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Default Re: Redlands College Fight Season

I absolutely love this story. Keep it going.
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Default Re: Redlands College Fight Season

Part 6: Colleen’s First Match

“I mean this in the nicest way possible, but I think you’re hopeless Maxy.” Alexa laughed, as Max stared up from under her.

“I do like having you under me though. Don’t worry it’s cute.” She said with a bright smile, as she held Max immobilized in a grapevine. Every part of his body was being subdued by his girlfriend’s. He was in between getting lost in her eyes and smile and grimacing from the light burn in his groin and hamstrings from her stretch.

“Hey, I’m getting a little better......slowly. I’m just not.......flexible enough for this one.” He groaned.

“If you say so.” Alexa said, stretching his legs out a little more.

“Oww ok I give up I give up.” He shouted at the increase in pain, verbally tapping with his arms held down.

“That’s what I thought.” Alexa smirked, releasing his limbs, as she sat on his stomach spinning around and sliding backwards till she was seated high on his chest.

“Now how do you really submit when we practice?” Alexa asked playfully.

“Do I have to?” Max jokingly whined. They both knew that he didn’t exactly hate it.

“Unless you want a tight reverse headscissor right now, then yes.” She jokingly threatened back. “And you’ll be begging to do it to escape these thighs.”

“When you put it that way-“ Max laughed,
leaning his head up while she helped by sliding back a bit more, planting two kisses on Alexa’s ass one on each cheek.

“Good boy.” Alexa giggled. “You mind if I relax here for a bit?”

“Go ahead.” He said. At least he got to take in one of his favorite views.

“Aw, this is why you’re the sweetest boyfriend ever.” She said as she reached over to grab her phone.

This was the end of another one of their little practice sessions. Though instead of a serious training time, it had quickly become more of a ‘Get scissored and smothered by Alexa time’ for Max. She’d put on her usual pink and white wrestling outfit, and they’d wrestle around for a bit. She’d usually win.

After a few minutes, she slid back a bit further, now onto his face. She didn’t ask this time, but he didn’t complain either. He just rested his hands on her soft creamy thighs with his face tucked in her perfect ass, allowing him to breathe just enough.

“So, Colleen’s first match is tomorrow night.” Alexa commented to him, browsing on her phone.

“Mm mmmph?” She received a muffled reply into her crotch.

“Oh right, I’m on your face.” She giggled. “Oops.” As she slid forwards onto his throat instead. He zoned out for a moment, his eyes roaming over the perfection he’d just had on his face, up her back covered by the tight thin pink fabric, to her dark blonde hair flowing down. Sometimes he still couldn’t believe he’d gotten so lucky.

“Maaaax” her voice called him back. “I said, are you going to go with me or do I need to ‘convince’ you again?” She asked suggestively, glancing over her shoulder.

“Uhh....I’m not sure I really feel like going out tomorrow night. You better go on your own.” He pretended to groan out, a sly grin coming to his face.

“Oh really?” Alexa said slowly, trying not to crack up. She knew what he was doing.

“I think you’re going to change your mind.” She said playfully, leaning forwards and slipping a hand under the waistband of his underwear. He already had a tent in his underwear, and it didn’t take long till he was right on the edge, as hard as he could get. That’s when she withdrew her hand a bit.

“So Maxy, are you going to come?” Putting emphasis on the last word. A yes would mean 2 different things in this case.

“Yes....I’ll go with you.” He gasped out, badly wanting that release.

“Good boy.” Alexa cooed. Her next touch sent him over the edge, as he spasmed beneath her, a dark wet patch quickly soaking through his underwear.

“Oh my god. I love you.” He mindlessly moaned out. He was on a pleasure high, as she spun around, hovering her crotch over his mouth and staring down into his eyes.

“Aw, love you too. Now.....my turn?” She sweetly asked, pulling the pink fabric out of the way before she lowered herself down.

The Next Day:

Soon enough, the next evening had arrived.

“Are you sure you’ll be alright? You don’t want me to stay with you?” A concerned Max asked as Alexa laid in bed, not feeling well.

“Yeah I’ll be fine Max, I’ll probably be better by tomorrow.” She assured him. “Just please go for me and give her a little support, okay? And.....I could make it up to you another day.” She added at the end with a faint smile, a little of the usual Alexa showing through.

“No, that’s ok. Don’t worry about that. Just get some rest, and I’ll see you later.”

“Thank you Max” She said in a tired tone.

