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Default Re: My stories of men being subdued by women

Story: Girl Island

Chapter #9:

Dan meant to just rest his eyes for a few minutes. He ended up falling asleep for an undetermined amount of time. He didn’t have a watch, but guessed from the position of the sun that it was early afternoon. He stood up cautiously, making sure there were no girls on the path, or on the beach. He looked once again at the island in the distance and decided that he was going to go for it.

He walked along the tree line for a few minutes, so he could dart for cover if he saw anyone coming from either direction. The main island would be a little closer if he could enter the water closer to where the huts were. As he neared the huts he decided to walk in between the trees, to further reduce the chances of being seen.

As Dan ducked under a couple of branches something landed hard on the back of his neck, driving him to his knees. At the same time he felt his neck being squeezed tightly on both sides. A woman’s crotch had landed on his neck, and her legs had the sides of his neck in a vice. He couldn’t see his assailant, but he knew from the strength of her legs that it was Leona.

Leona fell forward, driving Dan’s face into the sand. She rolled onto her back, forcing him onto his back, keeping him locked up in a headscissors hold. She crossed her ankles together, squeezing the sides of his neck even tighter.

He felt overwhelmed by her thighs. He grabbed both of them and tried to pull them apart. He was locked in place. He had a height advantage and a lot more upper-body strength than Leona, but from this position those assets were useless.

Dan reached up with his hands to see if he could punch anything. He was trying to punch her sides. He was unable to reach any further than her upper hips. Weakly punching her hips and thighs was having no effect at all. Leona tried to grab his wrists. She successfully captured his right wrist with both hands, keeping his right arm locked above his head.

With his left hand he tried to pull at her inner left knee and thigh, to release some of the pressure on his neck. His face was scrunched up and turning red. He was getting dizzy. His struggles were weakening, to the point where he eventually stopped struggling.

Leona released the hold. The back of Dan’s head dropped to the ground. She straddled his head, facing his feet. She was wearing the same light blue denim shorts she wore when she climbed the coconut tree. He looked up in a daze as she sat down on his face.

Leona removed her pink halter top. She twisted it around and around until it could be used to tie Dan’s wrists together. When he felt something being wrapped around his left wrist he increased his struggles. He was writhing around in the sand, frantically trying to push her butt off of his face. He was able to get a few gasps of air. His strength began to return.

When Leona realized she wouldn’t be able to keep Dan subdued with a butt smother, she put him in a reverse headscissors. His neck was being squeezed even tighter than before. She then transitioned to a figure 4 reverse headscissors. His head was being pushed up by her left calf, pressing his face into her butt. He was barely able to breathe.

Leona grabbed both of Dan’s wrists, pinning them to the ground. He kept pulling them free. He couldn’t reach her face, but he could punch her sides. Punching her left side seemed to be having little effect. He punched her right side with all of the force he could muster. Her grunts of pain told him his punches were effective. He continued pounding on her side until she released her scissors hold.

Dan pushed Leona off of him, then tried to scramble away from her. As he was standing up she was grabbing at his arms, and trying to tangle up his legs with hers. He was desperately trying to avoid being taken to the ground, fearing that she would wrap him up in another death squeeze. He threw a couple of punches. One punch connected with her left cheek, causing her to let go. He then used his right foot to stomp on her right side. She cried out in pain and rolled over into a fetal position. He recoiled from what he had just done, but felt like he had no choice. He yelled, “Stay down!”, hoping he wouldn’t have to hurt her any more. For the moment, she obeyed.

He took a quick look around to make sure none of the other girls were nearby, then he ran into the water. He continued running for a distance because the water was shallow. When the water was deep enough that he would have to swim, he looked back. Leona followed him partway into the water, then stopped. Her left hand was holding her right side. She was breathing heavily, her face showing a mixture of anger and pain.

Dan worried about trying to swim to the main island, when he was already worn out from his battle with Leona. He starting telling himself that he could do this, summoning his courage. He then started his long swim toward the village.

Leona returned to the huts. She went into her hut, dropping her halter top on the bed. The pain in her side made it too difficult to raise her arm to put it back on.

Reyna saw that Leona was hurt. Leona explained what happened. Reyna asked where the other girls were. When Leona didn’t answer, Reyna asked why she tried to apprehend Dan all by herself. Still not answering, Leona found her phone, then walked out of the hut.

Reyna followed, telling her that she needed to be more of a team player. Leona said, “Please Reyna! Later you can criticize me all you want. Right now, I need to fix this!”

