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Old 29-Jun-14, 02:23
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Default True Story- First Great Experience

OK, so I've lurked here for a while so it's time I start contributing. I've posted this in some Yahoo Groups before, but they're basically dead so I wanted to repost this for other's to enjoy since like two or three people probably saw this. I want to emphasize that this is a real, true story and it happened exactly this way, at least to the best of my memory from 10-12 years ago.

Growing up I'm not exactly sure when my interest in wrestling (and especially scissors and pins for me) started but I remember it had to be around middle school. Sadly for most of my life I was too embarrassed to bring it up or try anything but it was always with me. Because I've lurked for a while I feel I should at least share my first true story, might even be my best.

Anyway I was in high school, I suppose I was 16 or so and I mostly hungout with the people I worked with. It was a really laid back job as most high school jobs are, a little bit of work and mostly hanging out. This was during the backyard wrestling craze so most of the guys did that as well, and we would mostly just smack each other with stuff and tape it because we didn't have much else to do apparently.

A girl I worked with (she was a bit shorter than me, I suppose she was about 5'5 or 5'6 or so, while I'm 5'11) thought it was pretty cool that we did this so she started coming to watch. At work one day she basically said something along the lines of she could definitely take me if we were to wrestle (since we often talked about our backyard wrestling at work) and she said I should show her sometime. Looking back know I'm pretty much an idiot for not thinking this meant way more than just showing her how to wrestle, but I did of course agree in an instant and we agreed to hangout the next day since we were both off from work in the morning and it was summer. I'm emphasizing this really is a true story, even though it seems fabricated. It's crazy how you can fall ass backwards into your fantasies it always makes me wonder how many more experiences I missed out on by not being A) smarter and B) less nervous, but that's a completely different topic.

The next day I picked her up and we went to a small park around her neighborhood. It was a great spot, there was plenty of grass, nobody was around and it didn't seem like anybody would be (nobody ever saw that I could tell). She was wearing athletic shorts and a white tank top which was pretty much perfect. She was shorter like I said, and built pretty well. She wasn't skinny but wasn't fat at all or muscular either, she was just built solid and really cute. She wasn't super athletic but I was pretty sure she was stronger and tougher than the average girl, and she had a nice tan and nice legs. Like I said I don't know how I lucked into this. I suggested since she wanted to learn I would just show her the best moves I could think of, she could try them out on me and we could wrestle around a bit afterward. She agreed.

Now I wasn't a great wrestler or anything and the backyard wrestling us guys did was really just fake smacking each other around and cutting stupid promos and coming out to funny entrances. So basically I only really knew the moves I had found throughout my interest in mixed wrestling... pins, scissors, camel clutches, the boston crab, the sleeper hold. So that's exactly what I went with. She was awesome, eager to learn and having a ton of fun. I figured we'd start with the simplest stuff and end with my favorite and what I told her was the most effective, the scissors.

So I started off explaining her how to best pin somebody. Her legs were a bit too short to properly grapevine me (or else I wasn't good enough to teach her how properly) so we went over the schoolgirl pin. I told her the higher up she got on me the harder it would be for me to buck her off. She got on top, held my arms down (her arms weren't stronger than mine but strong enough to give me a fight with her on top having leverage) and I told her to go as high as she could as I was able to unseat her by bucking my legs. She then (and seriously I have to emphasize one last time that this is true) jumped back in and shimmied up until she was sitting on my face and held my arms down. I wasn't able to get up (I was probably trying 75 or 80%) and she laughed and asked if I gave up and I said I did. I was pretty sure I could've gotten up but hell I just loved the idea of having to give up and also I thought it would give her confidence for the rest of the session.

The next part of the day I don't remember 100% clearly. I know we did a sleeper which she was pretty good at and submitted me legitimately with, a boston crab she wasn't very good at and the camel clutch that she wasn't all that great at.

So finally I remember telling her we I was about to show her the move that was the most effective and also probably the easiest, the scissors. I told her I was going to show her two types, the body and the head and she would probably be able to use them exclusively if she was ever wrestling around and would probably be able to win since she had pretty strong legs. So I demonstrated both on her, not wanting to hrut her or anything clearly but she took way much more than I ever expected she would before she gave up. She was really determined to do well. The bodyscissors I had her lay on her elbow while I climbed between her legs and she clamped them around me. They had me properly trapped but she couldn't actually submit me with them, even though I couldn't get out (her legs were a bit short and I was a bit chubby, though not fat, so she was barely able to get them all the way around). We got to a standstill and she laughed and said OK how do we start the head one. So I told her to sit up and I slid backwards and she locked her legs around me. Now this was the first actual headscissor I had ever been in and it was awesome. She slowly started and yelled if I wanted to tap out but it was nearly enough. Eventually she squeezed harder until she said "I was afraid to hurt you but I want to make sure you tap this time" and poured it on and I tapped basically instantly. I was shocked and asked her how her legs got so strong and she told me she was a swimmer, which I had no idea. I told her it was definitely her best move and she should try it again and she did. I tried to hold as long as I could but she wasn't nearly as worried anymore and I didn't last as long as she was squeezing pretty damn hard I gave up again and she was really happy and laughed and let me go.

After that we decided it was time to actually wrestle. Now I tried my hardest to get her to clamp me in one last scissors but I couldn't for a while. I was trying about 75% but she was going all out. I did get her to tap to a body scissor but we decided to keep going and she caught me in a reverse schoolgirl pin that took me 2-3 minutes to get out of. I thought I was going to have to legitimately tap to her but I got out and I guess half out of embarrassment threw a boston crab on her and she gave up again. I asked if she wanted to go one more time and she laughed and said I was definitely better and she just wanted a break. So I just up and said no problem and we were just chatting. As I figured it was about time to go she went from sitting next to me to sitting behind me in about 5 seconds and had one last headscissor locked on me. She laughed and said she knew she had to catch me by surprise to beat me (which honestly probably wasn't true she could probably have beaten me fairly one in every five or so times she definitely had more stamina than I did) but she wanted to make me tap one last time. She started slow and was clearly enjoying herself but it got tighter and tighter until I finally had to tap again. She loosened but didn't released and laughed and said she could keep me there all day, but sadly let me go after a couple seconds.

After that she had to work later so we went home to get showered, ready, etc, and when I saw her the next day at work she made a tapping motion and laughed and called me a tapper. We had a couple more encounters I planned on mentioning but this post went way longer than expected as it is. So I think I'll end it there for now. Like I said it is a completely true story and while I don't remember all of it there are certain parts I remember like it was yesterday. I'm not too friendly with her anymore sadly but we speak maybe once or twice a year although I haven't mentioned this to her in many years since I'm now married. I do think about it often enough though and I wonder if she does too. Like I said it isn't my FIRST story but it's definitely my first great one. Hope you guys enjoyed it!
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Old 30-Jun-14, 17:59
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Default Re: True Story- First Great Experience

That was great! Would love to hear about the other encounters. Hopefully you also taught her how to apply a full nelson.
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Old 01-Jul-14, 09:53
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Default Re: True Story- First Great Experience

Nice experience!
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Old 23-May-16, 13:10
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Default Re: True Story- First Great Experience

More stories? Would-be love to read!
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Old 23-May-16, 18:37
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Default Re: True Story- First Great Experience

This was a very nice account, and also looks like a good setup for a fantasy sequel where you two meet as adults and reminisce and then she completely dominates you
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headscissor, real, sgp

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