As he left the bedroom and began quietly closing the door, he paused and poked his head back in. “Oh, can I invite Skylar? It’s nice having someone to talk too.” He shyly asked.

“As long as you go, I’m happy.” She replied.

Closing the door, he went to text Skylar. “Hopefully she’s up for it on such short notice.” He thought to himself. “Hey Sky, Alexa wanted me to go with her to Colleen’s first match tonight, but she’s feeling sick and can’t go. She still wants me to go for her. Would you go with me?” He tapped send.

After sitting down for a few minutes, his phone vibrated with a text back. “Heyyy Max! I’d already be planning to go myself anyway, but I’m kinda busy tonight :/ . Hope she feels better though. Oh, I could ask Summer if she’d meet up with you tonight instead? She should be free. You two need to meet soon anyway!” Skylar’s response read.

Max paused for a moment, staring at her text back as he thought it over. Did he want to take on meeting someone new tonight? After a minute, he decided. “Yeah sure, that’d be great Sky! Thanks!” He texted back, before heading out the door.

After a relaxing car ride, he arrived. Walking inside, he checked his phone, finding there was no follow up text from Skylar. “I guess that means we’re on.” He thought, contemplating on if he should wait here by the door for her. There was no way she’d beaten him here-

“Max!” Summer exclaimed, coming through the door behind him.

“Hey Summ-“ As he turned around he was pulled into a tight hug like they were already good friends. “er” he finished, caught by surprise.

“So, we’re both here for someone else huh?” She said.

“Yeah, pretty much. You know Colleen?” Asked Max, as they began to walk.

“Cool. Yeah I know her, she’s more of Skylar’s friend but yeah.”

After a quiet moment, Max playfully asked “how’s it feel be 2-0?”

“I mean, I’m happy about it and those matches were fun, but, I really want my first solo win. You know?” Summer responded.

“Sure, I get what you mean. It’s not the same as doing it all on your own. But hey, at least you have some kind of wins.” He joked.

“Oh stop, you pretty much did win. Just a girlfriend instead of a match. I don’t feel very bad for you.” She smiled. “Oh, but speaking of that, can I ask you something?”

“Yeah, what’s up?” He asked.

“Wasn’t it a little awkward to date Alexa after.....you know?” Summer giggled, puckering her lips making kissing sounds.

Seeing his face nervously turn a little red, Summer quickly added “Sorry, I had to ask. It’s just weird to me, like most guys wouldn’t have taken that so well-“ she continued as they turned a corner in a hallway, bumping right into a pair of girls. She was too busy talking, they didn’t hear the other footsteps.

“Hey, watch where you’re going!” One of them snapped.

“Sorry!” Summer hurriedly apologized, as they were already walking past.

“Dumb blonde.” Lucy quietly snickered to Melissa.

“Wait what was that?” Summer called out to them, a little heated.

As the two of them turned back around, Melissa looked her up and down for a moment. “Let’s not waste our time on a girl with as many wins herself as us.” She dismissively commented. Melissa had done her homework on this competition, knowing most of the results and already able to recognize a few different people from matches, and she was proud of it.

“And just who are you?” Summer shot back, walking right up to them. She didn’t recognize these two.

“Let’s just say, we’re new here.” Lucy smirked. “And soon, we’ll already have more wins then you.”

“Okay, girls, it was just an accident. She didn’t mean to-“ Max stepped forward, trying to smooth it over.

“Shut it bitch boy, has she been making you kiss her ass too?” Melissa laughed.

“Leave him alone!” A fuming Summer raised her voice, getting right in Melissa’s face.

“Or what?” Melissa taunted with a smug smirk.

“You don’t have a friend to carry you in a fight right now you know.” Lucy added. “ I wouldn’t try it. He’d buy you about 5 seconds.”

“Come on Summer, it’s not worth it. We’re gonna be late.” Max calmly told her, grabbing her shoulder.

“Fine. Let’s go.” Summer coldly replied, backing off from Melissa and glaring at her until the two of them smugly spun on their heels and began walking away.

Melissa stopped and paused. “If you want to continue this another time though, sign up for the female matches. I’m not going to beat you down for nothing.” She added condescendingly, as her and Lucy resumed walking away.

Summer already wanted to drag her to the floor then and there, giving no response as they left her sight. She’d love nothing more then to give that bitch what she-

“Summer? We should get moving.” Max said, interrupting her seething thoughts.