She sat at the picnic table and turned on her phone. No bars. In disgust she threw the phone. It glanced off the trunk of the coconut tree. She looked at the tree trunk, following it all the way up to the top. She stood up and walked over to her phone. She grimaced as she slowly bent over to pick it up. The screen was cracked but the phone was still working. She put it in her back pocket.

Leona apologized to Reyna for snapping at her, then asked if she had any pain medication. Reyna went to the hut, returning with a bottle of ibuprofen and a bottle of water. Leona washed down four pills, then walked over to the tree. She began a long, slow climb. The pain in her side was excruciating. She stopped a couple of times, when the pain turned to nausea. At one point she felt so weak that she almost passed out. She persevered, making it all the way to the top.
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Default Re: My stories of men being subdued by women

(Author's note: This is the final chapter of Girl Island)

Story: Girl Island

Chapter #10:

Dan’s swim to the main island was a harrowing experience. He swam for what felt like half an hour, but the island was still far off in the distance. His fear rose as he started to have doubts about whether he could make it. Not only that, the current seemed to be pushing him to the right, away from the village. Assuming he could even reach the island, he would likely end up on a remote beach.

He tried to rest by floating on his back, but it wasn’t working. His body was all muscle without an ounce of fat, so he tended to sink. His only option was to keep on swimming.

Eventually his persistence paid off. He was getting closer. His arms and legs were getting so fatigued that he still feared he wouldn’t make it, falling just short of reaching the shore.

When he made it to the shallow water he tried to stand, but his legs were too weak to hold him up. He ended up half swimming, half crawling, until he made it past the water’s edge.

Dan rolled onto his back. He closed his eyes to protect them from the sun. His arms were trembling. They were so weak he couldn’t even lift them to cover his eyes with his hands.

He was exhausted, sunburned and thirsty, but inside he was jubilant. “I made it!” he yelled out loud. “I am free!” He felt a surge of confidence from having accomplished such an incredible feat. He wanted to pump his fists in the air, but his arms weren’t cooperating.

A cloud passed in front of the sun, or at least that’s what Dan thought. He opens his eyes. Then he opened his eyes even wider, startled by what he saw. He yelled, “No!” as a girl in a dark purple bikini lowered her soft, rounded butt onto his face.

Dan suspected that he was being sat on by Mayumi. When she said, “Smell the one who defeats you!”, it removed all doubt. This situation differed from the first time she said it. In his severely weakened state, he knew that he was in real trouble.

Mayumi started yelling in Cebuano. The only words he could make out were Lila, Dawita, and baroto, which he knew meant boat. A feeling of panic was starting to set in. He had to find some way to get out from under Mayumi before the other girls arrived.

Moving his head from side to side, Dan was able to get an occasional gasp of air. The feeling in his arms was beginning to return. He was able to lift them up, but just barely. He tried to push against Mayumi’s butt cheeks, to get the air he needed to regain his strength.

Dan felt something being pulled out of his left pocket. His heart sank. Oh no!, he thought. Jenalyn’s rope! For the third time today a woman was attempting to tie him up. This time, he was too weak to resist. He squirmed helplessly as he felt the wet rope being wound around his left wrist, then around his right wrist, then around both wrists together. Finally, he could feel her tying the knot and pulling it tight.

Dan could not believe what was happening to him. He refused to accept it. He had come too far to give up now. If he could just breathe, his strength would return. Then he would be able to overpower a girl as small as Mayumi, even with his hands tied.

The problem was that she was preventing him from getting the air he so desperately needed to recover. His arms were tied, and pinned down to his stomach. He tried to move his head, but she kept wiggling her butt around, pushing his face in deeper and deeper.

Dan heard the sound of something being dragged across the sand. He then felt a weight pressing down on his thighs, and another weight pressing down over his hips. Lila and Dawita were sitting on him. He didn’t know which one was sitting where, because he was temporarily blinded by butt cheeks.

Not that it mattered who was sitting where. All that mattered now was that his escape attempt had been thwarted. His struggles to be free had come to an end, in the most humiliating way possible. He was being butt smothered by the smallest girl in the tribe, the girl he had called Princess.

Dan wanted to cry out to the heavens. This was so unfair! He didn’t deserve this! He had come so far, facing almost insurmountable odds to get here. He had escaped! He was a free man! Only to find out that his freedom would last for less than a minute, before fate decided to play such a cruel joke.

Dan’s emotions went from jubilation to shock to despair. He realized that he would soon be back on Girl Island. There he would be raped repeatedly, until it was time for the final ritual, when he would be raped, then smothered to death.

