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Default True Session Wrestler Story

( I wrote this account about 8-10 years ago. The sessions in the story took place in the early 90`s and the last in summer 1999.)

I received a letter in the mail one day from a session wrestler I had seen several years prior informing me that she was returning to my area. It was good timing because I was between relationships and was planning on some wrestling sessions. I already had two other sessions booked. So I decided to call her.

She remembered me and our session. I was surprised that she did because I hadnít considered it exceptionally memorable.Don`t get me wrong, she is a very good wrestler and lots of fun. She is beautiful, highly regarded in the wrestling scene, 5`9, 150 lbs with a fitness model look and plenty of skills.It`s just that I prefer rough, brutal wrestling.She doesnít have what it takes for that.Still, I wanted to see her again especially since she remembered our match. It was quite a compliment since it was several years later and she no doubt had did hundreds of sessions since that time.I vividly recall our first match and realize now that it was very memorable after all.

I made an early appointment and was the first wrestling match of her day.This was good because she was fresh and ready to go.I had never wrestled a girl in a hotel room before and it was supposed to be a competitive match. It wasnít feasible though. Iím two inches taller then her, had more then 50 lbs on her and Iím also physically stronger. I was afraid I might accidentally hurt her since we were wrestling on a hotel bed so I wrestled her semi-competitive. I resisted her and wrestled defensively but I didnít attack her.

She was pretty strong and also pretty fast and was able to apply lots of holds on me.She tried head and body scissors,grapevines,pins, as well as front and reverse facesitting.I had to struggle quite a bit but I was able to escape all of her holds and I wouldn`t submit to her.She became visibly frustrated with me and to my surprise it also aroused her.Eventually I started getting tired; I was expending a lot more energy then she was. She got me in another grapevine hold and I didn`t feel like fighting my way out of it; so I finally submitted one time because I needed a short break.

She was very pleased with herself over this and we stopped for about 5 minutes.When we resumed I didn`t struggle very hard and let her do what she wanted.At the end she planted herself on my face, pulled her bikini bottom to the side and demanded that I please her.The fact that she remembered it was sweet.

I decided to piss her off though.Her letter stated that all sessions had to booked and paid for in advance.Session wrestlers try real hard to collect their fees in advance because there are a lot of deadbeats out there who book sessions and then don`t show up.It makes it bad for the wrestlers and also their clients.

When she asked me for the money I refused to send it to her.I said that I don`t do buisiness that way and that she would have to collect her money when we met at the hotel.She got real pissed off and we argued about it for some time.I didn`t think I was going to get my match and I was about to hang up the phone when she finally gave in.

To my delight she gave me an early appointment time again. She said that she was skipping her morning work out to make time for me and that she would wrestle me as roughly as she could.Then she threatened me saying that she had caller ID and that she had my name and address and that if I didn`t show she was going to come to my house and do great bodily harm.I`ve never had more fun talking on the telephone. It was a blast.

I got to her hotel room the day of the match and she answered the door wearing a blue bikini and high heels that enabled her to look down at me.She was about the same size as before although her body was now perfectly sculpted and she had a dark tan.Just gorgeous.She was polite and friendly.Which was amusingly professional considering the phone conversation I had with her.I caught her lightly gritting her teeth at me a few times so I knew she wanted to kick my ass.

I paid her and she paraded around the room a few times and flexed her physique at me. Then we wrestled. I just wrestled semi-competitive again. Hotel beds arenít suitable for competitive matches. She was quite a bit stronger now but not overwhelmingly so. I could still escape her holds except for her headscissors.

I didnít submit but I couldnít escape and it was pretty intense. She worked it pretty hard trying to force a submission out of me. At one point she started grinding her thigh right into my throat trying to get me with the pain. She probably would have got me to submit eventually but she noticed she was busting blood vessels in my eyes. She said something about it and let me go. After that she wouldnít squeeze as hard which was ok with me because my throat was getting tender and vulnerable. She ended our session with a prolonged headscissors around the throat and demanded that I masturbate for her. I told her she was a bad girl and she said, ď Yeah, but Iím the fun kind of bad girl.Ē

She invited me to come to her studio where she had a large matted area for wrestling. I was very tempted but it was a several hour drive to get there. It would have been an all day trip for a couple hours of wrestling. The other wrestlers were much closer to me.
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