“Dumb bitch.” Summer began as her and Max started walking. “New here, and they come in like their better then everyone else. Don’t worry Max, I’ll sign up, and when I get ahold of her she’ll wish she didn’t say anything to you-“

“Don’t let them get under your skin so much.” Max told her. “That’s what they wanted. You don’t need to try and get back at them.

Summer didn’t have much of a response, as they finished their walk quietly while she calmed down.

They finally arrived at the entrance to the girls lockeroom, very close to the gymnasium.

“Colleen?!” Max called out through the door with a knock.

“Max?! Come in!” He heard her yell back.

“And me!” Summer called out as they walked in, finding Colleen alone quietly seated on a bench, changed into her match outfit.

“Oh hey Summer, you’re here too?” Colleen happily greeted her, standing up to hug her.

“Yep! Sorry, Skylar couldn’t make it.” Summer told her, in her very cushiony embrace.

“Oh that’s ok. Where’s Alexa, Max? Asked Colleen.

“Oh she was wasn’t feeling well, but we’re here for you! She did really want to be here though.” Max explained.

“Aw, that’s too bad. Let her know I hope she feels better soon. And I know, I appreciate you guys. Thanks for coming.”

“Nervous?” Summer lightly asked.

Um......a little.” Colleen shyly admitted. “Practicing can only get you so ready for the real thing.”

“You’ll be fiiiiiiine.” Summer reassured her. “You look amazing.” She said, glancing over Colleen’s body in her black top that struggled to contain her bust, and her short tight black bottoms.

“You’ll find your confidence once you get out there, and it’ll be natural.” Max encouraged her.

“Besides, what’s there to be nervous about? Just drown him in your boobs, and if that doesn’t work, just sit on his face.” Summer joked.

“It doesn’t seem that simple.” Colleen laughed.

“Just remember our practice. Smother holds are your thing.” Said Max.

“Ouuuuu you guys had a practice?” Summer asked. “You’ll have to tell me about that Max.” She said with a grin.

“Well, I think it’s about time. You guys should go find a spot to sit.” Colleen told them. “Thanks again for being here.” She smiled, pulling them both in for a quick little group hug.

“Goodluck!” Max called back as he and Summer walked out. “You’ll do great!” Summer added.

It wasn’t easy to find a seat in the already packed gymnasium, but they eventually did, and just in time as the male wrestler was introduced.

“Wrestling For The Male Team Tonight, Terrance!” The announcement shouted.

Terrance had black hair, wrestling in a simple pair of black shorts. He was a slim 5’8, but as he demonstrated with a flex of his arms to the crowd, he had some visible muscle.

“Wrestling For The Female Team Tonight, Colleen!” Another announcement boomed a minute later.

Colleen walked out to her side, taking in a deep breath and soaking in the plentiful female cheers. As this competition became more and more dominated by the girls, so did the crowds.

Unlike some girls such as Alexa, Colleen’s warmup was about as basic and practical as it gets. Her focus fully on the match ahead, she wasn’t being playful with it.

This time the prematch ‘show’ came a bit more from the male side, Terrance had no problems showing off his arms with flexes.

As the match was about to begin, Terrance looked to the female referee and rudely complained “oh come on, other guys get to roll around with slim cute blondes and I get this whale?” as if Colleen wasn’t standing only feet away from him. Hoping to wrestle someone like that Alexa chick, or a less muscular version of Addison, he let his disappointment right out.

The brunette girl officiating their match only replied with a scowl that looked to be a mix of both anger and disgust.

Colleen was angry, but she didn’t have the confidence to fire back. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the first time she was insulted for her size, though usually not to her face like this. “Just focus on winning” she told herself in her head.

As they got the signal to begin, Colleen decided to make the first move. “Get on top of him and use my weight.” She thought to herself.

She crouched a little and awkwardly lunged forward, attempting to wrap him up around his waist and pull him down to the mat using her weight, where she would quickly get on top and take control.

At least that was her idea. Instead, Terrance managed to half sidestep her clumsy takedown, still being pulled down as one of her arms caught around him, just not the way she wanted. She had gone down to the mat on her face, with Terrance right next to her on his back.

She slipped her arm back from across his body, trying to get her arms back under her to dive on top of Terrance before he could recover and slip away. Just as she tried to push herself up, her arm was grabbed and wrenched back from under her as she went back face and stomach down against the mat.