He was getting increasingly dizzy. He sensed that he was about to pass out. His mind flashed back to a moment at a restaurant sitting across from Cristine, where she had looked at him, and given him a bright smile. He now realized that he would never see her again, causing him to feel an unbearable level of sadness. It wasn’t just oxygen Mayumi was depriving him of. All of his hopes and dreams were being smothered away.

Dan’s muffled moans ceased. He stopped moving. One by one the girls got off of him. Mayumi was the last to stand up.

Lila pointed at Mayumi’s butt and giggled. Dawita looked at where she was pointing, and also giggled, holding her left hand over her mouth.

Mayumi asked, “What?” Dawita said, “He was crying.” Mayumi tried to look at her own butt, but she couldn’t see it. She comically turned around and around, like a dog chasing his tail.

Lila grabbed her phone out of the canoe, then took a close-up photo of Mayumi’s butt. The photo showed a hole between her butt cheeks, where Dan’s nose had been deeply wedged. On each butt cheek there was a small wet circle, where her bikini bottoms had been pressed over his eyes.

Dawita took a long rope out of the canoe. The triplets were so much smaller than Dan that they struggled to get him into a sitting position. Once they did, Mayumi kneeled behind him holding him up, while Lila and Dawita kneeled on either side of him. They kept handing the rope off to each other as they slowly wrapped it around him, binding his arms to his torso. By the time they were finished, his entire upper body was covered in rope.

They tried to pick him up to put him in the canoe. He was too heavy to lift. Mayumi rolled the canoe onto its side. She then held the canoe in place while Lila and Dawita rolled Dan into the canoe. He was now lying on the floor of the canoe, except for his head, which was resting against the back bench seat. Lila and Dawita pulled his feet under the front bench seat, causing his head to slip off of the back bench seat. His head landed on the floor with a thud, waking him up.

When Dan saw that he was all tied up and in a canoe, he freaked out. He begged the girls to let him go. They ignored his pleas. He continued begging and pleading as the girls dragged the canoe into the water. The only time they showed any compassion was when he begged for water.

Lila sat on the front bench seat. Dawita sat on the back bench seat. Mayumi sat on Dan’s chest. The begging continued. “Please girls! Let me go! I can’t go back there!” Then he yelled, “Mayumi please! Listen to me! They’re going to kill me! You don’t want me to die, do you!?”

He Squirmed to get free, even though he was completely bound. He banged the back of his head on the floor several times, in frustration.

He then offered them money, a lot of money, if they would just let him go. His pleas continued to fall on deaf ears, as Lila and Dawita slowly paddled to Girl Island.

The triplets made a triumphant return. The rests of the girls were there to greet them and cheer them on. There were tears of joy, and hugs all around. Leona smiled at Mayumi and said, “I see you got my message.”

At dinner Lila and Dawita told the story of how Mayumi defeated Dan in battle. She became a hero. Leona congratulated her, even though Mayumi capturing Dan instead of her was a hard pill for her to swallow.

Days passed. Most of the time Dan was in a hut, tied to his bed. He was placed deeper and deeper into bondage. Makeshift ropes were replaced with shackles. The leather cuffs around his ankles were connected by a small chain, making it impossible for him to run away.

The sexual assaults continued. Mayumi got more than her fair share of time with Dan. She agreed to do the chores of other girls, so she could take their time slots.

Leona did not give up any of her scheduled time with Dan, but she didn’t always use him sexually. She had not forgotten what he did to her. She would start by gagging him, then she would ask the other girls to leave the hut.

To get revenge on him for stomping on her, she did hard butt drops onto his chest and stomach. She did them over and over, as he tried to scream through the gag. Other times she would exercise her legs. She would scissor his belly and squeeze tight. She would do the same thing to his rib cage. Her favorite scissor holds were the ones she applied to his neck. During those sessions Dan was barely able to breathe. Sometimes he passed out.

Leona would also hurt him with her words. After gagging him she would say, “I will talk. You will listen.” Then she would say things like:

“Do you remember the night we met? You thought you were being so macho picking me up, when in reality I was the one who was luring you into my trap.”

“And the shirt you were wearing that night that said, ‘Dan the Man Does Asia?’ Now Asia is doing you.“

“I heard that you cried like a baby when Mayumi sat on you. Is that true? That doesn’t sound very manly.”

“Mayumi’s triumph over you will never be forgotten. The story will be told to girls around the campfire for many years to come.”

