I could not get her off). We struggled and strained for some time. After much sweaty grappling and heavy breathing, Robin was able to secure a sort of modified kimura (she got most, if not all, of her subs via joint locks).

She was now up 5-4 and the winner. For the last 15 or 20 minutes, as per my request, she put me through a punishment round of facesitting and scissoring. Her facesitting is fantastic. There were several times in which I genuinely tried to remove her and could not. She would take me to the point of passing out and then ease up. If I managed to turn my head and get a breath, she would turn my head back into her crotch or rear and tell me to "get in there". It was awesome.

Her scissors are legendary for good reason. She has levels to her scissors and cranks them as necessary. I think hers are the strongest I have ever felt. She put me through several front and reverse scissors. In one of the reverse scissors, she got me just right, and I felt myself lose consciousness right as she released. I don't think she knew I was out. It was very quick and subtle and not painful at all. I liked it.

She wore a two piece black bikini. She has a really nicely toned and shapely body. Her muscles are magnificent. She is athletic and muscular but still very feminine. I would describe her as being lithe. To look up at her as she mounts and wraps her body around yours is a truly a lovely sight. I had many great views during our time together.

And I found her to be very sweet and kind and accommodating. She hugged me when I arrived and gave me a good tight hug before I left. She really loves what she does and it shone through in our session.

I will see her again. I might even schedule for two hours.

Update: She sent me a really nice e-mail thanking me for the fun session and driving to see her (I had to drive about 2 hours). She is such a sweetheart.
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Old 24-Dec-19, 17:27
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Default Re: Robin reviews

So I had a session with Robin yesterday, and I had a fantastic time.

When I arrived at her location in SF I was met at the door with a hug and a smile from this gorgeous lady whom I've been trying to setup a session with for a while now, but because of various reasons we always missed each other but she has kept in contact for a few years and always emails to let me know she will be in SF.

The session it self was great, I don't wrestle much anymore, we chatted for a while and we talked about holds, her scissors and face sitting are killer, easy submission and taps. She did try a camel clutch and could not get me to submit, those little victories. She did allow me to put her in a few holds and got one submission, those little victories!

What a wonderful soul, beautiful and sexy and being in the business for a while now, she has not lost her excitement to session.

She is still very competitive and did vow to get me to submit next time to her clutch.
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