Terrance had recovered and reacted a bit faster then his bigger and heavier opponent, taking full control over her arm before she could even get back to her knees. He wrenched her arm up tight behind her back, planting a knee on to her back as well.

“Aaaahhh!” Colleen let out a high pitched cry as pain shot through her arm and shoulder, and his knee dug into her back. She had no way to get her arm free from this position, and the pain made it hard to think. Her arm had no leverage bent securely behind her back by both of his.

“Looks like you need help getting back in the water.” He laughed, obviously referencing his original comment, while Colleen desperately flailed around in pain trying not to give up.

“Now tap, before you really get hurt.” He smugly warned.

And she did. Both on the mat, and verbally crying out “I give!” She hated to concede her first fall so quickly like this, but she didn’t have a choice. Fighting through it until his lock actually damaged her shoulder would be much worse.

The referee signaled her submission, and that was that.

“What even was that takedown?” Terrance mocked with a laugh, as he released her and headed back over to his side. She was too distracted by the flooding relief as her arm was let go from its painful position, to even think of a reply.

“Terrance Leads 1-0 With An Armlock Submission!” An announcement said.

Colleen gingerly rose to her feet to take her rest after the painful hold, slowly rubbing her upper arm and shoulder as she walked back to her side.

“You think she’ll be ok?” Summer asked.

“Yeah I’m sure she’ll figure it out now, it was just her first round. Not everyone can be naturals from the start like you and Sky.” He grinned.

“Oh stop.” Summer laughed.

“We didn’t really go over the whole takedown thing though. Alexa just showed her some holds, not so much how to get to that point.” He admitted.

“And she practiced them on you?” Asked Summer.

“Yeah, the smothering got a little rough after a while.”

“Okay, so now you have to tell me, how good are her smothers?” Summer smiled.

Max thought back for a moment, remembering the warm pillowy suffocating feeling with his face trapped in her chest, and her huge ass descending onto his face.

“That good, huh?” Summer giggled seeing the look on his face.

“Airtight.” Max simply answered.

It was just about time for the next, and potentially final, round.

Colleen collected herself knowing she was already on the edge of losing her first match. She had to turn this around, and hopefully teach Terrance some manners.

Meanwhile, Terrance was overflowing with confidence. She wasn’t the type of opponent he’d hoped for, but at least she was a easy win. This big girl didn’t belong on a wrestling mat. He was ready to quickly finish her off just like the first round, and move on.

“You sure you don’t wanna just forfeit? Maybe go try an eating contest instead?” He taunted her with an arrogant smirk, amused at the anger in her eyes.

She was really getting tired of his attacks on her weight. She was just plus sized, with a great rack. Fittingly, her way to win was to flatten him under it.

As the girl told them to begin, Colleen stayed back this time. She was determined not to make any more amateur mistakes.

Terrance gladly stepped up, he decided he was going to start by showing her an actual clean and effective takedown like the version she had used. Shooting for her hips and lower body to drive his clumsy opponent off her feet, he found the heavier girl was hard to move and power to the mat. A lot of girls would’ve went down pretty easy.

It would no longer be a smooth looking takedown, but knowing their was only seconds till he would succeed in tripping her up and getting her down, in a split second decision she did the one thing that popped into her head.

Leaned over his back as he was bent over bringing her down from her legs, Colleen wrapped her arms tight around his stomach, flopping forwards allowing her weight to instantly drive him down hard into the mat with a thud, to surprised gasps from the crowd.

Her sudden surprise maneuver knocked the air out of him, as the top half of his body was crushed underneath hers. Sandwiched between her body and the mat, he was dazed and almost seeing stars from the heavy slam.

As quickly as she could, she used his back to push off on to get back to her knees. His head right in front of her, Terrance lay face down barely moving as he let out a groan. Her weight coming off of him was a relief.

Grabbing his body, she rolled him over. Judging from his face, he was still out of it. Colleen knew that wouldn’t last long though, quickly crawling over his defenseless face and securing his limp arms under her thighs. Her wide hips now loomed over his face, ready to plunge him into darkness.

She gave him a moment to recover first though, she wanted him to be fully alert to what was happening, he was going to be fully aware when this “whale’s” thick ass swallowed his face.

As his head cleared and the mental effects of the sudden crush faded, he realized where he was again. He instantly went to fight with his arms only to find they were already securely pinned down. Her giant ass was right over his face as the dark red haired girl glanced over her shoulder at his panicked expression.