Reyna and Leona had a meeting, discussing the final ceremony. Mayumi was also in attendance, because of her new-found status in the tribe.

As leader of the tribe, Reyna would be the woman who performed the final smother. She chose Leona to be the woman who would steal his final seed.

Leona surprised Reyna by suggesting that Mayumi should have the honor of stealing his final seed. Reyna agreed to the change. Mayumi was grateful for the opportunity, but she was acting abnormally quiet, and looking a little sad.

Reyna asked Mayumi what was bothering her. She said that she wanted Dan to live. Once again Leona surprised Reyna by agreeing with Mayumi that Dan’s life should be spared.

“Why?” Reyna asked.

“Because he is an ideal breeder, which is why I picked him in the first place,” she replied. “Also, Dan spent his whole life using women, treating them as nothing more than sex objects. He should be sentenced to Life as a Sex Object.”

Reyna carefully considered what Leona said, then agreed to postpone the final ceremony indefinitely. Mayumi was so excited that she ran to the hut where Dan was being held, to tell him the ‘great news’ that he was going to live, and they could be together forever!

Reyna watched Mayumi’s speedy departure then said, “I don’t remember calling an end to this meeting.”

Leona smiled and said, “You’ll have to forgive her. She’s been a bit distracted.”

“So I’ve noticed,” said Reyna. “She spends half of her time on top of our guest.”

Reyna turned her attention to Leona. “Mayumi’s recapturing of the foreigner will not be forgotten,” said Reyna. “That being said, she is not the leader that you are.” Leona was stunned to hear her say this, and felt grateful that her contributions to the tribe were finally being acknowledged.

Reyna continued. “I hear that you have some artistic ability. I have an assignment for you.” Reyna described what she wanted Leona to do. Leona agreed to do it. Reyna lightly brushed Leona’s cheek with her hand, in a rare display of affection, then said, “My lioness is growing up.”

Leona and Mayumi were inside the cave, at the wall where the cave paintings were. Mayumi shined a flashlight on the wall, while Leona meticulously created a new wall painting. When she was done she smiled at Mayumi. Mayumi’s face lit up with a huge smile, as she hugged Leona.

Word came from the village that the tourist boats were going to start operating again. The decision was made to set up camp at the cave. Dan’s leg shackles were removed so he could walk to the cave. Leona and Jenalyn walked on either side of him, keeping a firm grasp on his arms, while the rest of the girls kept him surrounded.

The boats returned. They came a few days a week for a couple of hours, so that tourists could picnic on the beach. Girls in bikinis would take pictures of each other, getting their Instagram-worthy pics. Some of them were videotaping short dance routines for TikTok. All of them were oblivious to that fact that a mile away, inside a cave, a man was being kept as a sex slave.

Dan sat on a bed, propped up by pillows that were leaning against a cave wall. His hands were tied behind his back. A ball gag was strapped into his mouth. The triplets were getting ready to share him.

Lila and Dawita were embracing, kissing each other passionately. Mayumi was on Dan’s lap, hugging him and gently riding him. He closed his eyes, visualizing that he was the one on top. Only in his imagination would he ever be in control again.

Other girls were coming into the cave, moving in supplies, ignoring what was happening on the bed. A torch was brought in. It illuminated the area enough that Dan could now see the wall paintings.

Looking over Mayumi’s shoulder, he saw that there was a new painting. A large male was on his back. A tiny female had him pinned down in a reverse facesit. His wrists were tied together. His arms were being held down. He was pushing up with his legs and arching his back, in a desperate attempt to breathe. No detail was left out. Even his huge erection was portrayed, showing how aroused he was by his predicament.

Dan kept staring at the depiction of him on the wall, as Mayumi’s tight, wet pussy forced him to cum. For only the second time in his adult life, he began to weep. He couldn’t help himself. His eyes were showing him something that his mind could not accept, that he was now part of the mythology of Girl Island.

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Default Re: My stories of men being subdued by women

Absolutely loved this story. Great detailed writing and I dislike the protagonist Dan enough to truly cheer for the girls. I hope that if you decide to write a new story that you will start it in a new thread. Thank you so much for writing this.

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Default Re: My stories of men being subdued by women

Thanks snow_presto. I considered making Dan even more unlikeable. I was going to have him secretly videotape having sex with women. Then he would post the recordings on his own personal blog, where he would brag about his conquests.

I decided not to go that route, because I wanted at least some people to have a little sympathy for him. Also, I didn't want to spend too much time setting up the story. I wanted to get him on Girl Island and get the action scenes started as early as possible.
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