“You know what Terrance, I think you were right about the eating contest thing. Only for this one, we’re going to see how fast this booty can swallow your face.” Colleen smirked, feeling more confident then she had all night.

He gulped, before her ass settled down onto his face and took over his world. His face was immediately consumed in the black fabric of her bottoms. He writhed under her, it wouldn’t end the match but he still couldn’t lose like this!

Even if he went on to win, he’d never hear the of it if he lost a round from a fat girl smothering him in her ass. She was heavy, but if he could pull his arms free, he could shove her off! His arms were strong!

To his distress, his arms were stuck. The longer they stayed there trapped beneath her thick thighs, they began to weaken and go numb.

The only thing he could really do as he began to run out of air, was futilely attempt to twist his head to the side to sneak breaths. On many girls it would work well enough, unless they had an extra method to keep his head steady. With Colleen, it didn’t work at all. Even without any extra effort to control his head like tucking her feet or reaching back to grab it, her butt owned his face.

“You’re so quiet.” Colleen commented as she listened to the desperate noises from under her. “Is my weight not funny anymore now that it’s on your face?” She wasn’t a mean person or truly out to humiliate her opponents, but he deserved every second of this.

Noticing his struggles becoming very weak and slow, she knew he was about to blackout. Weak and dizzy, he let out a small groan into her cheeks. He couldn’t bring himself to tap and submit to her ass, having to face her, the crowd, and female referee again for the next fall. Now he couldn’t even think to do so.

Female cheers roared out as he began going limp under her ass. A facesit alone wasn’t so special now though it was still an exciting way to see the male wrestlers conquered, but a facesit victory in the males FIRST loss was. Until now, it mostly didn’t come in till the girl had won a round and already worked her opponent over a bit, or after she won as a victory pose.

This time, it wasn’t going to end the match. Terrance was going to pass out in her ass, then have to face off with her again.

To everyone’s surprise, she lifted off and stood up right before he completely went out. He didn’t even react as his face was freed from her overwhelming ASSet, he was too out of it to speak or think after being deprived of oxygen to the point he was seconds from passing out. His head was pounding.

“What’s she doing?” A confused Summer questioned. “It’s not the final round. She was going to tie it 1-1 right there!”

“Um, I think this fall is over either way.” Max told her. “No way he’s recovering from that.”

“Enjoy yourself in there?” Colleen teased, giving her hips a shake. A small moan of pain escaped his lips between gasping breaths as she settled down again, this time taking a seat on his stomach. Part of his body that been pancaked to the mat minutes ago.

As Terrance began to stir, Colleen had a deviously good idea. Kicking her feet up onto his face, she pinched his nose closed between her red painted toes and covered most of his mouth with the other. He wasn’t suffocating, but instead of the gasps of air he needed to recover , he was now only getting small whisps through his mouth. His stirring slowed.

Colleen gave a confident smile. That would keep him weak and out of it for a bit longer. He wasn’t lucid enough to even thrash his head or try to pull her feet from his face.

Giving a beaming smile, Colleen gave the crowd some playful flexes of her arms like he did earlier. She didn’t have very much defined muscle at all in her arms to show off, but that wasn’t really the point.

The crowd cheered with her mocking flexes, taking in the image of her seated atop him, the male laying quiet and still as he was mostly cut off from important air by her smothering soles.

A girl shouted “shove your foot in his mouth!”

Colleen thought about it for a moment, almost laughing at the image in her head of him laying there with her foot lodged in his mouth, before deciding against it this time. Instead, she slid her feet off his face, releasing his nose from her toes and leaving his mouth uncovered.

He once again began breathing deeply, finally able to get some real air back in him. After about 20 seconds, his clarity returned. Just in time to see Colleen crouched over, butt over his stomach.

Once she saw he was alert again, she dropped herself down, flattening his stomach under her weight, making him yell out as a lot of air was knocked back out of him.

“Tap out Terrance, before I park my ass on your face again.” Colleen smirked, raising herself over his stomach again, ready to drop down once more if he refused.

“Stop! I submit!” He whined, desperate to avoid her sitting on his face again.

The brunette referee couldn’t conceal a satisfied almost joyful look on her face as she took his submission, as Colleen rose off of him. If she didn’t have responsibility, she may have celebrated with her. Colleen was feeling so much better then she had at the end of the first round.

“Wow, she really got into it huh?” Summer laughed. “She seems so different.”

“Told you she’d find her confidence!” Max replied. “Too bad Alexa had to miss it, she’d probably enjoy it.”

“Aw, but then you wouldn’t have met me yet.” She grinned.

Max pretended to sigh, trying to keep a straight face. “I know. If only I could’ve gotten so lucky.”

“Dude shut up.” Summer laughed, playfully slapping his shoulder.

“Ready for the next fall? The referee asked Terrance as he still lay down on the mat. “Times up.”

Truthfully, he wasn’t. Half of his body was sore and felt like it was tenderized, and he had spent most of the previous round cut off from regular breathing. He still hadn’t brought himself to force himself back to his feet.

He wasn’t in any state to come out and win the match anyway, but besides that, mentally he felt like he’d already lost anyway with the way the 2nd fall turned out. Somehow winning a third and final fall wouldn’t erase the humiliation he was already subjected too.

Tired and sore, Terrance meekly answered “I.......I forfeit.” He had to force the words out. He could see a hint of a smirk on the referee’s face, as she turned to Colleen and asked “Do you accept his forfeit?”

“Hmmm not quite yet.” Colleen smiled. The referee was secretly pleased that it wasn’t over yet.

His stomach dropped, as she addressed the two of them.

“Terrance, you’ve had more then the usual rest time now. She’s not ready to call off the final round, so you have 5 seconds to get yourself off the mat, then you’re fair game either way.” She said firmly.

Colleen eagerly stood waiting through her brief countdown, ready to finish him off. Terrance didn’t have the energy or will left to even attempt to rush back to his feet before she hit zero. Colleen quickly returned back down to the mat, where he still remained flat on his back.

She swung a leg over him, as she mounted him once again to no resistance. “Trying to give up already?” Colleen teased. “I didn’t even get to show you my best hold.” She smiled, leaning forwards and stretching herself out atop his body.

Her voluptuous rack now hung right over his face, barely contained by her black bra. It was both an arousing and terrifying sight, having a good idea of what she planned to do with them.

“Like what you see?” Colleen flirted. “The best part is.....” she said slowly as her arms snaked around his head and neck. “......there perfect for smothering!” as she stuffed his face right into her deep cleavage.

Terrance was once again sealed in warm soft feminine flesh created darkness. Other then the humiliation of being suffocated by a girls boobs in a public wrestling match, her marshmallow-ey embrace almost felt kind of nice for a moment.

Until he needed to breathe again. Just like how her ass had dominated his face, her large breasts did the same. She had a tight grip around his head to prevent him from twisting his head in any meaningful way.

He pulled at her arms and shoulders with the little strength he had left, desperately trying to create even a sliver of breathing room. Every time he managed a slight turn of his face in her tight hug, her boobs were there keeping his mouth and nose sealed in the soft warmth.

He really needed to breath now. He involuntarily opened his mouth to gasp for breath only for part of her breast to bulge into his mouth instead. Feeling the wetness and his nostrils desperately sucking against her skin, she laughed “Hey calm down, I didn’t give you permission to lick them.”

She finally pried his red disheveled face out of her cleavage, his face popping free with a string of saliva going from his mouth to her boob.

“Ew.” Colleen smirked, wiping it away and readjusting her top.

“Please. No more.” He begged, breathing deeply.

“You sure?” She cooed. “I think you need some more time with them, to really appreciate it.” She said, pulling his face lightly to her chest.

“No!” He cried out, thinking she was reapplying the smother. The referee standing off to the side had to cover her mouth to stifle a giggle.

“Aw it’s okay, no more boobs for you.” Colleen giggled. Just give each one a kiss-, on my skin, and promise you’ll never insult a girl’s weight again.” She kindly directed.

Terrance immediately obeyed, expecting to be plunged back into her tits at any hesitation. Shifting his head a bit, he planted a firm kiss on the uncovered part of each breast, his lips sinking in to her feminine mounds. Feeling his lips submissively kissing each boob that had just smothered him into submission felt so good.

The crowd was once again amped up at the sight of the male wrestler laying still submissively kissing his female opponent’s tits.

“Coll- Colleen I’ll n-never insult a girls weight again, I swear. You’re so beautiful.” He added the last part unasked for, afraid to not meet her expectations.

“Good. And thank you.” Colleen warmly smiled down at him. “You didn’t need to add that though.” She laughed to his further embarrassment.

Rising off of him, she got up and back to her feet. “Now we’re done.” She smiled to the referee.

A moment later, an announcement rung out “Winner Of The Match 2-1 By Breast Smother, Colleen!”

As Colleen was about to walk off, the brunette stopped her. “What about your victory pose?” She asked.

While most girls wouldn’t have hesitated to take Terrance’s humiliation further and find him a new torture for the post match ritual, Colleen was just about done. She had already humbled him and broke his gross attitude, he submitted and she was ready to go on her way.

“Um......I think I’m good.” Colleen replied, her face still filled with happiness with her first win.

After taking a few seconds to think over Colleen’s unusual response, she began “Technically someones supposed to perform a pose over the loser”, putting extra emphasis on the word ‘someone’, “so if you really want to skip it......can I take your place?” She asked with some excitement leaking in her tone.

“Sure, why not?” Colleen warmly replied. How could she say no?

“Thank you!” The girl who refereed their match exclaimed breaking into a big smile, happy to get this opportunity.

“Have fun!” Colleen laughed as she turned and went back to the locker room to change and head home.

As Colleen walked away, the referee went up to Terrance and mashed her foot firmly onto to his face, holding her arms up straight in the air above her head, in an excited playful pose. Despite not being the winner, she got some cheers from those in the crowd who stuck around.

She felt confident with her foot pressed into his face, and decided to push it a little just to get a little more of the experience from this rare chance.

“Kiss it loser.” She said as firmly as she could in her giddy state, lifting her foot over his mouth.

To her surprise and amusement, his head lifted up as he actually kissed the bottom of her foot! She rubbed her foot around his face for a moment as she laughed, before walking away herself, her night made.

After changing, Colleen stepped out of the locker room to find Max and Summer waiting for her.

“You were amazing!” Summer told her.

“Aw, thanks.” Colleen replied with a shy smile. “It’s really thanks to Max and Alexa though.”

“I don’t know if we deserve thaaaat much credit, but you’re welcome.” He replied as the three of them made their way out.

“It was kind of awkward at first, but as I went it felt more and more natural.” Colleen commented.

“I like how you seem like you didn’t just totally crush and smother the life out of a poor guy with your ass and tits.” Summer laughed. “You sound so innocent.”

“Hey, actually there’s a bit more to that. Let’s just say......he wasn’t so nice. I’m not really like that.” Colleen smiled.

“Sometimes you just do a little extra in the heat of the moment.” He chimed in.

“Mmmhm. She loved it.” Summer grinned.

“Okay, maybe I kind of did.” Colleen admitted with a laugh, as they finally got outside and paused. “Well, thanks again for being here guys.” She smiled. “I’m gonna get going, tell Alexa thanks again.”

“I will, see ya Colleen.” He answered as Summer hugged her goodbye.

As Colleen walked away to her car, it left just Max and Summer.

“We should do this again sometime, without the run in with stuck up girls.” She said joked.

“Yeah, for sure.

“Oh, you wanna meet back up for food before we go home? I’m always good for night time fun, Sky isn’t as big on it though. It’s cool if you want to go home.”

“Mmmm sure, let’s do it. Give Alexa a little more time before I barge in and wake her up.” He laughed.

A while later, Max finally arrived back home finding Alexa sound asleep. After hanging out with Summer for a bit longer, they’d gone their separate ways after another one of her squeezing hugs. Surprisingly, he ended up spending more time with her then Skylar.

As quietly as he could, he slipped into bed. Though Alexa still woke up just a little, speaking to him for a moment in a soft sleepy voice.

“Hey....Maxy” she quietly greeted him. “She win?”

“Yep. And she says thanks again for your help.”

“That’s good.” She softly replied, half asleep.

Only seconds later, she drifted back into her sleep. He figured he’d let her rest, and tell her the rest tomorrow.

End Of Part 6.

-Probably fully committed to this story for a bit now, here’s a new part. If you’re wondering where Melissa and Lucy’s character models are, go take a look at my ‘Cheerleading Is A Sport’ story thread and the picture is there. I’m assuming most people following this at least read part 1 to that anyway.

-I have a few ideas for different match formats to mix it up more. One of them will probably come in after the next part.

- There’s an issue for some of us with this forum right now. Can’t view any user profiles or use PM’s. It comes up as ‘database error.” Haven’t tested it, but I’ve heard it also happens when you try to upload images. If so, and the problem isn’t fixed somewhat soon......that’ll be a bit of an annoying problem for this story. Hopefully I won’t have to temporarily stop the character model pictures for new characters.
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